Inmates Banned from Speaking Arabic at SuperMax Jail in Goulburn

Yoni Bashan and Linda Silmalis, Sunday Telegraph, March 8, 2015

Extreme high-risk inmates charged with terror offences will be banned from speaking Arabic during visits and phone calls in SuperMax.

From today, 13 inmates classified as “Extreme High Risk Restricted” will be forced to speak English when communicating with the outside.

Letters will also be required to be written in English under the new ­restrictions at SuperMax, which is housed within Goulburn jail.

It follows a call by State Attorney General Brad Hazzard to increase the number of moderate imams working behind bars to prevent radicalisation of Muslim inmates and ­inmates who convert.

Mr Hazzard said he had ordered the restrictions as a response to the nation’s heightened terror climate.

During visits, prison officers will stand within earshot of inmates and record their conversations, with the power to eject visitors if Arabic or other languages are spoken.

Mr Hazzard said the initiative was prompted by an operational review that had revealed vulnerabilities.

“One of the issues that came out of that process was that some of these people, these high-risk ­inmates, were conducting their ­discussions in Arabic, or at least not English,” Mr Hazzard said.

“This clearly needed looking at and action, in my view.”

Some prison officers believe there is an increasing number of inmates converting to Islam, based on the number of requests to change their diet from Western meals to halal.

On Monday, staff at Long Bay jail received four applications from “young, white males” seeking to change their diet, an officer said.

Records show that among the 13 would be Omarjan Azari, 22, who was arrested in September and charged over an alleged plot to kill a random member of the public in the name of Islamic State.

Mohammad Kiad, 25, and Omar al-Kutobi, 24, are also in SuperMax on terrorism charges.

Another priority was the recruitment of moderate imams and Muslim chaplains in jails, Mr Hazzard said. At a meeting of Corrective Service officers last month, a senior departmental official reportedly told the group that there had been “some concerns” at the teachings of some Muslim chaplains within the jails.

An officer present at the meeting said: “(The official) said an imam would be visiting prisons to lead prayer sessions, and that they would be held in English, not Arabic.”

Mr Hazzard said he had asked the department to “work as energetically as possible” to recruit imams with a sense of “moderation and decency” to service prisoners’ needs.

Between 9 and 10 per cent of NSW inmates are Muslim, compared with less than 3 per cent of the ordinary population.

Until recently, only Bassam Hamzy, the founder of the street gang Brothers For Life, was given the extreme high-risk classification and banned from speaking Arabic.

Mr Hazzard said in rare cases the Corrective Services Commissioner could use his discretion to allow inmates to speak other languages provided an immediate translation was supplied, for example if an inmate was speaking with his 90-year-old grandmother who spoke no English.

“We don’t want to create a situation where they feel there’s no sense of humanity, because there will be,” Mr Hazzard said.

“But they have to understand the people they’re visiting have put our community at risk. There has to be some clear boundaries and rules.”

Stricter visitor vetting procedures would also be applied, a reaction to previous breaches at SuperMax, including an alleged bid by Hamzy to communicate with people outside the prison via a legal secretary.

Such visits remain protected by legal privilege, meaning documents passed between visitors and prisoners cannot be examined by authorities.

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  • It follows a call by State Attorney General Brad Hazzard to increase the number of moderate imams working behind bars to prevent radicalisation of Muslim inmates and ­inmates who convert.

    I pity the one moderate imam in this world. His services are so in demand in all part of the world; he must never get any sleep.

    • Tarczan

      He never really read the Koran.

    • 1stworlder

      He only exists as taqiyya

  • Chip Carver

    After the full on collapse of the former US, and the repatriations begin, policies like this will likely be implemented in prisons, holding camps and the like. No Spanish. No Meso-American Indian tongues. No Swahili. No Haitian Creole. No Arabic. No Somalian Sign Language. You get the idea.

    • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

      No Ebonics?

    • Young Werther

      ha ha ha…what optimism!

  • Tarczan

    “We don’t want to create a situation where they feel there’s no sense of humanity, because there will be,” Mr Hazzard said.

    “But they have to understand the people they’re visiting have put our community at risk. There has to be some clear boundaries and rules.”

    We will treat them humanely, but they’re not going to make fools of us.

    Why can’t the US be this logical?

    • pgroup

      Because we are no longer a republic. We have been changed into a national territory of fifty mini-states.

  • SentryattheGate

    It’s a start, but the backbone needs to stiffen up some more! Muslims no doubt laugh behind our backs at how pandering we Westerners are! To hell with their halal food, and their visiting imamas! They are in jail for a reason—they should have not been allowed to enter the country!

    • Young Werther

      Western White Man has been having a death for too long…but they are not Authentic.

