An Illinois Army National Guard soldier vowed to bring “the flames of war to the heart” of America if he was unable to get to the Middle East to join the Islamic State group, and his cousin bragged that he could kill at least 150 people in a terrorist attack in the U.S., federal prosecutors said Thursday in announcing their arrests.

Hasan R. Edmonds, the 22-year-old guardsman, was arrested Wednesday night at Chicago Midway International Airport while trying to board a plane for the first leg of a journey that eventually would take him to Egypt. Jonas M. Edmonds, 29, was arrested earlier that day at his home, the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago said in a statement. Both men are U.S. citizens from the Chicago suburb of Aurora.

Hasan and Jonas Edmonds

Hasan and Jonas Edmonds

According to an unsealed federal complaint, Jonas Edmonds planned to carry out an attack in the U.S. after Hasan Edmonds left the country. Without naming it, the complaint says they contemplated an armed attack against a U.S. military facility in northern Illinois where Hasan Edmonds had trained.

In Internet messages to an undercover FBI agent in January, Hasan Edmonds said that if he was unable to make it to the Middle East, he would help bring “the flames of war to the heart” of America and “cause as much damage and mayhem as possible,” prosecutors allege.

On Tuesday, the cousins drove to a military installation with an undercover agent to discuss an attack, according to the complaint, which does not name the facility. Hasan Edmonds described the types of rooms inside and talked about which ones should and shouldn’t be hit.

Hasan said in messages earlier this year that his knowledge of the U.S. military and American psychology would prove helpful in terrorizing Americans, prosecutors contend. He suggested not just killing people, but capturing and holding others.

“If we can break their spirits, we will win,” he said, according to the complaint.

Another time, he spoke admiringly of the recent terrorist attack in Paris on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which killed 12 people.

“Honestly, we would love to do something like the brother in Paris did,” Hasan Edmonds wrote, according to prosecutors.


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  • “Illinois National Guard”

    I’m glad they’re finally catching all these white farm boys with their hands in the terrorist jar.

    Oh wait…

    Is ISIS really getting that desperate that they’re resorting to these kind of people?

    Idea: Let ‘em go. In fact, encourage Africanus Americanus Bellcurvius that ISIS is where they really need to be. It’ll be a double bank shot for us: They’ll be out of our hair, and they’ll screw up ISIS.

    Because, win-win.

    • Groups like ISIS attracts idiots like moths to a porch light. There was a group of the same Afritards also recently arrested in Aurora, a Denver-area suburb.

      Peace in life begins within one’s self. I sleep very poorly. Sometimes I have nightmares about rocket artillery, and sometimes about being sent back to federal prison; nobody will tell me why in the latter. Occasionally, I dream about another project to make at home, and I write down the details when I wake up. Those work out quite nicely when I do them in the waking world.

      Jihad is for someone who is completely empty inside. They’re shoveling dirt into the ocean, but the level merely rises.

      • You are not alone …

        I hear music 24×7 including while asleep. No, I can’t control the playlist. Yes, the music is sometimes original. Yes, I dream in color and sound. I often remember my dreams, and sometimes they repeat as to locations, which are clearly toddler memories of NYC.

        Don’t worry about it. Beethoven also heard music. He said that he didn’t compose, he simply wrote down what he was hearing. He continued to do this even after he went deaf.

        • Spikeygrrl

          I dream entire feature film and television drama screenplays. In color. A surprising number of them are interestingly plausible for production.

          • Go for it. Even if you miss, at least you’ll die not having to wonder what might have happened if only …

          • Lord Sandwich

            I loved Captain Phillips. Reality based.

          • HE2

            Read the real life account of what went down on that cargo ship. The real heroes are the USN and SEAL sharpshooters.
            No surprise, skeletal, buck toothed beyond ugly Somali-Minnesota Barkhad Abdi who played the pirate “Muse,” has a USA rap sheet for drugs, assault, other criminal activity.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Dey s sho nuff, SOME classy folkses. Yowzah!

          • Write them down when you wake up!

            “Dreams of Diane”

            Love’s sweet glory, loss and pain,
            years down the road, all yet remain.
            Of you.
            I still dream.

            Soft fair skin and golden hair
            when sleep comes to me, you’re always there,

            I kiss you nights, caress your face
            dreading we must part from our embrace
            at dawn
            when I awake.

            When each day’s despair towers,
            if I can wait a dozen hours
            my heart
            will not break.

            I wrote that while locked up in 2001, and we each married someone else.

