When White People See Themselves With Black Skin, Something Interesting Happens

Anna Almendrala and Macrina Cooper-White, Huffington Post, December 15, 2014


Researchers from London and Barcelona teamed up to discuss their recent experiments on virtual reality and race in an opinion piece for the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences, published Dec. 15. The researchers found that if people got the chance to physically experience their own body with different skin colors (or ages and sexes), their unconscious biases against other racial groups could be diminished.

This isn’t merely a question of changing mentality or perception. The experience of “living” in different skin triggers sensory signals in the brain that allow it to expand its understanding of what a body can look like. This can “cause people to change their attitudes about others,” wrote the study’s co-researcher, Professor Mel Slater, a part-time professor of virtual environments at the University College London and research professor at the University of Barcelona.

“Our methods and findings might help us understand how to approach phenomena such as racism, religious hatred, and gender inequality discrimination, since the methods offer the opportunity for people to experience the world from the perspective of someone different from themselves,” said Professor Manos Tsakiris of the Royal Holloway University of London in a press release about the study review.


The authors reflected on three different experiments they had conducted in the past. In the first, called the “Rubber Hand Illusion,” white participants were made to watch a dark-skinned rubber hand being stroked on a screen, while their own hand was stroked at the same time. This “synchronous stimulation” caused participants to feel as if they were inhabiting that rubber hand, or that it was a part of their body.

In the second experiment, called the “Enfacement Illusion,” white participants watched a video of a face of someone belonging to a different racial group than them. In the video, while the face was being stroked by a cotton bud, an experimenter was stroking the participant’s own face at the same time–again, making participants feel as if that “other” face was their own face.

In the final experiment, called “Full Body Illusions,” white female participants were asked to take a racial Implicit Association Test (IAT)–a computerized task which can reveal unconscious racial biases. Then, the women put on a virtual headset that gave them the illusion of being in an avatar’s body, which was either white, black or purple (see video below). Afterwards, the women took the racial bias test again.

The women embodied in the black avatars became less biased against black people in their test scores. The women who embodied white or purple avatars showed no change.


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  • [Guest]

    Probably the biggest and most successful lie of the white-hating “anti-racists” is the notion that skin color and race are the same thing.

    The idea of “unconscious bias” (attributed 100 percent of the time to white people) comes in second.

    • IstvanIN

      I can tell a black Indian from a Negro pretty darn easily.

      • Many of them basically look like very dark Caucasians. Even the Dravidians look more like Australian Aborigines.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          You are right. Spencer Wells who says that everyone in the world is descended from one black man in AFrica who lived 60,000 years ago took DNA samples from many Dravidian people from India and an Australian Aboriginal. He found one genetic link between one of the Dravidian and the Aussie aboriginal. Some of those Dravidian men even look negroid like the aboriginals. So it is possible.

      • Bossman

        That shouldn’t be too hard to do since most East Indians with very dark skins have straight hair and generally straight noses and Caucasian features and different body proportions plus also different styles of deportment.

        • Scott Rosen

          Correct. They don’t act and walk like animals.

      • Speedy Steve

        WOG (Westernized Oriental Gentleman) rhymes with nignog.

      • Erik Sieven

        The really funny thing: those thousands, millions of white European women who specifically prefer men of west African ancestry over men of all other races can clearly distinguish people from different regions. Those women say they prefer black guys, but they never mean a Somalian, a South Indian or a Australian Aborigine by that. What they mean is west African.

    • John R

      Exactly. And that is probably the real reason that the word “Negro” has been pretty much banned as another “n-word.” If we kept using that word we would be conscious of the RACE of people, not just the “color.” Indians are dark, but they are NOT Negroes, and you can tell easily. A Negro, no matter how light skinned, does not look like a White person.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Most east Indians are part black, just not a big percent. It is very obvious if you know this fact.

        • LexiconD1

          I don’t remember the circumstances, but the Indian girl I know once told me that she considers herself Asian. So being me (I Googled it) low and behold they are considered Asian.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Well yes, but negroes invaded India from the south and Whites from the north, so even though Indians started as dark skinned white people, they are seriously mixed at this point.

          • Agha Memnun

            “negroes invaded India from the south”

            There was even an Abyssinian Muslim dynasty (of slave origin) in late 15th century Bengal, which was so tyrannical that the Bengalis decided to exterminate the “Habshis” before long.

          • I read once a lion somewhere in Africa that had been killing railroad workers, causing quite a furor, and the remains were roughly identified by their teeth. Subcontinental Indians apparently tend to have Asian – rather than negro or caucasoid – teeth.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            They used to be considered Caucasian, but then they wanted to be reclassified as ASIAN so that they get minority freebies. Do not trust these Indians, because they side with blacks and other non whites against the white man.

