Russia’s Ideology: There Is No Truth

Peter Pomerantsev, New York Times, December 12, 2014

Imagine if you grew up lying. Not a little bit, for convenience, but during every public moment of your life: at school, at work, at social events. You had to lie to survive, because the punishment for telling the truth was the loss of your academic or professional career, or even prison. For Russians who came of age before 1991, this is the only way they know. The mature generation grew up with this behavior during the later years of the Soviet Union: reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and listening to clandestine BBC reports in private while pretending to be good Communist Youth League or party members.

When I went to work as a TV producer in Moscow in the early 2000s, I would ask my peers which of the “selves” they grew up with was the “real” them. How did they locate the difference between truth and lies? “You just end up living in different realities,” they would tell me, “with multiple truths and different ‘yous.’ ”

When members of this generation came to power they created a society that was a feast of simulations, with fake elections, a fake free press, a fake free market and fake justice. They are led by religious Russian patriots who curse the decadent West while keeping their children and money in London and informed by television producers who make Putin-worshiping shows during the day, and listen to energetically anti-Putin radio shows the moment they get into their cars after work.

It’s almost as if you are encouraged to have one identity one moment and the opposite one the next. So you’re always split into little bits, and can never quite commit to changing things.

But there is comfort in these splits, too. That wasn’t you stealing from that budget, making that propaganda show or bending your knee to the president–just a role you were playing. All cultures split the public and private selves, but in Russia that split is often total.


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  • Anglokraut

    Sounds like a mentally ill society…but at least they’re honest about the schizoid nature of Russia.

    • propagandaoftruth

      How is this different from the charade we American Whites must play every day here? Sure, the details are slightly different, but the idea of having to live a lie or else is not so foreign.

      • Whirlwinder

        prop, just read Solzhenitsyn or Sharansky. Russia put about 20 million of its citizens into the gulags. Russia is truly an evil empire and you ask how it is different.

        • Realist

          Is there any proof of that number or did Solzhenitsyn pull it out of his butt?

          • Whirlwinder

            Read Sharansky

        • Dick Hatewell

          How is being in a gulag different from being fired and publicly ostracized? The result is pretty much the same: you’re done for.

          • Whirlwinder

            Dick, serving time in a Russian prison, providing slave labor, eating gruel, living in rags and freezing half to death for 12 or so years cannot be compared to any experience in America.

          • Dick Hatewell

            …it hurts more for the prisoner, but for the people in control (who don’t feel a thing either way), the effect is the same: embrace the kosher progressive AmeriKa, or you’re fcuking DONE.
            Think I’m kidding? Go to work tomorrow and tell people you read an article last night about how jewish organizations fabricated Holocaust warcrimes to generatee sympathy. Tell people you think the “opposing parties” in our government seem to be working together to strip away more of your rights and occupy more of your life.
            …then see how long until you get an official talking-to.

          • adplatt126

            It certainly can. Many of those who are blacklisted for their ideas end up in prison or on the street, due to their lack of options. Others eke by a very meager existence despite far greater potential. At the very least, on a mass scale, millions are treated unjustly, exploited, discriminated against and suppressed, while millions of others with unpopular positions on certain touchy issues are barred from public influence, power and positions of prestige. There aren’t Gulags (though our incarceration rate is astronomical) and may never be, but the American power structure has more subtle ways of extinguishing the hopes and livelihoods of thought criminals and enemies of the state, than did the USSR.

      • Anglokraut

        I suppose the difference is that Russians have had a lot longer to perfect their multifaceted, public vs. private personae. Secret police and imprisonment without charge have a history in Russian that goes back much farther than Lenin and Stalin–think closer to Ivan the Terrible and Catharine the Great. Americans have had only fifty years of living in an un-free country (1964, and the start of Johnson’s disastrous Great Society, and 1965, and the Hart-Celler Immigration Act). Americans simply don’t have the practice that the Russians have.

      • Zimriel

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s why this article was posted here.

  • ncpride

    Imagine if you grew up lying. Not a little bit, for convenience, but during every public moment of your life: at school, at work, at social events. You had to lie to survive, because the punishment for telling the truth was the loss of your academic or professional career, or even prison.

    Umm…aren’t we there already in America? They have some gall slamming Russia when in reality, much of the exact same thing is going on in America as we speak.

