Jim Webb: Democrats Need to Focus More on ‘White, Working People’

Dan Merica, CNN, January 30, 2015

If Jim Webb had his way, the Democratic Party would return to its “Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson roots” and put a greater focus on “white, working people.”

Webb, the former Democratic senator from Virginia who is entertaining a run 2016 presidential nomination, told NPR Friday morning that his party has not focused enough on white, working class voters in the past elections. In order to be successful in the future, Webb said, that will need to change.

“I think they could do better with white, working people and I think this last election showed that,” Webb said, referencing the 2014 midterms where Republicans took control of the Senate and added more power in the House. “The Democratic Party could do very well to return to its Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson roots where the focus of the party was making sure that all people who lack a voice in the corridors of power could have one through the elected represented.”


Looking ahead to a 2016 race that he may run in, Webb added: “You are not going to have a situation again where you have 96% of the African American vote turning out for one presidential candidate. . . . We need to get back to the principles of the Democratic Party that we are going to give everyone who needs access to the corridors of power that access regardless of any of your antecedents. I think that is a fair concept.”



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  • Sue

    Could this be fright because white people do make a difference and are not as irrelevant as they tried to make us think?

    • D.B. Cooper

      NOPE! I’ve seen this old trick for decades now. The Democratic Party will pay lip service, and a lot of brainwashed white people (mostly under 30) will believe because they want to believe.
      In the end, the Democratic Party will still get around 50% of the white vote (as usual), and the Republican Party will have wasted millions trying to get minority votes, and fail.

      • connorhus

        I think you are wrong this time. I will grant you that has been the case before but the Dems pushed too far and the last eight years has finally struck a cord with the average White drone. They took until it finally hurt and all that remains of the White Democrat party are the government employees and old professional political class.

        The true dinosaurs the left always speaks about.

        • D.B. Cooper

          They’ll pull a Slick Willie maneuver, while the GOP does nothing except hope they can still get the white vote by default.
          The average white drone is still a moron. If anything, they’ve gotten even dumber over the years.

          • connorhus

            Well I cannot say I have my finger on the pulse of the entire White drone/moron population but I know around here this last election a fair number of the old staunch Democrats called it quits and walked away from their ancestral party. That was a huge step because the Democrats were firmly entrenched out here since Lewis and Clark explored it and the pioneers moved in.

            Will this change come fast enough to hold? I am thinking so but you never can tell they may in fact try and find another BillyBob but then they will lose their Black vote for sure from lack of turnout.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            It’s all a scam. The person who gets the most dead people to vote for him usually wins. When Obama first ran for prez he got zillions in mystery donations. They funded groups like acorn. I had a few run ins with acorn. They were going around the ghettos and colleges and saying “sign your name here to vote for Obama” Can I vote for McCain? No. Somehow you just give them your ID and sign your name on a paper and acorn will cast the vote for you. The vast majority of blacks in the ghetto never vote. This is how he got all their votes. Later acorn was shut down because it was caught committing all kinds of fraud, but Obama had already won by then. They will use their zillions in special interest money to run all sorts of scams like that next election cycle. It’s mostly about who has the most money. And yes dead people also end up voting every election cycle and no one seems to get arrested for this.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Rest assured also that the special interest groups and zillionaires have bought out both the democrat and republican candidate so it doesn’t matter who you vote for. Case in point Romney care is almost identical to Obama care. Maybe tiny differences in detail. The thing was created mostly by the insurance companies. Really political change starts with a lobbying firm, donations, or grooming your own candidate and not with casting votes. The only time your vote might matter is in a local election.

          • connorhus

            You maybe right as far as that goes. I am not saying that Whites are going to win the Presidency as Republican any time soon either. The Dems brought in their minority voters and put them right where they needed to be to win national elections but they also painted themselves into a corner and marginalized themselves by doing it. It’s not a new story, the old British Kings, the Romans, it’s happened many times in the past but it never worked out for the importers int he end.

            White Men in the Democrat party are soon to go the way of the Dodo followed by White Women but Democratic control of the House and Senate will take them several more years to immigrate in. I hope things explode before that day.

          • Garrett Brown

            “Mystery donations” eh?

