Extremism in Britain: Now the Crackdown Is Launched

Andrew Gilligan and Robert Mendick, Telegraph, March 7, 2015

The Government is planning a series of tough new measures to combat the growing threat from Islamist extremists.

A leaked draft of the Home Office’s new counter-extremism strategy, seen by The Telegraph, targets Sharia courts and calls for a ban on radicals working unsupervised with children over fears the young could be brainwashed.

Other measures include a requirement that staff at job centres identify vulnerable claimants who may become targets for radicalisation, after public outrage at people who hate Britain being able to live off the state.

There will also be an introduction of penalties in the benefits system to make people learn English to improve their integration into British society.

The rules on granting citizenship will also be tightened to ensure new residents embrace “British values”.

The crackdown is part of a new “get tough” strategy to deal with the perceived growing threat to the UK from Islamist extremists.

It follows the unmasking of “Jihadi John” as Mohammed Emwazi, a 26-year-old university graduate radicalised in London, and the attacks on Paris in January by a French terrorist cell with links to Britain.

The new report, drawn up by the Home Office with a foreword by Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will spearhead a drive to thwart extremists and attempt to prevent the radicalisation of young British Muslims. The Sunday Telegraph has been told that the number of jihadists who have now travelled to Syria to fight with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) has exceeded more than 700.

Of those, about 320 “dangerous” jihadists have now returned to the UK after fighting with Isil, reinforcing the urgent need in Whitehall for a new set of anti-extremist measures.

The new counter-extremism policy targets a much broader problem than just finding and catching terrorists and aims to tackle radical preachers and individuals who try to brainwash others and encourage them to embrace extremist views.

The new approach strengthens Mrs May’s grip on how the Government tackles extremists. Responsibility previously lay with Eric Pickles at the Department for Communities and Local Government.

But his department has attracted criticism within government for being too sympathetic to Islamist groups.

Last year, Mrs May promised to “undermine and eliminate extremism in all its forms”. The Home Office draft document says it is not “primarily” directed at terrorism, but at behaviour which, while “often legal”, is said to cause social division and “very significant damage to our communities”.

Such behaviour includes hate speech by extremist preachers, the activities of some local authorities and plots such as the “Trojan Horse” conspiracy in Birmingham where hardline Muslims pushed out secular head teachers to Islamise non-faith state schools.

Other extremist behaviour targeted under the crackdown is likely to include violence against women, such as female genital mutilation and honour killings.

The strategy’s publication has been delayed for months amid arguments about how strongly worded it should be.

The Sunday Telegraph understands that it will be published before Parliament is dissolved for the general election at the end of the month but could be implemented immediately.

The document says that “in the past, there has been a risk that the Government sends an ambivalent and dangerous message – that it doesn’t really matter if you don’t believe in democracy”.

It adds: “We need to stand up and be more assertive in promoting our values and challenging the extremists who fundamentally oppose them.

“This will include explaining our foreign policy [and] promoting mainstream voices supporting the quiet majority in all communities who oppose extremism.”

Sharia courts and councils, which are used by some Muslims to resolve disputes and have been accused of operating a “parallel system of law”, are one focus of the document.

It says that the Government is “concerned about the way Sharia councils are working in some parts of the country” with “troubling reports that in some areas women have suffered from the way these councils work, either through forced marriage or discriminatory divorce proceedings.”

The strategy calls for an “independent review” into the Sharia courts’ operation and also makes specific reference to the “particularly concerning” Trojan Horse plot, which it says was “not an isolated example of schools where extreme views became prevalent… we have seen evidence of extremist ‘entryism’ where extremists have consciously sought to gain positions of influence to better enable them to promote their own values”.

It says that universities, charities and local councils are especially vulnerable to entryism. It names the London borough of Tower Hamlets as a place where “widespread allegations of extremism, homophobia and anti-Semitism have been allowed to fester without proper challenge” and where the council’s “abuse of taxpayers’ money” and “culture of cronyism” have been reflected in “partisan community politics that was to the detriment of integration and community cohesion”.

Last night details emerged of another example of alleged “entryism”. The Sunday Telegraph can disclose that an extremist who has called for the killing of British troops, Azad Ali, was joined in Parliament by the Labour MPs Yasmin Qureshi, Andy Slaughter and Gerald Kaufman and Sayeeda Warsi, the former Tory communities minister, to launch a “Muslim manifesto” for the general election.