    • Reverend Bacon

      Yes, and they have a major role in it; they are Tass. Tremendous gall.

    • me

      The New York Slimes parodies itself. As if they ever cared for the truth! All the Slimes does is spew their cultural Marxism night and day. They’re WORSE than any propaganda machine in the old USSR!

    • SFLBIB

      That was the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes: you had to lie to keep your position.

  • Tarczan

    In the Soviet Union of the late 20th century the big lie was “We are living in a workers paradise”.
    In the United States in the beginning of the 21st century the big lie is “Diversity is our greatest strength”.

    • Anglokraut

      I hope that that is how future history texts will read, starting in first grade.

    • Paleoconn

      I see it as the modern ‘arbeit macht frei’ but yours is good too. Our PC society is just as bad, if not worse than the worst Stalinist censorship. Theo Dalrymple is right: PC isn’t about convincing victims to the truth of an idea. It was about humiliating them to collude to a fiction. And the more preposterous the fiction, the more humiliating.

      • LHathaway

        When the so obviously false is paraded out front, it does serve as a naked exercise in power, doesn’t it?

        • ghettovalley

          The Soviets would have loved to have the social monitoring and control mechanisms in place that we do today in the US. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao probably dreamed about it every night.

      • Rurik

        When you bend your knee to assent to the lie, you become complicit in your own serfdom. A junior partner of your jailer. That is reflected in Orwell’s test, when Winston Smith had to learn to love Big Brother.

    • Peter Connor

      Another Big Lie, “We are in a recovery.” And another, “We live in a democracy.”

      • Realist

        Another…The American Dream.

      • tetrapod

        Another … the inflation rate is 1.7%

      • throttler

        “Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any other president.”

        • adplatt126

          That’s probably true, technically speaking. But alas, we have far more illegals to deport.

      • Lt. Greyman, NVA

        “You didn’t build that.”

    • bilderbuster

      Karl Marx came up with the former and Abe Foxman and the ADL came up the latter.
      God blessed us with a race of professional Messiahs to save us from ourselves.

  • Oil Can Harry

    A perfect description of the p.c. West! James Watson can verify this.

    No wonder people are so happy at Amren conferences; they can be honest in public for a weekend.

    • bilderbuster

      David Duke was given grief when he didn’t stick to the script.

      • Zimriel

        If you’re referring to that infamous AmRen conference, I blame the organisers for inviting him in the first place. Any conference involving Duke – or, better, Kevin MacDonald – is going to become a forum on die Lösung. Maybe we need such a forum. Maybe AmRen should host one. But AmRen – or any similar organisation – should only do so in full knowledge of what they’re getting into.

        • bilderbuster

          Neither Dr.Duke or Professor MacDonald are newcomers to the White Civil Rights community and I myself am not pleased at the way he was treated.

        • JSS

          You mean amren might stop enjoying the huge ammount of mainstream success and respectability it currently enjoys if it associates with people who have sacrificed just as much for our cause as has Taylor? Name one chosenite that has spoken out in favor of Whites having the right to safe homogenous countries. With out them being invited.

        • ghettovalley

          I think that Duke is actually a pretty well spoken guy, and I enjoy his videos and articles quite a bit.

    • Rurik

      And why you will find me there next Spring, unless the roads are interdicted by Vibrancy.

  • Easyrhino

    Please, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The ultimate lie machine is the US Fed-Gov along with the controlled US MSM. Anyone who relies on the MSM for news is hopelessly naïve.

    I’d recommend you read Fred Reed’s most recent column on this very topic titled:
    “The News Racket”

    There’s a reason more and more newspaper and media websites are deleting their comments sections as the people are calling them on their BS/propoganda.

  • How is it any different here?

    And also, I don’t want to read these things in the very newspaper that is the central engine of fomenting and peddling media narratives.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      We don’t have gulags, yet…

      • Because we don’t need them. SJWs are the new gulags.

        • bilderbuster

          We need them to reeducate the SJWs.
          I’m a firm believer in their case that “Work Will Set You Free.”

        • Rurik

          What Solzhenitsyn called “The Big Prison beyond the walls”.

    • bilderbuster

      They intentionally insult their more intelligent readers.

