Whitefish Residents Appeal to City Council for Anti-Hate Law

Tristan Scott, Flathead Beacon, November 18, 2014

Local residents turned out in droves Monday night at the Whitefish City Council meeting to decry a white separatist think-tank’s local residency and voice support for an anti-hate ordinance barring such groups from assembling in the community.

The grassroots demonstration was organized by Love Lives Here, a Flathead Valley affiliate of the Montana Human Rights Network, and comes on the heels of renewed publicity for the National Policy Institute, whose president, Richard B. Spencer, set up headquarters in Whitefish several years ago after moving from Washington, D.C.

The not-for-profit group bills itself as “an independent think-tank and publishing firm dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States and around the world,” and Spencer advocates “a White Ethno-State on the American continent.”


In the wake of the renewed publicity, dozens of Whitefish residents banded together and packed the council chambers Monday night, urging council members to enact an ordinance barring hate-group activities in the community.

Organized by civil rights activist and local Rabbi Allen Secher, and his wife, Ina Albert, the residents offered emotional testimony in an effort to “pass a no-hate ordinance so that hate organizations cannot do business in our town,” Albert said.


More than two dozen residents voiced their support for such an ordinance. They were local builders, business owners, former council members, mayoral candidates, attorneys, pastors, mental health professionals and community advocates.


Many in attendance spoke of their Jewish faith, including Hilary Shaw, executive director of the Abbie Shelter, whose grandfather is a Holocaust survivor.

“My grandfather taught me that diversity makes us more beautiful. I do not want Richard Spencer to conduct National Policy Institute business freely in our town,” she said. “I am here to ask you to stop he and others who share those beliefs from doing business in our town.”

At the end of the hour-long public testimony period, Whitefish Mayor John Muhlfeld explained the procedural steps the council would have to take to consider such a measure, including advertising a hearing, receiving a planning board recommendation, and holding two council hearings for public comment.

“We will respond decisively, and I think we have multiple tools in our toolbox to consider this,” he said.

Similar anti-hate or anti-discrimination ordinances have been passed in other local communities, though infringing on First Amendment rights is an issue.


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  • When did Whitefish, Montana turn into a suburb of the Upper East Side?

    • adplatt126

      Apparently when Allen Secher, communist extraordinaire moved in.

    • mael

      The bats*#t crazy California liberals are fleeing to the remoter places. They s*#t their nest and now they want to s*#t in ours.

    • Alexandra1973

      How long before the name of WHITEfish is racist?

      • bilderbuster

        Vat! No pickled Whitefish?
        First in Egypt, then in Germany, and now no pickled Whitefish?

        • Raymond Kidwell

          It must be changed to Gefiltefish in order to be more accommodating to our multi-cultural society.

          • bilderbuster


    • theoldsargesays

      Man I was thinking the same thing.
      I’m guessing its the result of an influx of well to do liberals. Very open mind lot except when you don’t toe their line.

      • See The Future

        The well to do liberals will end up like the white’s of South Africa.

      • TruthBeTold

        An influx of well-to-do liberals fleeing the diversity they say they cherish.

      • The operative question is how long they will stay. Winters up that way can be a real drag.

        • none of your business

          They have the money to buy any kind of truck and hire several skilled mechanics and handymen to keep things going during the winter. They will probably fly back east December first, spend the winter flying between their homes in New York City, and Bermuda and return the first of May or when the snow melts which ever comes first.
          Of course the local attorneys they hire to get a court order to tear down the Christmas decorations and stop Christmas vacation in the schools will stick around.

    • bilderbuster

      When they built the first Mikveh it should have tipped off the locals that there’s a new sheriff in town.

    • Wing-nut.

      Whitefish is a small resort town. An out of the way place for the moneyed interests to hide themselves. You can imagine their horror at the discovery of an uppity European presence.

  • Lewis33

    “My grandfather taught me that diversity makes us more beautiful.”

    Except for white people who disagree with me.

    • Oil Can Harry

      If these leftards really wanted diversity they wouldn’t be living in a 96% white town.

      • bilderbuster

        They consider themselves to be a race of professional Messiahs here to save us from ourselves and that’s what their mission is in Whitefish.

    • BillMillerTime

      Is that why Israel fully embraces diversity and open borders? Oh, wait….nebbermind.

      • Francis Miville

        They do embrace diversity, they accept people from all hues and cries throughout the world, they accept even more gays than any other state, provided they all be Jewish, or more Jewish than the Jews themselves. In the same way Mao Tse Tung called for the blossoming of hundreds and hundreds of species of flowers, provided they all be red.

  • superlloyd

    This egregious anti-white bullying by liberals who at the same time worship the dysfunctional negro is beginning to grate on many whites who hitherto have been easygoing and tolerant of diversity. The pendulum is slowly swinging our way.

    • Ograf

      It may be way to late for much to be salvaged from this crap hole we are finding ourselves in. Someone with some sanity needs to lead. All the liberals have already drank the Kool-Aid . The only way I could envision the survival of our people would be to have an all white country formed out of the U.S. This would not be a White Supremacist thing, it would be a leave us to f**^ alone thing.

      • Henry Higgins

        I think we need to agree on some region. We deserve a homeland just like the jews and everyone else. Once we fixate on a specific place, then the argument becomes why does everyone else have the right to a homeland but Whites don’t? It’s impossible for all the Diversity factions to argue against our basic right to that, especially The Tribe.

        • UncleSham

          They won’t argue, they will just disagree without even considering our argument. We will have a homeland when we take one by force. They will never agree to allow us to be left alone. To be honest, I’m not really all that interested in what Diversity thinks. My right to exist is not up for debate. Anyone who believes otherwise should be destroyed and forgotten.

          • JSS

            Doing right by diversity and vibrancy is a luxury we as a race don’t have at all when our survival is at stake. If the didn’t insist on following us everywhere they wouldn’t be in the line fire and our hands wouldn’t be forced. As of now they shouldn’t be factored into anything other then as enemy assets.

      • See The Future

        For a number of years our standard of living has been declining because of bad politics and corruption. If that trend is not arrested there will eventually be war. But white people are going to have to suffer a lot and get to the point where they have nothing left to lose before taking action. There is no getting around this basic fact. The level of corruption is so pervasive that the ballot box is no longer a viable option.

    • See The Future

      It cannot swing back soon enough

  • Petronius

    A think-tank “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people” is now regarded as a hate-group.

    And the First Amendment has been reduced to the status of “an issue.”

    Wow. Just wow.

    • LHathaway

      Where and at what point will we be able to talk about our issues? On an island somewhere? After we’re all dead, is that the point whites and what is best for them can be discussed?

      Waiting for someone else’s approval could be a long wait.

    • none of your business

      Has the “Freedom from Religion” movement turned up in Montana yet? That is the newest version of “People for the American Way”, Norman Lear’s anti Christian group. He funded all that lawsuits that banned Christmas trees in public spaces and crosses in Catholic Hospitals.