          • LexiconD1

            You must not know any Indians, do you?

            Because they will never ever ‘side’ with blacks.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            I know Indians very well.They may hate blacks like everyone does, but when it is against the white man, they support blacks, just like other races do. Lexi you really need to keep your ear and eyes open and be educated. Stop making stupid comments, that can easily be debunked.

          • LexiconD1

            Well good luck with that attitude, because you’re wrong, but whatevers…

    • WR_the_realist

      It’s not the skin color we object to. I can easily distinguish a Japanese from a white person, but if a Japanese family moves next door it won’t bother me a bit. I know they’re at least as likely to be civilized as a white family, and their kids won’t drag the schools down.

      • scottthestrategerist

        The Japanese are neither violent nor stupid. To the contrary, they are civilised and smart. But they’re not US. The Japanese have every right to ban me from immigrating to their country because I’m not Japanese. Similarly, we have the right to make our homelands – the states we founded in Europe, the Americas, Oceania, etc. – be just for whites. If you want to deny an entire race of people any right to our homelands, then YOU are the hater as you have racial hatred for whites.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          The Japanese also do not support white interests and always will side with the non white side.

          • WR_the_realist

            How many Japanese support Al Sharption or the NAACP, or attend those white privilege conferences? How many liberal whites do? I see more anti-white whites than anti-white Japanese.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            They may not do all that because they are busy working hard. Trust me, they do not side with white man when the sh!t hits the fan.

          • PoliticallyIncorrect

            They seem to be siding with the White man against North Korea and China…

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Because China and North Korea are not nice to other Asians.

  • superlloyd

    Libtards totally missing the point yet again; It’s not the colour but the low IQ, criminal, violent, low impulse control, lazy, useless and worthless beings that it covers. We’ve heeded King’s call and judged them on the content of their character but they’ve been found severely wanting as positive contributers to civilised countries.

    • Whiteplight

      Not completely. Non-whites envy the beauty of white skin. It makes them feel unworthy when they see they don’t have it. This experiment wants to treat whites as if they weren’t white. But change my skin color and my sex and I’m not me. What’s the point? It’s a futile point; like chasing around the question of whether there’s a noise when a tree falls in a forest, but no one is there to hear it.

  • superlloyd

    “Our methods and findings might help us understand how to approach phenomena such as racism, religious hatred…”

    Another useless piece of research. Who funds and commissions this rubbish? As if, there were not very rational reasons for all civilised people to despise Islam and its’ witless, violent followers and to conclude from half a century’s experience that blacks are not fit to live in 1st world countries.

    • Since this was done by “researchers” from London and Barcelona, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief that it didn’t involve our own (US) tax money.

  • Serious social science research coming from what seem to be video games?

  • D.B. Cooper

    At least most of the comments on the actual article are from white people WITH a clue.

  • Simonetta

    When I see myself in blackskin, I see RuPaul and AHnold mixed together.
    What do you see?

  • A Freespeechzone

    Who cares? This is as much ‘junk science’ as ‘global warming’.

    Yet another attempt to disenfranchise White, Christians throughout the World.

  • I am quite happy being what I am, though to the extent that I think about myself at all, I’m some guy who likes fishing, cooking and working in my shop downstairs. If I actually looked like my online avatar here, I’d probably still be single, but that would likely be the end of the matter, except that I would perhaps be cheaper to feed.

    • RacialRay

      I’m sorry to say it, but I always assume commenters look like their avatars. Mine is a fair likeness.

      • I love Andy Capp, except I never could stand him whacking his wife Florrie around.

        • RacialRay

          She gave it back to him pretty good, too, from what I remember. But yeah, he’s a cantankerous, crusty old sod. Man after my own heart.

      • ncpride

        Sometimes. I chose my avatar because I really do have bright green eyes.

        • Who Me?

          I really am a blue eyed redhead, other than that, my avatar is a lot better looking and a lot younger than I am.

          • Ella

            We have a higher than usual number of red heads in our families, over 15%. I think it is the Celtic-Scandinavian heritage. The men have blonde and the women have more brunette or red. Maybe the men find darker haired European women more attractive or they just like variety.

          • Who Me?

            Actually my hair remained a very vivid red until my early 50’s when it simultaneously started turning white, and the red faded to a warm light brown. We have a lot of redheads in our family also, due to Irish/Germanic heritage. The grandchildren seem to be largely blondes though–all mine are and so are several of my sisters’ grandkids.

          • My maternal grandmother was mainly Irish and had red hair, even though she was partly Cherokee. Her red hair was persistent until it became grey. I have a lot of red in my mustache and beard, when I don’t shave, along with odd hairs that change color from blond to red to black and back again in bands as they grow out. I have no idea how humans came to possess something like the agouti gene for this sort of hair coloration.

