Government Data Reveals Shadow Work Authorization System for Immigrants

Jessica Vaughan, Center for Immigration Studies, February 2, 2015

The Center for Immigration Studies reports that a shadow immigrant work authorization system, outside the limits set by Congress, has been issuing work permits at an astounding rate. Records received from USCIS through a Freedom of Information Request reveal that from 2009 to 2014, the agency issued 5,461,568 new work permits to aliens. These are issued in addition to the approximately 1.1 million new legal immigrants and the 700,000 new guest workers admitted each year.

“I was astonished at the huge number of work permits that are being issued by the Obama administration outside the legal immigration system through executive discretion, especially at a time of high unemployment and stagnant wages. Besides the effect on the American worker, it encourages and rewards more illegal immigration,” stated Jessica Vaughan, the Center’s Director of Policy Studies.

This week the U.S. Senate is set to vote on a DHS funding bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives that would withhold funds for USCIS to implement President Obama’s executive amnesty plans, which include the issuance of perhaps as many as five million more work permits.

View the entire report here.

The report shows a detailed breakdown of those issued work permits during this time period. Three groups receiving employment authorization include:

  • Approximately 1.8 million new work permits were issued to aliens with temporary visas or who entered under the visa waiver program. Of these, about 1.2 million (67%) had a visa status for which employment is not authorized by law, such as foreign students and independents of guest workers.
  • About 982,000 new work permits issued to illegal aliens or aliens unqualified for admission. Of these, 957,000 were aliens who crossed the border illegally (Entered Without Inspection). Inexplicably, 1,200 new work permits were issued to aliens who were denied asylum, were suspected of using fraudulent documents, were stowaways, or were refused at a port of entry.
  • About 1.7 million, were issued to aliens whose status was unknown, not recorded by the adjudicator, or not disclosed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency that processes the applications.

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  • The Deep State at work.

    This doesn’t say, but these 5.5 million additional immigrant work permits probably are also above and beyond the DACA program, too.

    What have I said on numerous occasions here on AR and elsewhere? Whatever Obama was going to do on immigration in 2014, then what Obama eventually did do, would amount to almost no substantive change in actual on-the-ground immigration policy. The reason I said that is because I know that the odds that an illegal alien is actually deported are very low, and even if Obama had never given illegals “deferred action” status in 2012 and last year, hardly any of them would have been deported anyway. And now we know that many of them were getting work permits anyway through the Deep State; all Obama did with DACA and late last year was to move this skullduggery into public view.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Shady is as shady does. Or is it the other way around?

      That’s the question…diversity…

      I think it is the other way around.

      • I could tell you that I’m the real slim shady. Except I would only be correct about the “shady” part. One for two, or .500, is a good batting average, a pretty good basketball field goal percentage, a dead on average team winning percentage, but a business correct percentage gets you in trouble with the Feds.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Hell, .333 is a great batting average.

          Also it’s half of .666, and that, rounded up to .67, is .07 above what a public student in the dark ages needs to get a D-.

          Now in the modern age of educational accountability, by applying the “square root times ten” rule, a .33 becomes a .57, which is close enough to a .60 to record as a .60 by the properly prudent modern educator, especially one dealing with diversity.

          What one hopes for, of course, is at least a .36, which legitimately converts to a .60, but since nothing less than a .50 can be recorded for an assignment, there is no point to anything I just explained. Which sums up education in the dark ages of diversity pretty nicely.

          Now you understand, right QD? Dark enlightenment for an educator is a cascading process that results in a fusion of Pangloss and Mencken.

  • Chip Carver

    What? This can’t be true. This type of story makes it seem as if there is an actual conspiracy against whites, with the folks pulling the strings on the puppets in DC doing their best to replace the founding population of the US. But to state this truth is to be called “racist” by … people who would have to be racist to have had such ideas and created such programs in the first place. So it’s all silly conspiracy talk of course. Move along, nothing to see here.

  • dd121

    As far as I know, everything that has come out of the Kenyan’s mouth these past 6-7 years has been a lie.

    • Sick of it

      Except…”my muslim faith”…but that was accidental.

      www youtube com/watch?v=bMUgNg7aD8M

      • No. It was on purpose. Like that “most beautiful sound in the world” quote from him too. It was released on purpose to make you think his anti-American controllers wear kuffiyahs instead of kippahs.

      • dd121

        Actually, I don’t think most Democrats are centered in any belief system.

  • D.B. Cooper

    The only problem our government sees is that it was only 982,000 permits issued to illegals. That number should be around 3,000,000. The Obama administration needs to keep striking while the iron is hot. Don’t worry about those racist, bigoted, Amren reading, white people. All one has to do is call a white person a racist, and watch him shiver in impotent fear.

