Senators Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz Speak Out Against Executive Action on Immigration

Numbers USA, November 5, 2014

While addressing the media, Senator Mitch McConnell, likely the next Senate Majority Leader, warned President Obama that it would be a “mistake” to take unilateral action on immigration.

Senator McConnell said that he spoke with President Obama and indicated that he believed that Democrats and Republicans could find common ground on areas like “trade agreements and rewriting the tax code”. However, Senator McConnell also said that any executive action on immigration would “only antagonize Republicans”. The senator did stop short of saying if he would take action to block the president’s executive actions.

Senator Ted Cruz did promise to block executive amnesty in the Senate. In a letter sent to current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, co-signed by Senators Mike Crapo, Mike Lee, Pat Roberts, Jeff Sessions, and David Vitter, Senator Cruz offers “full assistance in ensuring expeditious Senate debate and passage” of a bill that would block any executive action.

Senator Cruz also indicates that if Senator Reid should not act to stop the president’s executive action “the undersigned Senators will use all procedural means necessary to return the Senate’s focus during the lame duck session to resolving the constitutional crisis created by President Obama’s lawless amnesty”.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Now that they have (some of) the power, let’s see what they really do, as opposed to what they say they’re going to do…

    • Cid Campeador

      They have to mean what they say or this will be the end of Conservatives.

  • I think Ted Cruz is genuine about this, but McConnell has his fingers crossed behind his back.

    Note that Pat Roberts is on board with Ted Cruz and his attempts to wield parliamentary tricks to neuter an Obama EO. Which is why I’m glad a lot of people sucked it up and dragged the otherwise inept useless old man who doesn’t even live in Kansas over the finish line last night.

    • propagandaoftruth

      In the big pic some GOP’rs gotta be smelling some blood in the water here. There’s a lot of potential here.

      Even without any “action on immigration”, every year we tighten our house and don’t cave into these invaders and their treacherous sponsors is another year they can be deported or finally just decide to…go home.

      But I also see the potential for an Operation Wetback Part 2 coming to theaters and dvd within the next four to eight years. Maybe sooner – the future could get weird.

      • Greg Thomas

        Every year that massive deportations are delayed, is another year that millions of anchor babies are born and declared “US citizens.” Demographics is destiny and the continued squabbling over “immigration reform” while the law is ignored and illegals violate our border, is akin to national suicide.

        • DrCroland

          Wow , you white supremacists are really scared, I can smell the fear!Unfortunately, there is NOTHING you can do about it. the Obama presidency is only the beginning. HA HA HA

          • superlloyd

            In your delusions, sicko.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      As one of those suckers, what did it for me is that by all accounts what motivates Roberts is his distaste for the Evil Party. He’s not an emasculated compromiser but a former Marine who still has some fight. He doesn’t have to be ideologically pure to be effective; the enemy of my enemy and all that.

      • phorning

        Thank you. Maybe I am too optimistic, but I think a few of these buffoons saw the light this summer when Obama refused to stop the invasion. I know they heard plenty about it, I emailed all my representatives.

      • All through the fall, the polling data showed that Kobach was doing better than Roberts who in turn was doing better than Brownback. Why the Kansas Republicans were in danger this year, it’s a long story covered very well by others, so I won’t reiterate. So if the polling was Kobach > Roberts > Brownback, the only question is where sea level was. I always thought that at worse, sea level was between Kobach and Roberts. As time went on, I thought it was between Roberts and Brownback. So when last night Ace of Spades called for Roberts, I knew that Kobach would win.
        Turns out sea level was underneath all three of them.

  • superlloyd

    Tough talking. Let’s hope it’s backed up by legal and or political sanctions to stop the muslim, mulatto usurper’s arrogant flouting of the people’s wishes.

    • DrCroland

      Listen buddy, go back to the trailer park and finish hanging up your underwear with the holes in em. Another long day of toilet swabbing ahead, you know.

      • superlloyd

        Get lost, you dumb cretinous liberated dupe.

      • superlloyd

        Projection, loser.

  • Dave4088

    Read very carefully all. Senor Cruz and the shifty McConnell are only opposed to amnesty via executive order, but they haven’t opposed it via some type of bipartisan Congressional agreement. It’s time to read between the lines and prepare yourself for yet another Republican betrayal on the immigration invasion.

    • Cid Campeador

      I think that they’d get no support via Dems. What I’d like to see them do is to open our borders to the Afrikaners who are being annihilated in SA.

  • John

    It would be nice if one of these people would address the lack of a Constitutional basis for all of these “executive orders”. Not just the one being considered, but ones implemented in the past too. While they’re at it, a motion to impeach this mulatto imposture would be heartily welcomed.

    • WR_the_realist

      Agreed. The only legitimate use of an executive order is to implement laws passed by congress. For decades presidents in both parties have been abusing the executive order privilege to create laws that congress never passed, but Obama has raised it to an art form.

