Americans Think Islam Needs to Clean Up Its Act

Rasmussen, January 13, 2015

Most U.S. voters agree Islam needs to put the emphasis on peace.

The Muslim president of Egypt is calling for a revolution in his religion, saying that some of its beliefs have made it “a source of worry, fear, danger, murder and destruction to all the world.” Seventy-five percent (75%) of Likely U.S. Voters agree that Islamic religious leaders need to do more to emphasize the peaceful beliefs of their faith, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just seven percent (7%) disagree, while 17% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Fifty-two percent (52%) believe Islam as practiced today encourages violence more than most other religions. Twenty-eight percent (28%) say that’s not the case, but 20% more are undecided.

Sixty-four percent (64%) of voters think there is a global conflict in the world today between Western civilization and Islam. Only 19% disagree, but nearly as many (17%) aren’t sure. These views have changed little in surveys for the past three years.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Sixty-four percent (64%) of voters think there is a global conflict in the world today between Western civilization and Islam.

    And the other 36% are brain-dead

    • See The Future

      Yes and they are leftist libtards and foreigners.

      • MekongDelta69

        Pretty much the same thing…

    • The Verdict of History

      As brutal Muslim violence against atheists, women, gays and even Jews mount, you’ll notice a shift in mainstream Left sympathy for Islam.

      Others will take the opportunity to embrace “the Other” all the more.

      • meanqueen

        I’m sorry, I am not noticing it. In France, I see some Le Pen supporters, but the others who expressed outrage initially then immediately shrank back into forgiveness mode and “we need to work together with Muslims” bs. I feel hopeless but I try not to feel that way.

        • propagandaoftruth

          The left’s censorship is a weapon they will use against the new right, you understand?

          Wait for elections.

    • The Verdict of History

      The following was quite telling:

      “Men believe more strongly than women that Islam as practiced today encourages violence more than most other religions. The older the voter, the more likely he or she is to share that belief. But there’s general agreement among all these groups that there is a global conflict today between Western civilization and Islam.

      Sizable majorities across nearly all demographic categories also agree that Islamic religious leaders need to do more to emphasize the peaceful beliefs of their faith.

      Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans and a plurality (47%) of voters not affiliated with either major political party think Islam today encourages violence more than most other religions. But just 34% of Democrats agree. Voters in President Obama’s party are also much less likely to agree that there is a global conflict today between Islam and Western civilization.”

      • See The Future

        I never cease to be amazed.

        Everyday that traitor continues to occupy the highest office in the country.

      • Jim

        As an older white male veteran, I have to ask “what is our end game?” Do we drop an H-bomb on Teheran? How about Cairo, Riyadh, Kabul, Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus, Algiers, Islamabad…….?

        There are a billion muslims who may pose a major threat. So do we increase our defense spending at the expense of education, healthcare, research, and infrastructure rebuilding? Do we need B-2 bombers and aircraft carriers to fight muslim fighters hiding in caves or hiding among civilians in big cities?

        How many of the saber rattlers here served in the military? How many want their sons and grandsons to be fighting fifty years from now in far off wars and having arms and legs blown off for some ill-defined goal? Happy about our results in Iraq and Afghanistan so far?

        Maybe its time to back away from trying to control the globe and rethink where we go from here.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Fifty-two percent (52%) believe Islam as practiced today encourages violence more than most other religions.


      This is not an encouraging figure. And as the white population continues to dwindle, it will go down even further.

      • meanqueen

        Agree. Not encouraged here. The only thing I cling to is that we know people are sheep and if some leader with the right values and goals can come along and capture their attention and put them under a spell, as the leftists were allowed to do, and tell them exactly what to think and what to do, then we have a prayer.

  • See The Future

    And why has the traitor in the white house not yet been removed?

    • Because our so-called elected leaders are traitors and have sold out the American people. On the other hand, Americans lack the collective will to do anything because it might be deemed ‘racist.’ They fear the “R” word more than anything else. Plus, they’re too busy watching American Idol, the Kardashians, and preoccupied with negro sports.

      We are so doomed.

  • MannyR

    But 1/2 of them still voted for a closet Jihadist twice.

    • See The Future

      Sometimes I think the vote counting is rigged.

      Remember how Bush got Florida to flip in his favor.

      • Brutus

        Gore would have been worse, though.

  • Caucasoid88

    That number should increase if Muslims carry out their recent threats to destroy iconic landmarks and cause mass casualties.

    • See The Future

      The muslims do not need to destroy anything to win this war. All they have to do is what they are doing at present which is to immigrate and breed themselves into power.

      • Daniel McGrath

        Immivasion themselves into power.

  • dd121

    Given 64% why aren’t they all gone? Can we have a binding vote?

    • willbest

      Because the 0.001% of this country that matter don’t agree.

      • dd121

        This isn’t a normal situation and we’re not dealing with normal people. If we continue to act in a typically normal Western altruistic way, they will eventually destroy us. I’m not predicting a time line.

      • See The Future

        Too bad the people do not understand that they really do have all the power.

