Rev. Al Sharpton Calls for Emergency Hollywood Meeting

Steve Hopkins, Daily Mail, January 16, 2015

Reverend Al Sharpton has said the Oscar nominations are ‘appallingly insulting’ and compared Hollywood to the Rocky Mountains, saying the higher you get ‘the whiter it gets’.

Rev Sharpton has called for an emergency Hollywood meeting to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards, after no black actors or actresses received nominations.

He was due to meet allies and colleagues to discuss plans for before or during the February 22 ceremony.

He said David Oyelowo, whose performance as the late Reverend Martin Luther King, was launded, should have been nominated. So to should the movie’s director, Ava DuVernay.

The movie, called Selma, has been nominated in the Best Picture category.

Foxnews quoted the Reverend as saying: ‘In the time of Staten Island and Ferguson, to have one of the most shutout Oscar nights in recent memory is something that is incongruous.’

In a statement quoted by the Business Insider, Reverend Sharpton compared the movie industry to the Rocky Mountains.

He said: ‘The higher you get, the whiter it gets.’

Reverend Sharpton said: ‘It’s ironic that they nominated a story about the racial shut out around voting while there is a racial shut out around the Oscar nominations.

‘With all of the talent in Selma and other black movies this year, it is hard to believe that we have less diversity in the nominations today than in recent history.

Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel tied for the most Oscar nominations Thursday morning with nine nods each, including best picture.

They were joined in best-picture nominations by Boyhood, Whiplash, The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, American Sniper and Selma.

The Imitation Game trailed close behind with eight nominations.

Clint Eastwood’s Navy SEAL drama American Sniper did especially well, landing six nods including best actor for Bradley Cooper.

Angelina Jolie’s WWII epic Unbroken was not recognized, and other snubs included Jennifer Aniston for Cake, Amy Adams for Big Eyes and the animated film The Lego Movie.

Also with six nominations was Richard Linklater’s coming-of-age epic Boyhood, which remains the best-picture favorite. On Sunday, it won best drama at the Golden Globes.

But Wes Anderson’s old Europe caper The Grand Budapest Hotel, which also won best comedy or musical at the Globes, has emerged as the most unexpected awards heavyweight.

Marion Cotillard for the French-language Two Days, One Night was the surprise nominee for best actress. She was joined by Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything), Julianne Moore (Still Alice), Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) and Reese Witherspoon (Wild).

The nominees for best supporting actor are: Robert Duvall, The Judge; Edward Norton, Birdman; Mark Ruffalo, Foxcatcher; Ethan Hawke, Boyhood; and J.K. Simmons, Whiplash.

The nominees for best supporting actress are: Patricia Arquette, Boyhood; Laura Dern, Wild; Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game; Emma Stone, Birdman; and Meryl Streep, Into the Woods.

This year’s modestly sized but much-beloved favorites – Boyhood, Birdman – have been largely locked in place throughout much of the ever-expanding industrial complex of Hollywood’s lengthy awards season, where statuette-hunting campaigns span months and are feverishly chewed over by Oscar prognosticators.

As studios have focused more and more on easily marketed blockbusters, Oscar season increasingly exists apart from the regular business of the movies, in its own highfalutin, red-carpeted realm.

Ratings are on the rise. Last year’s Oscars, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, drew 43 million viewers, making it the most-watched entertainment telecast in a decade. 12 Years a Slave took best picture.

This year’s ceremony will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

Shortly after the announcement, the host shared a video on his Twitter page.

He told his 12.9 million followers: ‘The Oscar nominations just came out this morning and that can only mean one thing–I just lost 20 bucks.’

Neil then turned to his four-year-old daughter Harper and handed her the cash, claiming he had bet on who would be up for Best Credit Design Of A Foreign Language Film–a made up category.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Who in their right mind gives a damn what Sharp-Tonnage thinks, or says, or wants?
    (But then again, look at the IQ of the people who think he’s god.)

    He’s one of the two biggest black race-hustling extortionist in history. (Along with Hi-Jackson).

    • pwnful truth

      The unfortunate truth is that the media decided for blacks, that Sharpton is their leader. The media could have made any of a great number of black leaders into “the black voice.” Had they decided that what Allen West or Allen Keyes was a “black leader,” they would quote him on every issue, every day, thus giving him a platform (Along with his own show, and a multitude of movie cameos like Sharpton gets) to inform blacks, the same way as Sharpton misinforms them. Blacks never decided that Sharpton was their leader, he was imposed upon them.

  • Truthseeker

    Al Sharpton is a low-IQ adult equivalent of the kid on the playground who yells “You aren’t playing with me! It’s not fair! I’m telling!”

    • APaige

      Or yells..”No Oscar, No Peace.”

    • Nancy

      The annoying, bratty younger sibling, “Tagalong Al”. Always showing up where he’s not welcome.

      • Nancy

        (Al’s the one with the little red bow.)

    • Cid Campeador

      He’s much more dangerous than the kid on the playground.

  • anony

    Al Tawana Brawley $harpton never asks why there is not more diversity in the NBA. How about some “fair and balanced”, Al Tawana?

    • You make a valid point, but as I’m sure you already know, such appeals to logic and reason means little to these people and those who support them.

      We are dealing with intellectual zombies who can’t think in any other way than how they’ve been programmed.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I’m still shocked that all of the 2014 BET awards went to blacks.

      How can that be?

      • Julius Caesar

        I read that as 2014 EBT awards.
        It certainly seems more fitting.

        • anony

          EBT, BET, what’s the difference?

    • rentslave

      You stole that $ from me.Until I started using it last year in reference to the Jews,it was nowhere to be seen.

      • anony

        Great minds and all that… .

  • shmo123

    I have a dream. That one day Sharpton will flap his big, stupid lips and no one will care or pay any attention to what he says.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Or gets run over by a Mexican.

      • Oil Can Harry

        A DWI Mexican.

        • texasoysterman


      • phillyguy

        A drunk mexican, without a drivers license.

        • APaige

          No insurance and of course had already been deported after being here illegally and convicted of sexual abuse of a minor.

        • Nancy

          Are there any other kind?

          • Sha of Communism

            Of course! There are many other kinds! There are drug-trafficking Mexicans, prostitution business Mexicans, rapist Mexicans, arsonist Mexicans, thieve Mexicans, people robbing Mexicans, scam artist Mexicans, hitman Mexicans, don’t ya know?

          • There are also anchor-baby-bomber Mexicans.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Mexico’s number one export – more than oil or Mezcal, is Mexicans.

