Racial Gap in U.S. Arrest Rates: ‘Staggering Disparity’

Brad Heath, USA Today, November 18, 2014

When it comes to racially lopsided arrests, the most remarkable thing about Ferguson, Mo., might be just how ordinary it is.

Police in Ferguson–which erupted into days of racially charged unrest after a white officer killed an unarmed black teen–arrest black people at a rate nearly three times higher than people of other races.

At least 1,581 other police departments across the USA arrest black people at rates even more skewed than in Ferguson, a USA TODAY analysis of arrest records shows. That includes departments in cities as large and diverse as Chicago and San Francisco and in the suburbs that encircle St. Louis, New York and Detroit.

Those disparities are easier to measure than they are to explain. They could be a reflection of biased policing; they could just as easily be a byproduct of the vast economic and educational gaps that persist across much of the USA–factors closely tied to crime rates. In other words, experts said, the fact that such disparities exist does little to explain their causes.


Whatever the reasons, the results are the same: Blacks are far more likely to be arrested than any other racial group in the USA. In some places, dramatically so.

At least 70 departments scattered from Connecticut to California arrested black people at a rate 10 times higher than people who are not black, USA TODAY found.

“Something needs to be done about that,” said Ezekiel Edwards, the head of the ACLU’s Criminal Law Reform Project, which has raised concerns about such disparate arrest rates. “In 2014, we shouldn’t continue to see this kind of staggering disparity wherever we look.”


{snip} USA TODAY’s analysis, using arrests reported to the federal government in 2011 and 2012, found that those inequities are far wider in many cities across the country, from St. Louis to Atlanta to suburban Dearborn, Mich.

Suspicion in Dearborn

A dozen people stood or slumped on benches before sunrise in Dearborn on a recent morning, waiting for officers to unlock the doors of the 19th District Court, where they had been summoned to answer traffic citations and petty criminal charges. Almost everyone who lives in Dearborn is white (including a large population of Arabs). Almost everyone waiting in the morning dim was black.

“You can see who’s going in there. I guarantee they don’t live here,” Lawrence Wynn, who is black, said, looking at the line outside the courthouse door. Most days, Wynn said, he detours around Dearborn on his way home from his job at a suburban auto plant. It makes the journey half again as long, “but I’d rather do that than have to come through Dearborn at night.”

He leaned in close. “I think they’re targeting people.”

Dearborn police officers and officials say that’s not true. The city’s police chief, Ronald Haddad, said the arrest rates are skewed because many of the people his officers arrest don’t live in the city. They’re picked up at the shopping mall, on their way to work or simply when they’re driving through. Some are detained by private security officers before police ever arrive, meaning police would have no chance to single them out.

Haddad said it is unfair to measure his officers’ work against the city’s demographics. “We treat everyone the same,” he said.

More than half of the people Dearborn police arrested in 2011 and 2012 were black, according to reports they submitted to the FBI. By comparison, about 4% of the city’s residents are black, as are about a quarter of the people who live in Metropolitan Detroit. Over those two years, the department reported arresting 4,500 black people–500 more than lived in the city. As a result, the arrest rate for blacks, compared with the city’s population, was 26 times higher than for people of other races.


To measure the breadth of arrest disparities, USA TODAY examined data that police departments report to the FBI each year. For each agency, USA TODAY compared the number of black people arrested during 2011 and 2012 with the number who lived in the area the department protects. (The FBI tracks arrests by race; it does not track arrests of Hispanics.)

The review did not include thousands of smaller departments or agencies that serve areas with only a small black population. It also did not include police agencies in most parts of Alabama, Florida and Illinois because those states had not reported complete arrest data to the FBI.

The review showed:

• Blacks are more likely than others to be arrested in almost every city for almost every type of crime. Nationwide, black people are arrested at higher rates for crimes as serious as murder and assault, and as minor as loitering and marijuana possession.

• Arrest rates are particularly lopsided in some pockets of the country, including St. Louis’ Missouri suburbs near Ferguson. In St. Louis County alone, more than two dozen police departments had arrest rates more lopsided than Ferguson’s. In nearby Clayton, Mo., for example, only about 8% of residents are black, compared with about 57% of people the police arrested, according to the city’s FBI reports. {snip}

• Deep disparities show up even in progressive university towns. USA TODAY found police in Berkeley, Calif., and Madison, Wis., arrested black people at a rate more than nine times higher than members of other racial groups. {snip}

• Arrest rates are lopsided almost everywhere. Only 173 of the 3,538 police departments USA TODAY examined arrested black people at a rate equal to or lower than other racial groups.


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  • phorning

    The Arabs living in Dearborn are considered white? They don’t look white to me.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      If an Arab were to murder a white, it would be counted in the white offender column and forgotten.

      If a white were to kill an Arab it would be a “hate crime” and on the front page for weeks.

      • Guest

        As it should be

        • [Guest]

          Of what race is this fellow … or does his racial designation depend upon whether he’s the criminal or the victim?

          • AndrewInterrupted

            He would be counted as White by the octaroon, Eric Holder.

          • [Guest]

            Wow! It looks as if white men are on a real crime rampage, huh?

        • Nancy

          So only whites are capable of “hate crimes”?

          Ah, I see now. So the 19 Arabs who slaughtered 3,000 Americans on 9/11 did it out of love.

          I’m guessing, then, that black-on-white violent crimes, which constitute 85% or more of yearly interracial crime, is simply black’s expression of love toward their fellow man. That’s how they show affection: roaming in packs, looking for easy targets to punch/stomp/rob. The reports of them yelling things like “cracker” must be just vicious rumors.

          Gives me the warm fuzzies, it really does.

          And I guess that strong-arm robbery committed by Michael “The Gentle Giant” Brown was grossly misunderstood. He was simply giving that poor little store clerk a hug, right?

          Thank you for helping me see the light. The scales have truly fallen from my eyes.

          But just to be safe, I will continue to carry my own 9mm token of love and affection under my shirt, just in case one of these peace-loving minorities decides to show me or my family some “affectionate good will”.

          Rest assured, I will reciprocate in kind.

    • [Guest]

      The U.S. government classifies Middle Eastern Muhammadan terrorists and Hispanics—including those who are dark as lumps of coal—as white … at least if they’re wanted criminals.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Look on the bright side…..it means that the black-white gap is decreasing, when they start to put in low-IQ, high-crime arabs in the white statistic….

      There are two ways of making the racial gap disappear.
      Make blacks better.
      Or, make whites worse.

      Since the first one has failed miserably, they are now going for the second.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      They don’t ACT white, either…

      • Guest

        How can one act white,? just curious….

