Kicking The Stone: The Hard Reality of Race Relations

John Derbyshire, VDARE, November 6, 2014

At the gathering of the Dissident Right group H.L. Mencken Club last weekend I overheard two attendees in conversation both refer to themselves as “stone-kickers.”

I didn’t interrupt to pursue etymologies with them, but I assume the derivation is from a famous passage in Boswell’s Life of Johnson. The date is August 6, 1763:

We stood talking for some time together of Bishop Berkeley’s ingenious sophistry to prove the non-existence of matter, and that every thing in the universe is merely ideal. I observed, that though we are satisfied his doctrine is not true, it is impossible to refute it. I shall never forget the alacrity with which Johnson answered, striking his foot with mighty force against a large stone, till he rebounded from it, “I refute it thus.”

If you are of the stone-kicking inclination, here’s a book suggestion for you: Face to Face with Race, edited by Jared Taylor and published by Jared’s white-identity New Century Foundation. (Not to be confused with the American Renaissance Foundation, which does not exist . . . not even if you are a Professor of Anthropology writing for Harvard University Press.)

Face to Face with Race [Kindle edition] is a collection of fourteen short chapters, a dozen or so pages each, that first appeared at Jared’s American Renaissance magazine/website between 1995 and 2014.

Each chapter is a first-person account by a white person (all different, and all but one male) who has dealt with blacks in quantity–in most cases with working-class and underclass blacks.

The range of situations described is wide. Three of the writers are lawyers, with black clients or colleagues. One, the lone female, is a social worker. Another taught at a mainly-black high school. Three are retired from hard and dangerous employments: soldierfireman, “high steel” construction worker. One was a conductor on New York City subway trains. Two are jailbirds.

Of the remaining three chapters, one is a 1998 report from the then-new black-ruled South Africa; one vividly describes the adventures of a white New Orleans resident during and after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina; the third reminisces sadly about a white neighborhood laid waste by incoming blacks.

Reading these testimonies, I was struck by how odd it is that race-realist views like those expressed in Face to Face with Race are commonly tagged as “hateful.” These writers express themselves in cool, descriptive tones, with very little evidence of animosity towards blacks.

One, a public defender with a 90 percent black clientele, even declares himself a liberal.

I am a liberal. I believe that those of us who are able to produce abundance have a moral duty to provide basic food, shelter, and medical care for those who cannot care for themselves …

My experience has taught me that we live in a nation in which a jury is more likely to convict a black defendant who has committed a crime against a white. Even the dullest of blacks know this. There would be a lot more black-on-white crime if this were not the case.

However, my experience has also taught me that blacks are different by almost any measure to all other people. They cannot reason as well. They cannot communicate as well. They cannot control their impulses as well.

(My italics there.)

The nearest we get to white-on-black “hate” is in the chapter by the high-school teacher; and he, rather . . . whitely, finds it “tragic”:

How did my experiences make me feel about blacks? Ultimately, I lost sympathy for them. In so many ways they seem to make their own beds. There they were in an integrationist’s fantasy–in the same classroom with white students, eating the same lunch, using the same bathrooms, listening to the same teachers–and yet the blacks fail while the whites pass.

One tragic outcome among whites who have been teaching for too long is that it can engender something close to hatred. One teacher I know gave up fast food–not for health reasons but because where he lived most fast-food workers were black. He had enough of blacks on the job.

Even the two jailbirds, who have the most hair-raising stories about black behavior, evince nothing stronger than distaste and annoyance when describing the blacks they share their incarceration with:

What is it like to live in close quarters with underclass blacks? One of the greatest torments is constant noise. Blacks are always shouting at each other, banging around, making a din . . . The racket and incessant shouting of blacks is so loud that many whites and Hispanics (and a few blacks) wear earplugs 24 hours a day.

(Italics in original.)

The animosity, indeed, is all in the other direction.

And this is as one would expect from the fundamentals of human nature. The normal emotions felt by members of more socially successful groups towards less successful ones range from paternalistic concern, through pity and impatience, to dismissive contempt. The arrow of true, hot hatred most commonly points upwards, from the less to the more capable.

There is plenty of evidence here that large numbers of blacks hate whites. Nobody who has moved much in American society will be surprised at this, unless blinded by ideology or self-interest; although there is of course a mighty taboo against noticing it.

The subway conductor:

I was conducting a D train in the Bronx when I noticed a large group of black men gathered on the platform, just outside the conductor’s window. I felt their threatening presence instinctively, but the rules require that the conductor lean out the window and look down the platform in both direction before he closes the doors. I had no choice but to open my window and take the risk. As soon as I opened it, one of the men spat right into my eyes.

Where blacks can dominate whites–as in some of the office environments described here where black managers supervise white subordinates, or in prisons where blacks are numerically strong–they vent their hatred freely.

In civil settings the venting is done through petty acts of rudeness or humiliation; in prisons and the military, black hatred for whites can be expressed through violence or sexual domination, as opportunity presents itself.

All the writers here are non-Hispanic whites, and most of what they are describing concerns their relations with blacks. This accords with the general principle that, to a good first approximation, there are just two races in the U.S.A.: blacks and non-blacks.

But Face to Face with Race does contain a few references to Hispanics. In the prisons, where racial fault lines are most starkly visible, Hispanics have their own gangs and are united, and to some degree protected, by language. In a crisis, however, they caucus with whites. As one of the jail birds says says:

Whites and Hispanics tend to have a lot in common and share a similar temperament. Hispanics appear to be a bit more emotional than whites, but blacks are very emotional and aggressive. Whites and Hispanics share an antipathy towards blacks and will work together when faced with a black threat.

The intermediate position of Hispanics–between blacks and whites, that is–was also noticed by the social worker. Employed at the daycare center of a domestic violence shelter in New York City, she observes that:

On the whole, the Hispanics were cleaner and quieter than the blacks. Their standards were below those of the average white, but higher than the average black.


Even the more reasonable, friendly clients and staff constantly explained their failures by saying, “The white man keeps me down.” I learned that many blacks and Hispanics sincerely believe this cliché, no matter what their salary or station in life.

(The Hispanics here seem to be Puerto Ricans.)

Whether or not they believe that cliché, most blacks hold in another compartment of their minds the understanding that they are dependent on whites. Hence what the reporter from South Africa calls “the fundamental paradox of black-white relations.”

Blacks want to live in white neighborhoods [and of course countriesJ.D.], go to white schools and hospitals because they are white. Yet these objects of their desire will remain desirable and superior only as long as they remain white.

Young minds, not yet socialized into the official lies, can be very frank about this dependence. Our high-school teacher:

One day I asked the bored, black faces staring back at me, ‘What would happen if all the white people in America disappeared tomorrow?’

‘We screwed,’ a young, pitch-black boy screamed back. The rest of the blacks laughed.

I have had children tell me to my face as they struggled with an assignment: ‘I cain’t do dis, Mr. Jackson. I black.’

Government policies on race have invariably had malign consequences. Section Eight housing for poor minorities has laid waste to once-tranquil working-class white neighborhoods; the forced integration of prisons has been a recipe for endless rioting and lockdowns; the hazards of firefighting have been multiplied by the lowering of standards so that blacks and women can be admitted.

The difficult, dangerous work of creating “high steel” frameworks for skyscrapers depended on a skilled, emotionally-bonded brotherhood to which blacks proved unsuited–not just intellectually and temperamentally, but even physically, according to this veteran of the craft:

I know it runs counter to the common view, but generally speaking, I’m not impressed with the strength or stamina of blacks. I’m sure many people will find this hard to understand, but blacks just give out sooner.

Goodthinkful white people will of course be appalled at all the realism expressed in Face to Face with Race. These aren’t the blacks they know from their mostly-white offices and churches, or from educated, articulate talking heads on TV.

They will have the usual excuses ready to hand: legacy of slavery, poverty, low self-esteem, racism . . . And are there not, they will ask, groups of whites just as dysfunctional?

Of course there are. I don’t need persuading: I grew up in public housing, and saw plenty of underclass behavior among white Britons.

As always with social topics, it’s a question of numbers and proportions.

Think of it like this: A man is walking along dragging a sack behind him. If the man is large and the sack small, it’s a nuisance but he can make progress. A small man dragging a large sack is, however, severely encumbered.

White populations of course have members with low scores on behavior, intelligence, and personality, but not so many that the more capable whites can’t “carry” them. Smart and well-socialized blacks, by contrast, are numerically far fewer in proportion to the great sullen lumpen-negretariat they drag behind them.

(HBD mavens will recognize the footprints of Smart Fraction Theory here. The anonymous author of that theory concentrates on IQ, though. It seems to me that personality factors–all now known to be heritable, and so displaying different frequencies in populations with different evolutionary histories–are also important.)

For most whites, most of the time, that great sullen mass is well out of sight. When it forces itself on our attention, we turn away in embarrassment, and console ourselves with recollections of that pleasant black store assistant we interacted with last week. “Humankind cannot bear very much reality.”

The official lies might generate lousy social policy, but they provide great psychic comfort to whites, along with more obvious benefits to blacks. This is especially the case in an optimistic, upbeat nation like the U.S.A., still bathed in the spiritual warmth of Christian universalism.

I therefore don’t expect to see Face to Face with Race on the bestseller lists any time soon.

For those not afraid to kick the stone, however, it should be essential reading.


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  • Face to Face With Race: Demonstrating Patterson’s First Axiom Since 1990.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Those were some great pieces.

    • Barry Hussein 0bola

      The reality of race seems to make some people squirm.

      The only and obvious answer is that, race is such a huge reality and some of the results so unfortunately not in favor of some ‘folks’ that the science and truth and reality have to be instantly quashed by the Political Correctness Propagandists or as I call ’em, the PCP.

      This is your brain. This is your brain on PCP.


  • superlloyd

    ‘Blacks want to live in white neighborhoods [and of course countries–J.D.], go to white schools and hospitals because they are white. Yet these objects of their desire will remain desirable and superior only as long as they remain white.’

    This is the paradox most blacks haven’t worked out. The ones sharp enough to recognise it will never consciously acknowledge it but engage in denialism and or employ the almost meaningless race card to square the reality with their exaggerated self image.

    • Steven Bannister

      “This is the paradox most blacks haven’t worked out.”

      One way they “work it out” is ANGER. Like frustrated teenagers who don’t like living by their parent’s rules – yet who are still utterly dependent on them- blacks have temper tantrums and scream “I hate you! You’ve ruined my life!” to the parents who gave them everything.

      The solution, in both cases, is for the parents to kick them out of the house.

      • Scott Rosen

        Indeed, mentally, they are the children of humanity. Spoiled, lazy and weak. They should be cast out to stand or fall on their own.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Yes they should. I have dealt with them on the job, as the writers of the vignettes in this excellent compilation have. I have also dealt with Hispanics and Asians. Most Non-Negroes, after sufficient exposure to Negroes, simply begin to find Negroes repulsive. This does happen because of racism, as Leftists commonly assume. It happens because of the way Blacks act. Plain and simple. Most Blacks are jerks. Plain and simple. Whites and Asians who have had sufficient exposure to Blacks are almost universally repulsed by the way Blacks behave and think. Hispanics seem to be as well. Hispanics can be very emotional and are more prone to have histrionic melt-downs than Whites/Asians, but no where near as severe as Blacks. They are also, by and large, far more respectful of others than Blacks. Most Hispanics I have dealt with display gratitude when helped. Blacks expect to be waited on. Gratitude is rare to non-existent.

          • Scott Rosen

            I never cease to be surprised (or repulsed) when I see an attractive white female with one of these African genetic fossils. Just the other day, I was at a grocery store, and an incredibly beautiful young Nordic girl wearing the local college colors was in line with her pet gorilla. The contrast between the two was striking. There she was, with her fine, graceful features, honed by 50,000 years of evolutionary pressure, loading/unloading the cart and paying for everything, while the giant ape shuffled aimlessly while holding onto its organ and rapping about money and hoes and wearing its flat billed cap sideways, its pants below its ass, and a giant gold grill in its mouth. I watched them walk out to the parking lot, get into an expensive German SUV (most likely paid for by her father), she driving, the proto-human in the reclined passenger seat, as they rode away. I can only assume he has a humongous organ and a steady supply of cocaine.

          • Bantu_Education

            “the proto-human in the reclined passenger seat,”

            Its characteristic of porch monkeys to adopt a slouching posture – they seem unable to sit upright and still for more than a short time. That must be why, in South Africa, they are called “floppies”.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Floppies? I love it!! Very apt description of them.

          • Nancy

            My former Australian au pair had a heck of a time talking with the average Atlanta Bantu when she was here about 8 years ago. She couldn’t order from most fast food drive-thrus (with the exception of Chick-fil-a) because THEY couldn’t understand HER accent! She described the Bantu’s garbled speech as “talking like they’ve got marbles in their mouths”.

            A very apt description.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            I thought they were called that because their brains only hold 1.44 MB of data. That might be a bit generous though. 🙂

          • Whitetrashgang

            Sad thing is probably has neither.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            You, Sir, must have a Ph.D. in Nigrology…!

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        We should have kicked Blacks out of White nations 150 years ago, sending them back to Sub-Saharan Africa and never looking back. Abe Lincoln had exactly the right ideas on how to handle the Negro problem. Save the union between Northern and Southern Whites, end slavery, and send the Negroes back to their native continent. Lincoln was a racial realist who was forthright in his convictions that the Negro race must remain subordinate to Whites, that Negroes are cognitively our inferiors, and they must remain segregated. Not completing The Liberia Project and sending them back was the worst mistake the United States has ever made.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          If we can’t send them back to Africa, is there ANY chance we can send them at least HALF-WAY BACK…?