            Mexico produces more Mexicans per annum than any other country on earth, more even than the USA!

            And of course, Mexico vigorously supports its Mexican producing and exporting industry.

          • Sick of it

            Kidnapping for ransom Mexicans

    • whatodopeople?

      He is looking a little odd these days. Very thin, and it makes his relaxed-haired head look enormous on that small frame.

      • LexiconD1

        He looks like an AIDS victim.

  • superlloyd

    What a ludicrous, loudmouth imbecile. He would be roundly ignored and incarcerated in a sane world.

  • Easyrhino

    What does it say about Obama that he consults with and hosts this dunce at the White House?

    Furthermore if a president Romney et al hosted some White race baiting buffoon the media would tear him to shreds.

    • While I believe that Obama is cut from the same cloth as Sharpton, I also think Obama consults with him just to tick off and irritate white conservatives.

      • Charles Martel

        It’s just like Obama’s membership in the black liberation church in Chicago. He does it to get “cred” with blacks. Once out of office, you can bet he’ll dump Sharpton just as he dumped Rev Wright when it was politically convenient.

        • I think Obama is setting himself to be the new Al Sharpton after/if he leaves office. Based on how lucrative it is to be the existing Al Sharpton.

          • rebellisMMXII

            A post-president Obama will be up to no good.

          • LexiconD1

            I think he’ll be running for his life, after the whole of Obamacare comes to fruition.

  • Reverend Al Sharpton has said the Oscar nominations are ‘appallingly insulting’ and compared Hollywood to the Rocky Mountains, saying the higher you get ‘the whiter it gets’.

    Which probably means Sharpton’s next protest will be in Telluride.

    He said David Oyelowo, whose performance as the late Reverend Martin Luther King, was launded, should have been nominated. So to should the movie’s director, Ava DuVernay.

    Sharpton is now already the de facto President of the United States, and the de facto CEO of Intel. Must he also be the de facto CEO of the Board of Governors of AMPAS?

    ‘With all of the talent in Selma and other black movies this year, it is hard to believe that we have less diversity in the nominations today than in recent history.

    The main reason AMPAS snubbed Selma is that actors have a personal grind against media people winning Oscars, in the case of this movie, The Oprah.

    • Georgia Boy

      Yeah well, they did blow their biggest load of all, the first major Hollywood movie about MLK, and came up short. I suppose nothing short of an Oscar sweep would have been enough for him. They’ll try again, of course. The next major MLK movie should be a level 88 fawn-fest.

      • Libnomore

        If Hollywood should dump another MLK “fawn-fest” (love that) on us, one wonders if they might include references to the fifty complete sentences he plagiarized from the PhD dissertation of religious scholar, Dr. Jack Boozer?

        And might they also include the words King lifted from a speech given to the Republican National convention of 1952 by a black preacher named Archibald Carey who had been appointed Chair of the President’s Committee on Government Employment Policy by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on August 3, 1957? Hold not your breath.
        Hold not your breath.

  • Anglokraut

    If AA comes to the arts, I’m going to demand my rightful place in the Cleveland Orchestra’s bassoon section. I don’t play the bassoon, or read bass clef very well, and I was literally diagnosed with asthma yesterday (I really was, and I’m quite upset about it)…but dammit, that’s no excuse for me to not be a bassoonist with the Cleveland Orchestra!

  • Bunky

    He could start his own awards and call them the “Affirmative Action Oscars”.

    • Anglokraut

      Fine, but they have to design a statue that looks like a Negro, instead of the sleek, Nordic man currently used.

      • Sharps Rifle

        “Oscar” is hardly Nordic. The model for the statue was Mexican director and actor Emilio Fernandez. But your point is well taken.

        • Anglokraut

          I just did some research on the history of the statue, and while most agree that Emilio Fernandez was the model for the body, the face does not look like a match. Not even in a highly stylized sense.

    • They already exist. They’re called the NAACP Image Awards.

    • MekongDelta69

      BET ‘Awards’…

    • Yancy Derringer

      The unimaginative “12 Years a Slave” was affirmative-actioned into far too many important awards. Too early for any race hustler to expect the next charity award. Perhaps someone will make the Tawana Brawley story, cast a guy who does crass, disgusting, sleazy, lying, self-promoter with aplomb, and push that performance for an award.

      • texasoysterman

        “Reverend” AL in a cameo.

  • Luca

    So Rev. Al, how many Chinese, Hawaiian, Hispanic, lesbian, disabled, or military veterans were also snubbed for an Oscar? Why aren’t they complaining? And what about the fact that Hollywood is run a particular sect that you have bad-mouthed in the past?

    Oh, and by-the-way, how many non-blacks won a BET award last year?

    • Samuel Hathaway

      How many Indigenous peoples from Central and south America were nominated in the NAACP image awards? How many vietnamses? Arabs? East Indians?

  • italian guy

    I wish Whites everywhere would wake up to the fact that other races are ethnocentric even after years of diversity propaganda and forced integration, if only 1/5 of White Americans woke up tomorrow with an ethnocentric instinct you could kick out these alien ethnic groups with ease.

    • Sick of it

      Various presentations I’ve read suggest that it could be as little as 10%. We have far more than that percentage in the South.

  • Reynardine

    He said: ‘The higher you get, the whiter it gets.’

    For morality, evolution, civilization, and beauty, yes.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Speaking of beauty and civilization, nothing compares to what the white man created in the way of art during the Renaissance/Reformation era. Italians, Germans, French, Greeks, etc… all a nice, beautiful montage of Europeans, Caucasians doing what they did best.. create, invent, without the interference of sub-Saharan Africans pushing in, beating their drums and thinking they’ve rivaled Chopin or Beethoven.

      • Hy Alldredge

        I think Classical music is the highest cultural achievement of white people, and it’s not even remotely approached by any other type on the planet. The system of notation, the precise structure, the combination of timbres, vast range of emotions, intricate long-term development of motifs, and of course the sheer beauty of it sometimes leaves me speechless. And in my opinion nobody can rival the Germans – Bach, Mozart (Austrian, I know but still Germanic), Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Mahler, Bruckner, Wagner – it’s no wonder Germans thought they deserved to rule Europe.

        Don’t even get me started on jazz (which I actually really like), always held up as the “complex” black music when it is really European harmonies with African rhythms, with all the logic and structure removed. Granted, it is fairly difficult to master, and it is much more complex than rock or pop, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Classical and has been completely taken over by white musicians anyway.

        I’m a musician, love music theory, and have studied and/or played almost every type of music out there (except rap), so I know what I’m talking about.