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Obey the law — both criminal and moral law — keep your pants hitched-up, don’t punctuate every sentence with the word “m*therf***er,” stay awake in class and try to learn, don’t drop litters of bastards by multiple baby-mommas, don’t deal dope as a substitute for real employment, don’t engage in drive-by shootings, actually marry the mother of your children, maintain the upkeep of your home, don’t destroy every rental unit you occupy, don’t vandalize everything within reach, don’t get on welfare, don’t be a nuisance to every white person around you, obey traffic laws so you won’t constantly get stopped by police, don’t assault or kill every white or Asian who mistakenly ventures into your “hood,” cooperate with police and actually report crimes in your hood, and quit making excuses for every shortcoming you exhibit on a daily basis 24 hours per day. (Nomesayin?)

        • rebelcelt

          One can get an education , not have kids out of wedlock and not commit crimes. That is a good start.

        • [Guest]

          Given that white people built Western civilization, maybe civilization-building qualifies as “acting white.”

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I like your answer better than mine, but mine was cathartic…

          • [Guest]

            Oh, I don’t know. I think that, taken together, the three of us who responded pretty well answered our friend’s (insincere) question.

  • The left talks from both sides of their collective mouths when discussing race.
    We’re “all the same” – except Whites – who conspire to keep non-Whites down.

    Blacks have earned their higher arrest/incarceration rates with their inordinate criminal behavioral.

    • bilderbuster

      They deserve their ranking at the bottom of the education and economic scale too.
      Other non-White groups are going to have to dramatically lower their standards if they want to remain competitive with Blacks in the race to the bottom.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        That 15 to 21 point average I.Q. disparity favoring whites over blacks “explains” every other disparity between the races, including income, educational achievement, and even criminality…

    • Alucard_the_last

      Any list that is negative (crime, low test scores, low IQ) the negro is on top of the list. Any list that is positive (married with children, high test scores, college degree), the negro is at the bottom. Since this nation is so pro-negro, they should be advancing but they don’t and it is 100% their fault. They have more rights and government programs than humans and they still can’t make it. In a just society, half would be on cargo ships headed for Africa. But no! They are free to rape, rob and kill in America and if anyone utters a peep, they are written off as ‘racist’.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        The black jellybeans ALWAYS find their way to the bottom of the jar…

  • Mary

    “Something needs to be done about that” according to the ACLU’s brilliant and astute Ezekiel Edwards, referring to the arrest rate for blacks. Why, yes, Mr. Edwards, you are correct.Blacks need to stop committing crimes at a breathtakingly, stupefyingly higher rate, and their arrest rate just might fall. When a group of people commits crime at many times the rate of the general population, they just might be arrested more often. A novel idea, I know.

    • DonReynolds

      My guess is…..Mr. Ezekiel Edwards must be hinting that black offenders need to be provided with faster getaway cars, so they will not be arrested so often.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        One would think that they already have an advantage in getting away, being that black skin is better when you want to hide in the dark….

      • Mary

        That wouldn’t surprise me. It’s unfair that so many blacks lack adequate transportation, rendering them incapable of executing their crimes with ease.Let’s level the playing field.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Some enterprising federal judge in south Texas tried to do exactly THAT in the 1980s, (maybe 1990s) by rendering the opinion that possessing a car was an American Constitutional Right, and that all the welfare leaches and hos on welfare had a right to demand one…

      • Earl P. Holt III

        You, Sir, deserve a Doctorate in Nigrology…!

    • Rick O’Shea

      I very passionately hope that they do NOT lower their crime rates.

      I want our two races to separate. I want my race to survive, ideally as something more than a tiny fragment in a corner of the planet… existing only so long as everyone else permits us to.

      For that to happen, blacks must become less tolerable, not more tolerable.

      Let them riot.

      • Mary

        Yes. If they could keep their destructive pathology to themselves, I really wouldn’t care what their crime rate is.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      The communists would rather “blame the victims”…

  • Ed

    There’s not much left in Detroit to rob so the non-resident Blacks travel where there is more money to plunder. Why is this difficult to comprehend for the media?

  • D.B. Cooper

    Happy birthday, Eve Carson (November 19, 1985 – March 5, 2008)!
    You would’ve been 29 today. Instead you were killed at 22, and the news stations have succeeded in making everyone forget all about you. I didn’t forget, and I’m not letting the rest of you forget either.

    • newscomments70

      And Holder, white liberals, etc want to parole these types. We are at war with blacks and liberals.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Note the Trayvon style hoodie.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        As much a part of their “ensemble” as their gun and their black asses hanging out of their britches…

    • disqus_irCdmAu8It

      I live in the town where she was raised. We have very few blacks that are NOT criminals. She should have taken more care and caution. Blacks are to be feared.

      • Max

        Whites *should* be feared but the enemy within the gates has concluded that era.

      • anony

        Moreso, they should be avoided. Separation is the only answer.

      • rebelcelt

        Yeah, but she had had 22 years of non-stop indoctrination that what she saw was a stereotype and not really the truth. And her well meaning parents taught her to love everybody of every race, and (of course) that we are all equal.

    • Max

      This is important; not to incite hate but to maintain a sense of unity. To paraphrase Franklin: We must hang together or we will surely all be victimized separately.


    • anony

      I hope you sent a copy of this post to ABCCBSNBCCNN!!

    • Earl P. Holt III

      The REAL lesson to be gleaned from this girl’s tragic death is for white women to stay as far away from predatory nigro sewer-rats as one possibly can, and NOT try to devote your life to helping these, the very objects of her misplaced sympathies…

  • Arrest rates are particularly lopsided in some pockets of the country, including St. Louis’ Missouri suburbs near Ferguson. In St. Louis County alone, more than two dozen police departments had arrest rates more lopsided than Ferguson’s

    I can explain that. The white people who still live in near North County are older people. The kind that don’t want to move because of their age. Therefore, if the area is full of younger blacks and older whites, then of course the disparity will be higher than the black-white disparity controlling for age.

    In nearby Clayton, Mo., for example, only about 8% of residents are black, compared with about 57% of people the police arrested, according to the city’s FBI reports.

    Clayton can only be as “high” 8% black if jail inmates (the county jail like all county government functions is in Clayton) and Washington University students (the WU dorms are in Clayton) are counted as Clayton residents on census day. I know for a fact that the Census Bureau counts prison inmates as residents of the census tract where the prison is, not where the inmate lived before going to prison. If you look at the NYT Census Explorer, and look at “black population only,” and look at a state like Illinois, you’ll see mysterious black “spots” in the middle of nowhere; those are where the state prisons are.

    Deep disparities show up even in progressive university towns. USA TODAY found police in Berkeley, Calif., and Madison, Wis., arrested black people at a rate more than nine times higher than members of other racial groups.

    Taken state by state, the highest gap between black and white incarceration rates are in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Because you’re juxtaposing the most well behaved whites with ratchet welfare-seeking blacks or their descendants. I think that sort of thing as it work in college towns. In Madison, Wisconsin, for example, the only blacks arrested are probably on the football and men’s basketball team at the University of Wisconsin.

    Those disparities are easier to measure than they are to explain.

    Wrong. They’re both easy to measure and explain.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “Those disparities are easier to measure than they are to explain.

      Wrong. They’re both easy to measure and explain.”

