Posted on February 19, 2015

What If Illegal Aliens Were All White People?

Pedro Gonzalez, American Thinker, February 19, 2015

What if illegal aliens were all white people, from Europe? And what if George W. Bush were still president, and wanted to give them all amnesty? How do you think Democrats and the media would react?

“Bush is giving these illegals white privilege by moving them to the head of the line in front of legal immigrants with brown and black skin,” Chris Matthews would declare.

“These people come to our country and take jobs away from hardworking citizens, especially minorities who are most heavily hit by this,” so Nancy Pelosi would speak.

“The President is acting unconstitutionally and is risking impeachment by his actions, just like President Reagan did when he armed the Contras in Nicaragua,” this from Harry Reid. “We need to hold televised hearings, a lot of them, to find out exactly what happened and determine if impeachment is appropriate.”

The media would pound away day after day with the fact that Bush is favoring foreign white people over minorities, and that Bush is acting without authority to do so and is driving this country into a constitutional crisis. And how would Republicans act to defend him?

“I think this is something that has to be looked into,” John McCain would say. “We can’t be seen to be favoring one group over another.”

“I think the President can’t act on this without Congress’s approval,” John Boehner would echo. “We’re going to put a rider into the next budget that will prevent this without explicit congressional approval.”

Now, return to reality. We have a situation where the vast majority of illegal aliens are from Latin America, and what is everyone’s reaction?

The media is silent on the extraconstitutionality of the president’s actions, while acting as a cheerleader for amnesty.

The Democrats are marching lockstep behind President Obama, refusing to vote for a homeland security bill that doesn’t permit his illegal amnesty. Not one Democrat has turned against him, either on the amnesty issue, or the issue of his violating the Constitution by granting amnesty without authority.

And Republicans have held no hearings, are afraid to call the president out for violating the Constitution, and afraid of defunding the amnesty for fear of being accused of “shutting the government down.”

Do you see how easy it is to favor one ethnic group over another when the favored group has a political party behind it who won’t back down, and the other political party will never stand up? It’s just like in Animal Farm, all the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. We will never have true racial equality in this country as long as one party insists on favoritism and the other party is afraid to stand on principle.