        • Nancy

          I know what you mean. I’ve tutored black and white students in music (I’m a percussionist) when I was younger. White kids not only want to learn how to play a drum set, but they also want to learn how to read drum charts, along with marimba, tympani, and the music (and general theory) they require.

          The black students want to learn ZERO sight music, only want to bang on a single drum (since that music is easiest to read), and if by chance they comprehend the least little theory, they get no further than I, ii, iii, IV,V, vi, vii…and think they’re suddenly Beethoven.

          • Hy Alldredge

            Oh God, the drum set and black students – it draws them like flies. I do not keep the drum kit assembled in my classroom because they all sit down and think they can play, and bang out the same hip-hop beat, badly and loudly, and then some more of them hear it and start rapping. 90% of them won’t even accept instruction. Drives me nuts.

            Marimba is awesome, by the way.

          • Nancy

            Thanks, man. I replied below. 🙂

          • Hy Alldredge

            We could probably go on and on about music, which I’m not sure would add much to the general thread, but one last comment – I’ve been getting into metal lately, especially math metal, progressive metal, and metalcore, and some of those drummers are incredible. Their double kick chops are off the charts, they have amazing speed and precision, flawlessly play in odd, shifting time signatures, and they are spot on tight with the bass and rhythm guitar. It’s really good stuff, although admitedly not to everybody’s taste. If you’ve the inclanation, I’d recommend checking out Coalesce, Meshuggah, August Burns Red, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

          • Yancy Derringer

            Check out Dave Grohl’s drumming with the English band Killing Joke. Wow!

          • Nancy

            Agreed. But I’ll have to add my two cents, as a loyal drummer who came up in the 80’s: Neil Peart is King. 😉

            Good talking to you!

          • Anglokraut

            What you describe sounds like my younger brother. He took up percussion in the fifth grade (to my dismay, as I am a wind player, and was hoping he’d take up the clarinet or saxophone) and he started taking private lessons in seventh grade after the general instruction ended. Then he started to get really good at jazz drums, improvisation, and mallet percussion–he had a natural ear for getting under the band and providing the beat without banging away as though the instrument were a tractor.

          • Nancy

            My oldest is the percussion captain and “Marimba 1”. She’s much better at mallet percussion than I was, back in the day.

            But I remember writing a post last month about the difference between a white drum corp (like mine is high school) and an average all-black one (i.e. my former high school as it is today). Gone were the multiple snare parts and the tonal bass drums. Instead, they have just a couple of snares (because they take precise, fast stick work) and a couple bass drums (playing one bass drum in a series takes the ability to read, memorize, and count out your particular part…kind of like hand bells).

            Instead, they remove the snares from the bottom of the drums, grab some mallets, and whack away at what they now call “toms”, which make a loud, generic sound, are hard to mess up, and take very little skill to play.

            I challenge any of those fools to go up against me on a good ol’ marching snare…WITH a shoulder strap strung over their shoulder (a), the old-fashioned way, not with those super-steady harnesses the way these kids play them today (b).

        • Ludwig

          Look up Tatyana Ryzhkova.

        • Wally Wally

          The complexity of jazz is rooted in its improvisational component. Improvisation is instantaneous composition that relies on logic and the ability to hear a musical phrase in your head and instantaneously produce on your instrument. A very difficult skill to master.

          There have been a relatively few masters of improvisation. Instead of pure improvisation, most improvisers rely on subsidizing true improvisation with a collection of jazz melodic pattern phrases, associated with harmonic structures; when improvising on a particular piece of music, an improviser knows which pattern(s) can be used with a given harmonic structure. There have been many how-to books written, full of popular jazz patterns. Improvising using patterns is analogous to using a teleprompter for speech making.

          Improvisation has unfortunately died out in classical music; a musician plays what’s written on the page, verbatim, nothing more, nothing less. Not to take anything away from the brilliance of an accomplished classical musician, but improvisation lends a level of complexity not present in classical music.

          • This sounds like making fishing lures. Improvisation there either works, or does not. The mistakes are forgotten by the anglers who make them, and those that work become magazine article material, then big successes, and finally normal commercial items made in China that anyone can purchase at Wal Mart.

        • Canadian Friend

          Had whites not invented modern and complex musical instruments blacks would have never came up with blues or jazz.

          Had we never had contact with blacks and had we left blacks in Africa they would still be banging drums and would have never come up with blues , jazz or “rap”.

          When Europeans arrived in Africa they did not find saxophones, electric guitars nor pianos.

          Without white man’s marvelous inventions there would be nothing but primitive black music out there.

      • Charles Martel

        I was at the Metroplitan Museum last weekend. The Cubism exhibit was jammed, as were the galleries dedicated to European, American and Impressionist paintings. Lots of folks in the Egyptian Wing also. The African Arts section not so much. The “art” is simple and crude by comparison. In addition, blacks RARELY go to museums. Even at the 9/11 Museum, the only blacks I saw were security guards.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Yeah, black security guards, especially the obese, 300 pound ones who snooze near the front door of the building, schmooze with some of the white women and who couldn’t catch a bad guy to save their souls.

      • Simonetta

        I’m going to bring myself right up to the border here of what is stupid, facetious, and self-parody. But of all the instruments, at this time I like the ‘plastic piano’. That is, the inexpensive ROM-sample-based keyboards by Yamaha and Casio.
        OMG you say, you can’t be serious! But,
        — They are cheap ($100 or less) which is less than any ‘real’ instrument.
        — They ‘feel’ good. New models have full-length 88-key registers with weighted keys that bounce like the keys of full-sized standard pianos. Older units from 10-15 years ago are very cheap in price.
        — They’re portable. Four feet by eight inches by three inches is the size of the largest units. Even the most elaborate ‘plastic keyboards’ weigh only a few pounds. There’s even the 1980’s style ‘keytairs’ that you can strap across your chest/waist and play comfortably. Ask anyone who has ever schlepped a Hammond organ with Leslie from gig to gig if this makes a difference!
        — They have lots of sounds. Semi-realistic piano and other keyboards and not-so-bad other orchestral instruments. Plus MIDI tone modules on eBay with thousands of instrument voices including Mellotrons and 12-string Rickenbacker 360 samples for sounding like the Beatles or the Byrds.
        — They plug into PCs and play VSTi sampled instruments such as the freely-downloadable emulations of all the 1970s analog synthesizers that used to cost thousands of dollars. Well actually they still do if you want the actual instruments. But the miles-of-dials Wendy Carlos-style Moogs and ARPs are free in digitally-emulated form.
        — They are always in tune. Try keeping a $100 guitar in tune! Sure you can tune it fine at fret 0-3, but play the same chord at fret 8-12 and blahhh! A $100 plastic piano is always in tune across its range, and you can adjust the intonation (Just/12-tone/well-tempered,etc…) and the pitch with a touch of a knob for all keys at the same time.
        — They are quiet!! Plug in headphones and then bang away on the keys like Jerry Lee Lewis! for hours! No one cares! No one hears! ‘nuf said!
        — Finally, they are … expendable! Bang away for hours… Your mother isn’t going to complain that you are ruining the ‘good’ (that is…expensive) family piano with all that idiotic banging on the keys! Drop it! Paint it. Drill holes in it to mount it in the shower. So what! It’s only a plastic piano.

