When Americans Lynched Mexicans

William D. Carrigan and Clive Webbfeb, New York Times, February 19, 2015

The recent release of a landmark report on the history of lynching in the United States is a welcome contribution to the struggle over American collective memory. {snip}

One dimension of mob violence that is often overlooked, however, is that lynchers targeted many other racial and ethnic minorities in the United States, including Native Americans, Italians, Chinese and, especially, Mexicans.

Americans are largely unaware that Mexicans were frequently the targets of lynch mobs, from the mid-19th century until well into the 20th century, second only to African-Americans in the scale and scope of the crimes. {snip}

From 1848 to 1928, mobs murdered thousands of Mexicans, though surviving records allowed us to clearly document only about 547 cases. These lynchings occurred not only in the southwestern states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, but also in states far from the border, like Nebraska and Wyoming.

Some of these cases did appear in press accounts, when reporters depicted them as violent public spectacles, as they did with many lynchings of African-Americans in the South. For example, on July 5, 1851, a mob of 2,000 in Downieville, Calif., watched the extralegal hanging of a Mexican woman named Juana Loaiza, who had been accused of having murdered a white man named Frank Cannon.

Such episodes were not isolated to the turbulent gold rush period. More than a half-century later, on Nov. 3, 1910, a mob snatched a 20-year-old Mexican laborer, Antonio Rodríguez, from a jail in Rock Springs, Tex. The authorities had arrested him on charges that he had killed a rancher’s wife. Mob leaders bound him to a mesquite tree, doused him with kerosene and burned him alive. The El Paso Herald reported that thousands turned out to witness the event; we found no evidence that anyone was ever arrested.

While there were similarities between the lynchings of blacks and Mexicans, there were also clear differences. One was that local authorities and deputized citizens played particularly conspicuous roles in mob violence against Mexicans.

On Jan. 28, 1918, a band of Texas Rangers and ranchers arrived in the village of Porvenir in Presidio County, Tex. Mexican outlaws had recently attacked a nearby ranch, and the posse presumed that the locals were acting as spies and informants for Mexican raiders on the other side of the border. The group rounded up nearly two dozen men, searched their houses, and marched 15 of them to a rock bluff near the village and executed them. The Porvenir massacre, as it has become known, was the climactic event in what Mexican-Americans remember as the Hora de Sangre (Hour of Blood). It led, the following year, to an investigation by the Texas Legislature and reform of the Rangers.

Between 1915 and 1918, vigilantes, local law officers and Texas Rangers executed, without due process, unknown thousands of Mexicans for their alleged role in a revolutionary uprising known as the Plan de San Diego. White fears of Mexican revolutionary violence exploded in July and August 1915, after Mexican raiders committed a series of assaults on the economic infrastructure of the Lower Rio Grande Valley in resistance to white dominance. The raids unleashed a bloody wave of retaliatory action amid a climate of intense paranoia.


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  • Easyrhino

    “When Americans Lynched Mexicans”
    “When Packs of Feral Blacks Attacked Unsuspecting Whites”……like today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

    Is a headline you’ll never see.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      It would be ironic to put the latter headline in past tense.

      • Speedy Steve

        It’s in the past tense, irony would put it the the present tense, the imperfect, and future perfect tenses. However, the gutter press is virtually incapable of reporting in the imperative mood. Hence all those stories featuring nebulous words like may, could, and might.

  • MekongDelta69

    Usual article by the New York Slimes blaming Whites for the world’s woes.

    Skip article…


    • LexiconD1

      My first thought, as well.

      • Speedy Steve

        I googled Clive Webbfeb. There is no such person, but this slimbucket popped up instead. A professor of American History with a dangerous propensity on migration.
        http://www sussex ac uk/profiles/109349

    • Johnny Squire

      It’s worse than usual. It’s stirring up an already festering hatred against whites among a group far larger and more dangerous to white people than blacks. If there is a race war in America’s future, it will be fought between mestizos and whites. Blacks will exhibit extreme violence against whites, but it is random and unorganized (excepting the guidance they receive from their handlers). The descendants of the Amerinds our ancestors conquered are more cohesive and a fair bit more intelligent, but are capable of the same level of savagery as blacks.