    • Welcome to the New Amerika!

    • BillMillerTime

      Ever notice the huge overlap between people who seek to eliminate the First Amendment through “hate speech laws, and people who seek to eliminate the 2nd Amendment through what they like to call “reasonable, commonsense, gun safety” laws?
      They sure do want to shut us up and disarm us! What do they have planned for us for which we must first be silenced and disarmed?

    • bilderbuster

      The Jewish Mindset on display even in Montana.

  • tetrapod

    Again, the usual anti-hate, pro-diversity, social justice warriors from a particular ethno-religious group we’ve all come to know and love. After all, they aren’t being dispossessed of their country. It’s at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean.

    • See The Future

      It is where the final battle will begin. It is only a matter of time. Which will come first the attack on Israel or the collapse of the dollar and stock market?

      • bilderbuster

        Israeli professor Martin Van Creveld claimed “Most European capitals are targets of our Air Force”. This remark drew little attention because it would be obvious to all who the rouge nuclear state controlled by religious fanatics in the Middle East really is.

    • none of your business

      About one million of five million Israeli Jews live in America. The usual reason is to escape the socialist economy of Israel. More want to escape but have not yet scrounged the money.

  • Who Me?

    These asshats aren’t even trying to hide or sugarcoat their agenda. Anyone who so much as thinks about standing up for White people or having a smidgeon of pride in being White is a “Hater”.

    “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States and around the world,” What’s wrong with that, Switch out White for black, Latino, Asian or any other ethnicity and we’d never hear a peep against them.

    Most telling of all: “Many in attendance spoke of their Jewish faith” Uh huh.

    • Someone should tell them that all Richard Spencer wants is for America to have Israel’s immigration policy.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Even though Spencer and Jared Taylor are sympathetic toward the Jewish community they’re still hated by the Tribe’s self-appointed leaders.

        • JSS

          I seriously wonder how the “my grandparents were almost turned into lampshades” babble works on otherwise intelligent and racially conscious Whites like Spencer and Taylor. I’m honestly surprised amren even ran this article seeing as how the Jewish component was called out right away.

          • Henry Higgins

            The world won’t continue to coddle these people. I see the younger generation – maybe early 30’s and younger – as very skeptical to almost downright disgusted with The Tribe. Pro-White needs to evolve. In my region advocating for Whites in defense of Diversity is much easier when elucidating tribal orchestration of anti-White.

          • none of your business

            Check out the Samson option and their ownership of, and blackmailing information on all US Senators and Congress critters. Even the politicians who are so scrupulous they could never be black mailed often find that their mortgage, their spouse’s job or children’s future depends on how they vote on Israel, especially giving Israel the tax payers money.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if the Samson option did not apply to at least the east coast of the US.

          • anony

            Not surprising given that a company in Israel manages the capitol hill switchboards and bills the government.

          • Garrett Brown

            I’ve found the opposite, especially on the Internet. Everyone acknowledges the “illuminati” elite that are trying to destroy society yet when you tell them who the faces of those elites are the majority either deny or outright insult you, both leading to the conversation ending.

          • none of your business

            They are trying to start up great great grand children of holofraud survivors in Los Angeles.

          • Anna Tree

            I think they never say that all Jews are good, they just don’t like when someone say all Jews are bad.

          • JSS

            Whether all or good or bad is irrelevant. They aren’t White which means they shouldn’t be living in our countries and shouldn’t be in control over whether or not we survive as a race. Taylor says they are White and has run a pro Israel article which costs him all credibility in my opinion.

          • Anna Tree

            I agree with Mr. Taylor but I agree with your sentence that anti-white jews won’t be allowed in white countries and that Jews as a minority shouldn’t be in control like they are: the Media and the money classes are too powerful.

          • JSS

            And in who’s interest specifically do the media and money networks operate? How come what is good for them is always bad for us? Interestingly if you agree with Taylor that they are White I would like to hear why you think so many of them disagree with you. According to them they are also a persecuted minority who need to be protected from our hate.

          • Anna Tree

            1) Indeed Jewish leaders and Jewish elites act in their group self interest, and as bad and seemingly contradictory and completely suicidal, they also work for the interest of the non-whites while forbidding and denouncing Whites who want to act for their own self interest! Only whites are made to reject the concept of racial identity and racial solidarity. Only they are called racists and bigots when they want to enjoy the rights and freedoms their ancestors have fought and died for.

            I just don’t think and can’t know if all the Jews agree with those leaders and elites. The same way I don’t think all the women/atheists/Catholic/intellectuals are anti-white.

            I don’t think that was is good for the Jews is always bad for the Whites. I do think that those Jews are suicidal and that they should know, on the contrary, that was is bad for the whites is bad for them and what is good for the Whites is good for them. Obviously this is when one can see that intelligent people can be unwise and stupid or that some group can’t see the big image when they focus only of what is good for their group (similarly white Christians dismissing race when helping thousands to immigrate to white countries etc). Those Ashakanaz in power are completely blind to the graves they are digging for themselves. Not only because they are helping non-whites who hate them but because they are making enemies of whites.

            2) I don’t care that some/many Jews say they are not whites (well many aren’t by the way, the Iranian, Yemen, Ethiopian etc Jews are not). I don’t believe what their religion say either (it’s not as there are no errors in the bible lol). People can think what they want it doesn’t make it true. European Jews are whites not because they say so or not, but because a DNA test would say so.

            That said, I think not every whites should be accepted in a white countries: in my opinion, white traitors shouldn’t despite being white. And so traitorous Jews shouldn’t too.
            But pro-white European Jews like Jewish Amreners or pro-white Whites with some jewish ancestry, in my opinion, are pro-white whites. Not yours?

            I have something else to add from 1940 Germany but I still not sure, still didn’t get what are the rules here… so I will stop here.

          • BillMillerTime

            I don’t really have a problem with Israel. It’s all these filthy liberals here at home (be they Jewish or Lutheran or Catholic or whatever).

          • JSS

            It’s good you don’t have a problem with Israel since the United States rampage across the Middle East benefited nobody but them. Pure coincidence I’m sure. If we tried to utilize their methods of dealing with their racial rivals and immigrants other people “who don’t have a problem with Israel” would scream bloody murder. There is also the fact that Israel is a non Whjte country that happens to collect billions off us goy tax payers and controls our foreign policy through their cousins in Amurrika who buy our prostitute politicians with money they scammed from us. Anyway implying that our woes can be solved just by dealing with the “liberals” is asinine. Modern liberalism is the logical conclusion of Whites adopting the culture of decadence and greed that was pushed on us and continues to be pushed on us by our Kosher overlords. As long as we tolerate them and let them shape our sorry culture and dictate the narrative we will always have liberals.