          • Nancy

            Like, to the middle of the Atlantic? LOL

        • Nancy

          One of the more amazing quotes from Negroes in Negroland was an observation by one of the authors that the Negro’s overarching goal has been, and ever will be, to be a slave to the white man without being required to work. Essentially, that’s what they do in every single First-World nation they run to: live under the benevolence and auspices of Whites, but without being required to “work for their supper”.

          Then, when someone calls them out on it, they begin crying that “da’ man be keepin’ me down.” As though they ever had any intention of working in the first place.

          I don’t watch Sean Hannity anymore, as he’s become almost completely irrelevant in the past decade, but I do recall years ago when he had the “Man on the Street” segment. His reporter found a black man who had something like 13 kids (the guy couldn’t remember how many, or their names) and he was doing the usual “song and dance” about “I be tryin’ to get a job, dere be no work.” So the reporter strings him along for a while, saying, “And of course if you COULD get a job, you WOULD go to work immediately, right? Pay your own bills?”

          So of course the big Bantu was like, “Yeah! Yeah! Dat’s right!” Then the reporter asked, “Because once you’re gainfully employed, you’ll want to pay to support your kids yourself, right?”

          The Bantu’s face was like Gary Coleman’s just then. (Whatchoo talkin’ bout, “pay for my kids?”)

          Living like slaves, without the necessity of actual work.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Behaving just like children, as the vast majority truly are in an emotional and intellectual sense…

      • Jack in Hungary

        This reminds of me Ellen O’Hara’s advice to her daughter Scarlet in “Gone with the Wind.” She said something like “The Darkies are like children, Scarlet.” So true.

        • Nancy

          Another “Negroland” quote: “The typical Negro is something between a child, a dotard, and a beast…”

  • Ringo Lennon

    Virginia escaped blacks very well. The leading slave state only has 20% black population.

    • Scott Rosen

      Talk about a burden, just today I had to deal with three of them begging, and it’s not even noon. What are these things doing up so early?
      First one: axcuse me suh, I don’t mean to bother you, but-
      Me: then why are you?
      Second one: you got any money to give away?
      Me: does anyone do that? No.
      Third one: you wants to buy a candy bar?
      Me: I’d rather spend all my money on liquor and loose women.
      Annoying turds.

  • Lewis33

    “Think of it like this: A man is walking along dragging a sack behind him. If the man is large and the sack small, it’s a nuisance but he can make progress. A small man dragging a large sack is, however, severely encumbered.”

    Well if that doesn’t sum up Africa, I don’t know what does.

    • Nancy

      “So long as the negro and the white man are governed by the same laws and guided by the same management, [then] will the former remain a thorn in the side of every community to which he may unhappily belong. The grand error of equalizing that which is unequal…has lowered the negro character, and made the black man a reproach.” ~Samuel Baker, 1866

      • sonofseawolf

        hi nancy
        yes the below poster is accurate you are fast becoming a leader.
        ive been a openly anti american/pro white activist for a couple years now.
        born again white is the term for you and me.
        it took being amongst the non whites and observation to force us to see what reality is.
        unfortunately dispossessing the post american zingiest of white hate and negrophilia isnt going to be enough.
        there is a fun little thing i want you to do go to resistdotcom and into the 2014 radio show archive to the 9/10/2014 show.
        listen to “the speech” which is worth hearing.
        i had planned to write to you again but after listening to it here i sit.
        that thing about you saying war w/ the niggars is premature.
        it would also include the usa gov’t all controlled by the “money power’s”
        but i digress the usa gov’t and niggars have run a guerrilla war on white america since before i was born.
        today the latest horror/indignity/offense/ is watching genetically white men with their legs blown off being celebrated as heros?
        what were they fighting for?
        not you and me?
        just the non whites and big money.
        look at a car signifying its owned by a marine.
        its branded loyal only to other marines.
        this is how most “yt’s” will think we have been de racinated. (is that a word? your the poet)
        in the future you cant trust any ‘system operative” or pro american types. capitalists churchie types etc etc etc
        the future for white children will be a nightmare

        protect yourself at all times 14 5

  • Luca

    Africans are here in America by way of a horrible mistake that was never properly corrected.

    We have experimented with every social program known to mankind to try and get them to be tolerable and assimilate to some degree. All of these experiments have been abject failures.

    The only condition that gave some sort of order and fairness was segregation, separate but equal. And today, every time we naturally and mutually segregate the government steps in and forces us together again. Neither side is happy, but the Africans gain an unfair and unearned advantage.

    I hope that one day, common sense prevails.

    • Ultimate187

      If by horrible mistake you mean whites getting another race to work
      for next to nothing, then I got news for you. That didn’t exactly change
      today. The big difference is that it’s now happening farther from home.

      • LexiconD1

        Mexicans do it daily. Low wages and no benefits…why do you think we’re being invade by them?

        • HE2

          Lex, mestizos and C/A indians work alright, but are paid under the table, pay no income tax, apply for and receive EIC with the help of nefarious pro-illegal alien lawyers or accountants, send millions of dollars home to mexico and C/A.
          We are those countries’ ATM.

          They prodigiously breed, collect every possible freebie govt benefit, receive free health care via our over-stressed Emergency Depts., send their low IQ language illiterate kids to our schools where they qualify for free breakfast and lunch, demand bilingual education, and yada yada yada, you catch my drift.
          Do not forget the hundreds of mexican DUI vehicular homicides, gang, and drug cartel activity.

          End of rant.

          • LexiconD1

            Um, duh!?….

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Well said HE2. Drug cartels and sex slavery rings are two of the major imports we are receiving from Mexico/Central America. The masses of Hispanics are harder working and less violent/irascible than Negroes, but that is not saying much. We should be accepting immigrants from European lands, encourage Arab Christian immigrants to settle in America, and small amounts of immigration from The Orient. Africa and Latin America should not be allowed to send immigrants, except for Whites looking to escape those lands.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            President Cruz will be able to save about $90 Billion with one stroke of his pen when he ends the so-called “Earned Income Tax Credit” for you-know-who…

          • Who Me?

            I STILL don’t understand EIC. EARNED implies that some sort of service was performed by the person receiving the INCOME and that they are getting CREDIT for it. So far as I can see NO service is provided by the recipients of EIC. They just get it free gratis for sitting around on their butts doing nothing (except reproducing their fat, lazy, criminally-inclined, ignorant worthless selves). Why and how do they get EIC, and other than the obvious (taking working taxpayers money and transferring it to those who won’t work) what is the point, and why do they get it?

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I had a spook tenant whose only job was to play the piano at a nearby “African Methodist-Episcopal” Church. She probably made $5,200 per year, but immediately following New Year’s Day, she Electronically Filed her 1040 at the local Liberty Tax Service (or equivalent,) and immediately received a $12,000 refund.

            She was below the Poverty Income Level in this all-black area of north St. Louis — thanks to five children — which made her eligible for the refund.

            The so-called Earned Income Tax Credit was the implementation of Milton Friedman’s “Negative Income Tax,” and an example of what happens to a reasonably good idea in the hands of politicians of both stripes: It becomes an enormous giveaway of tax revenues and an income transfer to extremely undeserving people…

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        That greed has affected working Whites far more than Negroes or Hispanics. The welfare class, which is mostly Black/Hispanic, does not believe in going to work 5 days a week. Working Whites get the shaft from corporate America, who keeps our wages down, and we get the shaft a second time from our anti-White Government, who revels in taxing away huge amounts of our hard earned dollars to feed and clothe lazy Negroes who flat out refuse to work.

    • John R

      Most Whites must agree with what I have been saying here, and on YouTube: “The fifty year social experiment is over, and the results are in…”

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Both Abe Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson believed strongly that they could never live with Whites in an integrated manner. These were the informed and intelligent opinions of two very insightful men who had had the requisite exposure to Negroes to know. We should have sent every last Negro back to Africa after The Emancipation Proclamation, as Abe Lincoln had hoped and intended to do. My Grandmother, who was a firm believer in segregation and had voted for both George Wallace and Strom Thurmond, always said that the Negroes were going to destroy our country if we did not either keep them segregated, or send them back to Africa. She was right.

      • Who Me?

        Any White American born before 1930 believed exactly as your grandmother (and mine!) did. If they thought otherwise they were considered absolute loons by the general population of the entire country.

  • john boggs

    I can relate several personal experiences to this article. I happen to be a “high steel” construction worker, more commonly known as an ironworker. During my 15 years in a Local of 1000 men, I have never come across a black connector, which is the most dangerous and physically challenging facet of the trade. 99% of the connectors in the entire IW International are white, with Indians making up a small percentage. Everyone has seen those old black and white pix of the Irish immigrants doing crazy things on the open iron, hundreds of feet above Manhattan. Blacks, most of whom have been taken in because of affirmative action mandates, usually perform one of two tasks. They weld or they “bolt up”, which is simply putting bolts into beams and columns. I’ve never see nor had a black foreman, let alone general foreman or superintendent. The more technically advanced tasks such as lay out or plumbing columns is always done by a white man. Likewise, as a US Marine I can attest that squad leaders were almost always white men. As in construction, the heavy lifting and dirty work is always done by white men. In either realm, construction or the military, I have yet to come across a black man that I would bestow with the ultimate compliment of Heavy Hitter. Blacks do “give out sooner” because they lack intestinal fortitude. With regard to blacks depending on whites, something happened to me today which has happened many times in the past. A young black man no more than 20 asked me for 25 cents as I entered a Dunkin Donuts. I derided the kid and went about my business. As I waited in line I noticed that the kid was only begging from white people. This was easy to determine as the majority of people walking the streets of Philadelphia are black. He’d have to wait for 5 or 6 people to pass before he got a sympathetic, white soul. As soon as one came by, he’d pounce. There’s no doubt in my mind that they subconsciously believe that they need whites and that they will always be subordinate to whites. This plays a huge roll in their feelings of animosity toward us.

    • HE2

      Africans were never used as galley slaves because they lacked stamina and died too quickly. Then, as now, it was not worth the trouble.

      Captured Euros were the oarsmen of choice.

    • pcmustgo

      And I have NEVER met a female mechanic in my entire life!

      • baldridge999

        I met one competent woman mechanic about twenty-five years ago, a lesbian, who along with her lesbian partner ran a gas station in Texas. The gal had been an aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Army. I saw her single-handedly change an engine in a van. This is the only one, but she obviously wasn’t a typical woman.

        I was also once on a maintenance crew in a large factory and we had one woman who was an affirmative action hire. She was a pretty decent worker, but very limited in skills. This gal was kind of kooky and by her own admission was on some kind of psychiatric drugs. Her main redeeming quality was big boobs.

    • John R

      Blacks beg from Whites because some Whites are dumb enough to give them money. Blacks are not altruistic; even blacks know this. And blacks know not to give to their own, or anyone else. Blacks know their own kind.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        “Blacks know their own kind”:

        The black Resident Manager of my north St. Louis apartment complex stated to me on numerous occasions: “Earl, you knows how my peoples is…”

  • more superficial click bait from the “Dissident Right.” More lowest-common-denominator “analysis” from the so-called Dissident Right.

    Sell those books, Derb, there ya go.

    The Dissident Right will go nowhere until they realize and internalize and focus upon the most important aspect of what is happening.

    Multiculturalism is about money. Multiculturalism is about growth (especially when combined with mass immigration from the developing/third world).

    Multiculturalism is about increasing corporate revenues, profits, and the GDP.

    Out of all the hundreds and thousands of articles and posts and comments and etc etc etc on “Dissident Right” sites, I am still the only person who points this out. Why is that?

    This is the core, the crux, the business end, the beating heart of this whole issue.

    But I appear to be the only person in America who has come out and said this explicitly.

    Why is that?

    • anew

      I agree that we should be striving for texts that are more intellectually worthy. Let’s be honest; this is a book of anecdotes. Derb is a mathematician and Taylor fancies himself a man of science, they should be doing better than this. And I don’t know if book-jacket formats can be copyrighted, but if so, Penguin Classics might have a case against Amren.

      To be fair though, the book is not intended to shed light on the origins of multiculturalism; it’s about real people noticing race.

      And your analysis is far too simplistic. It is obvious why corporations and other monied interests desire immigration (if not multiculturalism, per se), but Capitalist interests have been so interlocked with Enlightenment Universalist values from the beginning that the former can not be separated from the latter.

      • “They should be doing better than this” – Nonsense! Books like this need to be distributed widely and, in order to do so, they must also be written in terms that people can understand. It doesn’t have to be sugary fluff, but most people are not going to read a scholarly tome. Books on race need to be written so the average person can comprehend – especially since these are kinds of people we’re seeking to reach.

        In most instances, Leftist scholars are not going to value or change their views in spite of the most soundly-reasoned and scientifically accurate book we might produce.

        This is the kind of book we can give to our friends and relatives. The average person can read these accounts and more than likely identify with such anecdotal stories which are based on real-life experiences with ‘diversity.’ These are the people we need to reach.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          The following accounts were written by ordinary Americans who did not learn about race through reading. As one of them writes, “There is no racial education quite so thorough and convincing as spending time with blacks.” Most of the authors began with conventional, egalitarian assumptions; reality destroyed those assumptions. These reports are too truthful to have been published in a “mainstream” publication, and they are more powerful and compelling than any of the hundreds of articles about race I have written from an armchair perspective. — Jared Taylor, page v-vi from the Introduction.

        • anew

          Books like this need to be distributed widely and, in order to do so,
          they must also be written in terms that people can understand.

          If that is what it takes to reach your target audience, you need a new target audience. Anecdotes have no logical validity, at all, period.

          If we reach average people, fine, but frankly, they’re really not very important, not at this stage. White Nationalism is not a political candidate trying to win in an election, it’s an intellectual movement. And one thing that successful intellectual movements all have in common is that they appeal to the idealistic and smart young people. Without these people, we’ll never get-off-the-ground, and if we do, it won’t be for long. Those are the people we need to reach.

