Anti-Cop Protesters March in Defiance of De Blasio’s Appeal

Aaron Short et al., New York Post, December 23, 2014

More than 1,000 anti-cop protesters defied Mayor Bill de Blasio and flooded Manhattan on Tuesday evening, marching through the Fifth Avenue shopping district before heading uptown.

“The mayor says stop that, we say f–k that!” the mob chanted at one point.


“NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today?” the protesters shouted.

The demonstrators, some carry­ing a banner that read “Stop Racist Police Terror,” started marching south from 59th Street on the sidewalks, but later blocked traffic on Fifth and Madison avenues.

They then turned around and started marching toward Harlem to demonstrate in front of a police station house.

“We’re protesting tonight because the mayor specifically said not to,” said marcher Tarik Grand, 25, of Brooklyn.


Anti-cop protests have been roiling the city since a Staten Island grand jury on Dec. 3 voted not to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the chokehold death of Eric Garner.

But on Monday, de Blasio–who has staunchly defended the right to protest peacefully–urged a halt to the demonstrations until after the funerals of cops Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, who were shot without warning as they sat in a patrol car in Brooklyn.



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  • Alexandra1973

    Last time I checked the KKK wasn’t involved in those shootings.

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

    • JackKrak

      Yeah, I’m sure that you, like me, think “NYPD” when you hear “KKK”….

      • Sick of it

        I can imagine someone in the NYPD killing a member of the KKK, on orders, but that’s about it.


      Yeah, what’s a momma to do when she has to worry about her baby getting all shot up by the po-po while pulling a stick up.

  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    Apparently, black organizations will throw hysterics at status quo institutions that they perceive as white, but say nothing about the 90 percent of their own people who are killed vis-a-vis black violent crime. I guess theey would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.

    • Alucard_the_last

      Blacks who kill blacks should not go to jail. That is a violation of their civil rights. Now when negroes kill a human, that is another story. Death sentence by the way they killed and within 20 days.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      It’s much simpler than that.

      They are looking for a payout.
      Government institutions, authorities and various white organizations have money, so if you go after them, you can get some of it.

      Black criminals don’t have anything except what they got in their pocket, so there is no profit in complaining about that.
      Complaining about black crime only gives you more police officers. Complaining about white racism gets you money, social projects in your neighbourhood, employment opportunities etc.

      It’s all about the money and has nothing to do with reigning or serving in heaven or hell.

  • Da Troof

    The NYPD and KKK combined have probably killed fewer blacks than blacks kill every year.

    • Pathfinder75

      Not “probably” fewer: DEFINITELY fewer.

      • libertarian1234

        No question about it. In fact the stats might show that deaths from blacks in just one year could well be far in excess of the ones by the KKK during their entire existence.

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          In the U.S., blacks kill more people in six months than The Klan did in its 150-year history. The real kicker is that in the early 1920s The Klan numbered over 5 million yet there was no mass extermination or deportation of blacks, Catholics or Jews.

      • APaige

        True. But I would answer ‘not enough of them.’

  • DaveMed

    One of the downsides of 21st-century luxury is that useless drones like these have the time to agitate endlessly instead of doing useful work.

    They should try hauling rocks. It would build character.

  • Pathfinder75

    Anti-cop protesters, hey, hey, hey, how many lies will you tell today?

  • libertarian1234

    These white weenies are spewing Marxist drivel that has been regurgitated for many years and has gained the support of many brainwashed dorks just like themselves. What they say is not only inaccurate the threats they include with their chants have placed them in the cross hairs of every anti-terrorist unit in the world.

    They just love to be dissenters so much they’re spilling over with happiness that a cause came along they can attach themselves to.

    Most of them are the Occupy Wall Street crowd who are a bunch of mentally-challenged white dupes who haven’t a clue about what they’re supposed to be protesting about. Nor can they articulate what it is they really want, because they don’t know. They’re just gleeful that they have something they can protest. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it criticizes the existing system.

