Radio 4’s John Humphrys Admits BBC Ignored Mass Immigration Fearing It Would Be Branded Racist

Alasdair Glennie, Daily Mail, December 14, 2014

One of the BBC’s top presenters has admitted that the corporation ignored mass immigration because it feared critics would say it was racist.

Radio 4’s Today interviewer John Humphrys accused his employer of being ‘soft’, ‘complacent’ and ‘institutionally nervous’ when it came to tackling the story or questioning multiculturalism.

And he said that BBC employees are unable to understand the concerns of ordinary people because they typically lead ‘sheltered’ middle-class lives and are overwhelmingly ‘liberal Oxbridge males’.

The criticism, which is the latest in a string of admissions of Left-wing bias by senior BBC figures, comes weeks after the Government accused the Today programme of misrepresenting its spending cuts.

George Osborne hit out at a one of its reports, which said his reforms were ‘utterly terrifying’. The Chancellor said the BBC coverage was ‘nonsense’ and had been ‘hyperbolic’.

Now Humphrys, 71, has told the Sunday Times Magazine that the corporation is facing an ‘existential crisis greater than it’s ever been’ because ‘people, serious, thoughtful people, talk seriously and thoughtfully about the future of the BBC in a way that they haven’t before’.

The veteran presenter admitted that the last Labour government’s controversial immigration policy was not sufficiently ‘interrogated’ by the BBC, saying: ‘The Labour government underestimated by a factor of ten the number of people who were going to move from Poland.’

He said the BBC was ‘frightened of appearing racist’, adding: ‘We were too institutionally nervous of saying, isn’t immigration getting a little bit out of hand? And can we be critical of multiculturalism?

‘We didn’t interrogate immigration rigorously enough. We failed to look at what our job was.’

Humphrys claimed he was partly responsible for the BBC’s ‘complacent’ approach towards immigration, because he failed to challenge Labour’s decision to allow migrants from Poland and Hungary to work in Britain from 2004, and the flawed prediction that only 13,000 would arrive.

After more than a million Eastern European immigrants moved to the UK, senior Labour figures eventually admitted the policy had been a huge mistake.

Humphrys said: ‘I do remember, vaguely, interviews with ministers at the time and saying, “Are you sure that’s all there’ll be?” And when they said “yeah”, accepting it.’

The star went on to say that too many BBC staff were ‘arrogant’ and thought they knew ‘what was best for the country’. He added: ‘It was and still is relentlessly middle class. Unfortunately. There was a predominant voice–the liberal Oxbridge male.’

Tory MP Conor Burns, who sits on the Commons culture, media and sport committee, said: ‘This is a refreshing outbreak of candour, honesty and rare insight from one of the big beasts of the BBC. Their bias has gone unchallenged for too long.’

Humphrys is not the first senior BBC figure to criticise the corporation’s failure to challenge Left-wing assumptions.

This year former Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman accused the BBC of being ‘smug’. He has also said its coverage of climate change ‘abandoned the pretence of impartiality long ago’.

Last year the BBC’s former head of TV news, Roger Mosey, criticised the corporation for shutting out critics of the European Union, saying: ‘On the BBC’s own admission, it did not give enough space to anti-immigration views or EU-withdrawalists.’

And another senior executive, current radio chief Helen Boaden, claimed the BBC had a ‘deep liberal bias’ when she became head of news in 2004.

A BBC spokesman said: ‘John Humphrys was merely echoing other senior BBC figures who have acknowledged that we were slow to reflect changing opinions on immigration. This was a historical issue and we now believe our reporting is in the right place and we cover this complex issue in depth.’

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  • Wrong. The BBC ignored it because they didn’t want the BNP to win an election.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Yeah, I don’t buy it. They weren’t frightened of appearing racist, because almost all of the accusations of “racism” would come from within the BBC itself. Limiting the terms of debate is the Beeb’s raison d’être.

      • WR_the_realist

        Limiting the terms of debate is the raison d’être of all of the major U.S. media as well.

  • anony

    We all need to stop being afraid of being called “racist”.

    I, for one, relish being called “racist”. I simply ask the assailant to define it. They are unable to.

    • DaveMed

      That is precisely my tactic. The last time I used it, the other party said that “racism” is subjective, and thus cannot be defined. He then went on to accuse me of deflecting by asking for a definition.

      It was apparent to all that his position was the intellectually inferior one.

      Two other approaches that I use:

      1) Always put “racist” in quotation marks.

      2) Overuse it. Sarcastically, but with good humor. Get people used to the fact that the term is completely meaningless, and basically a self-parody.

      • anony

        The fact is that everyone “cares” more about their own race than other races; it is as natural as caring about your kin than those who are not your kin.

        Those who deny that fact are lying.

