Ecopop Referendum: Swiss Reject Immigration Curbs

BBC News, November 30, 2014

Voters in Switzerland have decisively rejected a proposal to cut net immigration to no more than 0.2% of the population.

The country’s 26 cantons rejected the proposal, with about 74% of people voting no in Sunday’s referendum.

Supporters of the measure argued that it would have reduced pressure on the country’s resources. Opponents said it would have been bad for the economy.

Around a quarter of Switzerland’s eight million people are foreigners.

The measure would have required the government to reduce immigration from about 80,000 to 16,000 people a year.

Under Switzerland’s system of direct democracy, citizens can force a referendum if they muster enough signatures of support.

The country voted in February to re-introduce immigration quotas, in effect opting out of an EU free movement agreement.

The government still has to implement that referendum result, which threw relations with the EU into turmoil.

Two other referendums were also being held on Sunday: one on forcing the central bank to boost its gold reserves and one on scrapping a tax perk for wealthy foreigners.

They, too, failed to garner enough support for the measures to pass into law.


The immigration proposal was dubbed the Ecopop measure, after Switzerland’s 40-year-old Ecopop movement which seeks to link environmental protection with controlling population growth.

The BBC’s Imogen Foulkes in Geneva says that while unemployment is low and living standards are high, many Swiss worry about overcrowding and environmental degradation.

Switzerland’s population has grown by over a million in 20 years, and is currently 8.2 million. Some 23% of its inhabitants are foreign nationals, most of them from EU states.

Last year, net immigration stood at 81,000, according to public broadcaster Swiss Info.

Supporters of the measure said restricting immigration would safeguard Switzerland’s environment by reducing the need for new transport links and new housing.

The proposal also included a measure to limit overpopulation abroad by devoting 10% of Switzerland’s overseas aid to family planning in developing countries.

Opponents, among them all the major political parties, argued that the proposals would be bad for the economy because business leaders wanted to be able to recruit skilled labour from across Europe.

They also feared that if passed, the measure could put the country in breach of its international commitments and damage its image.

Many environmental groups argued that if the Swiss really wanted to protect their environment, they should adjust their own lifestyles, the BBC’s Imogen Foulkes said.

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  • Bobbala

    Apparently white people have been selected for extinction …

    • IstvanIN

      By White people no less.

      • Bobbala

        Perhaps I should have said volunteered.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        NO, it is the other white meat.

        The Swiss didn’t vote on anything. Their puppet masters voted.


        • Jake Frizzell


    • 48224

      Whites are too civilized for their own good and the barbarians take advantage of that. We whites need to be a little more barbaric.

    • Anna Tree

      “Why do complex animals die out? Why don’t they adjust? Physically, they
      seem to have the capacity to survive. There appears to be no reason why
      they should die. And yet they do.

      What I wish to propose is that complex animals become extinct not
      because of a change in their physical adaptation to their environment,
      but because of their behavior. I would suggest that the latest thinking
      ill chaos theory, or nonlinear dynamics, provides tantalizing hints to
      how this happens.

      It suggests to us that behavior of complex animals can change very
      rapidly, and not always for the better. It suggests that behavior can
      cease to be responsive to the environment, and lead to decline and
      death. It suggests that animals may stop adapting. Is this what happened
      to the dinosaurs? Is this the true cause of their disappearance? We may
      never know. But it is no accident that human beings are so interested
      in dinosaur extinction. The decline of the dinosaurs allowed mammals –
      including us – to flourish. And that leads us to wonder whether the
      disappearance of the dinosaurs is going to be repeated, sooner or later,
      by us as well. Whether at the deepest level the fault lies not in blind
      fate-in some fiery meteor from the skies – but in our own behavior.”

      From Michael Crichton.

    • Evolution stopped at the neck

      Switzerland get a very different kind of immigrant , mostly from other EU countries , certainly not the kind that cross the Mediterranean in rubber ducks. Lucky them .

      • JInSanD

        The real issue is not the rich, white Europeans who move there but the many muslims who happen to come in from other EU countries but are counted as French or British for example.

        • newscomments70

          “British Muslims” and “Swedish Rappers.”

      • dmxinc

        I’ve spent a lot of time in Switzerland. They have plenty of Africans.

  • TruthBeTold

    Wasn’t it less than a year ago that the Swedes voted not to increase immigration?

