Review: Face to Face with Race

Matt Forney, Alternative Right, January 3, 2015

Face to Face with Race
Edited and with an introduction by Jared Taylor
New Century Books, 222 pages
Available for purchase from Amazon here
Reviewed by Matt Forney

There are many things that separate the United States from other Western countries, but one of the most defining is the presence of blacks.

Let’s just be honest: everyone hates blacks. Even middle-class and wealthy blacks hate blacks, if Chris Rock’s Niggas vs. Black People sketch is any indication. The SJW media wallpapers over the worst black behavior, but with the implosion of the Ferguson narrative and a million other miscalculations from the PC left, whites are rapidly getting fed up with what is basically a hostile, parasitic population in their midst.

Face to Face with Race, Jared Taylor’s compilation of whites’ experiences with diversity, is a misnomer: it should have been called Face to Face with Blacks. Latinos and Asians are glossed over in its 200-plus pages; its primary subject is black people. Its protagonists are ordinary whites, some of them liberals, who became cynical race realists after having to deal with black perfidy on a daily basis, whether it was in the classroom, at their jobs, or in prison.

Face to Face with Race is a fantastic read because it offers a clear look at one of the most important–and ignored–aspects of modern America. All the “magical negro” narratives from Hollywood, all the cultural Marxist brainwashing in the universities, all the race pandering from politicians cannot erase the basic facts: many blacks are just rotten people, and whites are tired of having to put up with them.

The first story in the book, “The Wages of Idealism,” sets the tone for what follows. It’s an account from a young white woman who worked in various domestic violence shelters and minority-focused nonprofits in New York City. When she was wasn’t being openly harassed on the job by her co-workers, she was gazing into the abyss of “Dindu” dysfunction:

The unintentionally offending white person would be made to grovel at the feet–yes, I have seen whites go on their knees before blacks–and apologize for slavery, white privilege, blacks in prison, the poor state of black neighborhoods, AIDS, drugs in their community, etc. Often the white worker was reduced to tears in a desperate attempt to appease the mass of angry black and brown faces. Finally, when the white employee was humiliated enough, and the cathartic cleansing had been achieved, a tentative truce would be called. The angry black employee would be praised and his anger encouraged, while the traumatized, cowering white worker would be put on probation and, through an act of supreme magnanimity, allowed to keep his job. These sessions were supposed to be run by social workers, but often just ran themselves while the social workers watched.


Even when blacks are well-meaning, in many cases they can’t help but screw up. As the “Profession” portion of Face to Face with Race shows, affirmative action policies designed to get blacks into fire departments and other professions have led to a decline in efficiency and quality of work. It’s not even a matter of diversity in general; when other races are mentioned in the book, such as Latinos or Asians, it’s either in a complementary fashion or at least favorable compared to blacks.


This is the tragedy underpinning Face to Face with Race: an entire race is dependent on the “white devils” they despise. The final chapters of the book drive this home. “Katrina Diary” is an account of a white man’s efforts to survive in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: his description of the Superdome, which was used to house (primarily black) survivors, is full of comic, Celinean observations:

I eventually got inside the dome and immediately regretted it. It was an absolutely putrid-smelling zoo. The air was so foul I could barely keep from throwing up even with my shirt pulled up over my nose. The strong urine/feces/ammonia smell made my eyes burn, and it was hard to see because the only light came from wall-mounted battery-powered emergency lights. The bathrooms had stopped working the day after the storm, so people started urinating and defecating any place they could find. The main concourse around the inside of the dome was a river of urine. I do not know how all those people inside could stand it.

But it’s the final chapter of the book, the only one that isn’t about American blacks, that hammers the point in hard. A first-hand account of post-apartheid South Africa, the author describes the decline of what was the Dark Continent’s most prosperous nation in exhausting detail. Left to their own devices, South African blacks have regressed to the continent’s mean, where crime, corruption and collapse are the order of the day.

