PEGIDA Rallies Take Place Across Germany Despite Terrorism Threat

Breitbart, January 20, 2015

Over 500 met last night to assert their democratic right in the nation’s capital, despite a “concrete” terrorist threat that saw the Dresden rally at which there would have been 30,000 marching, cancelled at the last moment.

Although the leadership of the PEGIDA or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West as it is more formally known, agreed to the cancellation with Police and urged its members to stay at home, Saxony state police put the city in virtual lockdown last night. Police vans, many driven in from other states to make up numbers, sat in every road leading to Dresden’s Theatreplatz with ambulances in reserve.

Local police said that despite the protest having been officially cancelled, they were still mounting an operation equivalent to the force needed to control a 30,000 man protest. Yesterday afternoon the vast Theatreplatz before the city’s world-class opera house stood completely empty but for police and a lone television camera crew.

It was a different story in Berlin last night, which despite the German intelligence services reporting on an apparent plot for “assassins” to infiltrate and mingle with crowds, saw a peaceful gathering of between 500 and 1,000 ‘BARGIDA’ (Berlin PEGIDA) supporters.

The principles behind PEGIDA, of the merits of German culture and a rejection of violence, have not taken hold here in the same way they have in deeply conservative Dresden, and it shows. On the other side of a police cordon which seals off a main city street for the march, a coalition of left-wing groups opposed to the movement screams, jeers, and throw fireworks at the group.

As the first rocket explodes the mood of the police officers present, which until this point has been friendly and cooperative, changes as the riot helmets go on. Left-wing groups break away and try to run around the tower blocks to find less heavily defended entry points so they can charge PEGIDA, but columns of police move up to protect the group.

While the “antis” seem especially shy of cameras and turn their backs when the media faces them, reporters and photographers are able to freely mingle with the PEGIDA crowd who proudly show off their home made banners. Among German and local state flags, an Israeli flag carried by a man with a “Je Suis Charlie” sign stands prominently at the front of the stroll.

Also represented was a group of Burschenshcaften, traditional German student fraternities established at the time of German unification in the 19th century and often associated with strong conservative politics. Their unusual flags, consisting of red and black stripes with a sprig of oak generated considerable interest among both the organisers and the police, who were working together to ensure there was no infiltration by Germany’s small remaining Fascist groups, who had been told specifically to stay away.


The evening’s speeches came from half a dozen members of the BARGIDA committee, touching on the usual issues of the Islamisation of Europe, the difficulties presented by the emergence of parallel societies within Western nations, and the informal coalition of German politicians, arts, and newspapers. When the “Luggenpresse” (Liar Media) is mentioned in speeches, the crowd voices their disapproval.


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  • David Ashton

    Fascist groups? PEGIDA is already a “fascist” group in the eyes or propaganda of its opponents.

    • propagandaoftruth

      It’s the autonomous left, the “antifas” that are the scum of the earth. Violent, criminal, anarchist, these are the true enemies of European civilization and its sickness.

      They are the real violent threat to Europe’s right and are coddled, encouraged by Marxist European elites as ideological storm troopers.

      • Sick of it

        There’s only one cure for a rabid dog.

        • propagandaoftruth

          They are a mongrel stock of the basest of spoiled, bored, criminal, whites hepped up on self hating, antinomian ideology, with the mischling and darkie up-and-comers of the new White genocide Marxist HELL dystopia.

          They remind me of those scummy White criminals from the original Robocop…

          Side note – that film holds up well, eerily prophetic but for two glaring differences…

          1. In the movie, the scumbags are mostly White and,

          2. The Detroit of the film looks like it’s in much better shape than the Detroit of our current dystopic future.

          But regardless, the suicidal/genocidal left is the rot that has let sieve in the Muslim infestation…must not forget that.

  • superlloyd

    The leader of Pegida has resigned today after a photo of him posing as Hitler was unearthed. The German state’s black ops. are in in full force against this groundswell of the people. See the red flag operation in Dresden which cancelled the planned demonstration with heavy police deployment on the ground to prevent people gathering unofficially.

    • LHathaway

      I read an article online about this photo saying he’s either a Nazi or a moron, so either way he should go. The episode reminds me of a ‘snipped’ portion of an article appearing today.

