300 Victims Groomed and Assaulted by Oxfordshire Gangs, Report Finds

Telegraph, March 2, 2015

A damning report is expected to disclose that more than 300 young people have been groomed and sexually exploited by gangs in Oxfordshire over the past 15 years.

Systemic failures by police and social services meant victims were subjected to years of sexual torture, rape and trafficking, it is understood.

The victims, mostly girls, come predominantly from Oxford, making it the latest area in Britain to be embroiled in a scandal over the handling of child sex abuse and proving the issue is not confined to inner cities.

One senior investigative source told The Guardian: “If you think you haven’t got a problem in your city or town, you are just not looking for it.”

The report comes after seven men were jailed for a string of horrendous child sex crimes against six victims, aged between 11 and 15, over a seven-year period.


All of the victims had a background in care and their plight was brought to the attention of the authorities on a number of occasions.

The men were jailed in 2013, but a serious case review by the Oxfordshire safeguarding children board will be published on Tuesday.

It is expected to condemn Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire social services for failing to act.

Key findings are will expose how police officers and social workers failed to believe the girls when they detailed the abuse they were suffering, and dismissed their complaints.

The report will also put a figure on the extent of the abuse in Oxfordshire, and is understood to have identified 300 young people who have been subjected to grooming and abuse between 1999 and 2014. All have been spoken to by police or social services.

However, it is feared that the figure may be just the tip of the iceberg.

The latest report follows the Jay report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, which found 1,400 young people had been subjected to grooming and abuse in the area over a similar time frame.

Joanna Simons, the chief executive of Oxfordshire county council, announced several weeks ago that she would be stepping down this summer.

The council has said that she will not be replaced and the management structure will be reorganised. However, the decision will now be reviewed after questions were asked about whether correct processes were followed.

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  • JackKrak

    You know, there’s a common thread to all these stories from England but I just can’t seem to put my finger on it……

    I guess I can work for the BBC now!

  • LHathaway

    Everywhere I turn on the web people are advocating for ‘justice’. There probably wasn’t this much fervor during the bad old days of rampant capital punishment. It seems almost a contest, between the left and right, on who can be toughest on crime or insensitivity. The bloodboilers are constant and continuous.

    This is one case, I suspect, where we should just leave well-enough along. I certainly am.

  • superlloyd

    As the policeman said, this is probably happening in every town in Britain that has a large muslim population of Pakis and a neutered police force.

  • Cheri Rodriguez

    Where’s The IRA when you need them?

    • OldBoris

      Or the EDL, or simply a bunch of football hooligans willing to put these beasts and their enablers to death.

      • SentryattheGate

        Instead, the taxpayers will have to pay for the long, tedious expensive trials, and IF they are convicted, the expensive incarceration, then probably welfare (instead of deporting them)! Political correctness will be the death of us (Whites)!

  • Susannah

    Wow, the magnitude of this Muslim disgrace is astounding! But let’s worry about something really important, like naming university buildings after the plethora of black British academics.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    For police officers to investigate sex offenses they require specialized training. Interviewing techniques for both victim and the accused is different from most crimes, as is the handling of physical evidence. I’d suggest what it comes down to here is simply that no-one knew what they were doing, hence they did nothing.

  • dd121

    Liberals are inflicting these muzzies on us “for the children”.

  • ncpride

    Key findings are will expose how police officers and social workers failed to believe the girls when they detailed the abuse they were suffering, and dismissed their complaints.

    Lies. They knew without question this was happening, but PC kept them from acting because of race. That’s been pretty well established now.

    My hope is that the thousands of White girls who have suffered terrible abuse from these invading monsters while their own government turned a blind eye will become hard core race realists, and inspire a new generation of White identity.

    • Marilyn Rosen

      Right..this is very disturbing

  • Dave4088

    I wonder how many half Pakistani bastards will be birthed as a result of this latest assault on white women by non-whites? I wonder how many of these girls will now be ruined for life and unable to have a normal, healthy relationship with a white male and bring white children into this world?

    To say diversity is death is an understatement.

    • NoMosqueHere

      A fate worse than death.

  • NoMosqueHere

    PC is worse for your mind than PCP.

