911 Operators Made ‘Anti-Police’ Remarks, Causing Quarrel with FDNY Dispatchers

John Marzulli, NY Daily News, December 23, 2014

A war of words erupted in the city’s 911 call center Saturday over allegations two operators made “anti-police” remarks after the assassinations of two cops, the Daily News has learned.

The fracas occurred when news broke that Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu had been shot execution-style by a deranged gunman, sources said.

The remarks were allegedly made by a couple of the 911 operators who handle NYPD calls–and two Fire Department dispatchers in earshot got heated in response, sources said.

The alleged comment that created the most friction was when one said the cops had “deserved it,” said a law enforcement source.

That started a shouting match with two FDNY dispatchers.

The comments made one of them “sick to his stomach” and he moved to another desk to avoid getting into a bigger fight, sources said.

The workers were in the 911 call center in Brooklyn’s MetroTech Center–but the spat was only between the FDNY and cop operators. {snip}



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  • When it comes to affirmative action and big city police departments, if all else fails, they’ll make ’em dispatchers.

    • JackKrak

      Yep. I’m not sure if there’s one white, male heterosexual emergency dispatcher in the Western hemisphere

      • connorhus

        That’s funny too because even a “somewhat” overstatement it is almost completely true. My county, which is less than 8% Black, still has over half it’s dispatchers Black Females. There are a couple of White guys but they are ex-deputies who got hurt.

        • Sick of it

          Where I live the demographics are mostly black, but many of the dispatchers are white.

    • propagandaoftruth

      The blackification of our civil service has wrought havoc in all areas of life.

      • IBWHITE

        Absolutely true. Where I worked we had an administrator shatter his car window when he discharged his firearm in a state issued vehicle. The Black official then falsely claimed he was shot at while driving down the interstate. An investigation followed but nothing ever happened to him. Another Black administrator who was involved in hiring got caught soliciting sexual favors in return for employment. Blacks with power seem to always abuse it.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Can we afford to have critical agencies to take this sort of posture? It would undermine the system entirely.

    • Reverend Bacon

      It’s clearly another non-benefit of “Affirmative Action.” In general, lowering the standards for life-critical professions is pretty dumb. But it appears that it causes not only lower average competence, but higher average contempt for law and order.

  • LHathaway

    No one believes in freedom of speech anymore. And literally everyone is a communist. This is odd being that everyone also believes in capitalism now too.

  • Truthseeker

    The system of social norms we’ve invested in for centuries is crumbling in the name of diversity. It doesn’t work, folks. It never does. Just end this madness.

  • See The Future

    Any black operator fired yet?

    • Uncle_Dan

      Are you kidding? It’s the FDNY dispatcher who raised his voice who’d better start looking for a job.

      • Wing-nut.

        Yep. Career suicide.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Just be sure to have the direct numbers to your local police and fire departments on hand. During civil unrest, there’s a good chance White calls for assistance about black thugs / rioters will be delayed or not put through at all.

      • A Freespeechzone

        Per a ruling by the SCOUS on 2005, LE has NO OBLIGATION to protect you or your family.

        Look at what happened in Ferguson while LE watched–your safety is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    There have been 40 separate threats against New York City police since two officers were shot and killed in Brooklyn Saturday, the NYPD said

    Mayor de Blasio will no doubt honor the 911 operators as paragons of Free Speech.

    Hope the children of Rafael Ramos or the widow and parents of Wenjian Liu don’t hear how these cretins cheered the news of the deaths of their loved ones.

    • benvad

      God Bless those two families.

  • TomIron361

    Really bad stuff…

  • NoMosqueHere

    My guess is the NYPD 911 operators are black and the FDNY dispatchers are white. Hence, the conflict.

  • freddy_hills

    Operators are responsible for relaying information critical to the safety of officers and those in need of assistance. If they think officers deserve to be murdered then they should be terminated immediately.

  • ViktorNN

    Unbelievable. What can be said about a police force where black cops are saying asian and latino cops deserve to be executed? Diversity is a nightmare.

  • fgbrunner3

    There is a simple solution to the alleged mistreatment of blacks by the police. Stop policing black communities.