  • Reynardine

    Lefties (and some conservatives) like to trumpet the Goebbels’ “if you say it long enough and loud enough, people will believe it” as being evidence that the Nazi propagandists were knowingly deceiving the German people. What they don’t understand is that Goebbels was describing England when he said that.

    Don’t think we don’t have the same damn propagandistic mess.

    • DonReynolds

      You miss the point.
      It does not mater what people actually believe.
      All that matters is what WE say they believe.
      And you cannot prove otherwise.
      So WE win…..sorta.

    • bilderbuster

      Hitler wrote that in “Mein Kampf” describing how the Jewish/Bolshevik press and propaganda works and now his words have been twisted to describe the German press under National Socialism.

      • Alexandra1973

        “Mein Kampf” was written by a Jesuit named Staempfle.

        • bilderbuster

          No. Mein Kampf was dictated by Adolf Hitler to Rudolf Hess who actually did the typing and editing in Spandau Prison where Hitler was serving time for his role in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch.

  • dmxinc

    Better than what passes for truth in our society today:

    All peoples are the same
    Our strength is in our Diversity
    Women can do everything men can
    Multiculturalism is wonderful
    Only Whites can be racist
    All cultures are equal
    Islam is a religion of peace
    We are a nation of immigrants

    • Reynardine

      You missed “black lives matter.” You RACIST. Always leaving out blacks.

    • DonReynolds

      Love your list of LIES. Reminds me of the stuff Jeb Bush talks about.

    • Paleoconn

      I’d add ‘we are a Judeo-Christian culture’.

    • Anna Tree

      Slavery, colonialism and poverty causes African dysfunction
      Human hybrid vigor
      Mixed children are the most beautiful
      Races don’t exist
      Race is a social construct
      Affirmative action is not racism
      Climate is changing
      Sex is a social construct
      Dalai Lama is a saint
      Circumcision protect from Stds
      Homosexuality is innate

      • dmxinc

        Nice additions. With a little more thought, the list of obvious lies foisted on us today would be many times as long as we have written here.

        • LHathaway

          America, imperialist power.
          Loaning money, exploitation.
          Not loaning money, exploitation.
          Giving money, not enough.
          Western medicine eradicates smallpox, becomes – western medicine eradicates others with small pox.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        I agree with you on most of those, except I never heard the one about circumcision. Also, I have to concede that homosexuality (like IQ) is largely innate.

        • Anna Tree

          I apologize, I meant to write homosexuality is genetic, not innate.

          I disagree with your comparison between homosexuality and IQ: while there is pinpointing to some genes variants for higher IQs (amren com/news/2014/09/smart-genes-prove-elusive), scientists are distancing themselves from the gay gene and are now implying hormones and epigenetics. And that’s a huge difference, as it could mean that it is a condition and could be fixed if wanted.

        • RebelliousTreecko

          I think the lie should be: same-sex practices and lifestyles are equal to opposite-sex practices.

          • LHathaway

            “same-sex practices and lifestyles are equal to opposite-sex practices”

            No. Same sex parenting is superior. That’s because this arrangement provides a greater diversity or role models. Now, some oddball might ask, how can two parents of the same gender provide a greater diversity of role models? But, only on AmRen, I suppose.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Circumcision does protect from STDs, Homosexuality is mostly genetic.

        • Anna Tree

          1) Circumcision protects from Stds the same way that cutting the eye lids protect from conjunctivitis.
          Are there more Stds in Europe where men are not circumcised than in the US or Canada where men are?

          The studies are not conclusive and quite contradictory. As long as science is not sure, why should parents mutilate their kids? The same way I wouldn’t do it for a religious belief, I wouldn’t do it for any beliefs. I follow reason and logic as much as I can.

          2) Genetic is like pregnancy: or it is genetic or it is not. It cannot be mostly. Please bring me the gay gene if it is. If none has been found so far, then again, the same way I don’t believe in paradise or crop circles, I can’t believe that homosexuality is genetic.

        • Mark Caplan

          If you google AIDS Africa and circumcision, you’ll find numerous studies that show that male circumcision reduces the rate of AIDS transmission among heterosexuals by 50% to 60%. It’s now an established fact. The medical reasons are also well understood.

