Welcome To NBCBLK, A Letter From the Editor

Amber Payne, NBC News, January 22, 2015

NBCBLK covers stories by, for and about the black community. Our product is meant to elevate America’s conversation about black identity, politics, and culture. We share positive, solution-based journalism and report on challenging issues that communities of color face today. NBCBLK taps NBC News journalists around the world to tell these stories, and we curate reports from NBC News platforms–Nightly, Today Show, Dateline, and local affiliates among other NBC outlets.

We welcome your ideas, your feedback, and your perspective.

Amber Payne, Editor

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  • What, The Root, The Grio, WSHH, BET and MSNBC weren’t enough already?

    NBCBLK…sounds like a Comcast attempt to grease the political skids for something, some big merger or buyout. I know they’ve been eyeing Time-Warner’s cable properties and ISP services like a hawk.

    • TruthBeTold

      It’s likely most blacks aren’t even aware of all their options. Most believe there isn’t any black media.

      • LexiconD1

        I’d love an, HONEST, static on how many blacks are functional illiterates.

        • benvad

          I’d like to know what they could do on their own.

      • John Smith

        Most of the MSM IS the black media, last I checked, or do the self-hating white liberals bother them too much even when baring their throats to feral negroes?

    • propagandaoftruth

      What’s changed?

    • Speedy Steve

      You neglected to mention Pacifica; which old time Virginian Democrats commonly referred to in the 1970s as Radio Free ||!99er

      • I never heard it, but I always thought Pacifica was way more white leftist than black militant.

        • WR_the_realist

          Pacifica is white leftists who gush over black militants.

  • “NBCBLK covers stories by, for and about the black community.” One wonders at how such an exclusionary mission can possibly “elevate America’s conversation about black identity, politics, and culture.”

    • John Smith

      When you’ve got a subject so far down the cultural and evolutionary chain, it’s damned near impossible.

    • DonReynolds

      It is the Liberal and black nationalist wet dream……a news channel where whitey cannot talk back and they control all sides of the conversation about race.
      (I think I am going to barf.)

      • John Smith

        Whitey pretty much doesn’t talk back on the regular channels of the MSM, usually parroting the black narrative verbatim.

        • DonReynolds

          Yeah…..I love that “Fair and Balanced” as long as it is politically correct.

      • benvad

        Isn’t that already being done on MSNBC??

        • DonReynolds

          It seems the white liberals and the blacks have been struggling over who gets to talk into the microphone and they have decided to resolve the problem by giving the blacks their own channel.

          One must wonder why they condemn the same solution when we do it? The white liberals can do segregation but we cannot?

    • ejXinMI

      I don’t want a conversation about black identity! You can’t make me talk! (Whitney (foghorn) Houston sings in the background). Aiyeeee!

  • Bryce Armstrong

    From the same people who gave us PMSNBS, now give us TNBC.

    Is it any wonder they are in such financial trouble?

    • CallahanAuto

      TNBC … you are too cool for school. Well done!

      • Bryce Armstrong

        By all means feel free to use it with your friend. I want this one going around.

        • Speedy Steve

          I’ve also heard MSLSD, MSDNC and a few others.

          • Bryce Armstrong

            Nah, LSD is a white mans drug, it should be MSPCP.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Reported by Amber Payne. I think I saw her in some flick…

    • Speedy Steve

      It took a while! Libtards will scratch their heads until the middle of next year!

  • Truthseeker

    I’m all for Blacks celebrating their identity and heritage. The problem is that if Whites did the same thing, as well they should, it would be called “racist.”

    • Bryce Armstrong

      WHY ARE YOU FOR THIS!? Why would anybody on the website be in favor of such an absurdity?

      • Truthseeker

        You sound just like a liberal responding to a White person who’s expressed pride in his race.

        • Bryce Armstrong

          Then you must BE Liberal if you’re going to make such a retarded relevance argument.

      • John Smith

        As long as they stick to themselves, why not? I hate them wanting their own things, then also wanting a part of activities for white people with no hint of reciprocity.

        • badbox27

          White people get a morality high from involving blacks in the things they do. ‘Look how not-racist we are’ 🙂 Blacks have no such feelings when White get involved in their activities. In fact, they feel quite the opposite way. They become bitter and resentful if Whites get involved in the things they do.