        • Hy Alldredge

          No judgment here. While I wouldn’t take one to a gig, they’re perfectly good for enjoying at home, and you’re right, they’re heads and tails better than a cheap acoustic instrument.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Sounds like you really have alot of fun with your piano…. Yes, i’ve seen them.. back in 2011 for Christmas my nephew got one and absolutely loved it. you should have a hobby that keeps life interesting and entertaining… Classical pianists are great, but I grew up listening to Jerry Lee Lewis and Liberace… and of course, watching Lawrence Welk as a pre-schooler. Nice memories, there.

  • Michael Whalen

    Actually, the higher it gets, the more gay it gets. This is Hollywood, remember?

    • Now that you mention it, Sharpton et al. and some media people wonder where all the relatively young relatively new young black men actors are. Probably the reason there are hardly any is that they object to having bite the pillow in order to get themselves a movie career.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Al Sharpton makes his screen debut in “Brokeback Mountain II.”

  • Georgia Boy

    The entitlement mentality of this guy is endless.

  • MekongDelta69

    Btw, Al Sharp-Tonnage, you might be interested to know that the HEAD of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the people responsible for all Oscar nominations) is Cheryl Boone Isaacs, who is… wait for it… a black woman!


  • David Ashton

    The higher you get, the whiter it gets. True of Brazil too.

    • anony

      Same with civilizations.

    • Oil Can Harry

      It was true of Latin America for centuries.

      That’s changing as nonwhite racial arsonists like Evo Morales are being elected.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        CNN en espanol is cozying up to Evo Morales. The man is a mad-indigenious socialists who nationalized the petroleum industry in Bolivia. Now the morning anchor from CNN en spanish is having sit-down interviews with this bully and acting like he’s the best thing since sliced-bread

    • Anglokraut

      Which is funny, because in Brazil, the whiter it gets, the more to the south you must be. I didn’t realize how divided Brazil is until I joined a racial classification group on Facebook; the Whites in Brazil have self-segregated to the south. Some of them look like they just walked out of the world of Heidi or the Von Trapps.

      • David Ashton

        White Flight. Where could we all end up? Montana or Mars? (Only joking.)

        • Anglokraut

          I really think the end game will come down to Whites terraforming Mars, and abandoning Earth, or living in the upper atmosphere like The Jetsons. In either case, I don’t see a need for obsolete farm equipment or ridiculously superstitious Asians.

          • Earl Turner

            And like the black comedian said, they’ll be following us with Cadillac grilles on their space shuttles.

          • Anglokraut

            The joke being that Negroes could build a viable rocket. Should they be able to get into space, I’m sure it would be understood that their vessels must be blown out of the Martian sky as an invading alien species.

          • It would be really ironic if violent lunatics from Earth invaded Mars, demanding that the locals turn over their women.

          • Sick of it

            Make sure you shut down all of the radio transmitters on Earth prior to your invasion. Someone might tell on you.

          • For defensive purposes only. Sending one here would be too expensive, and walking it through water would probably over-strain the gyros needed for stabilization.

            That said, we could build them on the moon. They’d have to be mostly aluminum and titanium that way, but… oh… errr… nevermind.

            The funniest thing I ever did in an online game was while playing as the strange and insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, in a “Jules Verne”-type game. When the Martian invaders arrived, we bribed the crew of one of those machines and then used it. We also bribed Captain Nemo and crew of the submarine “Nautilus” after setting a strange and insidious trap, though in my own defense this only tangentially involved a ginormous squid. One must be very strange and very insidious if one is going to do this properly. It was entirely too strange and too insidious for the other players, and I was never allowed back after the first play-through of that game was finished. I particularly enjoyed the wars I was able to start between them, and we had already contacted the shoggoths residing in abandoned pre-human cities Antarctica before any of them did. I didn’t imagine that whaling fleets would be quite so effective against shoggoths. Explosive harpoons: sigh.

            I miss the tripodal Martian war machine in that game.

            The way that game played out would probably make a good movie series.

          • Anglokraut

            Building a gundam makes you sad? Why?

      • What white really wants to live in a bug-infested tropical area?

        • Anglokraut

          That comment makes me think of the character Sterling Archer, from the FX show “Archer”. Every time he has a mission that takes him to Central America or Southeast Asia, he does not handle the terrain well.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Maybe Tim Wise, Rand Paul or Jeb Bush????

      • Sick of it

        Some are relatively recent German or Austrian immigrants.

        • Anglokraut

          A shame that they have to go to Brazil instead of making a new home in the U.S.

      • Simonetta

        I’ve heard that there are towns in the mountains of Argentina that look like Switzerland. And that there are many Argentines that are Germanic in appearance, but have Latinized names like Carlos Buchalter and Juanita Gruntz. And they are as Argentine as all the other people there, speaking Spanish in offices, stores, schools, and German at home and church.

        • Anglokraut

          That sounds nice, but then if Argentina is Germanic, why is the government so precarious, and their economy so fragile? More is expected when the Germans build it.

          • Kenner

            it’s a lot more Spanish and Italian, which is why it’s government is like a comic opera.

          • Robert Smith

            Does this really need explanation?

        • Kenner

          The Hispanisation of first names in Argentina is legally mandated.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Buenos Aires is a very diverse city, but this is very different than the idiot diversity we have in the U.S. Bs. As. has daily newspapers in German, Italian, Hebrew, English and of course in Spanish.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Turn on Univision and watch one of their telenovelas, soap operas for just 15 or 30 minutes… you might as well be watching something from Norway or Denmark, which is nice. I like having some programming going on where I don’t have to see a single Negro. It’s great.

      • David Ashton

        Not true of “British Telly”, now or in future.

