New at the Mall: Fierce Black-Mob Attacks

WND, February 17, 2015

A mall in Ocoee, Florida, has been forced to impose a curfew after as many as 900 black teenagers, mostly girls, stormed a theater inside the mall so they could see the sexual bondage-themed film, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” on Valentine’s Day.

According to WKMG-TV in Florida, hundreds of middle- and high-school students rushed the AMC Theater at the West Oaks Mall after not being allowed into the R-rated movie.

Some reports indicate the riot was organized on social media weeks in advance.

Now unsupervised teenagers will no longer be allowed to be present at the mall in the evenings. The new rule is part of an effort to prevent the kinds of violent outbreaks that led movie-goers on Saturday night to frantically call 9-1-1, claiming they feared for their safety.

Florida’s Ocala Post interviewed several owners of businesses inside the mall after the incident.

“All of the business owners, who do not want their names used, have accused the mall of not taking proper measures for this type of situation to ensure the safety of employees and shoppers,” the Post reported. “According to business owners, they believe management is afraid of being labeled racist because it is only black teenagers that are causing the trouble. Store owners said it is not about race, but about right and wrong.”


Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It,” said it’s just the latest example of mob violence hitting shopping malls all around the country, and the chaos is overwhelmingly perpetuated by black teenagers.

According to Flaherty, “This is similar to what happened in Jacksonville in Christmas 2013: 750 black people rushed a theater, then created havoc and violence in and out of the theater. The same kind of violence occurred in a mall in Salisbury, Maryland, not long ago. And there are so many more cases that I’ve documented again and again.”

“This kind of violence is why you see so many ‘struggling’ malls and why people are withdrawing from public spaces. Ordinary families simply don’t feel safe. And they probably shouldn’t feel safe, because the police seem more interested in shoving incidents like this under the rug than stopping them.”

During the Valentine’s Day riot in Florida, patrons were locked inside with the mob after the theater dropped metal gates over the entrance in an attempt to try to control the situation.

“It was like a herd of elephants coming up the corridor and races up the stairwell. Just bum-rushed the entire theater,” moviegoer Jessica Weckerly told WFTV-TV.


WKMG-TV reported that fights erupted outside the mall after the disturbance was quelled, and robberies also took place in the mall at the time. Initially, some witnesses reported hearing gunshots, but the loud blasts were later determined to be firecrackers in the parking lot. Police made one arrest and said no one was injured.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the West Oaks Mall announced that it will require everyone under the age of 17 to be accompanied by an adult after 9 p.m., or they will be escorted off the property. {snip}



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  • A mall in Ocoee, Florida, has been forced to impose a curfew after as many as 900 black teenagers, mostly girls, stormed a theater inside the mall so they could see the sexual bondage-themed film, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” on Valentine’s Day.

    I am not getting good mental images from that. And it’s not what I wanted to read so close to supper.

    • Kenner

      Maybe if they saw the film, they could be trained to wear a leash.

    • Reynardine

      Aren’t the whips and chains offensive and remind them of slavery or something?

  • Alexandra1973

    My guess is that mall’s next to be listed on the Dead Malls site.

    • rebelcelt

      Nice quiet pleasant malls pus blacks equal nightmare and mall bankruptcy. I went to Memphis’ Oak Court mall a week ago. It was the first time I had been there in probably three years…I will never go back. It will join the other Memphis dead malls. Mall of Memphis, Hickory Ridge Mall, Southland Mall, Raleigh Springs Mall among others.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        The advancing swath of destruction continues…

      • John Smith

        I’ll do you one better – I’m never going to Membabwe again.

        • Tim

          It`s the only town I ever felt unsafe in at three in the afternoon. I was at some downtown rail link?! and thinking to myself, “Get back to the hotel and get going before dawn…” Right then a German couple walked up to me and asked ashamedly if I thought there might be danger since they felt the vibes too. I told them to always trust their gut and I felt it also. I escorted them back to their hotel and then made tracks for mine…

      • flunkdaddy

        I live in Tupelo MS, had to go up there last month in my old jalopy( think Tom Joad ) to pick up my brother at the airport. I prayed to God, please let me get home alive its a war zone!

    • BloodofAlbion75

      The mall in Ocoee wouldn’t be the last addition to the Dead Malls list;that number will likely continue to grow for the rest of our lives.

      • Speedy Steve

        Developers are moving away from the mall. They won’t admit that they are incompatible with diversity. What’s happening now is Main Street concept. It all started in Cincinnati when they had to clear the bums out of the pedestrian bridges.

        • BloodofAlbion75

          “Developers are moving away from the mall.”

          I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend any websites or books that addresses the subject of dying malls in much greater detail.

          • Speedy Steve

            deadmalls dot com is a good starting place.

  • DaveMed

    “It was like a herd of elephants coming up the corridor and races up the stairwell.”

    What I like about Blacks: admission price-free zoo-like behavior. Quite a show.

    • Alexandra1973

      I probably would have said hippos.

