South Africa Questions Its Democracy After Parliament Brawl

Joe Brock, Reuters, February 13, 2015

“State of Chaos”, was how one South African newspaper described the images of police and politicians trading blows at the opening of parliament, a damning assessment of the country’s democracy twenty years after apartheid.

President Jacob Zuma walked down the red carpet outside parliament in Cape Town on Thursday evening as a brass band blasted out South Africa’s national freedom anthem, Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika, and cannons fired off a 21-gun salute.

But the pomp and ceremony was short-lived.

Zuma had barely started his State of the Nation address inside parliament when lawmakers from the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) interrupted him to ask about longstanding allegations of corruption in a $23 million state-funded security upgrade to his rural home in Nkandla.

Quivering with anger, Speaker Baleka Mbete told the EFF and its firebrand leader Julius Malema to stop asking questions. When they refused, she ordered them to be removed, prompting a brawl in which several people were injured.


Zuma was eventually able to deliver his speech but not until lawmakers from the main opposition Democratic Alliance had walked out in protest against armed security guards and police entering the chamber.


Tensions were already running high before Zuma arrived when guests discovered that mobile telephone reception had been jammed inside the chamber, prompting journalists and rowdy lawmakers to chant: “Bring back the signal!”.

Phone reception was eventually restored after Mbete was badgered by lawmakers but it added to public suspicion that the African National Congress (ANC), under Zuma’s watch, wants to chill dissent through censorship.

“This should not be normal in an open democratic society,” an editorial in Business Day newspaper said.

“Something is deeply wrong if a country that claims to be democratic experiences this kind of paralysis while its citizens get used to a culture of thuggery at the highest level.”

The incident will increase pressure on Zuma, who has been beset by scandal throughout his career.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela said in a report last year that Zuma had “benefited unduly” from some of the upgrades to his home, which included a swimming pool, cattle enclosure and amphitheatre, and should pay back some of the costs.

Zuma denies wrongdoing.


Many ordinary South Africans lamented the shambolic events, saying they distracted attention from critical issues such as severe electricity shortages, 25 percent unemployment and widespread poverty.

“Instead of talking about South Africa’s problems, we’re talking about chaos in parliament,” working mother Dipuo Tsoagong told Reuters outside a shopping mall in Johannesburg.

“We’re turning into a banana republic.”

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  • Michael Whalen

    Tribal politics. Identity politics. Nothing to do with the worth of the individual. There is no right or wrong in this kind of situation. It boils down to which group says it first, the fastest and the loudest. Which side has the greatest number of people. Which side has greatest naked, brute strength. This is where the formerly great United States of America is heading.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      We have arrived.

    • gooberboy9999

      It’s doubly amusing, because identity politics are the only thing left that could possibly save Europeans.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      You can’t fix profoundly retarded…

  • It’s just easy footage for the coming sequel to The Birth of a Nation.

    Between you me and the gatepost, I’m questioning our democracy, too.

    • TruthBeTold

      You can find the SA brawl videos on youtube.

      It would be interesting to see someone edit the legislator scenes from BoaN with the SA brawls.

      People criticize BoaN as spreading false stereotypes. I see it as showing blacks as they stereotypes they are.

    • IstvanIN

      Funny, it reminded me of blacks “shopping” in a QuickieMart.

  • MekongDelta69

    “We’re turning into a banana republic.”
    He meant, “We’re turning into a whole lot of banana eaters.”

    Btw, was this in S.A. or DIE-Troit?

    • HE2

      You have that right, Mr. Delta.
      The present state of S.A. makes South American countries look like ancient Athenian culture in all its glory.
      The good bit is application of black logic and the assignment of blame. Who is responsible for this out of control mess? Easy.
      To wit: S.A.’s present day lawlessness, chaos, infrastructure collapse and anarchy are direct fall-out from years of White colonial oppression. No doubt about it.

  • “We’re turning into a banana republic.”
    Don’t flatter yourself, South Africa. You have already descended lower than that.

    • TruthBeTold

      They’re long past the point of turning into a banana republic because they are a banana republic.

      • When I think of banana republics, I think of Amerindian and mestizo countries in Central and South America. Sub Saharan Africa-with blacks-is evolutionally far lower than that. Hence my comment.

        • Georgia Boy

          I was thinking Detroit City Council would be a more fitting analogy.