          • Anna Tree

            Mark, it seems to me your comment is addressed to me. I apologize if it isn’t, here my answer:

            1) Please bring me your source, thank you. Besides the fact that you are talking about blacks and I would like to focus only on whites (behaviors and hygiene of both groups are different) this could be the Correlation proves causation fallacy: may be it’s a a faulty assumption to correlate the two variables to imply one causes the other: may be the fact that most/many circumcised blacks are muslims could make them as a whole less likely to be gay, using drugs, going to prostitutes or cheating: not only they may have more safe partners as in more than a wife or sess slave, but the fear of being shamed or stoned to death and all in between, could be a powerful deterrent.

            Similarly when white circumcised Americans and Hispanic non-circumcised Americans HIV rates are compared: again I think Hispanic are just more promiscuous, less careful with condoms and less bias and may not say the whole truth during the tests etc.

            I presume that to save 300’000 people in the US from appendicitis surgeries and worse, we could cut the appendix from babies too. And force all kind of shots and vaccines on everybody. Is it how you think medicine should work?

            Here is my question: why the HIV rates are quite similar between white non-circumcised Americans and white circumcised Europeans?

            2) If circumcision is the white thing to do (you will have to explain to me why is it a white thing and why you’re not doing a ad populum), then why whites didn’t do it for millennia and whites are still not doing it in Europe and are doing it in North America only with it seems to me a push from certain doctors? Again too much money is at stake, to be sure there is not more going here than just the health concerns.

          • Mark Caplan

            You can’t always explain entrenched customs and traditions, like why hot dogs on the Fourth of July and not, say, rotisserie chicken? Why do women and usually not men pierce their ears? Customs and traditions don’t always have rational explanations or known origins. Circumcision somehow has become customary among American whites, so that has become the norm and the natural look to many American white women looks primitive or heathenish. In one survey, only 3% of women preferred the natural look.

          • Anna Tree

            I don’t mind to rephrase:
            Circumcision protects whites from Stds
            whites” is the key here. Why should we mutilate our white sons because
            in some allegedly random controlled trials in Africans, circumcision
            works for them? Where are the trials for white guys? The same way I
            wouldn’t accept the findings of diabetes prevention for
            blacks, to match the needs of white men, or findings in education or law enforcement etc, I wouldn’t accept
            the findings about circumcision for blacks, to match white folks.

          • Mark Caplan

            For white American males, circumcision has become an entrenched custom, like hot dogs and fireworks on the Fourth of July, or women “mutilating” — piercing — their earlobes. The slight health benefits are of tertiary importance. White Europeans largely forgo the practice.

      • DaveMed

        Circumcision results in fewer infantile UTIs and slightly lower rates of penile cancer.

        *Not sarcasm. This is actually true.

        • Anna Tree

          Please read my answer to WhiteTrashGang.

          For every study showing such results, I can point to another study showing contradicting results. Because studies only show correlations when they don’t actually find a clear reason. If you can’t find out why then it might not be true, and you can’t say that it is true until you are sure of the proof. Meanwhile I should’t mutilate my child and I should go with the Occam’s Razor:

          Bias, monogamy and condoms prevent Stds, not circumcision.

          Play safe 🙂

  • “Fake elections”

    I’m glad we don’t have any of those. I’m glad we’re not in a situation to where we vote one way then barely a month later get actual public policies that are the total opposite.

  • MekongDelta69

    The New York Slimes” asks readers to imagine a society where you must lie at every turn.”

    *waves wildly* “Ooh, ooh, Mr. Kot-ter, Mr. Kot-ter. I can answer that.”
    *weary look* “Ok Horshack. Go ahead.”
    *shouts* “That would be in our own totalitarian, Marxist administration.”
    *shocked* “A+

  • Yves Vannes

    You could change the word “Russian” for “New Yorker” and instead of hiding contempt for communism you could express a honest and open love for communism and you’d perfectly capture the upper East Side of New York.

  • DonReynolds

    I see the Russians have the same problem we do……er uh….sorta….I mean…..maybe….I think…..if you say so. But I am sure I really do not know. (cough)
    My…..look at the time…..I am late already. Talk to you later.

  • libertarian1234

    “Imagine if you grew up lying. Not a little bit, for convenience, but during every public moment of your life: at school, at work, at social events. You had to lie to survive, because the punishment for telling the truth was the loss of your academic or professional career, or even prison.”

    You mean a scenario EXACTLY as it is now in this country regarding PC?