      “Although they may be unhappy with Third World immigration, which will soon make them strangers in their own lands, they prefer to oppose it on ideological grounds, i.e., the threat of radical Islam. They may not actually believe this analysis of the situation, but it’s the only one that has some legitimacy and that might bring immigration to a halt. It probably won’t. Flawed analysis usually leads to flawed results . . . And since Muslim criminality will go on as before, there will be calls for even tougher action: “Nuke Mecca!” Yes, people can be that stupid, especially when they cannot freely discuss what is happening and why”.

      Don’t forget the ‘provocateur’s’, busy working as part of a good cause. What is intended as parody may end up as reality. People have no other outlet . . .

      • Julius Caesar

        I’ve never been able to wrap my head around hatred of National Socialists by whites. I’m genuinely curious as to what your reasons are for holding such contempt for them. To be clear, I am in no way taking any sides on this issue.

        • LHathaway

          I like to think I’m pretty open minded. I don’t always/usually go out of my way trying to find ways to condemn them. It seems kind of pointless, really, they died during WW2. But they are usually condemned and many folks go way out of their way to do so. When they do they’re really trying to influence folks in the here and now? Since people don’t like being condemned, they want to disassociate themselves from Nazi’s and white supremacists? In fact, many of them go on to holding contempt for them themselves. Monkey see, monkey do. I suspect it’s fear mostly, driving them/it. In this sense, how is it different from what the Nazi’s did themselves? Although, since I really don’t know that much about it, perhaps in their use of fear they are worse than were the Nazis? Regardless/ironically this is a dream whites won’t wake from, it’s a road they are on from which they will never find an off ramp. While for now, Whites conform out of the fear of exposure on social media, fear of words, perhaps, in the end, it will be the real physical fear non-whites beside them that will control them. Political correctness, I suspect, is just a small unpleasant foretaste of what is to come (depending on who you are).

          I don’t know where you’re coming from. I’m guessing you’re a Nazi. Or someone who wants to ’embarrass’ this site by pretending to be (or even someone mentioning ‘National Socialists’ only for the purpose of proving the point I was trying to make. . . who knows)? But the powers-that-be seem to want real Nazis in our prison system. The only one’s who ever are implied as sticking up for whites are often shown to be ‘Nazis’. One could call even call it the Nazification of white advocacy (on the part of the establishment, not necessarily on the part of white advocates themselves). And lets be honest, most white advocates, with a platform, in reality owe their true allegiance to something closer to hate-watch. Anyway, there is a push in that direction, labeling any deviation from the embrace of diversity as Nazi, and a push from that direction itself. There’s some kind of push in that direction, I have no idea why.

          I’m not a Nazi. I like to think I’m sympathetic to every political viewpoint. Generally most of them seem to be about making the world a better place. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like the far-far right taking power. I think I would. . . Remember reading the news story out of the UK . . . the labor party increased non-white immigration into the UK only in order to rub conservatives nose it in? In a similar vein, I think I would take a fair amount of pleasure seeing the far far right take power, whether I agree with them or not (or could personally survive them – it might even be worth if to me if I couldn’t, that’s commitment!). I fear that won’t happen, sadly. Regardless, I won’t Live to see it if they do. Never-the-less it’s possible the far right may take power and drastically move what is considered centrist. I fear they won’t. Regardless, as we see by reading the comments all across the web, right or left, centrist, all sides can be pretty brazen and direct. Regardless of whether or not the far right takes power, I hope, whoever does, they do use that pragmatism and directness. Regardless of their political orientation, when we have our own white country in North America, after that, I hope we collect them, brand them, and place them outside our border. Justice demands it. There are always those responsible. Justice normally is meted out. I think it would be worth it, even I were one of the one’s it was dealt to. Ya gotta be committed.

        • RationaliseThis

          “I’ve never been able to wrap my head around hatred of National Socialists by whites.”
          Its just the 15 minutes of daily hate manufactured by the media and sucked up by the gullible. The National Socialists did stand up for White survival as a core concept. By hating inducting a hatred of them and encouraging a condemnation of them they hope to induce hatred of white survival, its legitimacy in any form. Its working. The less we hear about it the better.

