Schock Aide Resigns

Athena Jones, CNN, February 5, 2015

A bad week just got worse in the office of Rep. Aaron Schock, an Illinois Republican.

Benjamin Cole, Schock’s spokesman and senior adviser, has now resigned after news reports about a series of racially charged comments he made on his Facebook page over the course of several years.

Benjamin Cole

Benjamin Cole


According to the left-leaning website Think Progress, Cole’s online remarks included this comment about his black neighbors from 2013: “So apparently the closing of the National Zoo has forced the animals to conduct their mating rituals on my street. #gentrifytoday Pt. 1”

He also joked in August 2010 about President Barack Obama, who is Christian, saying, “They should build a mosque on the White House grounds.”

In that August post, Cole explained to a commenter, “I wasn’t talking about the Ground Zero mosque. I just think it would be nice for the President to have his own house of worship, since he’s not been able to find one suitable in D.C. since 2004 when he moved here.”

Another post read: “The fact remains that white people who live in my building are routinely harassed by black miscreants who blockade the sidewalks and entryways in front of and behind my building.”

Think Progress said the offensive posts appeared to have been removed by Wednesday.


[Editor’s Note: The context for some of his “controversial” comments is below.]



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  • D.B. Cooper

    The best way to enlighten people, especially young white people, is to keep showing them the reality of black crime, Affirmative Action, and how black run countries are. That way, you are merely pointing out facts, not opinions.

    • Albert

      With most people carrying their own little personal video cameras (cell phones), the you-tube movement for enlightenment and reality is moving along nicely = )

      • Who Me?

        If you have a strong stomach, go to World Star Hip Hop and watch a few of the videos they take of THEMSELVES acting like animals–and PROUD of it… Every White liberal ought to be sentenced to watch a couple hours every day till they finally learn that these people are not like us, and they are NOT our friends.

        • Raymond Kidwell

          It is the oppressive white man that causes minorities to act that way. Their racism creates the need for these people to act out by committing crimes and also to jump around like apes, use drugs, and have sex at random i.e. spreading stds. All of these problems can be linked to white racism and the male dominated society.

  • Truthseeker

    Blacks act stupid and violent, and Whites will lose their jobs if they say anything about it. But of course, Whites have all the power, and Blacks are systematically disadvantaged. Right. We must never deviate from that narrative.

    • Albert

      It’s not an act. They really are stupid and violent ; )

  • MekongDelta69

    Rep. Aaron Schock should be ashamed for not having a spine.

    • John Smith

      Only a RINO can get elected in IL as anything other than an outright democrat.

  • I guess Leftists didn’t read closely about Cole’s anger arising from blacks harassing him and his neighbors, loitering about at every turn just outside his apartment, and how they assaulted his white neighbors and even sent one of them to ICU?

    Did you also catch how Cole didn’t just want blacks apprehended and sent to jail for their crimes, but also whites, hispanics, arabs or any other racial group that were making life unbearable for the tenants? This was conveniently ignored by liberals.

    Cole’s “racially charged” words were NOT directed at all blacks, but black CRIMINALS who were preying on him and his white neighbors. His words were not a blanket statement against ALL blacks but, specifically, directed at those black thugs committing crimes.

    And who can reasonably deny that many blacks do in fact conduct themselves like animals, yes even like animals at the zoo? And it’s not merely the “thugs” who behave this way. A good number of blacks who have no criminal or gang affiliation routinely behave violently, loud, grossly uncouth, and are extremely volatile.

    Whites get themselves into trouble when they speak truth that is abundantly apparent.

    • Samuel_Morton

      He was far too good at noticing reality, and far too truthful with his statements. Must be silenced.

    • John Smith

      Truth doesn’t matter because it’s “racist.” Besides, Whitey deserves it for slavery.

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

        Which, as I have been known to remind occasional blacks I hear b*tching about it, is the best thing that ever happened to them.