  • MekongDelta69

    “According to business owners, they believe management is afraid of being labeled racist because it is only black teenagers that are causing the trouble. Store owners said it is not about race, but about right and wrong.”

    The above are two completely contradictory sentences.

    • Anna Tree

      More contradiction:

      “it is only black teenagers that are causing the trouble. Store owners said it is not about race”

      • BloodofAlbion75


        That’s the kind of answer that someone who’s bipolar or schizophrenic would give.

        • Anna Tree

          Or afraid of the racist curse but at the same time fed-up.

    • Speedy Steve

      OK, this is my new business model; a chain tattoo parlors catering to diversity which never sanitizes the needles.

  • David Ashton

    The domination of the BOO-word is probably PROBLEM NUMBER 1.

  • Ed

    It’s like a cancer, if you don’t remove the tumor it just spreads and eventually consumes you. The mall is in it’s latter stages of the disease very soon it will be a ghost mall with a couple cheesy cell phone shops, pawn shops and tacky ghetto clothing.

  • I thought I’d read this story in regards to the movie Selma.

  • RacialRay

    …management is afraid of being labeled racist

    Hey, management, maybe if you call a spade a spade and let them label you ‘racist’, the undertow will boycott your mall, taking their ‘bidness’ elsewhere.

    Problem. Solved.

    • A Freespeechzone

      They should be even MORE afraid of being considered DANGEROUS for people to even be at that mall….

      No sales…..

    • Charles Martel

      More likely they will torch the place. The media will hail them as civil rights heroes, equivalent to those who sat at the Whites Only lunch counters.

    • Evidently they are not afraid of going out of business after normal people stay away from their mall.

    • Speedy Steve

      The undertow doesn’t boycott. It stages sit-ins, demonstrations, and protest marches. Then they move up to flinging bags of excrement and bottles of urine, and finally set the place on fire.

  • SentryattheGate

    900 black teenagers stormed the mall, and only one arrest!?

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      So now I have to carry 900 rounds for my Glock when I go out?

    • Douglas Quaid

      The one arrest was probably the moron who was either too lazy or too stupid to get up and leave with everyone else when the cops showed up.

      • Anna Tree

        Maybe it was one of the only blacks who paid for their tickets and she was innocently sitting there. They arrested her because it was easy and to show they arrested somebody but will triumphantly release her with great fanfare and news exposure to show how the police is racist thinking all black girls are flash-mob black girls. But the prove is in the exception: 1 vs 900.

      • Or maybe one had relatively light skin so the cops thought they could get away with arresting her.

    • ajaxJohnson

      Have ever seen roaches scatter when the lights come on.

  • rommel10

    Ahh the negro, destroying all in it’s path. i just hope when obummer let’s all the terrorists in the country, they have a taste for dark meat

    • IstvanIN

      Could they be our plague of locusts?

  • Kenner

    Comments on another site said they were from nearby, predominantly black Pine Hills.

  • Another mall circling the drain. We got the whole “Poldark” BBC series on DVD, which is set in late 18th Century Cornwall. Try again, boyos, but I do not perform arrests here at home, even if you gots ta be be haben dat, gnome sayin’? My claymore is sharp enough to shave with, and my tomahawk a lot sharper that that, but with the sword, I prefer to use the point. If I answer the door at night to someone pretending to be the police, my wife has the coilgun aimed straight at my head. I have told Sayaka that I can duck. Rest assured, I can not.

    When one uses a sword, the entry is best sideways, so it does not become stuck in the ribs.

  • Lygeia

    There could have been 900 white girls showing up at the mall and this would not have happened.

    • John Smith

      People would’ve lost their hearing with all the high-pitched shrieking, however.

    • Earl Turner

      This has happened plenty of times with white girls showing up in huge numbers for a movie. The Twilight movies for example. Not one fight, not one robbery, not one gunshot.

      • So what you are saying is that a mass of blacks tend to do things violently and illegally, and a mass of Whites tend to do things orderly and legally? I hope you know that this is completely politically incorrect. Sure, it’s true, but we can’t just go around citing facts and seeing the world how it really is when there are feelings involved — someone might be offended.

    • True enough, though I would note that white teenagers take their cultural clues from television and movies, and hence are emulating black ‘urban’ mores more and more.

  • LHathaway

    At least black girls do something when women of other races date black. White men do nothing. They probably have mixed feelings about it. Enjoying the degradation yet unhappy with it at the same time. These girls should be notified and relax. Educated men of color from all over the world are immigrating to the USA. Most white girls will choose them over black boys. They have too much respect for the black family.

    • LexiconD1

      Only because black girls realize they don’t stand a chance with men of other races, none of them want them, including black men (who use them for booty calls, while looking for their trophy girl.)

      • LHathaway

        You’re right. They don’t stand a chance. They should be grateful to be with me . . . I mean . . . with any guy who would have them.

        • LexiconD1

          Maybe it’s because I’m on pain medication, so I might have misunderstood your post…you’re into black girls, are you black?

          “They should be grateful to be with me…”

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    after as many as 900 black teenagers, mostly girls, stormed a theater inside the mall

    Imagine 900 beasts stampeding toward you…

  • Usually Much Calmer

    They closed the gates? Thunderdome.

