Big Lots Announces Closure of Ferguson Store, Says Unrest Not a Factor

Brittany Noble-Jones, KMOV (Ferguson), December 17, 2014

A major chain is shutting down its store in Ferguson.

Big Lots is the second national chain store that has closed since the death of Mike Brown. Neither Big Lots, nor KMART, who previously announced the closure of its Ferguson store, are linking the shut down to the area unrest but some small businesses are feeling the pinch.

“Once my lease is open I think I will have to move,” said Binh Ho.

Ho owns a nail shop near the Big Lots and said her business has been down 50 percent.

Her neighbor, Salon Selective, also shut down.


“It’s really bad because we don’t have anywhere to go as is. If these things shut down where are we going to go? We have nowhere else to go,” said resident Sandy Rason.



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  • Alexandra1973

    Kmart’s pretty much on the way out to begin with.

    • authorizedversion .

      Kmart, like McDonald’s, is repulsive and should be avoided.

      • Alexandra1973

        Nearest one is about 20 miles away, so no problem.

        They have security tags on beauty items. Wonder why?

        • That would be crazy in an area inhabited by humans. My last security tag false-alarm was a computer hard drive: two terabytes. I can see why they’d be concerned about something like that, but a hair-hat? Only in American-Africa!

      • fuzzypook

        We have a nice one on the south side of our town. Very little diversity. I hope it stays in business.

    • Julius Caesar

      I’ve worked part time at a Kmart for the past 3 years while I attend my state university. The store is only patronized by blacks and Indians, with the exception of a few ghetto whites. Needless to say, I just got my walking papers. Store closes on January 11, 2015. Oh well, not like I wanted to be there any longer anyways, constant theft and harassment from the “customers” tends to ruin any likability a job might have.

  • Easyrhino

    “KMART is also leaving town, but insists it’s not because of the riots.”

    And this just in: Keith Richards has never consumed an illegal substance!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Binh Ho sold her store to a black female crack addict called Thin Hoe.

    • Paleoconn

      Because if they left due to the riots, well that would be racist, wouldn’t it?

      • Christorchaos

        Heinous, awful, racism. Worse than axe-murder.

  • Both Big Lots and K-Mart are on hard times anyway. “Ferguson” just tipped them over the edge.

    I doubt any of the burned businesses will rebuild and reopen.

    The big worry in Ferguson is the coming spring, when all the “For Sale” signs will go up on residential lawns.

    • Bill Moore


      I hope they don’t come to my neighborhood.

      Bill Moore

      • Unfortunately, the machinery at HUD offices across the nation are planning that very thing right now.

    • Alucard_the_last

      I predicted this as soon as the riots began. Why should a business there reopen when they can use their insurance money to build in a safer, human neighborhood. Now they are going to have to pay for their shenanigans. They will now have to commute for basic items that they used to just go to the corner for. Just imagine the dumb look on their ape-like faces when it is pouring down rain, freezing and very hot weather and they will have to take the bus. Even gas stations were burned down so if they do own a car, they will have to drive out of the neighborhood to get gas. Expect Anderson Cooper to do a story on their plight in about 6 months.

  • JackKrak

    The only businesses left in that hole in two years will be nail salons, check cashing services and EBT-only convenience stores.

    • authorizedversion .

      Pawn shops, liquor stores, businesses dealing in porn, may still be operating.

  • TruthBeTold

    Liberal myth: Poverty causes crime.

    Reality: Crime causes poverty.

    Once crime is allowed to get out of hand (as it often does in black communities because black communities don’t like to be policed) people with the means to get out leave. Businesses close. People lose their jobs. What’s left behind are the people who are too poor to get out. The criminals prey on the poor.

    • Da Troof

      More like stupidity causes both.

  • superlloyd

    “It’s really bad because we don’t have anywhere to go as is. If these things shut down where are we going to go? We have nowhere else to go,” said resident Sandy Rason.

