Ferguson Report Prompts Resignations, Court Takeover

Tierney Sneed, US News, March 11, 2015

The effects of a damning Justice Department report on the racially biased and exploitative practices of local authorities in Ferguson, Missouri, are being felt in the St. Louis suburb.

Both the Ferguson city manager, John Shaw, and municipal Judge Ronald Brockmeyer have stepped down this week in the wake of the federal investigation. Meanwhile, the Missouri Supreme Court has assigned all local municipal court cases to an appellate judge “to help restore public trust and confidence in the Ferguson municipal court division,” a release announcing the move said.

Two police supervisors, Capt. Rick Henke and Sgt. William Mudd, also resigned last week after the report, released Wednesday, brought to light emails containing racist jokes.


Among the issues identified in the report was a disproportionate amount of African-Americans targeted for traffic stops and other low-level violations. It said that police relied too heavily on the use of force and were quick to escalate confrontations with citizens, and also found that citizens often were denied their due-process rights in the local jail system and in how the municipal courts processed citations. Fueling the fire, the Justice Department said, was the city’s dependence on fines for minor offenses to fill municipal coffers.

Brockmeyer was called out by name in the report for his role in using fees to garner revenues, through tactics the report said are “widely considered abusive and may be unlawful.” The report also suggested he often overlooked pertinent information, such as criminal histories or a person’s ability to pay, when levying penalties on Ferguson residents, and that he dismissed tickets for his colleagues. {snip}

In his resignation letter, Shaw distanced himself from the allegations in the Justice Department report, but said stepping aside was “in the community’s best interest.”



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  • Late breaking: The Police Chief has resigned.

    By the time this snowball rolls all the way to the bottom of the hill, not only will the County Browns take over law enforcement in Ferguson, I could easily see Ferguson disincorporating.

    • Deacon Blue

      I hope it does fracture and fall. Hard. And we get plenty of video documentation of it burning to the ground. While the MSM will likely find some tenuous way to connect the destruction of Ferguson to Whitey, I am hopeful that once it happens and the rest of the country can actually see the tsunami of Black violence and the aftershock? Maybe it will drive more White Folk to AmRen as well as to act. Ferguson is a chronic cancer in Missouri. Better it die sooner than later….

      • Weisheit77

        First they came for the cities
        But I said nothing because I didn’t live in the city.

        Then they came for the towns,
        but I said nothing because it wasn’t my town.

        Then they came for the villages,
        but I said nothing because I didn’t live in a village.

        Then they came for my whitopia
        and no one was left to speak up…

        • Deacon Blue

          If you would be kind enough to tell me how to get to Whitopia…

        • Whiteplight

          “Whitopia” was the first thing that was attacked way back in the early 1960s.

    • Maurice Miner

      Even MORE late breaking news: 2 Police officers have been shot outside of the Ferguson Police HQ, during a “demonstration” which was breaking up at around midnight.

      From Reuters newsfeed:

      “(Reuters) – Two police officers were shot during a protest outside the Ferguson, Missouri police headquarters early on Thursday, police said, just hours after the city’s police chief quit following a damning justice report into his department.

      St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told reporters that a 41-year-old officer from his department was struck in the shoulder and a 32-year-old officer from the nearby Webster Groves Police Department was hit in the face around midnight as the crowd was starting to break up.”

      This is likely to escalate tensions just a tad, I would think.

    • archer

      Late breaking: 2 Ferguson police shot in front of their police station as demonstration winds down, one shot in face the other in shoulder, no word on their injuries yet.

    • Whiteplight

      Disincorporation has already been discussed. But since all those jobs are opening up, I’d wager that the city will remain and blacks will have to police themselves. I wonder if they will treat the white residents fairly?

  • JohnEngelman

    Among the issues identified in the report was a disproportionate amount of African-Americans targeted for traffic stops and other low-level violations.

    – Tierney Sneed, US News, March 11, 2015

    What about the high black murder rate?

    • Sparky

      Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of traffic violations. This whole episode was a racially-charged vendetta against the PD carried out by crip wannabe Eric Holder with the full backing of Community Organizer Hussein Obama.

      • Dwight

        It is also Holder that insists black children are being punished more often than white children in school because of racist teachers. He wants something done about that too. Hard to believe he is that ignorant about black behavior.

        • Marilyn

          Holder should work with the black and white kids and see for himself how they are..let the facts speak for themselves

          • John Smith

            He has to know and just doesn’t care.