    Like the Scientist Tom Watson who told the truth about black intelligence and was bullied, intimidated, ostracized and hated by those who are in in control of the lying apparatus that controls the thought nowadays?

    This is a country of universal deceit where telling the truth is a revolutionary act, just as Orwell depicted his Oceania to be.

    Demonizing Russia seems to be just one more lying act the NYT and their minions can include in their broad based deceit, probably because they see the nation as mostly rejecting their PC agenda.

    It’s quite humorous to read a story from the NYT that mentions lying, deceit, and the promotion of both, since it is the basis of their entire existence.

    • lyovmyshkin

      The most pernicious thing about our cultures unassailable maxims is that we actually think they are real and based in truth. At least the Russian’s got to the point where they realized that it was all a colossal fraud.

      Our societies are so high trust and our institutions taken so much for granted that we cannot yet believe the whole thing is the greatest of lies.

      Maybe vodka makes you cynical but whatever those Russian’s are drinking, pass it round.

  • LHathaway

    Those blacks and others who are disregarding us or even tormenting us are victims.

    • David Ashton

      “The victims have become the totems” (Oswald Mosley).

  • Mahound

    Didn’t Lenin teach “Accuse others of what you are doing”?

  • TruthBeTold

    Imagine if you grew up lying. Not a little bit, for convenience, but
    during every public moment of your life: at school, at work, at social
    events. You had to lie to survive, because the punishment for telling
    the truth was the loss of your academic or professional career, or even

    That’s how I live every time I walk out the door.

  • stedman holder

    Just like asking a liberal about life.

  • Epiminondas

    The queers at the NYTimes really have it in for the Russians these days, don’t they?

    • MannyR

      I have liberal friends and they literally want to go to war with Russia. They started their hate fest around the time Putin let the gays known they’re BS wasn’t going to fly in Russia and when Snowden blew the cover off the NSA spying fiasco.

  • JohnEngelman

    Years ago I read an article by Charles Murray in which he said that in the United States there is a great difference between the public discussion on race and the private discussion. In public whites say that there are few racial problems in the United States. These few are the result of white racism. White racism is fading.

    He went on to say that in private whites are willing to express a lot of anger and hostility toward blacks, as long as they know their expressions will be kept private.

    In public whites claim that racial integration is a good thing. In private we avoid the presence of blacks if we are able to. If possible we avoid sending out children to integrated schools, unless the black population in those schools is very small.

  • JohnEngelman

    The internet is a great medium for the spread of facts and ideas. The anonymity of the internet makes it possible for people to say things that would get them fired if their identities were known. On racial matters a large number of the comments resemble comments one finds right here on American Renaissance.

    The website for Nation magazine blocked my comments after I submitted one arguing that it is hypocritical for liberals to complain about the persistence of de facto school integration when few white liberals send their children to public schools with large black populations.

    This is irritating. Nevertheless, Nation usually does not accept any comments on articles about racial issues. The articles on Tim Wise’ website are invariably followed by “Comments are closed.”

    When comments are not closed one can see that what is termed “white racism” never went away. It went underground. Nevertheless, it is still there, and waiting to be exploited politically. This is because in the two generations since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed blacks have not lived up to their side of the agreement. To the contrary, they have substantiated arguments presented against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it was debated.

    • Epiminondas

      I well remember the arguments those Southern senators made. They were quiet, well-reasoned arguments which the press totally trashed and ridiculed. Senator Richard Russell of Georgia warned that American cities would go up in flames as a result of Civil Rights laws. It didn’t take long for that to happen.

      • JohnEngelman

        The segregationists had better arguments. Those arguments were undercut by segregationist violence against civil rights demonstrators.

        If segregationists had responded to the civil rights demonstrators with calm forbearance, the history of the past two generations might be different, and our future might be better.

        Moreover, the segregationists needed a leader with broader appeal than George Wallace. Despite what we now know about Martin Luther King’s private life, he was sucessful in publically projecting the image of a humble man of God who was too good of a Christian to hate his enemies.

        • The people with the megaphone ignored all the rational arguments and calm forbearance of Southern segregationist politicians to loop two video clips over and over again showing German Shepherds and fire hoses.

