Mindy Kaling’s Brother Pretended to Be Black to Get into Med School

Laura Italiano, New York Post, April 5, 2015

The big brother of Fox sitcom star Mindy Kaling reveals that he got into medical school by pretending to be African-American.

Fifteen years ago, Vijay Chokal-Ingam shaved off his straight black hair, trimmed what he calls his “long Indian eyelashes” and started checking off the “black” box for race on his med-school applications.

Before long, the Asian Indian-American was interviewing at Harvard and Columbia, and found himself on wait lists at the University of Pennsylvania, Washington University and Mt. Sinai–despite his relatively mediocre 3.1 GPA and his family’s considerable wealth.


Chokal-Ingam wound up dropping out of St. Louis University Medical School two years after he got in under false pretenses.


Chokal-Ingam says he’s revealing his race ruse now because he heard that UCLA is considering strengthening its affirmative-action admissions policies. He says it’s a myth that affirmative action benefits the underprivileged.

He plans to write a memoir about his experiences, to be titled ­“Almost Black.”

“I got into medical school because I said I was black,” Chokal-Ingam writes in his blog, at almostblack.com. “The funny thing is I’m not. My plan actually worked. Lucky for you, I never became a doctor.”

St. Louis University Medical School boasts of being highly selective, and of its incoming students having an average GPA of 3.84.

Chokal-Ingam said he came up with the idea of self-identifying as “black” after seeing fellow Asian Indian-Americans with better grades than he had struggle to get into med school.“I disclosed that I grew up in one of the wealthiest towns in Massachusetts, that my mother was a doctor, and that my father was an architect,” he said Saturday, describing his med-school applications.


On affirmative action in general, Chokal-Ingam said, “Racism is not the answer. . . . It also promotes negative stereotypes about the competency of minority Americans by making it seem like they need special treatment.”


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  • That SLU Med was the only school to accept both his application as an Indian and his application as a black speaks volumes about it, some good, some bad. The good news is that they don’t do AA that badly, the bad news is that it’s no Harvard or Hopkins.

    • Oil Can Harry

      This curry-chomper took a slot in Med School that should’ve gone to Michael Brown. Dass rayciss!

      BTW the acronym for St Louis University Medical School is SLUM School. How fitting.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        LOL good one.

  • Truthseeker

    So is he speaking out against affirmative action, then?

    • TruthBeTold

      Whatever his true motive he proved blacks get ‘brownie’ points for being black.

      • APaige

        He actually looks more Black when he was Brown than when he was Black. Now I’m confused…it must be because of his ‘long Indian eyelashes.’

        • InAFreeCountry

          Naw, he gots good hair.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Who (besides the nigros) didn’t already know THAT…?

    • bv

      Only the bias against his “people”.

    • APaige

      Not sure. I just think that medical schools would rather take the ‘smart’ Black then the ‘dumb’ Indian. The Indian is the son of a doctor and architect and did that ‘average’ and expected to go to med school?

      • Hurray! We have a liberal here. “And I would rather take the illiterate black drug dealer, ex-felon newly released from prison, because of all the struggles he experienced growing up in the projects on the South Side of Chicago….”

    • Ultimate187

      He’s speaking out against Affirmative Action. Asians (especially East Asians) aren’t considered true minorities of color, and are therefore discriminated against by AA policies too.

  • Luca

    I will never allow a black to be my doctor. I asked a black, fourth-year, medical student doing a residency to give me a definition of ‘constipation’ and she couldn’t do it.

    • When I am on the telephone with some AA officitard, I always ask to speak to a white person. This thoroughly infuriates some of them.

      • Dave West

        You might be the source of many libtard, cry-baby stories about “being a doctor while black”!

        • I sure hope so!

          Even I have to die someday, but I believe I am completely entitled to a whole lot of fun before then.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        I like your idea, Michael… I had a lapse I judgement just the other day when a telemarketer called and one of the questions was, “Are you hispanic or latino.”?

        I asked her what that question has to do with anything and why she needs to know. i refused to answer it, and while she was in mid-sentence, hung up on her. i don’t like being rude, but sometimes you just gotta end the conversation. Next time, ask if you can speak to someone Japanese.

      • IstvanIN

        I got a call from some survey company once, the woman on the phone was Indian (dot). I asked to speak with someone who spoke English. She insisted she spoke English. I told her I wanted to speak with someone in the US. She said she was in Arizona. I said you certainly do not sound like you are from Arizona and hung up.

        • InAFreeCountry

          I had to call customer service for something or other recently. Dot Indian on the phone had such a heavy accent I could barely understand him. I made him repeat every sentence probably three times before I got the gist of what he was saying. I could hear that he was getting angry, but communication is too important to leave it to someone that can’t speak English to an American.

      • Alden

        Lots of places don’t have a White person I go a lot of trouble to only use Whitr Drs. But they hire nothing but Asians Hispanics and Phillipinos It makes me furious my insurance money paying the sakaries of non Whites
        With a staff of 15 to 20 people these selfish White traitors could hire just one White but they won’t

      • KenelmDigby

        If you did that in England, you’d have a ‘dawn knock’ on your door soon afterwards.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          What do you mean, a dawn knock?

          • eonic

            He means the modern equivalent of “The Midnight Knock”, a reference to Secret Police arriving at your door to arrest you in the small hours.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Oh, thank you! I thought he was being literal, and I was confused as to how someone would come after you in England for being “rude” on the phone. I didn’t think England was that far gone yet.

          • He was being literal. The Midnight Knock wasn’t some imaginary thing, and Britain is that far gone, that wouldn’t be deemed rude, it would be considered viciously racist, and warrant your door being kicked in at dawn, in the hopes of locking you away and preventing your racism from spreading.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Okay…from something mentioned on the phone, though? Would that really happen? Usually Much Calmer mentioned Emma West, but Emma West (much as I sympathize with her!) was shouting at dozens of people on a public train.

          • Its not inconceivable that something said on the phone could lead to incarceration. It’s basically known that we’re all being listened to by our governments, and eventually they’ll be confident enough to cross that line, and bust down the door of someone who said the wrong thing about one protected class or another.

            It hasn’t happened YET that we know of, but is it really so hard to see it coming?

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Do you not know about Emma West?

      • Ken Dometriosis .

        Gotta specify though, you want a white, Non-jewish person. Too many sneaky jews try to identify as white these days.

    • richard garyson

      I hear that. One time I set up an appointment at the clinic. I said any doctor would do. They told me I would see a “Dr. Freeman.” I was nervous until the appointment, when I realized I misheard the secretary and the doctor’s name was “Friedman.”

    • bv

      I wouldn’t take one our of spite.

    • GIJoeJones

      Well said. Based on that single example, they must all be incompetent. Strong decision.

      • johningermany

        Ask michael jackson how he likes black doctors. Oh wait, nevermind.

        • Yeah, the Michael Jackson who hires a black doctor, but who adopts White children.

      • I’m curious, are you being sarcastic?

        Implying that the single example provided doesn’t mean every, or even the majority of black doctors are incompetent affirmative action clowns?