      • Unperson

        Black Run South Africa is apparently worse than a banana republic. Banana republics are at least capable of delivering a banana crop every season. BRSA can’t even keep the electricity running so the gold and diamond mines can operate. AmRen had an article about this a couple of years back.

        • Albert

          Let alone raise enough crops to feed their own people.

    • Speedy Steve

      Jenkum republic

    • Albert

      lol. The comparison insults banana republics.

    • benvad

      At least Mexico can make their sewer systems work.

      • Exactly. Even Aztecs knew how to construct buildings and knew something of architecture.

  • Truthseeker

    So, White liberals who opposed Apartheid because it made you feel morally righteous: What do you think of Black rule now?

    • adplatt126

      Please, they left SA a decade ago. Like it is everywhere else on the planet, diversity is for poor white folk.

      • bilderbuster

        Mission accomplished.
        Take the family and retire in Israel.

      • John Smith

        There are a lot of very poor whites in SA now.

        • HE2

          Right, Mr. Smith, and I wish we would fetch them here.
          I confess to misgivings about our repatriating them, as one hears that in spite of the S.A. govt’s genocidal efforts against their White existence, many of them are still very liberal. Some are so misguided they joined in the effort to end apartheid.
          Not working out too well.

          • TF

            “many of them are still very liberal”

            You must be referring to the english in South Africa.

          • HE2

            You tell me, I have never been to SA.
            S.A commenters have stated such, though.
            In your opinion are the English liberal, the Dutch not?

          • TF

            On the average yes, the english-speaking white population in South Africa is more liberal then the Afrikaner population. You can see this fact simply by looking at the voting records during Apartheid, which clearly show that the english-speaking regions of the country voted more liberally than the Afrikaans regions.

            By the way, Afrikaners are not only Dutch, they are an amalgamation of a variety of European ethnicities most notably Dutch and French who developed their own identity in South Africa. Unfortunately the Brits arrived in South Africa as imperialists looking for gold and diamonds and started two wars against the Boer people, and as such have not assimilated into the Afrikaner population to this very day.

          • benvad

            Is that who they are? English Africans?

          • John Smith

            Check out dimwit Charlize Theron, who is a big gun control supporter. She obviously didn’t learn much despite the violence of her home country.

          • HE2

            Mr. Smith, did Theron adopt a bantu baby recently? I thought I read that somewhere.
            Yes, she is liberal in spite of her background. What a traitor.

          • Mary

            Yes, she did, along with a spate of other Hollywood freaks. I honestly can’t remember the last time anyone high profile adopted a White child. I guess some still do, although adopting White babies is apparently not an “in” thing for status-conscious dimwits.

          • John Smith

            Not that I’m aware of, but she does love the kosher salami.

          • benvad

            The “Amish” have certainly changed her way of thinking and acting to say the least.

          • Charles Martel

            She’s dating Sean Penn so I think not.

          • John Smith

            You must not be that familiar with him….

          • TF

            What worse is that Charlize Theron’s great-great uncle is Daniel Theron who was a Boer captain. He must be turning in his grave knowing that his niece is a liberal black baby adopter.

          • TF

            Charlize Theron is a narcissistic psychopath. If you look into her history you will find out that she “witnessed” her father being murdered. It is widely suspected her and her mother were involved and the case was covered up as “self-defence”.

          • Charles Martel

            Her mother shot her abusive alcoholic father dead when Carlie was a girl.

            She also lives in Los Angles now – about as far away as you can get from South Africa!

      • WR_the_realist

        Plenty of white liberals in the U.S. opposed apartheid. Like my brother, who as a college undergraduate had some fun joining in an apartheid protest. It cost him nothing, and no doubt improved his standing in the eyes of his peers. It is risk free to lean to the left in an American university, and you never suffer the consequences of whatever policies you advocate.

        • benvad

          That’s true because deep no one really gives a damn.

      • benvad

        That’s so true! They never stay to enjoy the benefits of BRSA, do they?

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      They’ll blame it on poverty or the legacy of White rule. Same thing when you mention Detroit.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      My parents opposed it – I remember them telling me joyfully about its fall when I was a child. I didn’t really grasp the concept. I just remember my mother telling me that whites had been mean to blacks in SA, and now things were being set right. They taught me very forcefully how wrong “racism” was, so this was part of the lesson.

      I’ve been meaning to speak with my mother about SA, tell her how things have been since 1994. Because, thing is, I don’t think she knows at all. Maybe tomorrow night. I’d be curious to hear her response.

