Jared Taylor: Report Demolishes ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 4, 2015

Witnesses favored by the press were lying.

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Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.

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  • Because the media needed to try to goose black turnout to help the Democrats win an election.

    Then again, from what I see, it seems like the Democrats did win in November.

    • Realist

      Excellent point.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      That was EXACTLY what I thought at the time: Exploiting a white-on-black confrontation to whip-up the nigros and get them angry enough to vote…

      • That’s what St. Skittles was all about.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Just as they did with the Jasper, Texas dragging incident prior to the 1992 Presidential Election.

    • Ellis Kurtz

      But of course it didn’t work, and might have backfired when it came to the Asian vote:

      Back in 2009, I suggested that, just as the Democrats and the mainstream media treat the GOP as the White Party, the GOP should slyly work to rebrand the Democrats as the Black Party. That would pose an interesting question for Hispanics and Asians: who do you think will treat you more fairly and competently? The leadership of the White Party or the leadership of the Black Party?

      Ironically, in 2014 the Democrats made themselves the Black Party by anointing the late Michael Brown, the not-so-gentle giant of Ferguson, the face of the Democrats. Not surprisingly, Asian voters appear to have reacted with dismay.


      One effect was that Asians suddenly swung sharply Republican. The 2012 exit poll claimed that Romney won only 27 percent of their vote. But in the wake of Ferguson, and the Obama Administration’s absolute lack of interest in the video of the giant black man attacking the Asian shopkeeper, Asians voted 50-49 for the GOP. This was the first election in which Asians went Republican since the 1990s, after the black pogroms against Korean shopkeepers during the April 1992 Rodney King riots.

      It’s fun for Asians to make fun of the white man when the American mainstream media tells them to, but the idea that Obama, Holder, and Jarrett—the Black Party leadership, as it were—sided with black looters instead of Asian shopkeepers is, rightly, horrifying to them.

      “Core Vs. Fringe, Cont’d: Media Starts To Catch Up On Sailer Strategy” By Steve Sailer on November 10, 2014

      • Asians noticing the Asian Ferguson Market owner being roughed up and robbed by GENTILIVS GIANTIVUS probably did help some, but don’t forget Asians aren’t racially or ethnically monolithic. I think it has more to do with Asians taking political cues from the people that surround them.

  • dd121

    It’s liberals lying to you about race. It’s what they do.

  • MekongDelta69

    You should have seen Eric Hold ‘Em Up on TV today, spouting off about endless ‘racism.’

    I would be glad he’s leaving, except for the fact that Loretta Lynch ‘Em All will be taking his place, and she’s just as bad, if not worse (if that’s even possible).

    • MeanWhiteBoy

      blacks make up only 13 percent of the pop and are the least intelligent, least successful, and benefit from preferential treatment the most. What are the chances Obama just happened to pick two black attorney generals? once would be rare but not using the other 87 percent of the pop twice is nearly impossible

      • bilderbuster

        About the same as him being able to find two Blacks competent enough to handle the job.

    • Gunter Mabuse

      All I heard about the racism was that the popo were pulling over the brothers and issuing traffic citations to generate revenue for the city. My guess is that the city set up “speed traps” within the city limits, and that white drivers were smart enough to slow down when going through these “speed traps,” and the brothers were not. Disparate impact.

      • bilderbuster

        Could it be that most White drivers try to avoid driving through Ferguson unless they have to?

      • Spikeygrrl


        As in “Cray cray”?

        Cut out the baby talk and MAYBE someone, somewhere, will take you seriously.

  • Luca

    Liberals have no use for facts. Facts and reality tend to contradict their fantasies and agenda.

    • Jason Lewis

      Never let facts get in the way of a good narative.

      • a1781054

        They don’t.

    • White World Media

      there is no liberal agenda or conservative agenda, only the jewish agenda until you stop thinking one puppet is right and punch the puppeteer in the face you’ll never break free.

  • Conrad

    So, a black guy is lying dead on the ground. His friend lies about it. One would think that THIS, is the time to tell the truth! But no, they lie & lie & lie.
    Moral of the story. NEVER believe what blacks say in such matters – ever.

    • superlloyd

      You can never believe blacks in anything. They are congenital liars.