          • JohnEngelman

            It is pointless to complain about the tactics one’s opponent uses. One should recognize the situation, and behave appropriately. What matters is what is effective under the circumstances.

            Martin Luther King succeeded partially through his oratory, and partially because he was able to bring out the worst in his enemies. He was a leader of genius. More than anyone else, he made the 1960’s what they were. It would have been a different decade without him.

            In the United States using domestic violence to achieve political goals has never been effective. The civil rights movement only began to lose effectiveness when the black ghetto riots began.

          • Which means we have to be perfect, because we don’t own the megaphone. Okay, human beings among us, go out there and be perfect.

            You are right in one regard: The victim angle has a high MPG rating. I wish our side would come up with some good victim hustle.

          • JohnEngelman

            Turning fire hoses on people who were trying to vote falls far short of perfection. So does trying to burn freedom riders to death.

          • curri

            I don’t think it’s a secret that Southern whites tend to be more violent than whites from most other parts of the US. Check out Sailer’s blog for the statistics. It’s likely not a coincidence that the South was the most pro-war part of the US both in 1917 and 1940-41. Lindbergh spoke to massive crowds in Chicago and NYC-but the South didn’t even have one chapter of the America First Committee.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am glad Southern whites opposed Hitler and his Nazis.

          • bilderbuster

            Color me surprised.

          • LHathaway

            How to explain the political success of the LA riots?

          • JohnEngelman

            What success?

          • LHathaway

            President Clinton.

          • JohnEngelman

            George H.W. Bush was president at the time. If a Democrat had been president the Rodney King Riots would have helped a Republican presidential candidate in 1992.

          • LHathaway

            TY, that is actually my point. The LA riots pushed a different president into power. This is opposite your contention that riots or black riots turn the country right. Maybe this time, whites as a group are truly sick of it. I doubt it, though. Most of them don’t read AmRen. There’s no end to the sympathy they are willing to show toward black male ‘victims’. There’s no limit to their fear of them, either. There’s no limit to how far leftist will go wielding that fear even for themselves, as a club.

          • JohnEngelman

            In 1992 Clinton did not win a majority of the vote. If Ross Perot had not run, Bush probably would have won. He lost because of the bad economy.

            Ironically, the best year of my life by many criterion was 1992. I still voted for Bill.

          • LHathaway

            I could never vote for Bill if even if I were starving and he held a pork chop around his neck. I voted for Obama the first time. I don’t know What I will do in 2016. Can one be thrown out of the polls for being too drunk to vote?

          • JohnEngelman

            I have always liked Bill. It is partly visceral. I like what I see on television.

            Unless Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt rise from the dead, I will vote for a Democrat in 2016, I will vote Green, or I will not vote.

            What I really want is the Second Coming of Franklin Roosevelt.

          • LHathaway

            As far as the violence against men act that I mentioned. . .I can appreciate your loyalty, but don’t count on the demo. . .s promoting it.

          • JohnEngelman

            I dislike the trend the Democrats took during the 1970’s.

            I dislike the trend the Republicans took during the 1920’s.

          • LHathaway

            Prohibition is back, baby.

          • throttler

            How could anyone with any sense vote for Obama?

          • LHathaway

            The record was 43 and 1. I guess I shirked my awesome responsibility by thinking this meant something, and not basing my vote on policy. I may have been overconfident. I didn’t realize that having a black man as president would loom over all white men, all white children, like an albatross or a heavy anchor for all eternity. Even I can be over confident (something I preach against so much in regards to race). Heck, we may lose the whole state of Illinois now (even more) not just the city of Chicago. My vote reduced our future territory by thousands of square miles, and we aren’t left with much but mountains to begin with. On the other hand, that Mike Royko is a liar.
            Obama has gone crazy in the socially liberal direction. So far off the deep end, he’s likely helping us. If so, thank God.

          • Proving my point. We get mad at this or that racial or crypto racial situation, and what do we do? We really stick it to the system by going out there and voting Republican.


          • JohnEngelman

            Those who vote Republican vote for a system that skews things more in favor of the well to do. They do not get much of anything else.

            I remember a cartoon I saw during the campaign of 1968. A man is waxing his car. It begins to rain. He says, “That does it. I’m voting for Wallace.”

