Posted on December 18, 2014

Big Lots Announces Closure of Ferguson Store, Says Unrest Not a Factor

Brittany Noble-Jones, KMOV (Ferguson), December 17, 2014

A major chain is shutting down its store in Ferguson.

Big Lots is the second national chain store that has closed since the death of Mike Brown. Neither Big Lots, nor KMART, who previously announced the closure of its Ferguson store, are linking the shut down to the area unrest but some small businesses are feeling the pinch.

“Once my lease is open I think I will have to move,” said Binh Ho.

Ho owns a nail shop near the Big Lots and said her business has been down 50 percent.

Her neighbor, Salon Selective, also shut down.


“It’s really bad because we don’t have anywhere to go as is. If these things shut down where are we going to go? We have nowhere else to go,” said resident Sandy Rason.