    They’re thrilled to have a cause that enables them to get out of mom and dad’s basement and do some hands on work and they can hardly contain their glee.

    • Uncle_Dan

      To a considerable extent, their drivel was learned in school, and the schoolteachers were taught this drivel in college, and the college teachers… are warmed over 60’s radicals. Thus a once-great country gets drivelized.

      I bet they’re asleep all over America.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Everybody needs a purpose. This is universal. I don’t fault anyone for seeking a cause. Some people have chosen poorly. Put yourself in their shoes-what choices were apparent to them? Things will change.

  • See The Future

    I would love to see the cops walk for a week all across the country.

    That would wake up a few white sympathizers.

  • From Quartz: “According to a New York City workforce profile report from the mayor’s office last year, the NYPD has gone from being 50% white in 2003 to just 41% white in 2012, with black Americans accounting for 28% of officers, Hispanics comprising 24%, and Asians 6%.”

    Compare that to the demographics of the general population of New York City: 44% white, 25% black, 29% Hispanic, and 13% Asian.


    Though I hardly take this as good news, just a narrative buster.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      White cops in NYC don’t tend to stay long. The plan: get in, do few years and then transfer to higher-paying jobs in Nassau and Suffolk Counties (Long Island).

  • superlloyd

    That traitorous, libtard Idiot DeBlasio is being attacked by all sides. Just like all appeasers throughout history. Hilarious.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    The population of NYC is around 6 million people. A thousand protesters is represents a tiny fraction of 1%. The best thing the media, and all of us, can do is ignore them. Nothing in the papers, on TV, nothing, period. If a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear it………….

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Those protesters are difficult to ignore when they block bridges and roads, cut off access for ambulances and interfere with businesses – all of which are against the law, even in NY City.

      • Steve_in_Vermont

        I agree, it’s hard. But these protesters thrive on the media, it’s “oxygen” for them, without it there’s no reason to “protest”. Outside of a small part of NYC who in the world cares what they do.

        • HE2

          Used to be in Berkeley, if reporters and media cameras were removed from a scene as this, it was no longer any fun.
          Trouble is, everyone has a phone cam with quick access to a You Tube account these days.
          Still, “you are there” instant MSM coverage escalates a rabble rousing event to high drama just the same.
          Arresting those unlawfully blocking traffic should happen. No doubt about it.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          They are paid.

          That’s why they do what they do -useful idiots all!

          Those who pay them stay far behind the scenes, let the protesters take the blame and fall out while they organize and strategize – and pay the protesters.

          And, importantly, they are not White.

  • Conrad

    “NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today?” the protesters shouted.”
    How many of your kids are out there robbing, killing and raping?

  • Alucard_the_last

    If the police were the KKK, they wouldn’t be protesting. They would have been arrested and disappeared and at this point. I prefer that.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    De Blasio typical hypocritical leftist that he is, is blaming the media:

    De Blasio accused the reporters assembled in front of him of stoking outrage by focusing on ‘the few’ protesters doing ‘immoral’ things.

    ‘They are wrong,’ he said, his voice rising.

    ‘But are you going to keep dividing us? What you manage to do is pull up the few who do not represent the majority.’

    He called it ‘unfair,’ and insisted most protesters were peaceful but “you guys enable” the troublemakers.

    I see two choices here: Withdraw police and let anarchy win – protesters blocking roads, bridges and businesses, cutting off access for ambulances, stealing, catatonic screaming and calling for the deaths of cops.


    Rule of Law and order must be restored.

    With force, if necessary.

    There is no other choice.

    This is a ticking time bomb with the protests escalating.

    The “peaceful” protests, as the media call them, are interfering with the rights and freedoms of others.

    Otherwise NY will descend into chaos.

    • Georgia Boy

      I thought it was particularly galling that he, the mayor, would 1. Publicly imply his half-black son was in danger because of his own police, then 2. Accuse the media of being divisive.