      • MrGJG

        Don’t be surprised if she just thinks your exaggerating because after all, surely she would have heard or read about any problems over there. I find most people have no idea that SA has gone into the shiiter since the end of apartied.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          I’m always surprised by what my mother knows, because she’s the kind of person who people read as an “airhead” and who never seems to pay attention. Then you talk to her, and realize she does, in fact, know what’s going on. Even I get fooled sometimes, and she’s MY mother!

          So I actually talked to her last night. Turns out she knows about the situation in SA, but sort of doesn’t seem to care. Her opinion is still that apartheid was evil, and that the whites in SA are getting what they deserve. I talked to a coworker this morning about it, and he expressed much the same opinion. He also said that the West should stop getting involved in foreign affairs; so we shouldn’t intervene even if organized extermination breaks out there.

          I’ve been disappointed, but I realized anew what a huge gap in perception there is going on here. Both of these people think there is no difference between races. They do not see anything like apartheid as having ever been anything but a pointless cruelty.

          • benvad

            They won’t be laughing or contrite with their opinions once it starts at home.

          • Itachi

            Its a very common opinion among certain groups of people.

            They never understand that under apartheid each African tribe had their own country. Most of these people from those countries lived there by choice as that was where they ended up after years and years of tribal fighting before white people decided to officially say, “OK guys, here is a border, this is yours, now you can stop fighting”.

            Money was pumped into these countries. They governed themselves.

            Blacks that lived in South Africa got free schools, universities and health care at the expense largely of the white tax payer. Highly qualified black Dr’s, where trained each year, and there were even black millionaires. Life expectancy was at an all time high for the oppressed Africans.

            I tell you what, Afrikaners would love it if Blacks in South Africa “oppressed” them under apartheid. We would have our own country, and the blacks can pay for our schools, universities and electricity….sounds great to me!

          • TF

            You should ask your mother what she thinks Apartheid was. Most Americans confuse their own history of slavery, with the Apartheid system of South Africa.

            There was no slavery during Apartheid. There were no concentrations camps. There was no genocide or attempted genocide of any black group or tribe. All that Apartheid was, was a system of separate development which gave each tribe their own homeland and their own government to rule over their own homeland. Many blacks WANTED this system which guaranteed them their own own tribal homeland, as they have had for centuries before. Indeed, just have a look at countries such as Lesotho and Swaziland which are countries exclusivity for the Sotho and Swazi tribes. Notice how they have refused to assimilate into the greater South Africa because those people want their own homelands.

  • So being a recognized world leader in murder, rape, corruption, incompetence and mismanagement isn’t enough of a rock-bottom stigma? You mean it can get worse? Wow!

    In all honesty, if you’ve ever lived around black people and had to endure the insanity that arises when they are in positions of power, then you would know these kind of antics are really par for the course.

    • Marthinus Potgieter

      It is also interesting to note that this specific leader has only 4 years of very, very poor education behind him and about 12 years of goat herding experience so he is quite adept at buggering up anything he puts his tiny addle pated mind to in a very rapid space of time. In my opinion he comes second to Mugabe in position for worst ‘leader’ of Africa !

    • Charles Martel

      It CAN get worse. See: Haiti!

  • Lygeia

    Africans being Africans.

    • Speedy Steve

      This is not a Cat 5 CO. Quite frankly the Chinese have better parliamentary brawls:

      • John Smith

        At least I can be fairly sure that the Chinese won’t rape and/or eat each other afterward.

        • Marthinus Potgieter

          Or boil their victims alive in a pot !

      • They’re reasonably common in South Korea and Taiwan.

  • dd121

    South Africa is going to get worse, a lot worse.

    • Marthinus Potgieter

      Electricity shutdowns are common now, storm water and sewer management has reached critical point. At least 1000 persons are killed monthly from ‘driving’ accidents in each province ( total of 5 provinces ) Xenophobia is on the rise. Striking is commonplace and actually supported by government. Road maintenance is limited and potholes are commonplace. Maintenance of machinery and items such as airplanes is not an african concept. There is not a word in any African language for accountability. Theft and corruption are really the only african pursuits that are growing and agricultural growth is poor. I think only Zimbabwe, Haiti, Beirut, Lagos and Chicago might be worse places to inhabit. Oh – I forgot to mention that pupils only require 30% to pass into the next grade as they are so stupid that they would stay in grade 1 for their entire school career and have to be pushed into the next grade. Those that graduate are not intellectually equipped to work in the real world and are unemployable except in government or as politicians. I am not sure if it can get worse?

