U.S. Attorneys declined to prosecute illegal aliens accused of using the Social Security numbers of dead people in order to work.

That finding is contained in a footnote in a recent audit released by the Social Security Administration’s office of the inspector general.

“In three cases, [the Social Security Administration’s Office of Investigators] confirmed that illegal aliens were using deceased numberholders’ names and SSNs to work,” the footnote reads. “But U.S. Attorneys in Arizona, Florida, and South Carolina declined prosecution.”

The fraudulent use of a Social Security number is a federal felony. The same is true for illegal aliens applying for work in the U.S.

Overall, the audit found over 6.5 million Social Security numbers for people over the age of 112 with no death records listed in a database called the Numident. Administration files were clearly not being updated properly, the inspector general determined, as it is believed that only a few hundred people 112 years or older are still alive in the U.S.

Some of the numbers were fraudulently used to open bank accounts, the audit found. Others were used by illegal immigrants seeking work.

Between 2008 and 2011, “employers made 4,024 E-Verify inquiries using 3,873 SSNs belonging to numberholders born before June 16, 1901,” the inspector general reported.


The audit found that 34 deceased individuals’ numbers were being misused by individuals for work purposes.

And of those cases of fraudulent use mentioned in the audit, U.S. Attorneys, for some unknown reason, declined to press charges.


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  • Chip Carver

    The folks in charge, the ones who give puppet Obama his marching orders – and make no mistake, his buffoonery is obvious once he has to speak extemporaneously – our real rulers are having a good chuckle over this brazen, in your face flouting of the law to ensure that the hoped for replacement population is relaxed and well taken care of. All the better for the men from South of the former border to take jobs while collecting social services, committing crimes and starting vibrant new gangs. All the better for the women to take jobs while collecting social services, squatting on the sidewalk every 9 months to pop out a gang-banger in training, and getting fat and ever more arrogant and sassy on your dime.

    Think of the hatred behind the Immigration Act of 1965. Think of the hatred the people who drafted that piece of stealth legislation have for Whites. Think of the hatred these people have for Whites as they continue to be the driving force behind illegal immigration into the US. People need to focus on the hatred these people must have, the incredible racism that drives their actions on immigration, and in the media and academia. They hate us, and count on the lack of awareness on the part of the general White population that a war is being waged against them. One wonders how much longer this can go on. The cracks in “the plan” can already be seen in Europe with things starting to move to the right.

    • DonReynolds

      This plan will only work as long as we DO NOTHING.

    • We can’t even call it “racism” against whites. It is out-group alien tribalism in raw form. If it’s good for us, it’s bad for them, and they act accordingly. Unfortunately for them, their master plan of keeping us from noticing who they are and what they’re doing is falling apart. And they’re outnumbered.

  • DonReynolds

    Fraudulent use of a Social Security number is not only a felony…..it results in a fine of $250,000. Does the government not need money? But better still, since this is another law on the books that will be disregarded by this administration…..is it a crime anymore or is this another attempt to re-write Federal law without bothering to tell Congress????

    • We have a lawless Administration.

      • John Smith

        I just did that with cell phone batteries – they don’t stock them in-store, aren’t OEM and cost more to boot than what I could buy online at Amazon, shipped.

        • Who Me?

          We buy everything we can online from Amazon. I got some lovely imported whole vanilla beans from them last week. (Not even available locally)

          • Hammerheart

            I think you would have gotten more helpful customer service if you initiated the conversation with the HD worker in Spanish/Spanglish

          • John Smith

            FWIW, America’s Test Kitchen thought McCormick whole vanilla was among the best, more so than what they bought online.

            I had a similar experience with an middle-aged Lowe’s drone regarding vinyl patio furniture seat webbing that I knew they offered online trying to brush me off. After I told him it was online, we spent ten minutes looking it up because he sucked at the internet. They didn’t sell it in-store, even though their site implied they did.

          • Lots of patio furniture is made of investment-cast aluminum these days. I utterly loathe aluminum, as it work-hardens very quickly and then breaks. I can TIG-weld, but not here at home, and I always had trouble doing it, anyway. The area around my aluminum welds crack, because I go a bit too slowly.

            When shopping for patio furniture, bring a refrigerator magnet with you.

          • John Smith

            Won’t everyone just love it when more companies than Ford and the luxury marques use more of it to boost CAFE figures? No one within 100 miles of me can fix them and there are over three million people in this metro.

          • FransSusan

            Glad to know that about McCormick. Thanks

          • It seems nobody cares about their work anymore.

            The Home Despot near me is also within walking distance. This means crossing a stream using the erosion-control boulders as stepping stones, but we quite like the wildlife we see along the forested path. Their prices always seem a bit steep to me, so I prefer mail-order from Harbor Freight. I always do this via snail-mail after a year of relentless email spam from them.