The manifesto, by Mr Ali’s group, Mend, promotes the Islamist agenda of Muslim grievance and victimhood and includes demonstrable lies, such as a claim that the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby led to the murder of a Muslim man, Mohammed Saleem, in Birmingham.

Mr Saleem was actually killed three weeks before the Rigby attack. Mend is the new name for a group, Iengage, which was removed as administrative support to the all-party parliamentary group on Islamophobia for its links to extremism.

Under the new plan, councils will have to “take steps to ensure the safeguarding of children in hitherto unregulated places”, such as supplementary schools and tuition centres. One teacher at the centre of the Trojan Horse scandal has been handed an interim ban but has instead set up a private tuition centre, which nothing currently prevents him from doing. The new document also promises tighter rules on the granting of British citizenship, saying that any applicant will have to “prove adherence to British values and active participation in society”.

Refugees who otherwise qualify for asylum will not be given it if they cross a “carefully defined legal threshold” of extremism or opposition to British values. Instead they will be given a “new form of restrictive leave to remain”.

Even visitors will have to comply, with “British values” made “an integral part of applying for a visa”.

The strategy says that the Government “will introduce the power to refuse or remove licences to sponsor visa applications from any institution in the UK which promotes extremist views or knowingly and without challenge hosts extremist speakers”.

A number of universities, including Emwazi’s alma mater, Westminster, could be caught by this provision, which would seriously affect their income from overseas students. The launch of the Home Office anti-extremism strategy could well now coincide with a Downing Street report into the Muslim Brotherhood due imminently.

The report into the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s most influential Islamist organisation, is expected to denounce the group as the “ideological precursor to terrorism”.

The report is so sensitive it will not be made public in full but a two-page executive summary is due to be published in the next fortnight.

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  • cyrusthevirus

    Didnt even bother reading this as NOTHING will really be done—all hot air and pretence to fool the peasantry that the government is still functioning !!The UK has been conquered and so many rather stupid white people dont even know it–incidentally I live in Nottingham England.

    • Weisheit77

      Dearest Cyrus,
      How is merry old England these days? I’ve been in British airspace but I’ve never made a stop. Are all the major towns and cities that bad? Nottingham, that’s considered “the north”, right? I’m familiar with Nottingham Forest, the team. I guess my basic question is that according to the percentages GB is not as diverse as America, but when I see pictures of major towns and cities it looks very diverse to me. Are there general areas in England and Wales specifically that isn’t full of Muslims or Blacks?

      I’m an American who lives in between Baltimore and Philly but I often travel to Germany and the Netherlands. If you get away from the major cities, it’s not that diverse, at least for an American it isn’t that diverse. Of course, I’m just looking for whites mostly while you probably see Poles, Bulgarians, etc.; let’s call it European diversity. I have been in Germany enough to spot Russians from a long way away, though.

      There are whiter areas in America but as a general rule of thumb, if it’s “bigger”, it’s diverse. I went to Portland, Washington last year, and for someone from the east coast it was white, but still had diversity wondering around (I do have to say it was the only MLKJr. Blvd. that I wasn’t afraid to be on). But if you’re in the south west major population centers will run brown and in the south and east population centers will run black with a newly arrived brown contingent which is steadily growing.

      • cyrusthevirus

        Actually Nottingham is in the Midlands–and I live just outside to the south and very rarely go into the city centre as it is now united nations.A muslim group tried to get permission to build a mosque very near to me about 3/4 years ago–there was I am glad to say massive opposition and the local authority refused to release the land!! They will try again. The rape and enslavement of young white girls by muslim cockroaches is well known—since it was condoned by our traitor elite I can only assume they are letting us know we have been conquered..There are so many stupid people here who think football,big brother and x-factor are important and will not wake from their coma….my 2nd wifes son lives in Poland with his Polish wife–we would like to move there!! England no longer exists except in name–Scotland and Ireland are on their way to oblivion–WTF happened???Well I know but why did white men become so feeble—and why are white women so clueless ??A general response from many women is –POLITICS IS BORING !!God almighty–and it is white women who have the most to lose when the inevitable regime change happens.
        I have a brother in Canada–he says you can escape the crap because Canada is so big—well England isnt !!