      It’s the sort of obviously convoluted logic of someone (with flexible morals) who gets under social pressure. Maybe he’s fearing he’s about to get forced out?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        He made no bones about what he was during the campaign – a race-mixing anti-police communist with an ugly bull-dyke “wife” – yet people still voted for him to run their city.

        I just read yesterday about a second wave of wealthy moving out of Manhattan -guess they finally got the message that the longer they stayed the more their wealth was threatened.

  • LHathaway

    Police departments were probably trying to catch the KKK. That’s why they wore hoods. I don’t know.

  • TomIron361

    The time is drawing nye to think in terms of good position, steady breathing, taking up trigger slack, waiting for sights to come to six o’clock bull, letting the round go at exactly the right moment and one round, one hit.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Notice these ‘protesters’ stay in the big city–they know that if they ‘demonstrate’ in middle class neighborhoods, few there will allow lawlessness to occur without a ‘response’.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Blacks are the filthiest people In the world and without them, the world would be a better place.

  • Anna Tree

    Known today as Tuskegee University, the institution that has been recognized as the official expert charged with documenting lynching since 1882. Tuskegee remains the single complete source of statistics and records on this crime since 1882, and is the source for all other compiled statistics. As of 1959, which was the last time that their annual Lynch Report was published, a total of 4,733 persons had died as a result of lynching since 1882. The same source gives the following statistics for the period from 1882 to 1951. 88 percent of victims were Black and 10 percent were White.

    So some 4165 blacks were lynched in 77 years.

    In comparison, blacks kill some 5000 blacks every year.

  • Cheri Rodriguez

    104 in 1964? Really? Try 3 in 1964 (two of whom were White). The last time the number went over 100 per year was 1903. After 1935 it never hit 10 per year. And remember, lynchings were usually aimed at bad / criminal behavior.

  • As a non-American, it is quite astonishing to witness the evolution of this situation.

    I can’t even pretend to know what it is really like there in the States, particularly as I have never been. However, from the outside, this is a mess that looks like it will never end and in fact could escalate to uncontrollable and irreversible changes that may end up being for the better – heightened racial awareness, heightened mistrust, heightened demographic separation, further tiredness of keeping mouths shut and going along with the traditional multiracial narratives.

    The race-hustlers and liberals have been pushing the “racist police” or “America {white} is racist” for so long now, in conjunction with “blacks are innocent and hard done to, even when they are criminals, because they are only criminals because “white power” forced them to be”…… and now a situation is escalating where actually upholding the law cannot be carried out, where even operatives working for the police are saying police deserve to be shot by blacks!

    When they are out on the streets chanting such idiotic things (that are borne from being trained to be victims and victim-hood), when they are too stupid, literally too low in IQ to actually work out what the problem is (hint: it is not the police, or white people), too brainwashed by liberal dogma that they cannot even *listen* to a counter view…. it can only end badly.

    It seems that there may be only a few ways forward – lock the whole lot down and rule blacks with an iron fist, only allow blacks to police blacks (and thus create a self imposed apartheid), or completely separate people into different nations. One black, One white, One ‘mixed’ for those mixers and liberals who ‘proudly’ refuse to see the light.
    How can you enforce the law when enforcing the law against genuine criminals brings mob violence and rallies? When nobody in authority is ever going to say “black people, shut the hell up, stop being criminals and this won’t happen”?…

    They just won’t do it because either they FEAR what would happen or because they are so liberal they cannot even bring themselves to think it.

    Either way, it is not looking good. They are running from the truth. That never ends well, because it hunts you down eventually. But If this polarisation continues it may be the start of something much bigger than the police orientated issues.

    • Sick of it

      “When nobody in authority is ever going to say “black people, shut the hell up, stop being criminals and this won’t happen”?…”

      Black people have told other black people this very thing, but they do not listen.