      “I guess Leftists didn’t read closely about Cole’s anger arising from blacks harassing him and his neighbors, loitering about at every turn just outside his apartment, and how they assaulted his white neighbors and even sent one of them to ICU?” – No, they read it, and closely too. Which is in my opinion one of the main reasons ( besides simply being a White male of course ) they chose to go after him. It’s those with legitimate reasons for saying what they say that they want to make examples out of.

      It’s in the same vein as the Trayvon and Michael Brown’s of the world. They want it to be seen as a crime for a White person to defend themselves from violent blacks out there. And they want it to be seen as racism for Whites to talk about the ill and violent treatment they receive from blacks. Which as you can see is what this case appears to be. Just look at who’s the bad guy. Not the violent thugs who are deliberately targeting White people out of racial animosity. But the guy who noticed that violent thugs were targeting him and his neighbors out of racial animosity. But worst of all for them is the fact that he talked about it.

      • Yes, I understand this. My words were rhetorical in nature. But you’ve made good points anyways and I agree.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      Yes but under liberalism the higher your I.Q. the more you should be punished, and lower I.Q. the more you should get away with crimes. The whites and asians certainly should be given the death penalty for assaulting someone in a heinous act of violence. Black people being punished for committing crimes, that’s just racism. We need to struggle for more equality in crime stats and prison populations.

      If you want to treat all people equally that stands in the way of liberal equality.

  • TomIron361

    I Have no sympathy for a guy who worked for one of the commie fedgov bums, I hope he ends up in the gutter eating out of garbage cans and he gets raped by a pack of roving Beagle hounds.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Resigning, being fired for being white. Blacks routinely say far worse, like that quack in Nebraska who publicly stated he hates having white blood. But I blame whites for not galvanizing to kick his backside out of the government.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      Or just kick his backside.

  • TruthBeTold

    Yeah, you should have a right to say what you want, how you want, without consequences. But that’s not possible in this political climate.

    I don’t understand how people keep getting caught in this trap. Do they read current news? Do they not have private discussions about current events?

    The guy was understandably and justifiably angry but he expressed himself badly. He’s a public figure. He should have known better and been more nuanced. His own ignorance didn’t do him or us a favor.

    And I noticed on the Facebook photo that the discussion quickly turned to deflecting criticism from black miscreants to blaming whites for social injustice. Standard misdirection.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Come on folks, you all know what the narrative is and the consequences for stepping outside its boundaries. Is it a double standard? Of course. But slowly more and more people are becoming aware of this.

  • Julius Caesar

    I happened to meet Aaron Schock in a Peoria, Illinois Best Buy a few years back. He was a real ass. I already knew he was a spineless dolt.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      I’ve met him too and found him a vapid psycho.

    • WR_the_realist

      We need to replace Aaron Schock with Benjamin Cole.

  • Caucasoid88

    I like this guy. I hope I’m never a candidate for some type of office, cause wow, I’ve laid quite the Internet tracks.

    • Spikeygrrl

      I’m in a wheelchair now instead of in the workforce, so I can say/post anything I dam’well please.

      They can’t take my job because I don’t have one.

      They can’t stop my disability check because I don’t get one (I never applied, because IMO accepting government money is in most cases morally despicable and personally shameful).

      At the end of the road they could jail me…but I know I could weather that (I did 4 months 20 years ago) and DH knows exactly what to do: ALERT THE LOCAL MEDIA! “Disabled Grandmother Jailed For Unpopular Opinion” sounds just about right. 😉

      • Caucasoid88

        I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe the headline would read: “Racist Ex-Slaver Spikeygrrl Jailed for Inciting Violence Against Minorities.” Then they wouldn’t mention your wheelchair.

  • pcmustgo

    This is only a problem if you work in politics OR some yuppie corporate job or a school or something. I post racially charged stuff on my facebook all the time, but then again, I’m self-employed.