      • Singingbird1

        I live in the North East of England on the Yorkshire/Durham border. I would say that the bigger towns and Cities of England are more diverse with a lot of smaller settlements in North Yorkshire and Durham being very white. I live in a large town called Middlesbrough which is between Durham and Whitby. During the past 10 years this town has become more and more diverse and I now find it depressing. The area is very nice, coastline, moors etc. but the Politics of the town stinks. Probably because it is a Labour dominated town. I am planning to escape this town because of immigrants when I sell my house and I have it planned out.I just hope that U.K.I.P. make some good gains and May and shake the Labour establishment to pieces.

      • meanqueen

        Do you mean Portland, Oregon? If you wandered around the northern end of MLK Blvd at midnight, you wouldn’t have felt so safe. But anyway, many of”da youfs” have migrated out to the once white suburb of Gresham, so Northeast Portland is not as sketchy as it once was. Meanwhile, previously white suburbs are being overrun by M&Ms (Muslims/Mexicans). I suppose comparatively speaking, Oregon and Washington are still pretty white. It’s changing, though.

      • Cid Campeador

        Are you closer to Baltimore or to Philly? It doesn’t matter because they’re both HELL holes.

    • archer

      Too little, too late.

      • cyrusthevirus

        Its not really too little even –its nothing at all just words

        • Singingbird1

          Vote UKIP in May and help change things for the better.

  • This is a whole bunch of point and sputter.

    As long as we’re treating tribal threats as ideological threats, and respond ideologically instead of tribally, it’s going to remain just that, pointing and sputtering.

    “British values.” What the hell are those anymore? A bunch of universalist abstract ideological tripe.

    • “As long as we’re treating tribal threats as ideological threats, and respond ideologically instead of tribally, it’s going to remain just that, pointing and sputtering” – Outstanding point! That really is the key – responding to our own displacement by our Leftist overlords and their third-world minions with a tribalism and racial solidarity of our own!

    • propagandaoftruth

      God save the queen…

      From a Sharia regime.

      • cyrusthevirus

        Sex Pistols ??

        • propagandaoftruth

          The world is crazy and the mind is like a monkey.

          Sometimes Johnny Rotten grows up, cuts his hair, pretends to be civilized for a few years. Then bad things happen and he finds himself marked for a slow, excruciating death, which could take decades.

          After a few years grubbing on the edge he sees someone leaner, harder, nastier than has ever looked back from. Probably in better shape than in years, reminds him of when he was Johnny Rotten.

          I’d much rather be rotten than stinkin’, though vicious works too.

      • Singingbird1

        You should write a song and become famous. You certainly have the wit.

  • IstvanIN

    The rules on granting citizenship will also be tightened to ensure new residents embrace “British values”.
    Yup, you can make a person love “God, Queen and Country” in their heart of hearts. Fools.

    • Jason Lewis

      I tried to explain this to my leftist friends when it was said Obama does not love America. He doesnt look at the flag with a warm heart and he certainly doesnt look at our founding fathers as great men.

      • Weisheit77

        A white leftist who looks lovingly at the flag; that ground has to be less and less tenable every moment that passes.

      • cyrusthevirus

        You have a left wing friend ????? I lost them years ago—wish I had investigated further their insanity while I had the chance !!

      • bv

        It’s everything he hates and resents, as much as his father hated the British.

    • Singingbird1

      It is obvious to us all on here that it is common bonds that bind a Nation together. We have no common bonds with third World immigrants. One of those common bonds is race. In fact race is probably the most important thing. Third World immigrants will never be citizens of the U.K. or the U.S.A. simply because they are Third World and they know this and I think that is partly why they hate us. Green eyed Monster and all of that stuff.

  • Susannah

    I’m really certain there will be a genuine “crackdown” and “tough measures” will effectively be implemented by the Government. Sure. That would be reactionary, racist, and non-welcoming to the legions of New British.

  • LHathaway

    Oh, it would be so great if immigrants embraced British theoretical values! Immigrants have embraced British practical values: Diversity is very important and valuable. People of color are diversity. Racism is quite bad. Whites are the physical and moral embodiment of racism. We must tolerate all faiths peoples, cultures, and beliefs. Except for Whites, we must ignore them as unpersons, subhumans, or non-human, only giving consideration to the bad things they do say and think.