            Here’s another one:

            Another Day

            The sun behind the mountains sets
            and clouds, backlit shine purple-red.
            Groves of trees glow emerald green;
            this lovely day has nearly fled.
            Birds begin their evening chorus
            with last rays of the setting sun.
            Bittersweet, alone I listen,
            regretting things I’ve left undone.
            Though I long for she whom I adore,
            my raven-haired love is far away
            I smile at this day’s end and know
            tomorrow is another day.

            I wrote the latter in solitary while I was locked up, but I had a small window.

          • ABC

            I consider myself lucky that I found you here. Learning to rid ourselves of despair and bitterness. Cocooning

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Sure as Hell, he is NEVER BORING…!

          • Fathercoughlin

            He is awesome. But not very good looking sadly.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            That shouldn’t matter to us (ahem!) REAL MEN…!

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Why don’t you guys write a script about America — with a REAL President — wiping out Islamic terrorism through the use of the Neutron Bomb, and then pumping their oil wells dry, and then shipping all the nigros and leftists over there to “resettle” the place after the radiation dissipates…?

          • Spikeygrrl

            Because no producer would touch that concept with a ten-foot pole. Duh.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I wasn’t being serious: I was fantasizing, as men do…

          • Cid Campeador

            What’s the half life of Cesium? That could be a long time that we’d have to put up with the evil bastards.

        • ElComadreja

          I play guitar and several other instruments. I not only hear the music, I’m usually playing it.

          • In the late 80s I was a special kind of music producer for a few years. I too used to play — guitar, bass, keyboards — but in my dreams I’m analyzing the music, not playing. It’s a curse because the music is always there and I can’t escape it.

      • Speedy Steve

        What a happy coincidence: these two dullards hail from Aurora, IL.

    • ISIS doesn’t have enough experience with American blacks. Trust me, as soon as a sizable contingent of American darkies join up, the rest of the ISIS members will rue the day they encouraged them. (Yeah, ISIS, these people are THAT useless!)

      • Alden

        Old farmer’s saying: Hire a black to do a job only half the work gets done. Hire 2 blacks and NO work gets done.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Nigros could screw-up the Rock of Gibraltar…

  • phillyguy

    execute them as traitors of America.

  • De Doc

    Welcome to your future America!

  • Charles Martel

    Treason is treason

  • Mack0

    Thank God blacks put as much effort into planning terror as they do everything else.

    • libertarian1234

      Yes, and thank God it amounts to the same level of competence.

      • Mack0

        Or incompetence in most cases.

    • Why did God make blacks stupid? To keep them from destroying the world. Black people are living proof of the old adage, “If you had any brains you would be dangerous.”

      • Mack0

        God has been trying to erase his African mistake with plagues and famine for decades. It’s only the intervention of outsiders that has kept blacks as a group alive.

        • Fathercoughlin

          Damn Bono and that talentless bore Matt Damon

          • Mack0

            How plagues does God have to send Africa’s way before do-gooders stop meddling in the Lord’s plan?

        • Susan

          It’s a fatal flaw that whites do such dysgenic things as helping to keep the dysfunctional race alive for hundreds of years. If it weren’t for whites, nature would have taken its course and wiped out the black race by now. There’s truth in the evolutionary adage ‘survival of the fittest.’ Natural selection.

      • ekwaykway

        Why are they so stupid? You can’t steal an education.

      • GIJoeJones

        Guess the black undercover FBI agent who stopped them was just smart enough to get the job done. Also stupid of course, but just barely smart enough to stop stupider black people.

  • libertarian1234

    “In Internet messages to an undercover FBI agent in January, Hasan Edmonds said that if he was unable to make it to the Middle East, he would help bring “the flames of war to the heart” of America and “cause as much damage and mayhem as possible,”

    And how did an undercover operative enter the picture?

    I wonder if it was because the perp couldn’t stop running his mouth and his bros in the hood told about everybody they knew.

    Whether blacks are planning deadly terrorist attacks to kill as many people as they can; or rioting, looting, assaulting and killing; or murdering whitey to get even for slavery, oppression or injustices…which they claim are everywhere….they exhibit pretty clearly why they’re the greatest enemy within this country has ever faced.

    Even dumbing down our schools is a form of terrorism, as is their lack of incentive to promote self-improvement, community improvement and doing things that help their people as a whole to move upward and onward.

    Some do-gooder whites blame their pathologies on the fact there’s few fathers in their homes or that their parents don’t instruct them in what is right or wrong. But how can the parents guide them to be productive citizens if they’re just as bad as the thugs they bring into this world?