    • David Ashton

      It’s the “economy” stupid – “bizniss” is “bizniss”.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Swedes did not have a vote on limiting immigration.
      Please don’t be a stereotype of stupid americans that can’t tell the difference between Sweden and Switzerland (Or Austria and Australia).

      • TruthBeTold

        Yes, I now see my mistake.

      • newscomments70

        I find that stereotype offensive. I hear so many Europeans sneer, “You Americans are so (insert stereotype)!”. It seems like that they believe we are all loud tourists from New Jersey, wearing hawaiian shirts and fanny packs on a euro-bus tour, and this is still 1972. We’re not all the same person and whites are almost a minority now. (No European would dare criticize a non-white American, by the way). I don’t claim to be a genius, but I am educated, multi lingual, and I can tell the difference between Austria and Australia.

        I have relatives /ancestry in Sweden and I have done business there. I find them intelligent but stubborn and naive. I also don’t know how such a an intelligent race can give away their country to the third world. No offense, sorry for the rant.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Sometimes stereotypes are true.
          Actually, not just only sometimes, but quite often. Stereotypes generally have a basis in reality.

          As for swedes, we are naive.
          You see, you judge others by how you yourself are.
          Swedes are honest, open and law-abiding, and therefore they think that others are as well.
          That means we are easily fooled, simply because we are not used to being fooled.

          Fool me once, shame on you etc.
          Same thing, only in a bigger perspective.

          There are fun things happening in Sweden right now though, a lot of swedes have come to the “fool me twice” part.
          And it is now looking that there will be a re-election because the “racist, homophobic and whatever” party Sweden Democrats just killed the governments proposed budget.

          • newscomments70

            I believe that the US is now too diverse to be stereotyped. Is a third world gang member uneducated and ignorant? Yes, very much so. White Americans and white Europeans are more on par though. Crime rates and test scores in US white areas are actually very close to white areas in Western Europe (even with our guns). There are hateful stereotypes of whites, especially Southern whites, fabricated by Hollywood movies. They are portrayed as toothless, crude, racist, illiterate, and other disgusting traits. Furthermore, whites are portrayed as violent and blacks are innocent, peaceful victims. People naturally believe that movies are real. If you have ever been to the South, you would see what nonsense this is. The only time I saw Australia and Austria being confused was in the movie, “Dumb and Dumber”. Jim Carrey greeted an Austrian woman with a, “G’day mate!”. Jim Carrey is Canadian, by the way.

            I once went to a convention in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before I left, I researched the crime patterns in that city. I have lived in US cities which are obviously very dangerous. I read “Fighting Terrorism” by Juval Aviv, as well. I recommend that book as a guide for foreign travel. I read that the city had many pickpockets and muggers. I also read that cab drivers would offen mug people by knifepoint. For that reason, whenever leaving the hotel, I dressed very plainly in worker’s clothes and only carried about $30 USD. I left my passport, credit cards, etc in a safe.

            My Swedish colleagues, on the other hand, did not take any precautions. On the first day, a group of them were wearing bright colored clothes, jewelry, and fanny packs. They were carrying everything with them…passports, cash, and credit cards. They were robbed at knifepoint by a gang of attackers in the vestibule of the Sheraton. They didn’t even step outside. Naivety is common with Swedes. This was a prime example. My father is Swedish, he states, ” you can always tell a Swede, but you can’t tell him much”. (Just joking)

            The other Western Europeans weren’t that much different. I warned them about street crime, but they scoffed at me for being paranoid, and a “stupid American”. I also imagined that they assumed I was very racist for suggesting caution. At the convention, there was a group of Nigerians, who were obviously con-artists. Even other Africans commented on this. Some of the Germans stated, “We have to help these poor people, they need us.”. I responded, “they are thieves, and they want to steal from you.” Again, I was considered racist and paranoid for pointing out the obvious truth. I was a “stupid American”.

            I like Sweden very much, and I hope the Sweden Democrats have continued success. That is laughable that your liberals want to keep changing the rules, now that they’re losing. Basically we can have democracy, as long we agree with liberals. If they lose, they have to change the rules. Liberals are the same everywhere. it seems like they want to switch to a Soviet system, which would guarantee them victory.

          • newscomments70

            By the way, I tried to make some corrections in my latest reply, but Disqus will not post them.