    • TrueNorthFree

      The thousands of English schoolgirls raped by Pakistani Muslims on English soil at Rotherham represent a shining example of what happens when “diversity” is shoved down the throats of white Western countries.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    This train has long ago left the station. “We’ve got to do something”. Translation: “We’ve got to say something”. “We’re developing new programs to address this issue”. Translated: “We have no intention of implementing any of these new programs”, and, finally, “We welcome input from everyone to help resolve these issues”. Translated: “We don’t have a clue what we’re doing”.

    • mobilebay

      This is like US politicians saying “We must secure the border.” Once they’ve uttered that worn-out phrase, they think they’ve done their job, then it’s business as usual.

  • Jason Lewis

    Closing the barn door after the cows got out?

    • Weisheit77

      No, it’s more like closing the barn door after the wolves got in.

      • Weisheit77

        after replacing the cows’ ropes with chains and securely fastening them to the wall.

        • propagandaoftruth

          As Al Bundy said, “Why go to the store for milk when you have a cow at home?”

          Sheep now? That’s a whole different animule…

    • propagandaoftruth

      That would be analogous to stripping the citizenship of those muzzie beauties that went to Syria to become Sharia brides…

  • Earl Turner

    Or they could just close their borders. Not that hard to do on an island.

    But then again, I’m just a white nationalist who actually cares about his Folk. What do I know?

  • Weisheit77

    They’re trying to steal UKIP’s thunder.

  • TheMaskedUnit

    “Crackdown” … haven’t we done enough to those poor elderly white nuns. Until we can publicly name the invader (Islam, 3rd world and negro) we are helpless.

  • MBlanc46

    I no longer follow British politics closely, but my impression is that the Cameron government is long on promises but short on delivery.

    • Jason Lewis

      Yeah. I got excited when Angela Merkel said multiculturalism is a failure in Germany. She took it back soon after. I guess she got a phone call.

      • bv

        From who?

        • Jason Lewis

          Her handlers. She’s probably like our President, a figurehead to make us feel like we have a say.

          • Cid Campeador

            Voting is a mechanism to give the people the illusion of choice.

  • John Smith

    Far easier and more sensible to send them packing and let no more in.

    • Jason Lewis

      Don’t see sending anyone packing happening. The world outcry would be huge. Unless WW3 is going on and nobodys watching?

      • John Smith

        Too bad common sense is so universally reviled that it is anything but common.

  • LinuxLewis

    This isn’t a crackdown, it’s just Buying them more time to put off the issue

    • Singingbird1

      I agree. It is a load of Bull. The boy who cried wolf, bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted, too many cooks spoil the broth, a stich in time saves nine, there is nothing so strange as folk. And if you think that my metaphors are a bit silly well it is because it is all a load of nonsense.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Too many witches in the kitchen? This food is atrocious and the portions are niggardly?

        Good morning merry sunshine, what makes you rise so late?

        All the best wishes, cousin. Diversity ain’t so great…

        • Singingbird1

          Good morning and best wishes to you as well cousin. Well it’s good that we can have a laugh about things. There is always a silver lining in every cloud ha ha.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Without humor I’d be in prison or six feet under. It will get better, but first it will get worse.

            It ain’t perfect but at least you blokes got UKIP, lol…

          • Singingbird1

            I agree.They are not going to beat us.It is far from over yet. Everybody over here is aware of grave the situation is.

  • IstvanIN

    The point was they can mouth loyalty and not mean it.

  • Preparation HBomb

    I’m all for cracking down. However, the fact remains that the only way to get rid of a jihadist of any stripe is to kill it.

  • De Doc

    That alarm has long expired. UK must now deal with the violence and destruction to come.

  • Light from the East

    Even if you can suppress those “extremists”, it is only temporary. Those new-born Muslims will continue to dedicate their lives to the death cult. If the root of Islam is not eradicated around the Western worlds, or even the whole world, we will continue to face the endless threat of Islam, which is fundamentally extreme.

  • Cobbett

    Tolerance, Equality and Democracy as ‘British’ values? I reject them 100%.

    • cyrusthevirus

      So do I –all tolerance means these days is fear ,weakness,impotence and cowardice. According to some people I am intolerant –HURRAH !! Equality means oppression and democracy has been used to destroy us..F*** em all !!

