Police: Professor Had Given Ex-Convict $37K Before Killing

Jason Dearen, MSN, March 6, 2015

A retired University of Florida professor was killed by an ex-convict to whom he’d given $37,000 in recent years in what authorities described as a “Good Samaritan” relationship, police said.

At first, authorities believed that the professor, Thomas Oakland, 75, had died in a house fire on Wednesday. But an autopsy found that he’d been fatally struck in the head and body and was likely already dead when fire consumed his Gainesville home.


Thomas Oakland


Police opened a homicide investigation and immediately began searching for a man whom the professor had been helping financially for the past few years.

Late Thursday, the U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force apprehended 37-year-old Stephen Underwood Jr. in Jacksonville. Underwood had been released from prison Dec. 22 after convictions for fraud and trafficking in stolen property, according to state records.

Stephen Underwood

Stephen Underwood

For years before his death, Oakland had been a “Good Samaritan” who was trying to help Underwood out, police said. Over the year before Underwood went to prison, investigators believe Oakland gave him more than $37,000 in cash, Gainesville Police spokesman Officer Ben Tobias said.

“Apparently, Underwood knew Oakland kept cash in the house,” Tobias said.

When Underwood got out of prison, the relationship became a problem for Oakland, police said.

The professor contacted police last month to file reports that he’d been defrauded by Underwood. Oakland told officers at the time that he knew Underwood had taken advantage of him, but wanted to help.

Oakland said he “just wanted to be a good Christian and help a poor man get back on his feet,” according to police documents.


Underwood, a day laborer who is currently unemployed, is being held without bail on charges of murder, arson, burglary and grand theft.


Oakland was a prominent professor of education until his retirement in 2010, and a former Fulbright Scholar, according to the university. He’d also authored or edited 12 book and hundreds of articles.


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  • Dave4088

    This proves once again that it doesn’t pay to be a good white person and shower afro-mericans with money and good will as they have no sense of reciprocity.

    • Reynardine

      But, you see, don’t you see, he acted out because of White Privilege and Structural Racism and lack of Black self-esteem, and racist police and…

    • Deacon Blue

      Sadly, you are 100% correct.

    • Cid Campeador

      Nor can it change the African Negro.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The deceased may have been a good Samaritan but there’s another possibility.

      There’s a slight chance this liberal bachelor was paying the brutha for some down-low action.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        To the tune of $37K?! In his seventies?! Oh please! Where do people get things like this?

        No ho worth $37K.

      • Much more than a slight chance. I’d absolutely guarantee it. Old white gay, met black gay ho’ on the internet, black gay ho’ realizes old white guy has money, takes a few pictures during one of their sleazy midnight rendezvous, then starts blackmailing the professor.

        Not exactly a difficult puzzle to piece together. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the professor managed to get the negro sent to prison, and this was more of a revenge killing than an attempt to continue the extortion. His prior arrest charges were “fraud and trafficking in stolen property” the professor could have given him a credit card or checkbook, then told the cops his wallet was stolen. Negro wrote some checks, used the card, and sold it when it stopped working, voila, “fraud and trafficking”.

        • Oh goodness, little bit of math here, when underwood was, ohhh… lets see, 13 for example, the dear professor would have been 51 or so… when he was 8, the prof would be 46, and so on.

          As Maurice was kind enough to research for us below, some of the dear professor’s books were such gems as “Assessing minority group children, Nonbiased assessment of minority group children. Psychological and educational assessment of minority children, Divorced fathers.”

          I wonder if young underwood was one of the professor’s “subjects of study” many years ago? Makes even more sense than a craigslist hookup gone bad, methinks.

          • European Particularist

            Did you see my long comment below? It appears he only briefly worked with children in the early 60ies. After that it was all ivory tower theorizing and meta-analysis.

            1960 Friends Neighborhood Guild, Philadelphia, social worker
            1962-3 DeKalb Junior High School, DeKalb, Illinois, taught seventh grade language arts and geography, and history
            1963-4 Orland Park School District, Orland Park, Illinois, taught fifth, seventh, and eighth grade history, science, and reading

            Most bachelors are heterosexual and a retired professor with no family could be easily sitting on millions. $37,000 was probably peanuts for him, so the good samaritan story can’t be dismissed as implausible.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Thank you.