    • Oh stop ‘acting white’ by allowing facts to be entered into the argument!

    • Deacon Blue

      Oh that? Nothing to see there, move along…does not fit the “narrative” apparently so why would it be cited?

    • John Smith

      Blacks drive like sh– and aggressively.

      • Marilyn

        I hate driving through Detroit.. I avoid it at all costs

  • rockman

    Its a sign of the times folks. From my experience in Corp in fighting to get control of the business by various groups it is the same thing here.only the groups are based on race. You never let the opposition get control even temp control because they will try to get more. We allowed Obama to get in office and stacked the deck in his favor. Now they are making and enforcing the laws with your tax money. They control the National Guard tanks. White folk however innocent are the enemy and guilty of white privilege. They will show zero mercy and will continue to grab for more power and money. The two go hand in hand. Look to South Africa to know our future. We will be marginalized and bred out of existence by the illegals. We goofed when Obama got control

    • Stuff and nonsense. That’s the libtard dream but it will not happen to whites here. Our people are waking up, arming themselves, and preparing for war. Do you really think South Africa fell because of black maneuverings? They were the battering ram used against white South Africa, but they were not the real players.

      Follow the money, question everything, continue to practice and preach race realism, and keep your powder dry.

      • WR_the_realist

        So far I see no evidence that any where near enough whites are demanding that immigration be slashed and immigration law enforced. So most whites are happy to be driven into the status of being a tiny minority. By the time they wake up it will be too late. Sure, many whites have guns, and some even have AR-15s. But under our failed god, Democracy, the diversity will win the national elections, take control of the government, and be in control of the much higher firepower of the U.S. government. We’re already far along in that process. A South Africa situation seems highly probable.

        • From what I have seen, increasing numbers of whites are giving up on the United States government. There’s no purpose in demanding anything from these criminals. You might as well beg a mugger not to steal your rent money because it’s illegal. Why bother? This will not be settled with the ballot box.

          • WR_the_realist

            I have myself “given up” on the federal government. So what? I’m still subject to its laws, laws that can be backed up by the full force of the American military machine, if need be. So I still ask, what can realistically be done?

          • Kenner

            Turn on the news. Now.

          • WR_the_realist

            I’m not sure what your point is. “The news” tells me nothing of significance I don’t already know.

          • Put your money where your mouth is and find likeminded communities. Join them, band together, have faith, and plan to fight with everything you’ve got. That’s really all any of us can do. It’s what our enemies do, and have been doing, since they infiltrated our countries. Be ruthlessly tribal (reject and ostracize anti-whites) and unapologetically pro-white.

            Don’t be cowed or apologetic when people who hate you and want you to die call you names like “bigot” and “racist.” Let them blather. Who cares, in the end? They will hate us no matter what we do so let us earn their hatred by becoming the very bogeymen they claim to fear: unapologetically race-realist white people who care about white survival and cultural preservation. I am openly “racist” and unafraid to say it. I’ve lost friends over it, but they weren’t really my friends, because they hate my race, my culture, my history, my ancestors. I’ve lost business over it, but those anti-white people were undeserving of the fruits of my labor anyway. It’s not been easy at times, but nothing worth doing ever is.

            I have done this. If more of us did this we would have little or nothing to fear as a people. But it requires shaking off that horrible, enervating feeling of helplessness and deciding you’d sooner burn everything to the ground and salt the ashes than hand it over to our mortal enemies. They will not get so much as a grain of sand from me so long as I have breath in my body. And I am just one person, and not a violent or particularly hateful one at that. Imagine if actual white warriors adopted this attitude, people already prepared to do what must be done, no matter how terrible? But they aren’t going to speak out and do what must be done until you do. Until I do. Until we do.

            White people are our own worst enemies, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It starts with each one of us. We can’t wait for a leader to emerge from nothing. We must till the cultural soil in preparation for a leader (or two, or three) to lead us out of this darkness and into the future.

            Decide today that you will never give in, never bend your knee to the demonic multicult liars currently running this planet into the ground, and we’ve won half the war already. The worst they can do is kill your body, but that’s going to happen regardless. None of us are getting out of this lifetime alive, my friend. So why make things easy for them? Fight.

        • Jason Lewis

          Most Americans are screaming for a halt on immigration and for current laws to be enforced. We keep electing people who promise to do something but it’s useless. I mean we’ve got citizens patroling the border on their own.