      • Michael Robert Ryan

        Indeed. I have long maintained that, even though they are less violent and impulsive than blacks, Mexicans actually pose a far greater danger to white interests on the North American continent because of their higher intelligence and greater numbers (they are only about 12% of the population of the U.S., same as blacks are, but they have scores of millions of reinforcements just south of the border in Mexico, directly adjacent to the area they comprise the majority population in here in the U.S. This is not true of blacks.)

        If there ever is a knock-down, drag-out race war in this country, the only real contenders will be whites and Hispanics. The blacks won’t last two weeks. That’s why whenever I hear some retarded black radical calling for riots and black insurrection, I just laugh. That would be the end of the black race in North America.

        • Speedy Steve

          The blacks won’t last 2 weeks because they run out of fried chicken, crack and malt liquor; items they are incapable of producing for themselves.

    • John Smith

      Would you expect anything less from a Sulzberger?

    • SentryattheGate

      And, even though it was in the past, the NYT brings it up now, probably to add fuel to the aggressive actions of illegals that Gutteriuz promised!

  • Luca

    Lynching was frontier justice. Just like any other form of justice in this country people were not excluded based on race, there was no White privilege. Plenty of White cowboy rustlers felt that rope around their neck too. Apparently no one is counting those.

    • pwnful truth

      Blacks and Mexicans were the #1 And 2 targets… Interesting, given that they are presently the #1 and 2 perpetrators of violent crime today

      • John Smith

        That’s what I’m thinking – plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      • Alucard_the_last

        And the establishment has lumped whites with hispanics in order to inflate white crime rates thus making us the chief criminals in America.

    • Jeff

      If the alleged reporter had bothered to look, he would have found hundreds, if not thousands, of incidents in which whites were lynched by mexicans either in Mexico or former areas under mexican control.

      • Luca

        Correct. How many Americans have died in Mexico as the result of corrupt police, drug cartels, banditos, etc.? Why don’t they do a study on that.

      • Laura Dilworth

        And reported that the Mexican government slaughtered its own citizens

    • jj

      Can you provide links to information on those white lynchings please?

  • Oil Can Harry

    Looks like some NY Slimes reporters want to suck up to their paper’s new owner Carlos Slime.

  • It’s just no fun to be an official victim group without actually having been lynched.

    Wake me up when we find out that Bhutanese Transgendered Vegetarians were lynched.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Well, if crime rates were proportional to today, and law enforcement was nowhere as pervasive and professional as it is now…

      Maybe it was just folks taking the law into their own hands and like in our organized modernity, they got it right more often than not…?

      Bhutanese Transgendered Vegetarians should be eaten, not lynched.

      • Sorry, I shouldn’t have. “The National Association of Bhutanese-American Transgendered Vegetarians” is just one of my memes relating to making fun of certain political phenomena.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Well, they are grain fed and probly got less toxins in them than the average American sugar fed carnivore.

          I would think in a nightmarish apocalyptic scenario that would be gourmet stuff.

          Oh wait…Bhutanese AMERICAN. Oh. Well, as Miss Emily Litella would say…

          Never mind.

          • notyranny

            With the influx of Spics we would more likely see Rosanna Rosannadanna.

  • Chip Carver

    The folks who run the show, you know, the guys who tell dimwit “I can’t function without a teleprompter” Obama what to do, are going to do their level best to inflame hispanics against whites, just as they have been doing with blacks for decades. The hypocritical racists behind all of this fun will never “see the light” and end up on our side. There’s no shortage of useful idiots whose names they can stamp on stories or prop up in front of the cameras to try and hide who and what is behind this warfare. Evil, evil people they are.

    • Gunter Mabuse

      I used to work in a supermarket in a “latino” part of town. I used to write “racist” graffiti on a pole outside. “Pancho Villa Wore Dresses.” “Zapata was Queer.” One of the other clerks asked me why i was writing those things. I told him it was to piss off the Mexicans. He said, “They can’t read English, dummy.” So I translated these phrases into rude Spanish. He asked me why I was doing that. I said that it was to piss them off. He said, “They can’t read Spanish either, dummy.” Mexicans don’t read the NYTimes.