            I really don’t get this place sometimes. It’s like people go out of their way to blame someone who just got murdered. They also can’t seem to imagine just giving someone money to help them – which is astonishing, given that whites actually have an awkward track record with doing everything up to and including letting molester ex-cons stay in their house with their children because, “He’s reformed! Everyone deserves a second chance!” (I once did an huge undergrad project researching underground pedophile subcultures, and ran across a case just like that. Such idiots. Poor kid.)

            “Hurr durr, probably a faggot.” Still didn’t deserve to be brutally murdered.

          • *sigh* fine, just trash my tabloid worthy half-assed detective work.

            I suppose we can agree that either way, he was an idiot?

      • IBWHITE

        Completely agree – the elderly professor probably had a little sugar in his tank and was paying this erectine to service him. Feeding bears is fun….until you run out of food.

    • Light from the East

      I notice there is a clear observation on white victims in a lot of cases of black on white crime.

      1. They believe the poor achievement of blacks can be eliminated by giving material support, changing the system of a nation. But they don’t know all of this is rooted on blacks themselves, genetically and psychologically, which cannot be altered by external approach.
      2. They believe there is no difference between races or race does not exist.
      3. They overly use their sympathy but don’t know what they use is their “white way” sympathy, which can hardly know the real need of blacks.
      4. They lack self confidence, respect, or even seriously hate themselves. So they want to spend more time as possible with blacks, who is most genetically distant to whites, to make themselves “feel” they are not whites.
      5. They don’t have caution when blacks are around themselves, exposing them to potential danger.

      Any non-black person does not belong to the above 5 categories has significant higher survival chance dealing with blacks.

    • pwnful truth

      It also proves how divorced from reality college professors are. Your average 30 year old high school dropout who installs gutters for a living would have correctly assessed Underwood after a ten second conversation. This 75 year old “wise man” did not even begin to grasp the reality of what he was dealing with before blowing tens of thousands of his “hard earned” money, and only achieved full understanding in the last ten seconds of his life

  • LHathaway

    “He’d also authored or edited 12 book and hundreds of articles” About how, violent, racist, White men are the ones we should fear?

    • dd121

      You don’t say?

    • Maurice Miner

      From Sage:

      “Dr. Oakland has authored more than 180 chapters and articles, and five psychological tests. His authored, coauthored, and edited books include Auditory perception: Diagnosis and development for language and reading abilities, Assessing minority group children, Nonbiased assessment of minority group children. Psychological and educational assessment of minority children, Divorced fathers.”

      etc etc.

      Draw your own conclusions

  • Hammerheart

    Good. May these people finally reap what they have sown.

    • Chip Carver

      Culling the herd.

  • MekongDelta69

    How many Whites have to learn this way?

    How damn many???

    • Hammerheart

      I’d hardly consider them white at this point. Many are too far down the rabbit hole.

    • John Smith

      Who care, the gene pool gets cleaner.

    • Deacon Blue

      You know, as sad as this is MD69, my answer is “as many as it takes.” I’d prefer that no more Whites be sacrificed at the PC altar of Black worship but a lot of these Whites are victims of their own stupidity too. Hey, I think Brown Bears are
      cute animals that hang out in the forest but I am not going to try to hand feed
      one and expect it not to rip my arm off and eat me. GnomewhatzIsayinz?

    • Hopefully every single one who is as incredibly stupid as this professor. This is natural selection in action, just a bit too late to stop him from spreading his bad genes I imagine.

  • Reynardine

    “just wanted to be a good Christian and help a poor man get back on his feet,”

    This is why the West can no longer afford to be Christian.

    • Alexandra1973

      We Christians need to be a bit more discerning. As a realist I am extremely reluctant to help any black person. There are the poor that genuinely need help, then there are the poor who are just looking to scam.

      • Reynardine

        “Wise as serpents, but harmless as doves” defangs an otherwise useful snake.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Oakland said he “just wanted to be a good Christian and help a poor man get back on his feet,” according to police documents.

      This sounds like very odd, unlikely behavior to me, even for a sick liberal christian.

      • Reynardine

        Maybe they were on the down low, or maybe involved in drugs.