    • John Smith

      Yeah, but the govt. and the lefty freaks can still make your life difficult. What if you shoot a negro robbing your business? The lefty DA can make it look like you were hoping a negro would commit a crime so you could kill him and a “die-verse” jury would convict you of “defending yourself while white” because of public comments you made.

    • WoodyBBad

      Not so. There’s a group of internet social justice warriors that get their jollies by looking for “racist” language in people’s Facebook and using it to get them fired. They got one poor guy fired from the car wash. The car wash!

      • Spaniard in LA

        They must feel proud of themselves for getting that poor Mexican fired from the car wash. It must be nice to sit all day and snoop around on Facebook.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Need more pro-white business networks, advocacy groups etc. well not more, one would be nice.

  • pcmustgo

    I agree with this man 100%…

  • dd121

    “obama…who is Christian…” hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhaha

  • John Jackson

    Well here’s the problem tho, “the right” who supposedly are “for the white man” will back down, fire this guy (oh wait, I mean, he’ll ‘resign’), give out some pathetic, sycophantic apology and the SJW’s learn yet again that they can just bully around anyone they like.

    Everyone backs down because they think that’s what they have to do, according to who???? Are there really any major businesses who went out of business because they didn’t kiss SJW butt? Look at Chick-Fil-A, they got record business after their supposed “offensive” statements, of course they wussed out later, Duck Dynasty, that guy didn’t back down and millions rallied to his side.

    I just don’t understand why everyone has this notion that you have go around groveling and apologizing, it just emboldens them all the more to do it again and as we saw with .Don Imus, Paula Dean, Brendan Eich you end up getting fired anyway and you just flushed every shred of dignity you have down the drain.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      People are trained to be yes men from the time they are a child. They are rewarded for doing what they are told and going along with what everybody else is doing. It is a person’s default auto-pilot. People who don’t have anything to lose, been through hard times, living in the hood, ex-military those types might act differently due to their circumstances. Your average person though, he’s not a rebel.

    • Albert

      So ironic. We do so much to try and appease them but instead of responding with appreciation, they see opportunity, a reason to cry out and complain all the more.

      • John Jackson


  • A Freespeechzone

    The elephant in the room IS the truth–rather than confront it, cowards ignore or hide.

    Fact is that the truth WILL eventually prevail, despite ignoring it.

    • Tim

      I was watching a classic movie about Attila the Hun. Before I could change the channel he commands his underling to talk to him. The underling asks what he wants to hear. Attila says, “Tell me the truth. The truth never changes…” And I said, “Attila, you the man!”…

      • John Jackson

        What movie was that? Sounds pretty good.

        • Tim

          I can`t remember It was a fifties one. They send the Pope out to meet Attila and cut a deal is where I came in…

          • John Jackson

            Cool, I hunt it down, thanks.

          • Tim

            It MIGHT have had Jeff Chandler in it…

    • Albert

      Perhaps when the elephant has grown too big for the room : P

  • John Smith

    RINOs threw him under the bus. His only crime is being correct and saying so publicly.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      How many blacks are going to vote for the Republicans as a result of the RINO’s throwing him under the bus? How many blacks just said to themelves they’re going to vote GOP now that this man has been disgraced? How many blacks will vote GOP in the next razor-thin election that will give the GOP a victory that they might have otherwise lost… as a result of what happened to Rep. Schock’s top adviser?

      • John Smith

        I believe it’s mostly to get the white soccer moms on board, not negroes themselves.

      • John Jackson

        None, or were you asking that sarcastically?

        A better question would be how many whites are going to abandon him because of his cowardice, how much damage does this do to whites now and down the road by continuing to put the message out there that non-whites can walk all over us, it just emboldens them.

        More importantly, I’m not of the mind that GOP victories are any good for anyone except the GOP leaders.

  • Evette Coutier

    If you live among blacks you need to recognize that they play non-stop power politics. Your safety depends on your ability to convince them you are the crazy whitey who will blow their brains out at the drop of a hat.