          • “Anecdotes have no logical validity, at all, period” – Again, you’ve missed something very important here: We are dealing with the Kardashian generation, the American Idol generation, and those who are addicted to negro sports. In spite of what you think, they must be reached. They also vote, and we want them on our side and voting on matters important to our racial preservation and interests. It’s unfortunate that you’ve discounted them.

            Yes, we do need persuasive and intellectually defensible works advocating race-realism that will appeal to intellectuals. In fact, such works already exist and can be secured through this website and others.

            Thus, we need a two-prong effort – namely, one that reaches the average white American and another that seeks to persuade those inclined toward ferreting out these matters on a deeper level. It not’s either one of the other, but both them together working to convince a variety of different whites of our cause.

            Again, you’ve failed to understand the specific purpose and target audience of JT’s book.

          • meanqueen

            (Oh, sorry, I wrote something similar above before I read your excellent comment – agree with you wholeheartedly.)

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            The book this article reviews is excellent, and just what we need. I agree that we need to have reading material available that courts both the average White worker, and the incisive, philosophical thinker. This book can indeed reach both. The average worker will identify with the realism of the stories, and the deeper thinker immediately sees the nuances of Blacks behavior that are being observed over and over. The Negro mind operates differently from the Caucasian mind, and the primary reason for this is genetics. This is the overriding, big picture point that Whites need to latch onto.

          • John R

            I disagree! We must use the Left’s own weapons. That is how they convinced so many. We should do the same.

          • meanqueen

            Why does it have to be either/or? Write scientific stuff for the “smart people” and write anecdotal stuff for the masses who need to be moved to action. Big problems require a multifaceted approach. Where is the argument here?

          • anew

            Fine, it’s not a scientific book. But what is it? Is it a work of art? Not at all. Is it a work of philosophy (and after all, Taylor was a philosophy major, if I recall)? No, it’s not the least bit philosophical. So what the heck is it?

            It’s a book of anecdotes that seems to be much more anti-black than it is pro-white. Both intellectuals and average people will most likely look on it as a piece of nasty, blacks-are-savages, propaganda. And in that assessment, they’re more right than wrong.

            I’m sure there are plenty of impressionable people out there who might be swayed by this kind of book, but those aren’t the people who are ever going to have any influence on the direction of the culture.

            You want to write some low-brow books for the masses; fine. But if not intellectually rigorous, the book should at least be intellectually defensible.

          • meanqueen

            I get it. It sounds like you think these kinds of books actually harm the cause by falling into the Klan genre, for lack of a better term. Charles Murray writes science based books on race and intelligence and they are not difficult books to comprehend for the average reader. Of course, he still got lambasted by the liberals.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            The beauty of this book is that Whites who work everyday, have struggled with dealing with Blacks everyday, and feel alone and isolated with nobody to share their feelings with will feel validated and empowered by this book. They will realize that they are not maladjusted pariahs, as the media would have them believe. Quite the contrary. They have little stomach for Black behaviors because they are sensible, decent people. This book has the ability to empower folks in the trenches. Empower them to gather with their friends to buy blocks of land, to build White enclaves instead of just riding around in the car wishing they could attend a Klan rally.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            The MAJOR weapon of the left is the Corrupt Leftist Media: I don’t anticipate them lending it to us any time soon…

          • WR_the_realist

            Oh nonsense, get off your high horse. Nobody is proposing this book as a PhD thesis in a sociology department. There is a place for dry, statistically based books, like The Bell Curve and Race, Evolution, and Behavior. But note how little effect those books have had on the zeitgeist. It’s as if they had never been written. The left pushes its programs by giving us one anecdote after another describing alleged “oppression”. Like it or not, such anecdotes create social movements. Read the first chapter of Face to Face with Race by Tracy Abel. It describes her experience working with some left wing “charitable” organizations in NYC, and has one jaw dropping revelation after another. That will move far more people than another statistical study of black crime.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Precisely!! This book is realism. These are true stories by real people in every day life. This is what empowers people that they have a voice. Not dry, overly academic analysis. Telling others what we have experienced touches the emotions, and stirs our passion. When people get fired up, change happens. We need to attack the Leftist elite power structure with realism.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            White Nationalism is indeed an intellectual movement. We are folks who understand what race actually is, that the different races behave and think differently and create and maintain radically different cultures. Those who have strong perceptive abilities, and are able to think outside of the box, seeing the flaws in trendy and popular thinking are the folks that will be drawn to our movement.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Anecdotes can be quite entertaining, and if they get Americans to read more — especially racialist literature — they are time and effort well spent…

        • John R

          Exactly! How many times have our enemies written about their experiences of how bad it is to “be black in America…” This is just our answer to that. Yes, we do need to back our arguments with facts and statistics, but we also need to reach people with stories with which they can identify.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Exactly. We need to tell true to life stories of what it feels like dealing with Blacks, telling the truth about how they act. Nobody cares what color their skin is. People are repulsed by Blacks because of the way they act. I’ve always taken Martin Luther King’s advice. I judge Negroes by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. The content of their character is usually rotten. Cruel, sadistic, slothful, with zero empathy, or reverence for what is right. Most Negroes have zero couth or character.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          As George Wallace frequently said: “You’ve gotta get it down there where the chickens can peck at it…”

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Well said. The Liberal Republican ethic is what is wrecking Western Civilization. Conservative fiscally but Liberal on issues of race and culture. These Liberal Republicans have made working Whites into wage slaves, so that our birth rate is below the level of natural increase, and are importing a labor force that comes from every corner of the globe, as they believe that race is nothing more than skin color. As far as race, these folks are far more liberal than most Democrats were before 20 years ago. Mitt Romney is a prime example of this. Libtard par excellence on race.

    • The book is by Jared Taylor, not John Derbyshire.

    • What in the world are you talking about? Yes, I’m aware that money and power have much to do with these matters, but I’m not so sure that’s the crux of the problem. There’s something much more sinister and deep than a mere attempt to promote multiculturalism out of financial greed.

      Perhaps you’re too smart and intellectually advanced than the rest of us, but I think you’ve made things a little too simplistic in all of this.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        It’s such a pity that Jared Taylor didn’t consult with L_C before publishing this book. L_C will have to carry on grinding his own axe all by himself.

      • Multiculturalism is all about culture. Culture is the set of operating rules in your brain.

        The corporations have molded and shaped the culture, domesticated it over decades. They have white pride a sin, the ultimate evil. Why?

        This is all part of the Multiculturalism propaganda regime that has changed american culture.

        Multiculturalism is all about greasing the path, easing the way for growth, increasing the number of consumers and workers, depressing wages, increasing sales, increasing GDP.

        Money. Profits. Revenues.

        Multiculturalism is the lubricant that allows the corporations to cram more and more human livestock into the West.

        Why am I the only person explicitly pointing this out?

        Is the Dissident Right just about selling books and getting views and ad clicks? Is that why they “Dumb Down” their analysis?

        Is the Dissident Right funded by the GOP and the corporate think tanks and nonprofit foundations?

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Several years ago, Samuel Francis wrote a masterpiece about the real function and application of “multiculturalism.” Your assertion that “multiculturalism is all about culture” is the myth intended for mass audiences to win their favor, but Dr. Francis has a much better explanaition that rips the mask off the face of multiculturalism. Writes Dr. Francis:

          “Multiculturalism, for example, is less the result of ignorance and uninformed fantasies than a deliberately designed device by which the power-hungry can subvert a culture the moral codes of which deny them power and begin building an alternative culture whose different moral codes yield power for themselves and none for their rivals.”

          The power hungry are media, entertainment, government, educational institutions, liberal and neo-conservative think tanks and big corporations who use multiculturalism as a vehicle to impose thought codes, speech codes, behavioral codes and to use fear and punishment to ensure their own dominance and control. It has nothing about appreciating and studying real, authentic cultures or languages, the Mayan Piramids for example, or studying Latin or spending a summer studying Renaissance Art.

          • I liked sam francis…he was a great white rights writer. But money drives this world. Behaviors are shaped by money and culture.

            The elite corporate media is funded by advertising, which is primarily bought by large corporations. The more profits made by the corporations, the more ads are bought. See the connection? Follow the money.

            Culture is shaped by the application of money applied over years and decades. Educational curriculum. Academic grants. Nonprofit foundations. These are the wellspring of the cultural revolution crammed down our throat by the corporations over the past decades. They have shaped the cutlure.

            Cultural mores plus the fear of being fired.

            What is Right and Proper and Good. They have defined.

            And they have the power to fire anyone who does not toe the line.

            Sam Francis was OK, but he aint even in my league. I stand alone. And that scares me.

          • Sam Francis was OK, but he aint even in my league. I stand alone. And that scares me.

            And I thought I was a legend in my own mind and nobody else’s. I can now relax knowing that I no longer hold the title of the biggest unearned ego on AR.

          • “Sam Francis was OK, but he aint even in my league. I stand alone” – Well, at least you’re humble about it. Good grief!

          • what do you expect? For years, decades even, I have read so many hundreds, thousands, even, of posts and articles and comments etc etc etc about these dirty cultural marxists and low IQ blacks and welfare mommas and gib-me-dats and islamists and politically correct hypocrisy yadda yadda yadda, ad infinitum…and in that enormous morass of verbiage, there is not one single explicit statement pointing out the obvious–that multiculturalism/political correctness etc is here because it makes the corporations money.

            I have been pointing out this seemingly obvious fact for some time now. But no one can hear me. It’s not that you are deaf or cannot read. It is just that human beings are not capable of understanding ideas that counter the ideological memes that already occupy their brains.

            Now, I have to admit that the Dissident Right has started to come around and admit that mass immigration is here because it makes the corporations money. They have to admit that. It is so obvious now. Too obvious to ignore, Even for them. But they refuse to see that multiculturalism is for corporate profits as well.

            Same thing on the liberal side. They understand that the rich and powerful are our enemies, but they cannot see that they are fakeLeftists because they hate whites. They cannot see that the rich and powerful have molded and shaped their ideology in order to divide the majority bloc.

            I know all this. And still I write. Because it satisfies me. You cannot understand what I say. I accept that. Yet still I write.

          • Scott Rosen

            Money is a means. The end is power and control. And the Chosenites control the money and information through the ownership of banking institutions and media.

          • Germanicus

            But I always assumed what you and samuel hathaway are saying in partial agreement is the case. Of course corporate power is utilized. It has been my impression that Lefties get stuck on thinking that merely invoking the term “corporations” in a system-flow model provides explanatory completeness. Some of us are willing to consider and play with different diagrammatic configurations where corporations are merely another weaponized mechanism, but not the final and controlling evil. I submit to you that your emphasis may inadvertently be providing curtain for the wizard without gaining additional explanatory power. To the degree to which you draw particular attention to the role that corporations plays as tools and channels of culture-shaping power, is nonetheless worthwhile.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            This stuff did not start 100 years ago. About 50 years ago, I would say. My Grandparents were all racial realists, as were most members of their Generation. They were born between 1900 and 1910. When my Grandmother and Grandfather voted for Strom Thurmond in 1948, they were voting against the initial, post-WWII vestiges of the horrific anti-White Leftism that would, 20 years later, begin a virtual reign of terror against Whites.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Sam Francis “ain’t” even in your league?? I should say not my friend!!! To be in his league would entail proper use of our glorious English language!! Sam Francis would never lower himself by using “ain’t” in either his speech or writing, save for in the possible case of conveying the intellectual vapidity of a notion by purposely mutilating his grammar. None of my Grandparents attended college, but they shunned the use of “ain’t”, a word that pegs the user immediately as a slob or anti-intellectual. Though I’ve enjoyed your musings on Capitalistic Greed quite thoroughly, I just can’t help myself but to lambaste your use of the infernal “ain’t”, especially when employed in an attempt to trivilialize the intellect of Sam Francis.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            We are all alone, each of us that thinks for himself. Embrace it.

          • let’s go a little further with this. Let’s show just how superficial and naive Sam Francis’s analysis here is (and he was actually one of the more cogent voices on the Dissident Right).

            Sam’s point here is these powers that be, the mandarins created and enforce political correctness/multiculti etc because it is a way for them to get power.

            Well, he is right in that if you want to get ahead in public life and you want to be a big shot, a honcho, or whatever, then you have to toe the politically correct, multiculti line. Because if you do not, you will be “filtered out”, You a Bad Boy! You are proud of being white. How evil of you. If you want power or fame, you had better not express that thought. Because the media will step on you. Your boss may fire you. Bad things will happen to you. The question is….why is that so?

            Right then and there, I have separated myself from the analysis provided by Francis. And let’s go a little further. Francis’s analysis is actually pretty much in line with and similar to much of the dumbed-down analysis provided by the Dissident Right.

            The primary characteristic of such Dissident Right analysis is that the scope is restricted. The enemy is focused and restricted. It’s them dirty dirty cultural marxists! And no one else! They want power! They are using cultural marxism to lord it over you!

            This flawed analysis is actually based on ideas and events related to the russian bolshevist revolution, the chinese communist revolution and Orwell’s novel 1984. And in a way, that is a valid analysis. I say “in a way” because what has happened in america with multiculturalism has nothing to do with those revolutions or with 1984. But I can see why some people would think so. The idea of racial and world equality was indeed a (minor) aspect of marxism. But that one single aspect of marxism was selected out of all the rest of it and promoted to the top, pushed to top by the powers that be. The rest of marxism was shoved aside.

            Why the cherry picking? Because multiculturalism provided a way to lubricate the way for growth in the supply of workers and consumers in the West. Money. We come back to that again.

            The multiculti propaganda regime in america and the west is all about increasing profits via growth. Nothing at all to do with bolshevism and communism. Yes, racial equality was a minor aspect of marxism. But that’s is as far as it goes.

            Anyway, my analysis is about 100 times more valid that what the Dissident Right provides with respect to what multiculturalism actually is. But it’s complicated. Oh, that’s hard to think about. My brain hurts. And also if I focus on the connection between multiculti/PC and Capitalism I am going to alienate possible readers whose brains have already been captured by rightwing pro-business memes. I lose money.