        • bilderbuster

          He spent quite a bit of time focusing his studies on minority children which some may find a bit odd for a lifelong single White man

          • Not odd at all for a lifelong gay white piece of refuse. Like I said above, this isn’t a particularly difficult puzzle to piece together, he got what he deserved, and likely much later than he deserved. I just hope no white children were ever victimized by him.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      It never could. Christianity is a sickness, and many of our ills trace directly back to it.

      If I have one major critique of whites, it is being such good and willing hosts for that parasite.

  • Since the article pointed out the version of “Christianity” that Oakland practiced, I think it’s fair game for a comment even if the mods don’t like comments to bring up religion.

    All I have to say about this type of Christianity is that it’s killing us. It says we must welcome every turd world monster into our country and into our homes. I reject it. There are other versions of Christianity that are more congenial to the survival of the white race.

    Liberal Christianity is not only anti-racist but pro-sodomy and gay marriage.

    • Let’s see, modern Christianity, despite the name is actually…

      Anti-racist? √
      Pro-Sodomy? √
      Pro-gay? √
      Pro-flooding us with brown people? √

      Sounds pretty Jewish to me.

      • Anna Tree

        I blame islam for jihad and child bride because allah orders the former and allows the latter in the koran and “prophet” mohamed did both as per the islamic holy scriptures.

        I am ready to blame judaism for the plagues you cited if you bring me the bible quotes or rabbis quotes from the holy scriptures ordering or allowing them, thank you.

        I think there is enough bad stuff coming from Judaism, like genital mutilation, to invent more.

        I do blame the leftist Jews. But I don’t blame Judaism or Christianity. Both were originally quite ethnocentric but became multicultural and multiracial in the last decades, reflecting the world we live in.
        I think it is the liberals/”progressive” in both religions who are creating those anti-white trends, some quite contradictory to their holy scriptures.

        • It’s what they push in terms of social transformation, Commie-style stuff, free love, gender benders being normalized, normalization of homosexuality, and those are the same anti-conservative, dare I say, anti-white, messages that they push in their media, their Miley Cyrus style quasiporn. I’ve no love for the Muslims but they lack the capacity to turn us into minorities in our own homelands, or to strike us with terror, without assistance and they have gotten assistance from our government for every Muslim attack carried out on U.S. soil except maybe Nidal Hassan, who may possibly be the one case of a non-patsy Muslim who truly went murderous on us.

          • Anna Tree

            Again, I don’t blame you to blame the leftist Jews, I disagree with you when you blame Judaism. There is a difference between the two.

            I am ready to change my mind if you and those who thumbed you up, bring support but you didn’t so I assume you have no support. To me it seems you don’t want to blame the leftist Jews, you want to blame all the Jews by blaming Judaism. This is not about truth but about your ideology then.

            As an example I wrote that the problem is the opposite with the Muslims. I don’t blame the muslims, I blame islam. Muslim extremists do what allah and mohamed told them to do. So the problem is the religion with them.

            On the contrary, homosexuality or anti-white or feminism are NOT ordered or allowed in the Bible, so why are you blaming Judaism or the Jews? You should blame only the pro-homosexuality/diversity/feminism Jews, and guess what, those have liberal leftism in common with pro-homosexuality/diversity/feminism atheists or Christians. And not coincidently, those liberal leftist Jews are not religious at all, they are as much Jewish as Obama is Christian.

            As soon as a muslim extremist apostate, he doesn’t do jihad anymore because he was doing jihad following allah and mohamed. As soon as a liberal leftist Jew apostate, he still do pro-homosexuality/diversity/feminism, because he wasn’t doing this following Judaism, but following his liberal leftism ideology.

          • Your terminology is wrong. When the pieces you start with are incorrect, how can you hope to assemble them into something that works?

            Judaism is a religion practiced almost exclusively by ethnic Jews. They do not proselytize like you Christians do. What does that mean? That means they pass on their religion to their children essentially. It’s essentially a race-based religion, despite claims to the contrary.

            Jewishness is not the same. Jews are an ethnic group, a race, and they have their own ethnic interests they pursue aggressively. Don’t misquote me. I don’t blame leftist Jews. Don’t qualify the blame I have to place please; I didn’t.

            I made two posts yesterday. The first was sufficient alone, but then I replied to you. Then, my first post got deleted. Now you come back here asking for me to point to things I already pointed to, but that AmRen deleted. I am not interested in having the same conversation over and over again just so some Christian Zionist apologist for the Jews like you can continue to push their narrative while the mods keep removing my best posts here.

