The Cost Taxpayers Will Have to Shell Out for Ferguson

Elliott Davis, Fox 2 St. Louis, December 9, 2014

The You Paid For It team reveals the staggering costs to taxpayers of coping with the violence and rioting surrounding the crisis in Ferguson that spilled over to south St Louis. The cost of police, firefighters, National Guard and the like resulted in a stunning bill that could total tens of millions of dollars.

St. Louis County alone is spending $6 million mainly for police overtime. A million of that was for humanitarian aid for Ferguson residents afraid to come out of their homes because of the disruption.

We talked to St Louis County’s Chief Financial Officer who gave his estimate on what the county will spend as well as the cost to other government entities. {snip}



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  • anony

    The EBT cards should be systematically deprived of amounts of $$ to off-set the cost of the riots.

    • Bobbala

      You still haven’t rebuilt their homes and businesses yet.

      • Ron Cheaters

        I just read 2 days ago that homes are selling for 33% less than they were the same period last year. Of course, in the article they downplayed the role that the riots had anything to do with it.

        • Alucard_the_last

          How much is a dung hut going for these days?

    • Simonetta

      My thoughts exactly in so many words.

      When the EBT cards are actually cut off, it will likely be by the poor young white male computer virus-programmers/anarchists who get beaten senseless by feral black youth. Like the ones in the previous story who were demonstrating ‘in solidarity’ with the ferals and ended up getting savagely maimed by those ferals.

      The ‘community’ will unleash its full fury to anyone foolish enough to be in the vicinity of the welfare department office (or whatever it’s called now). They’ll rage and burn demanding that the government turn back on the EBT benefits because they’re beginning to hurt and their 10 kids are going hungry. But it wouldn’t have been the government that turned off the EBT cards. It was the guy who’s an ace underground pirate computer hacker who got beaten half to death and had his $1000 bicycle (good for the Earth, of course) stolen a few nights previous. And has had a “Saul on the Road to Damascus” epiphany experience in race realism.

      Sure, he’ll turn your EBT benefits back on. As soon as he gets his bicycle (and his teeth) back. Until then, everybody and their ten kids can just go hungry and use the experience to meditate on the effect of violence in our society.

      He just doesn’t care anymore. And nobody can find who he is. It’s the hackers like that whom black ferals should fear, not the police. I’m sure that they’re out there.

      • Reynardine

        Unfortunately, tech-savvy people usually make lots of money in this economy, and thus can afford housing far outside the reach of “misunderstood youths.” The Dream of the 90’s is Alive in Portland, don’t you know?

  • connorhus

    Let em keep racking up the bills at this point. Maybe the point will finally be reached where all the White guilted suburbanites can no longer afford to stay silent and the creditors will pull the plug on this Multi-Cult spendfest.

  • Also, the nearby University of Missouri at St. Louis is having to do a hiring freeze as a result of both the reallocation of state resources and UMSL having to increase its own internal security budget.

  • JackKrak

    Why is police overtime always labelled a budget-buster but the trillions poured into black holes all over the country for 50 years are an ongoing ‘investment’?

  • MekongDelta69

    Maybe St. Louis will accept EBT Cards in lieu of cash…

    • Triarius

      Can’t, they were all maxed out to buy supplies to make pipe bombs by the “peaceful protesters”. At what point is it domestic terrorism?

  • Puggg

    “LEA overtime in the St. Louis area”

    “Pay to the order of Puggg” …

  • Yves Vannes

    Forget the border fence, we need a fence around any area that is more than 15% Diversity of the Sub Saharan variety.

  • MBlanc46

    The bill should be sent to Michael Brown’s parents.

    • phillyguy

      Michael Browns partner in crime should be held accountable for all of this, that cornrowed liar who started the whole thing by saying Michael Brown had his hands up surrendering, it was all a lie and he started the riots . of course he does not have any money so he should be thrown in jail for 80 years.

      • Accountable? He just got a job with St. Louis City, even though it has a residency rule and he doesn’t live in St. Louis City (I don’t think).

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Did they appoint him Police Chief, or something…?

  • JohnEngelman

    Take it out of their welfare checks.