  • The power oligarchs always flip the script in selling “globalism.” Which is another code word for white genocide.

    Globalism is sold as prosperity, when in reality there is no prosperity to be had via mass immigration. You destroy your ethnic cohesiveness for 30 shekels of silver, then you deserve what you get–which is the destruction of your middle class and your race.

    • SentryattheGate

      Yes, “family” and homeland should not be for sale! From the Lays of Ancient Rome: Then out spake brave Horatius,The Captain of the Gate:
      “To every man upon this earth
      Death cometh soon or late.
      And how can man die better
      Than facing fearful odds,
      For the ashes of his fathers,
      And the temples of his Gods.”[4]

      • B.A_2014

        But didn’t you know, immigration is good for the economy.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          How much will you give me to let you paint my aunt’s fence?

  • DaveMed

    Nothing about Western suicide will change until people learn to ignore the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BBC, and all the rest of the propaganda machines pushing “economic growth” uber alles.

    We have life expectancies into the 70s and 80s, enough nutritious food for even the poorest among us to grow obese, the ability to listen to symphonies while we walk around town, and many other luxuries that would have been unimaginable several generations ago.

    It’s time to shift our gaze from materialism to the preservation of our people. If that means that it will be a couple of more years between cell phone upgrades, so be it.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      It’s not so easy to just ignore them.

      The biggest reason the Swiss voted as they did in this referendum likely has to do with what happened last time, when there was another referendum on immigration.

      EU punished them heavily for it, costing them billions of dollars.

      • See The Future

        Every European country needs to leave the EU now.

        The EU is leading to the destruction of traditional Europe.


          I hope Europe wakes up, takes back their nations and ‘eliminates’ the people who are orchestrating our destruction.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          There is a problem.
          There is no way to leave EU.

          One can only look to Nigel Farage, and hope that the current crisis will break EU.

          They are trying to create a USE, united states of Europe, as a copy of USA.
          How do one of your states leave the union if they don’t like it?

    • Jaggers

      I’d be more than willing to suffer economic stagnation to keep my country ethnically sound. But, as we all know, poor uneducated immigrants do not help the economy, nor the national debt.

      • See The Future

        They are like a ships anchor

      • archer

        Unrestricted turd world immigration is what’s bad for the economy, Britain and France are not doing well because of it, at least the Germans seem to be finally waking up.

  • IstvanIN

    We are our worst enemy.

    • Max

      Pogo warned us.

  • Evette Coutier

    If we have become that emotionally stupid and weak, then we deserve to go extinct.

    • Augustus3709

      There’s always a reason for it. I don’t know enough of the details of this particular vote but apparently a lot of people saw an “advantage” to absorbing foreigners. It was probably financial, or shame-tactic related.

      • Evette Coutier

        That’s certainly true; however, it’s still a stupid choice. At this point I’ve come to accept that our advancements in science, technology, and society have allow failed white genetic strains into the population. This may all boil down to nature imposing its laws and culling the bad genetic strategies that have infiltrated our genetic coding.

        • Augustus3709

          Yes prosperity breeds weakness, but I also think that some of White people’s GOOD qualities are going haywire because multiculturalism is so anti-nature and yet many of us are trying to make it “work”, not realizing how fatalistic it is.

          Compassion and individualism generally drive us forward to more just and creative societies, but now those superior traits are being used against us. We must reteach the people to compensate.

          • Evette Coutier

            Those good qualities only work in a white only culture. That’s the only real issue. It’s a strength among whites and a weakness among sub-humans. We have to revert to our darker selves to deal with those lower on the evolutionary scale.

      • See The Future

        They cannot see……… is like this: A drop of oil in a bath tub not too noticeable. A cup of oil in a bath tub becomes noticeable. A gallon of oil in a bath tub. If you add enough oil to the bath tub it will only be oil. Do you get my drift now?

    • FinnShane

      I often feel the same way. When I see Whites with their foolishness, self loathing, worship of money and pop culture and complete ignorance and lack of appreciation for their history and its gifts, indeed complete lack of appreciation of THEMSELVES, I can’t help but feel if it weren’t for the accident of being of the same blood I would have absolutely nothing to do with these people. My loathing for those sellouts is stronger than my loathing for the Orcs in our midst, since they just do what is natural to them; the Whites though throw away all hope for the future and feel doing so is a spiritual achievement. I fight through these feelings when they often come up, try to cultivate myself and wait for some spin of fortunes wheel to turn in our favor. I realize I have to stray true and do my best, and at least not earn the scorn of my forebears who might be looking down from somewhere.

