Shocking Racism Social Experiment

NormelTV, October 28, 2014

This video will not stop racism, we’re aware of that. But the more effort we put into getting the message out there, the higher the chance is, isn’t that right? It’s better than to not do anything at all.


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  • dmxinc

    No one would stand up for thex White guy. At least they reversed the roles.

    • antiquesunlight

      I’m surprised they had the integrity to show the video after that undesirable result.


        Have you ever of that idiotic “What Would You Do”? The vast majority of that show, especially in it’s first few seasons. Was geared towards demonizing White people, as usual. Anyway, I read an article a long time ago about how the show was actually caught staging these set ups to demonize White people. And no not the typical staging of a scenario to gauge real people’s responses to it. I mean even the supposedly “real people” were actors. They were literally scripted to react in a racist, bigoted, homophobic or hateful

        way. And if I remember correctly the article said that even the TV Network that aired these “Kill Whitey” hit pieces knew they were entirely fake. The blatant hatred that is constantly aimed at us in our very own countries, indeed through our very own TV’s

        • Alex Miller

          That show, hosted by Amerindian/Hispanic John Quinones is relentlessly obsessed with the cultural Marxist trinity of racism, sexism and homophobia.

        • saxonsun

          That show sickens me–I saw it a few times then stopped watching it because the greaser host was clearly after white people.

  • [Guest]

    We know. “Anti-racist” really means “anti-white.”

  • JackKrak

    You know the type of naive Leftist who thinks that having black friends makes him cool and proves he’s not “racist”?

    Well, Sweden is full people who think that way only instead of being friends, they want to import Somalia and Sierra Leone.

    They’ve succeeded in importing crime, backwardness and poverty that never previously existed in Sweden but, hey, at least they’re not racist!

    • Sick of it

      “Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

      In 2003, Sweden’s rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the

      With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of
      the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major
      increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are
      proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.

      The statistics are skewed by urban centers where the Islamic colonists cluster. In Stockholm this summer there was an average of 5 rapes a day. Stockholm has gone from a Swedish city to a city that is one-third immigrant and is between a fifth and a quarter Muslim.”

      www frontpagemag com/2013/dgreenfield/1-in-4-swedish-women-will-be-raped-as-sexual-assaults-increase-500/

      • Kronolog

        It should be noted though, that we have a very liberal definition of the term “rape” in Sweden. Much that in another country might be defined as “sexual harassment”, is defined as “rape” in Sweden.

        • Max

          Well, here we have a problem with definitions as well. Much behavior that would, in saner times be described as “deviant” or “criminal” is described as “normal” or “alternative”. Permissible behavior of blacks toward whites is very different from whites toward any non-white.

          If Sweden continues to import these atavistic wards the REAL meaning of rape will certainly be realized as it is everywhere they go.

  • Mack0

    It’s only shocking to them because they have no clue what’s happening in the world. All their “knowledge” of race relations comes from academics and the media. Not one of these goofballs has an ounce of real world experience.

    • John R

      All Europeans seem to know about blacks is what they get from watching liberal documentaries about “racism” in the Unites States and how bad we were to the poor “civil rights” protestors. Heck, I have heard Europeans say they didn’t even know that Jim Crow Laws no longer existed in the United States and haven’t for decades!

  • pcmustgo

    Whites are also more afraid to stand up to black racism for fear of violence… if they stand up to some random black guy on the street.

    • John R

      More they have been psychologically beaten down by decades of leftist propaganda. Whites feel guilty about opposing a black on anything.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I posted about this on the section about irish being against immigrants.

  • LHathaway

    Even the White people in Stockholm are looking fairly dark. . .

    • italian guy

      If you are talking about the guys at 3:00 that said “i don’t care, leave us out of this”, well they are definitely Arabs, not White at all.

      • LHathaway

        The white guy hosting the video looked kind of dark. I’m not saying he isn’t white, but, who knows, blond hair and blue eyes may go out before whites do. One doesn’t see too many in Spain or Portugal, for instance. Now we see few in a video from Stockholm.