      “or completely separate people into different nations”

      This makes sense, but as I’ve stated before, this country will become like Brazil or we’ll have a big bloody mess on our hands. I don’t see peaceful separation. Too many people are too cowardly to push for anything right now. So many whites are too busy proving they aren’t racist, while non-whites target us specifically BECAUSE WE ARE WHITE!

      • I don’t think there is any easy way out of the situation, both here and over there in the States.

        As you say, people seem too far gone to often even listen to our point of view, never mind grasp and support the drive for separate states.

        I am not sure if it is cowardice though, but more complete ignorance or a sense of liberal self-righteousness that they could not even understand the need and even fight whites trying to save themselves from the madness.

        The only way it would happen at the moment is for people to just drift into further polarisation and separation to such a degree it would be much easier to complete at a later date by more forceful advocates, or for things get so desperate that people are forced to nail their colours to a mast.

        Maybe blacks could be whipped up into such a frenzy that they embrace their own separation. They have been told for so long that their faults lay with white people, so maybe they could be fed the idea that they would be so much better off on their own.

        However, despite their nature, I don’t think blacks are that stupid to fall for it. They know which side of the bread their butter is on. But it may be worth a try, they tend to believe anything….like the NYPD is like the KKK….. Throw down the challenge, “you say you can make it so much better on your own – so do it! Prove us wrong!”

        If only…

    • gemjunior

      Well for someone who hasn’t been here, you do have a finely tuned understanding of the way it is. I think your ideas are great and wish that would happen. An iron fist is what’s needed – and they had one in the Jim Crow era and they behaved themselves to a great degree. I wish, I only wish, that the stupid Yankees up here had listened to their white brothers and sisters in the south.

  • Speedy Steve

    I heard a radio report to a call-in show about this. There was maybe 150. 15 negroes holding the banner followed by a bunch of rhinoplasty and orthodontia, white race traitor, leftist commies. The media are definitely trying to gin up a race war by announcing the organizers’ estimates each time these lamewad demos occur.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse


  • Cheri Rodriguez

    100+ in 1964? Really? Try 3 in 1964 (two of whom were White). The last time the number went over 100 per year was 1901; 24% of
    those were White. After 1935 it never hit 10 per year. Some years in the 1950s and early 1960s the total was zero. And remember, no matter what the year, lynching was usually reserved for bad / criminal behavior.

    • Sick of it

      We weren’t fond of murderers, rapists, burglars, etc. back then. Go figure.

  • Annabelle Pettyjohn

    Tarik Grand? non white; Jewish; Muslim???????

    • MBlanc46

      I’d guess American Negro.

  • mael

    Nice of their employers to give them the day off……… Hey wait a minute……

  • “NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today?” the protesters shouted.
    Apparently not enough.

  • nicholasstix


  • gemjunior

    That is horsedoody.

  • It is pretty hard to describe the situation here, but in terms of Blacks specifically, America is definitely worse off at the moment.

    Britain has been so used to orderly behaviour… having comparatively little crime, there being an ‘honour amongst thieves’ (such that thieves would violently punish other thieves if they battered an elderly woman or whatever), so used to having no guns or extreme violence, so used queueing up properly in stores and post offices etc….. that the ordinary rowdy, noisy behaviour of blacks just ‘doing nothing’ is jarring enough to be around! lol.

    For me, of course, every time I see them I still think it is truly bizarre that they are in this country and have a natural disposition that they should not be here. It is just so alien. My part of the country is not particularly saturated with Africans, but there are one hell of a lot of Pakistanis.

    My town is about 1/3rd Pakistani, as is Blackburn near to me. Smaller towns along the corridor are heading the same direction. The pockets of sole whiteness are getting slimmer and slimmer.

    In fact, I am looking at moving from this town – but I would like to keep my job, which I have built up a good position over the last 15 years. However, finding somewhere that is “future proof” for another 15 years or so is not at all easy in this area. It will be a case of picking the best of a bad bunch, because there is no escape.