            Oh, wait, I don’t care about making money. I just write to expose the truth.

          • You do realize that Sam Francis would have certainly agreed with you on all this, don’t you? Or maybe you don’t, because you’re so hung up on your stuck pig squealing about people who have two nickels to rub together more than you that you can’t see that someone’s agreeing with you just because they don’t fulminate against the rich with every column-inch.

          • You’re over-thinking this

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Francis hit the nail squarely on the head. The strict moral codes of Christianity/White European culture prevent these greedy Capitalists from amassing the profits they can amass when our European moral strictures have been pushed aside. The Porn industry is an excellent case in point. It would not exist if not for Leftist, free wheeling notions of recreational sex. The traditional, White European notion of sex occurring within marriage between two dedicated and loving partners does not allow Pornographers to make millions. Traditional Negro notions on sex, where one gratifies their urges in carnal fashion with whoever happens to be available at that moment, allows Pornographers to make millions. The casual sex of the Negro, and the perversion of the Islamic Harem, where women are sex slaves, were just what the greedy Pornographer wanted to see. Brainwash White youth into adopting aforesaid non-White sexual mores, and the Pornographer in made in the shade as lord of the manor instead of the insidious sociopath that he actually is.

        • JohnEngelman

          Capitalism does not benefit from the presence of a race which for the most part is congenitally incapable of learning marketable job skills.

          • now this is where we disagree. Blacks are certainly intelligent enough to have marketable job skills. Anyone who says otherwise is…well…

            Look, my own workplace is the microcosm through which this can be explained. I work for an organization where affirmative action is very very strongly implemented. Blacks are overrepresented by a factor of at least 3 times in comparison to the population. They are catered to. If they don’t want to work hard, they don’t have to. They know they are protected. They are promoted over others who are much better qualified.

            The core job in my organization can be quite difficult and complex. White males thrive in that job. Blacks? Not so much. However, some blacks can do the job. And it is not an easy job. Some cannot. More commonly, blacks won’t do the job well because they don’t have to. They make very good money and do half the work.

            Now, in this organization there are support jobs. They are not that hard. I can tell you that the blacks in those jobs do a fine job, and they can do it as well as anyone.

            Yes, the corporations want as many human livestock in america as they can get, whatever color or race. They will find a place for them. More money. Lower wages. etc etc etc. Diversity is strength…for the corporations. But diversity is weakness for the workers. Division means a less united workplace, and management can have its way.

          • JohnEngelman

            Diversity is strength…for the corporations. But diversity is weakness for the workers. Division means a less united workplace, and management can have its way.

            – Leftist_Conservative

            I agree with this, and wish that more Democratic leaders understood it.

            A significant advantage Franklin Roosevelt had over Barack Obama is that during the 1930’s whites were 90 percent of the U.S. population, most blacks lived in the South where they were denied equal rights, and non whites were excluded by the Immigration Act of 1924. This meant that lower income whites could vote Democratic without voting for economic and social equality with non whites.

          • David Ashton

            “When you wish upon a star it makes no difference who you are.”

          • WR_the_realist

            You are misinterpreting the data. You assume big corporations have directors of diversity, affirmative action, racial set asides in their contracting, and numerous marginally qualified blacks promoted beyond their capacity because it is profitable. Wrong. They do these things out of fear. If they don’t do these things, they will be sued by the EEOC and tied up in expensive legal battles. So this is all one big gigantic cost of business, done to preempt lawsuits.

          • me

            You’re correct in some of your assumptions, but you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle. You assume that economics is divorced from culture, and that this paradigm has organically and randomly happened–a ‘natural’ progression of economics and profit based on cheap labor. Thinking that ‘these things are a natural progression of unchecked capitalism’ is a common assumption among the economically-driven hypothesis people, but using this thought process is like saying that the new ‘multiculturalism’ is produced by the greed of corporations; mushrooms sprouting randomly on a forest floor. Cheap labor=material wealth.
            What you haven’t been taking into account are several factors in the fallacy in your argument. What good does a company derive from trying to teach a people with sub-par intelligence, lacking the ability to communicate effectively, lacking basic reading comprehension, lacking the ability of time awareness and self-discipline, lacking the basic social awareness of beneficial cooperation, and becoming a burden to the employer in both the costs of excessive absenteeism, excessive social tensions, and excessive turnover rates caused by all of the above factors? To meet government quotas in hiring ‘minorities’, rather than basing the decision of employment on ‘merit’, how much lost revenue do you think it causes the average company in America per anum? If there wasn’t such a strict censorship on scientific investigation into these very problems, we would probably find that it may very well run into a collective millions of dollars a year.
            Returning to the basic dilemma–why all the mass immigration, massive taxation and social welfare, rampant lawlessness and reluctance to punish illegal invaders and home-grown terrorists in urban America? There are five words: White oppression, displacement, and genocide.

          • Germanicus

            Yes. Also, there are corporations and then there are corporations. This is not generally being recognized in the thread. That is, one has to discriminate between the types of corporations and the roles that they play. An international chain of burger flippers can center its corporate talent–including now “diverse” players–while encouraging its franchisees to act as a not-so-underground railroad penetrating every nook of America with illegal immigrants. (I’ll bet that corporation began with a whole lot of White men with cigarettes dangling from their mouths doing the ground breaking, by the way.) But this is very different from a young corporation trying to do real technological advancement with the government diversity harassers showing up unannounced. The latter complies out of fear (and not admirably so in many cases), while the former former participates closer to the driving force undermining culture.

          • I appreciate your detailed response. I have quoted you below, along with my responses:
            you wrote:
            “You assume that economics is divorced from culture,
            and that this paradigm has organically and randomly happened”

            my response:
            Money was used to shape, mold and domesticate the american culture. American pseudo-leftism was created by money paid by plutocrats and corporations to nonprofit foundations. The foundations then selected and paid that money to activists, writers, and professors who were writing in a positive way about non-whites, women, immigrants etc. These people created pseudo-leftist propaganda, which over the decades replaced economics-oriented populist Leftism with race-gender oriented pseudo-Leftism. Real Leftism supports the majority bloc (working class whites). But this pseudoLeftism is anti-majority bloc and pro-minority.

            There was nothing random about it. Organic, yes, in the sense that this domestication of the culture via money is similar to the way that ecosystems work. If I see a animal with thick fur, I assume that this species evolved in a cold climate. The dominant forces in an ecosystem will shape the organism/species within that ecosystem. Ideologies are like animal species. The media is the dominant ideological transmission mechanism in the West. Big Money is the dominant force (like weather, parasites, predator animal etc) in this ecological system. If I see an idea/meme/talking point expressed favorably or often in the media, I assume that this idea/meme/talking point has been passed through the filter of the ideological ecosystem and that therefore such idea/meme/talking point is favorable to the interests of Big Money. If you understand what I am saying, please say it again in your own words. It’s a new idea to you, I know.

            you wrote:
            “–a ‘natural’ progression of economics and profit based on cheap labor. Thinking that ‘these things are a natural progression of unchecked capitalism’ is a common assumption among the economically-driven hypothesis people, but using this thought process is like saying that the new ‘multiculturalism’ is produced by the greed of corporations;
            mushrooms sprouting randomly on a forest floor. Cheap labor=material wealth.
            What you haven’t been taking into account are several
            factors in the fallacy in your argument. What good does a company derive from trying to teach a people with sub-par intelligence, lacking the ability to communicate effectively, lacking basic reading comprehension,
            lacking the ability of time awareness and self-discipline, lacking the basic social awareness of beneficial cooperation, and becoming a burden to the employer in both the costs of excessive absenteeism, excessive
            social tensions, and excessive turnover rates caused by all of the above factors? To meet government quotas in hiring ‘minorities’, rather than basing the decision of employment on ‘merit’, how much lost revenue do you think it causes the average company in America per anum? If there
            wasn’t such a strict censorship on scientific investigation into these very problems, we would probably find that it may very well run into a collective millions of dollars a year.
            Returning to the basic dilemma–why all the mass immigration, massive taxation and social welfare, rampant lawlessness and reluctance to punish illegal invaders and home-grown terrorists in urban America? There are five words: White
            oppression, displacement, and genocide.”

            my response:

            To restate your argument, you think nonwhites are too stupid to do any job. Wow. Talk about out of touch with reality. Look, a few points in IQ is not going to keep anyone from doing the majority of jobs in america. Most jobs are not that hard. Bartender, waiteress, retail shelf stocker, lansdscaper? These are the most common jobs in america. You don’t have to be a genius to do them.

            I hate to disappoint you, but there are tens of millions of blacks and browns etc who are law abiding and hard working..

            Yes, they are more likely than whites to be on welfare or criminals. But that fact does not mean that most of them are not hardworking and law-abiding. They are.

            I support white rights and the right to a white nation. And I am against mass immigration and affirmative action. But your side is saying that everything in this world is either one of two extremes. There is a whole wide world in between extremes. The universe is not a light switch, either on or off. Most everything is in a spectrum, a continuum. I have to actually say this??

            Yes, the media is anti-white. And all the major institutions in america are against whites. But don’t distort things. See reality for what it is.

          • me

            “Yes, the media is anti-white. And all the major institutions in america are against whites. But don’t distort things. See reality for what it is.”
            So, what’s distorted? Are you stating that the low IQ of Negroes and Mestizos are the exception rather than the rule? Are you saying that these groups don’t destroy businesses, neighborhoods, and entire cities under their influence? Are you saying that Negroes and Mestizos aren’t allowed to commit atrocious crimes against Whites in this country without fear of legal repercussions? Are you saying that money isn’t being used as a tool for the displacement, oppression, and genocide of Whites in this country? Are you denying that there are ‘no go’ areas for Whites in most states, and Whites will get beaten, robbed, and killed for going into these areas? Are you denying that our own POTUS and Attorney General have been fueling the anti-White racism in this country? Are you denying that most ‘minorities’ aren’t a financial and intersocial burden to companies? Are you denying that groups like La Raza, the New Black Panthers, and the SPLC that specifically target Whites and advocate White genocide, are hate groups, and are allowed to continue to spew their anti-White hatred without fear of imprisonment? Do you have to press #1 for English? Do you understand that Whites are not legally allowed, by the ‘government’, to form White advocacy groups of any kind?
            If you want a good dose of ‘reality’, look at South Africa. That’s where we’re headed if people like you refuse to see what’s in front of your own eyes.

          • you wrote:

            Are you stating that the low IQ of Negroes and Mestizos are the
            exception rather than the rule?

            the facts are obvious. But a few points in IQ is not going to keep people from doing most jobs. Period. Did you read what I wrote? Please respond to what I actually wrote and not what you wanted me to write.

            you wrote:
            Are you saying that these groups don’t
            destroy businesses, neighborhoods, and entire cities under their

            there are lots of very successful businesses that hire only mexicans. If you do not know that, then I cannot help you, because you must be a shut-in if you do not see that is the truth.

            you wrote:
            Are you saying that Negroes and Mestizos aren’t allowed to
            commit atrocious crimes against Whites in this country without fear of
            legal repercussions?

            you are overstating the truth, exaggerating, and surely readers here must realize this. yes, obviously the media gives nonwhites favorable treatment, and bends over backwards to portray them in a favorable light. But you deliberately exaggerate.

            you wrote:
            Are you saying that money isn’t being used as a
            tool for the displacement, oppression, and genocide of Whites in this

            Somewhat of an exaggeration, but there is some truth to that. And yes, indeed, money is indeed behind mass immigration and multiculturalism and the anti-white culture of the FakeLeft. In fact that is the point here.

            you wrote:
            Are you denying that there are ‘no go’ areas for Whites in most
            states, and Whites will get beaten, robbed, and killed for going into
            these areas?

            Certainly some truth to that. And I never said otherwise. But what is your point?

            you wrote:
            Are you denying that our own POTUS and Attorney General
            have been fueling the anti-White racism in this country?

            No, I won’t deny that. But I voted for obama in 2012 because I hoped to keep obamacare alive. National healthcare is a must have for america. And I thought it was an acceptable trade-off–the anti-white plank of the Dem platform for the pro-national healthcare plank of the Dem platform. I live in the real world. How about you?

            you wrote:
            Are you denying
            that most ‘minorities’ aren’t a financial and intersocial burden to

            It is a mixed bag. Like I said, there are many many many successful companies in america that will hire only latinos. What about that? Discuss that.

            you wrote:
            Are you denying that groups like La Raza, the New Black
            Panthers, and the SPLC specifically target Whites, are hate groups, and
            are allowed to continue to spew their anti-White hatred without fear of

            No, I certainly will not deny that. What is your point?

            you wrote:
            Do you understand
            that Whites are not legally allowed, by the ‘government’, to form White
            advocacy groups?
            I don’t know if the word ‘legally’ is true. I doubt it is. But certainly white rights organizations are discriminated against and demonized.

            Again, what is your point with pointing out the obvious here? And why the absurd exaggeration in the cases I pointed out above?

          • me

            There are no exaggerations in my comments, unfortunately. I was trying to point out to you that it takes MONEY to do all of the above–money used as a weapon against Whites. What’s hard to understand about this? I’m beginning to think that you’re just obtuse and unwilling to see that we were doing just fine in a majority-White country, and that it isn’t about wealth accumulation and saving money on labor.

          • LHathaway

            Thomas Sewell hinted at this in one of his books (even though he didn’t come out and say it). Discrimination does not hurt corporations or cause them to be at a competitive disadvantage if every corporation must discriminate.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Capitalists and capitalism are two different things though.

          • JohnEngelman

            No one benefits from a large black population. Even blacks benefit when they are in a very small minority.

        • LHathaway

          “They have made white pride, white racial consciousness a sin, the ultimate evil. Why?”

