Crackdown on Aboriginality Claims Divides Indigenous Leaders

Nicole Hasham, Sydney Morning Herald, April 8, 2015

An official crackdown on the way Aboriginal people prove their heritage and access Indigenous housing has divided the Aboriginal community and prompted a vow by new Social Housing Minister Brad Hazzard to examine the policy.

An Aboriginal tenancy service welcomed the move, saying the practice of people pretending to be Aboriginal must stop. But one Aboriginal community leader says the change will unfairly punish vulnerable people who need housing.

The Abbott government’s chief Indigenous adviser Warren Mundine wants a national database of Aboriginal people to resolve “once and for all” the controversial issue of proving Aboriginality.

In NSW, social housing is available to Aboriginal people who may be disadvantaged and lack the financial means to enter the private rental market. There are approximately 10,500 Aboriginal tenants in social housing, and more than 2300 on the waiting list.

The Aboriginal Housing Office formerly required people to prove their Aboriginality in one of three ways: by being a member of a local Aboriginal land council or registered Aboriginal organisation; obtaining a confirmation letter from one of those organisations; or, if those avenues were not possible, by providing a statutory declaration.

The office will no longer accept statutory declarations. A Department of Family and Community Services spokeswoman said the policy change was discussed with housing and Indigenous groups and was “consistent with other practices and organisations”.

However according to the NSW Health website, a statutory declaration and references from two Indigenous community representatives is accepted as proof of Aboriginality in job applications.

Wanaruah Local Aboriginal Land Council chief executive Noel Downs said the change meant “a lot of Aboriginal people who would normally be entitled to housing . . . will miss out”.

“You may not get on with one of the families involved [in a land council] . . . community politics will decide whether a person is or isn’t Aboriginal,” he said.

Mr Downs said land councils and other Aboriginal organisations did not necessarily meet frequently, which would delay Aboriginality applications. He said the department was trying to offload work to Aboriginal organisations and reduce demand for social housing.

However Greater Sydney Aboriginal Tenants Service coordinator Rhonda Gray said the statutory declaration process had long been a concern because “anybody can make a statement and sign it”.

“I believe [it’s] open to fraudulent claims . . . it’s quite alarming,” she said.

False claims were “taking a house away from an Aboriginal family and that leaves us more and more at a disadvantage,” Ms Gray said.

Mr Mundine said the debate showed the need for a national database of Aboriginal people “that gets away from all the politics”.

“At the moment there is a ridiculous situation where you do have fraud, you do have petty personal politics involved,” he said.

Mr Hazzard said while he supported the aim of stamping out fraudulent claims of Aboriginality, decisions that might prejudice particular individuals should be open to appeal.

“I will be taking that up with the Aboriginal Housing Office as soon as possible and determining whether the process is a just process,” he said.

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  • Bad news for the Elizabeth Warrens of Australia.

    • Charles Martel

      Given the requirements a bottle of firewater for a bribe is probably all it would take

    • pcmustgo

      Like white rapper Iggy Azalea…. 1/32nd aboriginal or something.

      • The Dude

        This might explain the Negrophilia and all that anti-white rhetoric.

        • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

          Makes me wonder what excuse Eminem, Mr. Wig#er boy supreme, has for his Negrophilia. My general impression of our Wig#ers here in the states is that they have chosen to be culturally Negroized. Two things, I believe, have catalyzed a mushrooming of the Wig#er population. First, Negrophilic parents. The children of the Baby Boomers were the 90’s teens. Second, intense media Negrophilia, which also became extreme in the 90’s.

  • dale hale

    Did the Abos forget how to make mud huts ?

    • George Moriarty

      The reality is that Australian Aboriginals have never built mud huts or any other structure. They were totally nomadic, sheltering under a tree or in a cave when necessary. I understand they did make temporary structures from time to time using tree bark.

  • superlloyd

    I would never be desperate enough to claim to be an abo. Jeez.

    • George Moriarty

      Lots of whites here are, they se Aboriginals getting lots of benefits from the “man from the government” that whites are not eligible for, particularly high cost items such as health, university education and housing. Very tempting to say that great grandma was an aboriginal.
      BUT. Aboriginal housing normally consists of a mean little fibro cottage, (like an oven in summer and an icebox in winter) in a terrible crime ridden location and of course aboriginal neighbours.

      • Jason Lewis

        Same with Native American designation here in the U.S.

        • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

          Yes. Everyone and anyone seems to claim AmerIndian descent these days. My suspicion has always been that very few American Whites have any Native American descent, and that those who do mainly live in Dixie. Far too many White Americans are descended from immigrants who arrived here after 1850, and who settled in the Great Lakes/Northeast with few to no Native Americans living nearby for there to be very much AmerIndian admixture in most Whites.

      • LHathaway

        If you’ll follow along with me from the article. . . there’s certainly no ‘White housing office’, ‘White tenancy’, ‘White housing’, ‘White community’, ‘chief White adviser’, ‘accepted proof of whiteness’ for job applications. There’s no ‘local White land council’ or ‘other White organizations . . .’. There are no ‘White applications’. There’s no ‘Greater Sydney White Tenant’s Service’ or ‘Greater Sydney White Tenant’s Service Coordinator’. There are no ‘White community representatives’ and indeed there are no White Communities in Australia.

        Because all of those things would be racist. If Whites had them.

        I was recently reading the reviews of Robert Heinlein’s novel, ‘Farnham’s Freehold’ – a science fiction novel where, in the future, Whites are victims of racism.

        Many of the reviewers said the book is racist. Everything Whites do or don’t do is considered racist. Even suggesting Whites are victims of racism, is racist. Especially saying Whites are victims of racism, is racist. Even if it’s fictional. And even if it’s portrayed in the future.

        • George Moriarty

          The conventional reply to what you have said is that whites don’t need any of the abovementioned facilities as we are the dominant and privileged race and have it all etc etc. As a result of this we give lots of benefits to minorities and also give them the protection of our human rights laws.

          But, when whites eventually do become a minority in their own nation or society do they think that they will be given the same benefits and protection that we as whites presently give to Asians, Muslims, Africans or Latin Americans. I very much doubt so. In fact I think they will crucify us as some sort of ongoing payback.

          I have not read “Farnham’s Freehold” but I think from what you have said I understand the message he has for us all.

          • LHathaway

            There was an article out of the UK stating something like 70% of people of color live in segregated neighborhoods. If this is true, this means that by sheer number alone, just as many whites as people of color are minorities in the neighborhoods they live in. As far as the US, Whites in public schools have already become a minority. It’s true, White children are the largest minority (at least below 50%) of the different groups, but many town cities and school systems, even several states now have Whites ‘as a minority’. Where Whites are a minority or even hardly represented at all, at any school, neighborhood or job site, it is there they celebrate diversity most of all – by which they also mean doing even more and giving even more consideration to people of color like themselves. I would disagree with you on ‘payback’. I think affirmative action will end relatively soon in this country (at least after White men are denied, ‘affirmative action’ too). It could come back (for people of color) sometime in the distant future but I would guess we could have a period of time as long as 40 or 50 years without it. Well, if there were some kind of race, war, yes, that would happen to us. The sheer joy they will feel from Whites suffering enough as it is will likely prevent that.

          • carriewhite64

            When whites eventually do become a minority in their own nation all those benefits and protections will be nonexistent, since they were invented and practiced by white people.

        • Mark Hillyard

          For the moment this seems to be the course of events. However there will come a time (sooner I hope) when this will come to pass,

          Isaiah 51:22 “Thus says your Lord, the LORD,
          your God who pleads the cause of his people:
          “Behold, I have taken from your hand the cup of staggering;
          the bowl of my wrath you shall drink no more;
          23 and I will put it into the hand of your tormentors,
          who have said to you,
          ‘Bow down, that we may pass over’;
          and you have made your back like the ground
          and like the street for them to pass over.”
          Since we fit all, and every description of true Israel, including the fact that Israel, as the Sheep People of God, would turn to The Christ and become as prophesied, A Great Nation and a Great Company of Nations or as has been stated Christendom, we are Israel which has nothing to do with Jews, although they now control most of us with their money, that will end when Babylon the Great falls and their money becomes as nothing.

        • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

          Racism against Whites is rampant here in the states. No reason to read a novel to sample how ugly this reality is. Formerly safe and decent White neighborhoods being invaded by violent Negroes, forcing Whites to move in order to protect their personal safety, has been standard procedure for the past 50 years in the Northeast and Great Lakes states. Whites have been the victims all along, with Blacks bullying through violence.