    • George Moriarty

      Correct, 1, They should never have been allowed into this country. Most of Australia’s Middle East population have been allowed here either legally or illegally starting at the time of the Lebanon war back in the 80s. They have continued to pour into this country ever since. Are they grateful? No. Do they fit in our society? No. Do they want to be part of our society? No. Do they hate us? Yes. Have they brought everything bad about Islam here with them? Yes Absolutely.

      Correct 2, They are in jail for a reason. in fact I would say Muslims are very much over- represented in our prison system. Goulburn Jail is Australia’s most secure prison. It’s inmates include a Middle Eastern gang rape leader, serving 55 years. (I understand his mother was able to smuggle a knife to him and she also made the comment that her son is a good boy, should not be in prison) Middle East crime is rampant here in Sydney, gang warfare, street shootings, drugs, sexual assault and now terror as in the recent Sydney siege or ISIS recruits.
      Good to see the prison system taking a tough stand in these matters. (And yes, to hell with their Halal food etc)

      • nordicman

        When will white men unite and start physically removing these animals from our lands?

      • pgroup

        At some point, you Sydney residents should demand to be allowed to carry sidearms. No reason you should not be able to cull the population while protecting yourselves.

    • HE2

      Agree, enough with the halal food already; they do not deserve any consideration.
      Terrorists have waived their rights as far as I am concerned.
      Every time a Fed is reported to have read Miranda rights to a violent jihadist, I want to scream in outrage.

  • George Clark

    Feed them confinement loaf. Works every time.

    • John Smith

      Didn’t a bunch of cons sue on the basis that this was “cruel and unusual”?

      • George Clark

        Not trying to pick a fight, but muslims and arabs in general are “cruel and unusual.” Can’t we countersue?

  • IstvanIN

    Big whoopee do, they will still import muzzies so this is no solution. The only solution is deportation.

    • 1stworlder

      They are planning on flooding Trey Growdy’s district with 3rd world moslem refugees to get back at him for embarrassing leftists.

  • Should make Chosenites, whether in prison or not, speak the language of their host nation too. They have two code languages they can use natively when they don’t want goyim to understand, Hebrew and Yiddish, and they also can mix in any other languages they happen to know. Dual citizens tend to be multilingual.

    • Young Werther

      Jewish people in prisons tend not to be inclined to join Radical Islamic, or even non-Radical Islamic groups nor are they succeptable to becoming Muslims…this of course does not mean that there are not a goodly number of Jews who support the Arabs over Israel. I think George Soros supports many anti-Western, anti-White, anti-American hate groups.

    • Simonitz Levi Rothstein

      I’m one of those “chosenites” and I only speak English in America!

    • ElComadreja

      Anyone familiar with German can suss out Yiddish.

  • David Ashton

    In “England” the warders, police, doctors and social workers would be expected to be multilingual or call on the vast army of interpreters. Meanwhile, dangerous foreign criminals are at large in our “society” and terrorists are still around. Did anyone (apart from me and a few others) expect this 50 years ago?

    • Young Werther

      I began to learn and to know a lot of things through a five year long so-called Civil Rights case in federal court in the 1990s. No lesson teaches so well as personal experience.

      • David Ashton

        True enough. My experience, after “infiltrating” the “multicultural education” organizations in Britain and observing their “agenda networking” from small beginnings to our new state ideology, taught me a great deal that “conservative” politicians missed on the road to hell paved with “anti-racist” intentions.

        • Young Werther

          Were you actually *infiltrating* at the time you went into education, or did that become how you thought of it later, after your (it had to be many) “experience”?

          • David Ashton

            I had always regarded multicultural mass-settlement in England as undesirable, and became interested in biological aspects of “race and racism”, and in the politics of anti-apartheid, while at university. I saw what happened e.g. to the liberal but valuable academic Institute of Race Relations, and what was going on at the Inner London Education Authority and later most other local governments. And it went from there. It was not difficult to familiarize oneself with the language, concepts and sentiments of the “agenda-networks” in colleges, media, think-tanks and pressure groups, such as the cunning subversion of the Conservative Government’s “national” education committees, &c. If I live long enough to write up my proposed book on “The Murder of England” I shall include and document some of these personal memoirs.