      • Chip Carver

        Yes, but the Spanish language media does, and they will 100% guaranteed
        run this during their noticia programs. That’s SOP in Los Angeles with
        LAT and NYT stories like this. Never mind the psychological attack on
        whites that is ceaseless. The NYT, LAT, television news networks did the same with blacks for decades; few blacks read newspapers. But they do find out about these types of “stories” when it involves their people.

        Look at how many Whites don’t read that rag, yet know about stories like this. Don’t count any weapons as useless.

        I grew up surrounded by Mexicans in L.A., I know full well how they are.

        • Carney3

          Right. They watch TV, listen to the radio, and have a grapevine. Blacks have their talk show stations, barbershops etc. Hispanics are the same. Memes get distributed.

      • Bossman

        Why piss people off with offensive nonsense? No one in society benefits when you do stuff like that.

        • Speedy Steve

          Repeat after me: quite frankly, amigo, I’m really glad you’re offended.

        • John Smith

          They don’t belong here and aren’t here legally, so who cares what they like?

        • Gunter Mabuse

          Just engaging in what my idol, Barack Obama, does best. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, is it not?

        • Ken Dometriosis .

          Because it’s FUN and if they DO try to start something, it’s also FUN to beat the snot out of an illegal POS.

        • TCA

          pretty obvious he was joking. keep it up and I’ll stop thinking you’re Engelman.

          • Gunter Mabuse

            My memory may be faulty, but I don’t remember Engleman weighing in on Mexicans. I’d like to hear his opinion on browns vs. yellows.

        • Gunter Mabuse

          No one is ticked off besides you, bossman. So sorry.

        • Gunter Mabuse

          A lot of people thought that my post was not offensive nonsense, Mr. Bossman. I’d like a reply, or have you been silenced because of popular support?

      • notyranny

        Good for you at least you took action

      • Ringo Lennon

        “Mexicans don’t read the NYTimes.”

        They just take over white neighborhoods.

      • Cid Campeador

        The Pancho Villa slogan has a touch of irony. His real name was José Doroteo Arango Arángulo. He Changed his name to Franciso AKA Pancho Villa. I suppose his career as a bandit/ revolutionary would have been in jeopardy had he kept his original name. Let’s face it. Who would be afraid of a guerrilla leader named Dorothy?

    • Carney3

      Your tiresome hints don’t fit the facts about Obama’s clear antipathy to Israel which he is now unleashing since the mid terms, as part of his overall “now drops the mask” score settling, including the Cuban normalization, amnesty, etc.

      • John Smith

        Where did Rahm Emmanuel and Soros fit in then? We need to separate Israel from the secular globalist branch of The Tribe.

    • notyranny

      Simply put, soon, real soon White people are going to have to get mean.

      • antiquesunlight

        Looks like it will happen in Europe first. And then I’m moving there. Hopefully they will accept a humble American trying to come back home.

        • notyranny

          Where in Europe is home for you? My ancestors have been traced back to central England as far back as 11th century but I’m not going over there as they have been overrun. Hey, come on up to the mountains of North Carolina and “fort up” with us, when the time comes these poor ole mountain boys who are itching for a fight will make a stand. Or better yet take the fight to the enemy. Good luck partner.

          • antiquesunlight

            I recently had a dna test done and so I know that I am genetically North Western European. Specifically Irish, Scandinavian, Western European, and British. Somewhere in the British Isles would be the best fit for me, probably. Anyway, I consider all Europeans my brothers and would be happy anywhere.

          • MikeofAges

            Back in the Enlightenment days, intellectuals used to write ambitious, visionary essays. One such was entitled “The Plan for Perpetual Peace in Europe”. My latter-day entry is the title “Upon the Plausibility of Sending Everyone Back to Where They Came From”.

            I think it can be done. Yes. It is possible. Make North American into a human biodiversity zone. That’s U.N. newspeak for a place where no one lives above the level of the Stone Age. I recommend leaving behind only Native Americans, Melungeons, Creoles, Gullahs, unassimilated Appalachians and a few feral French Canadians. No technology. No outside trade. No tourism. Yup. That’s the way to go.