    You should have thought about that before your ‘bros’ and ‘hos’ rioted, looted and razed the strip to the ground. Then again, foresight and the consequences of actions has never figured highly in the collective negro psyche.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Someone should open a store for race hustlers and lawyers, call it the black shake down store.Maybe sell some weed at the back entrance so the clients do not have to make two stops.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Looks like it’s a perfect opportunity for black entrepreneurs to move in and make a killing.

      Don’t look for Al Sharpton: He’s busy shaking down Hollywood today.

  • Christorchaos

    “It’s really bad because we don’t have anywhere to go as is. If these things shut down where are we going to go? We have nowhere else to go,” said resident Sandy Rason.

    Time for SJW’s to man up and offer bicycle delivery to Ferguson residents.

    Amazon, WunWun, Postgate, Google etc. need to designate Ferguson as one of their “designated delivery zones”. No? Racist, then??

    • See The Future

      No go zone sounds better.

  • Jack Green

    Typical businesses (just like he mainstream media) bowing to the negro race. We KNOW why they are leaving. THEY don’t want to ADMIT IT.

    • See The Future

      Being honest and saying why would be a great way to start the conversation that Obama and Holder talk about.

      • Urbane Neanderthal

        Also a great way to get the IRS/EEOC proctology exam.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Kudos to Big Lots.

    Future retail in Ferguson will entail hair and nail salons, check-cashing joints, church-front stores, liquor outlets and heavily-fortified Indian-run bodegas where the cashier is behind 4” plexiglass and prices are marked up 100%

    This is social justice as its best.

    • A lot of the hair and nail salons, check cashing joints, store front churches, liquor stores on the Fergaza Strip were taken care of a few weeks ago. The McDonalds and the Taco Bell were pretty much unharmed.

  • TomIron361

    Neither Big Lots, nor KMART, who previously announced the closure of its Ferguson store, are linking the shut down to the area unrest but some small businesses are feeling the pinch
    Yeah, sure, it has nothing to do with blacks running through the streets like a bunch of lunatics. I guess, If I believe that, some one will be looking to sell me a bridge – real cheap.

    • Irishgirl

      Damn that “unrest!”

    • phillyguy

      Their liability, fire and disaster insurance went up 1000 times fold.

  • dd121

    A lot of other stores, both mom and pop, and national chains, will remain closed or never reopen that you’ll never hear about.

    • Even the small businesses that weren’t damaged by the riots will face higher insurance rates, and will also see a falloff in sales when the big chains that have been acting as regional customer draws pull out. The small mom & pop shops are a big part of national retail business. I have noticed that the used books and software I order from Amazon are universally shipped from small outfits which are merely Amazon affiliates, though I was surprised when some DVD movies came from Britain, Canada and South Korea.

      What’ll happen to Ferguson will be the economic equivalent of draining a wetland, filling it in and then paving it over. The wildlife doesn’t come back in that case.

      • dd121

        Blacks just don’t seem to understand that it’s not a good idea to sh it where you sleep.

  • ncpride

    Next we’ll hear how Ferguson has become a ‘food desert’ and those ‘po blacks can’t get the healthy food they refuse to eat anyway, due to White racism, all the while ignoring the fact those same ‘po blacks burned the place to the ground to begin with. Just wait and see.

  • Lee_CPA

    LOL. Blacks will never learn.
    “Let’s get out in the middle of the street and stop traffic.”
    “Let’s boycot Black Friday.”
    “Let’s riot, rob, loot, and burn businesses down.”
    “Hey!! Where did all the stores go?”

  • A Freespeechzone

    Even national chain stores know when it is time to ‘cut bait’ and stay away from negroes.

    They can’t depend on LE to keep angry negroes and ‘protesters’ from robbing, looting and burning—look at the auto parts store during their ‘peaceful’ protests; that, by the way, were excused because of their ‘frustration’ over the decision of the Grand Jury.

    It’s too expensive to bet it won’t happen again.

    • They wanted political enforcement instead of law enforcement. Of course this is possible, but there are always consequences. Stupid people don’t like consequences.