        Because if so, there are literally years of “back issues” of Amren stories about black incompetence to sift through. And Amren itself is merely a drop in the bucket… no, the ocean of black stupidity.

        Casual observation of the world around you is more than enough to tell anyone with half a cup of brain matter that you probably dont want a negro to be the one treating your illness.

        • I disagree! I went to a man who was so much wiser. I said, “My friend the witch doctor tell me what to do….”oops, I already used that on another post.

        • GIJoeJones


          By coincidence, or perhaps not, I am a physician who has worked with almost a dozen black doctors over the years (orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, general surgeons) and I would not draw the same conclusion. Despite the general belief to the contrary, AmRen subscribers are not alone in their beliefs about affirmative action, black incompetence, etc. I would estimate that a large percentage of white Americans hold the same attitudes, they simply are not concerned or bold enough to talk about it in person or online. Doctors, Nurses, Patients all share these beliefs to varying degrees. Medical school graduates cannot practice medicine without completing residency. And residency selection DOES NOT consider race or gender in the application and interview process. They even say so on all of their webpages. They are not subject to the Affirmative Action ‘rules’ for whatever reason. Take a look for yourselves. Most surgical residency programs are predominantly white males with sprinkles of women and minorities here and there.

          All residents are subjected to insane amounts of scrutiny. And despite being hand selected with no consideration for their race, black residents are often subjected to more scrutiny than the other residents because MANY people hold the same thoughts and opinions as the AmRen crowd. Even if they are unwilling to admit it. I have reviewed three studies exploring this phenomenon in the past month. One of them was quite extensive and based on years of compiled data and statistical analysis. Look up ‘Getting Cut’ by Virginia Adams O’Connell if you want to look.

          So.. no, black doctors are not universally incompetent. Ben Carson is not a unicorn. He’s more like a white tiger, or an albino flying squirrel. Rare, but not imaginary.

          • jambi19

            So wait now. Are you going to post here and tell me program directors aren’t going to take the 3.1 undergrad GPA 26 MCAT black candidate graduating from Wash U in St Louis with the 230 USMLE over the white guy with 3.8 GPA 31 MCAT 240 USMLE applying from DO school? Or even the black applying from Meharry? Who is your program ranking higher, Doc?

          • GIJoeJones

            Well, there’s not much difference between a 230 USMLE and a 240 USMLE and the vast majority of residencies don’t ask about the MCAT scores or the undergrad GPA in the application. Medical school reports grades, but they do it in a strange cryptic sort of way that basically divides people into three groups. Top 30%, middle 30% and bottom 30%. For the truly exceptional, they have Alpha Omega Alpha. Medical honor society.

            I cannot pretend to know which of your two candidates would be selected, or for what reason. In the surgical field, a huge emphasis is put on likeability and potential for promoting cohesion and cooperation among peers. Realistically, whichever one of those two had more published research papers and was the least awkward in person would be the most likely to be selected.

          • jambi19

            I merely mentioned the MCATs to heighten the advantage of the black applicant with marginal scores accepted into a univeristy based allopathic school and the more competitive white applicant forced into DO school. What I am emphasizing is where you attend med school offers huge advantage during the residency application process. Especially when applying for surgical residencies.

          • DaveMed

            Are you actually involved in residency applicant selection? The difference between 230 and 240 is pretty substantial. Far more than, say, 260 vs 270.

          • GIJoeJones

            I’ve sat in on selection meetings. But based in this graphic from the 2014 match, I would insist that the difference between 230 and 240 is not significant given that more people were actually selected in the lower score range.

          • DaveMed

            I’m not sure how you’re reading that graph. I drew very different conclusions. 231-240 had a higher match rate than that of 221-230.

          • GIJoeJones

            We are getting a bit sidetracked, but… If you look at all the people in the 221-230 range, you cannot tell how many scored 221, how many scored 222, etc. so if you assume an even representation then most of the people in this group have scores below 230. So I disregarded this group in favor of the 231-240 and compared them to the 241-250. Regardless of how you stack it, all three groups have very comparable representation. 29 out 197 people in the 221-230 range got rejected while 12 out of 198 in the 230-241 range were rejected. So basically 86% successful versus 94% successful. Not a big difference. But again, most people here aren’t concerned about all that.

          • DaveMed

            You are neglecting the elephant in the room – the chart does not break down total match #s by program.

            Someone hoping to match at Columbia may not be very happy to match at SUNY Downstate. Ditto for WashU vs University of Maine. Etc. (I am literally throwing out names here, as I’m not going for general surgery and am not interested in browsing Doximity right now.)

          • GIJoeJones

            I promise I’m not trying to be an ass, but I don’t understand exactly what you mean. Are you talking about the difference between matching and matching somewhere more competitive?

          • DaveMed

            No problem.

            Yes, that was my point.

          • We live in a litigious society. You mentioned surgeons, and at the end brought up a brain surgeon. There’s nobody who is going to get the job of cutting people open and operating on them who isn’t competent, precisely because of the lawsuit barrage that will occur otherwise.

          • Jeff

            Doc, your input was deeply appreciated. The medical field is one area in which I would desperately hope that affirmative action plays no part. You’re input was reassuring, at least concerning surgeons. Do your observations hold up as well with doctors in general practice? Someone very close to me is facing surgery for cancer and all that implies.

            As much as I would love to believe in a society in which merit was the primary factor concerning employment, my own lying eyes tell me otherwise. I worked many years in a correctional/law enforcement setting. Some of the hiring decisions I saw border on the criminally negligent. A majority of those who engaged in acts of malfeasance shared a certain commonality. During some of those incidents I was responsible for bringing an acceptable resolution to acts clearly not sanctioned by law and ethics.. I’d like to say that each incident resulted in an ethical resolution. But that wouldn’t be accurate as others ranking above me reached conclusions far different than my own based on other criteria.

          • HE2

            The medical field is one area in which I would desperately hope that affirmative action plays no part.
            AA most certainly does play a part in the medical field, both selection of candidates and clinical evaluation standards. Now more than ever.
            Increasingly, incompetent blacks and browns are hired to replace skilled White Trauma and E.R. docs who resign or retire.
            This has the unfortunate effect of triggering more White resignations.
            The OP is not correct. Black and brown residents are carefully protected from their own incompetence.
            High standards of clinical excellence would impose “disparate impact” disciplinary action or dismissal on minorities. That cannot stand in today’s “race to the bottom” mentality, so no corrective measures are taken.
            Take a look at our tech fields.
            Under pressure from race hustlers, abject incompetents are hired to maintain “diversity requirements.”

          • dd121

            You’re going to be disappointed. There is a new MCAT for 2015. It has a whole PC section that was denounced by a doctor in a Wall Street Journal article. Say goodbye to medicine as you knew it. From the article:

            “To that end, a large new section—one quarter of the test—covers psychology, sociology and the biological foundations of behavior. Official review material includes concepts such as social inequality, class consciousness, racial and ethnic identity, “institutionalized racism and discrimination” and “power, privilege and prestige.”

          • BlueSonicStreak

            That’s terrible news. I want doctors to be doctors, not sociologists!

