Protester Beaten by Vandals: ‘This Harms Movements’

SFGate, December 10, 2014

A powerful video posted to YouTube shows a bloodied man in the moments after he had two teeth knocked out by masked vandals late Tuesday in Oakland during a protest against police brutality that ranged from Berkeley to Oakland to Emeryville. (Warning: profane language.)

The video, posted by former Chronicle reporter Justin Berton, shows the aftermath of the unidentified man’s efforts to stop people from lighting a dumpster on fire. At a number of recent protests, some demonstrators have sought to stop others from turning peaceful rallies into stages for window-smashing, graffiti, looting and violence. Sometimes they chant “Peaceful protest,” and in some cases they actually try to step in, which can be dangerous.


UPDATE: Another video, posted to LiveLeak, shows the actual attack on the victim as he tries to stop the burning of the dumpster and is surrounded by people berating him and telling him he is “acting like police” at an anti-police protest. (Warning: graphic violence and profane language.) [Editor’s Note: The attacks start around the 2:30 mark.]


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  • I fail to see how this harms their movement. The more violent they get, the more politicians will pander to them. Sure, it will make us mad, but what can we do about it? Vote Republican? Hardy har har.

    • propagandaoftruth

      If you are White you have no business being out there. That shrill bike riding harpy was especially disgusting.

      Learn a lesson White boy.

      • pcmustgo

        At first I though she was asian or mexican but she is white. Most likely a lesbian anarchist. Lol, extremists out there.

        • Friedrich Fleischer

          I used to run amongst these people. They have essentially no identity that I could find and actually used to envision that as the particularly enlightened way and a path towards an almost transcendent state. Really, most of them had fractured families, friends in trouble, were abandoned by the larger schooling system and society in general in their eyes. In many ways I feel as if our own lack of a community plays one of the largest and tragic roles in these people’s lives.

          • Some of them probably are looking for emotional fulfillment. The same urge causes others to join millenarist cults. They nearly always believe they are part of some “vanguard army” that will usher in a new society.

          • Lt. Greyman, NVA

            like 1776 or 1861?

          • Probably more like 1975 in Cambodia, after the Khmer Rouge took over and immediately proceeded to make Lon Nol look like the best ruler in the world. The Occutards just don’t know it yet.

            None of them appear to understand the adage, “Any government that is big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.”
            –Thomas Jefferson

      • Anna Tree

        Actually I was kind of happy, relatively, that so many whites took his side against her.

        I know I may sound too optimist and I don’t say to forgive them, but those whites are just misguided, obviously if they are there, but will know with whom to stand when they won’t be able to lie to themselves anymore because they will see with their own eyes what’s going on or will feel it on their own flesh. Hopefully it won’t be too late by then.

        That woman should be arrested for inciting hatred and violence, she was the one telling the masked guys what that poor guy did, and a criminal act was done because of her.
        Of course the masked guys won’t get arrested and they may be blacks and it is a white, that woman, who will get blamed, but I am not sorry for her: she is not a simple pawn, a suicidal pro-diversity white like the others were, but an obvious criminal anti-white.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Oh they think they’re in some angsty historical morality play where their vanity runs wild. They’re a dangerous herd of dire eloi, but some seem to have more sense, sure. Maybe once they enter the job market or get smacked a few more times some may have hope.

          But as we all know from watching disturbing nature shows – not all the young reach adulthood.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          Watching videos like this is just surreal for me, because I recognize too much of my past self in people like that woman. She’s definitely as anti-white as it gets.

          After thinking carefully about it though, I realized I would have NEVER cheered on someone non-violent and ostensibly supportive of my position being beaten in the street. That woman is sick.

          …Although I did simultaneously kinda wish someone would push her into the fire for instigating that. A little.

          It doesn’t exactly feel like consolation, but I absolutely guarantee that woman goes home every night and absolutely HATES herself for being white.

        • Many of the greens are what I call “watermelons”; they’re green on the outside, but red on the inside.

      • Triarius

        Let our enemies get bashed with a hammer.

      • Brian Jr.

        If I was that jedeo hippie after I got my teeth knocked out I would have put that whining waste of skin in a flaming dumpster. What’s wrong with white people….