  • George Moriarty

    The whole Aboriginal housing issue here in Australia is little better than an impossible nightmare and/or disaster.
    Problems are many and varied. For instance full blood aboriginals have absolutely no concept of living in a house, they are more at home under a tree on the riverbank. Put these people in a horrid mean little cottage and the problems multiply; Who pays the electricity? All the extended family turn up, 20 people crowded into a two bedroom cottage with one lavatory? Enough said. Then they totally wreck the place, they often light cooking fires on the kitchen floor and use cupboards and doors for firewood. If a proper fireplace is provided, so much the better, they will pull down fences for firewood as well.
    At one stage they tried building aboriginal houses in some of the better streets in country towns. It was hell for the neighbours, derelict cars parked all over the place, lawns and gardens were just overgrown weed patches, drunken bottle throwing sprees and regular visits from the police. And yes often 20 hanger-on in the one small cottage.
    Another plan, still current, Aboriginal Affairs dept. will rent a private dwelling and guarantee the rent and pay for all damage. A family member let the dept. rent his investment property, it was destroyed in 6 weeks, yes the taxpayer paid the rent, the loss of rent and all the damage including extensive fire damage.
    The internal argument in the main article is only part of the problem and most of those involved are only part Aboriginal, we refer to it here as the “Aboriginal Industry” (Good money, funded by white taxpayers.)

    • Michael Robert Ryan

      At one stage they tried building aboriginal houses in some of the better
      streets in country towns. It was hell for the neighbours, derelict cars
      parked all over the place, lawns and gardens were just overgrown weed
      patches, drunken bottle throwing sprees and regular visits from the
      police. And yes often 20 hanger-on in the one small cottage.

      Sounds exactly like our Section 8 program that moves urban Negroes into decent white suburbs.

      • George Moriarty

        Your Section 8 sounds like a really awful scheme, just another failed attempt at social engineering and misplaced resources. A bit like Bussing and every other form of AA and forced multiculturalism, it just does not work.

        • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

          It is indeed. Abusive and anti-White. Negroes were best off segregated, and subservient to Whites. They are not our equals. The Negro race is inferior both morally and intellectually. They have proven that they are unable to live peaceably amongst Whites, or to assimilate to a European style civilization.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        This actually sounds worse than Section 8 to me. At least our blacks don’t light cooking fires on the floor or use fences for firewood (I mean our African Americans, not the refugee Somalis, who do do things like this). They do tend to destroy apartments/houses and cause all manner of social problems, but Aboriginals sound worse in some respects.

        Maybe it’s just because I’m used to blacks, though. I’ve never so much as met an Australian Aboriginal, so their practices are more shocking to me.

        • George Moriarty

          In all of my comments on this topic I do not want to sound like I am criticising Australian Aborigines. I am pointing out that they are “less developed” even by the standards of most Africans. They seem to be on a par with the southern African Bushman. Even Charles Darwin observed that some races are more developed than others. Yet today’s thinking tries to say that we are all the same, we just have different skin colour, throw enough money at the problem and we will all be the same. I think most readers of this website would strongly disagree with this and feel that all races should to a certain extent be left to their own destiny and most certainly not forced to assimilate etc.
          Slightly related; Many years ago our housing authorities consulted with Aboriginal elders on what sort of house they would like. basically it was a 5 x 6 meter one room cinder brick dwelling with a roller door that opened to the morning sun. Nothing more, nothing less. As for sanitary arrangements, just a nearby tree on the riverbank!

        • carriewhite64

          I own rental properties (no Section 8), and I have seen some unbelievable goings-on by black tenants, but not yet indoor cooking fires. In fact, most of my renters seem to do very little cooking at all, to judge by the Styrofoam food containers perpetually in evidence, indoors and outdoors.

        • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

          Cooking fires is more advanced than our lazy, sociopathic Negroes here in the states. Most here eat at Mickey D’s, Taco Beall, Popeye’s, or up the street at Shaquila’s Rib Shack. Most have a perfectly acceptable kitchen in a house once occupied by Whites, but are simply too lazy to make their own meals. The cruelest Arab Islamist hell hole in the Middle East is paradise compared to our Negro neighborhoods. Nothing but constant vviolence and the most disgusting sloth imaginable.

        • Michael Robert Ryan

          From what I understand, Australian aborigines are a lot like our Indians are, only a lot stupider. If you shaved about 15 I.Q. points off the average Indian, you would get a typical aborigine. They are much given to petty theft and drunkenness, but are not usually violent, at least not towards people who aren’t stupid enough to become involved with and associate with them. I think I would rather deal with that than with negroes.

