19 Students, 18 of Them Girls, Charged After High School Brawl

ABC 7 (New York), March 26, 2015

Authorities say they’ve charged 19 students, 18 of them girls, in connection with a brawl that broke out at an upstate New York high school.

Local media report that the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrests Wednesday, a week after a large fight occurred shortly before noon March 18 in the main lobby area at Elmira High School.

Officials say the fight appears to have been planned. The melee led to the school being placed on lockdown for a short period.


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  • Ron Cheaters

    Type in black’s at McDonald’s..
    Seemingly endless entertainment such as this behavioral study.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      Or Chuck E. Cheese.


      I was waiting for Jane Goodall to start narrating on the video.

    • Michael Whalen

      Ron, Marvelous suggestion! I thought I was watching the National Geographic Channel or the Discovery Channel. Hours of entertainment! Just one fly in the ointment. At least a third of these videos are flagged so that you have to actually sign in. “Disturbing content”, you know.

      • Ron Cheaters

        lol its epidemic

  • “Hair hatted hooligans, going out and actin’ a fool again….”

    Yes, I anxiously await his video.

    • APaige

      I was waiting for the ‘money shot’- scattered weaves on the floor.

  • dubyasee

    Chimp out! (sung to the tune of Chic’s Freak Out)

  • RacialRay

    Years ago, as a bouncer in a nightclub in a college town, my fellow knuckle-draggers and I championed a policy of never interfering in a catfight. Not only were these considered of prime entertainment value, but the possibility always existed that when the combatants were done yanking one another’s hair, they might move on to shredding blouses. Our clientele was exclusively lily-white and despite the fact that this was the era before the legal drinking age was raised to 21, a fair number of these femmes fatales were nonetheless underaged.

    There is quite a difference, I am certain, between two skinny white girls feebly duking it out over one having called the other’s outfit ‘tartish’, and a phalanx of heavily-armed eighth-ton she-boons beating the snot out of each other over a similar perceived slight. I never felt my own personal safety was at risk around white girls, but supersized negresses with nothing at all to lose frankly scare me.

    • White women who fight won’t really fight for long, it’s not in their habit, and they stop once they get separated.

      The Beasty Squad, tumbleweave keep on tumbling, will fight until almost the death. Worse, once they’re done, they’re not really done. They’ll get their men all amped up, and then the men will start shooting each other in earnest.

      • Travis Lee

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Sung to the tune of the old British song, “Just pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag…”

      “Just pull out your box-knife from your hip pocket and smile, smile, smile.”

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      The reason women are so dangerous in bar fights is that they’re the first ones to grab for weapons e.g. bottles, glass ashtrays, chairs, pool cues, etc. They’re also usually the ones holding guns for their (felon) boyfriends. In almost 20 years of bartending in biker bars and strip clubs, the worst fight I ever had was me vs. a 20-ish Puerto Rican chick who weighed about 110 lbs. And I’m a 200 lb. guy.

      • Spikeygrrl

        A 200 lb ex-Marine called Cheri??? Now I really have heard everything.

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          1. You think Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson are real names too? C’mon, Ms. Grrl, this is the Internet. Hmmm, Grrl, is that perhaps German?
          2. When I was in, we had a Gunny who kept his first name a military secret. I had to play recon and secretly go through his personnel file in admin because nobody in the company knew what it was. Turns out it was “Leslie.” Growing up sure must have been interesting for him.
          3. No such thing as an ex-Marine. You either are or you aren’t.

          • Spikeygrrl

            1. It’s confusing when people use screen names that look like real names, but are not. If you’re not going to use your real name, at least come up with something interesting as your screen name! My screen name is one variation of the real life nickname I’ve had for 30 years: Spike, Spikey, or Spikey-girl, it’s all the same to me.
            2. Ever heard of Leslie Nielsen?
            3. Do you believe that “once a Marine, always a Marine” applies even to Marines who were dishonorably discharged? If you say “no,” you open the door to other “exceptions” as well. “Retired” Marine is inaccurate unless he served his full 20. And “Marine who is not currently serving” sounds to civilians like he’s just on vacation or stepped out for coffee.

            Go easy on me, “Cheri,” if only because my husband is a multiply-deployed, career NCO USN FMF “Doc” with almost a dozen years in. If indeed “once a Marine, always a Marine,” then all those lives and limbs he saved in Iraq belong to your brothers in arms.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            1. Cheri: the name of a female friend who was murdered. Rodriguez: I’ve explained that one enough on this forum.
            2. Leslie is an excellent name if you’re a comedian or rock star; rough name if you’re an average working guy on the street.
            3. You made it through boot camp, you’re a Marine. Even Charles Whitman ended up being buried with full military honors.

          • Spikeygrrl

            1. People react/respond to men and women very differently — which IMHO is right and proper. As long as you’re OK with being perceived and responded to as a woman, it’s no skin off my nose.