    • newscomments70

      My black neighbor is law-abiding and tax-paying. He is fairly educated and intelligent as well. Even he cannot comprehend that Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were violent criminals. He is completely sold out to the race hustlers that these were innocent young men who were brutally attacked by “racist white males”(even though George Zimmerman is not white). Almost all blacks are tribal, even the more intelligent ones. A white person would never receive justice in any black ruled community or country. In their eyes, blacks cannot be racist, and whites should never be allowed to defend themselves from black attack. Outside of a very small handful, blacks ALWAYS side with their own. We cannot live at peace in their midst. They won’t allow that to happen.

      • Jaggers

        It’s also just a lack of critical thinking skills. The TV said the police murdered him in cold blood, so that’s the end of the story for low IQ minorities, etc.

        • newscomments70

          Be that as it may, even the higher IQ blacks and similar cannot comprehend the truth.

          • Or, you know, your magic negro neighbor might not be quite as intelligent as you desperately wish him to be? Don’t get me wrong, if I had one of them living next to me, I’d probably try to convince myself he was a magical rocket surgeon negro too.

          • newscomments70

            I don’t desperately wish him to be anything. You are putting words into my mouth. I just marvelled that he has some intelligence but lacks critical thinking about black dysfunction. He leaves me alone generally, but if we speak, I can’t stand the guy. He did say something that i agree with, “conservatives(real ones) and liberals can’t be friends”.

          • Gunter Mabuse

            Even Ben Carson, probably the most intelligent black man in the country, made an ass out of himself the other day with his comments on men going into prison straight, then coming out gay. No hyperbole–Ben Carson is a lot more intelligent than I am, he did not become a neurosurgeon through affirmative action, nor did he become the best in the country through affirmative action–yet he has no common sense. How does such an obviously intelligent man make himself look so stupid? His comment seemed sincere, and from the heart and brain.

          • Spikeygrrl

            “The most intelligent black man in the country”???

            Dude, you’ve GOTTA read Sowell..if YOUR intellect is up to it.

          • Gunter Mabuse

            Read Fanon, girl, if your intellect is up to it.

          • Spikeygrrl

            I have no interest in perusing his radical and pernicious philosophy in any detail. Life is too short to spend it reading such poisonous politics when instead I could be reading Milton, Dickens, Locke, Hayek…

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          It’s also just a lack of critical thinking skills.
          That’s not quite it. If the TV said Michael Brown was to blame for his own death, you can be sure they would question it. It’s more accurate to say that they feel and don’t think at all.

          • shatwood

            “It’s more accurate to say that they feel and don’t think at all.”

            So they’re no different from white progressives.

          • Realist


      • pennawhytmn

        The fact that he “cannot comprehend the two are violent criminals”, means you and I have vastly different interpretations of the meanings of “fairly educated” and “intelligent”. But I understand your point.

        • Race Heretic

          I know very well-educated and intelligent Mormons, but certain facets of their religion are simply absurd (the historicity of the Book of Mormon for example). Personal biases or strong inculturation can sway the most intelligent of whites, too. I suspect this, rather than a lack of cognitive ability, is why most intelligent blacks side with their kinsmen.

          • John Smith

            Most religions qualify, IMO, with absurdities the true believers swallow uncritically.

          • Hah, beat me to it. It has nothing to do with “personal biases or strong inculturation” religion, almost by definition, is eschewing facts and logic for blind and baseless belief in fantastical and almost infinitely improbable somethings.

            The black mind is simply an empty void, comparing it to the mental gymnastics required for blind faith in your chosen god out of the countless deities available isn’t fair, since the closest to gymnastics the black mind could ever hope to reach is perhaps hopscotch.

          • Realist

            Yes of course.

          • Marxists, and by extension, even liberals, never understand non-economic behavior. A black person, living in the suburbs and enjoying an upper middle class income and living standard, still feels more in common with the ghetto blacks back in the ‘hood than he/she feels with their next door White neighbor. Blood is thicker than water.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Try the Austrian School (of sociopolitical economics). It explains EVERYTHING that ALL the modern “mathematical” schools of economics do not.

          • Bo_Sears

            But the Mormon social structure is worth studying when white Americans need to build a new social services agency, a new “ADL” for white Americans, and promote family values (brought up to date).

          • Gunter Mabuse

            The Mormons scratched Utah out of nothing at all. Mark Twain’s “Roughing it” contains a grudging admiration for the Mormons of the time, and their society. And hilarious “anecdotes” about Brigham Young. And again, grudging admiration for Brigham Young.