          • Anna Tree

            1) About not connecting the piece correctly, that’s WHY I asked you to support your claims. You see, since I found out in the last years how much I was brainwashed, I now ask for support before believing anything. I am ready to change my mind but you write and write without taking the one minute to bring me support to your claims. Why? You must have plenty to have so strong convictions.

            2) So you don’t believe that the Jews are Khazars or do you? I am confused because there are also millions of Middle Eastern Jews and Ethiopian and Yemenite etc Jews. It seems to me Jews are from various races. Aren’t they?

            I didn’t get what you meant by “Jewishness is not the same.” Not the same that what?

            Didn’t understand your “Don’t misquote me. I don’t blame leftist Jews. Don’t qualify the blame I have to place please; I didn’t.” either:
            I said:
            You are blaming Jews that “push in terms of social transformation, Commie-style stuff, free love, gender benders being normalized, normalization of homosexuality”, well that is leftism, isn’t it? Unless you show me the verses from the Old Testament that push those things.

            3) I read that post that got deleted. I think it is a mistake to delete such posts: you pointed out there, yes, but without any support. I don’t ask you to point to things, I ask you to bring support to what you claim.

            You say that Judaism is why Jews are pushing anti-white and pro-gay etc on us. I am ready to believe you if you bring support to this claim. Bring the verses of the Old Testament. That should be easy if you are correct, no?

            4) I am not a Christian, I am an atheist (although I support a white Jesus and Christianity, if we could succeed to make them back to this.)

            I am not a zionist, similarly I am not a Russian, Sudanese or a Chinese patriot. I am though supporting the right for Israelis, Russians, Sudanese and Chinese to be patriotic.

            I had posts for and against Jews been removed here too. Again I think this is wrong.

            I still don’t think your post was good until I see support for it. Until then, it was just an ideological opinion.

          • Reynardine

            Nidal Hassan was workplace violence, dontcha know? I swear, that’s what MSNBC told me and they’re always right!

          • Yeah they pick these labels as they see fit to fit their narrative and further their goals. Accuracy and honesty are not in their minds when they use such euphemisms.

            The media is state run in America exactly the same as in North Korea and China. It’s just that you don’t see it because you are a product of the same environment. Their lies are native to you. To me too. Takes time to see through what they’re doing to public perception, drumming up support for war against specific countries or people, drumming up sympathy for specific countries or people, playing all white countries against one another while they coordinate the intelligence services that run each of them.

            I think Nidal Hassan was the sole example of Muslim terror in America, that is, terror not actually planned and facilitated by our government against us using Muslims as patsies. He was a lone soldier, it seems. If the government had been able to connect him to a terror group (one they weren’t puppeteering themselves) they’d have said so, because it would enhance their existing narrative and further their goals to do so. I think he’s unique because the rule on Muslim terror is that the intelligence agencies in countries we think of as our own facilitate these attacks on us, typically though not always hoping to give the guy a bomb that doesn’t even work, make sure he’s a moron, and then swoop in to look like heroes. Check into the Shoe Bomber and the Underwear Bomber for starters, then look into the Boston Marathon Bombers. They were all allowed to proceed by our government, they were helped along, guided, and then busted.

  • dd121

    He didn’t want to pay it back and didn’t want witnesses. Can’t say that I feel sorry for the naive white liberal victim.

  • Christorchaos

    All I want to know is: was Oakland married?

    • rebelcelt

      I am thinking along the same line? Maybe he was a sodomite maybe not. But, the answer to that question would direct my thinking a lot. I am a Christian and I believe in helping others….but my wife would get suspicious of my Christian motives if I gave a woman $37,000.

    • Dr. X

      I was wondering myself if there was not some sexual motive for giving away $37,000 and the “Christianity” bit was just a cover…

      • rebelcelt

        it is difficult to go to the Police and say “I kept giving him money so that he would bugger me”. So, you say how you helped him out from your Christian charity.

  • Luca

    All that education was of no use to the good professor because he did not learn the ways of the American “Africanus Criminalamongus” species.

    • Anna Tree

      This is the difference between education and wisdom.
      Our schools and universities don’t provide none of each anymore anyway.