      • dd121

        Thanks for sharing your insights. When the whites are gone the whole country will revert to “a state of nature”.

      • Bantu_Education

        Correction – there are 9 provinces, not 5…!

        • Marthinus Potgieter

          apologies – I forgot how fast they breed !

      • Albert

        The part i don’t get is how they can’t produce enough food to feed themselves when Africa is an ideal place for agriculture. They could have more than enough to feed their people as well as being the greatest exporter of produce in the world.

        • Marthinus Potgieter

          planning and foresight are not well known african traits – I believe the dunce that is zuma has moves afoot to now prevent foreigners from owning land – accordingly investment will now come to a halt.

      • It’s baffling that people still fly into South African (or really any African) airports. Aren’t the mechanics and air traffic controllers all black?

        It was once my ardent wish to experience a true African nature safari, but because Africa is full of Africans, I fear it will remain just that: a wish.

        • Marthinus Potgieter

          Personally I will not fly on the state sponsored airline which is called SAA as it has a BEE policy in place which prevents it from hiring the best pilots. God knows what is happening in the airplane hangar with regard to quality of maintenance.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Now with the latest movie from South Africa – 50 Shades of “Birth of a Nation”.

  • libertarian1234

    “Something is deeply wrong if a country that claims to be democratic experiences this kind of paralysis while its citizens get used to a culture of thuggery at the highest level.”

    Is the reference here to the US or South Africa, because it describes both countries to a tee?

    At least the primitive tribes don’t have a community organizer who suspends all branches of government but the executive and rules by decree.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Big big upvote.

  • That pic isn’t very diverse, I though SA was the rainbow nation.

    • Marthinus Potgieter

      All the white people are at work.

  • Peter Connor

    Zimbabwe will look like paradise in 20 years compared with South Africa…

  • Dr.Bazzi

    Another contribution for Black History Month.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    Funny thing is, Zuma is the lesser of two evils. Malema brags about wanting to kill the few remaining whites. Zuma just wants to keep oppressing them and steal their money.
    In this sense we can see that Zuma has the higher IQ (likely around 85) whereas Malema probably resides at the lowly 70 level.

  • Speedy Steve


    For that true Birth Of A Nation experience — fill in the dots

  • Femghazi

    Lol, already past the banana point and straight to slipping on the peel.

  • John Smith

    I’ve questioned it long before now. Negroes will vote for any black thug who promises them the moon and that they’re going to put one over on Whitey.

  • ShermanTMcCoy


  • archer

    “We are turning into a banana republic”, I’ve got news for them, they have been for some times.

  • Spikeygrrl

    I find this comment baffling.

    This country was founded on personal liberty AND personal responsibility. Are you suggesting that we should abandon these “selfish” ideals?

    The only person one can truly change (improve) is oneself. Whites, in general, are pretty good at that. Are you suggesting that Whites stop self-improving, because it’s “selfish”?

    • I think the point is that there’s a happy median between selfishness that individualism taken too seriously breeds and the cultism that collectivism taken too seriously breeds. At the moment, we’re too individualistic.

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

        I don’t get the impression that that was his point at all.

  • Seminumerical

    I’ve been to Gary. Not good. I am in South Africa now. I have experienced load shedding (scheduled power outages) six times already.

    This is a strange county. I have twice now heard a “coloured” person refer to the black Africans as darkies. The second time from a coloured man so dark skinned that I thought he was black.

    There are plenty of white people left here. I have stayed in several wealthy neighbourhoods, largely white, where crime rates are low, tree lined streets, friendly politeness, but security gates at every house, and courtyards rather than backyards. In black townships like Masiphumelele and Khayelitsha even blacks warn me to beware of the crime. The coloured population seems to have bifurcated. You get those that have degenerated in the direction of America’s underclass blacks (who would be called coloured here) but you get whole extended families all with a white collar job or skilled trade, for whom 21 is the explicitly stated age before which a girl must not get pregnant (and she will be an outcast if not married), and who often are heard to say that things were better during apartheid and “what this country needs is some big Afrikaner policemen.”

    I watched the parliamentary theatrics of Malema on t.v. with a coloured family. I heard many interesting comments – the coloureds and blacks do not get along! I was preparing to invest half a million rand through the Johanesburg Stock Exchange until I heard Zuma say that foreigners won’t be allowed to own property. I cursed him. I will leave my money in Toronto Stock Exchange listed companies where I know that CNR, Suncor, and Enbridge are run by adults in a country with an economist as Prime Minister.