  • Red

    Unfortunately, these people are here to stay regardless of any future legislation passed. Our anti-white politicians can posture all they want, but what they’re doing is by design. Delay, delay and delay.

    Work permit? Here you go Jose… Have some anchor babies during this period and then you’re here to stay.

    Three or four years for an illegal minor alien to get a immigration hearing? Wait here in the US, enjoy the free school and food, and go have some anchor babies.

    This is exactly what Obama wants. We can’t break up families can we? You’re an incompassionate racist if you do.

    This has been their plan all along. Obama is just turning up the burners. NO one in power will ever hold him accountable.

  • connorhus

    So another example of the Left leaning bureaucracy violating the Constitution and Federal Law and nothing will be done about it.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    This is what ‘minority occupation government’ means. You hear them use it regularly over at vdare. This is how it translates. There is a separate government running parallel to the founding laws and principles.

  • Luca

    And the Labor Unions will be organizing a march on Washington to protest the Obama admisitration giving illegal work permits to illegal aliens because this steals American jobs.

    Wait, this just in, actually the unions are organizing the illegal aliens and trying to get them into a union.??? That can’t be right!! Americans are paying dues and Unions are doing these types off activities?????

    Wake up America.

    • Sick of it

      Donations to Chambers of Commerce seem to end up in the hands of open borders politicians. It’s hard to believe people when they say they are trying to promote local business when they’re only interested in flooding the country with foreigners.

    • evilsandmich

      I wonder if the fate of the American labor union would have turned out differently if they bothered to look out for, you know, Americans.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Under the Obama administration—Congress has NO authority….even lawsuits mean nothing to this thug negro.

    • Dwight

      He has nearly all of the Republicans backing him up. The mind reels at the level of treason among them. Check out Vdare’s homepage.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Obama once again giving freebies to illegal on the sly. Shame on this sly negro.

  • Evette Coutier

    I make sure that every Hispanic I hire to maintain my landscape is a US citizen. My pool boy and house keeper are all US citizens. There are plenty of these people who are citizens to do our menial labor. All that Obama is trying to do here is destroy the middle class so they have to be dependent on the federal government.

    • LexiconD1

      Our gardeners, and housekeepers, are Asian. For the exact same reason.

      • Evette Coutier

        I wish I had a Japanese Gardner. They do such outstanding work.

        • LexiconD1

          Me too. I think ours is more the Vietnamese verity. I live very close to Westminster, where they all conglomerated together at…

        • Yancy Derringer

          This is what happens when you marry down.

    • evilsandmich

      I just ask the roofer, etc. if their people actually work for them. At least where I live, that means that they have a staff of all-white workers.

  • TL2014

    Ok, I went to th original article and read it a few times. Perhaps someone can explain to me how the USCIS (US citizenship and immigration services) organization is related to our current government structure? Who controls is, and what is its relationship with the other branches of government? How is it related to DHS? Tia.

  • Paul Franken

    The people promoting this stuff are probably in your town or close by. ‘Neutralization’ starts at the grass roots.

  • Albert

    Only 2 more yrs now, but damn it’s going to be a long 2 yrs at this rate. Seems Obama is hell-bent on causing as much destruction he can with the time he has left.

  • libertarian1234

    The only way unchecked immigration can be stopped in this country is for some innovative group to encourage white South Africans and Eastern Europeans to flood this nation by the millions, whether it is via student or tourist visas or via the Rio Grande.

    Only then will “concerned” politicos raise a flag about the lawlessness of it all, and all of them will be non-white except for the usual white nut cases who live in La La land.

    Shadow groups set up to provide assistance to these white immigrants, from housing to jobs, should be formed also.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Permits, schmermits. Please don’t waste your time or money on this right now. Job One is ensuring that these illegals can’t VOTE in 2016! We need both watertight photo ID laws in all 50 states AND a draconian crackdown on those who produce fake photo IDs (apparently it’s a cottage industry at DMV offices).

    This won’t eliminate all voter fraud, but it would cost the Leftists all kinds of headaches to achieve their election objectives in 2016. Plug that glaringly obvious hole and we might — just might! — put a Republican in the White House. THEN we’ll have time and money to deal with the work permits debacle.

    OTOH, if these illegals do get voting privileges, in 2016 and thereafter, we might as well wave goodbye to any non-Leftist elective or appointed officials in the forseeable future.

    I have never before been a single-issue voter, but THIS is a single issue which will have a gargantuan effect on every other issue for generations into the future. YES, I will hold my nose and vote for RINOs and even Democrats in 2016…as long as they are committed to halting the influx of non-White illegal aliens AND deporting as many as possible of the non-White illegals we have here already.

  • WR_the_realist

    I hated George W. Bush. I still do.

    But now the Obama administration is making me feel nostalgic for George W. Bush.