    There are increasing numbers of Africans to be seen though. I think they are moving up from London, being sent here as asylum seekers and an overspill from Manchester’s commuter belt. But London is without doubt the worst place for Blacks.

    Just like over there in the states, they are drug dealing, shooting, more often knifing each other, thieving, in gangs, underemployed, carrying a grievance chip on both their shoulders for balance…..but it is not really on the same scale yet as you poor sods suffer over there in highly black hotspots.

    Where we are worse off is that we have nowhere to escape to as a small island. We are tiny in comparison, and over populated. In the States you seem to be very “self segregated” – whereas here, the non-whites of ALL types are scattered everywhere.

    There are no neat walls or divides that could be built, no real partitions that would be workable, no chance of “facing down” the expanding numbers seeking to ‘burst out’ of partitions even if we had them.

    I also think our general public are more brainwashed than yours, more happy-clappy liberal, or at least to the same degree as your own. At times it feels like a fascist state with these people in control.

    It feels that you only have to breathe wrongly down twitter or facebook and some loon is on your case or (in more extreme cases) you’re hauled off for police questioning, even prison.

    Like in the States, I think there are always signs of a potential revival – although they are never quite enough to really get anything done, and they always have an ignorance and fear towards race-realism.

    You have your ‘Tea party’ and we have the likes of UKIP. People place their hopes that it will turn into something more, but they are not grounded in the subjects we discuss and nor would they ever challenge on those concepts.

    So, like the states, the ‘conservative’ right just flaps around in a useless state whilst the state of affairs just gets worse. But they are all we have at the moment that can remotely challenge the “old parties” and older liberal attitudes that prevail.

    When it comes to democracy and elections – I have lost faith that it is even real.

    The process of “representative democracy” tends to mean that the politicians do as they are told (from above) in the name of what their people want, when they are actually never even asked.

    The more an outsider party, like UKIP, needs to get into office, the more they have to move to “middle ground” and the more they have to suck up to big-business, media moguls, etc, and thus turn into another head of the multi-headed beast that is eating us all alive.

    Voting and democracy can only ever “Nudge” things a certain way, in my view. They cannot be relied upon to deliver solid and lasting change. That has to be done outside of politics, whether community work at one extreme or a “coup d’état” at the other.

    To kind of quote Enoch Powell – “People say ‘this is not possible’ and ‘that is not possible’, but whatever lay in the interests of the British people is ALWAYS possible!”……

    So I think it is is possible that politicians can be turfed out. With enough backing I think half of London and Birmingham could be turfed out!….but the chances of it are not very likely.

    • HE2

      British, greetings on Boxing Day!

      Excellent, heartfelt post.
      How serendipitous that you should comment in this vein.
      Grieving the loss of the British Isles to the barbarian hordes, this morning, I took Wordsworth down from its shelf.
      Moving me to tears, his sorrowful poem, “It Is Not To Be Thought Of,” reads somewhat like a eulogy to our beloved English.

      In part: “That this most famous stream in bogs and sands
      Should perish, and to evil and good
      Be lost forever.
      In our halls is hung Armory of the invincible knights of old;
      We must be free or die, who speak the tongue that Shakespeare spake, the faith and morals hold.
      The last stanza is powerfully relevant.

      • I am no Wordsworth, but here is an attempt at an ode or poem about the situation, which I wrote about four years ago on my blog:-

        The burden of our knowledge is just one fateful thing,
        Of the chaos that has been brought to our once tranquil spring.
        The knowledge that things are just not going to be right,
        Is the burden we now carry for our days and our nights.

        The wreckers have come and have burdened our souls,
        They have blighted this country, perhaps for once and for all.
        For it is no mere accident that all this came to be,
        It was planned from the start, and that does bother me.

        The life we once lived is now lost in the haze,
        Of our memories of a past we so seek oh to save,
        The burden I carry is so much weighting me down,
        The point is now past where I have sorrows to drown.