      • propagandaoftruth

        I like to ask what a “racist” is and then ask other questions until the logic and power of my Socratic methodology brings enlightenment..or not…

    • archer

      Fear of being called racist is just an excuse, there is an agenda and that is to flood all the western countries with third worlders, that is the plan and they are going about it unimpeded.

  • IstvanIN

    We shall go to our graves uselessly being non-racist.

    • See The Future

      Beheaded, stoned, shot in the back of the head, mutilated, tortured are key words which result from failing to be racist.
      If you prefer to go your grave peacefully in your sleep……..racist is the only prerequisite.

      • Sick of it

        Blacks seem to enjoy burning whites alive at the moment. It’s the latest trend.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Closing the barn door after the horse ran off.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus


    “I began (reporting) in 1956 and never have I seen a more badly covered subject, and there is no question it is a political correctness issue. I find that offensive as a reporter.”


    “This is not just a victimless crime as people like to portray illegal immigration . . . But to tell that story would run headlong into community groups in that arena and a general reluctance to take on a controversial story.”


    “They found many stories that show the immigrant as the victim: the dangers they face in crossing the desert, exploitive workplaces where they toil, and articles about anti-immigrant efforts. Both Barlett and Steele said those were all legitimate stories. But they argue the other side of the story should be told as well.”


    “Almost nobody has written a story like we have written. What people write about are the hardships.”

    SOURCE: “Opening the Door to Better Immigration Stories: A Pulitzer winning team talks about how to go beyond political correctness,” Poynteronline, Oct. 12, 2004

    • TruthBeTold

      We used to have an editor at the Buffalo News. Her name is Margaret Sullivan. She almost destroyed the Buffalo News with her anti-hate, anti-racist purge of commenters. I was ultimately banned.

      Her reward? She’s now an editor at the New York Times.

      While at the Buffalo News she wrote an editorial that had this line, ‘the purpose of a newspaper is to give voice to the voiceless and power to the powerless.’

      Get that? Not to report objective facts so we can make up our own minds but to push the agenda of the ‘powerless’.

      • me

        The ‘agenda’ of the POWERFUL. This is nauseating, all of this anti-White garbage. And the usual suspects are behind it.

  • See The Future

    Public funding of the BBC should cease.

    Let the existence of the BBC depend on subscribers that wish to pay.

    • David Ashton

      The BBC, where Orwell first got his idea for “1984”, and TV generally is divided into two parts, like the Inner Party Newspeak and the Prolefeed, i.e. politically correct propaganda for the intellectuals, and “sex, violence, pop music, fashion and smut” for the masses. The latter will be driven by the advertisers who are already well into making themselves “rich” from “vibrant diversity”.

  • JohnEngelman

    One of the BBC’s top presenters has admitted that the corporation ignored mass immigration because it feared critics would say it was racist.

    – Alasdair Glennie, Daily Mail, December 14, 2014

    BBC should be afraid critics would say it was imposing a news blackout for news that would be critical of mass immigration.

  • JohnEngelman

    When I am called a racist I ask, “What did I say that is not true?”

    When they say that I agree with Charles Murray, who has been “decisively refuted”

    I ask “How has he been refuted?”

    At this point they can do nothing but yell insults at me.

    • David Ashton

      You are dealing with the equivalent of religious maniacs.

      • JohnEngelman

        People do not become angry when beliefs they are sure are right are questioned, but when beliefs they want to believe in but fear are wrong are questioned.

        • me

          Not really. For instance, my rights and the rights of my people clash with those who advocate for White genocide. That makes me furious, but I’m 100% sure of my being right and righteous in this belief.

    • willbest

      You have to bring a religion to a religious debate

  • Frank_DeScushin

    I call BS on the BBC “ignoring” mass immigration out of fear of being called racist. The BBC, along with Labour, championed mass immigration and intentionally suppressed negative information and articles about immigration in order to achieve the goal of fundamentally transforming Britain.

    • David Ashton

      Correct: that was its goal. The anti-racist organizations I and others infiltrated called their activities “agenda networking”, with the media as one major target for propaganda and recruitment. Another term would be “conspiracy”. “It was no accident,” as old Trotsky used to say.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      Very good point, 5th column-ists without a doubt.

      Seems the leftists upper-crust are having second thoughts on all the multiculturalism they imported.

    • TruthBeTold

      Could be but the question is always why?

      Why is massive non-western immigration being pushed by the left and the right?

      Money? Power? Control? Slave labor? Genocide?

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        The right supports it mostly for monetary reasons. They know that mass immigration of any kind has the effect of lowering wages, which increases the flow of money from labor to capital. They also know that if they advocate non-Western immigration specifically, they can exploit the left’s ideological obsession with it and get their lowering of wages without a fight.