          • HE2

            What a tragedy. You are right, say goodbye to the practice of medicine as we have known it. Thank you, Comrade Obama.
            In order for AA to more rapidly and effectively infest and downgrade medicine, MCATs must be dumbed down in the manner the PTB know best: including test questions on worthless social-behavioral and ethnic “issues” that a brain dead candidate could ace.
            Meanwhile, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a White Family Practice PMD, internist, or specialist, at least in California.
            My internist, fed up with changes wrought by the nation wrecker in chief, quit. Unfortunately, she sold her practice to a Bay Area hospital mega-corporation. They promptly hired a Kenyan born lesbian with a chip on her shoulder as her replacement! No thank you.
            Gratefully, a knowledgeable advanced practice RN from the original office still sees patients. Not wanting an angry black Afro lesbian to lay hands on me, I see the NP.
            The feeling tone in the office has radically changed. The old staff, a warm, welcoming White crew, have quit, replaced by hospital corporation hirees. Disinterested, aloof, mystery meat robotized personnel who speak scarcely intelligible English, a different bunch each visit.

          • dd121

            The medical profession doesn’t look like it would be too attractive to young people now.
            Also, as an older white male the black support staff in hospitals and offices is increasingly hostile toward whites. I’ve had blood draws where the black woman deliberately put the needle through my vein which both hurt and created a big blood bruise. It’s forbidden to tell anybody.

          • HE2

            Considering how nearly all minorities begrudge Whites, it is frightening to ponder what will become of those who must be placed in mostly minority staffed facilities for elder care.
            You Tube has several videos of elder White patient abuse at the hands of black, metizo, other mystery meat ethnicity so-called “nursing assistants.”
            Families, concerned when nursing home family members demonstrated mysterious bruises and fractured bones, surreptitiously installed hidden CCTV cams.
            Plain as day, one sees helpless elders beaten by fat black sows and other mystery meat, unlicensed female [and in some cases male] “caregivers.”
            I have come around to supporting the idea of self administered “final exit” protocol for those who find themselves in such an inhumane position.

          • dd121

            I guess we can’t expect the leftist media to do an expose on this. My relatives who were in nursing care 15 years ago were in a small town and the care was pretty good by people of all races, but mostly black. That seems to be changing very fast.

          • David Ashton

            Trace this ever-increasing flood of corrosive slime back to its original source in the egalitarian revolution advocated by Herbert Marcuse and other New Left strategists from the 1960s and how its “journey” through the western world has been funded, personally promoted, and facilitated through the media, the colleges, the political think-tanks and minority-interest lobbies. Here is a masterwork of conservative research that is awaiting its encyclopaedist.

          • dd121

            Just a guess but I don’t think the standard of care is going to improve.

          • David Ashton

            Agreed. But that is a minor consideration.

          • GIJoeJones

            Hello Jeff, yes, I would say that the non-surgical medical specialties have significant quality control measures. If you want to find out if your doctor is competent, you simply inquire about board certification. That means they not only graduated from residency and all the objective standards imposed to accomplish that, but they have also endured and survived another round of testing beyond residency which serves as the American Board of Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, etc. official stamp of approval that this person objectively possesses the knowledge that we have collectively decided is required to get the job done.

            HE2 refers to disparate impact, but as someone who has reviewed legal cases from residency terminations for the past 3 years I can tell you that this does not work as a strategy when trying to bring a lawsuit against a residency program for unlawful termination.

          • Thank you for the reply, I probably will look into ‘Getting Cut’ sometime. Out of curiousity, are you, or were you, a physician in the military?

      • Luca

        Not really, based on their collective IQ, their subculture, Affirmative Action, their collective competency levels and common sense observation are but a few valid reasons.

        Besides, I don’t need to explain a reason when I say I want a second opinion.

      • ElComadreja

        Based on every single example I’ve ever interacted with.

    • Guest

      4th year med students do rotations or (Sub-Internships). Doctors do residencies. Anyway, that was a very smart decision to never allow a black doctor to treat you based on that single encounter. Hope that doesn’t increase your chances of being seen by the white doctor who just had his license re-instated after serving his time for an act of gross misconduct or malpractice.

      • So you’re implying that someone who has gone to med school for 4 years shouldn’t be expected to be capable of defining constipation? Or you just felt, like a typical liberal ignoramus that making that little completely pointless correction from “residency” to “rotation” somehow negated the fact that a black, who spent FOUR YEARS in school studying medicine, was incapable of defining a basic condition / possible symptom?

        Because it didn’t, and you just self identified as what you are (the liberal imbecile pointed out above) hiding behind a “guest” name. Who is this, “multiracial individual” getting upset over people pointing out black realities again?

      • Luca

        Internship would be the correct term. I may have also added or missed an important comma, or misspelled a word as well. However I hope you understood the main point.

        I research a doctor’s background and frankly a black doctor is almost a guarantee of being an Affirmative Action facsimile of the real thing. Same goes for foreign doctors. Are we actually sure that they have the same level of academic achievements in Pakistan (or elsewhere in the 3rd world) as they do here? Were their records tweaked a bit with a bribe? What are the odds?

    • HE2

      I will never allow a black to be my doctor.

      Good decision, Luca. Never, and I mean NEVER allow a black doctor near you.
      I speak from experience.

    • Definition of constipation? Oh….tough one…sh*t….(Okay, sorry people; I couldn’t resist.)

  • HR departments throw out the applications of white males.

    I posted this story on my site. One of my regulars, a white male who blogs as Pioneer Preppy, wrote this:

    “I used to do the same thing with my resume back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. In 98 the company I worked for went under and my then wife and I found ourselves both out of a job at the same time. I noticed that despite my having a degree, many job related certificates and more experience the Ex was getting called in for interviews left and right while I got nothing.

    Of course the explanation from her point of view was always I had a bad resume or was getting a bad reference but the call backs for her were coming in much quicker than I felt any references could be checked. So I made three resumes. My normal one, one with a Black name and one with a Woman’s name. I always got a call back to schedule an interview with the Black and Female resumes. ALWAYS. HR were weeding White Males out before checking references or before any interviews were even scheduled. I imagine due to government pressure to be more diverse.

    That was the turning point for me. I realized from then on how things were really working and I started withdrawing from this Multi-Cult mess.”

    Virtually every white male I know has been fired from a job and many have been race or gender replaced. I just got word today that an old acquaintance John, who was fired and replaced by a Jewish woman, killed himself.

    We have to create our own economy and our own jobs now. We’re being dumped on by the System and they’re not shy about it letting it be known.

    • E. Newton

      It is truly sick.

    • Bo_Sears

      Yes, we need to create a new economy. Young white American children need to be taught the virtues and validity of entrepreneurship…we’ve coasted too long on corporate employment which is primarily now a cheerleader for the anti-white narrative. In a sense, we’ve been put into a situation in which we are the immigrants who need to cast about for new ways to make our livings.

    • GIJoeJones

      Before everyone gets to hot and bothered about this very anecdotal story about events that transpired roughly 15 years ago, you should read the linked to study from about 15 years ago which looked at exactly what you are talking about.