Face to Face with Race excels primarily because it doesn’t try to force a narrative on you. Aside from Taylor’s introduction, the book is presented as simply the experiences of whites dealing with blacks. This approach provides a bleak insight into how millions of white Americans are slowly being radicalized. When you’re exposed to black dysfunction day in and day out but not allowed to say anything about it–indeed, are blamed for it by the left–eventually you’re just going to go nuts.

It’s this boiling pot of racial resentment–black resentment of whites, white frustration with black dysfunction–that will become the central issue of American politics in the coming years. As I and other writers have noted, the peculiar feminist obsessions of the modern media–“street harassment,” campus rape and “manspreading”–come from the hysteria of upper middle-class white women. As the U.S. becomes less white, the neuroses of white women will recede in national importance.

Face to Face with Race is a poignant, morbid portrait of what that world may look like. It’s an uncompromising look at race relations in the 21st century, where ressentiment, stupidity and culture come together to create a toxic souffle. As a record of whites’ experiences dealing with blacks, Face to Face with Race tears back the curtain of political correctness to reveal the truth within.

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  • anony

    Outstanding portrayal of White-black relations in America; buy as many copies as you can and give them to family, friends, heck even enemies.

    Having worked with blacks, I can attest to the veracity of the book’s contents.

    • Sid Ishus

      Purchased the Kindle version for myself. After reading I bought four more for Christmas gifts.

  • Easyrhino

    Gee, I wonder if Oprah will add this to her book club list.

  • Mack0

    I purchased the Kindle version two days ago and I look forward to digging in to it. I have my own personal experience living and growing up among the Dindu. My parents were open minded and tolerant lefties who felt I needed a multicultural experience. I like to joke that I am the ghetto Tarzan.

    • pcmustgo

      Document it, write about it. I’ve written about all my racial “experiences”… perhaps I will publish it someday.

  • pcmustgo

    Bravo, yes, I am one of those cynical ex-liberals. I lead a life drenched in diversity- at first I liked it, towards the end it was like a nightmare, and it still haunts me. I bear the psychological scars. That Black welfare/domestic violence shelter place sounds like a nightmare. I kind of blame the liberal/left-wing woman for even engaging in this and isn’t it her fault a bit for being such a leftist to begin with and not sensing what they are doing is bullying her? I rejected such “you have to apologize” behavior instinctively. Bullies smell a victim. Bullies smell prey. Whites like her play into this and contribute to this.

  • pcmustgo

    Another theme I think Amren needs to focus on is white people and their social status jostling and competition with each other, the petty jealousies that divide white people and prevent us from uniting for some basic common causes. I was reminded of this today when I got in a debate with a liberal on facebook. She’s white, from an upper middle class background, an artist, lives in a mostly white town. Typical liberal, and a pretty brainwashed and banal one at that. As we debated a certain topic (it wasn’t about race, another issue) it became quite obvious that I had read more about it, that I knew more about the topic, that quite frankly, I was more intelligent than her! It became pretty obvious to me (and I’m sure obvious to them) that her and her other friend were pretty uninformed. It was like watching an IQ 110-120 white debate an IQ 140 white. Much of the Left is motivated by jealousy. A good deal of whites are JEALOUS of other white people who are wealthier than them, more intelligent than them, perhaps more gifted than them, more attractive than them, etc. Just as many non-whites are JEALOUS of “white” people for a myriad of reasons. Class rage especially rips apart the white community. People who care about whites need to address this. Whites are the only group that run around bashing their own kind, their own race. And until we can somehow put aside these jealousies and desire to compete/knock each other down/take each other out, we won’t unite. I’ve seen this happen with fellow “conservatives” too. Don’t even get me started on “conservatives” who don’t understand why race is an issue.

    • anony

      Divide and conquer. The enemy uses that strategy against us always and in a myriad of ways.

      Think about how “the enemy” unites the black community. Whites are “against them” and “holding them down”, etc.

      Whites are not allowed to unite about anything. Look at how every time a White group attempts to form, it is demonized by the media, and torn asunder.

      Whites would easily “come together” if allowed to.

    • dd121

      The left wing whites have expended almost unlimited resources to keep whites from forming a national identity. They know instinctively that rational whites just wouldn’t tolerate the bullying we currently get from the left. And all of this from the fine folks who have perfected identity politics.