          • Spikeygrrl

            I am not LDS, in fact I am an atheist. But as a lineal descendant of Brigham Young by his first, hence only LEGAL, plural wife (his first wife died before the Migration), I know a lot about Young…and other little anecdotes keep popping up. I have however never before heard a disparaging quote about him, and am sincerely interested in hearing any you may have on tap.


          • Bo_Sears

            Brigham Young is also an ancestor of Mitt Romney through Mitt’s mom.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Thanks for the tip. I’ll probably look that up someday.

            Brigham had MANY plural wives, p i s s ing and moaning all the way. (He famously argued with Smith that being an exemplary husband to even ONE woman was as much a cross as any man should be compelled to bear. 😉 )

          • Gunter Mabuse

            I put the word “anecdote” in quotes, because most were obviously fictitious, and written for comedic effect. None were particularly disparaging; in fact, most put Young in a sympathetic light, particularly in the instance when was said to have found a baby on his front porch. Figuring one of his many wives had simply forgotten on of the two hundred or so young ones, he took it inside. He was dismayed a few days later when the baby was bathed, and white paint washed off its skin. It was, in fact, an Indian baby.

          • Spikeygrrl

            LOL! That’s a new one on me. Thanks.

          • Alexandra1973

            You can’t spell “Mormon” without “Moron.” Their books contradict each other as well as the Bible.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            The best thing the Mormons ever did was to move in on Utah, and assume control over what was then part of Mexico when they moved there.

          • Not sure if you’ve been to Utah recently, but it’s essentially Mexico again.

          • Gunter Mabuse

            As of the 2000 census, Utah was still over 80% white. Have things changed since then? Not being sarcastic in any way. Having skied in Utah as a kid, I remember nothing but whites. I can’t imagine the Mormons deliberately importing beaners to do any sort of “dirty work” that “whites” won’t do–Mormons aren’t afraid of work. They don’t like to admit blacks into the faith, and I can’t imagine that they let mexicans join. Why in the world would there be mexicans in Utah? Again, not doubting you, but…as Dr. Thompson used to say, “the mind reels.”

          • Well, to be fair, quite a bit of the state is still essentially white, but the cities are, as usual, absolutely overrun with mestizo’s Salt Lake City is just … ridiculous. Go out to eat and not a single one of the employee’s will have a white face.

            Some may hold it up as an example of an ideal caste system structure of society, since the (white) mormons tend to hold essentially all of the upper middle and upper class jobs, with all the lower class jobs given to mestizos. The problem is, they’re mestizo, they like to drive drunk, and stab, and rape, and steal, etc etc. And their numbers are steadily, and perhaps exponentially climbing, im curious what the actual percentage is now.

            The other problem with this complete takeover of lower class jobs is that the white children have NOTHING to do, so they turn to drugs and other low level criminal activity. The mormon work ethic is a real thing, but it seems that “being willing to work” and “wanting to do menial work if they don’t need to” are two very different things. The mormon church is, like all others, slipping to the left, as can be evidenced by the shift from NOT allowing blacks into the faith, to “not enjoying it when they do”.

            “22.3% of the total population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.” This up from essentially 0% in 1950, and 9.7% in 1990. At some point they started letting them in, and it appears that they dont mind them taking over the lower class jobs.

            22.3% may or may not seem like a lot to you, but again, that percentage is completely clustered by industry from what i saw last time I was there (around 2010, the time of the most current census data i could find.) And so if you happen to want something to eat (that isnt ridiculously overpriced) you’re going to be seeing a sea of brown faces.

            It’s also important to note, I think, that Mormons actively encourage large families, and yet they are still being wither outbred, or flooded by immigrants of the mestizo variety. Either way, again, from 1950 to now, the hispanic number increased drastically.

            “13 percent of Utah’s population is now Latino, according to the 2010 United States Census. An increase in Hispanic-Latino populations along the Wasatch Front, about 300–500 percent growth rates.[clarification needed] This trend was caused by economic needs from housing construction to agriculture, but it was partially supported by growth among Hispanic Latter-Day Saints churches in the state. In 2005, the then Mexican presidentVicente Fox’s visit in Utah was due to growing presence of Mexican Americans and Mexican nationals alike.”

            Again, 13% may not seem like a lot, but the information following that number explains that that 13% essentially came out of nowhere. Like everywhere else, the state is being flooded with mexicans, and the mormons are allowing it to happen.