          • JSS

            Indeed it’s almost like our elected officials are beholden to someone other then the original American people. I’m sure if we just throw out the “bankers” “elites” and “liberals” we can turn this around though.

          • Don’t forget Hollywood 😉

          • John Smith

            What’s a common thread between “bankers,” “Hollywood” and “liberal elites”? No hints.

          • Gosh … um… gee… errr… “white” folks with silly caps and, uh … quite … “distinguished” … profile views?

          • WR_the_realist

            With the sole exception of David Brat I can’t even find a Republican who would actually reduce immigration. (And the Democrats are worse than hopeless.) Most Republicans are happy with any level of legal immigration even if they oppose illegal immigration.

  • Epiminondas

    With these sorts of procedures, leftist agitators and race-baiters can simply go from city to city with their agenda. Some might call it blackmail.

  • TruthBeTold

    After the “damning Justice Department report” all the whites will voluntarily leave or be forced out to be replaced with blacks.

    It’s all proceeding as planned.

    • Sparky

      The City doesn’t have the financial resources to fight the commies in the federal government. Easier to just have some resignations. Black racist Holder and his hybrid overlord got away with another one. Oh, and the latest I’ve heard is that Obama is actually going to bypass Congress again and do something never done before in US history: use Executive Privilege to raise taxes. Proceeds going to the “oppressed” of course.

    • John Smith

      Every major news outlet in existence, this country or Europe (haven’t seen NHK and the Japanese take) has to drop a pejorative adjective describing the report’s findings.

  • notaliberal

    So all of the white people who resigned will be replaced with incompetent, affirmative action blacks and living conditions in Ferguson will get even worse. Then the blacks who complain about racism will begin invading the nearest whitest town and begin turning it into another Ferguson.

    • Epiminondas

      Rinse and repeat.

      • John Smith

        Paid for by HUD. It would be a “disparate outcome” if blacks were forced to live in what they made.

    • Jason Lewis

      Pretty much.

  • Sparky

    Holder did everything he could to bring down the Ferguson PD. Having failed at charging officer Wilson with crimes he then moved on to the entire police department with his racial witch hunt. What a loser that punk is.

  • I went onto the realtor website yesterday. There are some really good buys on some beautiful houses in Ferguson. Any takers?

    I thought not.

    The feds published a report where the conclusions were known to them before the investigation even began. That’s the way our corrupt enemy government works. What we’re seeing is the first stage of a federalization of local government. It’s part of the globalist plan for an eventual one-world government, one race (mixed of course), one religion (authoritarian Islam?), and one currency.

    There’s a gender gap in how awake people are. A significant number of men get it. The women are lagging in their understanding of the seriousness of the crisis we face. I wish I knew how to wake more of them up.

    • Nancy

      I really try to speak to as many of my peers as possible, regardless of how I think they’ll “receive it”. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, especially at the number of teachers who actually will admit their frustration about trying to teach blacks, being blamed for their black students’ lack of progress, etc. It seems as if the so-called roll of the dice favors one teacher one year (by giving her a classroom of mostly white, well-behaved kids), the next year she’ll pay for it with a classroom full of Third World Bell Curvers. Teachers are sick of it.

      But every white mom I’ve ever spoken to about relocating away from Atlanta because of the Black Undertow has been receptive to my message. Moms will be sympathetic when you couch it in terms of “the safety and quality of the school system”. I usually follow it up with a local anecdote about a freshman girl being raped in the stairwell of a local majority-white high school. If they have sons, I include the story (now all but forgotten) about that poor kid who got beat within an inch of his life in the locker room last year, again at a majority-white, “good” school. It tends to get their attention. (Women do better with specific examples, because we easily imagine our own kids in the same situation and it freaks us out.)

      This is life in Gwinnett County nowadays.

      http www[dot]theblaze[dot]com/stories/2014/03/28/savage-beating-in-high-school-locker-room-leaves-teens-nose-detached-from-his-skull-and-its-all-caught-on-terrifying-video/

      http www[dot]ajc[dot]com/news/news/gwinnett-schools-police-investigating-alleged-stud/nkF8m/

      • Excellent idea for reaching white moms. Any suggestions on how to wake up young white single girls/women with no children?

        • Nancy

          Let me think about it a bit. The younger generation (in high school/college) is difficult, because they still have a head full of liberal propaganda messages, YouTube clips, and video games.