      Correct. That is an excuse that psychos use when they don’t want to accept the correct answer. Usually they say something like; “there are so many unanswered questions.” The questions are answered; they just don’t want to accept the answers.


    • Who Me?

      “I know for a fact that the Census Bureau counts prison inmates as residents of the census tract where the prison is”
      This is the absolute truth. It’s why our county is considered .7% black ((*note the point!)) And you never see a black person on the streets or in the stores or anywhere. There are no black families and no black children in the schools. If one is spotted, it’s a rarity–and watched because he probably just got out of the state’s custody. Even so, they are usually returned to their hometowns to serve out their remaining time under parole. If it weren’t for the inmates we’d have a 0% black population. (Of course on the other hand we’ve still got the–supposedly only 47%–Hispanics…sigh)

      • Prison inmates are counted because while they do not vote, they still matter as total population when it comes to congressional representation. So do illegal aliens.

    • Raymond Oz

      Great post……………

      “Arrest rates are particularly lopsided in some pockets of the country, including St. Louis’ Missouri suburbs near Ferguson. In St. Louis County alone, more than two dozen police departments had arrest rates more lopsided than Ferguson’s”

      Like nearby suburbs of Pinelawn and Welston?

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Anywhere there are blacks there is crime…

    • Earl P. Holt III

      I agree: I have rarely (if ever) found any blacks who lived in Clayton. The Census must include those incarcerated in the County jail and Juvenile Facilities. Maybe some college students in the Wash. Univ. dormitories that are actually located in Clayton…

  • Lewis33

    All this shows a common sense reader is that the large majority of whites are good, law abiding citizens.

    • Mary

      White privilege, you know. Whites are not forced to commit crimes as a manifestation of their frustration with a racist, cruel society that’s keeping them down. Or some such nonsense, according to the usual suspects.

    • Bonny Alba

      Except the multicultural liberals pushing this nonsense. They are not good, they are immoral, contrary to their narcissistic self-congratulatory hubris inspired beliefs.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Someone at NATIONAL REVIEW once compared U.S. violent crime rates per 100,000 (excluding nigs) with those in Northern European countries, and concluded that we compared favorably…

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “USA Today discovers the Color of Crime”

    I remember when I discovered the Color of Crime. It was like a porthole into a new world — a world filled with facts and truth rather than theories and excuses. The Color of Crime was eye-opening and to this day those statistics remain more formative in my beliefs than the Cultural Marxist texts I was forced to read in college.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Your problem is that you’re normal. When you read these stats you said “Wow, look at how violent and criminal-minded blacks are!”

      When the leftards saw the same stats they said “Wow, look at how the racist police are targeting the peaceful, nonviolent black community!”

      • Even when the left is pinned down on statistics like the leading cause of death among young black males is murder by other young black males, they fall back on excuses like “guns”, “institutional racism”, and “unemployment”. The same leftists who bemoan black unemployment during these discussions also support illegal immigration, which is a direct cause of unemployment among young, unskilled blacks.

        Pinning libtards down on these issues is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      I can still remember a statistic that got my attention at the time:

      Black multiple-offender aggravated assaults against a white victim are 2,000 times greater than white multiple-offender aggravated assaults against a black victim…

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Heredity’s role in predisposing individuals to violence is incompletely understood. But there is progress. Below are notes from Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance (pp 54-57):

    *Genetic control of aggression was dramatically illustrated by a breeding experiment with Siberian gray rats by a Soviet scientist Dmitriy Belyaev. From the same population he developed two strains, one highly sociable with humans, one ferociously aggressive towards humans.

    *Rodents and humans use many of the same array of genes to control aggression.

    *The gene MAO-A, which is one of two forms of monoamine oxidase, is associated with aggression.

    *The MAO-A enzyme [created by the MAO-A gene] breaks down serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine after they are used. If the three neurotransmitters don’t break down due to insufficient MAO-A enzyme, they build up and cause men to be over-aggressive. A single mutation of the MAO-A gene causes the assembly of the MAO-A enzyme to be halted halfway through, rendering it ineffective.

    *Moreover, genes are controlled by “promoters,” short stretches of DNA near the genes they control. People can have two to five copies of the promoter DNA for the MAO-A gene. People with only two copies are far more likely to display violence.

    *There is “substantial variation” in the genetic structure of the MAO-A gene and its controls between races and ethnicities. 5 percent of African-American men carry two MAO-A promoters. Only 0.1 percent of white males carry the two-promoter allele.

    *Natural selection seems to have favored particular behavioral traits, whether more or less aggressive, in different races and ethnicities.

    *Even if blacks are more likely to carry the violence-linked allele of MAO-A promoters, many more genes are evidently involved in controlling aggression. Caucasians may carry the aggressive allele of genes yet to be identified.

    *Indeed, a variant of a gene called HTR2B found in Finns predisposes carriers to violence when under the influence of alcohol.

    • Rhialto

      “Genes be racis’, and Whities who talk about genes be mo’ raciss, no shheet”

      Dr. Jervanius P. Greer, PHd., Chiarman-Dept. of Interracial Bioecology, Harvard Institute of Diverse Academia.

    • wildfirexx

      It seems that in the lighter skin countries like Scandinavia, violent crime is considered less of a problem (until the muslims showed up).
      But yet, wasn’t this the land of the Vikings !

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        That’s a scientific and historical puzzle. A very large percentage of Viking warriors settled abroad — Normandy (William the Conqueror), northern and eastern Britain (King Canute), Russia (Rurik), etc. Maybe the wimps stayed behind in Scandinavia. Or maybe internecine wars over centuries since the Viking era — I don’t know pre-WWI Scandinavian history — killed off the warrior elites?

        • dukem1

          Or maybe the people in Sandanavia don’t wan’t to mess with each other because they’re all Vikings…Who wants to mess with a Viking?

          • rebelcelt

            I have contemplated the same thing. I think not being in a small cabin, only warmed by a small fire for extremely cold and long winters might play a part. The Russian have hardship and are plenty tough. They are also of Viking descent. We as a society do not have enough hardship to keep us aggressive. Let our food supply get low enough to the point where the average white does not eat one or two days out of the week. Let a man see his children hungry. Shoes and spare clothing become a luxury, or the homestead be a shack without electricity, or indoor plumbing. I think Viking traits would arise again.

          • Francis Miville

            No. Real Aryan people are happy and peaceful with a very austere life. The Vikings did not like war. As soon as they were finished with a conquest and could raise a cow or two, and build a log cabin, they stopped fighting and engaged into religious life of some sort and training. They were not interested in adopting the luxury life of the peoples they subdued and left to their own decadent ways, like also the ancient Spartans.

        • DonReynolds

          I always get a faint smile when fellow whites see themselves as less aggressive or less violent than other races. Take away the legal restraints and you will find that whites are incredibly aggressive and violent …… and they have a long history of murder and mayhem, every bit as cruel and vicious as any other race. We may live long enough to see the legal restraints dissolve in this country.