      Sorry about the rant. I do know what you are talking about, and the nature of what is eating at souls of so many of us here makes it hard to share with others face to face. They do deserve what they get, but unfortunately what “they” get is what we get. The forced holiday cheer makes it even more of a bitter pill. I am grateful for sites such as AR which let us know we aren’t alone in this madhouse.

      • Evette Coutier

        I’m with you on every point. I’d stand by you and folks like you until the end. Maybe what we are seeing a necessary part of the involvement of the white race. The genetic failures will self sabotage, and those of us who know better will advance and not retrograde into the cesspool of sub-human genetics.

        Sorry about the rant earlier. I’ve just had and needed to vent.

        Never give up the fight. There’s too much at stake. Have a great holiday season. We all need to put some positive cheer on, and count our blessings. Thank God we’re not one of them.

    • See The Future

      There are some of us that see what is happening and will happen. We do not deserve that very unfortunate fate………..but we are in the pot with the rest.

  • JustJeff

    What happened to you, Switzerland? You used to be cool.

    • Augustus3709

      You know I always see the letter Z between the bolts.

      • JustJeff

        Woah, never noticed

  • dd121

    They had a chance to vote on it? There’s fools and then there’s damn fools.

  • libertarian1234

    “Ecopop Referendum: Swiss Reject Immigration Curbs”

    Oh, oh, oh. Are they going to rue the day they did that.

    • See The Future

      It will be the children and grand children that pay the ultimate price.

  • The Dude

    “The proposal also included a measure to limit overpopulation abroad by devoting 10% of Switzerland’s overseas aid to family planning in developing countries.”

    Could they at least keep that clause?

  • adplatt126

    So, one quarter of the population voted for letting more of their own kind into the nation. Thus, this referendum indirectly demonstrates the real danger of permitting the mass immigration of ethnic outsiders.

    • See The Future

      It is no longer necessary to wage conventional armed war to take over another country. It is quite simple to do peacefully by immigration and uncontrolled breeding. Isn’t the democratic process wonderful?

  • WR_the_realist

    The Swiss are as stupid as the elites in every white nation are. At least they had the opportunity to make their voices heard, but they blew it. In most “democracies”, including the United States, we aren’t allowed to have a direct referendum on immigration. Instead every two years we get to select between a Democrat who is owned by globalist elites and a Republican who is owned by globalist elites. And we bomb other nations if they don’t have a wonderful system like ours.

    • See The Future

      The Swiss will live to regret their choice

    • Ed Snowden

      The elites are not stupid.
      They would just prefer to not share the wealth with a middle class who are mostly whites.
      The elites want just enough middle class to run their idea of a successful economy, but not so many that there is too much competition for investments, businesses, rent property, etc.

      That is what is behind the immigration, taxation, and of course the “education” policies that do little to educate.

  • UncleSham

    Why is it that whenever Europeans have a vote about reducing immigration they never make the distinction between White and non-White immigrants? Can no one mention the elephant in the room?

    • wildfirexx

      In non-white societies ethnic nationalism and racism are treated differently.
      but In white societies ethnic nationalism and racism are treated the same.
      therefore to distinguish between east european immigrants and non-european immigrants in white countries, has unfortunately become unacceptable by white standards.

      • UncleSham

        True. Even in non-White societies the people know that racism only applies to White people. No one ever tried to convince them that ethnic nationalism is wrong because no one wants to mix with them.

  • UncleSham

    Some of my paternal ancestors were forced out of Switzerland for being heretics. How times have changed.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    It sounds like the Swiss “don’t get out much”.

    • AndrewInterrupted

    • newscomments70

      In France it’s over 700.

  • See The Future

    What role did the media and politicians play?

  • newscomments70

    Tina Turner immigrated to Switzerland to escape the insanity. I don’t believe there is an escape though.

  • Jake Frizzell

    If the corrupt Swiss politicians were against this you know it was popular and the referendum was most likely rigged by the ‘amish’.


    At least the Swiss citizens have firearms. So hopefully they will use them on the traitors and the third-world invaders.

  • Paleoconn

    The more immigrants they allow into the country, the more votes in favor of immigration.