Posted on March 11, 2015

Vitter Seeks to Attach Amendment Ending Birthright Citizenship to Anti-Trafficking Bill

Caroline May, Breitbart, March 10, 2015

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) has introduced a measure that would end birthright citizenship as an amendment to the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, a bipartisan bill currently under consideration in the Senate.

Vitter’s effort follows the recent federal raids of about 20 alleged birth-tourism locations in Southern California last week.


“It’s astounding that we’re allowing foreign citizens to exploit the loopholes of our immigration system in this manner, and Congress has the obligation to stop it,” Vitter says.

“This practice comes down to a fundamental misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment, and we can stop the massive problem with some simple clarification,” he added.

The Louisiana Republican’s legislation would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to prevent children born to foreign parents in the U.S. from gaining automatic citizenship. The exceptions to this would be if one of the parents is a US. citizen or a lawful permanent resident, or an immigrant serving in the U.S. military.