    • “Okay guys. Free Malt Liquor and a bucket of fried chicken if anyone can tell me what I need to know…”

    • We’re not even remotely out to get them. That’s the Great White Secret: we just don’t care. Let’s suppose LaTrine Jackson is bleeding to death after delivering N’DeShitavious X after her uncle raped her. I don’t care. I once stopped for a white gal who had gone off I-25 during a blizzard, and drove away once I saw her black boyfriend. What happened to those idiots? I don’t care. I hope having strangers drive away without helping was “hip” and “trendy”, but otherwise I don’t care.

      I do not care.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        I feel the same: Moreover, I have little or no interest in black-on-black violent crime…

      • Alden

        Good move. They may have been lying in wait for some sucker to offer help and then robbed and killed the good samaritian.

      • Susan

        I think most intelligent whites feel that way. But we’re not allowed to not care. These dysfunctional people are forced on us. We have to live and work amongst them.

    • GIJoeJones


      So many insults on this thread aimed at the intelligence of the ‘stupider than monkeys’ black people. I get it, you are all superior to them. Not because you are personally the architect of modern society, actually invented something wonderful, or have an outstanding occupation. You are better because you a close genetic relative to people who did do those things.

      They mentioned that an undercover FBI agent was used to root these guys out. The way this game is played, is FBI agents throw out an offer for jihad and see who comes running. Then they see who is willing to kill Americans. Once they’ve identified the most dangerous of them, they set them up for a strong conviction. That’s why they wait until they are about to board the plane before they arrest them. Can you imagine what the undercover FBI agent looked like in this case? Yeah, he was probably an African American male. Who else would these guys trust to tell them all of that. So, insult us endlessly if you must. But it would seem to me that black male undercover FBI agents are your best bet for us identifying and removing these types of black people from the streets of America before they can hurt one of you precious white people.

      I monitor this page because you guys say some funny stuff, and the articles are very interesting and well written. But some of you seem fixated on insulting black folks more than anything else. Don’t you have anything else to be proud of?

  • Boycott News Corp

    Fox News keeps pushing the black male/white female miscegenation paradigm.

    • dukem1


      • Boycott News Corp

        Are you an American Indian?

      • John Smith

        Watch “Empire.” I’ve only seen the trailers but it’s an entire series based on rich negro record producers and white women who hang around them.

        • Just from the commercials, the trailers and the stories I read about it, and I’m not about to watch it, it’s basically a warmed over King Lear. Which means that the modern entertainment industry is just a long series of footnotes to Shakespeare.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            We should be so lucky! Better Shakespeare than the filth and cess The Tribe regularly disseminates from the Left Coast…!

        • Earl P. Holt III

          When the white women who date black males get murdered — which they are about 1,200% more likely to be than if they were dating white males — it is merely an example of Nature chlorinating our gene pool…

    • Alden

      Even worse they push the ” if only blacks would get married and stay married their spawn would finish school, go to church and be productive citizens

      Fox is deluded when it claims black dis function is cultural instead of genetic

  • I’ve been seeing so much of this lately that I am starting to suspect Mrs. O’Leary’s cow of being a Muslim.

    • John Smith

      Nah, burning Chicago down was/is an act of patriotism.

  • MekongDelta69

    The endless face of ‘our’ new Military.

    They would have been greased in 10 seconds when we were in.
    (But then again, trash like this didn’t exist back then.)

    • phillyguy

      in the long history of the United States armed forces what did they do to a traitor ? That’s your answer.

  • NowhereTearsOfHonor

    American blacks are have always been sooo infatuated with Islam and just looove using those Arabic names,yet seem totally clueless about how their so-called Arab brothers really feel about Africans and they ignore(or refuse to believe)the history of the Islamic slave trade.When their muzzie bruthas turn on them YT won’t be there to save them.

    • George Costanza

      You don’t understand, blacks hatred for Whites will take precedence over any injustice done to them by non Whites. It’s just most people will never realize that, let those retard conservatives put the likes of ben carson and allen west on that magical “get the negro vote” pedestal, it ain’t gonna happen never gonna happen.

      • NowhereTearsOfHonor

        The Repubs and neocons are really pushing their negro pets.They’re as useless as the libdems these days.I just find it funny how blacks think they have an ally in people(Arab Muzzies) who have no use for them other than foot soldiers.

    • Susan

      Additionally, centuries ago the Muslims would castrate their nigra house slaves. I Guess blacks don’t know that.

  • Boycott News Corp

    black males = trouble

  • zamzow

    ” Cause as much damage and mayhem as possible. ” Really ? A brilliant African battle plan that has worked in every major American city since 1965.

    • Alden

      More like 1940 in the north when WW2 defense industry brought them to destroy the cities

  • Luca

    How could they have failed? They look like true masterminds.