          • John Smith

            Other than BBQ, there’s not much they do that I want to be involved in.

    • Julius Caesar

      I’m also for them celebrating their mud huts and nose piercings, just please do it in Africa.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Nice try, but they’ll never top World Star Hip Hop.

  • dd121

    “Elevate the conversation” about blacks? Is that anything like lying

    • Maximo Partagas

      It’s a fantasy world.

  • WoodyBBad

    So they’re taking all of the black shows off NBC and putting them here? OH, that’s not how it works. How about NBCWHT?

  • A Freespeechzone

    Another cable network with NO ratings.

    I don’t care…..

    • DonReynolds

      Hey…..blacks are 13 percent of the US population……13 percent is better than nothing. Ha Ha.

      • me

        Which proves that capitalist, money making goals are NOT part of the agenda of the owners of these psy-ops, ‘mainstream media’, anti-White, anti-West moguls–no matter how loudly they deny it.

        • DonReynolds

          You are correct. This has nothing to do with making money and that is true of anything specifically created to appeal to blacks. They do not have any money to pay you and those that do probably act more white than you do.
          This is only about a separate agenda by our enemies.

  • Capn Dad

    NBC is a network? Wow….never heard of it.

  • John Smith

    How is this any different than the regular NBC?

  • DonReynolds

    This could actually be a good thing.

    A network channel of nothing but news stories by, for and about the black community….but ONLY if that means they will ALL be dropped from all the other channels. That would make some sense.

    The hispanics already have Telemundo and Univision, so now we can drop news stories by, for and about the hispanic community as well.

  • Luca

    “We welcome your ideas, your feedback, and your perspective.
    Amber Payne, Editor”

    Hi Amber, my name is Luca. I think for your first show we should talk about the Bell Curve, the Black crime rate, the illegitimacy rate, and the drug use rates in black neighborhoods. Then we can show some pictures of Detroit and other Black ‘hoods and ponder the question of why they all look like war zones. If we do this Amber, I doubt you’ll have a second show or a job to go to.

  • MekongDelta69

    “We welcome your ideas, your feedback, and your perspective.
    Amber Payne, Editor”

    Dear Mzzzzz. Payne,

    Would you kindly inform me when NBCWHT will be hitting the airwaves?

    Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation in this matter,


  • MartelsGhost

    NBC has been black for years………………

    Also seems to fit the clinical definition of insanity given how many times they keep trying the same thing.

    I mean it worked out so well for McDonalds to go 365Black………………

  • Vito Powers

    This NBCBLK sounds like it’s NBC’s version of McDonald’s 365Black.

    Why is there this insane, illogical pandering to a mere 12% of the population? What sort of advertising will be sponsoring this show, besides McDonald, Coke, and KFC?

    • IstvanIN


    • Wayne Earl

      Cause most white people fear the negros.

      They’re not so bad. I like black people – everyone should own one.

  • TL2014

    Good night and good luck, as they say.

  • RacialRay

    Jay-ZUS! Anyone who has spent more than minutes in the retail game knows that money spent on trying to scare up profits from the black community is money wasted. Its nothing but a bottomless black hole (pun intentional) that takes orders of magnitude more than it returns.

    I sure hope for NBC’s sake that the other divisions can support this sure-fire loser. This takes the notion of ‘loss-leader’ to a whole other level.

  • B Baker

    Ah soon just another channel with a constant rotation of “tyler perry movies & tv shows, gangsta movies about drug dealing, and perhaps good times & a couple reruns of MSNBC lock up. Sure they for 6 months will have “negro news” but I bet my house that it will just end up like all the other channels.

  • shatwood

    Someone on twitter asked why this was necessary.

    I told them it’s because somebody has to axe the tough questions.

  • Speedy Steve

    But I prefer Chimpout dot com, chimpmania dot com, irateirishman; dealing specifically with the fallout of knee grow shenanigans.

  • Albert

    Just great. More biased news programs to avoid.

  • benvad

    I hope it fails miserably.

  • meanqueen

    Are you kidding me?

  • FozzieT

    Prediction: NBCBLK folds and Amber Payne is looking for a new job before the end of the year.

  • What happens when nobody else watches this and advertising revenues completely tank? At the end of the day, a program that can’t sell air time isn’t going to survive.