          • Whitetrashgang

            do not forget Saudi Arabia the other Country that runs America.

          • bilderbuster

            When the Jewish Problem is solved by unified Whites people will be surprised how quickly other “problems” will be solved at the same time.

          • If you can find me enough visible pro-White Jews to fill a bus, I will be your personal man slave for 6 months. You can even use one of those short buses.

          • Anna Tree

            You mean famous? Then you are right, seems all the famous Jews are not pro-white. Most famous non jewish are also not pro-white it seems to me too.

            Most people around me don’t seem pro-white (not jewish and not famous). But I just hope I am wrong. Or that they will wake up soon (the neighborhood is being slowly “enrich”, you know more diversity… the parts of the city that are already non-white are spreading that is…) We need as many real/genuine pro-white whites as we can to get and defend our white countries. Every one of those is not only one enemy less, but one White saved.

            Not that I want you to be my personal slave for 6 months LOL first I am married and if I wasn’t, I still wouldn’t want you as a slave; and certainly not for only 6 months but for life Ha!

          • bilderbuster

            Many Jews are anti-Black for the same reasons everyone else is but in no way does that make them Pro-White.

          • My posts linking to the work of Elizabeth Dilling are summarily deleted without a reason given. This post will be too, no doubt. It’s baffling, actually.

          • I think its fairly clear that Mr. Taylor is by no means blind. He’s made a simple, and i believe wise choice to simply not allow the “jooooooos” to dominate the discussion here, for a variety of reasons. There are countless other messageboards, known to most here, where you CAN discuss that, and anything else you wish, and if you’re willing to be honest with yourself, those other boards are a crude mess, giving “antifa” and “anti racists all the ammunition they need to keep attacking us.

            Constant criticisms of Mr. Taylors choice of avoiding one of the more controversial topics prevalent in any discussion of white interests is childish and insulting. As is insinuating that Mr. Taylor doesn’t recognize the danger posed by the evil eskimo’s.

            You and others rant and rave about not “naming the joooooo” as this all powerful, nigh omniscient and omnipotent creature, who is in control of the media, financial institutions, etc, and you dont see the wisdom in limiting any direct attacks against people who, if they truly wished it, could shut this website down in a heartbeat.

            The lamshade babble doesn’t work on men like Mr. Taylor and Spencer, its recognized as ludicrous babbling which is spewed forth by a very powerful enemy.

            Its a tactical decision, and a wise one as far as i’m concerned.

          • JSS

            Very wise for sure. Mr Taylor is clearly making lots of headway with his pro Israel nonsense. Because being pro Israel is exactly the same as simply not letting the jew dominate the discussion. Spencer and Greg Johnson don’t let the jew dominate the discussion, Taylor is pro jew. Don’t act like he is anything else. As for cluttered boards that will doom us all because of their lack of sophistication, please don’t flatter amren. Amren is for the most part a boring echo chamber. “This is treason” “arrest the liberals” and “blacks suck” said a million different ways by the same people is all you see on amren for the most part. Most of the old interesting commentators like so cal snowman and einsatzgrenader left for this reason I suspect. I know that’s why my rate of commenting has drastically fallen off.

            Anyway radix is actually a very good site with good articles and comment section precisely because spencer doesn’t cover for the Jews even if he avoids them. Counter currents would be a good example of a site that doesn’t obsess but names them in an intelligent way and is doing good work. The daily stormer is reaching more angry whites now days then amren ever will. Basically while there’s lots of infighting about the jew issue with in white nationalisms different factions which irritates me because in the end I think we are all on the same side Taylor is on the Jews side. That’s wise if your a modern judas I guess.

          • Alexandra1973

            Maybe it has to do with the fact that Jews aren’t behind the whole thing.

            And how do you know that people aren’t purposely taking Jewish-sounding names to get the anti-Semite bandwagon going? There is a reason for that.

            Not saying that Jews aren’t involved at all…just pointing out that they’re not the ones orchestrating everything.

          • LHathaway

            I suspect, sometime in the middle ages. . they just took a portion of whites and told them, ‘Ok, now you’re all jews’. I understand the professed reasons why jews were imported to Europe. It simply would have been cheaper and easier to declare some already existing europeans ‘jews’.

            Again, anyone going on about jews, with a platform, IS part of the conspiracy. That’s the conspiracy. There’s a conspiracy afoot to convince people of that. The fact that whites, even duped whites, don’t realize jews are getting ‘revenge’ for the holocaust, only shows how deeply white supremacy and white complacency goes. At least get your bigotry and your made up conspiracies right.

          • Henry Higgins

            It completely fails where I’m from. And in general, to not identify the cause but expect to find a solution is absurd.

          • My previous comment was deleted, as expected.

          • bilderbuster

            If you don’t believe in lampshades, human soap and shrunken heads you’re an anti-Semite and a “denier”.

          • none of your business

            Over at least 18 years of reading amren, I have noticed that most amren posters firmly believe that every word of the old testament including that the world was created by the old man in the sky in 7 days is absolutely true and that by reason of being chosen by the old man in the sky Jews are entitled by God to anything on earth they want.
            I don’t know if that is the main stream protestant or lunatic fringe protestant view of the matter, but that is what is posted on amren.

          • 2014 minus 18 is 1996. AR the website did not become a formal weblog with comments until 2003 or 2004.

          • That sounds about right. I returned home from federal prison in July 2003, started using the computers at the nearby library right away and got a PC running here and AOL dialup (ugh!) service in March or April 2004. I started posting here sometime then, so that should narrow it down.

    • TruthBeTold

      And such intelligent people don’t see the irony; they can openly be proud of who they are but others cannot.

  • Corto

    “Many in attendance spoke of their Jewish faith,”

    Explains the whole thing.

    Typical Jewish supremacists, spreading hatred and hypocrisy wherever they go.

    • Defoe

      A re-run of South Africa.

  • That may be so, but a big part of success in life is showing up, and the squeakiest wheel gets greased first.

  • phorning

    If you click on the article it has a picture of the meeting. The room looked full, I’m guessing 75-80 people there. There could be a significant number of National Park Service employees living there that would enthusiastically support something like this. There is a quote in the full article from a gay couple that wants to drive NPI out also. Way to show your “tolerance.”

    • seapeaMP


  • JohnEngelman

    I will defend Richard Spenser as soon as he allows me to post on his website, Radix Journal.

    • I guess he’s not as bad as I thought.

      • JohnEngelman

        I present my opinions courteously. I don’t flame those who disagree with me. I calmly post facts that I document. Why is he afraid of my opinions. Why are you?

        • You’re a pompous and contentious purveyor of multiracial societies. You have a long history of injecting your opinions and preferences into arguments and then trying to pass it all off as some kind of universal fact or truth that only “racists,” haters and losers would argue against. You also have a long history of prodding actual racialists and telling them that you can’t wait for their countries and lives to be taken over by superior Jews and Asians. You think real pro-White people just let that stuff slide?