          • Young Werther

            The IRR seems occupied with the need to irradicate *racism*. The IRR seems to be an organ in support only of people other than *white* or other than that coming out of *Western Tradition*. It does not appear to think of itself as *racist* against whites at all. There is a self-righteousness of the IRR that should be disturbing to anyone; A fanaticism to free the world from white oppression. Apparently any group that identifies itself as *white* and having a ligitimate sense of place or nationhood is the enemy to world peace. Seems to me they appear to think conservative thought is the essence of evil; supporting the idea that the greatest fear and threat to mankind is racism from the white majority. The only wrong position is that of being white and leaning right, and that conservatism or a desire for traditionalism is nothing more than a Nazi mind-set, that these enemies are known by nationalist organizations made up of members of white people. Anyone, especially white or of *the white race* who opposes Critical Theory, while ignoring the violence and race hate within the many *groups* of the *multi-culturals*. Teaching the innocent and un-aware of the world about Racism and the Roots of Racism (anti-western anti-white/anti-imperialism & anti-capitalism ideology). Basically teaching the desirability of the need to destroy by any means necessary anyone that does not support the radical left thought and the desire for world communism aka *multi-culturalism*. I was never *political* in my thinking, until I was forced to be in order to make sense of my immediate world. Now I know a bit more. I think England is in a much worse situation than America. The individual cannot defend himself but that is why America’s Constitution insists its citizens have a right to weapons. Due to the size of our country and its population the *Individual* stands a chance for survival. I do not have much optimism for the future and my cultural past and DNA (American Deep South)suggests another Federal Occupation is near. Have you recorded any of your experiences yet?

          • David Ashton

            This is an excellent analysis. There can’t be just the two of us who know the facts and think alike (except that you came to “politics” later than I did).

            The IRR started as an academic institute founded by Philip Mason, and initially produced many important and quite objective studies. Its obnoxious librarian Ambalavaner Sivanandan and his comrades turned it into a “black” communist agitprop organization.

          • Young Werther

            Well, thanks…but I don’t know about *excellent*. Remember, Karl Marx had his world headquarters in NYCity (funded by Rutgers, of that same institution of higher learning, ha!) for a while in the late 1800s…so America has been exposed to this sort of ideology for a long time (even Lincoln read Marx) as well. Now the effects of its power is openly expressed by and carried out in full force via our Executive Branch. America has gone through a coup d’etat as old generals of the millitary know. I think your government did it more openly but still plays a trick on you all by permitting the *monarchy* to play a Punch & Judy act for its *masses* while they finish you off for good.
            Yes, the good liberals mean well, but they wilt in the face of leftist radicals and the radicals use them to intimidate anything smelling of tradition or conservative…when will they learn? Never. The blacks were targeted by the radical communists long ago to become *useful* to them, the proletariat, only too many of our proletariat won’t work (ha ha) and are on the Federal Dole thus free to be manipulated on cue…then again; it is hard or impossible to have a bloody revolution on a full stomach! But, there are other ways as we have been forced to acknowledge.
            There are lots of very bright people at AR who *get it*, even if some do get hung up on a divisive (which is always bad what ever the obsession if it causes animosity among the white collective) issue. Also, one can never really *know* exactly what a *thing* is as it is always, like a memory, being altered.

          • David Ashton

            “Nobody is willing to believe that adults also wander about in a daze, like children.” You will recognize the quotation.

          • Young Werther


  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Good strip them off all their freebies and their culture and then they will be nothing. When they are released they will want to leave and go back to their sandpit.

  • The Dude

    The sight of herds of frenzied masses storming out of a mosque following a fiery Friday sermon to go burn some church or some foreign embassy while snackbarring their lungs out is not that uncommon in the Muslim world, especially the poorer parts of it. It’s not very hard to excite the uneducated, low-IQ populace with demagogic speeches, and prisons are usually good concentrations of uneducated, low-IQ populace that could easily be talked into waging some kind of jihad. They should be monitored and have their preachers picked out for them.

    “Mr Hazzard said he had asked the department to (…) recruit imams with a sense of “moderation and decency” to service prisoners’ needs.”

    So I take it this imam is out of the question?


  • Kenner

    Indonesia has threatened Australia with a ‘tsunami’ of ‘asylum seekers’ because of Oz’s attempted interference with their execution of Australian drug offenders.
    Muslim malay Indonesians hate white Australians.

    • Simonitz Levi Rothstein

      In all fairness, Australia has no business interfering with the laws of Indonesia. In Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia, drug trafficking, rape, murder etc are capital offences. You do the crime, you do the time!

  • ElComadreja

    This should be a policy in American prisons too. Also no Spanish or any other language besides English. If you don’t know it learn it.

  • Race War Provisions

    “Moderate Imam”???? This is a religion stuck in the 11th century stfu

  • Fr. John+

    As I said in another post, the language not of the host country, is the language of the fifth columnist. Arabic SHOULD be disallowed…. in White Countries. Just as English… in Saudi Arabia. Fair’s Fair. Something most taqqiya Moslems don’t understand, clearly.