  • Businesses are pulling out; who would ever have imagined that, except us? Good Lord, is it ever fun being right all the time!

    “If these things shut down, where are we going to go?”

    Cry me a river, Sandy!

  • jason sneed

    idea: close all liquor stores and set up vending machines behind steel bars.

  • Bill Moore


    Hmmm…. What to do?

    We’ll need large grants from Washington DC to Africans who promise to open stores in Ferguson.

    After accepting the money and opening the store, the Africans will pay themselves large salaries, hire all of their friends, sit around in the store drinking and doing drugs, and the store will be bankrupt in a year. Then, another grant to keep the store open, and another year of the same typical African behavior. Then, …..

    Just My Thoughts,
    Bill Moore

  • Bill Moore


    Or shoplifting from.

    Bill Moore

  • Sam

    I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to stay and serve the primitive negro savages from Africa.

    • Robert Smith

      I can’t understand why they wanted to before the “chimp out.”

  • Wing-nut.

    Gonna be a bumper cop.

    In a “reap what you sow” kind of way.

  • brior

    Fire insurance go up much?

  • An outlet of a major chain retailer is often an “anchor” store in an area, and draws in business for the smaller “mom & pop” stores nearby. Freguson isn’t going to recover from this outbreak of Afritardery.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Good. I hope other businesses leave. With less competition, the remaining stores will be able to jack up the prices so the thieving negroes will have to pay more…if they pay at all.

    • The riots were probably not a factor in the K-Mart decision. The parent company is Sears, and they’ve had financial trouble. The K-Mart near here, at Chapel Hills Mall was closed several years ago, though the Sears store is still there. It was a good location, and I was surprised to see it go.

      Which stores get closed when a corporate decision like this is made is of course subject to considerations like inventory “shrinkage” due to shoplifting and black employees “waving” rather than properly scanning merchandise at the checkout lines, but sometimes the decisions are just plain weird. Egghead Software decided they had to close a certain number of stores in the mid-1990’s, and since that number exactly corresponded to the number of stores in Colorado, they simply closed every store in the state. Goofy, but they did it anyway. I’ve been buying PC software at used bookstores and via Amazon for the last decade, primarily because Comp USA has gone belly-up and Wal Mart and Best Buy don’t have a crash-hot selection.

      When I was still allowed to go shooting, one of my friends and I liked skeet shooting. I was never big on shotguns, but firing at moving targets is fun. K-Mart had a store in north Boulder, not far from the shooting range, and they sold the cheapest 12-gauge skeet shells in town. My friend Ed wasn’t originally interested in reloading empty shotgun hulls, but I saved several big paper shopping bags full of identical empties and then gave them to him, so he started reloading those. For the shotgun ammo situation, I thought K-Mart was great.

      Long’s drugstore chain also shut down every store in Colorado back in 2007. When I was reloading rifle and pistol brass, I used to buy primers there in large lots, as well as fishing tackle and some food items that I hadn’t seen since graduating college and moving back from California. The one at Palmer Park and Academy also had an FFL (I bought my Ruger Mini-14 there in 1994) and a great imported beer section. I don’t know why they shut those.

      It certainly wasn’t riots; the no-nonsense police department here wouldn’t go for riots.

      • Alexandra1973

        I used to work as a temp at the Kmart World HQ in Troy, Michigan, on and off. Place is like a fortress and the head honchos’ office is behind bullet-proof glass. Well, it was in 1992.

        At any rate…I worked in one department where we input data concerning utility bills, and if one store’s bill was particularly high we made a note of it. Saw quite a number of those. It’s been over 20 years so I can’t remember what areas those stores were in, but I have to wonder if excessive water usage was due to plumbing being broken (saw this in an Akron mall once).

  • Ohmy!

    Well, too bad the blacks didn’t think ahead of time about how their actions would impact the business community. I hope more businesses leave the blacks behind, going to “greener pastures,” areas that would be more profitable (and safer) for them (in the long run). I feel no sympathy for the native “protesters” losing some stores.