    • Triarius

      Cannibalization, it does more harm than good and the media will stop covering it. Remember the Occutards? That dissipated pretty quick when word got out about the rapes, murders, and drug overdoses. OWS was rammed down our throats by the liberal media, but when the feminazis, anarchists, and other assorted minorities were at each other’s throats the coverage went away almost overnight.

      These SJWs getting mauled by blacks will make brainless leftists second guess their ideology. Therefore the media will drop coverage. The blacks attacking Bosnian females (but not males) is also hastening the inevitable media drop.

      • The Occutards and G-8 protesters (read “rioters”) throwing rocks through business windows also did not exactly endear them to the working public. Normal people react to unemployment by printing copies of their resumes (cheap or free at public libraries – the first ten pages per day here are free), asking friends, relatives and neighbors if they know of any job openings, and hitting the pavement to find work. They don’t throw childish tantrums.

        One isn’t always going to find work in one’s field. The microelectronics industry has largely pulled out of Colorado Springs, and due to my criminal record, I’ll never have a security clearance, which puts defense contractors like Lockheed-Martin right out of consideration. When I was on federal probation, I was expected to find work anyway, so I ended up first as morning manager of a Subway and later delivering pizza after the Subway was sold to a new owner who brought in his own managers. The other delivery drivers were almost all middle-aged people doing it as a second job; one was a radio-station DJ during the days who was saddled with a lot of debt after a divorce. That’s just life, and whining about it isn’t a productive reaction. That DJ just cowboyed-up and was getting things paid off.

        In my own case, I had paid off my house with some old patent money that I earlier wisely invested in a mutual fund (which places me squarely on the opposite side of the equation from the Occutards). I wasn’t making enough to owe federal income taxes, thus didn’t need the mortgage interest deduction, so with the mortgage out of the way, I could live on what I earned if I was careful, and having even “McJobs” like these kept my PO happy, rather than PO’ed. I’d be willing to go back to work at a “suboptimal” job, provided it was at a place like a bookstore or a hardware store, or even a “Jiffy Lube”.

        What I have today might seem a bit unfair to the Occutards, but this was the result of decisions I made and time; I am 16 months short of turning 50. Productive work as a chemical engineer earned me the money, and time allowed my investments to grow, especially as I had the mutual fund automatically reinvest dividends (just like my mother told me to do!) I got a useful college degree, spending one whole semester (fall 1985) homeless and living out of my car. I took showers at the university field house (I went there to play racquetball for an hour every evening, anyway), washed my clothes at a laundromat or in the dorms when visiting friends there, and spent an awful lot of time at the library, as it was warm and dry. I did spring for a punch-card for dining hall meals, as cooking would have been close to impossible.

        A former friend who stole from me was intensely jealous of what I had, but it didn’t fall out of the sky and land in my lap. He has no college, no skilled trade, and speaks no foreign languages. He also didn’t take care of much that he had, either. Instead of changing the oil and filter in his Honda Accord, he just kept adding more oil as it burned off, so the resulting sludge eventually hardened into something much like asphalt, ruining the engine. He’s also almost 10 years younger than I, so the time aspect wasn’t there. Now that he’s 8 years into a life sentence for molesting children, it still isn’t working for him, because the only thing he’s going to be when or if he makes parole is older.

        This brings us back to the Occutards and their like. They have allowed their own greed, jealousy and sloth to dominate their thinking. So sorry, but flipping burgers isn’t going to make them $15 an hour, not unless and until folks are willing to pay $12 for a Big Mac and fries (I can make a good dinner at home for three on the same $12). Do any of them know how to read blueprints for welding? What about saving money instead of spending it on concert tickets, weird piercings, tattoos and dope? In a rational nation, the Occutards would be ridiculed, but the fact that normal people are content to ignore them offers some hope.

  • MekongDelta69

    And yet another idiot White leftist gets a ‘street’ lesson.

    Three days in a row from AmRen.
    Keep ’em coming!

    • TruthBeTold

      A teachable moment for people too dense to learn the right lessons.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Great to have a ring-side seat while the left eat their own.