  • james AZ

    Hope for PEGIDA’s goal for March on February 4……call UNITY of PEGIDA.”… France ,Germany,Belgium,Netherlands,Denmark,Norway,Sweden,Finland,Switzerland,Austria,Spain,Italy,Greece,Serbia,Hungary,Czech,iceland and other nations in Europe will have 12 million people to march

  • Chip Carver

    Like others, I have no doubt that the threats are from “within”, meaning they are from the people who give Merkel and most other Western leaders their marching orders. With Europe inexoraby sliding toward the right politically, it can’t be stressed enough how far these people will go to try and regain full control, or how far our “leaders” will go in order to get whatever they have been promised to them for toeing the line. The usual suspects have always “doubled down” when there’s a challenge, a big time challenge, such is their drive for ultimate control and seeking our extinction.

  • libertarian1234

    It looks like PEGIDA isn’t letting the threats of violence stop their movement. A Breitbart update is saying:


    “A column of protestors 60 ft wide and half a mile long estimated in Leipzig Pegida marches.”
    “And the anti-fascists gathered on the train tracks to stop any more of the marchers from reaching the City.

    “But at around half past six, our correspondent reported that a column of the Berlin Pegida had broken through the opposition lines and the atmosphere continued to heat up and fireworks were being set off in the streets.”

    This is an example of how civil wars begin. The momentum is building.
    I love it. My hopes and support are with PEGIDA 100%.

    • phillyguy

      It’s starting.

  • dd121

    Could they hold a few massive rallies in Nuremberg?

  • DonReynolds

    This is a big deal actually. I visited Germany for most of 2010. The Germans are absolutely averse to public demonstrations of any kind, other than the Left and the skinheads, which are still rare.

    A good example was my experience on the train to Hamburg. A very tall skinhead was beating a young woman in the space between the passenger cars. She was yelping and squealing with every slap and kick, very audible in my passenger car. NONE of the Germans would even turn around to see what the devil was happening! They looked straight ahead and said nothing. After a couple of minutes, I got up and told the other passengers…..”What is wrong with you people?” and went back in a huff to see what was happening. There were about 4 or 5 young people watching the beating. I threw open the door with a loud bang and said loudly…”I want to know what is going on here.”…..which no one understood, since they did not speak English. The beating stopped while they sent for someone to translate. The young translator explained it is OK, because she is his girlfriend. I told the skinhead I was an “Anglander” and they all laughed. The beating stopped, the young people drifted away into the next passenger car, and I went back to my seat. STILL, none of the Germans turned to look and they said nothing.

    • hastings88

      They’ve been Sgt. “Schultzed.” (“I know nothing, I see nothing.”)

      • DonReynolds

        good one!

        A dozen years of Nazi government, followed by 45 years of Soviet occupation…..the only people who survive are the ones who mind their own business and keep their mouth shut. After a few generations, people are just completely un-curious anymore and they do not ask stupid questions.

    • saxonsun

      Typical. They did exactly the same when millions were herded into the death camps.

      • cyrusthevirus

        And what pray tell are our (am assuming from your screen name you are English??…) people doing???Apart from cringing that is whenever one of the marxist keywords comes up!!

      • RationaliseThis

        Which is not true. There were no J ws marched or herded through streets.. most left Germany before the war, about 60% and much of the remainder survived, many free.
        Every time the holohype is brought up the possibility of White survival is reduced.
        I make a conscious effort to ignore it as it is a propaganda weapon to be used against Whites.

    • Sick of it

      Seems to me that there are quite a few people in Germany who should be beaten before this joker’s girlfriend. Easy prey for a weak man I guess.

    • RationaliseThis

      The couple were both perceived as low life idiots. You cant rescue someone from idiocy.

  • hastings88

    There is no freedom of speech in occupied Germany.

  • KenelmDigby

    Pegida supporters should do something that actually has an effect.
    That is, to ditch the CDU party and vote for the AfD.

  • UncleSham

    Does the word “Fascist” simply mean “Antisemitic” in 2015? Or is there more to it then that?