          • kikz2

            the veil/veneer of civilization is quite thin, as you said, when tested.. especially at the ice house after a proper hurricane….. i’ve seen grown men almost kill ea/other over a 50lb block of ice..

          • LexiconD1

            I believe the Japanese expressed it best, “Waking up a sleeping giant” seems to describe the phenomenon perfectly.

          • anony

            Or maybe Kipling…

            by Rudyard Kipling

            It was not part of their blood,
            It came to them very late,
            With long arrears to make good,
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            They were not easily moved,
            They were icy — willing to wait
            Till every count should be proved,
            Ere the Saxon began to hate.

            Their voices were even and low.
            Their eyes were level and straight.
            There was neither sign nor show
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not preached to the crowd.
            It was not taught by the state.
            No man spoke it aloud
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not suddently bred.
            It will not swiftly abate.
            Through the chilled years ahead,
            When Time shall count from the date
            That the Saxon began to hate.

        • Max

          -or perhaps the Viking reputation for violence was based on a different *sort* of “essential violence” which had a purpose (sort of the classic Mafia “It’s only business, you understand” type violence) When going to conquer it would be important to completely despirit your adversary. Vikings apparently had the size and intelligence and consequent organization to accomplish this. They were renown seamen as well as inventive unlike most of the dark continent.

          Blacks OTOH, often just seem to engage in gratuitous, non-profit, undirected violence and indeed, cannot even get along with their own kin to any degree.

          But then, I’m no anthropologist.

          • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

            I think you’re on to something, Max. The Vikings did have skills in governance and trade unrelated to their capacity for warfare.

        • kikz2

          maybe it was a phase, all civilized peoples pass thru…..

        • wildfirexx

          Another possibility, is that the introduction to Christianity in Scandinavia, may have played a role in taming them to a lesser degree of aggression, and in the long run genetically evolved into a more humble and compassionate people.
          But so far Christianity appears to have had little effect on the black population in taming their temperament. On the contrary, they seem to be more bitter and obnoxious than ever.

          • Who Me?

            Maybe those of a more warlike, less domesticated type of personality found themselves less suited to living in Christianity dominated areas. This would tend to make them leave the area, or migrate out. Many who migrated out, or took to wandering, etc. did not live to reproduce.

    • Kenner

      Could it be those Finns are the reindeer herding Summi, an asiatic sub-group?

    • Earl P. Holt III

      I think it was most appropriate that the experimenters used rats as a substitute for nigros…

  • drattastic

    Could it be that Blacks commit more crime, could that maybe explain the disparity. If you break the law you get arrested, if you abide by the law you don’t get arrested, seems like a pretty simple concept to most people , others maybe not so much.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Funny how the list of possibilities for the racial disparity in arrests in articles like this never even contains the true cause for the disparity – black lower IQ average and lower levels of moral sense. But they will still put forth economic disparities as a possible causation even though studies have proven that when economics are taken into account, blacks are still far more criminal and prone to violence. The denial game goes on….

    • DonReynolds

      Once a person has been arrested and incarcerated for a street-level crime, they have very few reasons not to re-offend. One arrest, even with a short stretch in jail, and they have a criminal record. Any anxiety they may have had about being arrested is lost the first time they get popped. After the first arrest, there is nothing more that a convict can do other than re-offend and they have fewer reasons not to. This is an old problem that exists everywhere, for centuries. We do not actually have an incentive to obey the law and once a convict, there are no ways to make their reputation better or worse.

      • I once told an inquisitive neighbor that once one has a felony, the misdemeanors are all free after that.

      • LexiconD1

        It depends. You can go and have your record cleared, so you don’t have to report an arrest on your job application, but not always. I’ve known a couple of people who had records from when they were young (not teens, mostly drug violations) go before the judge to have the cleaned.

        I think it’s only violent crimes that can’t be cleared, but I’m not 100% sure…

      • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

        And the reason so many more blacks are arrested and incarcerated for a street-level crime is black lower IQ average and lower levels of moral sense.
        The reoffender rate does not explain away the racial disparity in first offender rates.

  • TheCogitator

    And it every town across the country, men are arrested more than women. Is that evidence of discrimination by sex, or is it because men commit more crimes? Only a fool could not correctly answer that. It is evident that white, black loving, liberals are fools.

    • jane johnson

      That is a great point, and works to refute the so-called conservative “war on women”, as well as the subject of this thread. Thanks!

    • Ike Eichenberg

      You can educate a fool, libs are delusional.

    • DonReynolds

      The reason more men get arrested is because we have criminalized more male behaviors than female behaviors. I am pretty sure the mean streak for women is just as wide as it is for men. My guess is…..women are only scary to children and other women.

      • Rick O’Shea

        I’m very aware of the anti-male (or at least anti-white-male) biases in our society today, but I think if we’re going to be completely honest we have to admit that masculinity is a double edged sword.

        It will result in males almost exclusively doing some of the bedrock things that allow civilization to exist, but it will also result in them filling the prisons, etc.

        Males just have a more assertive, aggressive posture toward the world and those around them. That can manifest positively or negatively.

        This is inevitable when one sex can typically just wait around for a mate to show up, and the other must pursue one and traditionally, fight other males to gain and retain one.

        The key is the right balance between testosterone and IQ, between aggressiveness and cooperation, etc.

        White males represent the best balance of these traits, hence our success. Certain East Asian populations could arguably be said to have a better balance but I do believe they went too far away from the other extreme (blacks) and ended up too meek, insufficiently creative, insufficiently individualistic.

        I could be wrong on that. What I’m definitely not wrong on is the fact that blacks, in their vast majority, are not within the correct balance to participate in society.

        • DonReynolds

          The missing element you may be searching for is cooperation. Whites are not physically superior to anyone but they have conquered the world many times with their social and economic organization. The only serious challenges come from those societies which have tried to imitate that organization.

          Within white society we imprison those who refuse to follow the laws…..and it does not matter who they are. Cops will arrest those who engage in proscribed behaviors and at some point the offenders are put into prison.

          The East Asian populations you mention have an even stronger tendency (than whites) to get with the program, follow the rules, and cooperate to achieve what they could never accomplish alone.

    • Max

      -and, as J.T. has pointed out a hundred times to thousands of people, blacks are about as much much more likely to be arrested for violent crimes than whites, as men are more likely than women -about 8:1 His opponents in my recollection never challenge the male/fem differnce but go right ahead with the charge of racism for the black/white difference completely nonplussed.

  • RacialRay

    Did I read that right? A black man claims that he deliberately avoids passing through a WHITE neighborhood at night?

    Must be those thuggish white women out walking their dogs in the evening that scare him off.

    • jane johnson

      Dearborn is full of arab muslims.

      • withcaution

        I live close to Dearborn, and meet many Arabs in my line of business. Their typical attitude is that blacks are children and it’s our fault for not properly parenting them and how to behave.

        • jane johnson

          But what is their general attitude toward you?