      Turns out white sounding names get more call backs. Not by a huge margin, but they do get more. They then looked at the difference between whites submitting weak resumes and strong resumes, and the same for blacks. They suggest that the data demonstrates that a better resume is more rewarding for white sounding names than it is for blacks.

      Of course, this data could be made up, as further fuel for the ‘anti-white’ movement, but I suspect it is legit.

      • You’re looking at that study the wrong way. It’s not that white sounding names get the call backs, it’s that the black sounding names don’t.

        Affirmative action is still the order of the day, but not in terms of actually hiring N’Jaquaritavious.

        • GIJoeJones

          Yes, I realize that’s what it is. I guess that the net result is roughly the same. Freakanomics took a look at severely African American sounding names and found that more educated and financially stable blacks are more likely to give Anglo sounding names. So, it would actually make sense to discriminate by name if that is the case. You’re more likely to get a better candidate, black or white.

      • LHathaway

        There’s a study out saying Blacks are rejected for employment? I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked. This may come as shocking news to you also, but the more any organizations uses affirmative action in it’s hiring and promotion process, the more this same organization will proclaim that it is Whites who are discriminating, and that this is wrong and evil.

      • Alden

        It’s made up I have been fighting affirmative action since 1975. HR in both fiction and the private sector does dump White resumes Govt eliminated civil service exams

        It would take hours to tell you about the resumes I submitted for the same job as a black and a White and got call backs in only the black resumes ; or the civil service tests I took and passed with a high score when I checked black and failed the same test when I checked White

        That study you cite was probably as bogus as White privilege” , ” race is a social construct” and everything coming out if academic fiction think tanks

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    LOL! I had a similar idea once of getting my Peruvian citizenship, changing my name to a Spanish name and then go back to the US as an illegal alien. To take advantage of all the freebee’s that Obama is handing out. However, my plan would probably fail, being blonde haired and blue eyed with white skin, they would probably tell me to go back to Peru and enjoy all of my ‘white privileges’ over there.

    • Alden

      I know a tall light hair and skin Italian contractor who applied do an SBA loan as White and got turned down Sux months later he kept his Italian name SS# DOB contractor license etc but he changed his first name to Miguel and checked Hispanic. That’s all it took to get the loan and numerous letters offering govt contracts Ince you get a minority list you get offers of goodies all your life
      I know someone whose school teacher Mother checked Hispanic when she atarted kindergarten to avoid school busing . It’s followed her all her life When she was a junior in high school she got letters from many colleges begging her to honor themn with her Hispanic self
      In junior in college she got letters from numerous employers begging her to come work for them Her last name is a very common German name

      • John Smith

        George Zimmerman, white Hispanic.

    • Alden

      I’m short fair skinned blue eyed with browney blondey hair

      I checked black on the box The HR woman hired me anyway Actually I wasn’t interviewed I just got a call asking me when I could start
      English Catholics 1533 to 1832, Russian Christians 1918 to the present time, German Jews 1933 to 1945 that is us
      If you read history you can but help notice that the persecutions always start by forbidding first government and then all employment to whatever group the government wants to get rid of

  • George Moriarty

    Here in Australia where tertiary education costs are astronomical a common totally dishonest scam was for some white students to claim Aboriginal heritage in order to get a free education complete with generous allowances. It seems that 1/32 Aboriginal blood was the only criteria at one time. When I had kids in university I complained long and loud but all the authorities would say was that they knew it was happening.

    • listenupbub

      How is Australia? Is there a lot of immigration? I am thinking of moving there.

      • George Moriarty

        Australia is a bit like Canada except it is hot and mainly dry. It is also a bit like the old South Africa but without race problems. We used to be 98% white English speaking but that is changing. Indians, Muslims and Chinese now make up the biggest numbers of migrants.
        Australia is a modern prosperous country but is a very expensive place to live.
        If you think you have a trade or profession that you think we could use you are welcome to apply to migrate here.

        • John Smith

          Firearms highly restricted, so when the migrant hordes go wild, you’ll have to run for it.

          • George Moriarty

            Basically we prefer it that way and to their credit our police have really been able to crack down on Middle Eastern drug gang shoot-outs that were occurring in Sydney’s south west.

        • listenupbub

          hmm… So it is 92% white, according to the internet? And 7% Asian? That is a good balance.

          But is Australia liberal? If so, it is only a matter of time…

          • George Moriarty

            Final comment on this one; Yes, we have draconian racial vilification laws and a very strong PC lobby at every level of government and the public service including the military and the education system. We are signatories to most of the tripe that comes out of the UN. We have a strong Greens party. The present government is called the Liberal Party but it is basically the “conservative” party (just) and is in coalition with the National Party.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I, although more white than a lot of you (blue eyes, brown hair, and the other hair gene can only be blond or red), I have the luxury of putting “H” for Hispanic. So what if the last name came from a great grandfather from Spain itself around the late 1890s? Use whatever assets you have.
    I can’t feel sorry for a lot of white guys under 25. For the past 10 years, you guys have made it difficult for us who have been trying to warn you. Oh well, it’s time to learn. Perhaps unemployed, angry white guys might try to fight back for a change.

    • Bo_Sears

      If we’re not blaming our fathers who won WW II for our decline, we’re blaming our offspring for failing to understand what often took us 20-30 years to understand. I didn’t get it until the hoax known as the March on Skokie when it penetrated that there really was a group of self-interested folks out there who were supremacist in the extreme, and which has worked to defame us since at least WW II.

      • LHathaway

        Just blame blacks. I know I do. Give up being a ‘responsible’ conservative . . .

        • Alden

          Conservatives are only interested about these things; abortion gays lowering everybody’s wages from engineers to dishwashers and Israel
          The conservatives don’t even try to defend Christmas any more

          • LHathaway

            No, but ‘responsible’ White racists sure deflect anger from blacks by blaming Jews.

          • John Smith

            You’ll usually find someone with a -witz,-berg or -stein ending name partially responsible for most AA programs you find.

          • LHathaway

            That’s insane, being every large company and every government office uses affirmative action.

          • John Smith

            What’s insane? These programs are created and then issued from above down to the regional and local levels.

        • Bo_Sears

          “Responsible Conservative”

          What a horrible thing to call a person who is concerned about our future. You forget that the “responsible conservatives” are busily assessing public support for the acceptable number of young Americans to bleed out on the shores of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

          • LHathaway

            If it wasn’t apparent in my post, what I meant to say is, stop blaming Jews and just blame blacks. It works for me.

    • IstvanIN

      Years ago a friend asked me if she should put White or Hispanic on a civil service application. Her family is White (Spanish and French) but from Puerto Rico, I told her put Hispanic and take any advantage you can get. Why should some mestizo get a job they don’t deserve?

    • Alden

      The Whites under 25 were born 25 years after affirmative action. Furthermore people under 25 are never in a position to do anything to change a society unless their Father the King or Emperor dies and they are the oldest sons

      How dare you criticize barely of age Whites. It is beyond ignorant to blame young Whites for 1956 desegregate the schools the 1964 civil rights act the 1965 invite the third world act the 1968 affirmative action act Nixion’s creation of the affirmative action Hispanic race by executive order Nixon’s appointing an anti White activist to turn EEOC into an anti White agency and 2, just 2 judicial decisions Griggs vs Duke Power and Kaiser vs Weber that made affirmative action the law of the land

      Just what do you recommend Whites under 25 do to overturn what their grand parents did?

