The Islamic World Is Rioting–and Not for Free Speech

Rod Liddle, Spectator, January 24, 2015

They have been burning churches and murdering Christians again in Niger. You’d think that they’d have more immediately pressing concerns than worrying about a cartoon, Niger regularly winning the award for being the worst country anywhere on God’s earth, and the poorest. But nope, it’s kill-a-kuffar time once more. Some 45 churches set alight and at least five people killed and 50 injured. Adherents of the Religion of Peace (© all UK politicians) included in their pyromania a Christian orphanage, which was thoughtful of them. There have also been massed rallies and protests and the usual effigy-burning business in the vast and dusty Islamic desert rat-holes next door, Mali and Algeria. Not to mention Senegal, and the fragrant delight which is Sudan, plus Niger’s red-hot rival for the worst-country-on-earth award, Mauritania.

Death to France! Death to infidels! Death to Christians! And that’s just Africa. There was more effigy and flag-burning plus the requisite homicidal screeching in good old Pakistan, and next door in Afghanistan, and of course in Iran. Even the Chechens got in on the act–a massed rally in the central square of Grozny with an estimated 800,000 people howling their loathing of France and cartoonists and the West in general, protests which spread over the border into another backwards enclave which the Soviet Union, to its immense credit, succeeded in briefly civilising, Ingushetia. Oh, and there was still more fury in the Philippines, the usual howling at the moon from the country’s Islamic minority whose political wing, the MNLF, was habituated to kidnapping and murder in the Sulu peninsula and Mindanao.

Everywhere you look in the Islamic world there is outrage and fury and screaming and violence. An anger not occasioned by the vicious executions of 11 people in Paris, but in response to the ‘Je suis Charlie’ stuff, and the magazine’s post-murder edition featuring Mohammed on its front page. The murders did not bother them at all and a substantial majority, by the look of things, will have wholly approved of them. It’s the cartoons which made them go on the rampage, killing people of a different faith.

So next time some jackass of a politician tells you that the Charlie Hebdo attacks were ‘nothing to do with Islam’, or some hand-wringing, PC, public-school broadcaster on the BBC puts it all down to ‘extremists’–point them in the direction of the millions of people in the Islamic world who rather fervently disagree with that flip and patently delusional diagnosis. If all those people are ‘extremists’, then we need to redefine the word ‘extreme’ so it means something closer to, say, ‘mainstream’ or ‘moderate, consensual centre’. In this, our own vile and incendiary Islamic preachers, such as Anjem Choudary, are much closer to the truth than are our politicians: this is not ‘nothing to do with Islam’. It is all about Islam.

If you doubt it, look around you. It is as the former leader of one of the world’s more moderate Islamic countries, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia, put it. It’s a clash of values, he said–and if the West wishes to sort it out, then the West should give in. I say moderate: under Yudhoyono, Indonesians have been imprisoned for the alleged crime of blasphemy, many for a term of five years. It’s that moderate vs extremist thing again–hard one to call, isn’t it?

So the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, deserves a bit of credit for his round-robin letter to our country’s mosques, which has succeeded in shoring up the familiar sense of acquired victimhood among British followers of Islam. Pickles suggested that British followers of Islam should ‘prove’ their identification with British values.

I suppose it’s a bit late in the day for that sort of thing–remember, 68 per cent of our Islamic community believe that blasphemers should be punished somehow–but better late than never. Forty years of being told that their cultural practices are every bit as valid as those of the Christian majority, however, has established a mindset which will take some shifting.

And so it has proved–self-appointed Muslim leaders have reacted with the usual mixture of petulance and confected outrage. The letter, they insist, is ‘patronising’. One spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain asked: why no similar letter to Christian church leaders demanding they disassociate themselves from the English Defence League? It is difficult to imagine a more lame or ridiculous riposte.