        The left supports it for quasi-religious reasons. For them, equality is the highest, most perfect possible goal to achieve in all facets of life. To use a religious analogy, to them “equality” is God.

        Unfortunately, the real world tends to produce unequal outcomes. This leads to great emotional pain for liberals, which causes them to have a seething resentment of groups that tend to be more successful (whites) and a fawning, lovesick adoration of groups that tend to be less successful (blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, etc).

        From here, it is easy to see why mass immigration would be one of their most fervently supported goals. It has the effect of redistributing “racist” white tax dollars to “poor, oppressed” minorities, which improves the lives of the minorities while lowering the quality of life for the whites. This, to liberals, brings about a greater level of equality and should thus be pursued above almost anything else.

  • TruthBeTold

    Why do they keep focusing on the Poles? The Poles aren’t the ones blowing up buses and beheading people?

    *Not that I want the UK flooded with Poles or any other group in large numbers.

    • Urbane Neanderthal


      • David Ashton

        Most of the Poles are fine people, as they have always been here since the war, after which the British Communists demanded their deportation. However, there are today too many criminals among them and other “east Europeans” who end up in our own jails at our own taxpayers’ expense. The Politicians not the Poles are to blame.

    • MathMan

      They focus on the Poles because they don’t want to mention the real issue: several million unskilled, illiterate Africans and Pakistanis. Mostly living on welfare and murdering and raping daily.

      • Sick of it

        Don’t forget the gypsies. The British aren’t.

    • Anna Tree

      They still fear to be branded racists, even after acknowledging they destroyed England because they feared to be called racists! It would be funny if it wasn’t sad.
      So they talk about the Poles and other Europeans, who indeed like you wrote, should also stay in their own country or be accepted in a one on one basis if needed…

      One step at a time: they agree they are sick but still can’t say the name of the disease, non-white immigration (like a child afraid that the boogie man will get angry to be called.) Hopefully soon they will take the drug and do the operation to fight it (stop and send back all immigrants; restore the definition of England and its people; find their pride in their country and ancestors again; say never again etc).

  • David Ashton

    BBC leftism was first documented in the 1960s by Julie Gooding, and I kept a detailed running file on the subject – programs, personnel, the lot – until my dozen large boxes of documents were ruined by severe flood in a lock-up several years ago. Few people, however, were interested in taking up the issue. Today there are some notable exceptions like Ed West. But there can be no doubt about the main charge, especially where “race” and “gender” are concerned. The BBC is “hideously [anti-] white”.

    • LHathaway

      Reconstruct those records, if you can. Please, have someone take up custody of them if you are no longer able to.

      • David Ashton

        Sadly no longer possible. The destruction of most of them was too far gone, though I have continued with some cuttings &c since then.

        However, I have more than enough related material on infiltration and other evils, much of which I hope to put into two books before I am unable to do so: “Lies & Legends of the Left” and “The Murder of England”.

        • Anna Tree

          Thanks David. I wish you to succeed in writing those books. I hope to read some of your text as articles in Amren meanwhile.

          • David Ashton

            Thank you.


          Just as Anna has said, I too hope you succeed in writing those books. “The Murder Of England” No truer title of a book on the destructive force that is liberalism in Britain could be found! Perfect!

          • David Ashton

            Thank you too. The Afro-Asian immigration + state-compulsory “equality & diversity” = the final blow, or so intended. The “problems” go back almost exactly 100 years, from zenith to zero so to speak. “We know now that when the final spark goes out of great nations and of great empires, it is the end, not for a little but for all time”… “But sometimes Fate gives the English a second chance” (Oswald Mosley).


            “But sometimes Fate gives the English a second chance” – Well lets hope so David, lets hope so.

        • LHathaway

          Please keep a separate text with just the facts. The human species has a long tradition of oral history. I’m sure you can remember much of the material that was destroyed.

          • David Ashton

            Re TV: It was the detailed documentation, hundreds of dated pages from “Radio Times”, “The Listener”, newspaper reports and comment, a handful of books or pamphlets on the subject, quotations from senior people at the BBC like Hugh Greene, stories of banned plays and interviews, plus material from Mary Whitehouse, the Conservative Party and the National Front/BNP, slanted or false information about southern Africa, the Vietnam war and of course immigration and ethnic unrest here. However, no good crying over spilled milk.

            One item on a related subject also went: a broadcast by Harold Wilson about his arrest in Moscow on the pretext of an illegal street purchase – which made a good cover for debriefing as the Soviet asset codenamed “Olding”. The only British Prime Minister to spend time closeted with Molotov in the Kremlin and also with the security service in (presumably) the Lubyanka KGB HQ.

          • LHathaway

            There are some names and facts.