            Although, if you just stick to the slopes, there probably aren’t going to be too many of them around just yet.

          • EpiphanyStrachan

            Other than obama, no one deliberately imports Mexicans- they just show up. And proliferate:) They are seeded by mexican restaurants. Even the smallest, whitest towns will usually have a mexican restaurant.

          • Realist

            The Mormons did a lot of proselytizing in Mexico.

          • Harry

            ‘Safety In Numbers’ is why an otherwise well educated and hard working black will take the side of the ‘black ideal’ (if you will).

          • Spikeygrrl

            My entire extended family is LDS, although I was spared from that upbringing because my parents repudiated the Church while still in grad school. I really admire the LDS’s morals and consequent lifestyle, although I completely reject its theology. What a conundrum: If I ever became capable of accepting ANY religion, I’d be either a Mormon or a Jew. Thank goodness I’m not going to get bit in the butt by religion anytime soon (whew!).

      • Exactly. And your neighbor is one of the supposedly “good blacks.” Well, as we know, black hatred of Whites and their inability to see things objectively, have nothing to do with poverty or lack of education. Blacks just think pretty much all alike. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t change blacks.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          I don’t know about that: I think the actions of Officer Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman could be said to have “fixed stupid,” and rather permanently, as well…

      • A Freespeechzone

        Blacks ARE the enemy and will not stop until they literally destroy Whites.

        The government is complecent in promoting White genocide.

        Doing NOTHING will only accelerate our demise.

        • newscomments70

          I have a met a handful of blacks who do not match that description. Collectively though, they seem to be a threat. I don’t see how Zimbabwe or Haiti situations could ever be positive to black or white.

      • Realist

        “He is completely sold out to the race hustlers that these were innocent young men who were brutally attacked by “racist white males”(even though George Zimmerman is not white).”

        Then he is not very intelligent.

        • newscomments70

          I was speaking in relative terms. I’m not a liberal.

          • Realist

            I don’t think you are and did not mean to imply that.

          • newscomments70

            I understand.

      • bilderbuster

        Our grandparents didn’t want us to live with them at all.

        • newscomments70

          Archie Bunker quote: “One colored family is a novelty and two is a ghetto.” Im ok with a one or two, but I’m not moving to Miami or anything. I have another black household nearby, we get along quite well . I would rather have a quiet black neighbor than a loud white neighbor who lets his dog defecate all over everything (I have many of those). Several black neighbors would be a bad scene though.

          • bilderbuster

            Archie’s property values went down the day the Jefferson’s moved in.

          • newscomments70

            It went down even further when Mike and Gloria moved in.

    • RaySist27

      If anything, you should listen to what they say, then believe the opposite. If a black person accuses someone of committing a crime, it should be viewed as evidence that they are innocent.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Should they tell you that the Sun rises in the East, you had best get out your compass…

    • Realist

      “But no, they lie & lie & lie. ”

      That’s what makes them such an asset to our country.

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    The black leaders like Al Sharpton should be held responsible to pay for all the damage done from the rioting and looting.

    • Realist

      Yeah….that’ll happen!

  • MeanWhiteBoy

    Hey Black People the best way to stop racial profiling is to stop committing so much crime! Stop raping so many white women too! Also, The media tells us about diversity and race everyday of our lives. I wonder how diverse the producers and big shots at MSNBC are? Also at CNN, NBC, ABC? They probably are all white because the best makes money not different races.

  • Jason Lewis

    So who rebuilds Ferguson?

    • John Smith

      White peoples’ tax dollars paying minority contractors.

      • Alexandra1973

        I’d say that’s a sick joke, but I fear you’re serious.

        • John Smith

          You know that’s how it goes so often.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        This is why whites should never donate a dime to any black oriented or directed charity. They’re all the same. Blame whites for everything. How many of these blacks living on the white man’s dime, private charity or the government, ever raised a peep and went on a news show about the black on white hate crimes? About the knock-out game?….and on and on..

        • donating a dime doesn’t matter. The Gov’t is going to raise taxes on wealthy, aka whites, again to make sure the women are all too busy working or too stressed to have kids.

          • Ella

            To the government, the middle class is just “too wealthy-n-white” and gov. needs to take back the wealth and power.