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Yeah I guess there is a way to donate anonymously. A big chunk of Obama’s money came from unknown sources. Just like they sealed his records in college. Obama tends to need to hide a lot of things about himself.

          • bilderbuster

            The US has already been turned into a cultural Weimar America.
            White voters won’t wake up until we’ve become an economic Weimar Republic and by then America may be too dark for us to make a difference.

        • Garrett Brown

          Weren’t people arguing this stance in the 90s after Clinton left office? That people were finally waking up?

          Pretty sure most people are sheep and go whichever way the media tells them to.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Everybody likes Clinton except hard core conservatives. To some degree even liberals are disappointed in Obama. Myself I don’t see his policies as being any worse than the other presidents. His main problem seems to be that he doesn’t know what he is doing in a lot of cases, which was the same with Bush. The last time we had a president that seemed competent was Clinton. Then again, we find out years later Clinton repealed regulation that led to the financial meltdown in 2008.

          • connorhus

            Most people do until the agenda starts to actually effect them directly. Which really is my point it has started effecting them directly. The county I live in is less than 3% Minority. While there were always a few White boys like me who had seen the real world most around here were still living with 60’s ideologies and 21st century technology but didn’t have a clue. The last eight years has seriously changed that all the lefty multi-cult agenda has reached the point it is hitting home even out here. From HUD zoning, inheritance taxes, EPA climate change fraud, gun control. The list goes on.

            Twenty years ago the Democrat lefty ideology was something that was far away in cities. These days it is being forced on to small town rural America and it is POing people off.

  • SJWs troll-invade Jim Webb’s social media presences in three, two, one…

    • propagandaoftruth

      I’m Jim Webb, trying to sort of talk some sense…since I’m the White guy…

      Please listen to me…maybe I get a “me last” deal? Do the Republicans want me? No?

  • Chip Carver

    The powers that be have no doubt already contacted Mr. Webb to try and find out what ails him.

  • Ed

    The midterms shocked the media. They knew they GOP would do well but the losses in Maryland, Mass and Illinois gubernatorial races really shocked them. One of the idiots that proudly proclaimed the beginning of permanent Democrat control ten years ago, today came out with an article that pretty much repudiated that.

    Now he concedes that white voters are still key and that minorities that make middle class wages are also turning more for the GOP.

    To me I always though the thesis was weak since ’10 by 20 points after signing 1070. Hispanics are very apathetic when it comes to civics. If you need to count on them to win you might as well concede. Blacks will still go for Dems but not as much as they did for Obama. The Dem coalition predicated on homo marriage, identity politics and taxing the middle class into oblivion is going to collapse. Now the Dems are seriously worried that Clinton will actually do worse with Whites than Obama.

    • I read that article, and I wasn’t that impressed with it.

      Thirteen years ago, he was boasting about “emerging Democrat majority.”

      Now, he’s erasing “Democrat” and writing “Republican” in its place.

      Judis strikes me as someone who will suck on his thumb, then stick it up in the air to see which way is blowing, then write a “brilliant, acclaimed” book or essay entitled “The Emerging (______) Majority.” So whichever side wins, he can say that he predicted it and saw it coming.

      This new essay of his reads to me like little more than a “Republicans should drop the social issues” political pseudo scientific screed. (Since his CV contains a lot of Mother Jones and The American Prospect, that’s probably more a result of his ideological biases than pandering to monied patrons.) His whole evidence package for that and for this permanent Republican ascendancy consists of his interviews with three, count ‘em, three, Democrat-leaning Maryland voters that crossed over to vote for Larry Hogan (married to a Korean woman) for Governor this past November. Of course, never mind the fact that state politics and Federal politics are very different. (Take that as a hint, Scott Walker.) “Jerry, Connie and James,” the three voters he interviewed, will be right back in the Democrat column in 2016 to vote for President and for U.S. Senator from Maryland. Democrats win Governor of red states and Republicans win Governor of blue states pretty often. Three blue voters who swung red in one statewide state government election one time do not a long term trend nor a basis for partisan strategery make.

      Judis is right, however, in noticing that working/middle class white non-landslide margins for Romney in certain northern states (“the slippery six” — Steve Sailer) is what helped make the difference in 2012. If only Judis would have learned the phrase “elderly black women” before writing this.