          • UncleSham

            Screw that. North America for Whites and whatever native tribes are left. Let South America be the human biodiversity zone.

          • MikeofAges

            Satire. Very hard to move that many people and not on anyone’s radar screen anyway. Although there are enough places to disperse the existing population to make it possible. Particularly if only younger people, adults of reproductive age and children, were moved. Those of British Isles descent to Britain and around the Commonwealth. Continental Europeans back to the Continent. Africans back to Africa. Asians back to Asia. Latin Americans back to Latin America. Jews to Israel or back to Europe.

          • notyranny

            Yes, Whites of all locales need to forget any past differences and band together.

  • LHathaway

    When Mexican commit violence they ‘assault economic structures in response to their subjection to White dominance’, in areas, I’m sure these same ‘social justice academics’, are sure to tell you were ‘majority brown back then’.

    “The Porvenir massacre, as it has become known, was the climactic event in what Mexican-Americans remember as the Hora de Sangre (Hour of Blood)”.

    If they don’t all remember it, if they’ve read this, they do now.

    No tally at all of the number of Whites lynched by Whites, or Whites lynched by Mexicans in Mexico, or the number of Whites killed by Mexicans or Indians, on either side of the border? No number at all. Some folks are considered, some are not. Some are considered by them to be human, other’s not. And in fact are considered by them to be subhuman – cause of all evil in the past and for it’s continuation in the present. Even the smallest creatures on this Earth suffer because of White men and their greed and neglect.

  • dd121

    The left doesn’t see history as a set of facts to be recalled. To them history is merely and instrument to shape their propaganda to make their points.

    • LHathaway

      As is everything. Dinesh D’Souza pointed this out in his book ‘illiberal education’. I believe he suggested Universities Teach this. Not to value knowledge for it’s own sake, but as an instrument for political application.

  • Dave West

    “From 1848 to 1928, mobs murdered thousands of Mexicans, though surviving records allowed us to clearly document only about 547 cases.”

    Isn’t that weird? The NYT assures us “thousands” were lynched; yet can only find records for 547. What happened to all those records that, of course, existed? Did the dog eat them? It seems highly unlikely “thousands” of brown people were lynched; considering about 3,300 blacks were lynched and they were about 10% of the population. Whereas “latinos” were 1% of the population at the absolute most during that time period. You want to know who killed the most Mexicans from 1848 to 1928? The answer is the French Military, Mexican citizens, and the Mexican Government.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Kind of like today with the high murder rates in Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, etc. Whites don’t kill Hispanics, Hispanics kill Hispanics.

      • Bossman

        Whites did kill Mexicans; they also lynched quite a few Italians down in New Orleans one time. Go to Google to get the full story.

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          You mean The Black Hand / Mafia? What were Whites supposed to do, let them take over and run the place? But then 99% of Mafia murders have traditionally been Sicilian-on-Sicilian, Italian-on-Italian, Sicilian-on-Italian, etc. Unless we’re talking Chicago in the 1920s: then it was Irish vs. Italian & Sicilian for the most part.

          • Luca

            The largest mass lynching took place in New Orleans in 1891. After nine Sicilians were tried and found not guilty of murdering New
            Orleans Police Chief David Hennessy, a mob dragged them from the jail, along with two other Italians being held on unrelated charges, and lynched them all. John Parker, who helped organize the lynch mob, later went on to be governor of Louisiana.

          • John Smith

            Coincidentally, that ended NOLA being the main port of entry for Italians, who instead headed to NYC afterward. IIRC, Cleveland paid damages to the families of the victims, which were promptly seized by the Black Hand.

    • JackKrak

      Funny that the same NYT that has such relaxed standards when it comes to counting these Mexican “lynchings” (we can only document 547 but, trust us, there were a lot more!) will support the deliberate under-counting of black on white crime, blacks on welfare, etc.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Murderous Latinos should be lynched, even today. They are genetic lunatics.

  • Sick of it

    Sounds like the Texas Rangers knew what they were doing. Modern law enforcement doesn’t punish the guys who give criminals a heads up.