    South Africa would have done better to make an IQ of 92 or better a requirement to be allowed to vote, but you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube.

    • TF

      Coloureds are mixed race, so they don’t fit in with the white or black population. Black people especially reject coloureds because they don’t speak any Bantu languages. Language is very important in South Africa which has 11 official languages, each one tied to a tribal identity.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Same with U.S. blacks and Jamaicans. For the most part they can’t stand each other; both sides will stress that Jamaicans aren’t “black.”

      • The term “coloured” there also includes subcontinental Indians, Malays and so-on.

  • Realist

    “We’re turning into a banana republic.”

    Now that’s racist….LOL.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    “We’re turning into a banana republic.”

    Turning into?

  • De Doc

    Whites need to exit this hellhole fast!

    • TheMaskedUnit

      They always pursue their oppressors … or starve.

      Racism pays.

  • TheMaskedUnit

    Are you sure that isn’t the Atlanta city school board?

  • slobotnavich

    There’s an appalling irony to the world’s insistence that South Africa, a nation that brought a measure of civilization to the previously “Dark Continent,” is now roundly denounced as the all-time champion of brutal and cruel oppression. Note that the liberals most hysterically denouncing the SA’s are the most energetic in putting the most distance between themselves and the black Africans, both there and here in the US.

  • Pelayo

    “We’re turning into a banana republic.”

  • Michigan Patriot

    What is wrong with that type of fruit ? It is a natural for its minions.

    • Bananas and plantains are actually native to Australasia. Most of Africa’s cash crops were introduced from other places by whites. Yams, potatoes, peanuts and rubber from South America, sugar cane from India, and so-on. Of the major cash crops there, melons and coffee are native.

  • Albert

    Without enough white people in charge to keep things running, i do believe Africa will very shortly regress so far as to make Detroit look like a thriving utopia.

  • Albert

    The Hispanic situation is even a greater concern than blacks, in my opinion. All a person needs to pass a voting inspection is a driver’s license and a social security card- which Obama is bending over backward to provide them. We could become a permanent one party system. How the hell could we recover after that?

  • MartelsGhost

    Nothing more appropriate for apes than a banana republic……………..

  • Itachi

    Not surprised by this. Just is how politics in Africa works, strongman tactics and chaos.

    Reading about this on various forums I still find it bewildering that there are white liberal Afrikaners (yes they are real) that claim that the state of the nation is so much better then during apartheid.

    I genuinely believe that people today don’t actually realize that for the most part the systems under apartheid very fair and just. The only aspect I personally did not like we’re the petty rules, like separate drinking fountains.

    Mostly apartheid has a bad rap because the various black tribes could not make their respective homelands as successful as white-run SA.

  • benvad

    Ask for the money from Peter Gabriel or Stevie van Zandt or any other Loser from Liberal land who don’t have to live with these primates. Not a chirp out of them since the barbarians have taken over.


  • benvad

    Our own worst enemies, where are they going to go to? Ilan Mercer and her troublemaker family fled to Israel.

    Where are these looney leftists going or are the protected for being “good whites”?

    • Nancy

      I think that’s exactly what they believe…that they’ll be “protected” by the teeming violent brown/black masses for being the “good whites”. They envision themselves as being the future benevolent dictators of a grateful but ignorant populace, who will take what’s given to them peacefully, with upturned, smiling faces.

  • E. Ross

    Maybe it is time that Europe – specifically the Netherlands – and even the USA, start making plans to take on the white South Africans as refugees. There are only about 5 million left, and the Afrikaner would have been born in the Netherlands, Belgium and the northern parts of Frans anyway, if it were not for the experiment of the VOIC of the Netherlands. These countries should not abandon their own cousins, really.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Dis sho’ do remind me of dem halcyon days during Reconstruction, when ussens dun took ober de state houses in de souff, and dun showed de world dat we is jus as capable as dem whyte fokeses…

  • Paleoconn

    South Africa died 20 years ago. All the Whites there can either move to Orania, or come here and help us make our stand.

  • Seminumerical

    My uncle was a surveyor in Rhodesia. He is over 90 now. Sometimes he tells me querulously that he alone surveyed 5000 farms for whites and 4000 for blacks in his life and “where are they? What happened to all the black farms?”