          • slobotnavich

            Haw! I thought I was the only guy in the world world who habitually referred to Home Depot as Home Despot.

  • dd121

    They’re only emulating Obama who uses the SSN of a dead man.

  • WR_the_realist

    I will be shocked if I ever see the Obama administration enforce any law that would discomfort illegal aliens.

  • LS Wight

    These poor, little babies are so oppressed we could hardly be angry at them at all! White privilege is the reason that Mexico and South America are 2nd world countries because whites are just so relentless in imposing so much oppression against these little victim babies. With so many victims of white privilege across Europe the way those mean old whites treat Muslims so bad and the way the poor, poor, blacks in the USA have never been granted civil rights with the slavery and the police brutality and racism, HOW WILL THESE VICTIMS EVER FIND SYMPATHY?! (Seriously, we have Jews and blacks and no more room for any more victims!)

  • Mexicans are some of the world’s most dishonest people. The entire race are pathological liars. Once they become educated they support the idiocy of Mexican Supremacy via La Raza.

    Now, I have a sneaking suspicion that La Raza teaches these dumb people how to scam Social Security numbers. They’re not smart enough to know how to do it themselves.

    I’m certain that throughout the University of Texas System that Mexican youths are enrolling using multiple identities in order to collect student loan checks of several thousand dollars each. And then they scram and of course never show up for class. My guess is that a smart Mexican youth tutored by La Raza on how to scam the System could walk away with several hundred thousand dollars. I’m also sure that the Mexican administrators who now run the entire UT system are in on the scam.

    • Gilfavor

      ……world’s most dishonest people…..
      I see them as most opportunist thieves, ever. Even more so than the black phase of society.

      • SentryattheGate

        Right! Of the 13 criminal gangs that most worry the FBI, 10 are Latino (2 are black and one is white)! Transparency(DOT) org rates Mexico as one of the most corrupt, if not THE most corrupt nation on earth!

        • Hammerheart

          Mexican drug cartels are honestly a problem our military should be addressing, however:

          -Many cartels were trained in their start-up phases by American special operations units.

          -Many cartels are most likely CIA fronts.

          • SentryattheGate

            I believe this gang violence is another means to an end, along with violence against police, to militarize an increasingly tyrannical federal government! George Soros has admitted to spending >$5 million on the activist groups who organized the protests in Ferguson and New York. Soros’ Open Society Institute works with the big tax-free foundations (like Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie), especially in universities, to push for Marxism. This violence toward police will be used to further militarize and nationalize police—which is something that dictators always want! The Hegelian Dialectic at work!

          • Hammerheart

            I agree with the signs pointing to things like the ‘elites/oligarchs’ trying to replace whites with hispanics, trying to slide the government even further left, etc… but I must ask? Do they really believe Hispanics can build and maintain infrastructure? Keep local crime and corruption down?

            Even though the ‘oligarchs’ have all the power, they don’t seem to be very smart. The world they wish to create isn’t sustainable.

          • SentryattheGate

            The Insiders want to vastly depopulate the planet any way, so Hispanics not being able to sustain a viable society is not so necessary. The Hispanics will be the “useful idiots” that get the Whites out of their way! (Like Europe and Australia is being flooded w/Third Worlders) And re. the crime and corruption inherent with Hispanic culture, it gives the Insiders the chance to become more powerful via militarized, nationalized police, spying cameras everywhere, computer-chipping people etc, to “restore order and security”.

        • mobilebay

          Don’t tell this to our leaders. The present one and several past view the vile country south of our border as our friend and best trading partner. Why do we want people from a country filled with gangs, murderers, drugs, diseases, and low-skilled people who feel entitled to everything a citizen in this country has? They are no better than our enemies in the middle east, so I don’t understand why our government is so enchanted with that third world country.

      • A Freespeechzone

        There you go….a direct threat from a vile, dirty hispanic POS—notice that that his First Amendment rights trump ours….

        Let them just try to come for us…..they will learn the concept of lethal self-defense.

        • Max

          Obviously, 1st Am. does not apply in Oklahoma to white people.

        • SentryattheGate

          That vile statement by Gutter-rez is from many years ago (>10 years ago, I believe). That sentiment has been taught in Chicano Studies courses (and funded by US taxpayers) for decades!

      • I would very much like to this greaserito under fire from rocket artillery.

        • That would be too quick, I think a volley of artillery fired FASCAM over his head would be much more satisfying.

          (Just give it a quick google if youre not familiar with the nomenclature.)

          • Who Me?

            Can’t stay put, and afraid to move! Prefect! He talks about making Americans “Sh***ing in their pants with fear”–let him experience a little of that himself.

          • Exactly.

            A delightful idea, if I do say so myself!

      • Hammerheart

        Have fun supporting your superfluous population when there’s no more YT left to feed the hungry mouths.

      • FransSusan

        And they’re doing so with government encouragement and support!