        • Epiminondas

          You may be right, but the media had an agenda and that agenda was not going to be brooked by the opposition, no matter what. This was also the era in which the media came into its own. They began to created their own reality to go with their agenda. King’s debauchery was known, but never allowed into the mass media dialogue. And Wallace was shot at the height of his popularity.

      • withcaution

        “…American cities would go up in flames …”
        More like they rotted away from stupidity, laziness, corruption and generalized criminality.

  • WR_the_realist

    Leftist Ideology: There is no truth. White leftists pretend to love blacks. But live in lily white neighborhoods, as do Morris Dees and Tim Wise. They want fewer white people in the companies where they work — but don’t want to give up their own jobs. They belittle Christian fundamentalists who don’t believe in evolution, but insist the human brain stopped evolving 100,000 years ago. They insist IQ is racist nonsense with no real world meaning but then demand that black murderers not get the death penalty if their IQ is low. They despise racial discrimination but demand that universities and businesses discriminate against whites.

    • Yves Vannes

      You’ve just perfectly described Marin County.

    • ghettovalley

      Well said. Somebody get this man a bullhorn.

  • Brady

    Russia doesn’t have an ideology. That’s the great thing about that country.

  • superlloyd

    Sounds like living in the PC West where calling a spade a spade is a criminal act.

  • Peter Connor

    Way better than here, where we have to worship SJWs to work in the media.

  • Evette Coutier

    Replace Russia with the United States and Putin with Obama and you have modern day America.

    • newscomments70

      “Replace Putin with Obama”…many of us wish that were so.

  • David Feeney

    ‘There is no truth.’ Isn’t that the Time’s ideology? Or is it, ‘The only truth is the one we tell you?’

    • LHathaway

      How about, ‘The truth will set you free’?

  • Brutus

    Putin is about the best leader in any Western country.

  • Mary

    This is exactly what my grandmother told me. She worked in downtown Birmingham during this time and saw some things first hand, as well as obtaining info from others in the locale. The media never showed any violent or provocative behavior on the side of the civil rights protesters, which definitely existed. Only images that served the agenda were broadcast.

    • Roninf9

      If only we had the Internet back then.

  • DennisDale

    Downright eerie. Lying to protect “academic or professional career”? Lying “during every public moment of your life: at school, at work, at social events”? “Multiple” identities?
    This guy has no idea of the irony too, apparently.
    Yo, Ivan, meet the New Boss.

  • Mark Caplan

    Luis: “Christians should NOT be bound by the Ten Commandments.”

    Which commandments specifically should Christians NOT be bound by? Murder? Adultery? Theft? Falsely incriminating your neighbor?
    Should a Christian dishonor his mother and father or worship idols?

    It was once CHRISTIAN to refrain from commerce on Sunday and to punish blasphemers (taking the Lord’s name in vain), but those prohibitions have loosened up in the West since the ’60s.

  • Dick Hatewell

    …sounds awful. Luckily we don’t anything like that here in the US, where diversity is our strength and women and minorities can perform at a high level if they can just get a little help….unreal.

  • Francis Miville

    In Russia they have always loved lies as such, it was even worse before the advent of Marxism : the Russian brand of Orthodox religion plainly states that physical reality is evil and can only be vanquished with orthodox fiction, and also, that maintaining a lie will end up making it true, provided the lie is orthodox. Russian plainly know they live in virtual realities, they maintain them as kind of creative visualisation exercise not unlike those of Shakti Gawain, and enjoy the less virtual, more physical ones in private in the same rascal-like way one enjoys pornography or debauchery. Among the age-old symbols of Russian philosophy are the Matriochkas, the interlocking dolls meaning that by debunking a layer of fabrication all you will discover is another such layer, up to infinity, and the Potemkin villages, after the minister who had theatre decors built in the newly conquered lands to prove that those territories had always been Russian. America in much worse : people believe in the media reality as the only one and would reject the data of their own senses as a delusion. America became so thanks to two parallel events : the NASA moon landing stage show, which enabled America win the cold war on the field of propaganda alone, and the cult of MLK as a saint and as a proof that races don’t exist, which enabled America to win over many third world nations from USSR. The latter actually won under a defeat’s disguise. America is done for because all true Americans now believe in realization of dreams through creative visualization of orthodox (“positive”) thoughts as far more important than science, and also that whereas the physical world is an illusion and not even a good one, a hefty bank account is not.