House, Senate GOP Leaders Gearing Up to Increase Guest-Worker Permits

Tony Lee, Breitbart, December 12, 2014

Top Republican leaders in the House and Senate are gearing up to push legislation in the next Congress that would increase the number of foreign guest-workers even in industries that do not need them. They are hoping such legislation would “open the door” to a broader comprehensive immigration bill.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), who chairs the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force, wants to push his Immigration Innovation Act (I-Squared) that would increase the number of high-tech visas, even though there is no evidence that there is a shortage of American high-tech workers. {snip}

“If we can do I-Squared, I think it would open the door to real, decent, honorable immigration reform itself,” Hatch told Reuters.

As Reuters notes, “Hatch represents the tech-rich ‘Silicon Slopes’ state of Utah, and regularly talks to tech moguls.” He has met with Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella and Apple CEO Tim Cook, and he recently told a gathering at headquarters that “there is agreement on reforming the rules governing high-tech visas, known as H-1b visas” and it could “help pave the way for additional and more far reaching reforms.”


In the House, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), the Judiciary Committee Chairman, told The Hill that House Republican leaders are looking at “legislation dealing with reforming our legal immigration programs, particularly for high-skilled workers and for agricultural workers.” He said, “I think that we are going to look at moving those early in a new Congress.”

Last year, Goodlatte hosted a Silicon Valley fundraiser in which donors gave between $10,000 and $40,000. One guest, venture capitalist Rob Conway, said that before he wrote his check to Goodlatte, he “wanted some assurances that Bob Goodlatte would be prepared to discuss immigration reform and what the timetable is for immigration reform, because we’re coming down the wire here with the [midterm] elections [approaching] and we need accountability.”


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  • There is a part of me that wishes that Hatch and Goodlatte would go to a bar one night, the bartender is a white American man with a CSIT-STEM degree who can’t find requisite work, and he “does something” to their drinks.

    • MannyR

      Mission accomplished is probably the only thing that would go through their minds.

    • Reynardine

      I doubt they’d want him as a bartender either. Do you ever really wonder where our dear leaders think American whites really should be?

  • MekongDelta69

    At the risk of repeating myself:

    What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?

    “Democrat” has eight letters
    “Republican” has ten letters

    • Paleoconn

      The difference between Democrats and Republicans: Dems want amnesty for the votes. Reps want amnesty for cheap labor.

      The thing that separates Dems from Reps is the edge of the coin.

      Btw, did anybody else notice (you surely must have MD) the appropriateness of the nickname Silicon Slopes, given all this high-tech immigration, presumably from parts far east.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Just don’t forget that there is a great blurring between the two parties with various levels of desire for both cheap labor and votes.

  • 4321realist

    I’m pretty sure Boehner and McConnell would have been ousted if the GOP held elections for their leadership by the new Congress in January.

    I’m wondering how they can justify holding an election in 2014 when many of the people affected by the vote didn’t get a chance to vote?

    Or am I missing something here?

    • Sparky

      The Republicans who were recently elected haven’t taken office yet. That’s why the country club Republicans in there now are moving with all speed before the new ones can have any effect. They are even cutting deals under the table with Demorats.

      • See The Future

        They should be out of office the day after the election.

  • superlloyd

    This ridiculous, unnecessary putative legal reform shows the transparency of the libtard anti-white destroyers of countries and industries. How patently ridiculous. Let these would be high tech geniuses create their won businesses in their own countries if they can.

  • Pathfinder75

    Stabbing American workers in the back by increasing the number of workers allowed into our country is the GOP leadership’s idea of an early Christmas “present”.

  • Epiminondas

    This is classic GOP boilerplate. Republicans didn’t care about the effect of bringing in millions of exploitable Europeans in the 19th century, either. The working conditions of the 1840s, 50s, 60s, etc. were horrible. If these cretans have their way, they will depress wages to Dickensian levels.

    • withcaution

      Where’s your logic man? You think tens of millions of people tore up roots and gave up everything they knew and spend their last dollars on a boat ride to be exploited? Schools have done a great job telling people not to think but to recall what they’ve been told to memorize.

      • Epiminondas

        Dig deeper than your school books. One fourth of all immigrants went back to their homes because life was so hard here. In the 1850s, wages in mill towns or mines was 50¢ a day, 12 hours a day, six days a week. No vacation pay, lousy living conditions and little or no medical care. That was your prospects. Either that or head out into the wilderness and engage in subsistence farming. Some prospered, most did not.