          • withcaution

            I’ve yet to meet a single one that is grateful to be in this country. There simply here for the economic opportunities. They go out of their way to be rude, such as standing in front of you and blocking your view or bumping into you as they walk by or speaking really loud in Arabic. If you talk to them long enough to where they’ll drop their guard they’ll all agree on one thing, that all terrorist acts in this nation such as 9/11, were committed by the federal government. Most of them are fairly bright but the levels of corruption are completely off the scale.

          • jane johnson

            Thank you. Pretty much what I expected.

          • withcaution

            They treat most white people like the dealer playing the three card monte game. They’re all friends and smiles as long as they think they can get something from you, but once they’ve used you for whatever you’re worth they quick move onto the next Rube. They tend to be very arrogant, very macho, they’ll get in your personal space, talk loudly in Arabic, and bump into you without even acknowledging your presence.

    • In my neighborhood, there is no way “through”; it is a cul de sac unless one wants to try the stream, using the erosion-control boulders as stepping stones, or else walk across the ice when it is frozen solid.

      • RacialRay

        And are your neighborhood thuggish white women under control?

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Lawdee, jeebus, I know dey scar me!

    • The All Seeing Bry

      Not for their protection, they are scared of being profiled. Let’s keep the later that way.

    • Max

      Imagine his fear when walking through a Chinese neighborhood.

  • Mack0

    Every time one of these articles appears in a major news paper I notice black commentators protesting that whites commit more crimes. They always and I mean always link to the FBI crimes statistics. I have to explain to them that it’s not the total number but the percentage of the population. I also have to point out that Hispanics are lumped in with whites. Wiping the smug smiles off their faces always makes me happy.

    • Mary

      All true. Unfortunately, many are too dim to comprehend the difference between percentages and total numbers. They are as literal-minded as preschoolers.

    • jane johnson

      “…lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

  • wildfirexx

    Surprise! Surprise! Surprissse! Duh…what else is new ? So their logic is ? So it sounds like in order to make things more equal…They would have to either arrest less black criminals, which would cause the crime rate to skyrocket…or get white criminals to commit more crimes. lol

  • Simonetta

    Blacks have always claimed that their dysfunctional culture is a result of white racism. But actually, I’ve come to realize that it is the other way around. White racism is a natural defensive mechanism to the Black’s dysfunctional culture.

    But lately, I’m beginning to change my mind again. There is just too much evidence that some whites just hate blacks for no particular reason and are doing whatever they can to make their lives miserable. Especially white policemen.

    This is why having police wear small clip-on cameras is such a good idea. It’s not really an invasion of privacy as long as it is strongly understood that the camera results are not for general public viewing without a court order. These people are public servants and their public interactions should be monitored. Of course undercover work and meeting with informants and crime victims will not be allowed to be viewed by the general public until there is a trial for crimes.

    But what new small ubiquitous video cameras are showing is how much dysfunctional-cultured people [ DCP ] are personally responsible for their own arrests. Screaming, taunting, and aggressively arguing with police over minor matters where citizens are expected to be reserved and respectful to officers is common behavior that always gets the DCP in deeper legal trouble than they would be had they not been such jerks. And yet they are taught from birth to ‘chimp-out’ when in a police encounter.

    As for the marijuana arrests discrepancies, well I’ve been toking for 40 years and have had a half-dozen or so police encounters where I could have been arrested for possession. I now (for the past two weeks) live in a state where use this plant has been legalized, and I find this to be a BIG

  • NothingMan00

    I scrolled through the Facebook comments on that article last night. Average whites are not buying the “racism” nonsense anymore. These days blacks stupidly advertise their own criminality via videos on YouTube and World Star, so even people who’ve never had the privilege of dealing with them can see what they’re really all about. Ferguson has woken up quite a few of the clueless as well.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Oh, they’ll be more than woken up by the time this month is through.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        Obama is going to announce his amnesty tomorrow night.

        I’m going to guess the the grand jury’s decision to not indict the officer will be released the next day or so.

        This in order to give the media something to talk about other than the fact that Obama is set to do what he has repeatedly stated he did not have the legal authority to grant under the Constitution.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          I hope they release their grand jury decision on Black Friday so they riot then. Oh wait, they do anyways.

      • kikz2

        maybe even before the week is through…

    • Alexandra1973

      Even if blacks and whites committed crimes at equal rates, the fact remains that blacks will showcase it and whites will be more likely to hide the evidence.

      Which still indicates a difference between the races.

      • Whites also don’t record camera-phone video of them beating the snot out of people and then upload it to social websites. It should seem obvious that providing cops with evidence on a silver platter in this fashion is a dandy way to get arrested. Of course, to certain “yoofs”, this isn’t obvious (and not much else is, either).

  • WR_the_realist

    Notice how this is described as disparities in arrests, not as disparities in crime rates. Blacks must be shown as the victims even when they are the ones committing the crimes. And the usual litany of “causes” are listed — racism against blacks, poverty among blacks, etc.

    Never, never, are blacks held responsible for their own behavior.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Great catch, hit the nail on the head. The art of propaganda is about slight turns of phrase to make something look different from what it really is.

  • De Doc

    MSM just discovers race disparity in arrests – hilarity ensues.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Yes, and every time they are shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you!

  • Ograf

    Perhaps it would change if the blacks started following rules and obeying the law. OH ! I forgot, they do not have to do that.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Generally, the correct explanation for something is the obvious explanation. “Psssst… academics, sociologists, and media members… blacks are arrested more because the commit more crimes.”

    • Mary

      No, none of these groups seem to believe in Occam’s Razor. They prefer the convoluted and illogical.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Exactly, racism is the obvious explanation, when your mind is closed to reality.

  • ghettovalley

    When people talk about racial disparities in arrest rates, they don’t realize that they are simply proving our point. Except there isn’t some secret racist nationwide conspiracy to bring it about, they simply engage in more criminal activities and are also more stupid and obvious about it.

    • bilderbuster

      They dress the part too.
      They enjoy projecting a criminal/thug image.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Only an extremist, leftwing, lunatic Democrat could be surprised by the findings of the study. Its not that Blacks are arrested at such high rates, its that they commit so many crimes. If the USA didnt have black thugs and criminals, we would be a very safe place to live. Starting tomorrow, I am packing a .45 as I fear riots from the Michael Brown tribe.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Leftwing and delusional are almost synonymous.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        The right is pretty delusional themselves. I have not heard a peep out of anyone in the Republican party. The only one that comes close is Andrew Coulter, but she only does it to sell books to the idiots who want to pay money to read something they already know.


  • Roninf9

    “Something needs to be done about that,” said Ezekiel Edwards, the head of the ACLU’s Criminal Law Reform Project

    I agree. Pants Up, Don’t Loot!

  • Why do they focus on arrests? Why not on the crimes?

    Besides, it’s often blacks calling the police about black crime and violence. Dang, dey mus’ be racis’.