          I’m not afraid of you, Yellow John. I loathe you and have an innate desire to keep the sick and pernicious elements from infecting the healthy.

          • JohnEngelman

            My opinions are consistent with race realism. I do not insult those who disagree with me.

          • Really?

            Antisemitism evokes in me nausea, rather than hatred. It is so clearly motivated by envy of Jewish intelligence and prosperity.

            Today’s white children benefit from the fact that their ancestors killed the Indians and took their land.

            White nationalists are bitter, vengeful, and stupid white Gentiles who cannot compete with Jews and Orientals because they haven’t got the IQ power.

            Many white women are attracted to black men for reasons I will not explain for fear of bringing a blush to the cheeks of Courtney from Alabama. Many white men – including me – think Oriental women are more feminine. Women of all races are attracted to Oriental men because of their higher average intelligence, education, and income.

            White nationalism is the philosophy of old, stupid white men. A movement of grumpy grouchy old white men will not change the United States.

            I confess to feeling a distaste for what characterizes lower income Southern whites. This includes country and western music, pickup trucks with Confederate flag decals and rifle racks, the gun culture, and hunting. I love hiking in the woods and wildlife. Someone who goes into the woods to kill animals is a different kind of person than I am.

            The thought of you losing your job to a more intelligent Jew or Oriental is pleasing to me. As time goes on there will be more of that.

            Miscegenation is the coming trend. There is not point in even trying to reverse it.

            The Jews earn their achievements and their prosperity with their biologocial superiority. White nationalists who attribute Jewish power and prosperity to “immoral behavior” are as pathetic as blacks who blame their poverty on white racism.

            You have hundreds(maybe thousands) of comments like this that I can point to, but you insist your opinions must be accepted because you juxtapose your incessant anti-White views with some benign position known as Race Realism. Like I said, pompous even when your face is smeared in your own BS and hypocrisy.

          • JohnEngelman

            Race realism is the belief that race is an important biological classification, that the races differ significantly in average ability levels and behavior, and that the differences are the result of hundreds and thousands of years of evolution in response to different population pressures.

            Which of those statements is inconsistent with race realism?

          • All of them. Opinion is not fact, and opinions used to goad people with racialist tendencies(White Nationalism) certainly don’t fall within the parameters of race realism. You previously stated that you don’t insult people who disagree with you and your OPINIONS. It’s obvious that you do.

            Race Realism, not Race Opinionism.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      I am disappointed. I will defend Richard Spencer regardless.

      I have no desire to post at Radix. I am not a delusional young man playing make believe on the internet about what the past was like and what I am entitled to. Neither are you. Why do you even care about Radix?

      Spencer seems to be the tip of our spear. So I support him, full stop.

  • Alexandra1973

    If we do get a White ethno-state, they don’t have to move there. They can have the “joys” of diversity outside our borders.

    • LHathaway

      That they will. Maybe the total to be removed will only be 100 or so. But there are certainly two dozen names to remember and consider.

      • “Remember”? Heck – write them down on 3 X 5 cards in a plastic file box or in a high school composition book the way I do.

    • bilderbuster

      And they will follow us to the ends of the world to make sure that never happens as they have proved time and again from Europe to the New World. That explains Rabbi Allen Secher’s presence before the Whitefish City Council.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Sounds like the folks in Whitefish need a dose of diversity. I suggest Somalis, but plenty of blacks from Louisiana will do in a pinch.

    • Giovanni704

      Robert Putnam’s famous study found that residents of homogenous white cities were far more likely to be trusting towards non-whites that were whites living in diverse cities. People in Whitefish love diversity because they can love it from afar.

      • Bonny Alba

        Good point and it is true. However, how long have those people lived there?

    • none of your business

      What about the Blackfeet? They are all over Montana. Aren’t they enough for diversity?

      • Speedy Steve

        You have to hate the Blackfoot tribe because they adopted Roman Catholicism before YT showed up in large numbers.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Why is it liberals always get to these overwhelmingly-white places first?

    • Good point! The solution to those whites who want ‘diversity is to give them ‘diversity’ – up-close and personal! After enough ‘diversity’ encounters, they will probably change their tune.

      • bilderbuster

        After the place has been ruined.

    • TruthBeTold

      The whole point is that they likely ended up in Whitefish because they were fleeing the diversity they say they cherish.

      I irony is lost on liberals.

  • It would be fun to listen to these Cultural Marxists explain exactly how their proposed law squares with the right to peaceably assemble under the First Amendment, which last I checked applies in Montana.

    • Dave4088

      The right to peaceably assemble does not apply to white racists, only to Jewish, black and brown ones.

      • I would still like to hear or read them explain how their creepy, icky little “feelings” trump Constitutional law.

        • Dave4088

          Asking them to explain anything is racist and anti-semitic. Jewish feelings and those of their black and brown shock troops trump everything, including Constitutional law. If something a white person does offends their fragile sensibilities then it’s unlawful.

          Time to get with the program.

          • phillyguy

            they stop using the black as shock troops when the blacks started in the seventies and eighties getting your own leaders, they are trying to use the Mexicans as shock troops there is a big movement called the Jewish Latino Association, google it up and you will find out how they are trying to get the Mexicans to be their new soldiers.

    • Frankenstone2

      I get irritated by the constant referrals to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, ignoring the bill of rights of the particular state, which apply first.

      Here is the Montana Constitution:

      shall be passed impairing the freedom of speech or expression. Every person shall be free to speak
      or publish whatever he will on any subject, being responsible for all abuse of that liberty. In all
      suits and prosecutions for libel or slander the truth thereof may be given in evidence; and the jury,
      under the direction of the court, shall determine the law and the facts.

      These little Soviet-style wanna be dictators must pass first the hurdle posed by the Montana Constitution, then the one posed by the Federal Constitution.

  • Daniel

    For those who can’t see, the Jews are your enemy unless you are Jewish. It doesn’t matter if you like some of them personally, because for every somewhat decent Jew there are thousands of guys like this.

    • Henry Higgins

      And because the nice ones are jews first, anything else either second or not at all. It is a nation.

  • Dave4088

    “Organized by civil rights activist and local Rabbi Allen Secher, and his wife, Ina Albert,…”

    I’ll bet the good rabbi’s actions were closely coordinated with the local and national ADL and possibly the SPLC. Can’t blame this one on the white liberals.

    • JSS

      Don’t worry Dave the good rabbi still has both his condos in NY and LA. After Spencer is run out of town he will over see the construction of a holocaist museum in Whitefish to remind the local goy of how guilty they are for being White like Hitler and the Nazis were. Once that’s all done he will likely return to LA with some aspiring actresses he met in Whitefish who will go on to a bright future as porn stars and drug addicts working for the porn company I’m sure the rabi has partial ownership of.