  • John Jackson

    Let’s not celebrate to much here folks, most of you only read about Detroit in the news, I’ve lived near it for nearly 40yrs, you know what happens when a black community dries up, they branch out into the surrounding areas.

    Belleville, Romulus, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Westland, Inkster, all used to be nice towns, now they are mini-Detroits, it’s starting in my town as well. Only reason I haven’t moved…yet, is my family has had a farm here for over 100yrs.

    I feel for the people living around Ferguson, they are about to have it’s “refugees” swarm into their communities.

    • Like a plague of locusts, they move on to greener pastures when they are finished destroying an area.

    • Robert Smith

      The surrounding communities are just like it. They were overrun more than a decade ago.

    • Alexandra1973

      I graduated in 1991 from Ferndale High and from what I can remember Inkster was pretty much a black ‘burb even then. How do I know? At marching band competitions, I saw that Inkster High’s marching band was just about all black and they couldn’t march worth anything. It seemed to be not so much marching as shuckin’ and jivin’.

      Of course I’m remembering events from a good quarter-century ago.

      • John Jackson

        You could be right, I know Sumpter has also been mostly black since I was a kid, but we all stayed in our respective towns, even tho they were side by side everyone knew where the border was and honored it, I actually never had a problem with them, but the one’s coming from Detroit are a whole different story.

  • Augustus3709

    The biological term is: Hunter-Gatherer.

  • Augustus3709

    Blacks rioting is the equivalent of an infant crying for its parents.

  • Epiminondas

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. (Smirk.)

  • The few who are actually willing to work for a living will leave once the jobs are gone, which will accelerate Ferguson’s criminal decay.

  • Nonhumans

    Of course! The Fergaza nonhumans have likely heard the term “Food Desert”. They are (barely) smart enough to not compromise their easy-meal spots.

  • RationaliseThis

    I work in n the mining industry so I’m often in Africa. The Black folks that run the stores there are pretty good and fair. Small groceries (needed for a chocolate fix), hardware, Chinese appliances. I’ve never been short changed, folks have run down the street to give me the change I’ve left behind. However the security situation is dreadful. Things like dentistry and medicin are after handled by Indians and they need armed guards. A full sized supermarket, usually a Sth african multi national, requires extensive security measures. Shopping bags from other stores need to be checked in before entry, bags are sealed before exit and a receipt needs to be presented. It makes everything dam slow and expensive.

    It’s fairly obvious that there is an IQ factor here but free of the race hustlers taking advantage of a white populations presence to blame us Africans will take appropriate action to deal with criminality and secure their business community. There are a lot of intelligent Africans that can hold down an office job, execute a technical skill. I have to admit that there are frequently some of them whose intelligence seems so low it takes me time to comprehend that they are actually so dumb yet still able to walk and talk. It’s particularly tragic when you meet the child of a Black person whose abilities you respect and realise that the trait hasn’t been passed on despite education.

    One of the Indian software contractors I worked with made an interesting observation. He often helped do the homework of his land ladies son who was a good lad that earned money mowing lawns for him and was considered a good student. When it came to maths he reckoned that the 18 year olds were working at the level of 13 year olds in India, just starting basic calculus.

    It’s very clear that blaming Whitey leads to Blacks abrogating responsibility and enabling the criminals in their own community. I’m not sure what the evolutionary or selective pressures will be but they can’t be good.

    Amazingly it’s an accepted fact among Africans that White people invented aids to reduce the African population. They’ll tell you this to the face without a touch of aparent personal malice.

    The police in Africa often carry an SKS (Chinese AK-47) with auto enabled. They need it.

  • Another Detroit, after riots in the late 60.s the city never recovered from that either. that is what happens when you choose lawlessness over law. no one will open shop.
    funny that government seems to have a hard time to learn this.

  • 1Forced_Registration

    Even some of the pawn shops are leaving due to the looting. Its a very expensive proposition when your pawn shop gets looted and you actually have to cover REAL value of items as opposed to pawned value. They carry insurance, but its usually the type with $5000-20000 out of pocket first.