      • daddio

        You mean undoing the white Christian national identity, right? Because that is what this is all about.

  • Pro-Apartheid

    I always laugh when i hear Americans complaining about their white-washed black population of 13%. Call me when it’s at ~90%, with the vast majority being pure-blooded Bantu, as it is here in South Africa.

    • I think white births in the USA were last in the majority in 2011. There are now more blacks & Hispanics being born than whites. I don’t see how we can keep being nearly 90% with no white kids. Plus all immigration into the US is non-white.

      Last night there was an ad for some new movie on TV. It was about how a young white girl took in 3 young black men, all from some African country undergoing a civil war. These guys were all in their 20’s, very tall, yet all impeccably well mannered. She put them up in her house and presumably they encountered and dispelled a lot of pre-exisiting preduces against black men. The point of the movie may be that one has to open one’s heart and home and invite blacks in and then they’ll be just like proper English gentlemen.

      This is the poinnt driven home over and over again by Hollywood. I wonder how many young white girls will end dating and beinng murdered by blacks as a result of this movie?

      • JohnEngelman

        Quite a few young white girls probably get date raped, and are too afraid and ashamed to report it to the police.

  • JohnEngelman

    The last time I was face to face with a black person, he had me on the ground. He was punching me in the face yelling “Where’s the money?’

    I had black eyes in two eyes as a result of that effort at a dialogue on race. I had a bloodshot eye for a week.

    • I hope that the experience taught you to ALWAYS carry concealed? If it’s not legal in your county or state, it’s better to carry anyways. As the old saying goes, “Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.”

      • JohnEngelman

        I carry pepper spray, but I was not able to get it out in time. I have used pepper spray against three muggers. It worked fine.

        I have done the paper work to get a permit to carry a concealed hand gun, but I have not handed it in yet.

        To use a gun you have to convince a grand jury that your life was in danger. Otherwise, you will be in the messy situation George Zimmerman was in.

        I call pepper stray “Negro repellent.”

        • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

          All things considered, Zimmerman’s situation could have been worse. And without that pistol, I suspect it would have been.

          • JohnEngelman

            Trayvon Martin would have gotten away with it. It would not have been an national issue. The local newspaper would not have reported Trayvon Martin’s race. If there was a news story at all, it would have been a brief mention that George Zimmerman had been killed by a teen.

        • IBWHITE

          Usually when a White fights with a Black the White guy is the very last person to know a fight is taking place.

        • True, but it’s going to be a “messy situation” regardless. At least you will have preserved your life. Moreover, the handgun is only as a last resort in extreme situations in which your life or safety is seriously threatened.

          Carrying concealed, a thorough and practical knowledge of how to use your weapon, coupled with common sense to avoid places where blacks and Hispanics congregate will do much to help assure you will probably never have to use it.

        • Get it done, please! Go shooting with some friends who have pistols and decide which you like.

        • David Ashton

          In Britain you would be arrested for possessing this “offensive” weapon, and given extra punishment for “racially aggravated” crime by so describing it. Even a Scout pen-knife is a risk, and few women wear hatpins today anyhow. Barbed wire is not permitted to guard domestic property, even in a crime zone.

          I suppose that even stopping in a Lovers’ Lane for a quiet “snog” between boy and girl will eventually be classified as a “homophobically aggravated” parking offense, that is if there are any quiet lanes left in England after the building developments required by endless immigration.

      • Always carry. I always carry a box-cutter outside, as I can not have firearms. I reckon the worst I’ll manage is an ugly tie.

        • Well, I suppose some form of weapon is better than none.

    • kenfrombayside

      Shame on you. You were culturally enriched during your tussle with a noble “African-American”.

      • JohnEngelman

        I live in a vibrant neighborhood with one of the highest crime rates in the United States.

        • Evette Coutier

          John, I frequently disagree with you, but it is clear you are bright. As an intelligent person why do you choose to live in such a location?

          • JohnEngelman

            No one chooses to live in such a location.