    Hire the inferior and get inferior performance, these are non- professional morons only there to collect a paycheck. If and when they feel like showing up….

  • rommel10

    comments should be kept to them selves, when you put your mouth to public or private ears, you should accept the consequences, this kind of statement needs to be addressed by dismissal, unless their black, in that case they get a pass

  • eldoradocreekskipper

    Educated guess: The intent of the murder was to kill two white cops. The perp didn’t look carefully. The remarks are anti-white,not anti cop. The geniuses from Africa are angry that most cops are white, they and their handlers intend to take over police functions in our country. Don’t ever forget what this is really about and what the stakes are.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I have to say that cop hatred is justified to some extent. Cops have made themselves the enemy of poor people, and especially blacks.
    I have a mentality that naturally worships law and order. Yet even I have just about had enough with cops. First thing is they will never lift a finger to protect you from crime, and this is more true the lower your economic status. It’s just like the movie “the purge”. They want us to kill ourselves I guess. The weird thing is most cops are relatively low income red necks. Not sure why they feel so much better than the rest of us. But while living on the streets someone tried to kill me and sliced my face open. I had him cornered for the cops, and the cops would not go after him, nor take a report. He later came back and killed several homeless people, never once been aprehended or any effort to do so. Someone can attempt to murder me and it isn’t worth filing a report. Interestingly in the same town a girl was abducted and tied up in the trunk of a car. This was a white girl in a suburban middle class area. 911 was called three times. Despite a car less than a mile down the road, they never dispatched an officer. The girl was raped and killed. The irony- her dad worked for the police department.

    There have also been drive by shootings next door in the ghetto. Cops never try to get the person. I have been threatened, assaulted etc. always reporting to cops. Cops get an attitude with me and threaten me for reporting crimes. Theft, vandalization etc. with witnesses. They say witnesses are not enough, can’t “prove” there was a crime. What about fingerprints etc.? No they don’t have money for that. But then when someone living in a nice home calls, they suddenly bring out the finger print kits.

    Then I am denied access to college class because the department head tells me she doesn’t like men. She only allows females to finish the degree. I just recently reported this to the Department of Justice. I had the FBI come my door because I visit “racist” websites or something. When I give him a long list of crimes like that, which he is obligated to persue active crimes as an officer of the law, he ignores them.

    After all this, I have been stopped walking down the street and frisked. I have been pulled over because a piece of tape is on my liscence plate. I get wrote tickets I can’t afford to pay for not having a helmet on because the cop is “concerned for my safety”. Not very concerned with someone is stabbing me with a knife and trying to slit my throat, but when it comes time to write tickets for jay walking they suddenly have a deep seated concern for my well being.

    Then on certain days when they have to meet their quotas, I watch them pull over five people in one little area within an hour. It’s totally unreasonable. And they always pull over the junk cars and the black people first. I have observed this, they do target blacks, but also poor people or whoever looks “guilty” in their eyes as in being poor or a minority.

    This behavior also seems consistent in both florida and ohio and through many different counties. In Florida the police department denies having a quota for writing tickets, but one officer quit and went to the papers because he refused to write tickets and the boss was forcing him to write x amount of tickets a month.

    So two factors here. One they have little concern for protecting people against crime, and seem to put writing trafic tickets and generally harassing law abiding citizens as their top priority. They are usually polite when they pull someone over but its still BS. Two they act with extreme prejudice and bias against minorities and low income people and also based on the neighborhood you live in.

    If you are poor pretty much a cop rarely protect you against someone trying to kill you or break into your home or any of that, but will stop and frisk you, try to catch you with weed, write tickets you can’t afford due to basic trafic violations etc.

    In regards to police violence I am not too familiar with it. Never had it happen to me but I am open to the possibility that this is a legit complaint based on other unethical practices.

  • Nancy

    “Liberal acquaintances have hissy fits when I tell them why I carry a gun.”

    You noticed that too, huh?

    I get the same reaction when I tell them why we’re moving out of metro Atlanta and heading to Whitopia, Utah.

  • IstvanIN

    Isn’t everything in a 911 call center recorded? Listen to th4 recordings and fire the two creeps. Heck, to fire a White it only takes the word of a black, let alone any evidence.