          • David Ashton

            The latest news just in: “Completely unfounded allegations of murder and torture were made against [British] soldiers serving in Iraq…given added credibility by a BBC Panorama programme” (Daily Telegraph, December 18).

    • MathMan

      Greg Dyke, a former chairman of the BBC, described the organisation as, ‘Hideously White.’ How’s that for a piece of treason?

      • David Ashton

        “Diversity” is an increasing demand in terms of faces on screen, plots and commentary. Not a matter of fairness towards individuals “of color” but preparing for the day when our two countries have the white Anglos literally in the minority?

  • LeonNJ

    The media and political goons always tell the truth…after they retire. Pathetic.

  • Reynardine

    Racism is the Greatest God of the 21st Century. We bow our heads in silent reverence to him. We dare not mention his name, or provoke his wrath. Always must we meditate on him and repeat the mantra: “everyone is equal, everyone is equal…”

  • IKUredux

    Wouldn’t it be magnificent if we could declare a White Pride Day? Or, perhaps, a White Appreciation Month? Or, why don’t we burn this bitch down.

    • LHathaway

      Why Don’t we have a white pride month and a white appreciation year? If Africans in Africa can be race obsessed (let alone at every institution and place in the West where they are the majority), why can’t we in our own nations?

      • David Ashton

        “Our own” – oh, the Self is Other….!

    • David Ashton

      A White Heterosexual Appreciation Month – WHAM! (No offense, Raimondo, O’Meara &c). And a T-Shirt too?

    • Carney3

      We shouldn’t have to. Those things are always inherently pathetic, the cry of those who are deservedly ignored and marginalized. We don’t want to join them.

  • LHathaway

    So, whites are being replaced. In the terms of Enoch Powell, not quite yet, but eventually whites could cease to exist in the UK. And the response to this issue is to say that it is Whites who are racist? This is some kind of racism against whites. When u, your race, no longer exist at all, that’s pretty racist.

    • me

      Genocide for Whites is the hue and cry of all of these monsters. Why should we care about being called ‘racist’ when we confront these evil freaks?!

  • drr6

    The groupthink media of the US and UK are insufferable twats. They lecture us to disbelieve what we see with our own eyes.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Most appear to be virtually castrated by a system designed by moral harridens.

    Let’s see what bubbles up from the wreck of the White British working class, however. The Romans understood how the concept of “new man” works.

  • Yves Vannes

    What can you expect from a nation where grown men gather round a May Pole on Sundays and flutter about like little girls. When men in a society lose their protective paternal instinct to protect the young from predatory outsiders it is a country not dying but dead.

    • Carney3

      The Brits conquered the world while observing traditions like dancing around the may pole. Completely irrelevant to the issue of modern-day PC and the grooming gangs.

      • Yves Vannes

        Relax, just having a little fun.


    “One of the BBC’s top presenters has admitted that the corporation ignored mass immigration because it feared critics would say it was racist.” – WHAT? THEY WERE AND ARE THE CRITICS WHO WERE AND STILL ARE CALLING EVERYONE RACIST!

  • Paleoconn

    It always bothers me when in the process of discussing Britain’s immigration problem, they focus on east European immigrants. As if the Poles and Russians are the problem, not the Somalis and Pakistanis and Jamaicans.

    • Carney3

      One step at a time. The story above is about how you couldn’t even complain about the Eastern Europeans before, at least not on the air.


    John Humphrys is the British equivalent of Bill O’Reilly. He is known as a straight talker, a master of the hardball interview, with no regard for political correctness. In truth, of course, like O’Reilly and every other mainstream commentator, he is in thrall to the orthodoxy of the age. A few years ago, on Mastermind, he interviewed an actor – a negro – who was about to play Friar Tuck. Humphrys expressed his surprise that the negro should be cast in such a role. ‘I mean, you’re not fat,’ he said. ‘You’re not short. You’re not ugly. You’re not bald.’ And the whole of England screamed, ‘And that’s not all you’re not!’ That day Humphrys lost all credibility, yet he continues to prosper.

  • David Ashton

    Worse still, if ANYONE claims that any statement is “racist”, the police are obliged to investigate.

  • David Ashton

    Here is a female comment, Daily Mail, December 20: “The director of BBC news, James Harding, says its coverage panders to rich, white, old dreads to imagine Harding’s plans for the future….”

    Harding was the Jewish editor of Murdoch’s “The Times” and sent to join Danny Cohen in the administration of “MiniTrue”, leaving the degraded pro-immigration, daily Holocaust story, raw-sex advisory and celebrity-conscious tabloid in the hands of David Aaronovitch (left), Danny Finkelstein (right) and Oliver Kamm (center), currently waging a propaganda war against Farage and Putin.