    • Roninf9

      I can’t imagine the amount of crime that goes unreported in urban areas by “minorities” that don’t trust The Man and by the police who don’t want to deal with the political backlash of reporting too much minority crime.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Because were they to focus on the crimes reported where the criminal is known to be black vs white, they would experience a painful case of cognitive dissonance when reality penetrated their delusion.

    • Alexandra1973

      I hear they’ll call Children’s Services on each other to get back at each other. That, I’d think, would be a reason for the strain on the system.

  • John R

    So the higher arrest rates may be tied to poverty and unemployment? Hey, I got an interesting theory: People who are stupid, make bad decisions, are impulsive and violent, are more likely to be poor, unemployed, and commit crime and get arrested. Got it?

    • Max

      No, they make bad decisions *because* they are unemployed and poor due to whites withholding educational opportunities and trapping them in impoverished post-industrial areas with bad schools and crime. All that they know is the “cycle of poverty and violence”.

      How was that?

      • LexiconD1

        Completely wrong, stupid, and boneheaded.

        How was THAT!?!?

        • meanqueen

          Max was being ironic. Read it again.

          • LexiconD1

            My mistake, if he was. However, if he was, it didn’t translate well. (shrugs shoulders)

      • John R

        WARNING: A liberal got in, moderator! LOL. I guess the, uhhh, that forces them to have kids out of wedlock that they can’t support, huh? And they are of course, forced to commit crime to feed their obviously starving bodies, huh? (Yeah, just look at how fat people are on welfare; they eat better than I do!) Bad schools? You mean, free public education, don’t you? Supported by taxpayers like me. College? How about community colleges which are very cheap. Dude, forget it, go to YouTube and talk this way. On this website, you are in way over your head.

        • I think you are missing the sarcasm.

          • Itooktheredpill

            Just out of curiosity do you read all the comments? If so you have quite an entertaining job.

          • There is more than one moderator, and we all have various shifts. Every single comment is read by some moderator.

            On a good day, that is, a good day for all of you, this can be quite an educational job. This moderator remembers one day last year, it was a Saturday afternoon, where reading all the comments that had been submitted since the end of the last moderator’s shift, and it was around twelve hours’ worth, was on par with a quality undergraduate college education in the liberal arts.

          • Pathfinder75

            Just out of curiosity,is it true that moderators can see what a commenter is typing before they post a comment? If so,does that hold true for all sites using DISQUS?

          • No, not here, and therefore most likely no other Disqus-based comment sections.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’m unemployed and below poverty level but I’ve never been in trouble.

      I just do housework, play computer games (the only “toy” I have is my computer, which is several years old, and my mother gave me a Kindle Fire), and take care of my son.

  • bilderbuster

    This article proves one of two things.
    Either every police department in the nation is staffed and controlled by White racists who are framing and falsely charging Blacks with crimes they didn’t commit. That the crime victims are racists for falsely accusing Blacks for committing crimes against them.
    And the national media is involved as racist accomplices in the cover up of this massive racist operation.
    Blacks have been on a massive crime wave for decades as everyone with functioning eyes and ears knows to be the case. And that the anti-White national media has knowingly conspired to actively cover up the massive Black crime rate to the detriment of Whites and the safety of the American people as a whole.

  • kjh64

    Arrest rates are not “lopsided”. Some racial groups commit more crimes and are arrested more because of it, plain and simple.

    • JohnEngelman

      Shhh. Not so loud. You may be fired for saying that.

  • cuxhaven

    Those 173 Police departments need to be investigated. After all 3,365 police departments can’t be wrong.

  • A Freespeechzone

    I don’t recall mention in the article as to how many arrested blacks were charged with a crime and convicted.

    I honestly can’t believe that LE really wants to deal with blacks any more than they have to, knowing the grief they will get from do-gooders, the media and race hustlers.

    Blacks want the ‘right’ to rob, rape and perpetrate violence on anyone they want….that is exactly what this is all about.

    Meanwhile, we have liberals wanting quotas on the number of criminals that can be held accountable.

    No logic whatsoever.

  • [Guest]

    >>>Those disparities are easier to measure than they are to explain.

    No, Brad Heath of USA Today, it’s easy. Blacks commit crime—and especially violent crime—at rates that are way, way greater than their percentage of the population.

    Phrases such as “racially lopsided arrests” and “disparate arrest rates” are propaganda.

  • Reverend Bacon

    These people are so good at processing information, aren’t they? Reminds me of the one about the “scientist” who does an experiment on a frog. He shouts, “jump,” and it jumps. He cuts off two legs, shouts “jump” and it jumps, but more reluctantly. Then, he cuts all the legs off, shouts “jump,” and nothing happens. “Conclusive proof,” he writes, “removing the legs from a frog will harm its sense of hearing.”

  • JohnEngelman

    Police in Ferguson–which erupted into days of racially charged unrest after a white officer killed an unarmed black teen–arrest black people at a rate nearly three times higher than people of other races.

    – Brad Heath, USA Today, November 18, 2014

    The thing I can’t understand is why it is only three times. Those blacks must be getting away with a lot of crimes.

  • JohnEngelman

    USA News would not let me leave a comment.

  • Yves Vannes

    This article and the coming violence in Ferguson will result in more programs more money more whining and more handwringing. For those of us who pay for America, it will result in defining deviancy downward (Portland, OR) and a lower quality of life.

  • dd121

    Could it be that blacks are naturally more criminally inclined than whites? Nope, targeting, that’s it.

    • Bill

      Hey, the Pres. breaks the law, why not his homies?

    • JohnEngelman

      The high rate of black incarceration is caused by systemic racism. Remember that. If you give any other explanation, you may lose your job.

      • Lose my job? Oh, dear! I believe I shall faint.

        • JohnEngelman

          People are not put into prison for violating the restrictions of political correctness. They can lose their jobs.

      • dd121

        I can be outspoken because I don’t have one to lose.

  • DonReynolds

    False alarm. USA Today has not learned the color of crime. USA Today is a liberal rag that still insists that blacks get arrested more because the cops are racist…..including the black ones….and so they pick on blacks.

    Nowhere does USA Today say that blacks are more likely to be arrested because they are more likely to commit crimes. That simply does not fit the liberal narrative of this country, except to say that crime is the result of proverty. (Never mind that there are more poor whites than poor blacks.)

    The topic is WHY DO THE POLICE ARREST BLACKS? and the answer cannot be…..because they do the crimes. Any excuse will work.

    • bilderbuster

      Well USA Today could have tried another absurd excuse like that the reason White criminals don’t get arrested nearly as often as Blacks is because they use their White Privilege to get away.

    • kikz2

      and the comments were closed………………………………………

  • Max

    I’m sure that I’m going to implode.


      I hear you brother! Pretending that the people who protect you ( The Police ) are the bad guys, and the people who murder, rape, rob, assault and all around abuse you ( Black Thugs ) are the good guys. Is the national media’s go to MO for anything concerning black people and the crimes they commit, and it just sickens me to no end! It’s NEVER, EVER, their fault!

