IRS Offers Extra Tax Refunds to Illegal Immigrants Granted Amnesty by Obama

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, February 3, 2015

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen confirmed Tuesday that illegal immigrants granted amnesty from deportation under President Obama’s new policies would be able to get extra refunds from the IRS for money they earned while working illegally, as long as they filed returns during those years.

Illegal immigrants who are granted the amnesty will be given official Social Security numbers, which means they can go back and amend up to three years of previous tax forms to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, potentially claiming billions of dollars in additional payments they were ineligible for before the amnesty.

Mr. Koskinen said they will have to have already filed returns for those back-years, and there’s a statute of limitations that governs how far they can go back, but said the agency’s current interpretation of laws would allow them to claim the EITC credit retroactively.

“This is the problem you get into,” said Sen. Charles E. Grassley, an Iowa Republican who demanded a solution to the loophole. “The IRS’s interpretation of the EITC eligibility requirements undermines congressional policy for not rewarding those working illegally in the United States.”


Some tax credits are only eligible to those with a valid Social Security number. Those who get valid numbers, however, can go back and claim them.


The EITC isn’t the only tax credit to be ensnared in the immigration debate. The IRS already pays out billions of dollars a year to illegal immigrants under a program known as the additional child tax credit.

The IRS says the law is vague on who is eligible for the child credit, so to be on the safe side they pay it out to illegal immigrants.


In 2010, the government paid out $4.2 billion to illegal immigrants who claimed the child tax credit, the IRS’s inspector general found.

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  • What they’ll get back with EITC will be more, maybe in certain instances way more, than what they paid in Federal taxes. Because, taxpayers.

  • David Ashton

    Crime pays.

    • stewball

      Damn right.

  • Luca

    The American liberal politicians are the gift that keeps on giving to third-world colonizers.

    The American taxpayers are the unfortunate souls who have been financing their own destruction for the last 50 years.

  • Easyrhino

    If they were working illegally they certainly weren’t given W-2’s so how exactly are they supposed to file for these extra tax refunds?

    No doubt these funds will be calculated based on the honor system.

    Bigger question is why doesn’t the IRS pursue Obama’s trusted advisor, Rev Al, for tax evasion?

    • Apparently the tax code is black and white, emphasis applies to whites only as far as paying in.

    • Barack Obama isn’t going to prosecute Al Sharpton, when Barack Obama wants Al Sharpton to teach Barack Obama how to be Al Sharpton.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      Most illegals work under the table and then collect food stamps and such which they will give to illegals. But there is an option to apply for a “tax payer I.D. number” which is like a social security number for illegals. They use that to pay their taxes. No doubt probably the only people that do this are ones who will manage to get a net return. In a few rare cases an employer may require this so that he doesn’t get audited by the IRS. With the tax payer I.D. number you are at least legal with the IRS if not with immigration. Some legal immigrants like migrant farm workers may also have a tax payer I.D. since they don’t qualify for social security numbers.

  • Chip Carver

    Gotta keep the replacement population reproducing, well-fed, happy.

  • MekongDelta69

    Let’s see… hmm… what part of ILLEGAL does this black muslim Marxist dictator and his totalitarian regime not get?

    Nvm… What was I thinking?

    • The same part of illegal that the Republicans didn’t get before they could blame it all on Obama. Would things have been all that different in this area had McCain or Romney been elected? At one time the Republicans had a firm grip on the government. What did they do with it that reversed anything that Democrats had (supposedly) done?

      • MekongDelta69
        • Unfortunately, Ann doesn’t seem to be able to read people very well until they specifically say something that strikes a nerve with her. She also has a rather short-term memory. The fact that she carried Christie’s water for a while and is now putting faith in Mitt “Flip-Flop” Romney is a good example of this.

          Republicans are like snakes and wild boars. It doesn’t matter if one is a little less venomous or less dangerous than the other, they’ll all bite you if you let them get too close. Republican, Democrat.. I still don’t see much of a difference between them once they feel like they no longer have to placate to a certain audience.

          I think an amnesty program is what — which is all the illegal immigrants who are here are now citizens, and walk up and get your citizenship. What the president has proposed, and what Senator McCain and Cornyn have proposed, are quite different than that. They require people signing up for a, well, registering and receiving a registration number. Then working here for six years and paying taxes — not taking benefits. . . . And then at the end of that period, registering to become a citizen. . . . And I think that those are reasonable proposals.