    • Julius Caesar

      What are your thoughts on Bruce Rauner? As closely as I follow modern political theater, I still don’t know what to make of the guy. I genuinely believe Quinn would retain control, but that didn’t happen. As such, I’ve yet to come to a conclusion on Rauner. I guess only time will tell.

  • [side note]
    Webb’s book, “Fields of Fire” is a must read for combat aficionados.

    • SentryattheGate

      And I recommend Webb’s Born Fightin’ re. the Scots-Irish history and it’s role in establishing the American spirit of anti-authoritarianism and of leadership chosen from amongst the rank and file, not top-down authority.

      • Born Fighting is a great read. A bit self-congratulatory, but good. God bless the Appalachian people.

  • connorhus

    Hah. The Democrat party has gone too far down the Die-Vesity political path to ever come back now. They have pushed for too much and painted themselves into a corner as any return to the “White working Class” will cost them their imported welfare class voters. It has reached the point that most Whites (at least the Male ones) know they are being singled out and everything the Dems stand for is at their expense. My guess is you aren’t going to see a White Male Democrat ever get a national nomination again followed closely by White Women being pushed out.

    • Cindy

      I hope you’re right!

    • Garrett Brown

      I think you underestimate how ignorant and stupid the majority of people (yes, even Whites) truly are in this country.

      • connorhus

        You may be right. Perhaps it is simply wishful dreaming on my part but the falling family income levels and constant PC babble is having an effect. I saw a real change in hard core old Democrats this last election. It may simply be my location but some of these families were born with donkeys tattooed on the shoulder for generations and many of them, not all yet but many, switched. These old men and women have no clue what a deficit is or even the name of the speaker but they still gave the Dems the finger. It has to mean something.

        • Garrett Brown

          I definitely have observed a change in White opinions, the problem is they still think they can solves issues democratically.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Right. You could organize together and form a successful corporation, make millions, then fund candidates, private charities, advertising etc. and make a difference. But you can’t make much of a difference voting. If White Nationalists want to be taken seriously they have to get out of the cow pastures and trailer parks and into board rooms, classrooms etc. It worked for Zionists.

          • Garrett Brown

            Where do you come off implying white nationalists live in trailer parks? Most that post here are college educated (back when it meant something)and make over 60 grand a year according to a poll they sent out a few years ago.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Figurative speech. If people on here are that wealthy and educated I don’t see why they haven’t come together and start building up some kind of corporation or trust that can make massive amounts of money and then funnel this into political and propaganda campaigns, not to mention programs to help benefit white families or to promote eugenics organizations. I’ll gladly provide cheap labor.

          • Garrett Brown

            You’re not allowed to in this country.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I have put together my own group. I am always open to meeting people, because my big problem in life is every single person I deal with is low quality. If I go to work at a factory or restaurant the head manager is sniffing cocaine and playing on the computer all day, mismanaging the whole place. Nearly everyone is on drugs and/or low I.Q. All kinds of theft, lies and other unneccessary problems just due to the low character of people etc.

            If I can find normal, well adjusted people with a very minimal I.Q. level and not on drugs who I can work with, work for, work together with on mutual projects, start a community with etc. it would be easy to accomplish something.

            I had a white nationalist and his brother from europe that got involved for a short period. The whole thing was very strange and not sure if these people were some kind of spies or undercover agents, but he did provide some good insights and enriching experiences. But for all the complaining online I don’t find people who want to take any action and actually accomplish basic goals.

            I try to search for other groups out there like mine, but none exist, which is really weird. I mean I just wanted to put together a community that excludes the absolute lowest trash and has a can do culture based on humanism and rationalism. The only vaguely similar groups tend to be in Europe. Jewish synagogues and groups tend to be similar as well, but they exclude non-Jews.

            I went onto Satanism forums. Much like White Nationalists they talk about being tough and accomplishing goals in life and being sickened by the world as it is. I once again asked people if they want to work together and accomplish real goals, I am setting something like that up. They seem to respond with hostility and excuses.