      As Napoleon supposedly said:

      Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.

      • I think the actual quote by Napoleon to his marshals was “The enemy is making a false move, why should we interrupt him?”

        Same idea.

  • anony

    Another foolish White; maybe he learned something about “diversity being our strength”.

  • Mack0

    This doesn’t harm the movement. This is the movement. Irrational and justified violence, destruction and thievery is what its always been about.

    • A Freespeechzone

      The escalation to violence and destruction of property is the result of the majority of Americans IGNORING their ‘Hands up, Don’t Shoot’ crap; the ‘protesters’ refuse to be ‘ignored’ like spoiled children, in my opinion, it’s that simple.

      Let them ‘protest’, but when it turns violent and disruptive, it needs to be ‘nipped in the bud’, period.

      What stymies me is that these ‘protesters’ have no problem going on private property, such as malls and literally close them down. What happened to private property rights?

      Obviously, they are smart enough to stay out of the neighborhoods; the reception might not be as cowardly.

      Of course, when you have a negro President who emboldens them with inflammatory statements of support, their behavior is condoned.

      • Sick of it

        We also have a corrupt court system that gives them more rights than normal people.

  • Roninf9

    Protesters have the right to peaceably assemble without government permission. Rioters, looters, and arsonists should be shot on sight. The fact that they are not means that the PTB are on their side.

  • JackKrak

    Maybe his white privilege shortened his waiting time in the ER.

    • Ron Cheaters

      He had a backpack full and a fanny-bag brimming full of it. He didn’t stop to check it, instead he tried to reason with the mob.. that gave me a belly-chuckle.

  • HJ11

    I don’t think he’s White. I think he’s Jewish.

  • Yves Vannes

    God, I hope these idiots never have children. Nothing like a 6’+ SJW who backs down from a 5’2″ woman. I’ll bet he only dates his right hand. Maybe the left on occasion. One platoon of Estonia grandmothers could overrun and conquer Berkeley.

    • pcmustgo

      I’ve heard Berkeley has always been unsafe because White liberals turn their other eye and justify away crime.

      • Yves Vannes

        Berkeley above the university in the hills is safe. Nice homes. North of the campus is also very nice. The flats once you are west of Shattuck is the Serengeti Plain. South of Berkeley lies Oakland. Oakland has a few nice areas but the rest of it needs no introduction.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      Well they have been having children for the last what, 50 years now?

      • UncleSham

        The newest generation of Liberals does not intend to reproduce.

  • Fair Dinkum

    Poetic justice.

  • Flytrap

    The Democrat coalition just working out their differences.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Then a woman on a bike swears at the injured man, calls him an idiot and tells him, ‘Go the f— home..

    Most sensible thing said to him during the entire protest.

    He may need a few more teeth knocked out before he realizes his own stupidity – or did he think his White Male Privilege would protect him?

    Interesting comment from the original article by raydonovan

    Many years ago it was illegal to protest, commit crimes with masks on. But the ACLU demanded this violated their first amendment rights. Thank you ACLU for letting these monsters take over. Remember they have the right to wear mask.

    • UncleSham

      Just a few years ago it was strange to see a person wearing a mask in public except for on Halloween, but now I see Muslim women wearing masks every single day.

  • Tarczan

    At the end the victim says “they teamed up and started beating me. Welcome to Blacktopia.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Notice how the blacks come alive when that girl on the bike said he was trying to be like the cops? I did.. typical, unhinged, low self-control behavior. Exhibit A.

  • MannyR

    As much as he deserved it just for being stupid enough to be marching along side a bunch of idiot liberals and criminal blacks, I would loved him to deck that little bike riding lesbian Anarchist bi#ch.

  • rebelcelt

    I love how the white leftist are debating morals and strategy in the streets. They still have no clue that they are defending and marching with thugs that laugh at them. CLUELESS

    • BlueSonicStreak

      That was my favourite thing about this video as well, although not so much for the cluelessness of the whites as for the stark contrast it provides between the black people involved and the white people:

      The blacks largely did nothing but yell slurs and take advantage of the moment to hit someone and then take off. A few just watched and took video.