    • MBlanc46

      Typical hood rats whose evil intent is, fortunately, overcome by their incompetence.

  • IKUredux

    Gee, I wasn’t surprised as to the ethnic make-up of these malcontents. I’ll go further:All blacks in this country, are potential terroists. All blacks in this country are nothing but unpatriotic ticking time bombs. They need to GO. Oprah, Jayz, Kanyay, all of them. Seriously, these people are so VERY talented, I’m sure they could be just as successful in Ghana, or, Kenya, or, you, know, whatever.

  • Alden

    Last name is Edmonds an English name They must be Old American blacks

    • Speedy Steve

      Actually it’s more likely a Welsh name. The great guitar player Dave Edmunds is from Cardiff.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Came over on the Mayflower, no doubt…

  • E. Newton

    They appear to be Afro-americans. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But shouldn’t they just be beating people down on public transportation instead of joining ISIS?

    • Perhaps “Epic Beard Man” video on YouTube has them a bit shy of that.

    • “They appear to be Afro-americans. Not that there is anything wrong with that.”


      Actually, if you check out crime-by-race statistics you’ll see that there’s a great deal wrong with that (and with Hispanics too). As I now sometimes comment to them, we whites didn’t make you black, and there’s nothing we or you can do about it, so please just leave us alone. The subtext here is, and if you can’t leave us alone then we need separation of the races, which is Jared Taylor’s message.

  • superlloyd

    Send, or rather let the afrotards go, to ISIS. They won’t be coming back alive. One way to siphon off the redundant black surplus with no cost to YT. Let ISIS carry their useless, parasitic asses. Soon, they’ll be begging us to take them back. LOL.

  • “The acts of terrorism and murder committed by these dangerous cults are all anyone really needs to know about them.”


    The rule of law seeks to limit what you do, not why you do it. In contrast the dictatorship of the left considers only why you do things. If your motives are what they consider correct and good then it doesn’t matter what you do.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Clear, concise, and accurate. Hear, hear!

    • Lygeia

      Well, actually, you can be prosecuted for criminal intent (like hiring a hit man, but he botches the job and the intended target lives).

      • Intent … “I want my husband dead.” Not a crime.

        Still intent … “I sure would like it if you killed my husband.” This is the first step in a criminal conspiracy but is not yet a crime.

        Gettin’ close but still no crime … “I’ll give you five thousand dollars if you kill my husband.”

        Now the crime … “You will kill him for me? Great! Here’s $2500 now [forks over the cash], the rest when you prove to me that my husband is dead.”

        The crime was taking the step to further the conspiracy — to make it real instead of speculative.

        Intent is the difference between a traffic accident and murder by automobile, but the crime is the combination of intent and the act, not the act itself and not the intent itself.

        No, I’m not an attorney and I’m not giving legal advice.

        • ghettovalley

          Are you sure? I feel like I’m going to get billed for reading that.

          • I have to say that to make sure of not being prosecuted for practicing law without a license. Anyone who is genuinely concerned about this stuff should consult a licensed attorney skilled in the practice of whatever branch of the law they’re concerned about.

        • You don’t even need to actually hand money over. Merely displaying INTENT to commit a crime is enough to get you prosecuted. (Tongue in cheek) “I want to kill someone. I will give you money if you do it.” If that statement is intended to make a reasonable person believe I am serious, it is a crime. (As I said, this is all hypothetical.)

          • There has to be an active step taken to further the currently-hypothetical conspiracy; otherwise the prosecution’s case is certain to fail in court. A rational prosecutor knows that while less could certainly be prosecuted, if he is actually to get a conviction — if he is to convince a jury that, beyond a reasonable doubt, the defendant wasn’t simply blowing off steam — he needs a concrete next conspiratorial step to have been taken.

            But you’re right about one thing — handing money over isn’t the only way. For example, driving the proposed hit man to your house so he can see what your husband looks like would also do, whether or not he got to see your husband.. In fact, showing the hit man a photo of your husband might be sufficient.

            But things have to go beyond mere words if you want a conviction, and absent a concrete step a convicted defendant might well win on appeal that the case had been overcharged and therefore should be dismissed..

            Details aside, I’m not aware of any jurisdiction in the USA where a prosecutor’s professional ethics would allow him to even file a case that he wasn’t very, very confident he could win. State bar association ethics rules forbid this everywhere, as far as I know.

            A defense attorney is ethically bound to defend his client as vigorously as possible. A prosecutor is ethically bound to seek justice, not a conviction, unless a) justice requires a conviction, and b) a conviction is very likely.