  • Jaggers

    I could just look at the black’s face in the mugshot to quickly ascertain that he is incorrigible, and that charity would be wasted on him. I guess the professor didn’t have my intuition.

    • Intuition can help a man stay alive. But actually, with dissident websites like this one, the Daily Stormer, etc., anyone who hasn’t figured out that blacks are extremely dangerous needs to have a paid up life insurance policy.

  • Dave West

    When I was in college there were a group of black bums going around campus falsely portraying themselves as “wrongly” dishonorably-discharged veterans from US military operations in Kosovo; they were, of course, trying to get money from white college students. One of my naive roommates actually engaged one of these idiots in conversation, he had sympathy for one of the black bums until the bum wanted him to go to the bank and get him $100.

  • Dan B. Cooper

    Fox News advocates for diversity/multiculturalism, boycott Fox News

    • Alexandra1973

      I boycott ALL news outlets.

  • Ed

    Some liberals really have no survival instincts, what a pity.

  • Cato

    Look at the perp’s face. He’s ENTITLED! When that stingy white dude cut him off, he took the only course a real man could possibly take.

    As for the victim: well, I hate to say it, but STUPID is pretty descriptive. Or maybe just LAZY–academics worth the salt try to squeeze the truth out of every experience. Anyone who knows the truth would not have dropped $37K for such a loser.

  • Tarczan

    “Oakland was a prominent professor of education until his retirement in 2010, and a former Fulbright Scholar, according to the university. He’d also authored or edited 12 book and hundreds of articles.”

    However, he was short on common sense.

    • libertarian1234

      “However, he was short on common sense.”

      And having a mental disorder just made his condition far worse.

  • pcmustgo

    Wonder if this intelligent white man bothered having children… probably just another lonely old person… old people get taken advantage of a lot… another white man (or woman) who thought his books were everything in life.

    • johningermany

      He was a closet homosexual and it got him killed. End of story.

  • superlloyd

    Micro suicidal white altruism that mimics the macro suicidal white altruism being practised by the leaders of the free West. Avoid the g£$$%.

  • libertarian1234

    It was the atmosphere created where he worked that got him killed.

    The university in Gainesville is a bastion of leftist radicals who utter rabid leftist clichés as if they haven’t a brain in their heads.

    They’re part of the “shared madness” crowd who are incapable of rational thought, because they have been brain washed, and mentally conditioned like laboratory rats.

  • IstvanIN

    While the 37K is a good chunk of change, he isn’t the first White person killed over their altruism. Usually the kindness doesn’t get to 37K before the chimp out occurs.

  • John Smith

    Old liberal white homo with jungle fever is my first thought.

  • gah

    I feel sorry for people who have lived that long, and not learned that associating with blacks is hazardous to your health, and to your very life.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Oakland said he “just wanted to be a good Christian and help a poor man get back on his feet,” according to police documents.

    Excuse me, but BS. If the Good Samaritan/Brainwashed professor only wanted to help a poor man than the professor, based on percentages in America, would have chosen a poor white man. The professor instead wanted to exculpate his white guilt by aiding a black poor man in particular. As noted many times at this website, white guilt can have dire consequences.

  • TL2014

    The poor man sounds like an idiot. Is Christianity really meant to turn you into an idiot?

  • Maurice Miner

    Sorry for the dupes. I kept adjusting what I perceived as holding it up in moderation, and then when they all appeared, I tried “deleting”.

    Abject failure.

  • I’m going to guess here that this Underwood goon’s parents never read him the story about “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg” when he was little.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Two Words:


  • HJ11

    Stupid ass weak-seed White. Stay away from Blacks. Stop the idiotic pathological altruism that so many Whites practice as a result of their religious conditioning. Whites don’t owe anything to non-Whites. Not a single thing. Ignore them. Be indifferent to them. Do not help them. Let them live or die according to their own luck, genes or destiny. Practice strict non-interference in their affairs or problems. Only help Whites and preferably Whites who agree with us.

  • Michael Robert Ryan

    The classical Greeks pretty much invented Western culture and they seemed to get along just fine without Christianity, which wouldn’t even be invented for another four centuries.

  • Reynardine

    Whence liberalism?

    “Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism” – Oswald Spengler

  • WR_the_realist

    As a university psychologist he was almost certainly a Democrat.

    About the same percentage of professors vote Democrat as blacks.