            2. So funny that you say that a gender-neutral name like Leslie would be hard on an “average” man…and yet you pick a screen name which is DEFINITELY female. [For the record, I don’t think there is such a creature as an “average man”…but then again I’m a woman. I was raised to evaluate men as individuals, else how to find The One? I’m happily married now, but old habits die hard.]

            3. You did not answer my question, so I’ll ask it again: What DO you call a Marine who is PERMANENTLY no longer serving but did not retire?

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            1. Check out Cherry Ganz. DEFINITELY a masculine character. I went with the “i” instead of the “y” at the end.
            2. See #1.
            3. Marine.

          • Spikeygrrl

            So, there is NO word or phrase to differentiate a Marine on active duty from one who has mustered out? How confusing for all concerned.

            So sue me for asking, I was only trying to avoid any future gaffes.

            Nevermind. Have a nice life.

          • Alden

            Man or woman, Cheri or Charles I love Cheri’s comments

          • Spikeygrrl

            So did I until he/she/it started splitting hairs. In the almost 12 years I’ve been part of the military community I have only twice before been subject to this level of vitriol for simply asking a question.

            It would seem that in his/her/its world, no good intention goes unpunished.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            You/it/thing bring it on yourself by continuing to dig, dig, dig even after something has been explained to you. Like when I mentioned the term “Hollywood Marine” in another thread. You just thought you were so right and wouldn’t let it go until others chimed in and helped set you straight. And even then you still wanted to argue and dig and shoot people down which in any world isn’t even close to “good intentions.”

          • Spikeygrrl

            Go ahead, pick on a girl — and a Doc’s wife at that. Your once a Marine, always a Marine buddies will be so proud.

            Yesterday and today there were three active duty Marines (and one Army guy) at my house, helping my husband the Doc re-sod the back yard. I fed them from-scratch breakfast and lunch and really enjoyed their company. Doc offered to pay them for their time, or at least to fill their gas tanks. TO A MAN they refused.

            Now THAT’s a Marine.

            Have a happy life nursing your grudges, whatever they may be. Keep needling and dissing me all you want, but life is too short for me to keep reading and responding … and you can bask in the satisfaction of “having the last word.”

          • texasoysterman

            You seem to have a lot of anger within you.
            But I’m no shrink.
            Never mind.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Of course I get angry when the military community starts eating it’s own. If I didn’t, I would be a poor excuse for a military wife.

            If you want call that insanity, it’s no skin off my nose. I call it loyalty, which every wife owes to her husband.

          • H. Mueller

            That’s a good story about the Gunny. I can just picture him and his attitude about his name. Just about guarantee that he has told many who knew it that if they called him that he would kill them or something to that effect.

      • Canadian Friend


        A Men’s health article many years ago, with statistics from the police included ( I should have kept it ) revealed that in domestic violence initiated by women, such women are 4 or 5 times more likely to hit the man with an object such as a phone, a shoe or a bottle while men tend to use their hands/fists only.

        Another interesting fact; at least half of domestic violence was initiated by women…the women had admitted to it!

        Of course being smaller and weaker than men it is women who end up beaten and with black eyes, but they are not the sweet innocent angels today’s feminists and leftists assure us they are.

        There was no mention of race but we all know certain demographics are far more violent than whites are…

    • NowhereTearsOfHonor

      Big,big difference between a human catfight and a two-ton shegroid-with-gorilla-hands brawl.

    • MBlanc46

      It’s past time that I express my delight in both your user name and your Andy Capp avatar.

      • RacialRay

        Why, thank you, Mel! Love your cartoon voices, too.

    • ElComadreja

      I’ve never hit a woman but I wouldn’t think twice about dropping one of these black 300 pound beasts.

    • Susan

      “…eighth-ton black women” — funny. Whenever blacks are fighting it’s best not to get too close—just close enough to film it for latter entertainment.

  • Chip Carver

    Summer is coming and it’s going to be a hot one! Our friends in the media are going to make doubly sure of that, as the “anniversary” of the canonization of Saint Michael Brown, among other things, approaches.

  • shmo123

    Between the pixeled out faces, and general chaos, I’m not sure what the video was suppose to show; I’ll just call it a pep rally at Chimp Out High. Go chimps!

  • That explains quite a bit. I imagine that most of the town’s black residents are there because they want to be close to relatives doing time inside the prison. So that’s how they ended up with the town’s high school having enough blacks for this to happen.

  • james AZ

    BEST BLACK SOAP OPERA in the world !!!!!!!$&@#%^¥><%^[email protected]@[email protected](?&@#%£$&&)@!!!

  • Speedy Steve

    Chemung County is only 6% black. Apparently this is too many to maintain law and order in the schools. In the city of Elmira only 1 census tract is majority African. Whites are far too tolerant.

  • MBlanc46

    Negresses on the rampage in Elmira, NY. I would never have thought there’d be enough diversity there to have so many Negroes arrested in one go, but, then, I’m often surprised at the places where there are congregations of them.