          • Ella

            Some Asians had red-hair if you look at the Tocharians tribe (extinct) and yes, even the Neanderthals, being matched recessives to express genetic phenotypes. You only have a small % of Native American so selection for recessives will randomly occur more often, especially since your grandmother has European heritage. I’ve seen whites with 1/8 Indian look “fairer” than some Southern/Central Europeans. It’s a probability game.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        You guys got me. I’m really Tom Hanks.

        • ghettovalley

          I’m actually a skeleton in real life.

          • Alexandra1973

            I’m an angry bird.

      • SolStans

        I went the opposite route and made a picture of me look as non-identifiable as possible. Your avatar, on the other hand, makes me want some bagged spicy fries.

    • Ella

      Lol! I keep thinking I found a troll to write from some mythological Norse sagas.

      • The ears would be good for hearing things, and that light grey skin looks rather nice under the moonlight. The poor thing is going bald, however, and seriously needs dental work. My hands are probably rougher than his are. Do orcs have good workshops?

  • MekongDelta69

    Article from leftist HuffPo which suits their agenda…

    Meaningless. Skip article.

    Next article…

  • Brady

    Does this mean going blackface is OK now?

    • IstvanIN

      I am, getting out my copy of The Jazz Singer!

      • Speedy Steve


  • JohnEngelman

    This kind of thing implies that black problems are due to white bias, which is irrational.

    • John R

      Ya think!? Obviously.

  • 48224

    Not a fair simulation. Just changing the skin color does nothing…..they must also install a primitive brain. Change the white person’s skin color AND give them the brain of a nine year old and some baggy pants….now that’s a more accurate simulation.

    • John R

      You didn’t finish: Change the White person’s skin color; give them a flat primate nose; rubber inner tube lips; massive simian teeth, with a space between the front two; a protruding ape like jaw; a small, deformed skull shaped like a peanut; deformed wide shoulders and narrow hips; long monkey like arms; a short spine and protruding buttocks; a smelly body; and finally, a loud offensive manner along with a lower brain capacity. There, did I leave anything out? See, I DO understand black people! (I mean, “African Americans”. I don’t want to sound offensive, after all.)

  • RacialRay

    Maybe they can colorize me with their xBox research tools, kink my hair and flatten my nose. But they can’t make me run out on my children, sit on the stoop of my mother’s apartment all day and wait with my black hand out for dat monthly check to come. Being “white” or “black” goes a whole lot deeper than skin tone.

    But you already knew that.

  • John R

    “The women who used the black avators became less racially biased…” and fell easier prey to black muggers, rapists, and murderers.

  • Ella

    “I’m far to the right of Attilla the Hun.” I’ve been accused of that a few times but then, I enjoy being me. When I was twenty years young, I looked liked Arwen with long straight hair. You can’t forget who you are, and it’s just a quick glance in the mirror regardless of the mindless programming.

  • jim

    This is the dreck HuffPo publishes on a daily basis and is re-posted on Yahoo with regularity. Who the hell pays for these idiotic studies? People actually sit around and think of ways to prevent us from making them uncomfortable? It is simply not possible for me to care any less what any of these “researchers” think.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    If players of a video game have a choice, I’ll bet whites will choose a white character 90% of the time. And blacks will probably choose a white character 90% of the time as well.

  • LeonNJ

    If I ever see myself with black skin, I’m calling the doctor!

  • libertarian1234

    “When White People See Themselves With Black Skin, Something Interesting Happens”
    What happens when Hispanics see themselves with black skin?
    Or how about Asians?
    Both groups despise blacks in general.

  • A Freespeechzone

    No….in the end, with non-Whites, race will trump religion.

  • Speedy Steve

    Maybe the technology to make yourself black is right around the corner. Then we can sentence liberals to negritude and ship them to Africa.

    • Xscilune

      Touche’ Thats really good!

  • Yves Vannes

    Looking black and being black is the equivalent of frosting a white cake with chocolate vs. frosting U-235 with chocolate.

  • Evette Coutier

    Does this mean if I color my skin green I’ll want to become Ms Marvin the Martian.

  • freddy_hills

    This is literally mind manipulation. That’s a very dangerous thing.

  • Guest

    Not exactly a new idea. Back in circa 1972 – 73, television’s “Bewitched” had an episode where a “white racist” man who was skeptical of mixed marriages looked at himself in the mirror, and, because of a magic ‘spell’ placed on him at that instant, was forced to see himself in it as a Black — and from then on was thoroughly disgusted with his bad attitude and therefore cured of his “racism.” The message was: Mixed marriages are not popular now, but before long they will be universally accepted.

    • ghettovalley

      They’ve really been at it a long time. Now that I think of it, I can’t remember seeing anything on tv, ever, that didn’t have at the very least subtle undertones of cultural marxism.