    • none of your business

      I went by Los Angeles ADL headquarters today. The ADL logo is a glove with an ADL banner wrapped around it. It is a visualization of what they intend. There is a big sign over the door claiming it is a human rights center. Human Rights for us but not for the rest is their motto.
      If the new law is not passed there will be a rash of anti semitic incidents, nothing too hard to repair just some graffiti and Nazi symbols scattered about. They might even find some tallish blue eyed guy in the local home for developmentally disabled adults to actually spray the paint on security video.
      That is how they got their laws passed

    • Garrett Brown

      There’s always one somewhere, in hiding, waiting.

  • Garrett Brown

    ““My grandfather taught me that diversity makes us more beautiful”

    That’s nice but where’s the proof?

    • No, ‘diversity’ turns everything ugly, chaotic, and provokes strife and division among people. When I worked as a cop in the various black ghettos and Hispanic barrios, there was nothing “beautiful’ about it – unless you enjoy the sight of squalor, lots of graffiti, dilapidated buildings, and a depressed community?

    • bilderbuster

      Always another “Survivor” yet in the same breath they tell us about how efficient and evil the Nazis were/are.

  • JustJeff

    Oy vey! Don’t they know think tanks were responsible for the Shoah?

  • “Many in attendance spoke of their Jewish faith, including Hilary Shaw, executive director of the Abbie Shelter, whose grandfather is a Holocaust survivor.”
    Last I checked Jewish people had an ethno-State. I’ll take her more seriously when she advocates allowing Palestinians to flood Israel.

  • Henry Higgins

    So I take it the jews are admitting they’re not white?

    • Garrett Brown

      They’ve been doing that for quite a while.

      • Henry Higgins

        No they haven’t been. Where I’m from they scream bloody ‘holocaust’ when I point out they’re not white. When it suits them they’re ‘white,’ when it doesn’t they’re not. The minute a black victimizes a white, the jews start their screaming… They live in dire fear we’ll figure out that it’s us that Diversity Cult hates.

  • anony

    Hate groups and hate speech are anathema to the first amendment. In fact, the first amendment is there to specifically protect un-popular speech, what some would call “hate speech”.

    It’s also interesting that now some are having to go all the way back to “grandparents” to garner sympathy and “victimhood”.

    Let’s see, my gggggrandparents were thrown out of Switzerland for being Anabaptists; now don’t you feel so sorry for me?

    • Tom in MI

      I believe some of my ancestors were enslaved by the Romans.

  • none of your business

    National Policy Institute, whose president, Richard B. Spencer He is now and has been for many years a major player in the anti White Jewish establishment.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      You should let Rabbi Secher know he has nothing to fear, then.

  • none of your business

    All newly arrived Jews one assumes. Jews tried this in Utah and Salt Lake City about 20 years ago. A lot of them moved in and attacked the Mormon version of Christianity especially Christmas and Christian hymns. Didn’t work then, it might work now.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      That is odd, since Mormons are probably the most jew friendly Christians in the world. I guess jews have a way of poping on everyone’s cake. I think the Guatemalans and Thai also got sick of jews living in their country.


  • phorning

    I don’t know how much outside people voicing their opinion is going to help Spencer. Some of these small town politicians love to go on power trips and stick it to people just because they can. The threat of an expensive lawsuit can occasionally keep them in check.

    Obviously, the city government should dismiss the idea immediately, but the mayor’s comments weren’t very encouraging. The best thing Spencer could have going for him is if he has spent time since moving to Whitefish building good relationships with community members. That will go a long way to getting this dropped. A bunch of people from out of state emailing the city council may be counter productive.

    • bilderbuster

      The promise of free legal advice from wealthy law firms and large campaign contributions usually makes the threat disappear.

  • The comments on the Flathead Beacon read like Stormfront, if not so extreme as the Daily Stormer. A very pleasant surprise.

    When you look closely at “anti-racist” groups there’s always a Rabbi or two behind them in a leadership role, so no surprise there. What is pleasantly surprising is that the commenters on the Beacon have things figured out–that Spence is not the hater but the good Rabbi is.

    What is disturbing is how quickly the Mayor of Whitefish caved to the demands of Love Lives Here, a misnomer for a Jewish led hate anti-white hate group. The voters in Whitefish need to take out the Mayor next chance they get. And the new city ordinance targeting hate groups should apply to Love Lives Here.

  • Richard Spencer should start his own group: “Diversity Lives Here” that brings in those newly amnestied illegals to Whitefish, Montana! Government housing should be provided and the community should supply jobs to the new minority residents. Every possible comfort should be extended to these new residents at the expense of Whitefish, Montana’s resident’s pocketbook.

    And if they aren’t for allowing thousands of newly minted citizens into their slice of Americana, then…. racisttttttttttt

    • At which point Richard Spencer rides off to another lily-white town in America and repeats the same steps. Sure, he will have left Whitefish, Montana a smoldering ruin resembling somewhere, Mexico, but he tried to warn them.

      He’d be like the Johnny Appleseed of Diversity. Spreading the glory and benefits to all white people that don’t live next to Diversity.

    • bilderbuster

      Is that you Rabbi Secher?

  • Fr. John+

    “Organized by civil rights activist and local Rabbi Allen Secher, and his wife, Ina Albert”

    It’s always ‘those people’… isn’t it?
    “We killed Christ, we’ll kill you, too!”- Israeli youths taunting Swedish Red Cross volunteers in Occupied Palestine.

    A recent speech by one Matt Heimbach put it succinctly. Democracy and Egalitarianism are dead. Majorities don’t make laws- the people of a nation determine its laws. And America was created for White, Anglo, Christian folk- the very same people this Yiddischer and his shiksa…. aren’t.

    • Defoe

      Why is that “those people” always have such influence?

      • Frankenstone2

        They had been very organized and cohesive, basically an inbred clan from the deserts of the Middle East.
        There strength lies in their mutual solidarity and group cohesiveness.
        Call it Jewish ethnic networking.
        How do you think Kagan and Sotomayor(mother is Jewish) ended up on the Supreme Court, for example?
        Read the “Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed(an anti-Nazi) who observed this phenomenon in Europe first hand.

  • “Organized by civil rights activist and local Rabbi Allen Secher, and his wife, Ina Albert”

    Of course Israel is not an ethno-state, not to mention China, Japan, Nigeria …

  • So where are all of the pro-White Jews getting worked up over our civil rights and freedoms, and ready to go to battle with the anti-Whites(especially the Jewish ones) for the rights of the Pro-White community? Do we need some kind of variation of the Bat-Signal, like maybe a giant menorah that we can burn whenever we need these mythical superheroes to come out from the shadows?

    • LHathaway

      I think we drove jewamongyou off. Our relentless ‘hatred’ toward blacks ‘and nothing else’ possibly dampened his enthusiasm. As for many of the others, I’m sure they’ll be at the next AmRen conference.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        jewamongyou remains here under his own name.