    • IstvanIN

      All that does it take money from you and me, give it to them to give back to the government. You are smart enough to come up with a better idea.

  • 1Forced_Registration

    I figured this would end up around 26 million, so I don’t think the estimate of 20 million is wrong. Of course, the tax base reduction in St Louis County (and it will be a reduction — businesses with any sense will move south and west — many far enough west that they are on the other side of the river) will drive the true cost higher for years to come.

    Even that wont stop the problem. Bridgeton & Hazelwood are becoming blacker every day, and as that part of the county falls — even residents of St Charles are starting to get the sense of the future and trying to move further west or to deep South County.

    I’ve been chased out of my area 3 times now … Its a very expensive tax on whites to keep buying more expensive places to move to!

  • Conrad

    The cost of a few hundred 3006 rounds one day one would have been a LOT less.

  • Uncle_Dan

    The real cost is that now that the cops have been slapped down, the property and lives of all of us are incrementally more at risk.

  • Sick of it

    Bullets are much cheaper and more effective.

  • Triarius

    Just wait for the lawsuits from small business owners.

  • MathMan

    Yeah, the cost of blacks is not limited to their welfare payments.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    What a shame, particularly when ammo is so inexpensive…

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    If you enjoyed the movie “Ferguson, The Beginning” you’ll want to see the sequel, “Ferguson, Part II”, coming to a TV screen near you. These folks are in a downward spiral. Affluent people will move out, as will businesses that can do so. Education will suffer as fewer qualified teachers remain, welfare roles will increase as will crime and drugs. And if the Feds decide to sent “aid” the message to other communities will be “riot for money”. Sometimes there just aren’t any answers to a problem.

    • I saw it in the theater but don’t think the part where they captured the tank was too realistic. I liked the part where “Caesar” returns to his old home and also where he fights that evil gorilla in the skyscraper at the end.

  • mael

    Let the poverty pimps raise the money. It’s bad enough that we pay to feed, house and clothe them. Now we must pay for their tantrums, too?

  • Why, When the big riots in the 60’s the cities and towns never recovered, business left, never returned, the money left. very little money from tax payers should ever be spent in communities that supports chaos and violence over law and order. Who the hell would want their stores and livelihood destroyed. Perhaps spike lee could shell out some rebuild money to make his dream segregated community for the black man by the black man.
    is this really not what they want….we are told this that they want to be, so why should they need help form anybody non black…..

  • Lkoehn

    The answer is to not rebuild at all in the community. Abandon it as a lost cause and help the businesses rebuild where they are appreciated in another community.

  • $20 million for a $49 box of cigarellos? We should’ve just given Michael Brown $10 million up front if he behaves. This works out to $55,000 per month (660 K/ year) for the next 40 years (given 6% return on the principal) until he’s too old to run very fast [age 60].

    I think $55 K/ month would keep him from stealing cigarellos as well as make him look semi-respectable. With that kind of dough, he could even snag one of these white cheerleader type chicks.

    Come to think we do do this but it doesn’t work too well. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  • guest

    There is no reservoir as fertile and cost-effective for corrective measures as is the reservoir of recently retired police officers not merely in the specific department (Ferguson) but in surrounding departments in the immediate region. Few people have any realistic sense of
    police work other than those who’ve “been there, done that”. Asking Eric Holder to ship in
    a squad of yuppie experts is just a political circus.

  • Alucard_the_last

    The only way to teach them a lesson is for businesses to remain as they are. Don’t even clean up the mess. If tax dollars are used to anything, it should be used to relocated the businesses into a more human neighborhood. Negroes will never learn with kid gloves. Let them commute for their daily needs…and don’t increase public transportation in their neighborhood.

  • guest

    The accounting estimate for the police department my brother in law serves in, is that
    it costs taxpayers $16 per mimute–per minute–to keep a uniformed officer on duty. If tallied
    up (which MSM network has done so???) , the additional time that has been imposed upon
    not merely the Ferguson PD but all surrounding PD’s is ma$$ive. The taxpayers carry the
    burden, the MSM and the Al Sharpton’s of this World reap the benefits. That’s
    demockcrazy–not democracy.