          —Mitt Romney, 2005

          I don’t believe in rounding up 11 million people and forcing them at gunpoint from our country. With these 11 million people, let’s have them registered, know who they are. Those who’ve been arrested or convicted of crimes shouldn’t be here; those that are here paying taxes and not taking government benefits should begin a process towards application for citizenship, as they would from their home country.

          —Mitt Romney, 2006

          My own view is consistent with what you saw in the Lowell Sun, that those people who had come here illegally and are in this country–the 12 million or so that are here illegally—should be able to stay sign up for permanent residency or citizenship, but they should not be given a special pathway, a special guarantee that all of them get to say here for the rest of their lives merely by virtue of having come here illegally.

          —Mitt Romney, 2007

          That’s amnesty Romney was okay with, and rhetoric involved is not that much different than what this administration initially tried to impose on the American public, nor is it all that different than what Bush, McCain & Co. were trying to pimp to the public before Obama was ever elected. But, but, but, but, Ann, I thought good ol’ stalwart Mitt was saying we should make it to where they can’t find work and that way they would “self-deport” back to where they came from?

      • Bartek

        Both parties are beholden to the same ruling class (and it’s not us).

        • Raymond Kidwell

          It’s like pro-wrestling. You will see a republican and democrat fighting on TV, they hate each other, they have a totally different vision of where this country should be etc. As soon as the camera gets turned off, they shake hands and go out to eat together. They go to the same country club, live on the same block, studied at the same school. They have very slight and mild differences of opinion which caused them to pick either republican or democrat party.

          They just can’t run on “I’m basically the same as the other guy, pick me”. So we get to see a show.

          Just like in pro wrestling, as soon as the camera is off these “enemies” are hugging each other and best friends. It’s all an act.

  • Capn Dad

    Comrades! Embrace the cultural revolution our glorious leader has provided us! Join our glorious leader in his 8 year plan to revolutionize this yankee capitalist imperialist colonialist bandit nation! Comrades Forward!

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I get EIC credit because I make almost no money. But by the time they take out social security, medicaid and other taxes you would be lucky to break even as a single person. If you are a female with a lot of kids, it’s like a gravy train compared to the abysmally low wages you’d have in the labor market.

    If you have a couple kids you’ll get a tax return equal to about a years wages at McDonalds along with free food and housing and everything else. It really doesn’t make any sense.

  • Bartek

    The illegals have always been used to prop up the Real Estate market and GNP (and the fiat currency)
    This is just another way for the Fed to stimulate consumer spending and drive their house of cards economy.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    But…The pro-amnesty crowd tells us that illegals pay far more in taxes than they take out, are hard workers and won’t be a burden on taxpayers.

    OK, where are the 2016 GOP candidates on this?

    Oh, that’s right: The republican party approves of these actions.

    Meanwhile, Americans are being heavily fined for not having health care they cannot afford and military vets are getting their benefits cut.

    • Sick of it

      “military vets are getting their benefits cut”

      And are left to die in a hallway at times…

    • Ella

      Illegals do everything to avoid paying local taxes and forget federal level. They can collect up to 6K maximum on EITC. The government knows that they can get away with anything nowadays. Officially tax-payer has been taken to the cleaners.

  • HouseOfTards

    They pay taxes? I call bull$hit.

  • John Smith

    Why would an illegal bother to file taxes? This sounds like a loophole set up so that unscrupulous individuals can exploit these peasants by fabricating false returns and collecting most of the money.

  • Albert

    More benefits than being a citizen and no taxes. Why do they want citizenship?

    • Raymond Kidwell

      Exactly. It means almost nothing. Their children are citizens anyway just for being born here. As long as they have the law “born on U.S. soil= citizen” and as long as they are lax on immigration, effectively almost everyone is given free citizenship.

      The real thing that should be done is harsh punishment for breaking the law. Illegals need to fined. If they can’t afford to pay the fine, that’s ok. Everything in your wallet will do (they do this when you go to jail anyway). Next, lock you up in a dingy dirty cell akin to a mexican jail, not the cable TV holding houses. Stay in there for a few months at least. Next, we aren’t going to drop you off at the border so you can cross again the next day. You get flow via heavily guarded airplane to the center of Mexico somewhere, or else south mexico, regardless of where you live. You get dropped off with no cash in your pocket. And to keep things interesting we have maybe five different spots you get dropped off. You don’t know which one it will be, so you can’t plan ahead of time to have people there to pick you up.