    • bilderbuster

      They’re just token front groups so they can claim “We’re with you”.
      Like the group Jews for the Preservation of Firearms to pretend not all of them want to disarm Whites while making the ridiculous claim that if the tiny minority of Jews in Germany were allowed to own guns the “Holocaust” could have been prevented.
      See how they always are able to slip that in?

  • ViktorNN

    The ironic (and dispiriting) thing about our current plight is that far too many white people in the most white parts of the country are completely oblivious to the demographic meltdown happening in the rest of the country. To them diversity is a perfectly good thing because they have no experience with it. They are a solid majority – for now – and when they aren’t, it will be too late.

    Montana, Idaho, and the Pacific NW should be a natural redoubt for whites to regroup and establish a base for a future white ethnostate. The problem is that the whites there tend be some of the least racially conscious in the entire country. Whites only seem to become more racially aware when they have experience living non-whites, at which point they’re already well on the way to losing power. We seem to be in the grip of some kind of mass self-delusion where our future minority status is somehow going to work out okay for us.

    It’s truly strange how whites in the U.S. are sleepwalking into their political and cultural marginalization.

    • See The Future

      The media is the greatest enemy of the white race.

      • phillyguy

        all controlled by the tribe

    • Who Me?

      “The problem is that the whites there tend be some of the least racially conscious in the entire country.”–re: the PNW. To find out more about what the PNW really is, go to

    • phillyguy

      We also need the eastern seaboard, like the old adage, who ever controls the seas controls the world, we need the 13 original colonies also we need the northern half of California it is the bread basket to the country in terms of greens and citrus.

  • See The Future

    The liberal leftist cancer is spreading unabated.

  • See The Future

    All of our remaining beautiful areas are being over-run. It is a colossal disaster for the white race.

    • bilderbuster

      Gov. Sarah Palin always had an Israeli flag by her desk in Alaska to make it clear to any doubters.

  • Jefferson

    ““My grandfather taught me that diversity makes us more beautiful.”

    Than why didn’t you move to 67 percent Black Ferguson, Missouri instead of Whitefish, Montana ? Practice what you preach you hypocrite.

    • LeonNJ

      Liberals are always the same. They talk about the joys and benefits of diversity, but as always, they live in towns or part of cities that are majority white.

    • edwin karninsky

      The root of the word ‘diversity’ is divide. How does dividing anything make it beautiful? Isn’t diversity the opposite of unity? This is the United States of America, but some people would rather this be the Divided States of America.

    • Dave West

      Certain parts of Montana are now being invaded by rich liberals from California and the East Coast who are looking to “get away from it all.” These are the same people who live in gated areas in the hills above L.A., brag about their son dating an Asian girl, salivate over Obama, cry during 12 Years a Slave, and have little contact with minorities besides their token friends and the hostess at P.F. Changs. It’s funny how “getting away from it all” means moving from their mostly white enclave in a state that is 39% white to a small 97% white town in a state that is over 90% white.

  • Jefferson

    Whitefish is located in Flathead County, which Mitt Romney won in a landslide in 2012. I am surprised you can find such hardcore anti-White liberalism in such a politically red county that solidly votes for the GOP in presidential elections.

    • Republicans fall all over themselves trying to prove to their enemies that they aren’t “racist,” so it’s no surprise that their followers would do likewise. “Racist” has come to be synonymous with “heretic” in the multicult religion.

      • Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, blah, blah, blah. It’s nothing but one big meat grinder that does nothing but churn out generations of sycophants and cowards who are afraid that being politically incorrect might cause them some economic strife or reduce their “faith” and hollow platitudes to nothing more than the incoherent ramblings of spoiled children. Every last one of them will gladly sell out White America for the right price. If they are not speaking and acting in a manner consistent with what would be expected of a pro-White individual, then when push comes to shove you can be assured that they will act in a manner that would be considered the complete opposite of being pro-White.

        Racism/Racialism is the new Age of Enlightenment.

    • bilderbuster

      Mitt Romney’s only Pro-White when compared to Obama and even then there’s not much difference. I can still see last years Romney Christmas Card with the whole White Romney Clan gathered round and Little Black Romney’s displayed prominently sitting on Mitt’s lap and Big Mitt’s grinning ear to ear.

    • anony

      Those areas are exactly the kind that are targeted by radical leftists. Over time it works for them.

      White people are terrified of being called racist. It’s a form of mental tyranny.

  • Remnant

    Take a look at the photo accompanying the article: You can see that this is a crowd that really loves diversity.

  • Julius Caesar

    “Local Rabbi”. Stopped reading there, that’s all I needed to see.

    • bilderbuster

      Admit it. When you started reading the article you knew that something like that was bound to be in there somewhere.

    • How big is his congregation?

  • LHathaway

    “Their tolerance does not extend to diversity of opinion”.

    The first time I read a similar line, perhaps 2 decades ago, it was written by George Will. This is not an entirely true statement. At most universities, there will be several student clubs for students of color (and perhaps hundreds of groups affiliated with the university for various students of color). There will not be a single one for whites, no matter the history or the demographics of the university. There will be an encouragement of racial consciousness, for all students but whites. There will be diversity policies favoring, to various degrees, all skin tones but white. The same is true for most large employers and government work places. Whites must favor them. They proudly favor their own. This fact will be true on streets, in neighborhoods, and in cities now, even entire countries, where whites have been driven out and there are few whites even left. Even there ‘diversity’ will mean more persons of color and more respect for them. They are even more committed to ‘diversity’ than white liberals.

    Those who promotion diversity do more than condemn a diversity of opinions. They are not truly in favor of a diversity of skin tones, either.

    • Those “diversity” student clubs on university campuses do indeed spur some awakening in whites.

  • The other 4% are probably Amerinds.

  • archer

    If it was the ” communist front for the destruction of America” no one would try to keep them from having a meeting. The jews go out on a limb for this one.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Put another “white-guilt-virus-outbreak” tack on the American war-room map.

    First Aztlan, now Montana?

  • shmo123

    Just like Obama on TV last night, all you have to do is wrap yourself in the flag, tell stories that include doe-eyed children or survivors/refugees (pick one, any will do) and if necessary, quote scripture. If possible, adding violins soaring to a crescendo is always a nice touch. Once you convince them that someone’s feelings are being hurt, and get them to pull out the kleenex and start crying, you can get most people in this country to vote for anything. Feelings trump all— freedom, facts, logic, and history don’t mean a damn thing.

    • LHathaway

      This may be true but it’s not true for Whites. Place your bets concerning Whites. Are the powers-that-be trying to hurt the feelings of whites or are they trying to punish their expression in the hopes of preventing them in the first place?