  • Pelayo

    This is nothing new author.

  • Douglas Quaid

    Meh, malls are going the way of Blockbuster video anyway, it’s a business model that is no longer efficient due to advances. I went to the mall for the first time in years simply because my daughter saved her money and wanted to get her ears pierced. I work odd hours so we went in the middle of the day, the mall was pretty barren except fro roving duos and trios of blacks.

    One idiot approached us to ask for money (they assume the lighter your skin the more money you have), he actually tried to touch my daughter in his approach but I interposed myself and took the safety off my pepper spray with one hand while I shook his hand asking him, “How’s it going?” with my other hand.

    Not a place to frequent, especially that outnumbered by blacks, they get bolder when they realize their numbers are high.

    • LexiconD1

      Last mall I went to I walked outside the anchor store, Target, and spotted a ‘Raider’ store, and noticed the mall was swarming with blacks and hispanics, went back inside the Target, left, and never went back. This was roughly 5 or more years ago.

      No thanks, I can find what I want online.

      • John Smith

        Rednecks often keep the negroes away, which is why I head down across the river into Kentucky if I want to go to a mall (doesn’t work in Louisville, however).

        • When I visited my old friend Mayumi in 1998, she was in grad school in Louisville, KY, doing an MS on thin-film diamond epitaxial growth, and the malls there were massively Afritarded. One of them in her apartment complex used to steal from her mail. I straightened that out in short order. Fortunately, I had rented a Ford Taurus at the airport, and didn’t mind putting a lot of miles on the car. I liked Kentucky quite a lot, but I could see the writing on the wall.

          I loved talking shop with her, and suggested other things, like tungsten carbide via decomposition of hexamethyl tungsten, and carbon nitride via decomposition of melamine. I had worked for a little while in Australia on boron carbide precursors, but my own efforts in this respect were chemically too stable.

          I sure miss those days. Thank goodness she went back to Japan, where it is at least safe for women, so long as they are nowhere near a US military base. We were sized-up in downtown Louisville by a nigtard, but he didn’t like the looks of my hands, and probably not my eyes, either.

          We visited Mammoth Caves, and I wish we’d had the time to see the armor museum at Ft. Knox. I think Kentucky is a great place, but I wouldn’t want to live there; they would never allow me to vote.

          • Weisheit77

            Good one about the military base. I know the situation from Germany. How do you know there is a military base in the vicinity? A sudden upsurge in half-breeds.

          • John Smith

            Other than Louisville, Lexington, Hopkinsville, Covington and Newport and the counties on the far western border with Missouri, the state is pretty white.

  • Duke56

    Oh great, a curfew. How, exactly, are they going to enforce it, I wonder.

    • Speedy Steve

      Open at 7 in the morning and close at 3 pm when the apes are getting out of bed.

      • Tim

        I walked to Harlem from my New York Hotel once. It seemed the Workday there consisted of waking up at 9:30 am and getting on the pay phone till 11:00 to find Crack…

  • Speedy Steve

    Malls need to play Telemann, Mozart and ABBA. It’s like knee grow repellant.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Thanks for giving a shout out to Georg Telemann. And yes, blacks would hate his beautiful Baroque music if they heard it.

      They’d then ask “If dis music be Baroque why don’t y’all fix it?”

  • John Smith

    So, fourteen year-old Shaquita will be escorted by her twenty-five year-old boyfriend/baby daddy/brother D’Marquis and all will be okay with mall management? Will he be allowed to have his other underage hoes with him as well?

  • John Smith

    They should be more afraid of being driven out of business as the paying customers no longer show up.

  • LiberalismFailed

    Is it any wonder why black communities seldom have a mall or even a grocery store? These youth act like animals. They should implement a policy that if you are under 18 you are either with a parent or you have five dollars in your wallet, and that would likely curb the problem.

  • Realist

    “Mall businesses say management is afraid of being labeled “racist.””

    Management is stupid.

  • Pat Boyle

    Obviously black integration has been a complete failure. Blacks must be separated from whites again. We have new technology that should help.

  • Earl Turner

    So was this a “movie gone wrong”? Was the theater “in the wrong place at the wrong time”?

  • Mahtoofislooth

    Ah multiculturalism and political correctness. The best thing for online shopping and Netflix since the internet.

  • jwilders50

    The future that the movie planet of the apes predicted is here.

  • Watch their insurance rates go sky-high. A bunch of injury claims will do that in a jiffy.

  • Lord Sandwich

    I didn’t know so many black women liked the idea of being tied up. That would make it easier to toss them into the hold of a ship bound for Africa. Don’t forget the gag.

  • Bob G

    During the Valentine’s Day riot in Florida, patrons were locked inside with the mob after the theater dropped metal gates over the entrance in an attempt to try to control the situation.
    Locked up with 900 pavement apes. I’m surprised no one died.
    It happened here also in Monroeville, PA a little while back.

  • Speedy Steve

    Only until the system collapses!