  • JohnEngelman

    I would like to write a history of lynching, with the emphasis on what the people were lynched for, and whether or not they were probably guilty. What I have read leads me to suspect that most really were guilty of rape or murder.

    In Uncle Tom’s Children Richard Wright wrote that the fear of being lynched weighed heavily on young black men in the South. Because it weighed heavily, they were less likely to commit crimes. Consequently, life was safer for whites and blacks.

    Today the U.S. criminal justice system is a joke. For a lower class street criminal a maximum security prison is a place to make new friends, renew old friendships, and learn new crime skills.

    • Epiminondas

      This is true. Except for a very few instances, blacks really had to do some awful things to get lynched. And lynchings were covered by the press of the day. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find out why individuals were lynched.

    • Add to that, blacks feel no personal shame in being arrested or incarcerated.

      • JohnEngelman

        Having been to a maximum security prison is often a source of pride. Convicts even give each other prison tattoos.

  • Bossman

    As I understand it from comments to the NY Times story, even Italians and Jews were lynched during those times.

    • Guest

      Interesting, if I had to choose, I’d support the latter than the former.

    • Lots of plain ole regular white people were lynched too.

      Lynching was punishment and deterrence in either the total absence of or a deficient legitimate criminal justice system.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        True. No dialing 911 in 1911.

      • John Smith

        I seem to recall that more whites have actually been lynched throughout our history than negroes.

  • Alucard_the_last

    In one year, more whites are killed by negroes than all the negroes who were lynched in history. I’m tired of their whining.

  • Brady

    Mexicans lynched too…

    Here’s some irony for you. The other day I came across the Wikipedia article on the Chinese Massacre of 1871, the worst mass lynching in American history.

    The names of the eight men convicted for their participation in it:

    Alvarado, Esteban
    Austin, Charles
    Botello, Refugio
    Crenshaw, L. F.
    Johnson, A. R.
    Martinez, Jesus
    McDonald, Patrick
    M.Mendel, Louis

    Three of them were Mexican

    • Dave West

      When Mexicans kill black people, they’re considered white by the FBI.

      • John Smith

        And white people too, where it becomes “‘white’ on white” violence.

    • InAFreeCountry

      The vast majority of Mexicans that make their way up here are not of the white variety. They have very little to no European lineage. The white ones have enough money to make a good life in Mexico without having to jump the fence or swim the rio. It is disingenuous to lump the aliens in with white people.

    • Speedy Steve

      Surely you mean White hispanic!

  • RebelliousTreecko

    “In today’s charged debate over immigration policy and the growth of the Latino population, the history of anti-Mexican violence reminds us of the costs and consequences of hate.”

    I knew it. They’re trying to gather sympathy for illegal aliens.

  • Rurik

    And no mention of the hundreds of thousands of Germans killed without due process by the American military from 1942-1945. /sarc

    • IstvanIN

      A lot of common German POWs after the surrender were killed by the US.

      • Lygeia

        On Eisenhower’s orders.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          He had the Semite Morgenthau pulling the strings behind the scenes. So Morgenthau pulled the string and Eisenhower danced to it.

  • Jason Lewis

    Wow, NY Times writer, to his credit, actually mentioned the Plan of San Diego. He however didnt mention the plan was to kill all white men in the southwest over 16 years of age. That would kinda explain people’s sense of self preservation in how they reacted to it.

  • MartelsGhost

    Lets see, roughly 4000 people of all colors “lynched” for committing heinous crimes over an 86 year period. 10000 blacks killed by other blacks from the time Zimmerman was accused to the time the verdict came in exonerating him……………..tell me more about how horrible all these lynchings were………………………

    In hindsight it sure seems like things were more peaceful for everybody, not just Whites, while lynchings were acceptable. Maybe we should go back to lynching………….

    • Lygeia

      No, we can’t “go back to lynching.” We have to be better than that.

      But is ironic and worth pointing out that more black men have been killed by each other than were ever killed by lynching.

      Not that I am a proponent of lynching.

      That is a way too much a violent Mad Max scenario for me.