    Islam is worse for the health of a society than AIDS.

    • Roninf9

      Its not Islam that is shipping the 3rd World hordes in, using taxpayer money to give them a living, and using the police and courts to protect them from the local British.

  • Roninf9

    Don’t these girls have fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins? Don’t these police and social workers have daughters? The tyranny that is able to force these 3rd World brutes into Britain and protect them when they rape and torture British kids to such a degree that the British are afraid to even say an unkind word about them makes the days of Stalin and Mao look like amateur hour.

    • blah1130am

      Most of them were in some sort of state custody.

      • Weisheit77

        Just another great example of why I don’t trust the state.

    • Alden

      Fathers who tried to remove their daughters from rape houses were sometimes arrested for disturbing the peace. There were several cases when police were called because of the screaming. Police would find 6 or7 animals raping a 13,year old girl. The girls were arrested for disturbing the peace.

      • Roninf9

        The local British men should have killed the rapists and the police that protected them. Anything less is a lame excuse that will allow this travesty to continue.

        • Singingbird1

          Why should local British men get involved with people who are not family to them? People don’t care that much to risk their own safety and I think that is a Universal law.However, when there is strength in numbers that outweighs risk from the Authorities then people will take action as a group.I am hoping that this day will come soon.I can’t tell you how much ‘I absolutely love’ these foreigners who have invaded my Country.

          • Roninf9

            local British men get involved with people who are not family to them

            The native British are one big extended family. Even if they weren’t eventually someone they care about will be victimized if they don’t take matters into their own hands.

          • superlloyd

            You can be damn sure if this was the other way around the Paki muslims would band together and seek retribution as would blacks. This is on of the weaknesses Western Whites have. I’m sure the Russians wouldn’t turn the other cheek or East Europeans in general.

          • Singingbird1

            The Russians wouldn’t turn the other cheek because it is not a problem for them because they are mostly an exclusively white nation.Also,the Russians have the backing of their Government.The blacks and pakis wouldn’t turn the other cheek because they know they have Carte Blanche in Britain to abuse as they please.
            However,the indigenous British turn their cheeks because they know that the Political establishment is against them and their fellow Britons are scared to do anything under the present Regime.The indigenous Brits have to look after Number 1.
            Now do you understand what I am trying to say?

          • superlloyd

            The problem is that we have lost the sense of family and community that those other examples cited have. It’s a problem of identity and the fact that we are too comfortable with our fast disappearing quality of life. At some point, the pendulum will swing the other way despite the fear that the discredited governments and MSM engender. We are not powerless. That is just defeatism. Now do you understand what I am arguing?

          • Singingbird1

            Yes I do and I am with you all of the way.But we must get together as a Family to overthrow the present political regime.It is invidious to confront the immigrant invaders ourselves,personally as the Government would make our lives hell.

      • Bill Moore


        If the police had recognized that non-whites were raping a Caucasian girl, and reported it, they would be accused of racism, and would have lost their job.

        We’ll soon be the same way in the USA.

        Bill Moore

    • Bill Moore


      To recognize that it’s a problem would be “racist”, and everyone seems to fear that word.

      We are so brainwashed. Putin once said that the USA has the best propaganda system he has ever seen.

      Bill Moore

  • KenelmDigby

    Oxfordshire is not a declining north of England former industrial region, or even the inner city decay and depravation of inner London. It is the quintessence of middle England, being a pleasant mostly agricultural county with a high standard of living – containing many ‘holiday homes’ – and, of course, Oxford University.
    The message is that if this sort of systematic abuse can happen in Oxfordshire, it can happen anywhere.

  • Light from the East

    Well, you have the 3rd world immigrants, of course you have the 3rd world crime rate.

  • Hammerheart

    How many more reports of Pakistanis coming to England to take advantage of their too generous social benefits programs and ruin their young women will she suffer before she says enough is enough? Does the white man now lack courage and fortitude to do what is right?

    Is selling out your own people for coin really worth it?

  • I have pretty much run out of things to say on this situation. It never ends.

    Here is the recipe.

    Take one purposefully broken down society (family, morality, hedonism, drugs etc).