      Just look at the paragraph below for a perfect example of this:

      “Those disparities are easier to measure than they are to explain. They
      could be a reflection of biased policing; they could just as easily be a
      byproduct of the vast economic and educational gaps that persist across
      much of the USA–factors closely tied to crime rates.” <- There you have it! It's either the supposedly racist cops, or society in general that's at fault when black people murder, rape, rob, assault and all around abuse you. One thing's for sure, the fault is NEVER, EVER, their own.

  • Rick O’Shea

    They will forever remain confused and unable to figure out what really explains these disparities as long as they take the actual explanation off the table before they even begin the investigation.

    White liberals have really painted themselves into a corner on this issue because they simply refuse to consider the actual truth of why blacks manifest the sort of statistics they do. The only explanations they allow themselves to even contemplate are variations on a theme: white racism, white racism, and more white racism.

    Is it racist white police? Or just a racist white society?

    They will never ask what’s behind Door Number Three, because they know what’s behind it. Racist Mother Nature.

    • Kenner

      I picture Mother Nature as Paula Deen.

  • Rick O’Shea

    “Arrest rates are particularly lopsided in some pockets of the country, including St. Louis’ Missouri suburbs near Ferguson.”

    I suggest a correlational study be performed which checks the average amount of white DNA admixture in the blacks in those areas as compared to the less “lopsided” areas. I would bet an awful lot of money that the higher the white admixture in the local black population, the less lopsided the arrest rates are.

    Of course, they wouldn’t skip a beat explaining this through their white racism prism as they explain literally everything. “Oh well that just proves that the more black your skin and features are, the more racist society and particularly police are toward you!”

    • Kenner

      But don’t forget mulattos acting out just to prove how ‘black’ they are.

  • Bill

    Instead of DWB, a better term would be ‘OWB’. Offending While Black.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    I remember the first time I went to the Detroit airport, I saw an Arab woman wearing a hijab and with 2 kids. I was expecting her to have an accent, but instead of that she spoke like an American. These Muslims do know to to imitate us just to get by.

    • Alexandra1973

      My high school (Ferndale High) was full of them. And my cousin learned the hard way not to hang with them…she got in so much trouble she had to stay with our grandparents in Arizona for a while.

  • Bonny Alba

    Practically all of our problems in this country, a large amount of them anyway, are due to the liberal nonsense and insanity of claims that we are all alike and all equal, that we all have the same capabilities. It is insane that airport security pretends that it is not Arabic and other foreign Muslims who are committing the terrorist acts that have fools quivering in their boots (you are very unlikely to be a victim of terrorists). They thoroughly search white people who are Christians! They will search real Americans and ignore the Arabs completely! This is absurd, immoral, and dishonest (neocons should reconsider support for this nonsense).

    Here is some of the basis of the liberal nonsense that acquiescent and cowardly Republicans allow:

    -the downright lie that skin color is the only difference between races
    -the lie that all races have the same abilities and intelligence
    -the lie that all races have the same moral sense
    -the bleedin’ obvious lie that any disparity in punishment is due to corruption in the application of the law
    -the denial that non-whites are overwhelmingly jealous and hateful toward whites
    -the view that all Latin Americans are downtrodden, some of them are filthy rich and powerful but even they are jealous of Anglo-Americans and others of the traditonal American nation
    -the denial that the whole world is quite jealous of American success, this includes Asians (good at math and science not so strong in other areas, terrible drivers:), and 105 to 106 is not that amazing an IQ!) as in recent centuries they have been less successful by far than westerners and in particular, Americans
    -the sense that we should be calm and quiet about all of the above! In that sense we need less of the Cavaliers and more of the Scots-Irish/Borders mentality as discussed in the book Albion’s Seed, when the Cavaliers demand that you be calm and quiet, cease to associate with them! That is my advise.

    • MannyR

      I truthfully believe that liberal multiculturalism is just as destructive as Communism, it’s literally throwing our entire world into chaos. Everywhere you look across the globe, death, destruction, despotic rule and genocide. Whites need to realize that they are the top of the human race and must take control in order to bring balance to the world. The more whites see themselves as no different from 3rd world savages the more out of control the world becomes.

    • Roninf9

      The foundation of modern society is the denial of reality, enforced at bayonet point.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Sometimes I feel that Amren is a pro Jewish website since it removes anything anti Israhell or anti jewish.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “USA TODAY found police in Berkeley, Calif., and Madison, Wis., arrested
    black people at a rate more than nine times higher than members of other
    racial groups.”

    Berkeley is next to Oakland and Richmond. Two of the highest crime ridden blacks areas in the US. What does USA TODAY expect; that more Scandinavian pigmies should be arrested?


  • LHathaway

    So, blacks are more likely to commit crime. In the case of violent crime, staggeringly more likely. Not to worry. The experts and the news sources have found the problem: blacks are more likely to be arrested. As if racist bolts fall from the sky striking, or swooping down on innocent blacks minding their own business. In the words of Jared Taylor, innocent blacks simply wanting to become the best American citizens they can be. But those darn police got in the way.

  • superlloyd

    ‘In his book The g Factor (1998), Arthur Jensen cited data which showed that, regardless of race, people with IQs between 70 and 90 have higher crime rates than people with IQs below or above this range, with the peak range being between 80 and 90. A learning disability is a substantial discrepancy between IQ and academic performance. It has a relationship to criminal behavior. Slow reading development may be particularly relevant.’

    Guess which demographic has 68% scoring between 70 and 90? Add in the violence gene MAOA-3R which they have in much higher proportions than other populations and we have a very robust predictor of criminals which correlates very strongly with the reality of crime stats.
    Of course, these salient facts are ignored by mush publications like USA Today.

    • USA Today was founded in 1982, when I was a high school junior and I remember how quickly it earned the sobriquet “McPaper”.

  • “Those disparities are easier to measure than they are to explain.” – unless you whip out Occam’s razor of course, at which point they become remarkably easy to explain.

  • Texan1st

    Brad Heath twists himself into knots avoiding that which deep down he already knows. I can explain the disparity in three words, Bradley:

    “Crime Victimization Survey”

    But don’t tell anybody….

  • LexiconD1

    I thought being a criminal and going to jail/prison was just part of their ‘culture,’ and they were proud of it?…

    Being educated and holding down a job, that pays for your bills, instead of the taxpayers, was considered ‘Uncle Tom’ behavior.

  • “….Those disparities are easier to measure than they are to explain. {..} In other words, experts said, the fact that such disparities exist does little to explain their causes. {..}….“Something needs to be done about that,” said Ezekiel Edwards, the head of the ACLU’s Criminal Law Reform Project, which has raised concerns about such disparate arrest rates. “In 2014, we shouldn’t continue to see this kind of staggering disparity wherever we look.”

    On the contrary. It is probably much easier to explain it than measure it.

    All it takes is to peel the shields of liberalism from your eyes and then recognise differences in group traits and group dynamics. It is not a mystery or ‘remarkable’ in the slightest when these shields have been removed and racially aware education on such things has taken place.