        • withcaution

          Read a few biographies/ autobiographies of people who moved here a hundred years ago. I suggest “Thrifty Years: The LIfe of Hendrik Meijer”. He necame the richest man in Michigan by building a grocery chain that started in the middle of the Great Depression. Estimated net worth over $5 billion. He moved to America at about 1901. He was a self-described anarchist which at the time equated to communist. If you read about his childhood and Holland you get an idea just how tough things were.

          Ever hear of a man called Andrew Carnegie?

          • Epiminondas

            We are discussing the 19th century, not the twentieth with its welfare system and safety net and completely built out infrastructure. Compare apples to apples. The Republican party is the party of capital and cheap labor. They will do WHATEVER it takes to get that cheap labor, including pushing down the wages of current working men and women. There was a lull in immigration between 1924 and 1965. During that lull, wages went up. They’ve been heading down since the seventies because of open borders.

  • dave

    The one party system strikes again.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    Until the people of Utah start applying pressure to little Orin he will do as he pleases. I knew he was a rat by the Supreme Court nominees he put his stamp of approval on.

    • Fletch

      Nice try. If I lived in Ohio I would be calling Boner’s office for several hours each day.

      • John Smith

        I do, but not in his district, so he really gives a rat’s ass.

    • withcaution

      The Mormon state believes it’s mission is to save the poor and downtrodden third world. Need to go to a Mormon/Catholic/Protestant website and noticed it’s primary goal is to bring the Third World here or to send missionaries and money there.

  • Sparky

    There are no shortages of American workers you inglorious b**terds!

    • See The Future

      They are all collecting welfare and yours and mine expense.

  • Reynardine

    I think our Congressional Visa holders should come from Russia. Here’s one with Putin’s name on it, how funny. It says “position of president.”

  • MartelsGhost

    Pushing through as much sh*t as possible until we vote them ALL out. The current trend of evil backdoor RINO dealing will continue until the newly elected officials take office in Feb.

    In 2016 vote the rest of the traitors out!

    • See The Future

      Will never happen. Several problems:

      The masses tend to vote Dem or Repub. There will be no candidates that run under either banner that will do what is necessary to rebuild America.

      Independents no matter how good will never be elected so long as the media continues to be the propaganda arm of the government establishment.

      • MartelsGhost

        One can hope. And vote. There have been parties in the history of this country other than the current choices. There will be again.

  • JohnEngelman

    Guest worker permits are the ideal immigration “reform” for Republicans. They mean more immigrants to lower wages, but no more Democratic voters.

    Employers and employees have different economic interests. This is nowhere so obvious as on immigration policy.

  • kenfrombayside

    In the past. I would head to GOP dot com’s contact us to send a email to them expressing my outrage at their support for massive immigration. Now, I can’t locate that function. The best thing to do is leave a message on their phone system, 202 863 8500. As usual, return their fundraising letters without money; tell off GOP phone solicitations. If you say or do nothing, you are part of the problem.

    • withcaution

      Why complain to the Republican Party? When are they ever indicated as a group that they’re against open borders/Big social programs/Amnesty Reagan/saving the world.

  • Yves Vannes

    Half of all STEM graduates do not find jobs in STEM.

    Most Indians in STEM do not have a college degree. They attend the Indian Technical Institute and then get sponsored to the US by companies already run by other Indians.

    The ISI is the equivalent of something like Heald College.

  • Max

    We already have an Indian “Surgeon General”; a meaningless political position awarded to friends. The job is so essential we had none for about a year and a half and nobody noticed. This particular friend was the instigator of “Doctors For America” or some such misleading title which was a shill organization to support The Abominable Care Act since the AMA wouldn’t touch the issue.

    What this appointee who “looks like America” can and will do is promote programs which find that “racism is a mental health issue” that gays are at risk by “homophobes”, that police unfairly target minorities leading to stress and that guns in the hands of the public is a major health crisis. A pox on this entire generation of fellow-travelers.

  • WR_the_realist

    Every Democrat is a traitor. And 80% of the Republicans are, particularly those who have been in power longest. David Brat and a handful of other Republicans will oppose this but there’s just not enough of them.

    • withcaution

      I can tell you what the platform of the Democrats is
      I can tell you what the platform of the green party is
      I can tell you what the platform of the Communist Party is
      And tell you what the platform of the Libertarian party is

      I have no idea what the platform of the Republican Party is and never have. It’s time for them to go.

    • Ringo Lennon

      White people don’t have anyone looking out for them. They’re to be kicked to the curb.

  • John Smith

    The desire for cheap, often colored, labor to undercut white citizens, is what got us slavery and the subsequent fallout of trying to integrate the fundamentally incompatible. And so has it continued with new groups that are hostile to American values.