          • pcmustgo

            Actually, many Midwestern tranplants here in NYC do.They don’t believe in crime stats, or “dangerous” neighborhoods… Gentrification.

          • JohnEngelman

            Black crime usually needs to happen several times to a white liberal before he realizes that blacks are a problem.

        • pcmustgo

          Like I always say, Poor Engleman, suffering it out in a Black hood without an Asian wife!

          • JohnEngelman

            Yeah, it’s tough all right.

          • That’s hysterical! Classic!

    • Sid Ishus

      With all due respect, I’ve read comments on here for several years and feel certain there are some who’d argue there was permanent damage. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    • White Australians got me pretty good back in April 1998. I pissed blood for a week, and my left hand is still stiff from being stomped, almost 17 years afterward. I dug out one of my attackers’ eyes, and ruined the second guy a month later, running his face into the top edge of a trash dumpster, over and over. He screamed like he was being murdered while I did it. I would never have noticed him, except he remarked on my Croatian jacket, and the previous time I’d heard that was while I was being bashed and trashed by him and his friend a month earlier. “It’s Christmas!” I thought, when I turned and looked, so I wrecked the guy. I still have his wristwatch.

      You’ve got to stick up for yourself, John.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am 5’8″, and in late middle age. He was about 6’2″, and about 20 years old. My last karate lesson was several decades ago. I cannot win a street fight with a black ghetto thug who is much bigger than I am. I should not have to be able to. I ought to be able to walk anywhere in my city at any hour of the day or night and be safe. When I lived in downtown San Jose, California I was able to do that .

        • You don’t have to win. A really ugly “tie” is good enough. Dying isn’t very hard: living in fear is. I am lousy at being organized, but I have sub-compartmented my own worries. Some moron set off a bomb outside the NAACP office here in Colorado Springs. That could have killed or injured anyone at all, like a kid still on Christmas break. I was going to get my hair cut, but I decided to let it keep growing. I am a racist, and on the federal Terrorist Watch List, so I sure don’t want the cops trying to blame me or even tearing up the house. Their description of the perp is “balding”, and there is no way anyone would think I grew out my hair this long so quickly; I last had it cut before Thanksgiving. I also stopped shaving after we returned home, just because I am lazy, but now have a full beard and mustache. It itches and makes me look old, so I don’t like it.

          Living in fear flat-out sucks. When someone stole 450 pounds of ammonium nitrate from a quarry here in 2003, the BATF came here and searched my house. I must never have been a serious suspect, as they didn’t test my car or the place for nitrate residue. I ran into one of the FBI agents assigned to my old case while shopping at Lowe’s for a new garage door opener, and he explained that it was another quarry operation that took the stuff. I was relieved that it wasn’t terrorists, but I really hate dealing with those folks on any level at all.

          We’re all going to die, and being afraid of that certainty is just silly. I have woodworking to do and fishing lures to make, so I’m not ready to do that just yet. Being “ready” for the hereafter isn’t like losing one’s virginity. I have an irrational fear of heights. I am scared of rocket artillery with proximity-fuzed projectiles, which seems quite rational. That’s fine, but the constant, grinding despair of being held under arrest without bond for 17 months was the worst. Being sentenced to an additional 19 months came as a bit of a relief. I dream most nights that I am locked up again – 11 years later – in which nobody knows why. The feds gave me a free, but mandatory head-shrinker for my three years on supervision. I really liked my P.O. The fact that she was a beautiful blond gal doubtless helped.

          I have re-armed to the extent that is legally possible for me; my favorite is a South African sjambok, and not my claymore sword or the coilgun I made. I expect to be KIA during Civil War Two. I wish I could have my old M-14, FN-FAL or G-43s, but I can not, and absolutely will not under current legal circumstances. I promised myself that the “Weimar Republic” era of my life would not be forever.

          I have a wife and daughter. I want them to live in a decent country. Since I can’t imagine leaving Colorado, that nation needs to be here.

          Don’t be afraid. Half of their battle is won once you are.

          • Some moron set off a bomb outside the NAACP office here in Colorado Springs.