  • John Smith

    A moment of comic relief from the Ferguson PD:

    A man wanted to obtain “welfare” for his dogs because they are “mixed in
    color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue
    who their Daddies are.”

    • Samuel Hathaway

      The dogs, being dogs, would be the ones to get the welfare for their useless owner.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Breed irresponsibly — canine OR Human — and JUNK is what you get.

  • Yancy Derringer

    The Ferguson inc

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    What does it matter?

    Fake, screaming headlines were run for weeks hammering the false narrative “Hands Up Don’t Shoot!” until it was forever burned into the public psyche.

    The entire MLK narrative is a blatant lie. Same for Rosa Parks.

    Facts do not matter to Cultural Marxists because it serves their agenda of tearing apart White America.

    Anything to tear apart and destroy White culture and heritage.

    “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” will forever be the reigning narrative of Ferguson.

    Hear about this case out of LA from last Sunday?

    Unarmed, Homeless Black Man Killed by LAPD

    http //www cnn com/2015/03/02/us/los-angeles-police-shooting/

    Or this case out of LA from August 2014?

    Unarmed, Mentally Ill Black Man, Ezell Ford, Shot, Killed by Police in Los Angeles

    Didn’t think so.

    That’s because in both cases the policemen who shot to kill “unarmed blacks” was non-White.

    • ThatWhiteGuy

      The pseudo-intelectualism in that artwork is hilarious.

      • bv

        All of that just proves we can never live in peace with these savages. Never.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Blacks and the liberal media making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • Douglas Quaid

    Darren Wilson is a hero, that is all.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Yes, may officer Wilson find himself much better off after all this, although he will have to live in seclusion…. maybe somewhere in Montana where he is free to come and go as he pleases.

      • johningermany

        I hope this incident has given him some financial independence. Lots of good options open up if you have a little money.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Wilson should seriously consider appealing for advice — and maybe even a job reference — to Mark Fuhrman, a great cop whose career [in Cali] was destroyed by the OJ trial. Fuhrman relocated (to Idaho, IIRC) and rebuilt a respectable life as a police consultant and true-crime writer.

  • MathMan

    Here in UK ,giving false evidence under oath in a court of law carries a long jail sentence.What happens to the liars in USA?

    • ekwaykway

      Well, that depends on the case. In Ferguson, nothing happened to the liars. Perjury is normally a felony crime though.

    • bv

      They’re black so they’ll get away with everything. Perjury smerjury!

    • Harry

      If the liar is white it is perjury. If the liar is black “it just be a big misunderstanding because YT tried to entrap me”.

    • And what about robbery? Dorian Johnson was a repeat offender thief and false accuser. He carried stolen cigarettes. Once Michael Brown strong armed the clerk, Dorian Johnsen became a robber. In the US a man that only drove the perpetrators of a botched robbery got convicted of murder. No punishment?

      And what about the assault by Michael Brown’s mother on her mother in law? Or his father’s publicly televised call to “burn this b..ch down, which got the burning mayhem started!

      Or the Black panthers: who do you want? Darren Wilson! How do you want him? DEAD. Imagine the KKK doing the same!

      And police inaction that caused business’ destruction that was announced a month in advance. Why no law suit by businesses and their insurances!

      • Who Me?

        Slightly OT here, but the woman that Michael Brown’s mother assaulted for selling T-shirts with his picture on them wasn’t her mother-in-law. She was her son’s grandmother–big difference there. Everybody in this story has a different last name. [email protected] children of [email protected] children. Generation after generation.
        Many “inner city” folks live disorderly lives that sometimes leads to messy deaths. Why the details of one of these messy deaths should be forced into the minds of millions of decent folks world-wide for months on end is a mystery of our times as the regurgitation of happenings called the “news” is ruled by the emotional lies of morons and the sinister plans of their handlers.
        The only good that comes out of all this is the fact that the man who was taking care of business that day, and did his job the right way was exonerated. (His life has been ruined, but he won’t be formally charged.) Oh, and one other thing. SOME White people may have been sufficiently stimulated by this constant barrage of twaddle to start noticing what is happening to them and the rest of their White kin…maybe.

        • Ella

          The older Libtards that I know are rarely persuaded to think differently since their rigid socialist philosophy has overtaken any rationalization. They may awaken for a few days but then, regress into the same old offensive mindset of anti-white rhetoric. People will believe what they want to believe as older adults.

    • Harry Savannah

      This is a rhetorical question, right?