    • “They’re not smart enough to know how to do it themselves.”

      It’s not just that they’re too stupid to know HOW the really juicy question, I think, is where are they getting the SSN’s of the deceased? Just millions of lucky guesses? Or is someone providing lists of our own deceased elders to organizations like la raza?

      Last I knew people tended to guard their SSN’S just a bit, and I highly doubt the children of the deceased get the bright idea, millions of times over, to sell grandma’s number to help pay for the funeral.

      No, there’s someone on the other end of the line, someone with “administrator access” to NUMIDENT, and likely someone with tacit approval to sell, or give away these numbers to our new filthy brown “citizens”.

      It’s not even an “out there” conspiracy theory, it’s the ONLY thing that makes sense.

      • FransSusan

        The corrupt US government is giving them the SS numbers. The government wants the third world in the US.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Make NO MISTAKE, if a White uses a fraudulent SSI number for ID theft and gets caught, they will be prosecuted.

    Meanwhile, illegals who technically have NO RIGHT to be in this country demand and get perks—and are NOT held to any standard when it comes to the fraudulent use of SSI numbers….and many other crimes.

    As long as few of us will demand and actually do anything; it will get worse…

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I would say these people breaking the law probably have no money and they feel they have better things to do than go after them. I would say it is an issue, because it hurts low skill American workers but well educated rich politicians and lawyers don’t really share that viewpoint.

    • You think that’s some kind of excuse? It’s not about recoupment of the fine, its the fact that it’s a major felony. That 250,000 fine is supposed to discourage people from being involved in something like this, and frankly, I don’t care whether they’re able to pay or not. They need to be prosecuted, and either be thrown in prison or deported. (Preferably executed, but I’m a bit more extreme than most, I suppose.)

      • FransSusan

        The US government wants these third worlders in the US. They pay them to come here! Of course they’re not going to prosecute them for something the government probably helped them do!

    • John Smith

      Even if they don’t intend to harm anyone, they can destroy innocent people’s credit.

  • kikz2

    the IRS knows full well, they’ve paid in excess of 4.2 billion in 2010…. they know the tax credits are fraudulent and pay them anyway………………………..http://www.visajourney(dot)com/forums/topic/327675-child-tax-credit-for-illegal-workers/

  • USofAntiWhite

    Brown privilege.

  • LHathaway

    I remember not being able to drive a car for a couple years. I also remember illegals being encouraged to get drivers licenses.

  • IstvanIN

    A society that does not enforce its rules devolves into chaos and collapse.

    • John Smith

      What’s worse is a society that enforces the rules against most, but not privileged minorities. No justice is better than uneven justice.

  • Alexandra1973

    Better check your children’s credit report even though they’re under 18. You never know if some greaserito might be using your toddler’s SSN.

    • FransSusan


  • Who Me?

    “employers made 4,024 E-Verify inquiries using 3,873 SSNs belonging to numberholders born before June 16, 1901,”
    I can’t believe that the Social Security Administration didn’t “notice” this until now.
    Senior citizens (112 years old !) working at jobs like McDonalds, construction labor, hotel housekeepers, etc…
    This is totally outrageous, even by U,S, Governmental standards.
    Somebody got paid off big time to let this slide through. The person(s) who did it, (most certainly more than one, considering the extent) and those who paid them to do so should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, no matter whose toes get stepped on. Start at the top and work down the chain right down to Pablo and Maria out picking lettuce. Hang the top culprits and deport the bottom ones, preferably with a brand across their faces so they can’t slither back across the border next week. The infestation has to be completely cleared out before we can be rid of it for good.

  • Max

    Of course the declined to prosecute for they might have to prosecute His Hopefulness with HIS bogus SSN.

    • Alexandra1973

      I heard Hussein Hopenchange is an illegal alien himself, wonder if that’s true?

      • Since he is only half human, does it really matter? President Oogabboga possessing even a genuine SSN is rather like putting a license plate on a bicycle.

      • Max

        His biological father is likely Frank M. Davis the slutherder from America not Barack Obama the goatherder from Kenya.

  • Believe it or not, I predicted this when I was locked up with identity thieves 14 years ago. An ID theft victim who has passed away isn’t going to notice a problem.

    Needless to say, I was trying to get myself out of trouble, rather than into more of it, so I told absolutely nobody.

  • Light from the East

    So how much money did Obama pay to these attorneys?

  • slobotnavich

    Why would they prosecute or deport them? They all become reliable Democrat voters.

  • FransSusan

    This is just part of the corrupt government plan. The US government is paying the third world to move here. Some government functionary gives out the SS numbers. All this kind of corruption couldn’t happen without government’s assistance. I’m surprised it even goes to court. The US government is building Muslim mosques here in the US.

  • John Goldsworthy

    There are no votes in it. The future is coming as predicted by “The Aztlan Protocol”.