            Of the few people who wrote me it was usually something like “Jews are the problem. My life sucks because of Jews” or “the government causes all my failures”. I’m like “Well some things we can’t change, but let’s work on the things we can” nope.

            And with the “hate Jews” people and some of the strange people who seem interest in it I wonder if they are undercover ADL agents or something. There is something “off” about the few people that do contact me.

            It’s really weird to me that more people aren’t interested in associating with normal people considering that just about everywhere you go you encounter criminals, idiots, ghettos, dysfunction etc.

            I thought it was just that I’m poor and in the lower strata of society, which is a major factor, but I have even dealt with colleges and also interacted with wealthy, college educated types. Most Americans seem weak, stupid, weak willed, extremely liberal minded etc. They seem scared to get an education or start a business.

            I also tried to find people to work out with and do martial arts with because I can’t afford the expensive martial arts schools (I did train for years in them before though). Also most of those schools don’t train the right way, nearly all of them. I couldn’t find not one person in a major city interested in training. The only time I have found people to train with are ex-marines and such.

            It’s really sad how weak the majority of people are.

            This stuff is not rocket science either. People make money in business everyday. It’s not hard to buy a small italian restaurant or even operate a franchise like mcdonalds. It’s not hard to build a little community that is competent (like a church but without the “be ye slaves” mentality). It’s mind numbing. I live around millions of people, all of them mind shockingly low quality. The few ones with a brain tend to be Jews and their groups don’t accept non-Jews or people in super elite clubs for the rich.

          • Garrett Brown

            You’ve started your own movement? What’s it called? How many members? Have you run for office while at the same time openly stating your beliefs?

          • Raymond Kidwell

            No, I’ve been working on a private community for many years, not a political group. There were a few different people involved in the past but its just me right now. It’s called Hraftzer Society. The goal is to work together with similar people- build communities, help each other achieve our goals, self improvement, survival prepping, family building etc.

            I have come across a lot of people over the years who talk a lot and anytime I tell them “well here is an opportunity to turn that talk into action” they back down. Most people just like to talk, but not serious about anything. I’m a member of facebook discussion groups. They always talk about changing the world. I say ok, let’s start with something very easy and simple. Nah, not interested in doing any real action. Similar on white nationalist boards and such. These people won’t seriously organize to open up a Wendys much less have any real impact on politics or survival.

            It’s called Hraftzer Society

          • Garrett Brown

            Where is this community? How many people? Does the government know? When they find out, will you be allowed to keep it?

            If you can’t tell by now, I’m displaying how ridiculously delusional you are.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            A few people coming together and cooperating for mutual interests and friendship really doesn’t seem delusion to me. Every corner has a church on it. Not sure why a community can’t come together that believes in logic and science instead. Every corner also has a starbucks or McDonalds. Most of these are originally bought through joint ventures. Millions of people do the same thing everyday. But for whatever reason, I am only surrounded by losers who think getting a college degree, starting a business or having a private community is a “child like fantasy”. That is precisely the reason to have a private group though, I get tired of dealing with people who have such a different mentality from myself and would just like to find some similar people I can meet and work together with.

          • Garrett Brown

            It doesn’t seem delusional because you are in fact delusional. If ANY part of the Obama or future administrations find out what your “interests” are, the same thing that happened to that man in Idaho and his community that wanted to stay White will happen to yours.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            There are plenty of white goy communities throughout the U.S. and not mention Jewish communities. Sure there is bias against any kind of community that respects white’s right to exist or seeks to preserve their culture- a kind of bias that doesn’t exist against a china town or a Jewish community, but overall I don’t see everyone out to get me.

            Also if there was a large degree of assets nearly everybody would shield those assets from liability through diversifying them and using LLCs.

            Regardless of whether I succeed or not I must try. The option of having a high quality life is out the door. Everything and nearly everyone I deal with is dysfunctional. They are incapable of very basic human behavior. It makes it extremely difficult to get an education or make a living or even be safe from crime. It’s necessary to have a community.

          • Garrett Brown

            Of course there are, the country is still 63% White European.

          • connorhus

            Baby steps. They will figure the rest of it out before too much longer. We are over the hockey stick at this point and picking up steam I think.