          • I think you are right. I was just saying HYPOTHETICALLY you could be prosecuted. Obviously any DA worth his salt would want some kind of overt act to make a strong case.

    • “The acts of terrorism and murder committed by these dangerous cults are all anyone really needs to know about them.”
      Wrong. “Duh fack dat dey iz agin da wite man iz awso wut I iz wants tuh noe. Knome-sayin?”

  • RaySist27

    You know what we need? More black Muslims.

  • EuropeanIdentity33

    I really hope ISIS is dumb enough to use blacks for terrorist attacks. Then watch them post all over social media the time, location, method and the names of everyone who’s involved.

    • ghettovalley

      Ahmed was tagged in this post.

  • ghettovalley

    Blacks in this country never cease to amaze me with their staggering levels of degeneracy.

  • They want to leave and join ISIS? Good. Why are we trying to stop them? Hey, the typical black will do less harm fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq than he will do right here in America.

    • Speedy Steve

      They are very good at running away.

    • Susan

      I agree. If they pay for the flight let them go!!! Now we productive citizens will have to support these two useless sub-humans: court costs, lawyers, incarceration.

      • In the case of those two I would GLADLY pay for the flight. Cheaper in the long term, my friend.

  • I think the pictures tell us all we really need to know.

  • Yeah, and if it were not for ISIS, these people would just be loyal guardsmen and serve America. (Yeah, you can stop laughing now!)

  • Speedy Steve

    Heavy dot com has this delicious quote from their erudite cousin:
    The feds ran in my auntie house and at the same time ran in my Lil cousin house and went to my moms house and they locked up my two Lil cousins for being Muslim saying they might be terrorist or might be recruiting for Isis my Lil cousins are not terrorist they are young Muslim brothers with family’s and children my family are practicing Muslims with no threatening ties to no terrorist groups they are asking the Muslim women in my family bogish questions and even went as far as to ask were they part of some elaborate scheme they are holding my family down town Chicago at the federal building ain’t no telling how many of there rights been violated they took all the computers cell phones had my family confined for hours for nothing my cousins ous just young muslins that love and worship there creator may Allah find favor in my family and free my cousins of any alleged wrong doing you brothers and sisters keep them in y’all prayers ……… Abu isa and hasan .rasheed Edmonds.

    • Germanicus

      Wow…I am just trying to catch my breath after reading that megasentence. It always a delight to see an example of writing that is worse than mine. I hope these guys and their buddies get an even longer sentence in prison. And thst is not a “bogish” thing.

    • Perpetual Guest

      How did he manage to spell “elaborate” correctly?

  • Speedy Steve

    Hard to say. They seem to favor whacking each other over insignificant slights.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Give ’em all free vodka, says I…

  • 李冠毅

    I do not deny that ISIS is a bunch of dangerous fanatics. However, you may be doing them a bit of injustice here. This is just a couple of admirers hoping to “join the ranks”; they are not part of ISIS, at least not yet anyway. How do we know if the ISIS merely regards these two as wannabes who are more trouble than worth? If they were rejected by ISIS but still went on to carry out attacks, then those attacks should not really be blamed on ISIS. Who knows, maybe the ISIS would have been annoyed by the attacks because they view the attacks as impulsive, poorly planned attacks that has done the movement more harm than good. Not that I support these fanatics, I just think that blaming ISIS for acts that are not directly connected to them in any way is like blaming all Whites for the actions of a fringe few.

    • No, ISIS has filled up with all the lunatics and psychopaths of the world. They wanted to burn that Jordanian pilot alive. They made a video on it, for crying out loud. Now, as to these two, remember, ISIS has little experience with American blacks. I am sure that if a sizable number do go to Syria, the other ISIS members will see how useless a race they are, and regret recruiting them. They would only be good as suicide bombers. And that is something an American black will never do: Giving their life for something is not in blacks’ DNA-especially American blacks. They are way too egotistical. Yeah, I wish more American blacks DID join ISIS. As I already said, they would do less harm to America over there than over here.

  • rentslave

    Is there a shortage of rope in that area?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Islam — and the terrorism that inevitably accompanies it — appeals to nigros because it is violent, savage and predatory, just like they are…

  • Speedy Steve

    It’s searching for a publisher for such a masterpiece of Afro-lit.

  • Alden

    Surname is Edmonds an English name. They are American blacks, hundreds of years in this country

  • Hilis Hatki

    And they just happen to share their plans with a government informate.

  • Hammerheart

    ISIS made a pretty big mistake in entrusting two africans to carry out a rather complex attack on the surveillance capital of the world. This is both a blessing and curse.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    “We is all cuzzins, cause we all be related…

  • Susan

    It’s low IQ.