        “In June [2014] the BBC…as a public body, facing possible court action under the Equalities Act…said 15% of all open-air talent would be B[lack & Minority Ethnic] by 2017…with employment targets to match… In August Sky [Murdoch] upped the ante…committing to 20% BAME representation in all new non-returning programmes, 20% BAME writers on all team-written shows and at least one senior role to be filled by someone from a BAME background by the end of 2015…. And then last week Channel 4…with its package of…30 proposals, or ‘game changers’…. A ‘360 Degree Diversity Charter’…designed to ensure on- and off-air diversity not just for BAME people but also with targets for people with disabilities and LGBT sexual orientation. All backed by threats to executive bonuses if targets are missed….management action [can] lead to changes in behaviour -provided they are enforced. In any event, thanks to Lenny Henry [one black comedian], what a difference a year makes.” – Steve Hewlett, “Guardian”, January 19, p.33.

        Look forward to Gay and Disabled Dating Shows.

  • The fact that both our government, media and Hollywood look to this little frog for advice and guidance only proves conclusively what a mad-house our nation has become.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Don’t forget FOX news. I have quit watching that charade of nonsense the past two weeks. they had Al Sharpton on the air, and when I saw it, immediately changed the channel. But before changing the channel I noticed that the producer included under Sharpton’s name, “Civil Rights Activist.” that title alone shows how much legitimacy FOX gives to this fat-mouthed, foul-mouthed bigoted racist.

  • SolStans

    How has AmRen not posted anything about the Azealia Banks “Aryans have no magic” comment? Even if just for the Disqus-sion that will follow…

    • Sick of it

      More evidence that blacks are too primitive to live in our societies.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    An Al Sharpton war on Hollywood?

    I’m rooting for both sides – to go down.

    Al is looking for a $4.5 million dollar payout – payable to Al Sharpton – to make this go away.

    He has no idea who and what he is dealing with.

    In light of that, and in the name of fairness, Benedict Cumberbatch or Meryl Streep should be asked to give up their Oscar nominations so blacks can be nominated in their place. Neither earned their nominations and it is only fair of Hollywood and the Oscars to redistribute fame and adulation.

    • How could you say that? If they find out you said that, they’d take away your reserved seating at the Oscars. That’s the only reason I watch, to see if the cameras will zoom in on you.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Oh, I’ll be easy to spot.

        Since Kim Jong Un was chosen as this year’s host, the Academy Awards has gone “All Korean.”

        The show is going to start with a show trial featuring public confessions of running dogs and capitalists followed by swift executions

        I’m hoping “Joyous Beet Tractor, Shine in His Prospering” wins best song.

        I’ll be the only White person in the audience in the Dolby Theatre.

        And, I can’t hardly wait.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Meryl Streep was competing against Viola Davis one year as Best Actress and won the award. Her white guilt was so pronounced that she contributed $10,000. to a charity favored by Davis and in her name.

    • throttler

      Cumberbatch and Streep are both liberal douche bags, so they would probably be willing to give their place to a black.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        She should have just turned black

    • Cid Campeador

      The sign is funny but I wouldn’t use it simply because Sharpton in typical Black form needs to be noticed. It would be great if we simply ignored him. Even a obscenity laced tirade against him draws attention to him and he LOVES it

  • The Dude

    Can’t someone just tell this guy to buzz off for once?! What power and authority does he have exactly, and why are all these companies and institutions giving him the time of the day?

    • What power and authority does he have? None, except what his extortion victims are willing to award him. If I were a major CEO and Sharpton turned up in my office with shakedown demands, I’d have security escort him off the premises, preferably after roughing him up. If more of his marks showed some backbone, the game would be up for Sharpton.

      • Sick of it

        You could always offer him a free vacation in FARC territory.

      • Simonetta

        If I were a major CEO and Sharpton turned up in my office with shakedown demands, I’d meet with him. I’d ask him about working for and hanging out with James Brown, swap Jesse Jackson jokes ( Back in the 70’s, Jesse went to the Mid-east to meet with Yassir Arafat concerning a possible coalition between black Americans and Palestinians. After the meeting, JJ was overheard saying…”been a long time since I said Yah,Sir to anyone”.), get some good dieting tips since he did manage to lose 150 pounds, which was hard to do because everybody wants him to try their fried chicken, ask him who’s the craziest people white and black that he’s ever had to deal with, have my picture taken with him smiling and shaking hands,…
        and then tell him I’d ‘think about hiring some black people’ and have security remove him from the corporate offices.

        • You would and I would.

          Inconvenient truth time.

          Neither one of us are the CEO of a larger publicly traded corporation.

          There’s a reason why the sort of person who is or could become would almost inevitably grovels to the Jackson-Sharpton shakedowns and hustles.

          A publicly traded corporation is the democracy of the business world.

  • Jaggers

    Fact is black people are generally not very good actors.

    • anony

      Not very good ——— . Fill in the blank.

      • Jaggers

        Writers, speakers, politicians, teachers, professors…

        • Earl Turner

          Fathers, parents, workers, neighbors…

          • Sick of it

            Christians, scientists, charity workers, soldiers…

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Sharpton just exposes his black inferiority complex when he whines about nonsense like this.

    • Charles Martel

      Not so much a complex as recognizing reality.

  • Ludwig

    Al Sharpton is a complete moron. That being said, liberal Hollywood getting a dose of the liberal race hustle is what some might refer to as poetic justice.

  • Caucasoid88

    “Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had da best video of all time!” Literally the same thing.

  • I can see it now. Three years from now, in Pyeongchang, South Korea, they’ll be giving out the medals for some skiing event, and there will be Al Sharpton right by the podium yelling and screaming about no blacks.

  • James

    Hollywood isn’t liberal enough with 12 years a slave and the Dallas buyers club being the types of films that normally sweep the awards?
    Why is it only blacks as a ethnic group are given a voice to complain when groups like Mexicans, Asians and Arabs are mute.
    These sort of complaints make blacks look like its only by whining and getting special preferential ‘positive racism’ treatment can they achieve parity.
    Although we know this is true, you’d think an advocate his people like Sharpton would be aware of this negative blow back. If equality can only be achieved by bullying and lying, and forcing the better qualified to step aside for their lessers, isn’t this a contradiction?

    • TomIron361

      I recently went to see the picture, “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon. It was about a nutjob woman who hiked a scenic trail out in the Pacific coast years ago. I only went because the movie was about hiking which I like to walk. Anyway, for no reason, they inserted a black guy who had no part in the action (my wife read the book and told me the character in the book was White). There was no reason to put a black guy in that movie (lousy as it was).

      • We call those “no reason” blacks who are thrown into movies and TV commercials – just because they’re black – “skid marks”. The analogy is apt in more ways than one.