  • LHathaway

    “The fact remains that white people who live in my building are routinely harassed by black miscreants who blockade the sidewalks and entryways in front of and behind my building.”

    So, blacks routinely harass whites who live in his building . . . The media has decided something newsworthy here . . . a white person who dares notice, and says something about it.

    But what is the point of him using the word ‘miscreant’s? Is he some third world dictator, or perhaps a villain in a James Bond flick, that’s just the kind of flare he speaks with? What has he accomplished by calling them ‘miscreants’? By calling them names, has he diffused the anger some might feel reading this happening at his apartment building – we all know the real danger is a possible backlash? Has he made himself out to be just as offensive as those harassing his neighbors? By wording his comment so strongly, has he set White’s straight; is he enforcing their morality somehow (people of color certainly aren’t going to shape up from him simply calling the ‘miscreants’, quite the opposite). This isn’t just a guy who is angry. This is a state legislator writing on a quasi-public forum.

    I’m going to go with, he fancies himself as some kind of third world dictator.

    Either way, I’m glad they fired him.

    • Spikeygrrl

      So sorry you’re offended by words of more than two syllables.

    • meanqueen

      Not understanding your response at all. He called them miscreants because that’s what they are.

      • LHathaway

        oh. . . lol . . . when you calling someone a ‘racist’ . . . you’re just using a label to try to discredit someone without thought. When you call people of color ‘miscreants’, this is just a neutral observation, with slander or insult intended at all?

        • thomasdosborneii

          Take the time to actually look up the meaning of the word. Please note that the correct spelling of that word is this: “miscreant” and not “miscreate” as you apparently read it.

          • LHathaway

            I thought I said I associate the word miscreant with miscreation? And then I added the idea, that, to my mind, the word beings up the idea of faulty genetics or linage. I may just look up the word . . . I already know miscreation is not a word. At least I assume it’s not.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            It means someone who believes improperly. A milder version of apostate. Nothing to do with procreation. Miscreation is a little awkward, but you could successfully coin ‘miscreancy’ if it is not already in usage. I, for one, would know what you meant.

            The people Benjamin Cole complains about do not believe in law and order, decency, the dominant standards for public behavior. In this sense, they are miscreants.

            Cole himself is not believing that tacit compliance in the WAR ON NOTICING is obligatory. In that sense, he is the miscreant.

            Happy Monday!

          • LHathaway

            all that matters is that i was offended. . . lol. TY for correcting me.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            You crack me up, THANK YOU.

    • IstvanIN

      Miscreants seems to be a mild, polite term for people who are not polite.

      • LHathaway

        For some reason I associate the word with miscreation and genes. That’s racist. When whites make these aspersions.

        • IstvanIN

          I have used miscreant or, sometimes thug, as a descriptive to avoiding having my comment deleted if I used a more apropos term.

          • LHathaway

            Both could use a more neutral term . . . while you let their actions speak for themselves. Certainly using them absolves you of any kind of neutrality or impartiality. eh, the world’s crazy. That’s all their is to it.

        • thomasdosborneii

          Your association is wrong, though. The “white man” is simply using a word based on what it actually means; there was no subtle sleight of hand or mind to twist it into a racial or genetic insult, that is of your own doing. How can people communicate when your assumption is that they are saying something else with the intention of hurting you?

          I have waited a long time to say this, but by now I am sick of having to be silent, so I will now say it: If you are black person, then you have allowed yourself to accept a huge, cruel burden that you carry over your head like a suffocating blanket, and that is that you hate whites and blame them for all your suffering. That is a burden that you do not need because it is utterly false, and you will never get anywhere until you throw off that suffocating blanket once and for all and breathe fresh clean air in the openness of this vast Universe filled with infinite possibilities. White people are not your enemy. White people have done everything in their power to help you. They have eliminated slavery, they have eliminated discrimination, they have opened every door and avenue for you and even paid your way. Stop, get down on your knees, and be extremely grateful. And then after that, get up and begin taking care of your own life. It’s really very, very, very empowering to do so and the sooner you do it, the happier you will be. I don’t understand why you don’t do this right away. Is it really so much nicer to just stew in a pot of false resentment?