            Didn’t happen. The “bomb” damage was already present in a Google Street View image of the building, the image taken back in September.

    • David Ashton

      “Black” eyes!? “The English language itself is racist.” – Quote from a BBC Multicultural “Education” Handbook. “Well, it IS!” – Quote from the Head of the English Department in a Norwich School.

  • dd121

    “Hostile, parasitic population”. That neatly sums up who and what they are.

    • JohnEngelman

      They are useless, worthless, and dangerous. They are a blight to civilization, and a curse to any country with a large population of them.

      • This once was not true. They were very useful working in manual labor in the US colonies. Also they were used in the Carribean Islands working in sugar cane plants in the 1700’s. Also the Spanish crown declared it illegal to use native Indian labor [due to high mortality] for many kinds of manual labor in the ViceRegnecy of New Spain [now Mexico] in Colonial times.

        Thus thousands of blacks were imported and with their high fecundity, quickly became hundreds of millions. Now we have black space movies in which black astronauts are colonizing other planets. Hopefully the insanity will stop before this comes to pass?

  • superlloyd

    ‘Let’s just be honest: everyone hates blacks. Even middle-class and wealthy blacks hate blacks…’

    You’d never guess by viewing or reading the MSM, watching Hollyweird or listening to politicos. The truth is buried by these lying, out of touch idiots.

  • LHathaway

    This is a great, well-written article, even if it comes from a political viewpoint I could not agree with. Last time I visited ‘alternative right’, a few years ago, I didn’t stay long.

    • NW

      Is that the website with the homosexual Antichrists and neo-pagans? If i remember correctly, one of them was even a transsexual.

  • pcmustgo

    Underclass whites are 20% of the “white” population, roughly. Underclass Blacks and Latinos are 70% of their population. Already proven underclass whites are less violent. I’ve met plenty of decent White Trash folk in my life.

    • anony

      The amount of money one has/makes does not define class in my mind.

      In Appalachia, for example, there are many Whites who have little money. I know many of them well. Many of them are anything but “trash”. Many are very intelligent. Their children go to State colleges and become electrical engineers, nuclear engineers, and medical doctors. One family with five children has lived in a trailer for as long as I’ve known them. Three of the children became engineers. This kind of thing happens throughout Appalachia.

      Some of these people are so “proud” they refuse to take “handouts” from the government which they could easily qualify for.

      It is true that there exists a criminal element in the White population, but the percentage is much lower than in the black population.

      I don’t call any Whites “trash”.

      • saxonsun

        Thanks for calling attention to these noble people–they’re the forgotten ones.

      • LexiconD1

        Every single time I get into a race discussion on websites, and I read how blacks are kept down by poverty, I have a two word reply, “explain Appalachia”….I never receive replies back. Ever!

        • anony

          Excellent point. I live in Appalachia though I did not grow up here. I retired here partly because it is snow White. Love it. Would have it no other way. I am close enough to three or four very large metro areas if I want “fine dining” etc., but I could keep my doors open at night without a bit of worrying. And the people are, well, wonderful!!

          • LexiconD1

            I’m jealous. I, unfortunately, live in California, a suburb of Los Angeles to boot (I’m a rarity, a native with most of my family in the area.) I can’t wait to leave here. I’ve looked into buying real estate in West Virginia, I can get pretty much the spread I really want for peanuts, as opposed to a one bedroom apartment here in CA.

            I’m out of here in a year. Hopefully we don’t implode before then.

            Although, I admit…I’ll probably go to Montana. Same difference, but I’m still on the west coast closer to family.

          • anony

            Good for you. I travel into WV occasionally and love it. Lots of cheap land, although not much level land. I visit Helvetia which has an interesting history having been settled by Swiss. Very small and historic. You can buy blankets there made from locally grown wool. Snow White state!