        The wreckers have done this, of that I am sure,
        They sought to destroy what was once much more pure.
        They plotted and schemed and they befuddled us all,
        Marching along with those names they would call.

        You’re a despicable racist, a hater, a fascist; they said,
        When what they really desired was for the West to be dead.
        The burden of knowing their success is a hard one to take,
        When you do come to realise that your whole race is at stake.

        Eight percent and shrinking, can this really be our fate?
        This is just one of the reasons at night why I’m laying awake.
        The other is the burden that others do not really know,
        Nor see it is not ‘hatred’ in our veins that do flow.

        The hate is much more reserved for the processes at hand,
        For those people who seek to cleanse us from this land.
        No people can survive this situation they’ve brought,
        Well, not without a fight, mass deportations – or, perhaps, vote.

        Is it really so evil to just want to live peaceful and free,
        In a country where people are just like you and like me?
        Is it really so evil to save what is left of our race?
        It is surely destroyers of diversity who are the true disgrace.

        The knowledge of this situation is certainly a burden to bear,
        A burden made much worse when so few seem to care.
        Is it a situation or a premise that just dare not be said?
        Or is it just that the wreckers have fully poisoned their heads?

        We are told it is progress, the future, a cause for much celebration,
        This ever unfolding destruction of our people; this nation.
        The burden is also to watch this disturbing situation unfold,
        To run rings around the absurdities of the lies we are told.

        Yes, the burden can weigh you down all day and all night,
        When you know in your heart this situation isn’t right.
        It is not as though we hate a few fellow men for arrival,
        But we are now at the point we must fight for survival.

        It is not as though we begrudge our fellow humans either a life,
        But we know in the future there will be nothing but strife.
        The same fate has consumed so many people elsewhere
        Whether it racial replacement, admixture, religious warfare.

        This may not happen, of course that is quite possibly true,
        But one wouldn’t place a bet on it, and nor really should you.
        The only way it won’t happen is if we give up the fight
        Go quietly, acquiesce, and disappear in the night.

        Ten thousand plus years our forebears have been here,
        Yet in the space of just 150 we are to be out on our ear.
        The wreckers have come and they have poisoned our well
        It is they who have developed and nurtured this hell.

        Their “useful idiots” have yielded their sickles and hammers,
        To uproot, to knock down, all what we once clambered,
        All that we have built for ourselves and our future,
        Bent out of shape, transformed, they just wanted it neutered.

        Revolution they wanted, “Revolution!” they cried!
        Look at the result, this once proud land’s almost died.
        A nation of druggies, of gang rape, stabbings and shootings,
        Let alone the street robbery, the vandalism and looting.

        For it is not just the ethnic means they have sought to inflict,
        But the criminals and the scum their judges no longer convict.
        It is the removal of pride, of our safety, of our rules,
        All via the ‘happy clappy’ liberal pursuit of such fools.

        The right to govern ourselves has also been denied,
        As their “progressive” vehicle tootled along for its ride.
        The levers of political power are now well out of our hands,
        The future of our people slips through them like sand.

        Yet what can be done to avert this present force?
        That is the illusive answer we all seek, of course!
        Perhaps first we must create an identity for ourselves
        Before we’re history, leather bound, on dusty book shelves.

        From there might just come a new will to thrive,
        Perhaps then we will gain the means to survive.
        ‘There are more of us than them’ as people do say,
        So somehow we have to let people find out our way.

        Yet the burden is pressing ever more deep on my mind,
        For the solutions to this nightmare, I do struggle to find.
        We can empty their bins and can canvass upon litter
        Yet it is the bigger picture that really makes us so bitter.

        If we have no recruits, then our mission will falter,
        There will be no more Britons, no churches and their altars,
        Gone will be the tolerance that we gave so much to the other,
        As when their tribal instinct comes, God knows we shall suffer.