    • Cindy

      Remember when white Dem Bill Clinton ran on Welfare reform in the 90s?
      It was HUGE! Everyone was for it. Bill won the election and reformed Welfare.
      Today there is no mention of Welfare reform by Dems or Republicans.
      The media never mentions it either. It’s so strange… You’d think this country doesn’t even have Welfare anymore.
      Why is everyone so afraid of a group that doesn’t contribute to society and doesn’t vote?

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    It may be too late. Al the whites are gone.

  • dmxinc

    Like this guy was every for the White working man. Look at this writer of homosexual, incestuous, pedophilia voting record.

    • What?

      • dmxinc

        Didn’t know that about his writing?

        It was a Drudge headline back when he was running for Senate.

        The story stated that this revelation would likely ruin his campaign. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter.

        I read the words myself in a fiction novel of his. Amazing that this pervert could put all of that deviancy in a few sentences, deviancy created in his own mind, but he did it.

        What a scumbag, but the coalition of liberals and “New Americans” were able to put him over the top.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    Nothing would make me happier then if the Democratic party returned to its roots of Jacksonian presidents and buried the Republican party once and for all.

    • Sick of it

      That would be great. FDR and Truman not so much.

      • Bryce Armstrong

        I was always under the impression the people like the Rockefeller s tried to put FDR in the Republican camp?

  • Pelayo

    “If Jim Webb had his way, the Democratic Party would return to its ‘Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson roots’ and put a greater focus on ‘white, working people.'”

    And if they stopped the affirmative action gravy train and free stuff giveaways they would count on my vote as a result.

    • John Smith

      And stopped supporting gun control.

    • dmxinc

      Then they wouldn’t be Democrats.

      Talk about asking a leopard to change its spots.

  • dd121

    Why would they try to appeal to traditional white working class people? In their calculation, whites are expendable.

    • ejXinMI

      And becoming extinct.

  • JohnEngelman

    I am in total agreement that the Democratic Party should win back the white working class vote, and much of the Southern vote. To do so Democrats need to understand why they lost those voters. It was not because white blue collar workers became so prosperous that they no longer needed or wanted the reforms of the New Deal.

    Everyone who accesses American Renaissance knows why the Democratic Party lost the white working class vote. I won’t be redundant by explaining.

  • LeonNJ

    Sounds like he just wants Democrats to speak sweet nothings into our ears for votes, but by the next day it will be more of the same of open borders, higher taxes, and anti-white male rhetoric. Actually, that sounds just like Republicans, too.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I was asked to fill out a survey for democrats because I’m on their mailing list. That’s what I wrote. i can agree with most issues, but don’t understand why “equality” and “fairness” always has an anti-white male agenda. The party is too anti-white for me to support. If any party came out strongly against affirmative action and stopped bashing whites in their speeches (or males) then I could support them. But the republican party isn’t much better in terms of race. But republicans also have policies that harm me because I’m poor. So I’m left with a democrat candidate who supports discrimination against whites or a republican who supports discrimination against whites. Is that seriously a choice?

  • jayvbellis

    Or… Rainbow coalition New Democrats can embrace…

    Transgender people of color
    And Muslims!

    Lots and lots of Muslims…

    Muslims and gays…

    Politics makes strange bedfellows.

    • RebelliousTreecko

      Polymorists? Minor-attracted people? Close-relative couples? Public nudists? Otherkin?

  • WoodyBBad

    At this point, the Democrats are beyond redemption.

  • MartelsGhost

    The dems are lost for three or more generations if not forever. It has become the party of elitist ex-hippies who use ethnic peoples as threats and human shields in an effort to keep low to middle class Whites in line.

    The socialist/communist movements were built upon the backs of poor working class Whites. The new left have turned their backs on those same whites in order to look cool for all their new gay/black/muslim/feminazi/tranny friends.

    The greatest working force throughout all history is united once again. The future seems a bit brighter…………………………….

  • Sick of it

    So Jim Webb wants to return to even bigger government and higher taxes on working people? Maybe he also likes rationing.

  • TL2014

    Too late, idiot.

  • Augustus3709

    On the one hand he’s right, but on the other hand it is quite cynical for these politicians to stick people in categories of marketability.