      Please spare us your usual hooting and hollering about getting good grades working hard obeying all the rules the Protestant work ethic and the American dream getting a STEM degree which is as worthless for a White as gender studied eschewing drugs drink tattoes
      Rap music and porn in favor if faith hope and chastity while listening to Mozart and Gregorian chant and collecting Rembrandt and Gainsborough prints

      • D.B. Cooper

        Alden, I smelled a rat before I was even old enough to drink. These white guys, I wish they would follow up all of those stories where a white democrat is a victim of black crime. I would like to see if their political views have changed.

      • Thank you Alden. It’s tiresome responding to D.B.’s constant “holier than thou” drivel, and wonderful to see others picking up the torch to point out how asinine his comments are.

        Always quick to blame and denigrate anyone and everyone but himself, but somehow he’s never managed to fix anything, despite “smelling a rat before he was even old enough to drink”.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      I hate to think how right you are on this. I see Indians working in data centers and white guys working at Geek Squad. I feel sorry for any white man who thinks he has a future in IT. Unless you specialize in something obscure but necessary and plan to contract for a living, it’s a waste of an education. Go the distance and be an engineer.

      And yes, in many corporations resumes from obviously white guys (usually based on their name) are culled. I happen to have a name that is confused as black by so many stupid HR people. I went to an interview at UPS in Atlanta, they even flew me in for it. But when I got to the office it was clear they were in shock to see me. I even overheard one say “but he’s white”.

      It’s not in our imagination folks, it’s real. Traitors run the US and they are destroying the people we used to call Americans, of ALL races. But the majority is white, so they “deserve” to be shat upon it seems.

  • Dave West

    The Huffington Post actually reported on this story on their most prized-victim page, the Black Voices section. The comments board is very quiet!

    • D.B. Cooper

      The Huffington Post’s comments section are quiet because they have banned a lot of people, including yours truly.

  • Pax Romana

    Affirmative Action is legalized racial discrimination supported by a hypocritical political ideology that claims that race does not exist.

    To a Liberal, “Race is a Social Construct”:

    ……unless there are “too many whites” in any given location, sport, or business.

    ….. until Liberals need to blame “white people” for another “Social Construct’s” failures.

    ……except when practicing Liberal imposed College Admissions and Hiring Quotas.

    ……until Liberals want to talk about Colonization, Slavery, and Lynching.

    ……except when promoting and celebrating “Black History Month”.

    ……except accusing a segment of the population of “White Privilege”

    ……until they need a stem cell or bone marrow transplant.

    The insanity of Liberalism: “Whites are Oppressors. Non Whites are Victims. But Race doesn’t exist. Yet I love Racial Diversity. And I celebrate our Differences. Because we’re all the Same. So let’s destroy Diversity. By mixing Together…But ONLY in White Countries.”


      Ha! I couldn’t help but laugh when I got to the “until they need a stem cell or bone marrow transplant” part. So true, so very true. And “The insanity of Liberalism” part at the end. Perfectly summed up the double standard/double speak, good sometimes, bad sometimes, exist sometimes, doesn’t exist sometimes type of incoherent nonsense liberal dogma has reduced itself to.

    • pcmustgo

      I’ll admit there are “cultural differences”- but only GOOD cultural differences! No noticing bad ones!

  • TomIron361

    Who cares? She looks like just another off white to me. So her brother’s probably the same. They’re all the same to me.

  • Charles Martel

    I know a black doctor that malpracticed himself to death but never meet a black in real life as smart as seen on TV

  • Dave West

    I’m sure their are some black doctors who are legitimately good at what they do, but my one experience with a black ENT doctor was anything but satisfactory.

    A few years ago I had a persistent cough and phlegm that has lasted for nearly a month, I decided to see an ENT. I called a local office and they set me up with an appointment, I believe there were 3 doctors at the practice and I was randomly given an appointment with one of those doctors, I got the black one. The doctor was a black American, not an African immigrant. When meeting with him I told him about my issue. He examined me for maybe 30 seconds, told me what I had was nothing serious, but that there was little I could do. I was told that I would “have to deal with it” and that the symptoms would probably “get worse as I got older;” the entire appointment seemed rushed. In the end he told me that I should take Mucinex, something that I had already been doing.

    Very frustrated, I went to another practice about 2 weeks later, I was seen by a doctor who was a Russian immigrant. The doctor examined me far more thoroughly and saw that I had a small lump in my throat he also did an allergy test and determined that I had an allergy to nuts. I was also given a CT scan to make sure the lump wasn’t cancer, which luckily it was not. As it turned out the main cause was allergies and the lump was determined to just be caused by stress.

    • Whiteplight

      Oh, oh, you just demonstrated that the black doctor was mostly correct and a lot of money got spent to find out you were just stressed out, contributing to the high cost of health care delivery!

      • Dave West

        How was the black doctor “mostly correct”? He barely did anything. I paid $60 for the allergy test and $515 for the CT scan. The root cause was the allergies, which upon finding out the cause, my symptoms went away. The only recommendation the black doctor gave me was to take Mucinex, something that I had been doing. Had I kept doing that its most likely nothing would have improved and what if the lump would have been something serious.

        • John Smith

          I believe he was being facetious because it turned out you had nothing very serious in the end. You could’ve never even gone and been just as right as the black “doctor.”

  • Pa Guy in NJ

    She is in a commercial where no one sees her. Because as we all know the browns have such a hard time since they are invisible. Of course when I go out in the world they all just look right thru me, but that’s ok because I have such great privileges and everything is handed to me for being white

  • thatcher76

    Reminds me of a friend of mine. One of my friends is half black, half white. While he was mulatto, culturally he was white. All his friends were white, he talked like a typical white kid, he listened to white music, liked things white people did and had no identification with anything black.

    In high school in was a B to C student. But in his senior year of high school he got all these scholarship offers and letters from schools asking him to apply. How many colleges ask YOU to apply to them? LOL He got all these entreaties to join black student organizations too. And he never applied for any of it. I don’t even know how they found him since he was never part of any black organization. Crazy. Looking back it must have been some anonymous teacher who knew of the all the goodies available.

    He never took up any of it because he said he said he felt it was meant for someone else. Like a lot of his friends (EG me). He went to a modest local college sans black scholarships, etc.

  • Simonetta

    If two equally smart, talented, and ambitious guys want to become doctors, and one can because he is ‘black’ and the other can’t because he’s not ‘black’, then this is not an example of racism or reverse-racism. This is a example of there being too few medical schools.

    There’s no real difference between the intelligence of a guy with a 3.6 GPA and one with a 3.2 GPA. If they can do the course work and master the material, then they both should become doctors. Regardless of whether one guy went to Johns-Hopkins and the other read the recycled med school texts from the public library.

    The only stupid thing happening here is that there are too few medical schools. The ones that are accepting new students have to resort to absurd criteria to decide who is going to be a student.