    • Alden

      20 people in a 2 bedroom 1,000 sq ft row house on top of a garage is standard in the Chinese immigrant genius entrepreneur neighborhoods is San Francisco such as the Sunset and Richmond districts
      The genius entrepreneurs use the garages for illegal chicken slaughter houses and prep kitchens for their restaurants

      20 people in 2 bedrooms is 20 people in 2 bedrooms whether In San Francisco or Australia

      • George Moriarty

        There are some pretty awful stories here re Asian immigrants in apartment blocks, particularly in poorer suburbs, there is overcrowding and laundries are routinely converted to bedrooms.

  • De Doc

    This is reminiscent of the Cherokee Nation’s own fiasco regarding tribal affiliation not so long ago. After the casino laws were passed and money started to roll into the reservations, suddenly lots of African Americans wanted a big, sloppy piece of that pie by claiming descent from freed slaves held by the Cherokee In the 1800s. Having been overwhelmed by huge numbers of Blacks now suddenly interested in their distant connection to Native America, the Cherokees announced that only those who had a demonstrable link to an ancestor on the Dawes Roll (a document drawn up in the early 20th c. that essentially codified the names of tribal members of that time, and also included freed Black slaves of Cherokee owners) would be considered for tribal membership. With the Cherokee Gravy Train now effectively shut off from them the Blacks, predictably, pulled the race card. So far the Feds have not tried to forcibly shoehorn in the African urchins looking for handouts, but the controversy yet remains.

    “Gibs me dat!”, shouted Tyrone. “Go away!”, replied Squanto.

  • MekongDelta69

    Why anybody would want to claim being a member of a tribe which has some of the lowest IQs on the planet is beyond me – EXCEPT for the GIBSMEDATs.

    • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

      I don’t understand the attraction either. No amount of money could convince me to so much as desire genetic affiliation with them. They are better than the Negroes, but that is about it. Give an AmerIndian a beer, and just watch what occurs.

  • dd47

    Good. There are too many fake “Abos” in this country already.
    One particular agitator in this country who is so un-Aboriginal that he even has orange hair, was playing golf with some Abos. One was quoted as saying “We don’t like you White Abos around here”.
    He is one of those strange individuals who looks completely European and yet is an ethnocentric for a race that seems closer to African than anything else.

  • IstvanIN

    Says it all…………..

    • George Moriarty

      @ IstvanIN, I do agree with the general message of that picture but in all fairness I will point out the following;
      They invented some very sophisticated “stone age” weapons, spears, clubs and best known, the boomerang. They were quite happy to use them against white people when they first settled Australia. They would use similar weapons against us now if they had a chance.
      In some of the most primitive areas of outback Australia tribal fighting using these weapons continues to this day. These reserves are off-limit to the general public but a family friend who was a government nurse told us all about it. (And the horrific injuries she had to treat.)
      They had a very strict rite of passage from youth to manhood, circumcision using sharp rocks. Once the youth was a man he was allowed to join a bridal raid on a neighbouring tribe. Perhaps they were aware of the perils of inbreeding.
      How did they survive below freezing temperatures in the winter, they had a fire of course but the children were given wild dog puppies to hug.
      Certain tribes in some areas did create rock art, it is both quite primitive but intriguing at the same time.
      Sadly however their culture and whole lifestyle is incompatible with the 21st century. Putting them in mean little cottages in our cities and towns has not solved any problems and real the thrust of the main article is about the very questionable aboriginal industry and “white” aboriginals. (And as always “what’s in it for me”)

      • IstvanIN

        The picture was not meant to be an accurate representation of aboriginal history, simply a generalization. Certainly they needed to know how to hunt, keep warm, keep a mate and raise children. But quite frankly many animals to the same things.

  • Jason Lewis

    Aboriginality is a social construct. (sarc)

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    If not for the white man, America, Africa, South America, Australia and other nations would not be so advanced. Yet these darkies just want the free stuff but not to contribute.

    • UncleSham

      A lot of them simply can’t contribute to an advanced technological society. They belong in the stone age, and would still be there if not for our people. Whites gradually adapted to more and more advanced societies over thousands of years. Many of these other groups of people were taken from the prehistoric to the modern era, in some cases literally, overnight.

  • UncleSham

    Just let the Aborigines sleep outside. They didn’t even realize that a permanent shelter was something to be desired until the White man told them about it.