          As soon as I’m done chatting with you, I have to go help my gifted third grader “study” for a ridiculous propaganda test about LBJ tomorrow…damage I immediately “undo” by giving my 8-year-old the real story about these so-called American Heroes.

          • Marilyn

            Are you homeschooling?

          • Nancy

            Thanks, Samuel. And Marilyn, I home-schooled for almost 10 years until my older two wanted to go to “regular” high school and all its attendant activities (band and cheer, mostly). But that left my youngest wanting to go get on the big school bus, too…and there’s a 7-year age difference between my last 2 kids. It’s hard to watch the big girls go off to school while you’re not allowed to go. So we went ahead and let her…she’s the only one of my kids to attend an actual elementary school.

            We just undo whatever nonsense she happens to inadvertently learn. (I’m a college-educated, certified K-8 teacher.)

          • Marilyn

            Oh ok! I only have one son who will be 2 next month and my husband and talked of homeschooling. However i see how it would be hard to watch other kids ride the bus and join activities and field trips

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Nancy.. I vote you “Mom of the Year” for undoing all this mess being promoted in the schools. Too bad all moms aren’t as “on-the-ball” as you are.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          One suggestion, albeit a disturbing one: rape.

          There aren’t a lot of blacks in my area, but there is other types of brown. My experience is that females around my age (25-30) tend to be somewhat more aware than the guys because several of them have been raped by brown immigrants.

          I’m not saying anyone should or needs to get raped! But young white women should be made aware of the the interracial rape stats. It’s very relevant to them.

      • Marilyn

        I swear that’s why my mom quit being a secretary for the public school system but she will never admit to it. She says she’s leaving due to ‘changes’

        • AndrewInterrupted

          My uncle quit teaching because of all the Feminist invaders, so he said.

    • Sloppo

      They have some nice houses there? That’s interesting. On a completely unrelated subject, I wonder if it would be good to start a business in Ferguson to build those nice decorative 10 foot walls like the ones which are so popular in South Africa. You know, those beautiful ones with electrically charged decorative razor ribbon and broken glass on top.

      • John Smith

        Even Selma has some nice houses.

        • AB

          Mr. Smith, Its nice to see someone on here familiar with the once beautiful, affluent, white neighborhoods in KC. There are some beautiful, and once beautiful houses in those areas. I’ve heard legend of independence Ave and its surrounding areas between 435 and downtown once being all white and beautifully cared for. Whenever I hastily drive through there, which is on rare occasion, I wish I’d been born several generations earlier. Over the last ten to fifteen years, the outlying suburbs have been affected as well. Give it twenty and we’ll look back on East independence, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Liberty, etc. and have these very same thoughts.

          • John Smith

            Independence is still pretty white, at least by Census figures (and pretty redneck, IME). BS and LS are surprisingly black and how much they’ve changed since 2000 and 2010. It explains why people were starting to move out to Grain Valley and Oak Grove, even when I left in 2000. You could go to James A Reed and all you’d see would be negroes fishing, like they used to when it was still somewhat safe to walk in Swope Park around the lake, ages ago – they might still.

          • AB

            Independence has a fair amount of the undesirables of the white variety, as much as it pains me to say. Meth heads, thieves, and wannabes. Blacks in white clothing. I wonder how they’ve managed to somewhat keep them at a minimum there? I haven’t been to James A. Reed in probably 10 years at least. I used to go nearly every other day back in the mid-late nineties. It was always pleasantly quiet and I don’t recall ever seeing any negroes there. I’m scared to check it out now, for fear it’ll just be another sad reminder of how most of the places I fondly remember are being destroyed. I always did enjoy their $5 rowboat rental, but someone probably ruined that by now too. I’m not even sure where a decent place to live would be anymore, without making everything completely inaccessible/inconvenient for myself and moving out to Harrisonville, Oak Grove, Odessa, Cameron, etc. I just turned forty, and want to make sure that the next time I move, I’ll be setting up shop for the rest of my days in a peaceful environment.

          • John Smith

            I bet North-of-the-river is still pretty white and will remain so for a while. Very redneck, so that helps, but many are the meth head and biker type, and the aluminum-bat carrying Italians are up there too, after they decided the Northeast and Columbus Park were lost causes. Parkville would be a good bet, along with Lone Jack back down south, IMO. A lot of KCPD cops seem to live up in the Northland,.

  • Fed Up

    Probably 98% bull-droppings and 2% reality — the complaints of racism and exploitation. But what else would one expect — whether from local Blacks or our totally screwed up federal government?