    Add in multiracial brainwashing and cohesion drives that make non-common race pairings “normal” and something to be accepted, or at least not out of the ordinary.

    Flood with more than a soupçon of unruly and repressed Islamic youths harnessed on an Islamic supremacy drive coupled with “gangsta rap” style culture.

    Sprinkle with white guilt, capitulation and a regime that locks up people for speaking out.

    Massage the mixture with messages of not revolting, to embrace what is happening to Britain, that to do so is to be better, nicer, sweeter and much more moral than everybody else that can leave a bitter taste.

    Cram all the state services with these people up to the brim.

    Bake the cake mixture for decades until cooked.

    Listen to low level flack about how Nationalists and randomly scattered English folk who give a toss should un-bake the cake and return things to their original recipe components.

    This would potentially entail trying to find several hundred guilty people in towns and cities that comprise of tens of thousands of these people, whilst the establishment sit back and actively keep us out of that kitchen whilst feigning that lessons will be learnt and allowing another cake to bake.

    Hopefully in the short to medium term a time will come where any sight of a white girl near a Pakistani will be investigated or challenged, making it such a pain in the rear that it puts them of race-mixing and puts the Pakistanis in more fear they will be rumbled.

    What will happen ultimately, I don’t really know. The media and establishment are turning into a “failure of authorities” scandal rather than getting to the real causation of the problem – themselves and their ideologies that allowed this mixture to come together.

    • Cindy

      “The media and establishment are turning it into a “failure of authorities” scandal rather than getting to the real causation of the problem – themselves and their ideologies that allowed this mixture to come together.”
      *standing and clapping*
      You nailed it!

    • Fredrik_H

      It’s not only white guilt.

      A lot of the white middle class who make up the bureaucracy hate “white trash” (which in their eyes tend to be everything from homeless junkies to your regular working class whites) but claim to love diversity, at least from afar.

      IMO, they despise what they used to be, ie, white working class.

      • They seem to see such people, often victims of their former policies and thought processes, as beneath them.

        They probably see them as being uneducated, uncultured, incapable of comprehending the wonders they see with ‘diversity’ – they probably see people who they have to either ridicule or condemn for their “ignorance” and “irrational hatred” or something to take on as ‘pet projects’ in order to force them to ‘see the light’ regardless of what they want.

        I recently challenged some liberals in a discussion. None them had any idea about any of the subjects I brought up (aside from the surface level debate tools most people have been armed with) – they were also unable to understand logical arguments and picture how things may be in decades to come.

        Yet their own ignorance did not stop them trying to lecture me as to how things are. They clubbed together to turn me into some kind of monster and thus turned it into an emotional based issue rather than a reality based issue.

        They probably went “smugly” off in the knowledge they managed to “shame” somebody. Only the didn’t really, for I was not ashamed of my statements, I was only ashamed for their ignorance and incapacities.

        Too many people are such smug liberals.

        • Cindy

          It’s impossible to have any kind of intelligent debate with a liberal. They see the world and themselves through their emotions.
          They love the superiority they “feel” when they see themselves as “enlightened” or “open-minded” and anyone who disagrees with them as “mean” “close-minded” or “ignorant.”
          “Pet Project?” That’s their favorite. They love having minorities on the dole and under their thumb.
          Of course they had to turn you into a monster, that’s their game.
          That and only that.
          No facts, no statistic, no history. Just emotions.
          Liberals are children with adult bodies playing make believe.

        • Bill Moore

          Hello British Activism,

          We have the identical problem in the USA.

          My discussions have followed the same pattern as your discussions with seemingly intelligent young people.

          Their propandization has been complete. Facts bounce off them.

          Bill Moore

  • Bill Moore


    As in the USA, exploitation of young Caucasian women by non-Caucasians is encouraged.

    That was the main reason for integrating the public schools. To give access to young Caucasian women by non-Caucasians.

    The “powers that be” want to have a “chocolate” country. The media encourages it. The public school education encourages it. Washington DC encourages it.

    There are 38,000 beautiful Caucasian women raped by non-whites in the USA each year, and a thousand or so are beaten and tortured to death afterwards. That’s from the 2005 crime statistics.

    Bill Moore