    • OyVey00

      Being disgusted by his appearance would be a more believable reaction I think.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Ever read “Black Like Me”?

        The author (who underwent skin treatments to disguise himself as a black man in the Deep South in 1959) suffered INTENSE cognitive dissonance seeing himself as a black man in the mirror. This man was a liberal who believed in racial equality; yet he saw only an angry, violent threat in his own reflection.

    • The whole point to “Bewitched” was the promotion of interspecies marriages. The actor who played Darren Stevens – the husband – was also gay.

    • MBlanc46

      I’m awfully glad that I missed that episode.

  • ghettovalley

    Who controls the majority of the adult film industry? I’ll give you three guesses, AmRen.

    • gemjunior

      Shhh, you can’t say that here. It’s supposedly counterproductive, and makes us look like stupid, rabid Nazis. But it’s 100% true.

  • OyVey00

    I like to create ugly black characters with afros in video games. It for sure hasn’t made me less biased against blacks though.

    • One of my Neverwinter Nights characters is a hobgoblin. He looks a lot like my avatar here, except for rust-colored skin, black hair and short tusks. The group we were playing with online needed another fighter-type, so I obliged. “Devastating Critical Hit” is so much fun!

    • Sick of it

      I’ve played black characters online. Some people need to learn that real life is not a game.

    • Speedy Steve

      There’s video game called Ethnic Cleansing. I don’t have a copy.

  • OyVey00

    Well, there’s albinos.

    • ElComadreja

      Ever seen an albino black? The stuff of nightmares.

      • Reynardine

        No wonder the Africans kill them as fast as they can.

  • MrGJG

    Part two of the experiment will be how the participants went on a crime spree.

  • barelyintrepid

    Another wonderful “study” from members of the Tribe.

    They undoubtedly used a rigorous selection process for the volunteers for this study. There is no way they only selected liberal white women from the undergrad Psychology department.

    Remember, race is ONLY skin deep. They are exactly like Europeans except for the color of their skin. Anything else is in your mind, as proven by this study.

    For more, please read Dr. Goldsteinburg’s “The eternally Guilty Goy”

    • Speedy Steve

      I prefer Tom Wolfe’s calculus in Bonfire Of The Vanities. There are 2 kinds of goyim: schwartzers and Catholics. Catholics are further divided into 2 groups the Italians who are stupid and slob-like, and the Irish who are stupid and like to hurt people. And then the mayor found out about Episcopalians who’d recently appointed a schwatzer bishop. God they’re liberal.

  • Dan O’Connor

    These ” researchers ” have created a false dichotomy / paradigm as a strawman argument to knock down.
    ” White ” ” White race ” is not a term that defines skin colour . It is a term we use to describe a particular culture , civilization and race and our bonds to our own ancestry , mythology, language , legends , heroes , customs, arts , literature , song ánd folkways , White people are not a skin colour . There are red haired blue-eyed people in Afghanistan but they can never be us because they belong to a totally different historical stream . So having the same genetics is not enough in itself . In order to be a member of the White ( European ) race you must identify with a particular cultural psyche and past .
    Ethno-centrism is a not a White mental abnormality

  • ElComadreja

    Skin color is probably the least of the differences between negros and Caucasians.

    • Speedy Steve

      Yes indeedy! There’s also, the frightful feral pong, the low IQ, the slurred speech, the hair-trigger temper, the propensity to get high, to grab the package, to shake the booty and to blame YT for their lousy financial planning.

  • Paleoconn

    Race is not skin deep. Besides, there are many many physical features other then skin color that differntiate the races: lip size, eye size and shape, nose flatness or not, hair kink, posterior size, leg to upper body ratio, endless. But just as vital is the difference in behavior and cognitive ability.

  • Realist

    Skin color has nothing to do with it…..it’s all the other differences.

  • Predictable that they wouldn’t use black subjects, to see how they reacted to their own skin being white.

  • Da Troof

    Something interesting huh? What, did they start blowing away 7-11 cashiers?

  • Coming soon to a Common Core near you.

  • phillyguy

    Like the movie “the watermelon man”

  • Pathfinder75

    Another pathetic attempt at social engineering.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    A third of conventional porn consumers are currently women. It’s not a “male only” thing, and hasn’t been since the internet erased many of the old barriers to porn access for women.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Some people here are arguing that the Indians and Japanese are on the white side. They may work hard like whites and send their kids to upscale white schools and also live in gated white communities, but when it comes to the election, they will vote Democrat and when there are racial tensions, these Indians and Orientals will side with the non whites. So you can see the hypocrisy there. Not all of these so called model minorities can be trusted. They are just as bad as the tribe and white libs.

  • adplatt126

    Something interesting happens? Like what? Do they start raping and looting at random?