          • LHathaway

            I have no other choice but to stew in a pot of false resentment . . . I’m not Black but White, by the way.

          • thomasdosborneii

            Do you mean to say that you have no other choice, why is that? Interesting to hear that you are actually White, I never would have guessed that.

          • LHathaway

            I’m a total loser. I have no other choice but to stew in a pot of resentment.

          • thomasdosborneii

            You are funny!

    • throttler

      He used the word “miscreant.” Maybe he does watch Downton Abbey.

  • WoodyBBad

    He looks like Ralphie from “A Christmas Story!” They definitely took his words out of context. Truth hurts.

    • Albert

      Lol. Had to go back and look, and your right. He looks like little Ralphie all grown up.

  • WoodyBBad

    I guess his “White Privilege” was getting fired for not bowing down to the thugs and then speaking up about it.

  • WR_the_realist

    Benjamin Cole just reported what was happening where he lived. He was telling the truth. Naturally that meant he had to resign.

    As for Obama being a Christian, poppycock. I do not believe he is a Muslim, but he’s no Christian either. He attended a black nationalist church whose pastor gave a lifetime achievement award to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. In a youtube video Farrakhan can be heard referring to Jesus in a disparaging way as, “that hook nosed blond.” And when Obama talked about his political opponents “clinging to their Bibles and guns” it was obvious he considered himself above doing either. If Obama is a Christian then I’m a Zoroastrian.

  • Speedy Steve

    To make matters worse the pooves, fudge-packers, limp-wrists, and nancy boys want to out congressman Schock — who might be jewish.
    gaystarnews com/article/anti-gay-us-congressman-aaron-schock-outed-journalist050114

  • Roninf9

    Don’t deceive yourselves. The GOP Establishment/Democrat Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Globalist Bankster Ruling Elite. The entire ‘Civil Rights Anti-Racism Program ‘ is a weapon of mass social control wielded by the Globalists to dominate the only threat to their power – the White Christian Middle-class. ‘Anti-Racism’ is their most powerful weapon but it only works because we give it power. Cole never should have resigned. He should have made his anti-White bosses publicly fire him and then he should have created a media storm, protesting that he was fired because he told the Truth.

    When accused of “racism’, the modern day heresy, too many White people try to deny it, grovel and apologize. But not only does that never work it gives legiatmacy to the ‘racism’ accusation. If people start saying ‘So what if its racist its the Truth’ eventually the Truth will win out.

  • Dana

    As I’ve said before let’s not be too quick to jump to conclusions about the inner city here and let’s not forget the significant contributions young men of color have made in the areas of fashion, female discipline, sport, child rearing and especially music. Where would we be
    as a society without young men of color wearing pants below their waist with their
    underwear hanging out? How quickly do wives and girl friends get physically disciplined by the young man of color in the house? How trite would sports be without a little
    extracurricular activity off the playing field? How wonderful that polite society could see corporal punishment with clubs and sticks meted out by a succession of angry young men of color against their misbehaving offspring. How boring would music be without a generous peppering of the N word in lyrics, not to mention misogynist lyrics towards women, shoot the cops and the white man lyrics and multiple F-Bombs in everyday conversation?

  • JustSayin

    In what is often pointed to as a prime example of human evil, an ethnicity was set apart from the rest of society and forced to accept whatever reality was doled out to them by the powers that be, including severe abuse and deprivation of basic human rights, and which eventually ended with the deaths of millions of them in camps. Has the first part of that process not been achieved for Whites, albeit in a more sophisticated way that doesn’t include a patch and, if yes, how long will it be before the second half is attempted?