The EDL is habitually reviled by British politicians and church leaders alike–and reviled for nothing more than its thuggish opinions and rare, sparsely attended marches. The EDL has not murdered anyone, nor sent its thick-as-mince legions to fight for the Islamic State, nor blown people up in London, nor tried to decapitate British soldiers on the streets of Woolwich. Reprehensible (and, frankly, laughable) though the EDL may be, there is simply no comparison. And to make the comparison suggests strongly to me that the Muslim Council of Britain does not remotely get the point. But then we should remember the former leader of the Muslim Council of Britain, Iqbal Sacranie, once suggested that mere death was ‘perhaps too easy’ for Salman Rushdie. A little after he said that, we knighted him. And for a long while the MCB refused to attend the British holocaust memorial service.

We have indulged parts of our Muslim community in epic paranoia, victimhood, clamorous obsessions and pre-medieval cultural appurtenances for way too long. And so perhaps it is too late to venture, tentatively, that we got our approach all wrong.

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  • David Ashton

    Rod Liddle is one of a tiny group of British writers who breaks the PC conventions, though it remains to be seen whether he will say anything at all about the call by Yoram Dinstein’s “Promotion of Tolerance” Panel for total pan-European legislation against wearing the burqa, polygamy, re-emergent ‘antisemitism’, defamation of homosexuals, AND (surprise, surprise) “denial of the ‘Holocaust’!

    • propagandaoftruth

      Yet he feels compelled to ridicule the EDL. Guess that sensitivity is what keeps him getting paid.

      • David Ashton

        You have a point, although the drunken street mobs, with Sikh members and Israeli flags, known as the EDL do not impress everyone. I believe his mother was once a member of the NF or BNP just as Ken Livinsgtone’s favorite uncle was a keen Mosleyite. Things are never simple.

  • Muslims are outraged and violently protesting in the streets? They’re killing Christians and committing all sorts of atrocities worldwide? Oh good, let’s invite more of them into first-world western nations so they can ‘enrich’ us with their ‘diversity’ and ‘peace-loving’ customs!

    • Anna Tree

      And protect them from “islamophobia” eh… (found this and changed the first bubble to your text)

      I really like the sub-title given to this article on the main page: “If Hebdo attacks have nothing to do with Islam, why are Muslims rioting?”. I will adapt it to the future islamic riots to come, never against terrorism, always against our (vocal only defensive) responses…

      • Thanks Anna, I appreciate the cartoon! Good job too!

      • David Ashton

        Brilliant – on the button!

    • bilderbuster

      WE didn’t invite them.
      Those who did conveniently passed “Hate Speech” laws so that anyone who correctly identifies the guilty party will be imprisoned.

      • I hear you but, unfortunately, we DID invite them (via our elected representatives) with the 1965 immigration act. Most Americans at the time had no clue as to what it all meant and probably didn’t care to know either. We were preoccupied with negro sports, soap operas entertainment.

        Our silence in the face of growing non-white immigration makes all of us here in the U.S. complicit in some sense. The same thing applies to whites throughout Europe.

        Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t intend to heap endless amounts of guilt on whites, but it’s hard to deny that we’ve been silent for too long. Like the Frog in the Kettle, we’re barely waking up now to discover that we’ve been boiling for the past 50 years. I hope I’m wrong, but it may be too late.

        • bilderbuster

          When and if it’s ever too late then White nations should pull a “Samson Option” and take everyone else out with us

    • Ella

      And yet, the Western governments invited EVERYONE in knowing that the “melting-pot” will become boiling and scalding to their own citizens. Libtards really believe that they can change their idealogues.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Death to France America! Death to infidels! Death to Christians! Death to Cops! And that’s just Africa DIE-Troit.”

  • If “British” Muslims want to pass themselves off as genuinely British, perhaps they should take up flower-gardening, which appears to be the national pastime there.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      The Muslims in Britian should be proving their British-ness by lining up to kiss the Queen’s A$$. At least she’s now on board with the diversity bit.

    • Bossman

      Yeah, that should be safer than visiting the many pubs.