      • MartelsGhost

        Why does everybody always say “we have to be better than that”?


        Who defines what is morally “better”?

        I say we have to be victorious and peaceful. I say our enemies convinced us long ago that weakness and cowardice were good substitutes for victory and strength.

        Only our enemies try to convince us to be magnanimous in our weakness.

        I would put them all on pikes and line the roads of the Apian way if I had to in order to keep my people safe.

        Only a truly treacherous enemy begs for mercy while hiding a blade in their hand. Our enemies are waiting for us to be forgiving and empathetic. It is our weakness and they know it, they will play on our own weaknesses in order to gain an advantage.

        Are blacks “better than that”?

        Are islamic jihadihs “better than that”?

        Is your enemy “better than that”? Moral victory at the cost of losing ones army, indeed ones people is no victory at all.

        • Lygeia

          If you descend to their level, you become them.

          You are no longer you, but them.

          That’s why.

          This doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself; of course you can.

          • MartelsGhost

            Defend? What we need is a good old fashioned un-apologetic offense.

            The problem comes with White people embracing a martyrs mindset brought on by forced conversions to a middle-eastern religion.

            I use all sorts of methods to kill fire-ants in the backyard. I use chemicals, liquids, fire, etc. I attack when they’re home and sleeping, I attack their children. I have yet to grow antennae……………….

            You are doomed to weak minded defeatist attitudes when you assume that you can ever become your enemy through victory.

  • John Smith

    Funny, but I’d say they were second in number of lynchings because they were second in the number of crimes they committed against white Americans. That those lynched didn’t usually deserve it is a myth, IMO.

  • Capn Dad

    “The horror…the horror.” – COL Kurtz, Apocalypse Now

  • H. Leonskoi

    I am so sick of this constant anti-white villainization of whites by dishonest melano-supremacists, the dirty filth that is the melanogharchist melanosupremacist. They are dishonest traitor scum. They are the reason that I became a race realist. Their anti-white totalitarian witch hunts and the dirty inquisition that they are pursuing motivated me and continue to motivate me. We need to fight these dishonest melanosupremacists tooth and nail. Anti-racist IS anti-white. They don’t consider it code for anti-white but in reality they ARE anti-white. Melanosupremacists FOAD.

  • Ken Dometriosis .

    Soooooooooo….what’s the issue? I don’t see anything wrong with killing off the enemy and they ARE the enemy.

  • IstvanIN

    Of course they want to inflame Hispanics. They need all the genocidal soldiers they can recruit.

  • Epiminondas

    And the evil fools would do it again if given the chance.

  • TCA

    That would make a great t-shirt.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    More of them should have lynched, then no illegal immigration.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    This shows that white lives should matter more than black lives.

  • Hubbub

    “From 1848 to 1928, mobs murdered thousands of Mexicans, though surviving records allowed us to clearly document only about 547 cases.”

    While we’re conjecturing, let’s just make it ‘tens of thousands of Mexicans.” Why, let’s just up it to maybe ‘a million or two, more or less.”

    The NYT is letting it’s yellow journalism show more often, now. Shame be upon them; it not shame, then hell and damnation.

  • bilderbuster

    “From 1848 to 1928, mobs murdered thousands of Mexicans though surviving records allowed us to clearly document only 547 cases”.
    In other words we’ll just have to take the word of the New York Time that there were thousands of lynchings of perfectly innocent Mexicans by evil Whites because they have absolutely no proof except their outstanding record of accuracy.

    • Laura Dilworth

      How many natives did the Aztecs kill? Ripping out the hearts of their victims while they were still alive

      • bilderbuster

        We’ll never know because the Aztecs didn’t keep written records.
        There is no written history of Mexico until after the Spaniards liberated the Mexicans from the blood thirsty Aztec regime.