    The purpose of democratic leadership is for a free nation to have representative government which brings good things to the nation, instead of just playing games in order to get elected.

  • Julius Caesar

    The Democratic Party could do very well to return to its Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson roots”
    How about just the Andrew Jackson part…

  • Evette Coutier

    They need to return to its George Wallace roots.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      Vote David Duke into office. He is the only politician that seems to use logical arguments on a regular basis.

      “Obama, can you explain your foreign policy?” Hope and change.
      “WTF does that mean. Can you offer any specific information rather than slogans”
      Let me be clear, the wealthy need to pay their fair share.

      “Mr. Bush what is your foreign policy?” Stay the course.

      They seem to answer all questions with the same slogans, even when they don’t make any sense. “Bush what is your favorite soft drink?” Stay the course.
      “Obama, what do you think of President Putin?” Hope and change.

      At least David Duke talks like a human being rather than a robot.

  • bilderbuster

    Too bad no Republican will ever say that let alone mean it.

  • antiquesunlight

    “You are not going to have a situation again where you have 96% of the African American vote turning out for one presidential candidate”

    Not sure about that one. Maybe not 96%, but I bet it will be around 90%. Democrats were getting an overwhelming percentage of the black vote when all Democrats were white. Now that the party has gotten a black guy elected, blacks aren’t going anywhere unless the party changes quite a lot.

    • John Jackson

      The percentages were comparable, but I think the numbers of blacks who voted were much higher. Like if 1 million blacks vote 96% of them were Democrat, but with Obama say 2 million would vote, still at 96% Dem but obviously it gives Dems many more votes.

      • antiquesunlight

        You could be right. I wonder if the black voter turnout will be hire post-Obama for presidential elections. It would be an interesting statistic.

  • John Jackson

    He said the “W” word, he may as well give it up, no Democrat will ever get elected saying you need to do anything for whites. Even Republicans won’t say that, after all, what could white people need, we have our privilege after all.

  • American Sulla

    I like Webb. He is also an able historian. I read and recommend his book “Born Fighting: How the Scot-Irish Shaped America”.

  • haroldcrews

    I recall Howard Dean saying much the same thing about the importance of appealing to those of us with Confederate flags on our pickups. He was soundly condemned by pretty much everyone in the Democratic Party. Hatred of white males, particularly if heterosexual, is one of the few things that unify the Democratic Party.

  • Realist

    “He says Democrats should return to their roots: Roosevelt, Truman, and Jackson.”
    Andrew or Jesse?

  • jayvbellis

    Please try to do effective activism for our people/our civilization. But, please try to organize do activism within your own groups (liberal, gay friendly, somewhat Jewish) instead of trying to come over, takeover our side. It just doesn’t work. Like when the National Republican Party made Ken Melhman – a gay, liberal Jewish guy the chairman of the Republican Party and he wasted everyone’s time and basically said the problem with the GOP was that it was too White, too Christian.

    We’re simply not going to be saved by the liberal, gay, Hollywood, Ivy League, something part Jewish, anybody think this group will handle Black mobs marching in open Blood gang colors in ferguson MO, being funded by $33 million from George Soros with the MSM fully on board pushing propaganda that this is another “civil Rights” sacred cause the same as Nelson Mandela?

    But, I wish you personally a good life. Please note what brave, somewhat pro White, Pro Western Liberals have done in the Netherlands.

    American desperately needs our own Pym Fortyn.

  • maxsnafu

    If Webb really thought the Democrats ought to focus more on Whites then why did he ever become a Democrat to begin with?

    • The Dude

      Because he champions the working class. He’s fiscally leftist.

      • maxsnafu

        But the democrats don’t champion the working class–unless they’re Black, Hispanic, Jewish, homosexual, or feminist.

        • The Dude

          True, they do focus on these demographics for their own sake. But economically, they’re also for a higher minimum wage, against the current student loans, higher taxes on the rich. Whether they’re right or wrong in their approaches, all of these things are aimed at the working class, regardless of race, gender, or orientation.

  • WR_the_realist

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I won’t be fooled again.

  • Bill Moore


    I wish one party or the other would focus on “white working people”.

    Right now, both Republicans or Democrats focus on illegal aliens and Africans.

    Bill Moore