    • meanqueen

      Surprised no one has mentioned the prevalence of homosexual characters and secondary (if not primary) plot lines in all movies and tv programs recently. Everyone is gay now! Everyone.

  • Caucasoid88

    I think originality is the biggest asset to a Best Picture winner. Sorry to say, Rev, but there have been at least 50 movies exactly mirroring what Selma brings to the table, thematically and plot-wise.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Right, the reality is that it simply isn’t brave to make white guilt movies anymore, increasingly that stuff is just getting yawns.

  • Nancy

    “The higher you get, the whiter it gets…”

    Hence the reason why we love Summit County, Utah: I’ve been skiing there at least a half-dozen times, and can still count the number of Negro skiers I’ve seen there on one hand.

    • meanqueen

      There are Negro skiers?

  • Hy Alldredge

    I am so tired of black people constantly needing to see or hear other black people any time they turn on the TV or the radio or go to the movies or do anything. And any time there’s something that, God forbid, doesn’t include black people, they throw a f*cking fit.

    OK, I’m just really, really tired of black people in general. I have serious negro fatigue.

    • phillyguy

      I’m really really tired of black, brown and yellow people. I have serious non white fatigue.

    • Kenner

      I remember when they did just that, over ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Friends’ in the 90’s.

    • DonReynolds

      Why not give them all their own television broadcast channels? They almost do that with radio station formats. Let them have as many as they want, just leave the white channels free of them……no commercials, no music, no voiceover, nothing.

      • Speedy Steve

        I watched Badlands the other night. It had no tawny devils in it. I believe The Imitation Game is groid-free as well.

        • The Imitation Game was good, and pretty-much true-to-life. It was also a rather good movie. My understanding, though is that anyone who went to Bletchley Park didn’t get out for the duration of the war.

          • Kenner

            It could’ve used a car chase. Just a small one.

          • How about the hunt for the Bismarck? The PBY Catalina sent out from Iceland was deliberately seen from her, just to put the Germans off to the fact that Enigma had been cracked. At the end of that one, HMS Rodney shot up Bismarck from about a thousand yards away. That’s like shooting a deer inside your own living room.

      • Earl Turner

        We’d have to pay the bills. Ay-bah poda hep, knowmsayin?

    • Charles Martel

      Even Charlie Brown got a negro friend – Franklin, IIRC – back in the 60s

    • meanqueen

      The irony is that black people are ALREADY on tv or radio or movies or magazine ads or department store ads CONSTANTLY. I am freaking amazed how they are everywhere, as if they were the majority. Suffering negro fatigue as well.

  • dd121

    If the repubs win the white house maybe they can use the IRS to target this guy for his very real crimes.

    • willbest

      Point of order. Its not targeting somebody if they have committed crimes.

      • dd121

        You’re right. Bush knew about this and didn’t do anything about him. Might be called names by his enemies, you know.

    • DonReynolds

      Why should they bother?
      Al Sharpton owes the IRS $4.5 million in unpaid Federal income taxes.
      If they cannot collect now, when will they ever grow a pair?

    • Earl Turner


      Good one.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    The majority of the public is tired of “Rev Al” popping up every few days crying about yet another “racial injustice”. They basically tune him out and he’s preaching to a small choir. We’ve discussed this before. but with “spokesmen” like this nothing will ever change in the black community. You can go abroad for the next year and return……to Rev Al and the same claptrap.

    • Charles Martel

      Part of the secret of his success is that the media are lazy. They can count on Al to say something outrageous and quotable that will fill the nightly newscast or daily papers. Those who hate him – and there are many! – will watch/read the stories just so they can gnash their teeth at his latest outrage.

      The same dynamic works with the despicable Hillary Clinton.

  • The best aspect to “Selma” wasn’t that it got snubbed at the Oscars, but that it has been a flop a the box office. While a well-made movie is an art form, and ought to be regarded as such, they’re also commercial enterprises, in which the bottom line is the bottom line. Producers who churn out repeated money-losing dogs end up out of work.

    • Douglas Quaid

      I think the general consensus is that whites are getting tired of being preached to by blacks about race. The only whites interested in seeing that movie are college students who don’t know any better and card carrying Democrats.

      • Tired of being preached to, and certainly not interested in paying money for the experience. If my wife and I go to a movie, it’s $7 apiece for tickets, plus the cost and hassle of getting a babysitter. At that point, we’re in for the price of three or four DVDs from Amazon that not only won’t have the repetitive “poor little black me” narrative, but which we’ll be able to watch over and over.

    • DonReynolds

      On a local tv station in Memphis last night, there was a segment about a major effort to pay big bucks for all the little school chillins to be able to see the movie for free! (Not just in Memphis, but in major cities around the country.) How else can they save the box office numbers.
      It sounds to me like shuttle buses taking (mostly white) kids to see the movie to complete their “edumacation”, whether they want to go or not. That happens quite a bit, especially during Black History Month….which runs from mid August to Memorial Day.

    • The Dude

      Capitalism at its best.

      • I’d really like to find a relatively inexpensive DVD copy of the German color scene-by-scene remake of “Nosferatu” that will play in the North American format. That was a good one. I’ll probably end up with a pirated copy from Hong Kong. As you say, capitalism does what it does.

  • Douglas Quaid

    I miss the old Al Sharpton who was fat and healthy looking with his hair all over the place, at least when he did his race baiting back then there was a bit of humor to it. The new Sharpton looks like a cancer survivor, who is filled with nothing but bitterness. At least the fat Sharpton looked like he might be happy once in a while.

    • Charles Martel

      He looks like a bobblehead doll nowadays.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Sharptons appearance is because of his vegan diet influenced by Bubba Clinton.

      • throttler

        Are you sure it isn’t (illegal) drugs? That seems more in line with his character.

  • A Freespeechzone

    What does negro Sharpton want? Whites to be forced to watch anti-White, pro-negro movies and then be given awards to stroke their egos?

    Let them have their own movie companies & award shows—oh, that’s right they have BET because their offerings can’t compete in the wider market.

    Not my problem.

    • Speedy Steve

      Wait until they start making movies about a mulatto who became preezy of the unisteezy, and was eventually voted the Second Coming of Jesus. Or a sci-fi flick about an upside-down world where negroes are brave heroes, scientists, and astronauts, and YT gets thrashed for not picking cotton and watermelons quickly enough.

      • Anglokraut

        That movie was made back in the 90s–I think it’s called “White Man’s Burden”.