  • Sounds like he was just accurately reporting his experiences with blacks. By the way, just for kicks: Why is it okay for any black person to report on his/her negative experiences with White people, but it isn’t okay for a White person to do the same in regards to black people? (Of course, double standards.)

    One thing that is so obviously biased from this article: It says Barrack (Hussein) Obama is “Christian.” Is that a fact? Based on what? The fact of the matter is, I am not at all sure about this. Personally I don’t think that the man is that religious one way or the other; I don’t think that is what motivates him. I do think he feels more of an emotional attachment to people in the Third World-especially Muslims-than he feels toward Americans, especially White Christians. Too often he has expressed contempt for both White people in general and for Christianity.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    He sounds like your typical amren poster. He just got my vote

  • Lord Sandwich

    I do my best to tread carefully on Facebook. I will post the occasional black on white crime story, but for now, the way things are, I express myself more freely here. There is nothing to be gained by me getting fired. Shoot, there are things I won’t even say anonymously. There is more to self protection than learning to fight. Sometimes the playing cards need to be held close to the vest.
    In Ben Cole’s case, it sounds like he is/was in a position to do more about the problem of black anti-social behavior than bitch about it on FB. His own FB friends were calling him racist for complaining about blacks. If I was in that position, I’d shut up and put some resources on the problem.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      “Shoot, there are things I won’t even say anonymously.”

      You say it like it is a circumstantial exception to the rule. To my mind, it is the rule. A well developed human being should have a whole host of thoughts and landscapes of experiences or sensations that are incommunicable. If everything about someone is facebookable, his life is so trivial I don’t really consider him human.

      Unfortunately, being a grown up is tantamount to sociopathy in this day and age.

      • Lord Sandwich

        You are correct, of course. I meant it in the context of the discussions we routinely have here. Not in the context of the entirety of my inner thought life. The above posted article is about someone being fired for posting legitimate complaints about blacks. I guess openly advocating race war is out of the question, even here.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          Advocate anything you like, I by no means wish to censor you.

          I guess that was just my “get off my lawn” moment, my apologies.

          • Lord Sandwich

            Not necessary, UMC. I always enjoy reading your perspective.

    • Alexandra1973

      I haven’t been on Facebook since 2011.

    • Pat Kittle

      Jewish Facebook banned me a couple weeks ago, though I am very civil compared to the anti-Whites who Facebook did not ban.

      (Can I say Jewish Facebook here?)

  • Duff_McClintock

    This is why after three internships, one unpaid, two providing laughably insufficient “stipends,” I decided to be done with Republican, conservative movement, and libertarian politics. I was finishing up one internship a couple of years ago and applying to jobs on the Hill, where I had already interned for a prominent Republican. I had mixed feelings about it until one day when I read an article that Congressional Republicans were seeking to entice black and other minorities to join their staffs. Sorry, but I had my hands full competing with the hot recent college women and the wealthy donors’ kids. Now I have to compete with black liberals for a shitty $25,000 a year job as a staff assistant in some retarded, conventional-minded Republican’s office? No thanks. Left politics all together.

    • Duff_McClintock

      An addendum: let’s do a quick comparison of situations in modern day America – Land of reason and truth and justice.

      A drug-addicted black hooker can falsely accuse a white lacrosse team of rape and the entire power structure of American society (university, media, prosecutor, etc) come down upon the wrongfully accused and virtually destroy their lives.

      Meanwhile, loser white Republican staffer boy makes some mild complaints pertaining to the well-documented, persistent uncivil behavior of his feral black neighbors over the course of several years. Hardly implausible accusations. Result? Immediate social media lynch mob and termination of employment.

      To sum it up – I wonder when a majority of whites realize that towing the line, sucking it up and “going along to get along” is not worth it. Maybe they will start raping, robbing, shooting and looting because they realize they are just as likely to have their lives ruined after one or two minor missteps away from racial orthodoxy. What a delightful thought!