      That was a rhetorical question.

    • Nonhumans

      They get elected to Congress and appointed to other high level positions.

  • Harry

    You would think that the U.S. Attorney General would know that people who have serious criminal records are not going to become police officers. People who cannot pass a drug test or get squirrely on a polygraph are not going to make the cut. Imagine a violent felon becoming a sworn peace officer and then commits a rape or starts extorting businesses: it be lawsuit time. Now all the above has happened by rogue cops in the past but we’re talking maybe (maybe) .1%.

  • Darren Wilson was lucky. Police immediately collected evidence from reluctant an fearful witnesses who otherwise would be lost. Equally, George Zimmerman was saved by 911 calls and eyewitnesses, and his injury.

    These two men were spared prison and “only” need to spend the rest of their lives in hiding from Black vigilantes. I wisely resisted the temptation to go to a “I am Trayvon” vigil at a major University, and to tell them “I am George Zimmerman”, or I would be dear or brain damaged an not be writing this.

    For these two who got away, there are 100 others who killed a Black in self defense, had no 911 call recordings, no eye witnesses, no profound injuries, no 1 Million legal fund, no high IQ and legal knowledge, and now are getting a.. raped by Blacks in prison.

  • Light from the East

    ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ – Lie

    ‘Pants Up, Don’t Loot’ – Truth

    • Nonhumans

      Black Lies Matter!

  • Bill Maher is scum. Listening to his pathetic drivel in the hopes that he’ll say something which isn’t completely asinine is akin to watching pornography waiting to see 50 digits of pi in the background scenery.

    • Vito Powers

      I don’t agree with Maher on everything, but he does have some funny stuff. In that video I linked to, he joked about how the news will do a story on an 80 year old black veteran who is blind, but still drives a school bus.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Generally I despise Maher, but in the service of intellectual honesty I have to admit that Religulous was right on the money.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Maher has his moments. I’m sure people here hate some or all of his politics, but nobody intelligent is a complete write-off for useful insight.

        Regardless of what we think it should be filled WITH, he is completely correct about the emptiness of broadcast news.

  • Jim

    A good commentary by Jared. Thousands of years ago, people turned what were naturally occurring events, such as the movement of stars or the changing of the seasons, into highly dramatized stories that we now call “mythology.” It underscores the tendency of human beings to make a tall tale out of the truth.

    Of course, in ancient times, people couldn’t have possibly known what the truth of the physical world was, but the modern media isn’t at that disadvantage. But they can’t seem to resist doing their part to help create a story that dovetails with a long held social narrative – the narrative of whites murdering blacks by lynching (or police shooting.)

    Not all of the media has an agenda, but a significant portion obviously does. Because they call themselves journalists, they can’t come out and say “Wilson murdered Brown,” but they CAN interview dozens and dozens of poor blacks over and over again who will say it for them. They consistently underestimate the intelligence of the population at large by thinking they will fall for this thinly veiled attempt to skew the story in one direction or another.

    I suspect that when anthropologists of the 24th century look back at the mythology of today, they’ll frequently find the media as one of the main sources of 21st century mythology and folklore. Sort of like the priests of the temples in ancient Rome.

    • Harry Savannah

      They consistently underestimate the intelligence of the population at large by thinking they will fall for this thinly veiled attempt to skew the story in one direction or another.

      You seem to be implying that “the population at large” does NOT “fall” for what the “media” feeds them. That said population” is too intelligent for this. The last time I checked, “the population at large” elected a cipher for POTUS presented by the media as the radical anti-white leftist that he is. I’d say the media got it about right as to the intelligence of the ” population at large.”

      • Jim

        Let’s put it this way: They underestimate the population’s ability to detect the media’s bias towards the left. Liberals probably also see the bias in the media, but they don’t complain because they approve.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Sort of like Christianity.

  • Harry Savannah

    What Jared Taylor is saying (to my mind) is that the world of blacks and the world of whites is so irreconcilable, so antithetical one to the other (Ferguson being the latest dramatic example) that we absolutely should not be forced to both live in the same nation. This is obvious to the point of being ridiculously so yet whites continue to be willing to suffer constant outrage and ongoing ruin at the hands of this depraved and worthless race even so. That’s right I said “worthless.” Just another shockingly disallowed disposition in Black-Run-America. And at the same time absolutely borne out by every measure (There would be an NFL without them, a much more DECENT AND CIVIL ONE). If only whites would come to grips with the misery and destruction they bring to the country we cleared, founded, and built – all the while burdened by this miserable people. WE WANT A COUNTRY OF OUR OWN!!!