        Yet this is just the brutal way of the world I suppose,
        The weak shall perish; we can’t ‘make friends’ with our foes.
        Ten thousand years, is this degradation the pinnacle?
        The way things are going we just may need a miracle.

        When I see our past splendour, our once pleasant Isle,
        When I see the faces of white children still beam and smile,
        These are the things that make me continue this on,
        As I am reminded that these faces will one day be gone.

        In the darkest hours I sometimes do question our rights,
        To persist in our ‘unseemly’ defence in this plight,
        The wreckers have come and they’ve laid things on thick,
        But they had to I suppose; to bring us down brick by brick.

        The way that I see it, well, our cause, it is just,
        It is our nation, our people; to battle on is a must.
        It is the burden, the backpack, the baggage to wear,
        Of knowledge, of insight, that makes you despair.

        How long I shall fight for? It is getting harder to tell,
        It depends how much more poison is poured into the well.
        The well leads to the spring, from which our people shall drink,
        If it is fate, it is fate, but I just wish people would think.

        The clock is globally ticking eight percent down to six
        A mere fraction of this number having birth giving hips.
        These hips only lay at around two percent of our number,
        So really, we have little more time we can slumber.

        I still have some hope we can turn this around,
        That something will happen, that some way will be found.
        Emotional blackmail and guilt chokes the air from our breath,
        But if we do not wake up, we really do face our death.

        So onwards we must go in this battle we fight,
        To put something together, to show people the light.
        How it can be done is still anybody’s guess,
        Yet there has to be a way to get us out of this mess.

        Those refusing our messages may have to be left behind,
        One day they may understand what’s preoccupied our mind.
        For those already aware of the plight that we face,
        It is hoped that, if nothing else, we can find some secure space.

        This last ditch survival must be worked at by hook or by crook,
        For politics and wishful thinking is now not nearly enough.
        Progress may be slow, we may not do all that much,
        Yet the seeds must keep being sown for a ‘general push’.

        This survival or revival cannot be something that’s rushed,
        It must be organic, imbibed, so not easily crushed.
        There are those that will fight us, of that I am quite sure
        Yet we should be in a position by then not to care any more.

        So the task must be to get on with the realities at hand,
        To throw away the distractions, all the banal, the bland.
        It is time to free ourselves from the shackles that tend to bind,
        To think big, to think bold, outside our opponent’s confines.

        Our right for survival is bigger than these manufactured constraints,
        We must uncouple ourselves from the disaster that awaits.
        European man must relearn to be strident, to plot our own course,
        To live apart from the rest, to go on, to go forth.

        • HE2

          Lovely, British. May I copy and save it?
          Contemporizing the situation, you give Wordsworth a run for his money.
          London is no longer London.

          He must be whirling in his grave.

  • MooTieFighter

    93% of black murders are via other blacks, less than 1% is from police (and generally justified), yet this is what they rally against. ignorance. blacks are their own primary problem , they just can’t admit it. 93% to less than 1%, just how ignorant is everyone involved in these demonstrations?

    • RationaliseThis

      I believe 50% of US cop deaths are caused by Black males. It would be a foolish cop that didn’t instinctually profile that fact.

  • RationaliseThis

    I recall seeing all of those “documentaries” about Birmingham feeling ill at ease when seeing Bull Connor. (Perhaps mainly as a result of the way he was presented). After having seen a range of Blacks, many highly educated, simply lie, accept lies, pump up hate at hysterical levels over Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, Garner. After seeing two cops murdered. I realise this man was right. I wish there had of been more like him around. Of course it was a propganda and ideological war we lost. Did skeptical Whites have sufficient evidence of what integration with Blacks would ultimately produce? Was it just intuition.

  • Paleoconn

    Commies like DeBlasio and Obama must get frustrated when pockets of their base don’t get that they are on the same side. They would like to come out and say we hate the Whites too, but be patient with us, but that could be the end for them. Could. No guarantee, though.