      • shmo123

        Definitely the latter. The scenario I described above could easily be used to punish the expression of whites, (and I’m sure you could find examples) and, if possible, quash any further attempts by legislating them out of existence. Use the sledgehammer of the law to brook no resistance, and show the rest of the world how virtuous you are.

  • bilderbuster

    Having an ancestor who was a “Holocaust Survivor” trumps the Constitution and our ancestors every time.

    • phillyguy

      my father had two cousins and a couple of brothers of neighborhood friends who were killed in ww2,, does that count?

      • bilderbuster

        If they served in Europe they are “Survivors”.
        If they’re killed by Germans they were “Holocausted”.

  • bilderbuster

    Pickled Whitefish can be found in all of the better Kosher Delis.
    I find it tasty myself.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I’m a strong believer in poaching Libtard sites. We’re all preaching to the same choir here at AmRen. Poaching sites where the blue Kool-Aid drinkers are is where you make a difference.

  • scutum

    Local residents? “Many in attendance spoke of their Jewish faith, including Hilary Shaw, executive director of the Abbie Shelter, whose grandfather is a Holocaust survivor.” The usual suspects are out voicing their opinion, where are the white activists? This think tank has as much right to reside in this community as the complaining tribe members in this article.

  • MekongDelta69

    My grandfather taught me that diversity makes us more beautiful.

    No genius…
    Diversity makes us more dead.

    • That grandfather apparently missed the operative lesson of the Holocaust, as well as more recent developments such as in Bosnia, Rwanda, Nigeria (twice, the first by the Nigerian government against ethnic Igbos during the Biafra War and the recent one by Boko Haram against Christians), or even the 2004 Beslan massacre in South Ossetia.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    This is what I mean when I say that WNs basically need better PR. Jews are the typically the most racist people in the country. Their religion is highly racist. Their synagogues and organizations almost unilaterally support Zionism which is a type of neo-nazism. Yet they put on this good face and even convince others to be zionist. Yet try to attend a synagogue and tell them you have the wrong ancestry and they’ll probably call the police on you and have you removed (despite violating basic IRS tax exception status by doing so). Heck, they even lead coalitions against “the racist”. These white groups need to learn from Jews as much as possible and work on better PR. Outreach to non-whites, be as inclusive as possible, appear as non-threatening as possible, and when attacked be sure to point out how you are the victim.

    The typical Jew was born and bred to be a winner. He is given every privelege in life, has the money, has the power, has the right connections. He enjoys a network of racial privilege. Yet he always down plays it all. He appears as humble as possible, always portrays himself as the victim, and when necessary reaches out to the community and tries to appear inclusive even though they are not.

    Most “white nationalists” are the exact opposite. They were born dirt poor. They really are victims of discrimination (affirmative action and other forms), they really get the short end of the stick when it comes to privelege, they usually don’t have the connections or networks. Yet they want to feel big or important so they bark loudly, try to look scary, maybe use swastikas or whatever to feel powerful. Always insulting others and often appearing threatening. And thus they get crushed by huge efforts against them and can’t understand why.

    The Jew has the power and privilege and is racist to the extreme, probably doing many unethical things, but makes himself appear to be humble and a victim. The typical redneck WN really is a victim and probably a good person overall but portrays himself as some kind of dangerous criminal.

    Yeah some of this involves Jews dressing up as neo-nazis and trying to play up the threat, but a lot of it is just really bad social skills/PR skills on the part of WNs.

    • jayvbellis

      Get some Jewish Amren supporters to counter this PC anti White rabbi.

      We have lots of solid Jewish supporters.

      • Considering that it’s almost always the Jewish angle that gets held up as being the obvious template to countering “racists” who establish a tiny foothold in an area, you would think actual pro-White Jews would be some of the most vocal and assertive commenters when it comes to bashing other Jews spreading this kind of action in their name. Nine times out of ten you can expect to see a Jewish name or someone evoking the “survivor” memes of the Holocaust any time a White guy sets up something that even hints at being pro-White. It’s always racist, Hitler, Nazi, Holocaust, KKK, etc.

        Proportionally speaking, we don’t see Julio and his vatos running to council meetings and incessantly complaining about the new Hitlers that just moved in, and then setting up the United Mariachi Against Racism. We don’t see John Standing Bear and his tribal cohorts jumping up and down and ready to scalp the evil racist White people for not including them in their reindeer games. We don’t see Asians setting up Asians Against Racist People use their Asian status to whine about the White people that don’t want them around. Black people….. well, they tend to migrate to where the free stuff is coming from, so it makes sense that they would complain when their handouts and affirmative action treats are jeopardized.

        Why is it that Jews can be so organized, assertive and vocal when it comes to defending what they supposedly see as right, except when it comes to defending anything that happens to be explicitly pro-White? So Yes, I would love to see — assuming AmRen really does have pro-White Jewish supporters — all of this solid support coming from Jewish people.

        • phillyguy

          why is it the Jews control everything in this country, from banking to securities to the stock market. they control the media, every TV station is owned by the Jews every cable network is owned by the Jews, that is their propaganda machine , they are controlling everything what happened to them 70 years ago,propaganda almost wiped them off the face of the earth . They will never let that happen again. but they are against the white man, why, I don’t think they will ever trust a European white man. and you are right the Mexicans aren’t against us, the Asians aren’t against us,only the tribe continues to call us racist.

    • phillyguy

      Right on! could not have said it better myself.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        That there are a lot of selfish or dishonest Jews or ethnocentric ones that don’t care about others- I don’t dispute. But a lot of Aryans are this way as well as all races. I do admit that socio-pathy is a problem, but it is a problem among a lot of people of all races. What I mean is what makes Jews (I’m speaking in generalities here that aren’t true in every case) but I mean what makes an average Jew different is a higher I.Q., chutzpah, a sense of arrogance/superiority, and also well organized ethnic networks. I look for people to work together with all the time. I’m open to any race. If there were a lot of rednecks that could do it then I could be picky and only go with Aryan. But I mean even being open to about anyone I can hardly find a person that doesn’t have a loser mentality and unwilling to take basic steps to empower themselves or their group. A lot of people are simply dumb on top of this. By contrast I can relate to the average Jew who seems assertive and intelligent.

        Even if we look at people who challenge Israel or challenge a lot of the “bad” things that organized Jewry does- it’s mostly Jews themselves. The goyim mostly seem too dumb to understand what is going on in the world, and even if they know, too weak to mount a protest.

        I mean white Americans should be protesting by the millions in the capital, filing lawsuits, doing boycotts etc. but they don’t. You barely hear a peep other than a few WN websits or angry white male blogger or person being interviewed. If a Jew is stepped on he makes a huge fuss so people don’t step on Jews very often. Even black people and such to a lesser degree will riot if pissed off. Whites sort of seem bred to be docile.