    • lib1

      Article II provides that the President carry out his duties. Thus, this provision is the basis of executive orders. In fact I believe there has been no executive order held unconstitutional by the Supreme Court nor can I think of Congress taking action to block an executive order.

      Cruz is talking hot air. Unless the Democrats propose an immigration reform law which we all know will be blocked, Cruz can do nothing.

      • John

        I would suggest that you reread Article II as I just did. It describes the office of the President and the Vice President, enumerates the powers and limits of power of the President but nowhere, I repeat nowhere, is the concept of “Executive orders” mentioned or even implied. The have become customary and the misuse of these “allowed privilages” shall we call it, have grown geometrically over the last several administrations. But, if the President can issues these “orders” arbitrarily, and they have the weight of law, then we no longer have a representative government, we have a tyrannical dictatorship.

        • lib1

          Well judicial review is not listed in the U.S. Constitution but it exists and the right to privacy is not expressly listed but it’s a right citizens have.

          Executive orders aren’t unconstitutional nor are they the markings of a dictatorship. These orders affect the executive branch, not U.S. citizens.

  • Luca

    2016 should be a one issue vote. No amnesty, secure the border, clarify the 14th Amendment, track visas and start the deportations. So many of the problems we have are being aggravated by illegal immigrants, such as jobs, housing, taxes, crime, healthcare, schools, welfare spending etc. etc.

    Solve the illegal immigration problem and so many other problems will be solved at the same time.

    • Max

      Including so-called terrorism.

  • The words “constitutional crisis” and “lawless amnesty” are the keys here. What the big O is proposing to do is illegal, as in “high crimes and misdemeanors.” But impeaching a black president is just not on the table for a party that is pushing Dr. Ben Carson as its presidential nominee next time.

    White feminist woman (Hill) vs. conservative black man in 2016 would prove to anyone with a brain how disempowered the white man has become. As if we needed more proof.

    • TL2014

      No wonder the white male suicide rate has jumped lately…

      • DrCroland

        Maybe you should join them.

        • TL2014

          Why would you say something like that?

    • Cid Campeador

      Carson seems like a good guy who brought himself up from Detroit. He may also be a good physician/surgeon but I don’t know regarding economics and foreign policy that he’d make a good POTUS. ANd the hypocritical Progy bastards would brutalize him.

  • withcaution

    To many people are willing to kiss and make up with the Republican Party. They’ve done nothing but backstabe and betray white Americans for decades.

    • lib1

      Something must be done. A third party for White Americans fed up with the corruption of the two party system. We have the intellectuals, blue collar and professional base to vote for White nationalist politicians. Jared Taylor would make a great Senator or even President.

      A shame that so many white men are emasculated and would rather lay down than take a stand. Our ancestors frown upon us in Valhalla.

      • Ultimate187

        “We have the intellectuals, blue collar and professional base to vote for White nationalist politicians”

        Whites as a whole do, but the demographics of people who make up White Nationalists does not.

        • lib1

          Are there studies on White Nationalist demographics? I’d love to know what the majority of my brethren do.

      • DrCroland

        You’re an insecure racist moron. Jealous about the fact that a black man became president, whereas you probably ave to clean outhouses for a living.

  • MBlanc46

    I would like to see a bitter struggle over this if the Offender-in-Chief tries it.

  • newsonsofliberty1776

    If Obama carries through with his stated plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens by executive order and without congressional legislation it will be the single greatest threat to our Constitution in American history. If he does this and it is not the trigger for mass, physical rebellion of the American people against this lawless tyrant, then we might as well just stop pretending otherwise and admit that our experiment in Constitutional representative government has come to an end.

  • Augustus3709

    If Republicans actually do something about Immigration (deport illegals, defend border etc) Then they could actually become legendary. This is a critical time. Maybe it is possible for a change for the better. There is some optimism in the air. It’s wonderful.

    • Max

      Yes, there is always optimism until the Repubs start electing people like “Dubya”, offering candidates like Romney and Christie, appointing their Colin Powells, granting amnesty like Reagan did, then it’s back to reality.

      • Augustus3709

        I do not look at Republicans through rose-colored glasses. As long as they are shameless lapdogs to international corporations and certain foreign lobbies, they will be useless.

        BUT, that’s why I said “if”. If they are smart, and wanted to have real power moving into the next several years, they could endear themselves to real Americans, particularly the White middle and working class, by doing something about the mass Immigration crisis. (Even blacks might hop on board because they have nothing to gain by mass Hispanic invasion.)

    • DrCroland

      I can smell the fear. But your days of supremacy are coming to an end. And there is NOTHING you can do about it, sucker. So just relax and go with the flow.

      • Augustus3709

        “Relax and go with the flow”.

        Prophetic words. haha

      • superlloyd

        Your flow is down the [email protected]!r, loser troll.