  • By “British Values” I can guarantee you that they mean “Liberal Values”.

    These retards think that they can transform Islam whilst at the same time redefine “Britishness” to be all and everybody who believes in liberal values.

    Many indigenous Britons who are nationalists don’t believe in some of these “British Values” which they now cite from above.

    Does that mean we are not British? What a can of worms they have created and opened.

  • Ellis Kurtz

    The article reads like the introduction to a dystopian novel in which the author lays out the background events that preceded the collapse of British society into lawless warring camps. The reader is introduced to the futile policies by which a pathetically inept and uncomprehending government, congenitally blind to the destructiveness of its own agenda, tries to restore order. However, no self-respecting author would include a character with the name “Eric Pickles”.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    My fellow British colleague thinks it is wonderful that London is now a Multiculti city. When I asked him about his son dating, he did not seem to like that girl. I found out that she looks non white. I guess no DIE-versity in his family, but for everyone else.

    • bv

      With the elites who push this garbage I also insist that they go first.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    There is simply a shift happening. You have to go from expecting the government to preserve your race/culture to being able to take that responsibility yourself, and each member taking that responsibility also, much as Jews have done. Whites have failed to organize any kind of white cultural or racial groups that really focus on families and real preservation. The state government only needs to maintain a certain degree of law and order, but is not dedicated to preserving true British culture or people. Instead of cry about it, it will be more effective to work on creating diasporic communities.

    • bv

      We’re labeled racists if we want to protect and keep our countries as they should be. The crazy part is that we even care if we’re called racists, by the alien elements who want to destroy our lands with third world rabble.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        It might be possible to gather a community of people and move to China where you can enjoy affirmitive action and special treatment.

  • MathMan

    Why do these people come to the West? Because they can’t build functioning societies of their own. So why do politicians think they will benefit our societies when all they bring is violence and social disorder?

    • 4321realist

      “So why do politicians think they will benefit our societies when all they bring is violence and social disorder?”

      The elites don’t care. They think they can control the situation from their lofty perches in their gated, guarded communities, and won’t have to rub shoulders with the rabble as we have to do.

      They want tax payers, consumers and cheap labor to increase their wealth and power. Nothing else matters to them.

      IMHO I think the only thing that can save us is a complete economic melt down. They’ll be fighting and killing each other in EVERY urban center in the country, and when they flee to the suburbs the Tea Party will reduce their numbers even further.

      And those who make it to the countryside will stay there……………….forever. It’s called deportation by the people.

      And, after that, many will visit the gated communities to demand payment for their atrocities.

  • bv

    The French were never ever cowards, that’s a lie and propaganda spread by the people who love multiculturalism & the English.

  • Singingbird1

    Yes, I respect this woman for speaking the truth. I just hope that she has not caused herself problems by speaking her mind; by speaking for all of us.
    There are a few things I could tell you about my candid expressions in Public regarding you know what, that have caused me trouble and cost me money.
    Thanks for the You Tube link.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Yeah – since we still have 300,000,000+ firearms not in the hands of the gubbamint, we have not yet reached the Orhuxleyan level of creepy “democratic totalitarianism” you guys have. Yet.


      We just have “progressives” over here. Many don’t even know it, but they’re just 21st century American globalist Marxists. Or are they AynRandian ubermensch? I forget.

      Most I deal with are politically retarded oblivious Marxists, brainwashed by our crypto-Marxist ejucayshun system. Regardless, they don’t call themselves Marxists. They call themselves “progressives”, and like all the other “good guys” of history, they are for all good things and against all bad things. They are “goodists”, you see, and if you oppose or disagree with them, what does that make you?

      When people like this get control of ejucayshun, entertainment, gubbamint…

      300,000,000 non-gubbamint guns are all that holds them back.

      Yeah, Miss BNP is hot isn’t she? I think I have good taste, potty mouth and all.

  • Cid Campeador

    Instead of making them embrace British values why don’t they just kick their arses out of England, North Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These savages don’t belong there.

  • Cobbett

    Ha ha ha – what a berk!

  • Race War Provisions

    How about ship ’em back?

    • Cid Campeador

      Would that we could do that here in the PRUSA.
      People’s ( Only SOME people) Republic of the USA.