          If white pride has been made the ultimate sin, for reasons of economics, why have these same people made racial consciousness for women and people of color an attribute of highest enlightenment?

          • multiculturalism includes dogma that elevates nonwhite and females in social status. This helps them compete in the workplace. More workers, depressed wages. More consumers, higher profits. We are biological machines, cogs in the machine of american multiculti capitalism, and in order to optimize profits, each cog must be able to perform and engage in the system.

            Females, for example. They are evolved to raise children, to build family solidarity, etc. They are not evolved to work as team members or to compete. “You go, girl,” and other “strong woman” propaganda prepares them (and prepares men) for women to be equal competitors in the workplace. More workers, depressed wages, more profit, more consumers, higher GDP etc etc etc.

            it’s not a conspiracy, but an ecosystem.

          • Half-truths mixed with convoluted nonsense, but stated with the conviction that only one who is a legend in his own mind could convey. Me thinks you’re too clever for your own good.

          • what a shock…you refuse to see the truth about the connection between capitalism and mass immigration/multiculturalism. Instead you attack me. I could never have seen that coming…

          • It’s CRONY capitalism.

          • Thank you for clarifying this. I was wondering when someone was going to explain that what he was speaking of was not actually capitalism, but crony capitalism.

          • What snarky sarcasm! Sarcasm is always a good way to make a point. NOT

          • that is a cliche and a trendy word…it is not really descriptive, though.

          • So what if it’s trendy! It’s an accurate description of US economy. It’s naïve to believe otherwise.

          • “You refuse to see the truth about the connection between capitalism and mass immigration/multiculturalism” – No, not at all. I recognize the role of so-called ‘corporate greed’ and crony capitalism in much of the multiculturalist’ agenda. I just don’t see it as the entire explanation for the problem at hand as others on this thread have similarly noted.

            You have read far too much into your own theories which, as I had already indicated, is based on half-truths and misinterpretations. This scenario runs much deeper than simply monetary greed.

          • LHathaway

            How do birthrates fit in to their ‘more workers depress wages, more consumers equal higher profits?

          • Well, I guess if birthrates were higher then the corporations would have more human cattle, thus generating more profits for the corporations. So you had better get to work making human livestock, friend. You don’t want to cause lost profits.

            Oh, that’s right. Mass immigration is replacement. Funny how that meme gets around.

        • Scott Rosen

          Here I thought it was about disposessing and then wiping out Europeans so the Chosenites could inherit the remains.

        • E7 sharp 9

          “They have made white pride, white racial consciousness a sin, the ultimate evil. Why?”

          Because the “They” you speak of are a very small minority that differentiate themselves from and are hostile to Whites. As a minority, “They” must keep Whites from perceiving how badly Whites are being exploited by this tiny minority. Otherwise an informed, racially conscious White majority would disallow the inequities being visited upon them by this miniscule minority.

          • ramzpaul suspects that big money pays people to post comments etc that associate white-rights with anti-semitism. I agree.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Eh, I’ve met enough actual anti-semites in real life to extrapolate to the posting volume without chicanery.

        • meanqueen

          Wow, it’s all certainly much more sinister when you describe it! Something to think about. Thanks.

        • Manxman3

          I beleive it is true to say that one of the driving forces behind immigration is big business. They want cheap labour and they don’t want homogenous groups of people and national boundaries to get in the way of their international capitalism. The dividing line in politics is no longer left or right. Its Nationalist or Internationalist

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          I believe that most racial realists get this. I surely get this. You are correct that Capitalist Pigs, motivated by pure greed to do anything to increase their profits, do not care if they destroy our White race/European cultures in the process of achieving their goals. This is why I abhor these Liberal Republicans, who are Liberal on issues of race, culture, and morality while exercising prudence when it comes to money. All the financial prudence in the world doesn’t mean diddly squat if our homelands have been destroyed. Do these greedy Capitalists really want to live as lords of the manor in their guarded castles, surrounded by the rising tide of color? It certainly appears that they do, and they are scum for wanting this. We need another French Revolution in the West to de-throne these elites, followed by an ethnic cleansing of our homelands to remove all of the Darkies.

          • no argument here

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            You agree that Western Civilization needs to de-throne the elites, followed by evicting the Negroes and other Darkies who do not belong here? Very cool!! If you are conservative and traditionalist on issues of race, you are in the right place. Negroes belong in Africa, Hispanics in South America. The Bronze race of South American natives have proven their inability to maintain a Spanish/Portuguese style society down there. Do you agree?

    • JohnEngelman

      There is a corporate conspiracy behind forces congenial to more immigration. I doubt there is an elite conspiracy that forces public denial of innate inequality between blacks and whites. Our business leaders lie about immigration, and pressure us to lie, because they want more job applicants.

      Our cultural leaders lie about blacks, and force us to lie, because the truth is too horrible to contemplate. A large minority of American citizens are congenitally incapable of making valuable contributions to a modern civilization.

      The business community benefits from more immigrants because they push down wages.Non blacks do not benefit from the presence of millions of blacks. We would be better off without them. Most whites prefer denial to recognizing that terrible truth.

      • Mr Engelman! Good to see you back.

        And remember–it’s not a conspiracy, but an ecosystem.

        • currahee1911

          And, people, once again remind yourselves of the incredible mind numbing power of television to delude and betray through illusion.
          Perhaps a good Fergusen riot-romp will escape the fantasy barrier.

      • LHathaway

        The terrible truth is the way whites are harmed by people of color. Perhaps it’s a benefit that whites have for so long been trained to apologize to people of color, they often seem oblivious to even egregious abuse. Abuse is abuse. We need our own and a consciousness raising among whites.

        Talk about ‘modern civilization’ or the ‘global economy’ is just subterfuge designed to fool the unskilled into excepting their lowly position and wages. If this nation wants more workers it will have to raise the gap between welfare and social security payments, and work.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Very well said. Abuse is indeed abuse. Negroes, at this point, have abused Whites far, far more than we have ever abused them. When we consider the reality of slavery in Dixie, that most Negro slaves were treated quite well, having cradle to grave security as long as they did a reasonable amount of work for the family with whom they lived, the apologies to Negroes are an unfair and dishonest burden on Whites. Few Whites now, or ever, have abused Negroes in any way.

      • Luca

        On the one hand, you advocate how crime prone and intellectually inferior these people are and on the other hand, you advocate that they are in great demand to corporate America.

        You act as if there is a current labor surplus in America, that jobs are going unfilled, there is no unemployment and there are no minimum wage laws. You forget that corporations can move overseas to benefit from $2-a-day wages, no EPA and lesser taxes.

        You totally ignore the fact that not all immigrants are gainfully employed but are collecting social services. You ignore the obvious fact that they are coddled and groomed by the left through propaganda, turned into a victim class and according to the statistics you love so much, they and their offspring will overwhelmingly vote Democratic.

        Your posts on these matters amount to nothing more than leftist cheer leading and slogan chanting.

        Since 1965, the liberals have been increasing non-White immigration into this country for the express purpose of displacing Whites and increasing the Democratic voter base.

        If Republicans represent the rich corporations, why was it the Democrats who passed the 1965 Immigration Act?

        I realize no amount of common sense and facts will sway you and the only reason I respond to your senseless propaganda is so others may look at the other side of the coin and decide for themselves.

        No response is necessary. Thank you.

        • JohnEngelman

          If Republicans represent the rich corporations, why was it the Democrats who passed the 1965 Immigration Act?

          – Luca

          The 1965 Immigration Act was passed with broad, bipartisan support in both houses of Congress, although it was unpopular with the voters. When the elites agree, popular opinion has to be strongly against what the elites want. There has to be overwhelming opposition to what the elites want. The issue has to be salient.

          • Manxman3

            I think it is true to say that one of the driving forces behind immigration is big business. They want cheap labour and they don’t want homogenous groups of people and national boundaries to get in the way of their international capitalism. The dividing line in politics is no longer left or right. Its Nationalist or Internationalist

        • JohnEngelman

          On the one hand, you advocate how crime prone and intellectually inferior these people are and on the other hand, you advocate that they are in great demand to corporate America.

          You act as if there is a current labor surplus in America, that jobs are going unfilled.

          – Luca

          The Wall Street Journal, which shapes and articulates the views of the plutocracy, is in favor of more immigration. Hispanics can perform low skill jobs. Asians can perform high skill jobs. Both groups lower wages for American citizens by competing for jobs. As consumers they also raised prices. Consequently, they raise profits.

          • exactly. It almost seems as if the powers that be want to poison the anti-immigration/anti-multiculturalism, pro-white movements by inserting absurd comments into the atmosphere, poisoning it.

        • meanqueen

          He sure doesn’t sound like a leftist to me. Of course a lot of Mexican immigrants are on the dole, but a lot of them are also working. Businesses would prefer to hire them because they are cheap labor, and unlike blacks, Mexicans will actually work. Doesn’t everyone in conservative circles know this to be true? If it’s common knowledge, how is it propaganda for the left?

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Exactly. Mexicans will get in there and do the grunt work. Unlike Asian immigrants, few have the intelligence or education to move up to something better. Factory farms need a labor force that will pick veggies in the hot sun, and are likely to do so the rest of their lives. Even Arab Christians, though I think that they are a better choice of immigrants than Hispanics, are more intelligent than Hispanics. They are racially Caucasian. They are not violence prone like Hispanics, but they will also want to better themselves beyond basic labor much sooner than the average Mexican.

          • Linus Byfånelund

            You are speaking from a position of ignorance. We have plenty of arab christians in Sweden and they do not behave differently compared to arab muslims. The “muslim” problem isnt a “muslim” problem, its a racial problem. Caucasian isnt the same as white and north european isnt the same as south european.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            I know many Sicilian Americans, as I live in a heavily Italian area. Yes, Southern Europeans are different in temperament from Northern Europeans. More emotional and quick to explode. Also, there is more musical talent/artistic ability among the Mediterraneans. This passion/quick temper seldom erupts into violence. Key point here is that we are all Europeans, and we all need to be united against the rising tide of color. My own ancestry in 1/4 Swedish, 1/8 Ashkenazi, and the rest German. I inherited a good dose of musical talent from both the Ashkenazi and German sides of my family. My German ancestry Grandparents were segregationists who voted for George Wallace, and they knew quite a few Italians who were strong racial realists.

        • LHathaway

          Tax the richest Americans and use that income to reduce taxes on corporations. Call it ‘reaching out’ or compromise. Call it acting to reduce our trade deficits. It’s the rest of the insane leftist agenda that must be stopped.

          • nothing insane about taxing rich people. We need to control the rich and control the corporations. Just common sense. Just like I kill a rattlesnake because it is dangerous,

          • lib1

            Call it Marxism. Again, I shake my head that my brethren will adopt Marxist policies to benefit them. The Jewish influence is strong with some I see.

        • you wrote:

          “Since 1965, the liberals have been increasing non-White immigration into this country for the express purpose of displacing Whites and increasing the Democratic voter base.”

          The GOP has also controlled all 3 branches of government since then. In fact in two separate time period during Bush Jr’s regime, the GOP could have radically changed immigration laws. They did not. In fact Bush said during an interview with Mother Jones that the reason mexicans are in texas is because texans won’t lay tar in august. Sound like someone who wanted to reduce immigration?

          you wrote: “If Republicans represent the rich corporations, why was it the Democrats who passed the 1965 Immigration Act?”

          Both the GOP and Dems represent corporations. just in different ways. Slightly different ways.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        All very true. Importing immigrant groups where the big picture is ineptitude doesn’t help to build strong companies. Asian immigrants, one would think, would be the preferred group of non-White immigrants by companies. I can understand CA farmers importing Hispanic farm labor, as Hispanics are better suited for work in the sun/heat, although Arab Christians who badly need to escape Islamic lands would be a far better choice. They are racially Caucasian, and have a record of assimilating nicely into Western lands.

        • JohnEngelman

          Importing Christians from the Mid East is an interesting idea.

          One of the things I appreciate about Hispanics is that they stand up to blacks. Whites are safe in Hispanic neighborhoods. Blacks are not.

          Immigrants tend to be more hostile to blacks than whites who were born in the United States. For economic reasons immigrants usually need to live and work close to black neighborhoods. They see blacks up close, and know what they are like. Moreover, immigrants do not understand why they should feel guilty about black problems.

    • currahee1911

      Just so, good for you.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      You are hitting the nail on the head. Corporate greed, with no regard for the people, culture, and traditions of a nation, or even a locale. Our businessmen and politicians in days of yore cared about their roots. They cared about maintaining communities and culture, and understood that race is the genetic bedrock upon which culture is built.

      • it is not that I hate capitalism or even greed. I accept that these things will always exist. But they must be acknowledged and controlled. Just like corrosion in a car radiator, or like wear in a engine. I have to change my engine oil because of wear, etc. I acknowledge that these physical realities exist, and I take action to deal with them.

        The rich and the corporations and indeed any such large aggregations of Capital are going to seek to exploit people, to control the government, to bring in different races, to divide the populace, to drive down labor costs. We must realize such realities, and we must recognize this and deal with these issues.

        The way to beat Capital is to localize, to de-centralize, to de-heterogenize, to homogenize racially, to de-factionalize. thus increasing democracy.
        Factions weaken democracy. Recognize this fundamental principle and then implement reforms accordingly. The more localized is political power, the few factions exist, and so therefore the higher the degree of democracy. This fundamental principle is evident in both theory and in the reality of our world.

        We must scourge the educational curriculum of Capital-centric ideology; we must eliminate all white-race-guilt ideology from the educational curriculum. Education is ideology. Realize this and act accordingly.

        Racial and cultural solidarity is the bulwark against Capital. Promote such solidarity.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Jack Donovan said it at this year’s conference.

      I am not familiar with his broader politics, so I cannot say if he is dissident right. But he said it, loud and clear.