  • TruthBeTold

    What it showed me is that it’s easy for whites to believe the stereotype of a virulent racist white bigot because they’re conditioned to be sensitive to that stereotype.

    Whites have likewise been conditioned to believe that blacks can’t be racists so they can’t see black racism.

    • LHathaway

      Very true! Racism against Whites is seen by everyone as normal behavior. In some cases we’re encourage to see racism against whites as racism against people of color. I love when whites brag (in some case desperately) about their colored friends, and then this is seen as an example of their racism against, coloreds. Only whites can be racist, and only against people of color.

      There is the factor that it was only one black racist guy in a sea of white people, while it was a racist white guy harassing one black guy amongst a sea of whites. But the tale might have been very similar if this video were taken in a mostly black area. An area where they would still be even more angry about about racism (being a vast majority doesn’t dissuade them)

      Thank you for this comment.

      • TruthBeTold

        If this experiment had been done in a majority black community, the white man would be dead.

    • Johnny Squire

      Maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome.

      • John R

        Yeah. Good name, huh?

  • Jaggers

    If only there were a white guy out there with the balls to do something like that..

    • See The Future

      All the young white guys are fighting and dying to protect the rights of foreigners in the USA

  • Yves Vannes

    A social experiment? Ha! A stunt. Swedes are known for being violent and predatory? Maybe 1500 years ago but who expects to be assaulted by a Scandinavian thug? What was the crime rate in Sweden – especially Malmo – before it became an hellhole? Send Ms. Sweden in a mini skirt through a neighborhood of Somalis and film it. That would be a meaningless experiment because the Swedes see that experiment carried out on a daily basis.

    • none of your business

      Send her in the usual garb of Swedish women from the first of October to the middle of April. long pants, mid calf boots, ankle length winter coat, long sleeves, gloves, fur or woolen hat pulled down to the eyebrows, scarf wrapped around the neck and up to the mouth twice and nothing but eyes and nose visible and she will still be raped by the animals.

  • It tells you all you need to know about race and racism in “advanced” countries that so-called “progressives” have to manufacture examples of racism to get exercised about. And that they do–over and over and over. Sadly, many choose to believe what they “know” from the mass media over what they actually witness in real life.

  • NoName

    The first experiment should have been obvious. Almost no black guy (or woman for that matter) would be that docile when being disrespected like that. There would have been a throwdown in reality.

    • antiquesunlight

      They would have reacted aggressively like the black stranger in the second case.

  • Sick of it

    The two girls were non-white, which is why they didn’t show their faces much. Asians don’t belong there anymore than blacks.

  • Tarczan

    This isn’t what it seems. They are trying to say they are no racial differences. This is more propaganda.
    Depending on the definition of racist, I am one. I don’t wish to deny anyone their rights, but I wish to be able to freely discriminate agaisnst anyone; that is, freedom of choice.
    If someone calls me a racist I ask them if they are a witch. Don’t give the r-word the power they want it to have.
    They seem to be saying that “we know it’s hard to believe, but even the sainted blacks can be racist.”

  • antiquesunlight

    Just confirms what anyone with common sense has known since birth. Blacks can do no evil.

  • Chinese Nationalist Maiden

    This video shows nothing I didn’t already know. Whites feel the need to protect ‘minorities’, but they don’t feel the need to protect their own. They even laugh at the very idea. What would be normal is that the majority in the West is and will remain White. However, the wrong ideas that White people have about race leads to the insanity you see in the West. I don’t need ‘anti-racism’ folks to protect me from ‘White racists’. Moreover, if there had been so many ‘White racists’, I must have missed them because I haven’t seen the streets crawling with them in Western countries.

    In fact, I haven’t met a media-stereotyped White racist yet, and I’ve already met countless of Whites, conversed with them, made acquaintances, made good friends, met their friends, been invited to people’s homes, and so on. Unlike Negroes, I don’t need Whites to lower their defenses. If I notice any criticisms of Asians or even distinctly anti-Asian sentiments, it doesn’t make me feel the urge to cry ‘racism’ or to make a fuss about it. I think it’s natural for Whites to have their defense mechanisms (like any other race), and I don’t feel the need to break them down.