      Also no food stamps for illegals. Those emergency phones and water canisters in the desert to help them “survive” their crossing. Get rid of them. If someone dies while committing a crime, so be it.

      You would have to make the consequences bad enough so that the vast majority of people would not want to do it.

      • Nonhumans

        I say break one of their ankles too when dropping them off. Make it that much harder to return, along with a lasting reminder.

  • Pelayo

    Go ahead politicians and bureaucrats. Keep giving away money till the whole system falls apart. It’s for the best imo.

  • Dave

    It is illegal for illegal aliens to work in the United States. I guess the IRS and the Congress are unaware of that fact.

  • Robinoxfordcircle

    Just great, I work two jobs because my husband of 33 years is too ill to work, but if you are a lawbreaker you get rewarded. I feel like I got slapped in the face for being married and having only children we could afford. We have watched our once beautiful neighbor hood turn into a getto thanks to section 8 and absentee NewYork landlords. I got the pictures to show how much the once great section of Northeast Philadelphia was a truly great place to live. Now it’s full of Thugs, and Muslims that hate us. Unfortunately we own our home and as Seniors we can’t afford to leave. When I come home from my twelve hour work day I pull down the shades lock the door and keep the gun handy.

    • Who Me?

      You people still think that “Mestizos are still better than blacks”? Okay, I would rather not be overrun by either, and NO, one is not better than the other. They’re still anti-White, alien (to Whites) people, hell bent on our total destruction.

      • Robinoxfordcircle

        When did I say that Mestizos were any better than blacks? My neighborhood was clean and safe until Blacks moved in. What really made it so much worse was the whites that ran in droves to the suburbs. The very same whites that welcomed them with open arms while behind closed doors were talking to real estate agents to move. I got a section 8 house next door to us (row homes) and I just love working two jobs so some welfare queen can pop out kids. Lol

        • meanqueen

          Robin, you really need to find a way to GET OUT. Please. I’m worried about you.

          • Who Me?

            Robin, I was speaking in general when I said “you”, not YOU personally. And MeanQueen is absolutely correct–GET OUT of there while you still can. I fear it is only getting worse, not better. This is one storm you can’t ride out, it’s going to take longer than that.

          • Robinoxfordcircle

            Im sorry . I think I was wound a little too tight yesterday. Peace

    • Raymond Kidwell

      You will get slapped on the face for doing the right thing in America.

    • Canadian Friend

      I’m not an American but when I hear something like this,

      ” …Just great, I work two jobs because my husband of 33 years is too ill to
      work, but if you are a lawbreaker you get rewarded. I feel like I got
      slapped in the face … ”

      I can’t help but think that once enough people realize how bad things are there might be a revolution in the USA, at minimum some serious civil unrest.

      How long can a government treat its own people like dirt before the sh*t hits the fan?

  • archer

    When you think you’ve heard just about everything.

  • Canadian Friend

    As I have been saying for years, almost everything Obama does benefits everyone but middle Americans who are usually white and male.

    Some of the things Obama has done are good for Muslims, are good for Cuba, are good for Illegals from South America, are good for women/feminists, but does he ever do something that benefits average white males??

  • IstvanIN

    Our crack government really took the old saying “The shoemakers children go barefoot” to heart. Why take care of your own when you can give all away to aliens?

  • meanqueen

    Aren’t you forgetting Jimmy Carter?

  • Robinoxfordcircle

    U of P area is a lot safer than when you lived here. The area around Temple U has gotten a hell of a lot better. The biggest surprise is Front and Girard aves, lots of young white kids.
    The public schools are all black. We decided to homeschool when our daughter (at eight years old) came home saying she was sick and tired of hearing about Rosa Parks every Feb. (she asked why no white history month, out of the mouths of babes). The best is in order to pass High School you must take a year of African American History. I don’t know of many whites that put their kids in Philly school district
    I also love Texas, have family in San Antonio and Waco, but the brown problem is big there too.
    Thanks for letting me vent I feel better.