  • DonReynolds

    I am told there were no black nominations in 2011. Did Al Sharpton call an emergency meeting then too?

    • Anglokraut

      He had a first-term Negro president in 2011–the racial feel-goods were still in play.

  • That you are planning to attend an emergency meeting called by Al Sharpton shows that you need to call an emergency meeting with your psychiatrist.

    • Our at least walk – do not drive – to an emergency “meeting” at the nearest liquor store. Bring cash and a few big shopping bags.


    Jesus Christ, talk about an entitlement complex! Black America is suffering from a severe case of hypocrisy. We’re talking about a film about a man who’s most famous words in his most famous speech were, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. Yet black America is demanding both Oscar nominations and Oscar wins for no other reason than the color of their skin. And really, the Oscars are now racist somehow? Oh come on! The same people who gave 12 years a slave an arm full of awards. Only to turn around and publicly admit that they never even watched the film, and only gave it the awards because it was about black people and slavery.

    This kind of garbage is just beyond sickening anymore. I just hope these incidents of pure race based entitlement. Are serving to open the eyes of more and more Whites. To just how insincere these claims that they “just want to be treated equally” really are. < Whether White, black, Asian, hispanic or whatever, if you try to steel a police officer's gun to murder him with it, you will equally be shot, I promise! ) They're not after equality, which has been here for the last 60+ years. They're after black privilege, period!

  • jim

    I don’t see what all of the hoopla over this movie is about anyway. A film about the lesbian looking character, Thelma on Scooby Doo, doesn’t seem to worth the fuss….oh wait….

    • Speedy Steve

      Velma had horrorshow groodies; a veritable sweater girl. She was my favorite.

  • ncpride

    Rev Sharpton has called for an emergency Hollywood meeting to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards, after no black actors or actresses received nominations.

    And just what ‘action’ would that be? He going to sue them? How dare they not fall to the ground and grovel all over MLK, the black God. What a joke this weasel is.

  • WR_the_realist

    I’m waiting for Al Sharpton to send one of his rent-a-mobs to protest the dearth of black Fields Medal winners.

    • After that, he could fly to Stockholm and whine about the races of Nobel Prize recipients in physics, chemistry and medicine.

  • If the Academy Awards are the only thing Al can find to whine about, does this mean other black dysfunction: criminality, drugs, out-of-wedlock childbirth, high school dropouts, functionally illiterate high school graduates, etc. has all mysteriously evaporated?

  • Speedy Steve

    Revrum Al be insulted inch hit? Good! Quite frankly, I’m very glad he’s insulted.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Al not so Sharpton is a complete fool. Ignore him and he will just fade away.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I saw the movie ‘The great Debaters’ a few days ago and it was a nice movie, but once again the main focus was white racism and how nice and classy blacks are.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    In all these black films like Selma, Butler, they show blacks to be classy, like I mean they follow European habits and customs and wear white people’s clothes, but their skin is black. It looks like blacks invented American culture and American culture came from Africans. If they love Africa so much, then let them wear leaves on their bodies and a bone through their nose. In those movies, they never show how ghetto blacks really are. Those movies can really brainwash stupid people into thinking that blacks are superior and nice.


    Well, at least we now know what Al Sharpton does with his free time. You know, when he’s not race baiting and instigating riots, racial hatred and the brutal murderers of innocent people. < Think, the Crown Heights riots and murder, the Freddy Fashion mart murders, and now the 2 NYPD officers. ) He's at the movie theater watching movies about other race baiters who've also instigated riots, hate and murder.

  • Vito Powers

    Isn’t “black talent” an oxymoron?

    • meanqueen

      In the old days, there were black people who were very talented. Not so much now. Same with whites, though.

  • Pat Kittle

    What everyone including Sharpton knows but don’t dare say is that the higher you go in Hollywood the Jewer it gets — NOT “the whiter.”

  • Alucard_the_last

    It is sickening and I just was at a Hollywood site and the posts where 95% against the eternal whine.

    • George Lucas was recently interviewed, and he said that he is not a member of the Academy. “It is all politics,” he explained. Al $harpton’s complaint, meanwhile is that it is not politicized anywhere near enough.

  • It could not have been the ’90s, because Gussie died in 1989, and even before that, totally ceded control of all but the Cardinals to III by the late 1970s. Yeah, Gussie would have told Jesse Jackson to buzz off. But Jackson did shake down A-B for the Chicago distributorship, round about 1990. That was III’s doings.

    Also don’t forget by that time that A-B was a publicly traded corporation (that was a big bone of contention between Gussie and III, Gussie never wanted to go public, III wanted to, and once III got control, it was one of the first things he did). So by 1990, III had stockholders to be concerned about when figuring out what to do about Jackson.

  • Charles Martel

    A-B awarded a large beer distribution business in the Chicago area to Jackson’s sons however.

  • De Doc

    Get ready for another shakedown Hollywood!

  • Alexandra1973

    I couldn’t care less about the Oscars, just a night for the Hollyweirdos to pat each other on the back for playing make-believe.

    • meanqueen

      I feel sad having to agree with you. I haven’t watched for probably 10 years now. For one thing, I don’t know the movies or the actors anymore. For another, the program has become so debased and degenerate. I feel sad because i remember it as being a big night in our house, one we looked forward to with popcorn, etc. Rooting for our favorites. No more. Now just a collection of trash, no talent, braying like donkeys, prostitutes on parade, libtard politics injected everywhere. It’s a cesspool. How I wish conservatives would get together a film studio and produce something of quality, not just the same crap only with a conservative bent.

  • Ohmy!

    I’m sure the higher-ups in the entertainment industry don’t see the need for “an emergency Hollywood meeting” with Al Sharpton. What’s he going to point out to them, that they haven’t already heard before from the race baiters?

  • Earl Turner

    Would it be too much to hope for Al $harpton to call for a black boycott of Hollywood movies? I mean, imagine how peaceful and quiet theaters would be.

  • Hammerheart

    Why do blacks always seem to have some sort of clerical title added on to their names? Is it that easy to obtain officially or do they just make it all up as it goes along?

    • One only need to mail order a “Doctor of Divinity” degree. I think these run about $20.

      • RationaliseThis

        It would be interesting to run MLK thesis through plagiarisation scanning software.

        • In 1991, a Boston University investigatory committee concluded that King
          had indeed plagiarized parts of his dissertation, but found that it was
          “impractical to reach, on the available evidence, any conclusions about
          Dr. King’s reasons for failing to attribute some, but not all, of his
          “In What Field Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a Doctor?”, Matt Soniak, MentalFloss website, January 20, 2013.