  • LHathaway

    I so much want to get this book. Having read so many of these ‘personal experience with diversity’ stories over the years on AmRen, I think this is the book to get.

    • I’m glad these stories have finally come out in book form. In the past, I used to refer people to the articles and personal stories on the site. Now, I can actually give them a book which, hopefully, they can relate to and become informed of.

      By the way, I recommend buying a few copies and merely loaning them out for a couple of weeks. This way you can always have extra copies for others and, when they’re done reading it, you can ask them what they thought. It’s a good way to further engage them in conversation on these important matters.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        Anyone who has lived or worked around blacks will get PTSD flashbacks from some of these reports. The first one from Tracy Abel, her report from the Heart of Darkness and depths of liberalism struck quite close to my bones.

        • HE2

          Anyone who has lived or worked around blacks will get PTSD flashbacks from some of these reports.

          Which is why I am reluctant to share my anecdotes except in small increments.
          Now away from the mentally distracting milieu of inner city Trauma, I realize I have a roaring case of PTSD in the form of “compulsive recall.”
          PTSDers do not have to invite flashes of abuse and physical assault at the hands of blacks.
          Unbidden, psychic/visual memories appear, never failing to initiate a startle reflex.
          I could fill volumes with these stories, need down time and distance for some measure of healing to take place.
          A huge percentage of blacks are hungry creatures of the jungle, ever on the lookout for prey.

          • Rick O’Shea

            I, too, really hope to hear some of your tales whenever you’re ready.

          • HE2

            Thank you for your understanding, Rick.
            I have high hopes that the time will come when the darkness is muted.
            There is a group of Level 1 Trauma physicians who meet regularly and share stories that have been particularly haunting.
            I find that memories of the badly battered, burned, raped, broken bodies of infants and toddlers are the most difficult to reconcile.
            It is not unusual for black men to pitch their wee ones who “cry too much” out of high windows.
            People treat their dogs better than these people treat their children.

          • Thank you for telling this. Everyone needs to know about those experiences. There are far too many in the world who live with their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the truth & reality.

          • Whitetrashgang

            White people.

          • meanqueen

            Sorry to hear what you’re going through. As a physician, you are well aware of EMDR for trauma processing. Have you tried it? Many patients seem to think it helps when nothing else would.

            I grew up in Texas and the southwest around blacks and Mexicans and always knew to keep my distance. They were a constant menace. I only encountered white libtardism when I went to college and other kids told me I was a racist. I completely didn’t understand because I knew that I didn’t hate people for no reason, let alone an entire race, and I didn’t, and don’t, hate all blacks or all Mexicans. I just knew from childhood that those two groups have significant problems with violence and indecency and that it was only intelligent to avoid them.

            I haven’t been specifically victimized, but I’ve had some close calls. As a teen living on my own for the first time, a black man broke into my apt. while I was sleeping. He knew I was in my bedroom because my radio was playing softly. He ransacked the house. I believe he was going to rape me after ransacking (why on earth wouldn’t he?) but my boyfriend just happened to come over and knocked on the door and the robber ran out the back. I slept through it all, and my boyfriend left, thinking I wasn’t home. When my roommate came home from her date, she was so disturbed by what she saw, she wouldn’t even open my bedroom door until a male neighbor whom she summoned came with her. I moved out of LA six weeks later, to a safer place. All my life I’ve been menaced and verbally assaulted by blacks, both men and women. I guess I must exude too much whiteness. Anyway, I truly do feel sorry for members of those groups who are decent people. It must be hard to be a minority within a minority. I don’t know what is feasible in terms of a solution, I just know I try to stay far away.

            Like you, I was also a health care professional in a major inner city teaching hospital and I saw a lot of crap from blacks, Mexicans, and white trash. I had to leave that profession because I found myself just wanting to kill everybody.

          • Lygeia

            A black man broke into your apartment and ransacked the place while you were there.

            You were specifically victimized.

          • meanqueen

            Yes, I guess you’re right. Also what I left out of the story is how I knew it was a black man when I slept through it all and my boyfriend was unaware he was in there. Neighbors reported that a black man around that time of night had been going up to doors and knocking and asking if so-and-so was home. Clearly it was a ploy. He got to my door, no answer because I was sleeping, and he broke in. My boyfriend was also at my door just shortly after the black man had been casing the apt. complex. So, two and two together, and that’s how we know.

          • currahee1911

            “Anyway, I truly do feel sorry for members of those groups who are decent people. It must be hard to be a minority within a minority. I don’t know what is feasible in terms of a solution, I just know I try to stay far away.”
            I think most of us feel that way. My personal experience is that every decent black I have known has at least one very close relative who is and abomination. Meaning that even acceptable blacks are, unfortunately, ultimately unacceptable..

          • meanqueen

            Yes, someone very close to me is fond of saying, “They all know a criminal.”

          • HE2

            Thanks for the EMDR suggestion, mean. Do know about it as an alternative modality for treatment of PTSD.

            Reading your post further down, I would say you have been specifically victimized.
            You related a horror story, one that is every White woman’s nightmare.
            Blessings, you are a survivor!

            Congratulations on your leaving the profession before it killed you.
            I know well that feeling. Suppressed rage carries over into one’s personal relationships, indeed, it colors one’s world view. The Stone’s song, “I see a red door and I want it painted black,” applied to my mental process!
            The good news, I stopped early too, just within the last few months.

            Am raising seven beautiful children with the help of my ex, their well meaning, but spaced out tech scientist father, and a devoted live-in nanny, and am about a third of the way through writing a text book on Cardio-Thoracic patient assessment in Trauma Care.
            Plan to follow this one with a text addressing surgical interventions.

      • LHathaway

        It’s open to debate which of these stories have been made up, or are meant to be composites of experiences many whites face on a daily basis. Can we trust those who have told the tales? Which one’s have been edited and by how much and for what purpose? The one where the young lady got a job at a minority run non-profit I had the feeling she was sent there in the first place to write the story and that the highest boss over her at her job was well aware of that. I haven’t read all of the stories. Maybe half. This is the most exciting publication to come out of AmRen, in my opinion. I only hope this is the beginning of something. Would it be the beginning of an awakening to reality? Or the beginning of us Speaking up about a sad reality many of us have long faced?

        • Rick O’Shea

          “The one where the young lady got a job at a minority run non-profit I had the feeling she was sent there in the first place to write the story and that the highest boss over her at her job was well aware of that.”

          I read the same story (and the full book) and didn’t get that impression at all. Are you just stirring the pot?

          Based on people I know who are like that woman, and things I have seen and heard, I have absolutely no trouble at all believing her account and believing she was sincere in her initial entry into that world.

        • Scott Rosen

          Having lived in the American South and served on the military, I would believe about any horror story about these genetic fossils. Why just a couple weeks ago, one robbed my Ladyfriend’s son at gunpoint. He got off lucky; had there been others with it to show off in front of, I have no doubt he would have been killed for street cred.

          • Rick O’Shea

            “Genetic fossils” lol, I like it.

        • WR_the_realist

          The impression I got was that Tracy Abel was exactly what she claimed to be — a naive white liberal woman who had accepted what she was told by the mass media and her left wing professors, and who decided to work for those NYC charities because she thought she could do some good for the poor, oppressed, and downtrodden. It took a while for the brainwashing to wear off.

  • Thorsted

    Some years ago I read an article about illegal African immigration to Europe. An African who had walk though sahara and was in Marocco said that:” There is no hope in Africa -but now I have a hope I even stated to dream about white people”. He later said that his hope was to get a job, a used car and a white women. I Thought;” His dreams is our nightmare”

    • LHathaway

      What does ‘Baaa-booo-baaa’ mean?

      • Thorsted

        Something african like made up in my head expression -It is related to the Tourette syndrome I have developed after seeing so many 3.rd worlders in my city.

    • Scott Rosen

      I often ook-ook to myself as I pass them by. This just happened just yesterday as one of these things walked by me in a store, rapping out loud about his money to no one in particular.

  • Rick O’Shea

    I purchased the book recently and read all but a couple of chapters I had read on the site so recently as to make re-reading them again a bit silly for now.

    I really enjoyed the book and I also enjoyed the opportunity to financially contribute to AR in a small way and do it via an external site. It’s a really good way to allow us to contribute something. I think more compilation books like this, digital, through Amazon, are in order.

  • well, there we are. Thanks for your input.

  • Rick O’Shea

    I also grew up somewhere which was outrageously white (less so now, but still quite so by national standards) and consequently, very safe and pleasant. It took a very long time for me to stop being a lefty race-denier and Obama voting idiot.

    Thankfully this didn’t come in the form of some horrible thing being done to me by nonwhites directly either. Just a long, slow process of absorbing information and being willing to admit I was wrong.

  • HE2

    Thank you for the kind words.
    You are fortunate to live in a safe area.
    It pleases me that you an awakened one Who Can See.

    As a farm girl, I too, came of age with no clue about black pathology.
    That came later upon moving to the S.F. Bay Area, graduating med school, completing two residencies, accepting a position in a Level 1 Trauma Care unit at an inner city hospital.
    Gratefully, I now live in an affluent area. When still working, I commuted.

  • Ultimate187

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with providing resources to people who can’t take care of themselves, but the condition must be in place that the able-bodied are doing something to improve their circumstances and self-sufficiency. Whites continually providing welfare to blacks without any expectations are basically enabling the continuation of their maladaptive culture.

    • WR_the_realist

      If anything ghetto black America is worse than Africa today. There is no welfare in Africa. Africans actually have to work for a living, modest as it may be, or starve to death. American ghetto black culture is about as degenerate as humanity can get, and can only exist because of the artificial life support of our foolish welfare programs.

      • Daniel

        The blueprint for dealing with the black problem in America was provided by the Serbian nationalists of the Balkan conflict of the 1990’s. The Serbs were from the countryside whereas the Muslims were concentrated in the cities. The Serbs cut off the food, water and supplies to the cities. When the Muslims were depleted from the siege and sought to emerge from the cities……..they were met by militias.( fortunately for the Muslims…..Bill Clinton bombed the Serbs at the request of the Muslims).

    • me

      And who’s going to tell Negroes in the USA that they have to work in order to get their ‘gibs me dat’? Hahaha! They’d either be skewed on the performance stage of liberal denial and become a pariah, or attacked and killed by a gang of Negroes for being ‘raaaycis’.

  • I need to be something in life other than a small time lobbyist and PR guy in flyover country in order to justify my ego.

    However, I’ll kill myself before I ever consider myself in the same class as Samuel Todd Francis, someone who I was proud to know and be in the company of many times. So much so that (GLW) when I start having sons, my second son will be named after him. My first son? Well, I already told you about my ego, so figure it out.

  • RealisticGuy

    John Derbyshire is married to an Asian female. His children have no place among our people. No more than than the blacks do.

    Why Taylor gives this guy a pass I’ll never know.

    • Ultimate187

      Taylor gives him a pass because there are a dozen other guys here also married to Asians.

      • RealisticGuy

        Taylor should cast out of all of those infected with yellow fever. We can’t go on as Europeans by marrying Asians. A half European half Asian child, is every bit as much NOT European as a half European half Black kid.

        • currahee1911

          Dude, that is totally UN-realistic; if not, perhaps insane

        • jane johnson

          JT is not in the habit of “casting out” anyone. You make him sound like some kind of exorcist, which, now that I think about it, might be just what you need.

    • Chasmania

      Maybe you could ask Mr. Derbyshire? I’d love to see you debate him on the issue.

      • Bardon Kaldian

        There was a debate re race mixing between J. Taylor & Derbyshire. You can find it at VDare (perhaps a year or two ago).

    • CM732

      Who he marries is his business. That he supports the right of European people to maintain their identity is all that matters.

      • RealisticGuy

        He says we have a right to our identity, but he married an Asian woman. If every European man did that, there wouldn’t be Europeans, period. Who he marries is his business? You’ve got to be kidding me.

        He clearly doesn’t want to be a part of us. Isn’t our continued future what we care about? The man is toxic and needs to be cast out.

        • Ultimate187

          I’ve made similar arguments in the past. You think this wouldn’t be an issue, but it is. It’s ridiculous how many supposedly, racially aware white men don’t actually marry white women. Multiple reasons have been given and they’re all lame (e.g., not fully white so it’s OK, second marriages, feminism, etc).

          • HE2

            Ultimate, I believe when a White produces offspring with a person of any other color, he/she essentially removes himself from our gene pool.
            That is a tragedy akin to a senseless death in the family.

            Two in my family have done so.
            Their children bear the quintessential look of “mystery meat.”

          • meanqueen

            Worried this will be my fate (the family members who intermarry). But if I say ANYTHING, I am a racist, unintelligent, unwise, to be dismissed and ignored, etc. So all I can do is offer a feeble, “but your children may have a hard time . . . ” which is, of course, promptly dismissed. I’m sad and disappointed. The danger appears to have passed for the time being, but is not entirely gone, and I’m waiting for the day when I hear “we’re back together again and we’re getting married!” There are other reasons this is particularly tragic to me but I don’t want to end up sharing too much. Wonder how many people here are dealing with kids or family members who are going dark.

          • lib1

            You can’t be racially aware if you race mix though 187, that’s the issue. If you know of the issues affecting the white race, and you continue in its destruction then you aren’t racially aware. They are contributing to genocide, just like Derbyshire.

            The same people that we think have our interests are the ones that stab us in the back.

        • Bardon Kaldian

          Derb was teaching in China & fell in love. Eventually, white-Asian offspring will be swallowed in the white gene pool. Don’t be so narrow, Derb is on the right side. And- he was/is in love, love …

          • me

            Sorry, Bardon, but you sound like a girl….

          • Ultimate187

            Wow. You can justify white miscegenation with most other races for that reason. /smh

          • lib1

            You know he’d be fine with it. He’d be fine with a Danish woman marrying a Somali and having 3 offspring because they’re “half-white.” SMH.