      The whites left behind are standing in the street having a bloody philosophical debate about violence.

      You could show this video to a LOT of people, but who among them would SEE it?

  • OS-Q

    Oh no those poor “kids” are burning garbage without a permit and contributing to their carbon footprint! Where is Al Gore, Captain Planet, and Smokey the Bear when you need them?

    “I support violence” is a wonderful take quote from this. Also, I like the ending with a few sane people escorting the victim to safety. A better ending would be the violent idiots in the video having their social lives and careers ruined but I won’t hold my breath.

    • Who Me?

      “A better ending would be the violent idiots in the video having their social lives and careers ruined”
      And in the case of blacks, what would you suggest? They don’t have careers–heck, they don’t even have jobs. And as for their social lives, putting them in jail is just a prolonged family reunion and old home week for them.

      • OS-Q

        Nothing you can really do about them, except making sure they don’t get a gubmint job. I want the anti-white enablers to suffer.

  • MartelsGhost

    Looks like the Red Group and the Green Group got their wires crossed.

    Nothing quiet as nice as watching cockroaches cannibalize themselves.

    Gotta love the shrill harping that boils down to who exactly is the right white anti-White to be in charge of all the violent low IQ thugs that the left loves to use as “muscle” for their attacks on inanimate objects, minority owned local small businesses, senior citizens and any of their own who have “snitched” by telling the truth.

    Stop funding the EBT, Stop with the kid-glove treatment of leftist agitators. They hate us anyway. They will always hate us. They will only respond with true respect AFTER they have been beaten.

  • dmxinc

    We are in desperate need of the parliamentary system.

    You know all of us would be voting for the “America First” party and we would receive actual representation! But with this two party debacle, we get no representation.

  • I endorsed some Republicans, anti-endorsed some others, voted for some, didn’t vote for others. Voting is just something we have to put up with to eke things out for us until Ragnarok.

    • Usually Much Calmer


      Question Diversity, November 28, 2014: “Which is why I warn our own people: Avoid the millenarian temptation.
      If we start promulgating the notion that things have to fall apart
      before they get better, then no quality people are going to join our
      cause. Who actually wants disaster to begin with? And who wants to be
      part of a cause where disaster is a prerequisite?” (For Some, Location of Brown’s Hands Irrelevant)

      Trying to say something about the duality of man? The Jungian thing? If so, well done.

      • In this case, I’m using Ragnarok metaphorically. If I wrote “Armageddon” instead of “Ragnarok,” I would also have meant it metaphorically. A metaphor for the time that I could very well see before my expected lifetime is over where there is vast political change in the white world, which would include among other things the mass repudiation of democratic republicanism.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Best they stay out of the ‘privileged’ neighborhoods—their memories won’t be so marvelous.

      They WILL be educated first hand in the concept of Self Defense.

      No Apologies.

  • Speedy Steve

    Now can you tell me why I don’t need a 30-round clip?

    • John Smith


      • Speedy Steve

        I stand corrected. Thank you.

  • ViktorNN

    There are a certain number of white liberals who see videos like this and get turned off to the politically correct far left. A certain number of them start exploring alternative media sources like AmRen. A certain number of them might be reading this article and these comments.

    To white liberal readers who have found their way here and are questioning their beliefs: trust your gut.

    The left’s hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy is real, no matter how smug and self-righteous they seem. Be honest with yourself and admit that your desire for justice and better world has been betrayed by the left. Western Civilization is at a turning point and neither right or left has all the answers. Welcome to the third way!

    • I don’t want a “third way”. My take on things is that government-imposed market distortions have created much of what has people annoyed. The entire H-1b visa program should be immediately discontinued, all of these visas cancelled, and their holders sent home. Do we want more young Americans to study STEM fields as college undergrads? Make it worth their while; they’re not stupid.

      The USA has some of the world’s highest corporate taxes, which act as an absolute disincentive to reinvestment here. Large multinationals like General Electric don’t even repatriate their profits to the USA, because then they’d owe huge taxes on them.

      • ViktorNN

        By “third way,” I mean whites need to assert their right to racial awareness, racial self-interests, and racial self-determination. Neither the left or the right permit this.