    • pcmustgo

      I agree… I had a friend who “did it all”:…. elite college, worked part-time, high gpa, internship with biology labs, etc, high MCAT scores, could barely get into a lower tier med school….. known other white females, same story…. they make it too hard… then the schools are flooded with foreigners.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I remember an article from my old college government course back in the early ’90s.
    “Boston Case Raises Questions on Misuse of Affirmative Action”, New York Times, October 9, 1988.
    The whole article makes me want to hurl, and I’m a seasoned veteran of reading articles about Affirmative Action.
    Below is a scan I made of my old text book I still have in my book case.

    • Jason Lewis

      That’s awesome!

    • Whiteplight

      I am descended from an African named Lucy.

      • IstvanIN

        You, too!

      • Guest

        LOL! I think there might be some African in my ancestry, too, though my DNA test shows it as only a possibility and so low, under a third of one percent, but, hey! Maybe I could use that somehow.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Great grandmother must have been Black irish and not negro black. They just dropped the irish part and made it look like the poor woman was a negress.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    famous actress Mindy Kaling


    Cultural Marxism mandates that a person is whatever gender or race he “feels” he is so what’s the problem here?

    Look how far it got Elizabeth Warren pretending to be an Indian.

    • IstvanIN

      She is an unattractive Indian female who had a TV show (I never saw it) and now makes a commercial where she physically molests a White young man playing basketball and then tells him he shouldn’t be upset when an attractive “woman” touches him.

      • ncpride

        I detest that commercial. The hypocrisy and double standards sicken me. Just imagine for a moment if the sexes were reversed. Loony liberals would go completely crazy.

      • Kenner

        I watched two episodes. It was terrible. I think she got the same AA kid-glove treatment from her network that George Lopez’ show got.

    • Dyed turkey feather.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “despite his relatively mediocre 3.1 GPA and his family’s considerable wealth.”

    People may focus on the modest GPA of the above passage and how much easier it is for black students to be admitted to graduate and undergraduate programs with lower academic scores. The last part of the above phrase, however, “his family’s considerable wealth” is more telling. Affirmative Action was sold to the American public, in part us, as a means of uplifting economically disadvantaged blacks. Liberals assured the public that poverty was the reason for poor academic performance among minorities. In reality, however, colleges almost always will admit blacks from upper and middle income families over poor blacks because the former score and interview better than the latter. Meanwhile, as wealthy and middle class blacks skate into college, poor whites is left out in the cold even though Liberals say poverty is the reason for poor performance.

    • Ultimate187

      Disadvantaged socioeconomic status was sold to make Affirmative Action more palatable to the public. In reality it is ignored because even poor white candidates still outperform economically advantaged black students.

  • Cannot Tell

    I know a lot of black African doctors who are well respected and liked by many of their patients and colleagues. Every time I read an article about affirmative action I get more scared that white people will start to avoid black doctors.

    I suppose many of you white race realists would probably prefer a white doctor even if you were confident in the competence of certain black doctors. There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess.

    • IstvanIN

      I wouldn’t go near a Negro doctor.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        I think your sentiments would be more valid about how white women feel about going to a black male doctor. I’ve never been to a black doctor, never thought about going to one or not, but they seem to be so rare that’s it’s never been an issue… yet, anyway.

        Our surrounding communities are largely served by white, Jewish and now a few Asian/oriental doctors. Rarely, if ever, are there any public complaints about any of them.

    • Robert Smith

      I would never be confident in a black doctor.

    • I would prefer a Scottish engineer and no doctor at all.

      • Lexonaut

        Isn’t it amazing that Scotland, with five million people today and probably only a million 250 years ago, gave birth to the industrial revolution and venture capitalism?

    • Maybe the black doctor is totally competent but how can I know that? It’s also just as likely (probably more likely) that he’s mediocre, if not utterly incompetent, and only a doctor at all because of AA. I’m not going to risk my health and safety on the off-chance that he’s not a bumbling, hopeless trophy hire.

      Affirmative Action ensures that smart people avoid any professional who isn’t white and male. Because white males have to work about ten times harder to succeed in many fields than non-whites and females, which means they are the cream of the crop.

      • ShermanTMcCoy


      • Alden

        That is my position Drs lawyers accountants mechanics movers whatever Whitr men still rule

      • llexik

        I have a black GP (only because the selection from which I had to choose from had awful reviews on Yelp, etc.). I felt a lot better knowing she was a true African, educated in Egypt, and not some affirmative action American one. She is very cold and serious, so I don’t particularly like her, but I think I’d be more uncomfortable if she was playing the hiphop station in her waiting room.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        A perfect SAT score is 2,400. How many Whites with perfect SAT scores were passed over for admission to ivy league colleges?

        Unfortunately, medical schools have lowered standards for admission in order to accept blacks and Hispanics.

        Remember Alen Baake?

        Allan Bakke’s 1973 scores:

        3.46 96th percentile 94th percentile 97th percentile 72nd percentile

        Average “diversity” student’s scores:

        2.88 46th percentile 24th percentile 35th percentile 33rd percentile

        What happens when scores are lowered to admit blacks is doctors like Patrick Chavis (poster child for lowered standards AA and preferential treatment), Jan West, Kermit Gosnell and Conrad Murray. Chavis was in the medical school class that rejected Bakke. Jan West was an incompetent drunk that killed Kanye West’s mother – after other doctors rejected her for plastic surgery due to overriding medical issues. He was fighting malpractice suits at the time. Kermit Gosnell performed late-term abortions in a filthy clinic- he delivered babies and then killed them. He killed a woman too.

        Michelle Malkin writes:

        Chavis was murdered in Hawthorne, an economically depressed neighborhood on the southern edge of Los Angeles. Three unknown assailants shot him during an alleged robbery at a Foster’s Freeze.

        Chavis … was profiled lavishly by New York Times magazine writer Nicholas Lemann. Chavis, who made the cover of the magazine, was a black physician admitted to the University of California-Davis medical school under a special racial-preference quota. In 1978, the U.S. Supreme Court later struck down the program after a landmark challenge by white applicant Allan Bakke.

        An administrative law judge found Chavis guilty of gross negligence and incompetence in the treatment of three patients. Yolanda Mukhalian lost 70 percent of her blood after Chavis hid her in his home for 40 hours following a bungled liposuction; she miraculously survived. The other survivor, Valerie Lawrence, also experienced severe bleeding following the surgery; after Lawrence’s sister took her to a hospital emergency room, Chavis barged in and discharged his suffering patient — still hooked up to her IV and catheter — and also stashed her in his home.

        “Tammaria Cotton bled to death and suffered full cardiac arrest after Chavis performed fly-by-night liposuction on her and then disappeared.

        In 1997, the Medical Board of California suspended Chavis’ license, warning of his “inability to perform some of the most basic duties required of a physician.” In a statement filed by a psychiatrist, the state demonstrated Chavis’ “poor impulse control and insensitivity to patients’ pain.