  • Realist

    “That’s what immigration really means to Americans!”

    That’s what immigration in America has always been about….cheap labor.

  • ElComadreja

    Anyone that thinks Republicans are the answer is delusional.

    • Rustler

      A good percentage of posters on Amren and even on Stormfront are delusional in this way.

  • mael

    Traitors, all of them. See how worse it gets when they house to house us of our weapons. Are the ” Cohen” laws coming???

  • Earl Turner

    God how I can not wait for the war to start! Win or lose, we will see quite a few of these traitors at the ends of ropes and lined up against walls.

  • Greg Thomas

    With enemies like this, who needs the democrats. We are getting it from both sides of the aisle with these traitors. They are selling the same sandwich, just calling it something different. Remember, the only reason the GOP opposes “immigration reform” is because they want any amnesty bill passed to have the GOP stamp on it, in order to make in-roads with mexicans.

  • I have 2 scientific degrees (Master’s in Chemical Engineering and BS Chemistry) and run a scientific /engineering business which is severely and adversely affected by the influx of unlimited low cost workers in the sciences and engineering.
    I graduated with a masters degree in chemical engineering. I was born an American citizen. Previously I had worked as a chemist under a scientist who won the Nobel Award in Chemistry. After grad school I was able to find only 1 job working for a contractor as every major petrochemical and engineering firm in the US apparently had an endless supply of foreign grads which were preferred for some reason. The salary offered to me was in the lower 30’s. I’ve tried endless negotiations but the issue is simply that with the available supply, companies in the 1990’s simply did not need to offer more that 30K for chemical engineers with advanced degrees.
    Upon working for the contractor, I discovered that even advanced degree engineers were treated as “extremely disposable”. The administrative staff had more seniority than the engineers. After 20 years in the industry I’ve found that this is pretty much the status quo.
    Now we in the US want our best & brightest to go into the sciences, among other fields. And we wonder why there are few students who want to go into the sciences? Possibly part of the issue is that at max they will earn salaries in the 50 – 60K range and will have no job security whenever the latest batch of H1-B visa holders comes onto the job market. While I don’t believe these H1-B visa holders are superior to native American scientists and engineers in terms of capability, I do think companies prefer hiring them as they will never complain and are very compliant. For example a chemical company with H1-B engineers would have no issues if it decided to vent a couple thousand gallons of highly toxic chemicals to atmosphere and simply not report it.
    Also the US government is using Indian and Chinese scientists to develop the aerodynamic configurations for it’s latest generation of fighter aircraft. Then they act surprised when their plans are given to those governments! However if we do nothing to encourage young US people to enter the sciences, then ultimately we must rely completely on contracting out to foreigners the development of all our latest technology.
    I believe that the H1-B visa program is severely hurting US security, hurting our economy, and is completely decimating our own internal scientific capability. We don’t exactly have a robust economy (in the sciences, we are still in a depression). Thus to be offering tens or hundreds of thousands of good jobs to foreigners right now seems to be merely pandering to the interests of a few political contributors at enormous cost to the United States and it’s peoples.

    • Max

      I wonder if the hour has finally come when the white American “empowered woman” and blacks in general will finally be thrown under the bus from Mumbai. It was a big deal to hire female engineers and I still see all kinds of “STEM” promotions with pictures of gradeschool girls looking at some robot or whatever. I wonder if they can now get a “twofer” by hiring Hindu/Moslem women in technical positions and even the black AA hires will be left out. It will be interesting to see the Sharptons of the next generation complaining about “…minorities takin’ they jawbs”.

      • I did know of one of those. She was an extremely nice person but didn’t have a good basic science background. She eventually left and I think went into a non-science field. We used to complain: I about the impossibility of finding a nice datable Catholic/Christian/Atheist woman in the US & she about the difficulty of finding a nice Muslim guy in the US who was marriage material.

  • MBlanc46

    I hope that articles such as this finally wake up those who keep waiting for the Repubs to take the lead in opposing immigration. This is who they really are. They are not our friends.

  • Randall Ward

    The republicans have not changed since they started the war between the states. They wanted central banking, a strong central government, and a system were large corporations are “helped” by the USG.
    The wise men of the South knew what the Republicans wanted, because the same people had been pushing that agenda since the founding of the country. This is the main reason the South left the US, the South wanted no part of the USG. The Confederate constitution outlawed the three things the Republicans wanted. The South was defeated and the rights of States was done away with because of the standing USG army, and it still stands.
    The democrats are communists and the republicans put the large corporations first, over the people. It is time for a third party; the republican party cannot be changed or time for secession, again.