    • John

      Since they deleted the entire comments section, all 356 of them, from where we were last, I thought I’d answer one last question for you. Your question… “OK, What about the filmed footage of Jews starving in death camps?” Those are wartime propaganda films, designed with one purpose only, to continue portraying Germans in the worst possible light. Those people were starving because the whole country was. The allies had been carpet bombing the entire country for months; road, railways etc. There was no food to import from anywhere in the world. There was very little food to be had in a country that had been trying at that point to defend itself from the combined military might of 3 of the most powerful armies ever assembled. Most people have no understanding of how grievously we Allies, the supposed “good guys”, treated Germany as a whole. For a better understanding, read “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich (available on Amazon). A condensed version can be read on line at the blog “The West’s Darkest Hour”. Shalom.

  • Spaniard in LA

    My sister pays almost $1000 a month in school tuition for her son. Last year the school decided to recruit teens from the ghetto to improve their football program. Since then, their has been an increase in bullying and things have gone missing from lockers. Cars have also been broken into.

    • We were in a similar situation. Our son’s private pre-school was quite expensive although there’s a limited amount of harm 3 & 4 year olds can do. The school was 98% white, however, we’re located close to an NBA training camp [our house was previously owned by a black pro basketball player].

      Thus there are a very small number of tall, wealthy, athletic blacks who go there. The school staff absolutely groveled every time once of these black “gods” walked in.

      A lot of the teachers for pre-K were black & once we caught one of them treating our son, who was 3 at the time, very badly. The few black children there, however, I’m sure were never disciplined. Note that our son is normally exceedingly polite as we discipline and reward him at home as well as being [IMO] very smart.

      • Spaniard in LA

        Hopefully you got your son out of there. My sister is planning on transferring her son to a much smaller school that does not have a football program.

  • anony

    Define “class”.

    • daddio

      You know it when you see it.

      • anony

        Only if you know what to look for.

        Anonymous seems to be somewhat “off track”.

  • Lkoehn

    How about face to face with race in Boston this morning on I-93? I’ll bet that there are now record numbers of people using the N word in referring to blacks after their exercising another case of gross stupidity inflicting misery on the public. They should have taken a block of wood and a fire axe and severed the hand chained to the barrel and that would have been the first and last demonstration of that type. What do you want to bet that major cities are going to see that again.

  • PouponMarx

    Jared Taylor makes little mention of the 150 year old Marxist Ashkenazim tribal warfare against White Christian Euro-Americans, their traditions and culture. Blacks are their instruments and cannon fodder in this displacement. Google Occidental Observer, and Ostrov Letania for a well documented chronicles and observations.

  • The costs to appease, provide sustenance, encourage breeding, and to fund and encourage the unorthodox behaviors cannot be known. LBJ purposely buried these cost in every agency of government. Each one has programs providing re-directed tax dollars to subsidize the failed efforts. LBJ was concerned if the public learned the actual costs they might revolt. It’s doubtful the populace would blink, considering the mind programming and race threats standing to ruin or derail careers and academic advancement. Threats and punishments are needed to perpetuate the myths and cow whites. I saw an old movie Pride and Prejudice – Laurence Olivier was the lead. The film upset me emotionally. It wasn’t the plot; the comparison with today was maddening and upsetting. The formality and scope of vocabulary used by the actors, and contained in the book’s text, by people with no running water/sewer, electricity or most of the life “essentials” enjoyed today, provided evidence of the eradication of a once vibrant and reasoned society – one dedicated to advance knowledge and human behaviors. The book and the film are a narrative on behaviors and manners… SHAME and Regret were integral parts; used to portray the growth of the protagonist. These simple rules of behaviors cannot endure in our culture as they expose the variances – the differences in abilities, life’s purposes & objectives; and the several means applied to achieve them; appeared a foreign concept. Our culture is one steeped in the pursuit of excellence – regardless of a person ability to obtain excellence, the energies spent to realize excellence, on some level, did not change. The rules and laws of science, for example, by and large, were discovered then. Slowly as the culture began assimilating others, it devolved into a confounding and destructive series of actions meant to artificially elevate the failed efforts of the assimilating classes and races while degrading our own – to advance a myth of parity. Sigh….

    • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

      Agree with you on Pride and Prejudice…am reading it now and really enjoying writing style and it’s depiction of civility.