  • Vito Powers

    Here are the survey question

    National Presidential Tracking Survey
    Conducted January 11-12, 2015
    Survey of 800 Likely Voters

    1* The Muslim president of Egypt is calling for a revolution in his religion, saying that some of its beliefs have made it “a source of worry, fear, danger, murder and destruction to all the world.” Do you agree or disagree that Islamic religious leaders need to do more to emphasize the peaceful beliefs of their faith?

    2* Does Islam as practiced today encourage violence more than most other religions?

    3* Is there a global conflict in the world today between Western Civilization and Islam?

    4* Do most Muslims around the world view the United States as an enemy?

    5* Do most Americans view Muslims worldwide as an enemy?

    NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence

  • Sick of it

    Those ever present “undecided” folks – The cowards of the Earth. Take a stand for once.

  • james AZ

    Why. Have NO-GO ZONES IN Europe!!!!!!!! CAN’T HARMONY with western society PERIOD!!!!!!

  • IstvanIN

    The ONLY solution is for Muslims to live among Muslims in Muslim nations and let them do as they please.

  • newscomments70

    They will not clean up their act. Like blacks, they will continue to deteriorate in a relatively free country. They need to go back to their own countries.

    • Nonhumans

      Correction, they need to be forcibly sent back to their own countries, along with all of the Latin invaders.

  • superlloyd

    Islam can’t be reformed by do gooders within or without the barbaric, death cult. It has to be surgically removed from the West as the cancer it is.

  • meanqueen

    Okay, 64%. Am I supposed to be heartened by that? If so, I’m not. All I can think is, what’s wrong with the other 36%?

  • USN Veteran

    only 64%? what do the other 36% think is going on?

  • Religious war is something the US government avoids because they fear making any positive reference to Christianity, or its relevance to America, American history, or its citizenry’s membership. Acknowledging any God carries a similar derision – God is as dead as the majority of elected representatives, media types, and Progressive brains. They need God dead to advance their political agendas. It’s no wonder to me why God fails to act to protect America any more. Were I him, I wouldn’t. It is obvious to me, this nation has not yet been terrorized to a state where the inhabitants demand better treatment from their elected officials and society in general. Trading liberty for protection is like a Mafia scam the government recently adopted. It never works….

  • ChezC3

    Being more knowledgable on Islam than the average American, I have always been quick to defend and deferentiate between Islam and the crap these animals pull. This go around I have finally lost the spirit to do so. The silence by the majority of Muslims as well as the half-hearted denouncements by those who did speak up (It is forbidden to public admonish a fellow muslim, this is a teaching in Islam) has put me in a mood and a mind which hasn’t come lightly and not without thorough consideration. Islam is not compatible with America. I don’t say this as a reactionary but as a realist.

    • True on the apathy of the larger Muslim populace. If they fear retribution – and refuse to report terror in their communities – they are part of the problem. If its something else that instills silence that too is part of the problem

      • ChezC3

        Well, there is a problem. Most Muslims in America aren’t concerned with retaliation. As I had said before it is a teaching in Islam not to make public another’s faults. Not to publicly admonish someone. This stems from the shame culture that Islam was born into. Shame rather than Guilt, which is the traditional Judea-Christian culture we in the West have been brought up with. Further, Muslims, devout Muslims belong to the Ummah first and are Americans (or whatever other nationality) second. It is an us(non muslim) vs. them(muslim) mentality in various levels of adherence.

        Also a point that needs to be drawn upon is that the current Islamist ideology is really nothing more than Marxism in religious, Islamic garb. The ideology preached by the Islamists is really not even Islamic. Sharia is put in place to protect 5 things
        1. Religion
        2. Life
        4. Property
        5. Lineage

        Are these things incompatible with the West? No.
        Are they compatible with Islamist ideology? No.

        1. Islamists do not protect religion they exclude all but Islam
        2. This really doesn’t have to be demonstrated does it?
        3. This is shown in their madrassa system where only the quran is taught as well as keeping their women illiterate.
        4. They see land as theirs( leader, or caliphate) to administer and be owner of, others mere custodians.
        5. They seek to destroy all non Muslim culture and lineage

        So as I’ve shown (or hope to have shown) Islam itself can be compatible with America however, there are no courageous enough individuals within the religion with the virtue to see it properly expressed and put forth so this makes it incompatible at this time.

        Now, of course I haven’t touch on whether Christian Americans want them here, or want them incorporated into society, thats a different discussion entirely.

  • Fr. John+

    No, Moslems and Islam needs to be shipped OUT of the USA, permanently. Starting with the Big O.


    No, it needs to be removed from America and Europe and India and China and Japan. It is not a peaceful faith. Telling muslims (or blacks) to clean up their act and expecting them to would be like letting a psychopath in your house and expecting them to behave just because you treat them nice and told them to behave.

  • Cid Campeador

    Oh, for the good old days of the Cold War. I kind of miss the Soviets. MAD was the keeper of the piece despite the obligatory saber rattling every so often. We and the Soviets kept the lid on all the explosive countries and their indigenous nut bags. Ron Reagan should have let the Russians take care of business in Afghanistan.