    • Spikeygrrl

      We should have picked our own cotton.

      I’d be cheering the current ramp-up of Mestizos doing “all those jobs American citizens don’t want to do” if they’d only get in line for legal work permits like everybody else. Thanks to the U.S. military — DH is a career NCO — I’ve lived in SoCal (San Diego) and South Central Texas (San Antonio) for most of the last decade. Mestizos are consistently more industrious in their work and more civilized in their social adaptation than all but the Talented Tenth of North American Negroes. All the more reason for us to crack down on our Southern border: to welcome those who really want to work instead of just settling in illegally to illegally collect U.S. largess.

      Ask me sometime about a resurgence of indentured service. Under that system, EVERYBODY wins…but nobody is talking about it. That strikes me as extremely strange….

      • Harry Savannah

        Happened to view a speech by JFK recently, circa ’63. He mentioned the US population being 178 million! The white portion was at least 89%, 10% black, less than 1% other. It was a country for all intents and purposes the whites who created it. Politically and culturally white hegemony was firmly established. Fast forward, 2015: non-Hispanic white (get that “newspeak” neologism for the zeitgeist of the present anti-white order), meaning just plain “white” in ’63, is presently about 63%. All else is every imaginable 3rd worlder on planet earth. The American govt. is openly hostile to whites in their own country. They have lost (this, of course, excludes the elites) EVERYTHING! We are the object of all blame, derision, and every imaginable imprecation. We have become the demographic of a “Custer’s last stand” scenario, and yet…and yet… you have the utter blindness to cheer for industrious mestizos and gabble about “indentured service?” You somehow don’t seem to comprehend that 50 years of a tide of non-whites entering here has decimated us as a people in what was our own country a mere generation ago? Somehow I get the feeling you are going to argue the patently absurd with me, i. e. repeat yourself. And you can be damn well assured there will be a repeat of my disgust.

        • Spikeygrrl

          I won’t argue with you about ANYTHING. You’re simply not worth it. And with that, sir, I bid you good night.

          • Harry Savannah

            Ha, ha. You’re rather cute in your pique! But did you have to deliberately hurt my feelings?

          • Spikeygrrl

            You big baby. Are you SURE you’re male?

        • Spikeygrrl

          Disgust, disgust, disgust. There, I saved you the bother.

  • Cid Campeador

    Blacks and lying are as natural as Key Lime Pie and whipped cream.
    My apologies to Key Lime Pie.

  • Realist

    Mr. Taylor, great comments as always.

  • SupremeGalooty

    Last year I met a young, black physician from Kenya on a plane ride to Boston. The conversation was entertaining, enlightening, and up-beat. It was one of the best plane rides I’ve ever had. The most interesting take-away was this: She said that American blacks are spoiled rotten. I agree with her.

    Consider this. Other groups have come to America and suffered significantly. The Chinese, the Italians, the Irish, the Japanese, all come to mind. Each of those groups are distinguished today by their relative invisibility. Not so with blacks. They still languish while at the same time harboring grievances that continue to fester through intentional nurturing. Our government helps nurture the malignancies through over 125 welfare programs at the federal level alone, and also through mindless acquiescence to race hustling – ill-conceived, vapid egalitarianism.

    Interestingly, black Africans taken as slaves, primarily by Arabs and other blacks, who went west to the Americas were utilized as agricultural or domestic workers. Their descendants are currently free citizens of the countries where they were enslaved. Many are land owners or otherwise highly successful. Those African blacks who went east to Muslim countries, on the other hand, were used as concubines, or were castrated and forced into military service. They have no descendants.

  • bilderbuster

    And you can’t spell “media” without J-E-W.

  • Richard Roelofsen

    Very brave of you mister Taylor. Perhaps we could see you display your bravery and do a video on the crime minister of Israel coming to US Congress and demanding the US take action against a third country on Israels behalf. What is your position on that? Why the absolute silence on that issue. I guess that bibi looks white to you right? But the same could be said about Rohani and Khamenei. Demolishing some black lie is nothing special (Duke lacross, Zimmerman, Tawanya Bradley etc.), but articulating a clear position on the true enemy of whites apparently is.