          • lib1

            Ugh, again people moving the goal lines as to who is white. A person with white and Asian heritage isn’t fully white and thus defeats the purpose of our movement. I suppose it won’t be long before we say “well a half-white/black baby is still part white and thus belongs in the white gene pool.”

            We currently make up 62.6% of the population in the U.S. and that number is dropping. One of the reasons for this is miscegenation, but I guess that’s okay for some on this site.

          • Linus Byfånelund

            Caucasians make up 63 % of the gene pool. Whites less than 50%

          • lib1

            In the U.S. “non-Hispanic” whites comprise 62.6% of our population. However, North Africans are included and yes, it’s possible that the number is below 50%. We won’t know unless the Census adds another category.

    • LHathaway

      Even Enoch Powell was not upset by people of color marrying whites. At least not when he gave his great speech (Presumably a generation or two down the line their children would just be more whites). What he railed against were married couples of color and also single adults of color (basically people of color unmarried to whites) moving to and setting up camp in formerly great Britain.

    • WR_the_realist

      Because Jared Taylor is a race realist, not a rabid kill-all-the-nonwhites Aryan warrior. He grew up in Japan, and sees them as decent and civilized, albeit different people. I don’t think he thinks any less of the Chinese.

      • RealisticGuy

        WR, I’m not a rabid kill-all-the-nonwhites Aryan warrior either. In Taylor’s speech, “Towards a World Brotherhood of Europeans”, Taylor makes it clear what his feelings towards his people are. Derbyshire doesn’t share those feelings.

        Taylor has said he wants his children to look like his grandparents; people like Derbyshire put that hope in danger.

        It isn’t about thinking less of Asians, it is about recognizing that they don’t belong here with us.

      • lib1

        Yet Taylor didn’t marry an Asian woman now did he? No he didn’t. Taylor is a race realist, and thus adhered to this ideology by NOT marrying a non-white. The same can’t be said for this race-traitor Derbyshire, that did marry a non-white. It is hypocrisy that stifles this movement. It’s like saying “I’m a vegan, while eating a cheeseburger.”

        I don’t know why we continually move the goal posts as to what is acceptable behavior for being a merely decent white person.

    • JohnEngelman

      Jared Taylor gives John Derbyshire “a pass” because Jared Taylor is a race realist, and because race realism is not the same as white supremacy. Now you know.

  • John R

    You’re forgetting two things: China has one and a third BILLION people! There are more Chinese in China than there are Africans in all of Africa! (And far more than there are Whites on the planet!) Secondly, China has no history of LIBERALISM. No, it won’t happen to the Chinese. They are the future power that will inherit the earth.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      I agree. The changes in our immigration laws here in the states were made in 1965. There were plenty of Jews here long before 1965. Liberal Jews most definitely were part of the Leftist coalition that changed our immigration laws, and Jewish anger at White Gentiles over the Holocaust fueled this anti-White attitude amongst Jews. Smart Jews, though, such as Robert Weissberg, can see that Jews who want to preserve their own culture are best off aligning themselves with their White Gentile brethren. The Semites are racially Caucasian, and Jewish culture will best survive as a religious sub-culture within White countries. Kiryas Joel and Monsey are possible because they are surrounded by White Gentile communities. Surrounded by Islamists results in The Gaza Strip, and living near Negroes results in Crown Heights. Men such as Robert Weissberg understand this, thus their speaking at AmRen conferences and aligning with White racial realists.

  • Ultimate187

    Indeed. The irony is that the food and medicine saving Africa is also making their long term situation worse because they aren’t developing the capacity to provide for themselves in tandem. Instead of thousands, there are now millions of impoverished people. This whole time we should have been doing what China is doing in Africa now; namely helping Africa build modern infrastructure in a quid pro quo exchange of resources.

    • Scott Rosen

      Yep. When I was a child, there were two million starving children in Africa. Now there are twenty million. Sending them food and medicine sure fixed that problem, eh?

      • TXCriollo

        Ya someone did not think that through

      • Manxman3

        The only aid we should be giving to Africa is contraception.

        • Bill Moore

          Hello Manxman3,

          Send them more machetes, guns and bullets.

          Just My thoughts,
          Bill Moore

    • Chasmania

      Building them infrastructure is pointless as they’ll just destroy it sooner or later.

      • Ultimate187

        Builds roads, rail and power stations is essential to Africa’s future. It’s also a superior course of action than giving handouts. At least now they’ll have a chance at some independence. Whether Africans make the most of this opportunity or not is up to them.

        • LexiconD1

          Detroit has those things. You’ll notice it did the citizens (blacks) no good. You seem to think these people will somehow become successful human beings, if only given the chance. They WONT.

          • Ultimate187

            I never said they’ll be successful. That was your word, not mine. I just said it’s better than giving them welfare.

          • LexiconD1

            No, you intimated it though.

        • currahee1911

          Excuse me, HELLO!, the present year is not 1960.

        • The people are not intelligent enough to maintain these infrastructure improvements. Once the Chinese leave, all the good that was done will collapse. The sub-Saharan Africans are what they are, and that’s indolent, ignorant, and sex obsessed.

        • HE2

          Ultimate, the West bestowed modernity, social order, and economic ascendancy upon several African countries.
          S.A. was not only beautiful, she was a robust, powerful global player. Zimbabwe was the bread basket of Africa.
          Both are now trashed. So, what happened?
          We know what happened. Whites left.
          Blacks are incapable of creating AND maintaining the social and material trappings of civilization.

          The voracious Chinese are building infrastructure to access African resources. No other reason. Do you think Chinese care about Africans in the least? I think not.

          When the Chinese are satiated, they will leave. All will fall into ruin.

        • Bill Moore

          Hello Ultimeae187,

          Do you remember the water wells the Caucasian volunteers set up for the villagers in Africa? It was so that they could have clean water.

          The Africans ripped out the pumps and sold them for scrap. And went back to drinking polluted surface water.

          Bill Moore

          • meanqueen

            Oh, God. That’s reminiscent of the Israeli greenhouses Bill Gates, Jr bought for the Palestinians so that they might have a means of improving their economy, and they IMMEDIATELY set about destroying all the greenhouses.

        • Chasmania

          I would simply point out that there is no virtue in throwing good money after bad. Let them sink or swim on their own strengths.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Reading history of Wilmington, NC. Blacks were disenfranchised from voting until voting rights act of 1965. Wow! Shame on those white people. No wonder you have angry blacks. I know nobody will up vote me. I don’t care.

    • crockadoodle6

      Instead of a race realist you sound more like a race apologist. But that is your problem if you need a sanctioned position for your identity.

    • Chasmania

      Fair would be sending them back to their self ascribed continent of origin.

      If I’m not mistaken the Constitution originally only allowed for white, of age males who were land owners the right to vote. Thinking on that I wonder about all the ills we would have avoided to date.

      • ghettovalley

        Back to da muthaland, knamsayin? Hope they are up to date on their inoculations, I hear they come in handy over there.

    • ghettovalley

      Think about the fact that your average black has an IQ somewhere around 85 and their tendency to vote as a racial block for other blacks. That is a recipe for disaster. Do you honestly believe that your average black person knows or understands anything about politics? Find ten blacks on the street, picked at random, and ask them who Nancy Pelosi is.

    • CM732

      I agree with you. You can’t deny people freedom and rights and expect them to give you back the same.

    • Martel

      Shame on those who unleashed a torrent of black crime, black corruption and black inadequacy upon the white American taxpayer after 1965.

      • LHathaway

        Black racism.

    • LHathaway

      Blacks couldn’t vote in Wilmington, NC (the home of black hollywood) until 1965?

    • me

      Well, in your reality, then Whites should start randomly rob, attack, and rape every lone Negro they see–just to be fair and balanced in our ‘race relations’. The biggest mistake that formerly-White USA is that we DID give these hateful, destructive, and violent people the vote. Man, you must be new to race realities, or you’re a troll. Either way, you sound like an idiot.

      • Ringo Lennon

        Every now and then you have to step back and take a deep breath and see how others feel.

        • me

          Now why would I care about how a Negro ‘feels’ when they’re the most anti-White racists on the planet, and have done atrocious things to Whites every DAY in this country? They certainly don’t care about how others ‘feel’ when they’re victimizing them. Given their propensity for blaming ‘Whitey’/’slavery’/’racism’ for everything, instead of taking a self-evaluation of cause and effect, is the Negro way of coping with their ‘feelings’. Don’t be a Judas goat. Negroes are the least intelligent, most ungrateful, hateful, violent, corrupt, and racist ‘minority’ on the planet. There may be exceptions, but it doesn’t cancel the general rule.

        • I think white America has done enough for negroes, certainly far more than deserved. None of us were owning slaves or enforcing Jim Crow laws, ever. It’s too bad that those things existed, but it’s not my fault. I should not be punished year after year after year for decades for something someone else did a long time ago. Trillions of taxpayer dollars have been spent to rectify those supposed horrors from the past. Enough is enough. I’m fair, too, even more than necessary, and I firmly believe that the negro race has been hugely, enormously compensated for any perceived wrong that they want to dream up.

      • Daniel

        The problem is that white liberals fear the minority barbarian criminal but do not fear the white conservative/nationalist.
        I propose that no progress can be made until that equation changes.

    • In 1965, blacks should have been given the right to vote and equal opportunity within a MERIT-based society. Nothing more!

    • JBP

      That was 50 years ago. Most of us were not born or just kids. The angry black mobs are full of teens and twenty-somes. It is just an excuse to rape pillage and act like animals.

  • ghettovalley

    This book sounds very interesting. I am curious whether or not their experiences with them are similar to my own. But for some reason I think that they likely are.

  • currahee1911

    Amen, brother.

  • Ruger380

    The reality of race isn’t difficult at all, blacks & whites can’t live together. That’s easy. It’s been proven without a doubt over the past 50 years. Due to guilt over slavery, we’ve given them literally trillions of dollars, job preferences, college preferences, & none of it has done any good. They’re more worthless & violent than they were in 1964 when the civil rights act was passed. What’s more, after being given trillions, instead of being grateful, they’re violent & feel like they’re entitled to it & more. But, nothing will be done about it, you already can’t venture into any US city over 50,000 people without taking your life into your hands, it’ll only get worse. Detroit is coming to your city.

    • Whites are made to feel guilty because we know that whites and blacks can’t live together. That’s been known for centuries. It’s crazy for us whites to accept that guilt; we know what we know and have a right to our beliefs. The right of free association was taken away by a tyrannical government that serves only itself. Blacks can live in all black neighborhoods. Whites are restricted to what the government wants for us because of section 8, vouchers, affirmative action, political correctness, etc.

      • USN Veteran

        but blacks don’t stay in all black neighborhoods. after they’ve ruined a particular area, they move on to the next one, like a virus. That’s exactly what happened in Ferguson, MO. 50 years ago, 95% white. 30 years ago, 65% white, 10 years ago, 30% white, etc….. now look at what a disaster it’s become.

        • You’re right. I was pointing out that blacks are able to live in an all black neighborhood if they choose, but whites are not allowed to live in an all white neighborhood if the government doesn’t like that. For example there’s a new kind of discrimination that whites are committing called “geospatial discrimination” (can you believe it), meaning neighborhoods that are too white or too rich, according to the government, and the government will decide how many blacks should be living there. Affirmative action for neighborhoods, in other words. More social engineering that will not work.

  • Evette Coutier

    So many people see themselves as liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, libertarian, secular humanist, this religion or that group. It’d be nice if we all dropped the group think for a moment and lived in reality. The simple facts, no matter how much you love your fellow man, is that blacks have not and do not get along peacefully with anyone including themselves. Our philosophy is useless and mis-directed if it does not reflect reality. Good race relations with blacks is an emotional pipe dream. Any review of history or modern day sociological evidence bears that out in every culture and nation on the planet. Or, to quote the old saying, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  • Manxman3

    I wish I had been interviewed for this book! It would have been therapeutic for me and interesting to have a white British person’s perspective on this to show that the same behaviours are on display both sides of the Atlantic.I wouldn’t know where to start. I grew up on an all white island, (the Isle of Man) with traditional some would say ‘Victorian’ values from my parents. I rebelled in my teens and became obsessed with black music and ‘youth culture’. I left home for university at 18 and hooked up with a good middle class black girl who was on the same course as me. There was nothing ‘black’ about her other than her skin colour if you know what I mean. She would be classed by most blacks as a ‘coconut’. I lived with a Jamaican family for 3 years at uni and made friends from the local black community. These friends were culturally black but 25 years ago some of the first generation of blacks born in Britain were kind of different. They weren’t here in the same numbers as they are now and so they and their parents had to mix with whites at work and at school. These friends came from good traditional, simple, church going families. I was the only member of the ‘Pan African’ society at university and was well versed in black nationalism, history and culture. As well as living with them I studied them in an academic sense. I did a dissertation on Black Nationalism and Music which earned me a 1st and and interview in a national paper.

    However, even at this time when I pretty much thought I should have been black and I was spending time around decent black folk I could see that they were different. For a start when I first arrived in the big city and went off to see hip hop concerts, I saw white kids arriving and getting beaten up and robbed for their tickets. It was quite frightening and I felt very vulnerable.

    These good black friends of mine liked hanging around in a large group of friends. We would go round from one person’s house to another until there was a large group of us. This seems to be something blacks all over do. They congregate in large groups. They were happy to talk loud and joke and laugh about pretty much nothing. Their dad’s all had illegitimate kids and in retrospect, conversation about anything particularly deep or intellectual was pretty much non existent.

    Beyond my circle of black friends however I saw the aggressive criminal types. My girlfriend and I were frequently threatened because she was an attractive girl and black men didn’t like that. We got spat at and insulted.