  • superlloyd

    Eek ook, bix nood ! Sheboons fighting over mating rights or the last banana?

  • Belinda Boundreau

    Remove negroes from civilized schools. Bring back ‘Jim Crow’.

    • Epiminondas

      It’s the only way “forward”. Anything else is a descent into savagery.

  • carriewhite64

    The Hallowed Halls of Academia.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Well, Spring must be in the Air!

    In Florida too:

    A huge brawl breaks out at a Tallahassee apartment complex, and it’s all caught on camera. It happened Wednesday, at an apartment complex on Joe Louis St. While no one was arrested, several people could be evicted because of the fight.

    http //www wctv tv/home/headlines/Huge-Brawl-at-Tallahassee-Apartment-Complex-Caught-on-Tape-297727861 html

    Note to self: Add “Joe Louis” to the list of names of streets, avenues, boulevards, freeways, etc. to avoid – MLK, Rose Parks, Malcolm X, etc.

    As for the girl fight in upstate NY:

    As per the msm news, race is not mentioned, but I found this on another thread: A list of those arrested and what they’re charged with – the names couldn’t get anymore weird and/or perverse: Percephaine Tyler, Diamonisha Martinez, JaQuea Miller?

    Jaziah Bell, 17 – Riot 2nd / Disorderly Conduct
    Janae Blackman-Rohn, 16 – Riot 2nd / Disorderly Conduct
    Diamond Colon, 17 – Riot 2nd / Disorderly Conduct
    Jacqueline Curry-Bias, 17 – Riot 2nd / Disorderly Conduct
    Debra Dackers, 17 – Riot 2nd / Disorderly Conduct
    Shamal Gladden, 17 – Riot 2nd / Disorderly Conduct
    Aaliyah Harper, 16 – Disorderly Conduct
    Sydney King, 16 – Disorderly Conduct
    Antaisia Mack, 17 – Riot 2nd / Disorderly Conduct
    Diamonisha Martinez, 18 – Disorderly Conduct
    Kenashia McKelvery, 16 – Riot 2nd / Disorderly Conduct
    JaQuea Miller, 16 – Disorderly Conduct
    Kieran Roland-McCloe, 16 – Disorderly Conduct
    Anyai Scott, 16 – Riot 2nd / Disorderly Conduct
    Percephaine Tyler, 18 – Disorderly Conduct
    Kateisha Whitaker, 18 – Disorderly Conduct

    http //7online com/news/19-stu…

    I’ll bet all charges have already been dropped – they may even collect $$ for “police brutality” as those peaceful protersters in Ferguson did:

    Ferguson protesters won a settlement this week that will award each protester $2,500 each from three separate police agencies for using tear gas during the protests last fall.

    Each of the protesters to get a settlement of $2,500 from each of the 3 agencies involved. No proof that each of the demonstrators were gassed by each of the agencies paying them. At least $7,500 per member involved in the lawsuit.

    Sure, throw urine and feces bombs at the cops – molotov cocktails too – burn down businesses in YOUR town – collect $$ from the government.

    Life is good for blacks in America, despite what they’ll try to tell you about oppression and racism – good for now, that is…

    • Red

      Diamond Colon

      One of the best ones yet!

  • Susan

    It’s best to allow these sub-humans to just beat the shiit out of each other.

  • Jason Lewis

    How does this not effect left wing people’s view’s.

    • Blackfish

      They blame it on “the lasting effects of slavery.” What’s more, it’s your fault!

      • Jason Lewis

        True. Just one more government program and some money will fix it.

  • Lee_CPA

    Just think, one of those negresses may graduate, get into college due to affimative action admissions, get hired at your company due to all the “diversity” initiatives, and may one day be your boss because she got promoted from job to job because God knows we can’t fire her for incompetence.
    Y’all should all be ashamed for your lack of understanding of their “culture”. LOL

  • Alden

    Ever since affirmative action all those rural prison towns. Have been inundated by affirmative action black prison guards and other personnel
    Their children behave like blacks everywhere Within a few years they ruin the schools Soon they are in juvenile hall and the local county jail
    It’s bit just White women who have kids with the prisoners
    Black women have to get married for the congeal visits. So they marry. Because welfare is welfare they don’t work . So they move to the prison towns and soon their is a prison associated black thug class
    Believe me, the spawn iof the black guards and even nurses etc are as bad as the spawn of the prisoners.
    The black prison employees who settle in the town are very aggressive, belligerent and vicious in their relations with neighbors. They start fights over parking, dogs, anything to bully and harass Whites
    Because their wives and kids are nicely set up on welfare the released criminals often settle in town as well

    NYC welfare blacks fled the NYC ghettoes they created for the old upstate factory towns decades ago. They have destroyed those towns the way they destroy every place they live.

  • Was it 19 on 1?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    “Dem nigras is sho nuff sum vilent folkses…”

  • H. Mueller

    A simple classic chimpout, quite common anymore. Thank the Lord that I don’t have to live amongst the savages.