      • Universal Life Church Ministry
        Dr. of Divinity Certificate D.D.
        Over 20 million ministers ordained, this site says….
        At thirty bucks a pop. Yeah, I bet.

    • Alexandra1973

      Overinflated egos is my guess.

  • JohnnySmoggins

    Correction; the higher up you go the more Hebrew Hollywood becomes.

  • JohnnySmoggins

    The only thing I’m more sick of than black empowerment movies is Holocaust movies.

  • Fed Up

    I propose awarding Al Sharpton with an Oscar for Best Actor and Demagogue of the Year Award! How do we get this into motion?

    • meanqueen

      That’s what’s really bothering him.

  • I think it’s a blessing to have Al Sharpton as the spokesman for the black people of America. If anything, his absurd remarks as of late have undermined his own political agenda, inadvertently giving the White people more reason to speak out against anti-White sentiment. Thanks Al for being an idiot, time and again, and making us look good. Keep it up!

  • Sick of it

    That actually sounds interesting. Certainly more interesting than PBS.

  • Harry

    What I will never understand about Ape Sharpton is the big following that he has even after DECADES of stupidity. The Tawana Brawley hoax should have brought his career to an end. He destroyed that girl and they still love him. I believe that like the Rev. Jim Jones, Ape Sharpton could convince his followers to injest poisoned purple drank and follow him to a blacks only heaven.

  • OhWow

    I call for an emergency NFL and NBA meeting. Whites are 65% of the population and MAYBE 10-20% of the NFL and NBA players. Blacks are only 13% of the population and 75-80% of the NFL and NBA players.

    Clearly these leagues need lots of white people. There should be a quota to maintain at least a 65% rate of whites in every sport regardless of talent.

    How do you like it? Oh, right. It doesn’t work the other way. Diversity means one thing: less white people.

  • whatodopeople?

    What Hollywood should do is kowtow to Rev Al again, re-announce the nominees to include “his” best actor and best picture nominees, and then snub them/him on Oscar night. That would be cool. That would send a message to ol’ Al.

  • I just long for the day when we don’t have to put up with this, as there are no non-whites in our midst to hustle us.

    In the meantime, I long for the day for prominent society to just tell this guy to shut the hell up and get back in his box, to stop screeching and whining like a stuck pig and that nobody cares what he says.

    Most films to come out of Hollyweird seem to be vehicles of a general liberal, pro-race-mixing, anti-white nature. When they aren’t that, they are bastardisations of our legends and heroes, whether in terms of plane landings, scientists, or mythology.

    When it isn’t that, it is guilt tripping such as The Butler. When it isn’t that, it is racial revenge movies like Django Unchained and themes such as Inglorious Basterds. When it isn’t that it is grossly degenerate “frat” movies about drugs, binge drinking, hedonism, homosexual issues, or whatever else.

    When it isn’t that, it is sci-fi dressed up to tell the tales of evil white folks (Avatar) or ‘thrillers’ such as runaway trains and the ‘smart plucky Black guy’ saving the day for the useless whites. It never seems to stop.

    Yet the suggestion is that the whole “shebang” is some bastion of whiteness and that white folks are doing well out of the whole scene. Not really. The scene expressed in Team Americas’ Federation of Actors Guild (FAGS) are often a thorn in the side of white interests, whether nominated or not or whether they are good actors and actresses or not.

  • Scott Rosen

    The Oscars will now practice affirmative action.

  • Cid Campeador

    THe Tawana Brawley and the Freddie’s Fashion Mart incidents should have ended Sharpton’s run years ago..

  • NoMosqueHere

    I am not a big fan of the current hollywood film machine, but Sharpton shows his inherent niggardliness by presuming white award nominees lack merit.

    • RationaliseThis

      Let them enjoy the block back from their Schwartzers they deserve.

  • ElComadreja

    Totally imaginary.

  • IstvanIN

    Eloquent, simply eloquent. A man who could represent America in any and all situations.

  • libertarian1234

    “Rev. Al Sharpton Calls for Emergency Hollywood Meeting”

    The dregs in Hollywood began introducing non-charismatic blacks in movies even though they didn’t add anything to the draw, because those like Sharpton screamed and wailed uncontrollably.

    So after forcing their way in now they want to be honored with awards for acting.

    It’s like everything else with these people, like education for example. Blacks pushed for AA entry into universities though they weren’t qualified, then they demanded black privilege on grades, which was followed with demands to certify them for degrees even though they never learned the subject matter to any appreciable degree, and it has turned into a situation where these incompetents are downright dangerous to society, especially in the medical field.

    The result of all of it is that they’ll scream racism if anybody offers irrefutable proof they’re not qualified, and now they’re screaming bias and racism for not getting honored for that incompetence.

    What’s next? Black Pulitzer Prize winners who are nearly illiterate?

    They’re the most disgusting riff raff on planet earth.

  • notyranny

    I wish all of Ferguson would show up at the Red Carpet and ruin the whole affair. Hollywood promotes the deception that blacks are civilized and trick easily swayed females into destroying themselves by becoming Mudsharks.

  • RationaliseThis

    “In a statement quoted by the Business Insider, Reverend Sharpton compared the movie industry to the Rocky Mountains. He said: ‘The higher you get, the whiter it gets.’ ”

    Just like IQ.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    Apartheid is the only answer. Give Mississippi to the negro. They can then run their lives without interference from dem debbil whites. Their own schools, academy awards, courts, emergency services, hospitals, doctors. They can run their own courts and the rest of it. They can even have BHO as king, how great is that. Once in never out. Everybody wins.

    • They already have mineral-rich Africa. Mississippi is an Amerind name. It is yours to keep, but not to give away.

  • In a classic case of “Me, Too!”, Michael Moore is also whining about the Academy Awards, his objection being to “American Sniper”. Apparently, Moore has taken a quick break from stuffing his fat face with food to decide that snipers are “cowards”. One must wonder what his pretense to an opinion on artillerymen might be, as they usually fire on grid-coordinates without actually seeing their enemies.

    Hollywood attracts sickos the way a front porch light attracts insects.

  • Our society has been degraded, disgraced, & debased by 50 years of government pandering to the lowest common denominator—the least progressive, intelligent, enterprising, energetic, resourceful race that has ever inhabited the planet. It’s an indication of a sick, dystopian society when merit has been completely eliminated from all pursuits and replaced by ignorance, arrogant, whining parasites. Al is the poster boy for this indolent & ignorant race and this dumb and ever-sinking society. Now he wants control of entertainment, too.