    I think only people who are notoriously hostile toward Whites would do that. If I hear any legitimate criticisms of Asians from Whites, I might nod in agreement and tell a couple of legitimate criticisms of Whites, such as the fact that they are not clannish enough and that there seem to be, on average, more fat people in the West than in China. Negroes demand to be treated like helpless babies who need to be endessly protected. As a proud Chinese, I don’t need that kind of protection. I can handle myself, and people of all races can criticise my people all they want, but at the end of the day, their sentiments won’t change my opinions that are based on hard facts and my personal experience.

    People may tell me a thousand times they dislike my people, but that’ll have no effect on my opinions. People are free to say whatever they want – I like that Western value – and I’m also free to say whatever I want. I support Whites against the hordes of racial aliens in their lands, and I will stand with them no matter what, because cooperation between our peoples can only work if there are individuals who are willing to sacrifice for both of our peoples. I know that the concept of sacrifice might seem a bit alien or strange to Western ears in this age of liberal degeneracy, but remember the willingness of the Chinese (and of course the Japenese!) to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

    Individuals of your race were once as willing to sacrifice as those of my race to sacrifice for a higher ideal. I sincerely believe – forgive me if you disagree – that cooperation between our peoples is absolutely necessary. The Chinese communists won’t hand over the power to the Chinese people without a fight. The Western liberals won’t do that either. We’re both in a death struggle for the future of our civilisations. Not only is this an ideological struggle, but it is a struggle for our genes (let me solemnly pause here for a moment: my sincere thanks to all Western scientists who discovered so much about human genetics and biology). Together we are stronger than alone and we will need that combined strength to overthrow the Establishment in China and the West. I am convinced that Chinese nationalists such as myself can help in Western causes. We’ve a lot in common – White ethnonationalism matches my personal opinions.

    I think that Asians and Whites can peacefully coexist on this planet within their own territorities, exchange ideas, work together for the sake of our respective civilisations and genetic interests, etc. I see no reason to assume that this cooperation would be a bad idea. We’re up against enormous power structures and cooperation might just secure or even speed up our victory. The current reality is that not all Asians have wisened up to reality, but there will always be those who are receptive to the ideas of White ethnonationalism. History teaches us that only a minority is required to bring about racial, cultural and political Revolutions (spelled with capital ‘r’ to emphasise their historical significance).

    I have found that other Chinese are open-minded to White ethnonationalism when I explain the basic ideas behind it and debunk all the liberal/Marxist propaganda surrounding it. Moreover, as I believe that unity between Whites is needed, I also believe that unity between East Asians is needed regardless of historical grudges. Japanese nationalists and (traditional) Chinese nationalists should work together regardless of what injustices may have occurred between our peoples; native traditions should be honoured and restored, and above all, communism must be annihilated for once and for all.

    I want to be able to practise my traditional Chinese folk religion in China without having to pretend I don’t practise any religion or that I support Marxist-styled atheism; I want to be able to continue to practise all the customs and traditions that my ancestors have practised for thousands of years. I hope that someday one can feel pride again when one asserts that one is a traditional Chinese; I want the traditions of my people to be kept alive while my country is modernised. One day I wish to be able to wear traditional Chinese clothing again without being looked upon as an “ignorant peasant” who should be modernised at all costs. I’ve nothing against Western clothing, but China just isn’t China without its traditional dress.

    I wholeheartedly agree that modernising China is a good thing to aspire to, but not in the way the communist government does it. I admire Japan for the fact that they have managed to preserve a reasonable amount of their traditions while modernising the country. That proves to me that modernising a country doesn’t necessarily imply that traditions have to be broken. Moreover, I don’t support democracy. I don’t think it’s the best form of government for my people (maybe also not for Whites). We’ve had more than two thousand years of imperial dynasties, and I don’t see why a return to Imperial China would be such a bad idea after all.