    Of course the answer would be to kick all White officials and White police officers out and replace them with Blacks. Then you’d have another clone of Washington D.C. or any other Black-run city constantly having to be bailed out by our tax dollars.

  • Fed Up

    Yeah, but let’s remember: The Black thug (Brown) was killed in the act of ATTACKING A POLICE OFFICER! Funny, how liberals and Blacks just can’t seem to understand this significant little detail.

    • Jason Lewis

      They understand it. They also understand how it’s politically helpful to play the issue.

    • bilejones

      You seem to believe that


      A uniformed goon of the state, is somehow worse than than violence against productive members of society.

  • MekongDelta69

    I read the above very quickly.

    Where did this took place? Zimbabwe (fka Rhodesia)?

    Jes’ axin’…

  • A Freespeechzone

    Given their grievance that blacks are pulled over more than Whites…..how about the fact that men get pulled over at a higher rate, regardless of race, than women?

    Moreover, what percentage of blacks drive? How often? How many miles?

    So many other factors beyond the BS ‘fact’ that blacks get pulled over more than Whites in Ferguson—blacks ARE THE MAJORITY THERE!

    Figures the Govt factors to the low information fools….

  • IstvanIN

    The feds are doing nothing more than persecuting Ferguson city officials. Far, far worse incidents don’t get this kind of attention.

  • Uncle Bob

    I wonder how far the DOJ is going to push this witch hunt? There must be an ever growing number realtor signs on the lawns of this town, for any sane person would wash their hands of this place and walk away.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Far enough to get two officers shot, apparently.
      Holder must be proud. He drew American blood.

    • It appears that the housing market in Ferguson is very healthy. There are less homes for sale than in places in Florida on the coast. The thousand or so people that appear to be racially aware compose .00025% of the US population. The other 99.99975% believe that Ferguson is on the forefront of a new and improved era of racial diversity. Why should they sell their homes?

      • Uncle Bob

        Why? Because any whites still living in Ferguson need their head examined – especially now that their police force is under attack by armed gunmen.
        Where did you come up with .00025%? Just from random conversations online (not even pro-white websites) anyone can deduce that a large percentage of whites are more fed up than ever. If you’re being sarcastic your humor is somewhat dry.

        • Yep sarcastic it is. The % came from a guess about how many post on AmRen (1000) divided by the population of the country. For my own defense however I did a Zillow (real estate) lookup on Ferguson and didn’t see more homes for sale, less actually, than in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

          Don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t buy property in Ferguson. However it does seem that a large % of whites are absolutely clueless about black behavior and the problems in racial diversity.

  • Kenner

    2 officers shot in Ferguson minutes ago. I hate blacks and their sick white minions.

    • John Smith

      Not even officers from the town.

  • Bill Moore


    I’ve worked as an enforcement officer, a company president, a soldier, a spy, a troubleshooter for NASA, a construction worker, heavy equipment operator, TV shows (Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and National Geographic and others) and a local union president.

    These people who are resigning have seen the truth of what’s happening to this country, and have decided to drop out.

    They’ll just kick back and wait for the USA’s final fall over the precipice.

    And it seems like they won’t have long to wait.

    Guns, bullets, food, water, some matches and a box trap. Stock up, you’re going to need it.

    Just My Thoughts,
    Bill Moore

  • Mr. L

    All Whites should evacuate that city. Let the negroes govern, police, and maintain infrastructure themselves. Oops, I forgot, they’re incapable of that.

  • Hammerheart

    Can’t wait for Ferguson’s all black civic leaders to fail and hear them wail away their failings with baseless accusations ob slabery un oppression mon

  • Whiteplight

    The NAACP must be celebrating today; they set this up decades ago by forcing blacks into a white community and when they get the usual result, white city managers and police have to leave. I have to wonder what the whites in Ferguson will do now? It’s going to be a bad time, that’s for sure.

  • gooberboy9999

    Blacks that commit crimes are pulled over and arrested more often than white people who don’t, and fees are used to gain revenue….

    So basically the DoJ report confirms that a town’s police force does the exact same thing every police force in the nation does? I’ve never had a problem with this because they have to get the funding from somewhere, and people shouldn’t be speeding anyways – the roads are dangerous enough as it is. It always bugged me that people who express horror at the fees and fines police dole out are the same people who would absolutely refuse to accept a raise in taxes or a shifting in funds to ensure the police no longer have to do that.