        • Copyright101

          Paradoxically this debate is often framed as second rate, bitter white losers complaining but in fact the higher up the scale you go the more it’s high achievers who are impacted.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Yes, I know. I wrote that because the valedictorian of my daughter’s high school scored a 2400 – perfect – on his SATs (this was 2009) – he also started a swim program for blind students – first in his class, perfect SATs, altruistic duty – rejected by ALL the ivies AND California’s Stanford – while those far below him in class (non-Whites) were given free rides to those same schools. He ended up at Berkeley with my daughter – who ended up 2nd – also rejected by the ivy she applied to – they were there with the valedictorian from the previous class – rejected by ALL of the ivies. All White, of course.

            When I’ve relayed this story, I’ve been called whiney, bitter and told to “get over it” – from “fellow” Whites.

          • Copyright101

            When I’ve relayed this story, I’ve been called whiney, bitter and told to “get over it” – from “fellow” Whites.

            Its sickening. Some of them are just sell-outs of course but others really don’t get how the impact of official and unofficial AA works in practice.

            A high profile example. Someone like Neil deGrasse Tyson has got himself a nice, cosy, well paid gig in the media, how many other white people better qualified than him in every single respect (apart from not being black) were passed over so he could get to work like that? Sure he’s really only playing the part of a scientist but even so.

          • HE2

            Pleased to hear your daughter was admitted to UCB; admission is not easy for Whites in spite of top scores. Congratulations. Regardless of its liberal reputation, Cal Berkeley is still top rated for STEM studies. Gratefully, Physical Sciences are not easily politicized.
            Liberal Arts, the opposite.
            Auditing poly-sci lectures, I came to believe that anyone pursuing exclusively that curriculum receives indoctrination, not education.

      • GIJoeJones

        Actually, the opposite is true. If you read through the book ‘Getting Cut’ by Virginia Adams O’Connell you can see that being a white male in Surgical Residency is protective. She reviewed data from over 500 residencies in about 4-5 surgical specialties and Anesthesia and found that White Women and minorities get terminated from residencies with higher frequency even when you control for all objective evaluation criteria like test scores. Being a white male in a white male dominated profession protects you from harm, and being a woman or a minority in a white male dominated profession leaves you vulnerable for almost the same reason. Sift through the statistics for yourself if you’re interested. I have read at least 2 other studies on the topic that have demonstrated the same thing.

        • Or it could be that white women and non-whites are terminated more often because although they got into medical school via AA, they couldn’t cut it once admitted. This is like deducing that blacks are targeted by cops for being black because they’re arrested more often. No, they are arrested more often because they’re more likely to be criminals.

          Besides that, plenty of doctors go into other specialties or choose to become general practitioners. It’s like the old joke goes: What do they call the guy who finishes last in his class in medical school? “Doctor.”

    • Anna Tree

      You are right Cannot Tell: affirmative action is bad for everybody (well except for those who wouldn’t get accepted without it): please read “Does Affirmative Action hurt black Law students?” by
      Katherine S. Mangan, Chronicle of Higher Education, Nov. 12, 2004

      “Affirmative action hurts black law students more than it helps them by
      bumping applicants up into law schools where they are more likely to
      earn poor grades, drop out, and fail their states’ bar exams, according
      to a forthcoming study by a law professor at the University of
      California at Los Angeles.

      The author, Richard H. Sander, argues that ending racial preferences in
      law-school admissions would increase the number of black lawyers because
      it would help ensure that students attend law schools where they are
      more likely to succeed.”

      You can find more easily on the web a following to that research in
      “Does Affirmative Action hurt minorities?” by Vikram Amar and Richard H.
      Sander, September 26, 2007 on the LATimes site.

      • Alden

        Why should Whites care about the blacks who stole White’s places ?

        • Anna Tree

          I agree with you, I didn’t say the contrary.

    • Lexonaut

      “There’s nothing wrong with [whites preferring white doctors], I guess.”

      Gee, thanks. I was well on my way to feeling guilty about this, but now that I know you guess it’s okay, I feel much better.

    • Spikeygrrl

      I prefer the most competent doctors I can get. I have a very competent doctor right now, at the helm of a whole gaggle of specialists diligently working to arrest a rare progressive paralysis condition for which there is as yet no cure. He had a hand in my initial diagnosis (this time those hoofbeats really WERE zebras!) He keeps all my testing, consults, physical therapy, and meds coordinated, and also somehow manages to shoehorn me in right at the top of the line for procedures which have waiting lists of six months or more. Without him, I could very easily be dead by now. He’s Asian Indian (2nd generation in America), and I would not trade him for….errr….all the Tea in India!

    • BlueSonicStreak

      As a matter of personal comfort, most people would probably prefer a same-race doctor:


      Just think, this is the person who is going to be putting gloved hands on/in your genitals. If there’s any level of discomfort there with that person being a different race, the awkward intimacy of exams is going to exacerbate that ten-fold.

      So, given a choice, most white people are probably already avoiding black doctors when they can.

      That being said, a large part of how a doctor builds their own practice is through word-of-mouth. I am going to go see a brand-new doctor soon, and I only found him through recommendations from others. I have grown up with female doctors only, and am most comfortable with female doctors, so I’m a little (irrationally) uneasy about a male doctor. But I’m willing to look past that, as I have heard this new doctor is fantastic, plus he has experience with some of the specific, high-maintenance medical issues I have. So…

      If these doctors you know are actually excellent and build great word-of-mouth, they are probably safe for quite a while.

  • [Guest]

    >>>Affirmative Action “promotes negative stereotypes about the competency of minority Americans by making it seem like they need special treatment.”


    • APaige

      Yes they do need special treatment. That is the dark, dark secret that EVERYONE knows, but progressives NEVER want to admit. I hate Affirmative Action because it is argued for or even justified in the name of overcoming White racism. The real reason is because most Blacks could not compete against other groups. It is Black failure not White racism.

      • [Guest]

        Well said and true.

  • evilsandmich

    Thought about this scam myself since a couple trips to the tanning booth put me within striking distance of being a darkie, but then I would have to speak and the jig would be up since rare is the black guy with the corn-pone accent.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Go for it, Evil Sandwich. Get that tan, put on your best ebonics act, get “cornrows” strut like a bantam rooster doing the “ooga-booga” and reap that government financial bonanza you keep telling us about that you want so bad….

      • evilsandmich

        I’ll get to it maybe, still sounds like work though, and if someone asked me if I was really black, I probably couldn’t resist giggling.

  • Ultimate187

    Most institutions won’t dare to go race-blind. They know exactly what will happen if they do. The number of successful Black and Hispanic applicants will basically drop to zero. Vijay is right about the relationship of AA and the perception of competence of minority professionals. It always leaves in question whether they benefited from it or not.

  • JohnEngelman

    Avoid black doctors if you can.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Be careful. Dr. Ben Carson, REPUBLICAN nominee for President just might be the next doctor you are required to see under Obamacare….

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      What about Jewish doc Jon Engleman???

      • JohnEngelman

        Those are the ones I try to go to.

        • John Smith

          Jewish lawyers too, so long as no money is at stake.

        • meanqueen

          Me too! They are the best, hands down.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          I bet cos you are one of them.

          • JohnEngelman

            What if I am?