    Everything I saw that was bad about black people I excused as I pretty much believed that it was a consequence of what had happened to them during slavery, (and the problems had come down through the generations). Sometimes I knew there were weaknesses in the ‘liberal’ left discourse on race and racism but I would try to blank that out of my head.

    At 25 I got on a social work course and split with my black girlfriend, (still friendly with her today though and in some ways think of her like a sister. We grew up and grew apart). However by this time was living in another city with a bigger black population, (Birmingham) and the social work course started to turn me the other way. I had seen how hostile and violent black people could be and I no longer had to rationalise it to the same extent. The social work course was 2 years of full on non stop brainwashing in anti white anti heterosexual anti male bullshit. Every essay had to incorporate ‘anti racist, anti sexist’ perspectives. It’s as if that was all that mattered. We got told all this bullshit by hypocritcal white Marxist lecturers about how blacks can’t be racist because racism = predjudice + power and blacks don’t have power. Try telling that to a white kids lying on the floor after 5 blacks have beaten the crap out of him and robbed his phone. I knew from lived experience that the messages they were giving us had no basis in reality. The resentment which had built up over the 7 years I was with my black girlfriend started to come out, but only a little bit. It was like a crack appeared in the dam and the social work course just increased the pressure.

    Another thing which opened my eyes was spending time with Indian Sikh friends who had grown up alongside inner city blacks. They regarded the blacks as at best clowns to be laughed at. These Sikhs were uninhibited by white guilt and white man’s burden. Spending time with these new friends opened my eyes further.

    Then I moved to London, (1998) and this was when the dam finally burst wide open. London is pretty much a Third World city now and especially so in the area where by chance I settled. It is majority black and notorious for violence (South London). Within weeks I had intervened in two black robberies and they had then turned their attention on me. In retrospect I was lucky not to get stabbed. On top of this I had begun a career working in a secure unit for ‘young offenders’ who were mainly black. They were in there for the most appalling sadistic robberies, rapes, stabbings etc. I was 6ft 2″ and a bodybuilder but believe me, this was a full on job which I did for about 13 years. I’ve seen it all. Most of the staff I worked with were black and indeed my managers. I think it’s important to state what I consider the obvious, there are a lot of good black people out there. But inside all of them and fostered by white liberal self hatred is a burning resentment of whites.

    As mentioned in this article, when blacks have the power as they did at every level in this secure unit, at least some of them will seek revenge on whitey. Everything from the subtle to the overt. ‘Black history month’ went on all year. Many of these kids were in there for rapes and robberies on white victims but that didn’t stop the posters of slave ships going up and people coming in to do talks on the evil white man. I really could write a whole book on what I saw and experienced in that job and at the end of a hard days work I’d come home to my flat to find the street cordoned off because someone had been shot or stabbed, gangs of blacks getting on the train or bus and intimidating everyone, behaving like animals, police cars everywhere. Not only that it was the sheer numbers of them and the fact that they have taken over a country my forefathers died in the trenches for. Beautiful Victorian houses occupied by huge welfare families. The few white kids who’s families didn’t leave years ago degenerating to the same level in order to survive.

    It’s when they reach a critical mass where they no longer have to interact with people of other races, they revert to their uninhibited black nature.

    The pirate radio stations had these phone ins where incredibly stupid black people would host community phone ins where hatred of the white man (and indeed the newly arrived Afghan shopkeepers) etc was the obsession.

    The riots, robberies, shootings and day to day obnoxious and aggressive behaviour, none of which ever made even the local news.

    The elderly white people who survived the blitz, didn’t move out when they should have/ resisted the ethnic cleansing left living out their days as nobodies in old people’s homes staffed by low paid immigrants who despise them.

    The white liberals in their organic food restaurants in the centre of the ghetto. Not one black person in the restaurant but these whites are the same ones who think that they are living multi culturalism. As soon as they have kids they move out to the suburbs so that their children aren’t ‘enriched’ at the local 90% black high school

    It was like living in downtown Kingston Jamaica. The police had given up and all the time, the overwhelming message coming from the mainstream media and ‘the state’ was that, multi culturalism and immigration are wonderful enriching experiences and white people no longer matter. I’m ranting now. I really don’t know where to start to describe my experiences and observations over the years I lived and worked amongst blacks. Too many observations and experiences to put in a comment here, but I reserve my hatred for the white liberals, hypocrites and politicians who allowed this to happen in my country and who have lied without shame while my country has been raped.

    • Manxman3

      PS. God forgive me for how I must have made my parents suffer during my years lost in darkness.

      • JBP

        Ha ha “darkness”…… I get it.

    • Daniel

      Right now you have a police department in Manchester which fails to arrest and prosecute Muslim rape gangs. Even worse, they arrest the fathers of the enslaved girls for “racism” when they attempt to rescue their daughters.
      Those police officers should be confronted by armed citizens (as they will be when this comes to the US).
      UKIP and the BNP need to mobilize decent citizens to take back their neighborhoods. You need a Second Amendment.
      Civilization has to be fought for. Whining and guilt ridden angst just won’t do.

  • Jim

    I agree with the notion that the “race” problem, when viewed from a global perspective, is, in truth, mostly a “black” problem. Yes, there’s illegal immigration which threatens to swamp the US with Spanish speaking latinos, and mass immigration which threatens to swamp Europe with moslems from the middle east, but the whole race equality movement that provided the impetus for those culturally devastating migrations was born out of the inability of blacks to live and function in a world that was not their own. Yes, they were brought to that world by force, but black people’s inability to assimilate or thrive after emancipation – combined with the collective guilt cult of a few whites – has greatly expanded to create the mess that exists today.

    White America, generally speaking, wasn’t all that bothered by Asians settling on the west coast or Hispanics in the Southwest, as long as their numbers didn’t threaten to swamp the predominant culture or population, but emancipated blacks have been nothing but fish out of water for a century and a half. Some succeed, but the Barrack Obamas and the Ben Carsons – or even the millions of blacks who have entered the middle class mostly through affirmative action government jobs – can’t begin to make up for the first world failure of blacks en masse.

    Being born black (or mostly black) in the first world means something that being born white or Asian or Arabic or (mostly white) Hispanic will never mean. It means having a predisposition towards some form of cognitive dissonance or disorder.

  • I am neither a conservative nor a leftist. I only use those words to try to help you understand something of what I represent. There is no word or phrase in the american political vocabulary to describe what I am.

    • The Verdict of History

      I would brand you a racial populist, or perhaps an ethno-populist.

  • LHathaway

    “The arrow of true, hot hatred most commonly points upwards, from the less to the more capable”.

    And yet the arrow of attention, from even the working class whites, is only pointed upward when blacks are placed in leadership or social positions above them. Even the whites in prison are ‘conservatives’ after a fashion. By all appearances, this is their true plan for white men, to turn them into conservatives no matter what. It’s only a matter of time,though, before liberals turn their good intentions and their compassion towards white men (something generations over-due). It’s only a matter of time before white men as a group collapse, one eventuality likely followed by the other (speaking of conspiracies to discredit compassion [or the idea there is anything that could be done to help white men]).

    One (well-upvoted) poster suggests that blacks ‘problems’ are brought about by lack of self-esteem’. African Americans consistently poll as having higher self-esteem that whites already.

  • Bantu_Education

    “I know it runs counter to the common view, but generally speaking, I’m not impressed with the strength or stamina of blacks. I’m sure many people will find this hard to understand, but blacks just give out sooner.”

    In the very first “Survivor” program one of the participants was a very fit looking black “personal trainer”, yet he was quite useless in the various physical challenges and gave up easily. On one occasion when he had to go into the jungle and search for something, he ran fast when he knew he was in camera view but as soon as he got amongst the trees he slowed down and sauntered around lazily. What he didn’t know was that there were hidden cameras in the jungle so this was actually seen on TV.

    I have seen the same pattern repeated on many occasions – although I haven’t watched it for many years – I noticed that the black contestants were always young and fit whereas they would often have older and relatively unfit white contestants. “Survivor” confirms black inferiority.

    • meanqueen

      That’s why the runners tend to be sprinters and not long distance runners. It has to do with the type of muscles they have – fast twitch rather than slow twitch (which is good for endurance).

      • JohnEngelman

        They run the marathon races. However, these are not American blacks, but those who grew up in Ethiopia and Somalia, Kenya.

  • JSwaggart

    ‘w’hites (especially the males) are such a filthy race… lice… perverts…. sexual deviants…. zoophilia… search on

    YouTube – zoophilia. Ask a white female… she knows the truth… The white female has known for a very long time that the

    white male has a propensity for socially/sexually deviant behavior. And for centuries she has “looked the other way”,

    covered-up, and even participated in some of these deviant behaviors. zoophilia… search on YouTube – zoophilia.

    • Rick O’Shea

      From the CDC:

      “African American men accounted for 42% of HIV cases diagnosed among men in 2011. A majority (72%) of African American men with HIV contracted the disease by male to male contact while 19% contracted HIV through heterosexual exposure.”

      And here’s another CDC quote about STDs in general:

      “Surveillance data show higher rates of reported STDs among some racial or ethnic minority groups when compared with rates among whites.”

      So um… who are the filthy perverts again?

      Now as regards zoophilia, in 2009 Rodell Vereen, a black man, was caught raping a white woman’s horse in her stable at night (he had raped the horse previously a few years prior, too.)

      And another black man, Bernard Archer, was caught in 2012 raping two dogs owned by a white female doctor who was paying for his GED classes in return for him helping clean out her dogs’ cages.

      Of course, zoophilia is something engaged in by all races of people (big among Arabs in particular) including whites. In a country which is still majority white, you will tend to hear about whites doing it more often than you will hear about a group like blacks who comprise a far smaller portion of the populace and who are well known to avoid calling cops on one another even when black men molest their girlfriends’ children, etc. There is an “ethos” of “stop snitchin'” and “we gotta keep these black men from going to prison” which discourages reporting.

      What I do know is that crime stats show blacks having higher rates of all sex crimes than whites do, including child molestation, etc. It stands to reason they likely molest animals at a higher rate than whites do.

      But I’ll give you this much: when it comes to “sexually deviant” behavior I have no trouble believing that there are probably more whites into bondage and such. I would say that whites take anything they do and make it more elaborate, interesting, detailed, and advanced than blacks do. Anything whites engage in is going to be more detailed in that way, than when blacks do the same thing.

      So what this would translate into is, if you have a black man who’s into sexual dominance he’s just going to go out and rape someone in a very violent, straight forward way. A white man who has the same sorts of urges is much more likely to find an outlet for them which doesn’t land him in prison. He’s much more likely to find a willing partner who is submissive and then they’re going to go at it with their whips and leather and such. Whites do everything in more tech-oriented, tool-oriented, intelligence-based ways than blacks do. Whites are more likely to use gadgetry in ANYTHING they do than blacks are, and they’re certainly more likely to invent gadgets than blacks are. So why should sex, and sexual deviance, be any exception? If this makes white sexual deviance seem weirder to you than a black guy just going out and raping someone in a very straight forward manner… then I don’t know what to tell you.

      I guess the best thing for you and any other nonwhites to do would be to stop living in our societies, to avoid these horrible traits we have which disgust you so.

      FYI: I exhibit no signs of sexual deviance whatsoever. I’m as mainstream and normal as a person can be in that area. I do, however, have enough insight to understand why people have the proclivities and behaviors that they do. I hope I’ve helped your dull mind gain some of that understanding, too.

      • meanqueen

        That was interesting, and sounds completely plausible, but was not good bedtime reading, I’m afraid.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    I agree. They will be our number one Albatross until we cut them loose.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Why would you want to see this unleashed upon the Chinese? They no more deserve such an evil Negro influx than any White countries do. Let the Negroes duke it out with either Arab Islamists or Hispanics. When these groups fight with Negroes, they deserve each other, and it keeps both busy so that they are not making problems for Whites.

  • Anon Emus

    The problem is, I believe, that ruling class elites don’t have to deal with ordinary ghetto Blacks like that train conductor. The Elites live in gated communities and educate their kids in private schools. The Blacks they deal with not the same ones we do. And the Elites make the rules for everyone else, which means your neighborhood gets diversified while they stay safe behind their gates. Kind of sucks not being one of them.

    • meanqueen

      Exactly. Perfectly stated. I have said for years that I wish liberals would have to live with the consequences of their own value system. But they never seem to have to do that. They always get off scot free and the rest of us get screwed over.

    • Yves Vannes

      The perfect example of this is the most liberal city in the country, San Francisco. During the past 40 years as it has changed from ship building, a port facility and steel making to high tech and banking it has pushed out blacks from the city. 30 years ago SF was 20 percent black; today it is percent. I’m not complaining. But during that time it has gone from voting Republican to being on the far left fringe of the left. Fewer blacks, less experience in living around blacks, more likely to fall for the White privilege- White oppressor meme. In SF almost all of the interracial crime is black on Asian.

      I’d say the Pacific NW is very similar. Though that may be changing; there has been a lot of black on white crime in both Seattle and Portland during the past year or two. Colin Flaherty has been chronicling that violence.

    • JohnEngelman

      Affluent whites come into contact with few blacks. Those few are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment. This is true of affluent white conservatives and affluent white liberals. Both groups are ignorant of blacks.

      In order to know what most blacks are really like it is usually necessary to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an environment where they are in the majority.

      When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way they they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

  • Chasmania

    This idiots posts should be deleted, obviously trolling with cut and paste post with no good intent in mind.

  • Ethelred

    “Stone Kicker” – I like it! A more assertive and less defensive name than terms like “race realist”. Defining yourself, in less obvious terms, as one who prefers to look at reality, has an immediate tendency to attack those who prefer wishful thinking, and put them on the defensive instead.

    The term “homophobia” was logically absurd, but it was a master stroke of propaganda. It said, and very effectively it turned out, that those on the other side had a problem, and provided another name-calling term of abuse. These trivial nomenclature issues can prove very effective…