    Mr Edwards, whose organisation no doubt relies on this kind of ‘liberal blindness’ in order to survive, understandably has ‘concerns’ about this ‘staggering disparity’ and seeks to “do something about it”.

    Alas, nothing CAN be done about it. But I am sure that they will continue to “try” at the tune of Billions of dollars and at the expense of proper law enforcement, for which the White population will be thus hit twice. One in the pocket and two in being victims of crime whilst these retards play political and ideological ‘pretend’.

  • JohnEngelman

    I read somewhere that USA Today likes to put something positive about blacks on the front page every day.

    The main stream media has a responsibility to tell the truth about that race. For too long we have been whispering the truth only to trusted friends behind closed doors and windows.

    • The mainstream media has long had a shaky acquaintance with the truth. The “Yellow Press”, led by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pullitzer (yes THAT Hearst and THAT Pullitzer) did their level best to start the war against Spain in 1898.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    “….A dozen people stood or slumped on benches before sunrise in Dearborn on a recent morning, waiting for officers to unlock the doors of the 19th District Court, where they had been summoned to answer traffic citations and petty criminal charges. Almost everyone who lives in Dearborn is white (including a large population of Arabs). Almost everyone waiting in the morning dim was black….”

    Arabs aren’t White. They are Khazarians. Big difference.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Ancient Khazaria. Origins of middle eastern toxic DNA.

      • Pathfinder75

        Where did you source that map from?

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      If they stop counting Arabs, Mexicans,Jews, Chechens, and others as whites, how will they show that whites commit more crimes than anyone else. In 5 years they will count blacks as being white.


      • AndrewInterrupted

        They’re already counting Mestizos as White–for the same reasons.
        Click to enlarge and read the fine print.

      • Pathfinder75

        I DO NOT consider any of the groups you mentioned to be “White”,at least not according to the necessarily exclusive definition that those of us who are of Protestant,Northern European stock (the biological core of what is called the”Historic American Nation”) have historically been identified.

  • USN Veteran

    “Something needs to be done about that” Let me quote from the 1997 film Liar, Liar with Jim Carrey. “STOP BREAKING THE LAW, ASSHOLE!”

  • David Feeney

    “Something needs to be done about that,” said Ezekiel Edwards.

    Yes. Stop committing crimes.

    Either that or bring in affirmative action for criminals, i.e. ‘This is your first rape? Murder? Okay, we’ll ignore it. Just promise not to do it again.’

  • David Feeney

    No one ever mentions the disparity between White and Asian arrests.

  • So in other words, blacks commit more crime then every other ethic group.. Maybe if they don’t want to get arrested, they should stop breaking the law..

    White people need a country of their own.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Could it possibly be that negroes are committing more crime? Don’t buy the lie that they get larger sentences than white humans. They sell drugs on the street where a search warrant isn’t needed. Whites sell drugs in their homes where it is harder to arrest someone. Also, if you have already been arrested 3 times vs. someone who has just been arrested for the first time, for the exact same crimes, the 3rd time loser is going to get a longer sentence. This is the case with negroes who think they have a divine right to live a lawless life at the expense of humans.

  • jaye ellis

    And in other SHOCKING news, MSM, civil rights watchdog groups have determined that the FBI has spent more hours investigating Italian organized crime than Swedish organized crime.

    A Spokesman for the Gambino Crime Family has filed an official complaint, alleging that FBI and other law enforcement agencies have treated members of the Gambino Crime family as if they were members of Italian American crime family!

    Shocking news! Absolutely shocking.

  • mael

    13% of the population does 80% of all crime. In every city, every state. Look at the rates in other countries. Yup, it’s blacks topping the crime list there, too. Having a low IQ, poor impulse control, poor future time orienteering, and a proclivity for violence is not conducive to a 1st world existence.

  • Epiminondas

    Obviously, we are being less than vigilant with those pesky Amish.

  • withcaution

    Why do I think that the racial disparity exists just as strongly with black police officers as with white? Of course that inconvenient fact wouldn’t give them much of the story now would it!

  • withcaution

    Another interesting statistic that they don’t want to point out is that men are probably arrested at a ratio of at least 10 to 1 for violent crimes relative to women. Is one of the socialist organizations going to champion the cause of arrest equality between men and women?

  • R L Buds

    “Nationwide, black people are arrested at higher rates for crimes as serious as murder and assault….”

    They aren’t saying they are innocent, so they must be suggesting to not hold them accountable at all, right?

  • Nancy

    Wait a minute…you mean to tell me that Blacks get arrested far more often than other racial groups????

    What?!?! How can this be??? They seem so quiet, so peaceful and unassuming!

    Someone should alert the DOJ about this. Surely they can do something about this terrible injustice.

  • anony

    “I’ve never been able to decide whether their inability to consider percentages and proportionality is from genuine dumbness, or from deceitfulness.”

    It’s from a genuine lack of ability; studies of Africans have shown that they have little concept of numbers beyond three or even two in many cases. They count by saying “one, two, many”. Hence, their lack of invention of writing, math, etc.

  • anony

    No, but one needs the ability to summon lethal violence when it’s needed.

  • Yves Vannes

    Crime, a universal characteristic of blacks. In Japan US black servicemen and African refugees/illegals make up a whopping 0.0003 percent of the population yet they account for 3% of overall crime in Japan. That is a rate 10,000 greater than their numbers. Thus their resistance to accepting refugees into the country.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    From this story I can conclude one thing I have know for a long time. DIE-versity is not our greatest strength, but will kill us all. If there is any country that should be DIE-verse, it should be Israell, because the jews push for diversity on white nations, so their country should be made die-verse first.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Obola has further increased the racial gap.

  • Pathfinder75

    Your brief but substantive comment pretty much sums up my family’s history of the past 375+ years.

  • gah

    Blacks commit a staggering amount of crimes, therefore, their arrest rate is staggering as well. How many times when a black is arrested do we hear that he has a lengthy criminal record, including violent offenses? I’d say about 90 percent of the time. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, politicians, and even the police conspire to release violent blacks back into society as quickly as they can. It is time to confine catch and release to fish, but blacks, once caught, should never be released back into society.

  • Anonymous

    When I talk about bad behaviour, it’s not just criminal bad behaviour, it is moral bad behaviour. White people still have much lower rates of violent crime and property crime than Blacks and Hispanics, but when it comes to non-criminal bad behaviour, they are catching up fast. Examples: obesity, divorce, illegitmacy, laziness, binge drinking, drug use.

  • Len Guini

    Note that Hispanics are classed as “hispanic” in the ‘victim’ category but as WHITE in the perpetrator category! That elevates the so-called white crime rate. Anything to make it appear that the blacks aren’t as dangerous, vicious and brutal as they’re normally viewed in public by the normal populous of white folks. The media loves to make the blacks appear as normal and civilised as they can and only report the really bad crimes that they commit. Notice how many news articles refuse to show black perps pictures as that would make the white herd more wary of the innocent and oppressed negro.