    • John Smith
  • paul kersey

    Dozens of family and friends gathered Sunday at the scene of
    Saturday’s shooting to remember Justus, whom they say was an aspiring

    His mother, LaToya Howell, said Justus wanted to go to medical school to be a surgeon.
    “Justus was a young man murdered by Zion police,” she said.

  • DavidLAlbert

    No surprise here! As a veteran and one who has endured the “mistreatment” associated with the VA It only makes sense. One only has to make a single trip to a VA hospital to experience the incompetence of affirmative action. They are more adept at getting on the bling than they are at getting on the “stick!” My mistreatment you ask, well let me tell you:
    My father died from a botched hip replacement job at the VA!
    I was misdiagnosed with an appendicitis. They admitted me to the hospital and I was on a gurney headed for surgery. A doctor happened by and asked to see my chart. He sent me to ultrasound and they discovered that I had a bad case of gas! They stuck a finger up my rear and I was fine!
    I was in a rear end collision and suffered from herniated disks. I at first went to a private doctor who had ultrasounds performed and they showed 2 herniated discs and a torn meniscus in my knee. I went to the VA with these findings and they said they did not review second party medical findings. Their solution? send me to therapy where they told me to sleep with a pillow between my legs. No xrays, no ultrasound, no close evaluation, just “sleep with a pillow between my legs!” I was in pain and begged for pain medication. I finally contacted a US senator. They finally sent me for xrays – and they lost them! Oh, they finally prescribed tylenol for my pain after six months. You think this is just some made up story! Do you really think I’m exaggerating?

    • DavidLAlbert

      I meant to say they performed an MRI on my back and knee, not an ultrasound. Sorry for the mistake.

      • Alden

        I live near a big VA hospital The Drs are all Indian immigrants. Actually they are residents Everybody else is an obese ghetto black

  • LHathaway

    This reminds me of an anecdote in Dinesh D’Souza’s (from India) book ‘illiberal education’. A black student was interviewed about what happened to him. He was rejected from several schools, but then received an acceptance letter from the university mentioning that it had ‘learned new information’. The black guy said something like, my application wasn’t good enough them, but not only was my ‘black’ application good enough it was worthy of a letter from the president of the university,

    The real issue here is about acceptance. It’s about accepting some and rejecting others. I don’t think we will accept Indians into our new nation in the Pacific Northwest. Nice try, though. I can’t blame you for wanting in.

  • Unperson

    He plans to write a memoir about his experiences, to be titled ­“Almost Black.”

    Sorry, Vijay, but white Brat Pack actor C. Thomas Howell beat you to this, way back in 1986.

    From Wiki:

    Faced with the horrifying prospect of having to pay for law school by himself, Mark (Howell) decides to take up a scholarship, but the only suitable one is for African Americans only. So he decides to cheat by using tanning pills in a larger dose than prescribed to appear as an African American. Watson then sets out for Harvard, naïvely believing that blacks have no problems at all in American society…

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      I bet this movie was made to show how bad the darkies have it.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    The curry eater looks black.

  • George Moriarty

    Apparently they did not at that time. Now the rule is still 1/32 Indigenous AND you have to identify with Aboriginal culture. As in all of these things there is usually very little accountability. My kids university days are over 20 years ago. Apparently there were lots of other rorts that any good accountant could organise, e.g. “low income parents”.

  • KenelmDigby

    ‘Dropped out of St Louis medical school after two years’.

    In other words, not only did he deprive a good and motivated young White man the chance of a place at medical school, a young White man who no doubt could have made a damned good doctor, he wasted the time, money and experience of the medical school – an act akin to criminality.

    • meanqueen

      Yes, but don’t hold it against him. His little experiment exposed something that is beneficial to those of us opposed to affirmative action. I’d like to thank him!

    • InAFreeCountry

      No, he deprived a black guy from getting in. He’s a hero.

  • John Smith
  • Light from the East

    If someone wants to debunk the absurdity of affirmative actions, he/she must be a dark-skinned Indians pretending to be black. This one is an excellent example.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I know a Thai and Vietnamese mix guy going to med school and he told me that there are more Hispanics and Negros in med school to guess what increase DIE-versity. They come with scholarships.

  • Snazzy Snook

    So what did provem that there is affimative action in this country ?
    Yesm we all know there is affimative actionm AND?

  • LastBastionOfHope

    And liberals still say that affirmative action only affects equally qualified people. Wrong. Dumb black people are better candidates than smart white/asian/indian people.

  • Reynardine

    Jojo’s eyes still have way too much animation. He needs to cultivate that bloodshot, blank, crack-numbed cotton-eye look that so many Trayvon-Americans have.

  • Ken Dometriosis .

    He shouldn’t feel bad. Heck, 70% of the affiramtive action blacks drop out of college before year 2 as well. He’s more black than he realizes. ;P

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I know considerations of “Right” and “Wrong” are inconsequential to anyone on the left, but isn’t this fraud, and Mail Fraud, at that?

  • “On affirmative action in general, Chokal-Ingam said, “Racism is not the answer. . . . It also promotes negative stereotypes about the competency of minority Americans by making it seem like they need special treatment.”

    I appreciate what this man is doing to expose affirmative action for what it is, but that last line bothers me. Affirmative action is bad because it is unfair to Whites, not because it is unfair to blacks.

  • cjkcjk

    All Leftists should have to be treated exclusively by Black doctors.

  • America is Kiked

    Why didn’t he just say he’s a Jewboy?

  • GIJoeJones

    I would have to agree that all of your points are legitimate. Of course one has no way of knowing who is who. There are whites and Asians just barely getting by in these places too. Even if in lower numbers. My med school class was made up 160 students 5 black males (which included me) and 10 black females. Another 50 students were minorities of some variety or another. This means that there are going to be white people in the bottom third as well. So even getting a white doc will never ensure that you’re dealing with the cream of the crop.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    Huh, the time stamp says 18 hours ago now on my end. Is that incorrect? Is that Disqus gremlins? I only just received the notification for it in my inbox since I’m subscribed to the post. Sorry about that.

    Thanks for the link!

    • dd121

      20 days on he2 original post. I was thumbing through her old posts after being gone a month.

      • HE2

        Welcome home, dd121. I missed you.
        How did it go?

        • dd121

          We flew to Germany (10 hours) then drove to Tuscany a few days later. What a beautiful place that part of Italy is. Stayed at Lake Como and some of the hill top towns. Had some wine classes and enjoyed the local food. In Florence saw the great Duomo.
          The high point was of course seeing the family. Thanks for asking.

          • HE2

            Wonderful, dd. Pleased that you were able to visit and enjoy your family. I trust they are all well.
            Lucky you, able to visit Tuscany!
            Have spent summers in hilltop Montepulciano in our favorite leased villa in, having it all to ourselves.
            Unforgettable daily horseback rides over hill and dale, the food, fruity, sweet fragrance in the air, hillside views, and the haunting sounds of night, [howling wolves, barking sheepdogs emanating from nearby forest.]
            You owe it to yourself to spend more time there. It takes weeks, perhaps months, to view and absorb all the history, art, and sublime architecture there and in the surrounding villages.

            We plan to go back as soon as it is feasible.

          • dd121

            It was wonderful. I’m sure you’re right about taking many visits. It would be nice to return.