  • newsonsofliberty1776

    I hate to see the racial animosity on this site. While I understand where it comes from and while it’s perfectly legitimate to promote and protect the welfare of ones people, lets not descend to the level of our political adversaries and define individuals by the color of their skin, but rather by their individual character. There are plenty of black Americans who believe, as we do, in American exceptionalism and individual responsibility; we just don’t hear much about them because the Leftists have control of the major media. But we should not alienate these individuals based upon their race. That is ultimately very UN-American.

    • lib1

      This is a white nationalist site. Of course there are “decent” people in all races, but that doesn’t mean that we invite them to our table. The goal of this site and white nationalism as a whole is to awake our white brethren of the evils of feminism, Marxism, multiculturalism and liberalism. When we move the goal posts and say “oh but these people are okay” when it’s clear they belong to our mortal enemies, it trivializes the movement. White exceptionalism preempts American exceptionalism every day my brother.

      • TheDude

        This site is officially defined as “race-realist”, i.e. it acknowledges races exist and that there are non-negligible average differences between them.

        Although his positions are definitely pro-white, Jared Taylor never identified as a white nationalist, nor did he ever talk about “the evils of feminism, Marxism, or liberalism”. He did address multiracialism, however. There was even an article on AmRen that reached out to liberal race-realists years ago. I’ll try to find it for you.

        I think you’re confusing the stances of the majority of the regular commenters on this site who tend to be conservative on most issues (hence against feminism, etc) and the editors of the site or what it is actually intended for.


        Do you consider yourself a white nationalist and/or a white supremacist? Why or why not?

        Jared Taylor: No. I don’t know what the term white nationalist is supposed to mean. White supremacists presumably want to rule other races, and race realists have no such desire. I believe people of every race should be free to pursue their own destinies, and this is impossible in societies in which they become minorities.

        It should not be necessary to add that a concern for one’s own interests implies no hostility to others. Race realists understand that people of all races have the same rights: to preserve their culture and identity against any force that would dilute or replace it. One’s race is one’s extended family. Putting the interests of family before the interests of strangers is not hostility to strangers. One can become good friends with strangers but family comes first.


        • lib1

          I do believe in the supremacy of the white race, but don’t want to rule over other races. Still I don’t believe in carving out America either.

  • pea_brain_2012

    See, the repubs CAN get elected without blacks and browns. Now stop coddling king obummer!

  • baldridge999

    I put zero faith in the Republicans’ ultimate actions. In the end, no matter how much blustering we hear from Cruz and his ilk beforehand, they’ll stab white people in the back for the umpteenth time.

    There’s only one division that matters: pro-white or anti-white. So far there’s only one national politician who sort of gets it – Rep. Mo Brooks. But he’s a minor player. That’s the guy who a few months ago openly condemned the Democrats’ “war on white people.” Naturally, the Republican leaders laughed and scoffed at his accusation.

    • lib1

      Brooks is the man to listen to. Folks rally around Cruz and forget that his last name is Cruz. This is us against them and panderers, moderates and mediators have no place in the movement.

  • Max

    I fear that the Repub’s real concern is that His Hopefulness will steal their thunder by circumventing the GOP controlled congress, granting some kind of amNASTY before the Republicans can do it and give themselves credit for their “inclusiveness”.
    I hope sincerely that I am wrong.

    • Cid Campeador


  • Earl P. Holt III

    …and some people around here think Cruz is weak on immigration…

    • Realist

      “..and some people around here think Cruz is weak on immigration…”
      Any chickenshit can talk, let’s see what he does. How would he block Obama?

      • Earl P. Holt III

        When the Senate Immigration Reform bill was up for a vote, Cruz offered several Amendments in order to kill it:

        Cruz 1320: Triples Border Agents, quadruples cameras, sensors, drones, helicopters and other technology; Calls for completion of 700 miles of fence on border, pursuant to Public Law 109-367; Calls for biometric exit-entry system at border; Calls for establishment of 100% “operational control” of southern border; Calls for reducing salaries of top DHS personnel after three years if no full compliance.

        Cruz 1321: Prohibits federal, state or local entitlement benefits for those here, illegally.

        Cruz 1322: Ensures that all those Illegal Immigrants given “Legal Status” under the bill shall not be granted Citizenship.

        Cruz 1323: Combines Cruz 1321 and Cruz 1322, and prohibits Citizenship or Entitlements to anyone granted Legal Status under the Bill.

        • Realist

          Well I think you’re wrong. But we will see.

          And if he runs for President he will need money and had damn well better toe the line.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            There’s been a sort of quiet drum-beat against Cruz by people who should be championing him, and I’m not sure where or why it originated. However, those of us in Texas — who know him well — realize he is the REAL DEAL, particularly on the issue of immigration…

  • Tostig FitzHerbert

    Only governments with hardline deporting powers and immigration restrictions will ever help seriously to address the situation in America, and here in Europe. God help us all.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Dear Fellow Redneck: Cruz is Reagan with 60 more I.Q. points, and the vigor and endurance of youth. (The communists are scared to death of him…)

  • Earl P. Holt III

    And, even more importantly, he MEANS every one of them…