        • Laura Dilworth

          Cortes inc. Said they fought neighbors

  • libertarian1234

    These NYT geeks are disgusting. This is their attempt to create more intimidation among white people.
    I wouldn’t doubt that their intent is to shut us up about talking about the atrocities of ISIS, because the fools think if we busted our butts trying to improve their economy and get them jobs then everything will be o.k. They’ll quit killing for Allah.
    That’s exactly the same excuses they use for black crime and violence. They’re just regurgitating the old blame whitey mantra. I’m surprised they’re not advocating midnight soccer to keep them busy.
    And the Mexicans that were allegedly lynched. How many crimes had they committed?
    Also I’m wondering why they didn’t point out that Mexicans lynched more Mexicans than whites ever did, if that isn’t another leftist lie. Poncho Villa used to hang them like ornaments from tree branches and called it a “fruit tree.”
    And I wondered why, after over running the Alamo with 5000 troops after days of being repelled, why didn’t the NYT weenies report that the POW’s were murdered on the spot?

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Well Pancho Villa killing his fellow Mexicans is like black on black crime. Now racism there. So there is no need to mention that because no whites to throw stones at.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Oh do not give them ideas now, or it will never end.

  • BillMiller66

    Mexican chaos and political violence spilled across the border into Texas, so local communities took stiff measures to deal with it. Innocents always get hurt in wzr zones. It’s tragic but it happens.

  • ElComadreja

    Who cares? Just more hate whitey propaganda.

  • libertarian1234

    Mexican’s lynched?
    Even if this is true what has that to do with anything occurring today? Nobody today had anything to do with it.
    Bringing it up has no purpose other than to sow hate and hostility, because the NYT is a hate group that spews division and dissension.
    It’s like the community organizer trying to justify today’s ISIS atrocities by saying the Crusades nearly a thousand years ago involved Christians killing Muslims….and his analogy was made even more inane, when he failed to mention that the Crusaders fought the Muslim hordes who invaded Europe in response to the murder, torture and mayhem they had been perpetrating for many years.
    These evil black liars and manipulators and their puppet masters in the media have no place in Western society, just as Islam has no place either.

  • Jeff Traube

    But of course no mention of Pancho Villa’s terrorist raids in the US, which killed dozens of Americans – civilians and military – around the time of the First World War.

  • Kris Chringle

    These New York Times articles are so dumb. Everybody knows that, back then, public hangings were a normalcy. So, if you robbed a Stage Coach, there’s a good chance you’d get the gallows. And, any serious crime was punishable by death. One Century earlier than that, British kids were executed just for stealing bread. In other words: The New York Times is trying to play a psychological game with us. They’re going back into a moment in time while basing it on Today’s Standards. So, it’s gonna sound real bad when they talk about lynchings. Meanwhile, if you look at all the whites who’ve been murdered or raped by non-whites within the past 2 years, it’s a national tragedy. Hell, for that matter, why doesn’t the New York Times focus on the murders committed by Drug Cartels THIS PAST YEAR? It doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • Speedy Steve

      The NY Slimes doesn’t want to get the same treatment as Charlie Hebdo. I guess the god of free speech is fickle. Better stick to slamming YT.

    • 1G25

      “They’re going back into a moment in time while basing it on Today’s Standards.”

      Absolutely. The same tactic used to stir up modern racial enmity.

      See also: “… don’t get on your high horse…” re Muslim atrocities today vs. incidents during the Crusades.


  • UncleSham

    Punishment of criminals through due process is a White invention. Mob violence towards African and Mexican murderers/rapists was really just a way to honor their native cultures.

  • UncleSham

    I’ve had Liberals tell me that executing murderers is no better than allowing them to kill again because either way someone dies.

  • Hank Richter

    Who wants to bet me more hispanics will be killed this year by other hispanics than the entire amount killed over these years of lynching?

  • H. Leonskoi

    I would like to see these lying waste-of-space white narcissists once admit 1) how many whites were lynched, 2) how many whites have been killed by Mexicans, and 3) how many whites have been killed by blacks. To hell with anti-whites. FO AD anti-whites and communist scum. Keep your powder dry people.

    • H. Leonskoi

      PS What is worse, a bloodthirsty anti-white melano-savage or a white traitor to his own people selling out the future well-being, safety, and even survival of whites and his own grandchildren so that he can pat himself on the back and receive a fat paycheck from his hostile foreign owner?

  • Kevin Spy

    There’s not enough trees and rope to finish off all these south of the border rodents today.