    If traditional Chinese nationalists are one day able to restore the Middle Kingdom to its former glory, and manage to outcompete the Taiwanese republican nationalists (i.e. the Kuomintang), then I hope that the next emperor will be ardently pro-Chinese and seek cooperation with Western nationalists on the basis of the fact that we are both civilised peoples. However, I don’t think Chinese neo-Imperialism should embrace the idea that the whole world is practically the Middle Kingdom and that therefore all foreigners are subject to the Emperor, even though they appear to be ignorant of this idea. I think that this idea is historically interesting, but obviously counterproductive in modern times. Some ideas shouldn’t be revived in practice, as they don’t fit into the modern world.

    • antiquesunlight

      I agree with you that whites and asians are natural allies, but I suppose I don’t know how we (“we” being white and asian nationalists) can practically help each other outside of providing encouragement. But I think that if there are practical ways to help each other, we ought to help each other, because a world in which flourishing European and Asian nations cooperate and exchange ideas (but simultaneously maintain their cultural and genetic distinctiveness) is a great world to work for.

      • Chinese Nationalist Maiden

        Not only can Asian nationalists help by donating money, writing books, posting comments, analysing articles, etc. but they can also fight on your side in a revolution or war. For the time being, we can have an intellectual cooperation, but I hope that this will evolve into a military cooperation one day as well. If one truly believes in Western ethnonationalism, then one will be willing to help out in every possible way. I don’t think I need to provide a comprehensive list here of things an Asian nationalist can do, because if an Asian nationalist is willing to help, then he/she can use his/her own intelligence to figure out what needs to be done. I’ll give you two historical examples of ‘foreign aid’ from Asians: There have been Asian communists who fought in the armies of the Russian communists, and there have been Asian fascists who fought in the armies of the German National Socialists.

  • The world has been infested by liberals.


  • mike smith

    Don’t know about the rest of you, but this White is definately racist. While I believe in treating people of color JUSTLY, they will never be my equals. Sadly, neither will Swedes now.

  • Rick O’Shea

    Am I to believe that Swedish people speak English including to one another as they walk around supposedly on hidden camera without knowing what’s going on?

    I mean, I had assumed they spoke Swedish unless they were in a situation that really presented a good reason to speak English.

  • I’ll play the devil’s advocate here. They should have done the second part in a majority black area. Somewhere in Africa, for instance.

  • OhWow

    Look at the white women swarm to be nice to black men. Man are they brainwashed.

    • LHathaway

      I didn’t notice that. I noticed when he begged for help, they couldn’t even look at him.

  • MannyR

    This video simply reinforces exactly what I’ve said about liberals, progressives…etc. At their core they’re huge cowards. They run to help some poor black being put down by a white man because they know that there’s almost no chance the white man will deck them cold or stab them. They simply walked by like scarred bi#ches when the situation was reversed and a black was the aggressor because there is real danger the black will get physical or pull a gun.

  • voxvot

    This comment box is a victory for the Marxist elite: we are all talking about that dastardly “racism”. There is nothing laudable about verbally abusing someone in the street. This contrived encounter has nothing to do with our cause, which is the preservation of our European culture, under attack through the mass migration of people who do not share our values, history or culture, and this has nothing to do with racism.

  • WR_the_realist

    If you f*ck racism, won’t racism get pregnant? And then you’ll have a little baby racism, or at least a half breed racism, which will despise itself for being a half breed. I can’t see what good will come from this.

  • John R

    Good video. Racism is totally unacceptable if it is practiced by White people, but if it is by blacks, hey, what are you going to do? That is just how they are. We have got so beaten down that we accept to be abused by blacks, and are grateful if we escape with our lives.

  • withcaution

    To be accurate, they needed to have the white guy “victim” accosted in a black neighborhood. Of course he would’ve been killed by a black mass/riot as we’ve seen hundreds of times, but it would’ve made a true representation of society. Of course these guys aren’t looking for the total truth.