    • Speedy Steve

      They grow poppies. 25% of Afghani 20 somethings are hooked on smack.

  • dd121

    Banning free speech dovetails very nicely with the leftist agenda, too.

  • Caucasoid88


    • Speedy Steve

      …. aided and abetted by Kuhns and Cohens.

  • Seventh century throwback totalitarian death cultists hellbent on caliphate are rioting for reasons other than social altruism.

    Any more blockbusters?

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    The situation in these countries isn’t going to improve no matter what is done. Events are in motion that we cannot control. We’re told we can’t let terrorists get a foothold in another country, that it will be a staging ground for an attack on us. The 9/11 terrorists were mainly from Saudi Arabia and plotted in Germany.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    This whole article is a lie. These are not real representatives of Islam. These are only fringe radicals that have nothing to do with real Islam. Real MOOSE-lims don’t act this way. Those who charge this is the real islam are simply anti-diversity, xenophobic, white-supremacicsts who deserve a good dose of islam in their communites.

  • JustJeff

    Also the EDL set up gay, Sikh, and Jewish divisions. When’s the last time Moslems invited Jews and queers in their mosques?

    • Sick of it

      The EDL supported the people who were dead set on destroying the EDL. What a great idea! /sarcasm

      • JustJeff

        Sadly a common trait in the mainstream right.

      • The Dude

        Why would the gays and Sikhs who joined it be dead set on destroying it?

        • Sick of it

          More misdirection. Immigrants will support immigration. Homosexuals tend to be leftists and support all of this mess. I’ll go with demographic voting data over some nonsense like “we have the same enemy”…their main enemy is US!

  • Lygeia

    When is the Islamic world not rioting?

    • Rhialto

      In the 19th century! The doctrine of Quietism was influential in the Islamic world.

      Muslims are now engaged in violent anti-Western behaviour because the Western nations are so muggable, and the Muslims want their share of the loot.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      they’re not rioting when they stick their butts up in the air while face down at prayer time in the mosque. No wonder they don’t want the gays around.

      • Speedy Steve

        Thursday in Afghanistan is Roger-a-little-boy Day

  • IstvanIN

    Islam is the future unless the majority of non-Muslims decide that this is an all or nothing war.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Islam in the west needs to be quarantined, as we would do during a rabies epidemic. Islam is an all or nothing religion. Islam gives “the people of the book” (christians and jews) a choice: either convert, pay the Jizya tax, or die. All others must convert or die. This is traditional, not radical, islam. Islam is to freedom and liberty what urine is to a water cooler.


    These attacks have NOTHING to do with Islam, period! Take it from me, I should know, I’m a Muslim. – But here’s why we Muslim’s revile these cartoons and why you in the West need to stop printing them. Any depiction of the blessed and final messenger of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad. Is entirely prohibited as decreed in the holy Koran (Allah Ausar-hu Akbar-kuhn) and all of Islamic law. But just remember, this has nothing to do with Islam. <- Says the much touted "moderate" Muslims in ANY-&-EVERYWHERE Europe. )

    • Let’s see: “we” need to stop doing something because of how you feel? Your feelings are entirely your own purview and have nothing to do with us. Zilch. Nada. I was asked over Christmas in Boulder whether I was “some kind of Nazi” for wearing a ball cap with the international “biohazard” logo sewn onto it, so I mocked the complainer, hoping I would be given justification to pepper-spray the obnoxious cretin. “I’m offended”. Well, boo, hoo, hoo! Grow a pair, as your pretending to be “offended” obligates me in no manner at all.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Thanks for the joke. I enjoy sarcasm.

  • ElComadreja

    “The Muslim world is revolting”. Yes. Yes they are.

  • Ella

    A thinking Christian would not hold “Je suise Charlie ” in much regards. 300 years ago, they would have burned him to the stake or imprison him for depicting blasphemous scenes of Christ. Islam will replace “soft” Christians at this rate. How can you unify or fight a war having no God?

  • ravitchn

    Where is Pope Urban II when we need him?