        Once white people assert their identity in this sense, a “third way” will open up, that is, a whole cascade of political consequences will follow that will borrow ideas from both right and left, plus coming up with new ideas altogether.

        But the first step is waking up and asserting our identity proudly and aggressively.

  • Manxman3

    God give me strength these people are pathetic. They’d be the first to get raped if they walked through a boon infestation.

    • meanqueen

      They ARE walking through a boon infestation, and I wonder how many rapes have already occurred that just aren’t being reported.

  • Manxman3

    Female leftists (and a lot of the hypocritical middle class left are female) are the worst.

    • Roninf9

      During the Jacobin Terror, the October Revolution, the Killing Fields in Cambodia, China’s Cultural Revolution, the most fanatical, the most doctrinaire, the most cruel of the cadres have always been female and almost always of the bull dyke variety. I think its because they are getting back at the white males that have rejected them.

  • crockadoodle6

    The most notable feature of this ‘Wild Kingdom’ episode wasn’t the filthy losers with malfunctioning moral gps units using a green dumpster as a weapon and empty cardboard boxes as ammunition. No.
    It was the fact that the midget white woman with the hoodie arrived on a bicycle, walked around to inspect the ‘target rich perimeter’ then at the 6 minute mark actually rode same bicycle off. The bike wasn’t stolen within 6 minutes! And blacks were in the vicinity.
    My personal experience leads me to believe that there has never been a bike actually paid for by a black. They are ALL stolen. So now I know the 6 minute rule.

  • Alexandra1973

    Acting like the police? LOL. In short–don’t tell us what to do, white boy.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I LOVE these O’Henry endings…

  • Itooktheredpill

    Fools like this get no sympathy from me whatsoever.

    On the other hand just maybe this castrated “male” will wake up to reality.

    Based on his actions though I am not to optimistic.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Everyday the left and the negroes just prove everything the intellectuals are saying about them. Berkeley is a great home for liberals since it is very white.

  • WE need people in Washington who respect the law for all men and women, giving a free ride to some to be violent is discussion for a civilized country. If this was a equal rights cause the meaning has been lost soon as the looting began.

  • newscomments70

    Those photos (screen captures) speak volumes. It is almost comical to see the effeminate liberal beta male explain “the cause” to low IQ black thugs. He should have read the article in Taki Mag, by Gavin McInnes 10 things liberals don’t understand about blacks, or something like that. Here is an excerpt: “The majority of black Americans would rather have a beer with an Archie Bunker type who talks about the dangers of “negro neighborhoods” (which he lives right next to) than the Gawker blogger who keeps whining about “crackers” and annoying “white men” like his own father. Blacks don’t appreciate the ethnomasochism of whites. They think it’s on some b-tch sh-t.”

  • Christorchaos

    I think Im in love with that little white woman on the bicycle and want to make her the mother of my children. Oh where can I find her?

    • You can probably find her at the next demonstration demanding $15 an hour for her valuable contributions to the fast-food industry, or at the free clinic wondering what those horrible, open genital and oral sores mean.

    • Sloppo

      That’s funny. Your post really creeped me out for a second until I read the “sarcasm off” part.

      • Christorchaos

        Yeah I have this thing for pasty white female dwarves, Who ride bicycles all over town standing up for vandals and liberally drop the F bomb. (-:
        The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History by E. Michael Jones explains it all.

  • Funruffian

    This is the area where I work. This scene is very typical of the lowlife scum and downtrodden White Liberals who have lost there will to live or defend themselves. That hag on a bike that was screaming at him deserved a two by four upside her head. Oakland is filled with hellacious hags like that. While I do feel for this guy and admire his courage, he’s very naïve if he thinks he can get in between Bantu riff raff and come out unscathed.
    What I find most disheartening about this video is the passivity with all the Whites. They just stand there clueless and impotent, unable to defend themselves or their people. It’s like Liberalism and White guilt has diseased their entire being.

  • Ghost

    Nig gotta nig! Under developed frontal lobes make it impossible for most of them to imagine past the here and now. They can’t see doing things like that hurts them. They just want to make YT bleed.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Withdraw your consent. Find another political party.