        It’s similar with the labor movement. For whatever reason people seem willing to accept being treated like a terd without hardly complaining about it. In the early 1900s people would have formed unions, walked out, rioted etc. over the low wages and poor treatment. Today the people are so poorly bred the average white reminds me of the half witted negro servants of the slave era. They seem naturally prone to a position of subservience just based on their personality and intelligence. Of course I guess a lot of non-whites are like this as well, given the general state of labor (maybe even more so in some cases). At any rate I see most of the problem is that Aryans are weak not in that Jews are bad in any extreme way.

        Nonetheless I do think it is worthwhile to foster dialog about the morality of a lot of Zionists or what the world elite does, but I wouldn’t go so far to say that the root of the problem is some inherent moral defect in Jews. There are some traits more common in Jews in my personal experiences, some of them seem more deceptive and such but I don’t see some evil trait making them all get ahead. If that were the case all Aryans would need to do is become evil themselves and they’d rule the world. No I think it relates a lot more to intelligence and ambition, chutzpah (backbone), culture etc.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I think what the rabbi is saying is that the WN group is intolerant towards everyone else except their own. So it would be more like going to New York and asking Jewish synagogues to open up to non-Jews, or Jewish Federations to be less racist and such. I would strongly encourage doing this actually. It’s not that I have such a problem with Jews being their own community, but it would just point out the hypocrisy and double standards when applied to goyim whites.

    • none of your business

      Maybe I should sue my local kosher market because Friday night and Saturday closing is an egregious detrimental impairment to my shopping at their store during those times.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “I think what the rabbi is saying is that the WN group is intolerant towards everyone else except their own.”

      Sounds like the rabbi is projecting his own thoughts onto the WN group.


      • Raymond Kidwell

        Now you are on to something. The constant extreme obsession with “privelege” and “racism” that we get endless lectures about in a college classroom, usually at the behest of some Jew faculty member (or author) who cares enough about the cause to aggressively push for these “lessons” but doesn’t care enough to show his face (similar to many online white racists in a way). Why can’t they stop talking about white privilege, racism, oppressing others, feelings of superiority etc.? Of course they have projected their own Jewish privilege (which they aren’t allowed to tell the truth about) and projected it onto regular white people.

        You should sue the kosher butcher because it is racist and culturally insensitive towards Christians who don’t shop on Sunday. In fact, we can tie this to historical oppression. For how long have poor Aryan victims had to adjust every aspect of their lives, including their shopping habits to the dominant culture of Judaism? Jews aren’t even aware of what a privilege it is to shop during a time that is convenient for their own culture. What’s that you say? Why don’t Aryans just shop at Aryan stores? That is racist and insensitive and just proves that you are a closet racist, even if you don’t know it.

        In fact I propose that we give whites their own state where they can be free of anti-Aryanism and the oppression of the outside world that hates them for no reason. We’ll call this movement olympism.

        It is up to Aryans and Aryans alone to defend the world against racism. They need to keep their bloodlines pure as proclaimed by Odin himself in the Havamal. And then they can set up anti-racism organizations that can train and advise law enforcement about the evils of racism. We can also ensure that Aryan communities are protected from vile anti-Aryanism and that any non-Aryans be removed because they are racists hostile to Olympism. And I repeat they hate us for no reason.

        And when we have an Aryan nation we will have orthodox druidic priests presiding over the courts, including marriage system. Only those who can prove their racial purity back 10 generations may be legally married. This is of course to fight anti-Aryanism and the racism that exists in the world. Aryans cannot be racist because they have been victims of racism for so long. Is it any wonder that they retract away in fear from the world? And remember when Jews have higher incomes than others its the result of racism plain and simple. Aryans having higher incomes is simply because they are superior and have higher I.Q.s due to their unique evolution. If you dare say the same is true for any non-Aryan group, you will be a racist and a lawsuit will be filed against you along with criminal charges.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Yes, that quote describes the Rabbi’s flock perfectly.

    • Scott Rosen

      Jews only care about what is good for the Jews and whites looking out for their own interest is not good for the Jews. that’s why they use their fake funny money to buy up all of our media.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        The way I see it Jews in general are not particularly evil or narcissistic. They are simply intelligent and assertive. Your typical Nordic has no backbone and usually too ill informed/low brow to lead. One should look at Jews and say “how can I be more like that” rather than hate the success. They don’t really need to put much effort into harming other groups. The other groups harm themselves. I admit the media is extremely slanted. That mainly has to do with a very small handful of people who have a lot of money and power exerting influence. One could include the British royal family in that circle to some degree.

  • Dave West

    “Organized by civil rights activist and local RABBI Allen Secher”

    Sometimes these stories just write themselves!
    I think it’s time for the great rabbi to relocate to Deerborn, MI, a place full of diverse groups of Muslims; since white Americans are apparently too boring for him.

  • brior

    Anti hate ban organized by the chosen, Go figure.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “Imagine the reception if one in a thousand Nordic ancestry people moved
    to Kiryas Joel, NY, Beachwood, OH, or Lakewood, NJ, (all majority
    Jewish) or even to NYC with its 2 million Jews…and demanded that
    Yahweh worship be discontinued for the worship of Odin. In the name of

    Imagine the reception if one jewish woman named Barbara Lerner Spectre went to Sweden and demanded that they not only import third worlders, but also provide for their welfare and refuse to prosecute them if they commit a crime.

    Oh wait, it already happened, and it was funded by your tax dollars through the Department of Homeland Stupidity (it isn’t your homeland that is being defended, it is that toilet bowl in the Middle East).


  • rebelcelt

    Exactly how do you write a law that specifically forbids a group of people from exercising its First Amendment Rights?

  • jayvbellis

    For these types, I am afraid the best answer is….

    This year in Jerusalem.

    Israel is the homeland of the Jews.

    This one needs to go home.

    Whitefish Montana, spreading Southern California diversity Ebola plagues… That ‘s just not the right place for this guy.

  • How about an anti-anti-hate law? In other words, someone who is too much of a sissy to take any level-headed criticism should forever renounce his or her First Amendmendment rights.

  • Len Guini

    More filthy JEWS trying to suppress anything that is about white heritage and culture! I HATE those f&&king jews!

  • Wing-nut.

    Missoula MT. ” The Berkley of the rockies”.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    There are many towns where there is high Jewish concentration, like West Hartford, CT. All coincidence, of course.

  • Scott Rosen

    “Organized by civil rights activist and local Rabbi Allen Secher”
    Of course it was. As if all of the destruction of white identity hasn’t been organized by such people. Why is this article even posted for comment, if you’re completely unwilling to let anyone comment on the elephant in the room. Oh yes, we can comment on the symptoms of the disease, but never the disease itself. We can comment on the dogs of war that have been unleashed upon European peoples, but we must never make mention of the tribe that unleashed and enables them.

  • phillyguy

    it might be 1000 In the state but I’ll bet they control the media the newspapers and put money in politicians pockets to have their way.