Holder Urges Police Restraint in Ferguson Response

Kevin Johnson, USA Today, November 21, 2014

Before a decision by a St. Louis County grand jury weighing the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager by a police officer, Attorney General Eric Holder urged law enforcement authorities Friday to minimize the potential for confrontations during possible demonstrations.

“It is vital to engage in planning and preparation, from evaluating protocols and training to choosing the appropriate equipment and uniforms,” Holder said in a video message posted on the Justice Department website. “This is the hard work that is necessary to preserve the peace and maintain the public trust at all times–particularly in moments of heightened community tension.”


“Over the past few months, we’ve seen demonstrations and protests that have sought to bring attention to real and significant underlying issues involving police practices, implicit bias and pervasive community distrust,” Holder said. “And in most cases, these demonstrations have been both meaningful and responsible and have brought vital issues to the attention of the public at large. Similarly, the vast majority of law enforcement officers have honorably defended their fellow citizens engaged in these peaceful protests.”

The attorney general also addressed those who may demonstrate after the decision, calling on them to “adhere to non-aggression and non-violence.”


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  • Alexandra1973

    So instead of shooting a thug that’s bent on killing you, just give them a slap on the wrist. Yeah, okay, Mr. My People.

    • 48224

      Holder says he’s Attorney General but also a Black man……imagine if our idiot vice president said, “I am Vice President but I am also a White man….and therefore think……” Imagine the fall-out.

  • Easyrhino

    Holder is a racist dunce, he demonstrated his brand of diplomacy in August by stating:

    “I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man.”

    Gee, I wonder what the feedback would be if a White political figure said something similar.

    • John R

      Racist? Yes. Dunce? No. Whites are dunces if they don’t realize how hateful and racist 98% of blacks are. Whites are dunces if they don’t realize they have racial interests that they had better protect.

    • Albert

      That’s the best way to to see if something is racist, reverse the races
      in a given situation. The old slogan “its hard to see racism if your
      white” is all too true. The white public is so well brain washed that
      guys like this can spout off racist comments like that and hardly any
      white people notice the racism : P

  • A Freespeechzone

    This figures—Holder wants to reward the ‘protesters’ by allowing them to riot, loot and burn while LE and the National Guard watch.

  • superlloyd

    This race baiting huckster should be addressing his remarks for restraint and peaceful behaviour towards the swarm of negroes in full blown riot preparation mode and their guilt ridden, libtard handlers.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    So our leading law enforcement official does not urge the black criminal underclass to act with restraint, just law enforcement. Morally bankrupt fools like Eric Holder are the very reason for so much racial divide in America.

  • Tarczan

    I was wondering if any of the darkies-in-charge would comment on the evidence; the witnesses and most importantly the forensic evidence.
    Throughout this whole thing, none of them has implored people to wait for the evidence; rather they have encouraged them to riot.

    • A Freespeechzone

      It’s never about evidence; it’s about disenfranchisement of White, Christian America.

      The ‘negroes in charge’ encourage and support the literal destruction of Whites–look at any negro-run country on earth. i.e. South Africa

      • baldowl

        The NIC’s must take especial delight in people like us watching the destruction, in shades of brown and black, of the formerly proud nation our ancestors forged.

  • alex

    From the tail of the Black Hoodie and racist White/Hispanic Wolf Zimmerman:
    “We just want him arrested.
    We just want him charged
    We just want a trial.
    “We just want him convicted.
    “We just want him dead and “stand your ground law” repealed.”

    • Max

      I don’t believe that Missouri has the equivalent of “stand your ground” statute.

  • superlloyd

    “And in most cases, these demonstrations have been both meaningful and responsible and have brought vital issues to the attention of the public at large. ”

    Issues such as blacks riot to destroy and steal consumer goods in their own neighbourhoods; their inability to assess evidence objectively; their siding withe criminal because of race and nothing more and that their first and last responses are violence and mayhem or the threat thereof.

    I hope quite a few people’s eyes have been opened to the reality of the undertow.

  • MekongDelta69

    Listen carefully to Eric Hold ‘Em Up’s entire speech and tell me the leftist USA Today isn’t slanting the hell out of what he said and what he meant…

  • a1781054

    Is this about social justice or theft?

    • Given President Orangutan’s plans for criminal alien invaders, this is just part and parcel of the theft of an entire country.

      I pray for Civil War Two.

      • Dr. Bazzi

        Between the Illegal Invaders given amnesty by the negro foreign occupier and the Black storm troopers there will be one.
        Even Phyllis Schlafly predicted that there will be a civil war.

        • bilderbuster

          Ann Coulter remarked about Death Squads.

        • The Pentagon studied the possibility of a Civil War Two in the mid-1990’s. I have no idea what findings went into their final report.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        I pray for a Constitutionally motivated coup d’état with minimal damage.

        But acknowledge praying to win a Power Ball lotto has a better chance.

    • evilsandmich

      You talk like those are two different things.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    …”the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager by a police officer”


    I, Bon, urge the police, in the name of Officer Wilson, to use overwhelming force to keep order in Ferguson.

    Holder: “If a 300-lb. worthless thug wants your Glock, just give it to him.”

    Parents in the Jennings district, which includes the eastern edge of Ferguson, will receive automated calls this afternoon notifying them that schools will be closed, Superintendent Tiffany Anderson said.

    On Thursday, Anderson said a group of adults claiming to be from Chicago were passing out literature to students as they walked home along Cozens Avenue. The street has an elementary school, the junior high and high school.

    The fliers were ‘encouraging students to be disruptive and encouraging them to think of police as pigs,’ Anderson said. “That was disturbing.”

    Anderson notified other school districts in north St. Louis County about the fliers. A scanned copy urges people ‘to pour into the streets immediately’ after the announcement comes. It also says “Students should walk out of school when they hear another murdering pig has gone free.’

    • me


    • M&S

      This isn’t racial rioting in the name of police brutality.
      This is The Frankfurt School programming young people to generate a state of civil disobedience that borders on open unrest _in the hopes that they will take the next step on their own_. And so allow for dictatorial responses to -any- incidence of violence.
      The second stage of subversion is destabilization whereby deliberate, permanent, polarization of sides without possible of negotiation or mediated outcomes is sought so as to bring on stage number three: Crisis.
      The question that needs to be asked is this:
      If riots break out and police are forced to defend themselves, property and civilians with violence, what is the next step to ‘prevent abuse of protestors’?
      Federalization. Troops not Cops. Autofire weapons not mace, tazers and M92s.
      And most importantly- total lockdown which prevents any real information from getting out because that will be the -intent- of a manufactured race incident. So as to prevent further video tapes or eye witness testimonies from contradicting the ‘teachable moment’ social agenda that is the official story.
      This is why my advice to the Police of Ferguson is overwhelming amounts of (Masted, Drone, Unattended Ground Sensor) video, and DEFENSIVE perimeters which deny blacks access to white neighborhoods, businesses and the town government section.
      Forcing Blacks to burn their own areas to the ground with the explicit understanding that if they venture into white or commercial areas to repeat what was done after Brown’s death, they will be shot dead.
      We can no longer prevent the polarizing destabilization phase from happening. Blacks think they have the world on their side with a seated President giving whites heartburn over Immigration.
      Whites have no “Pants up! Don’t Loot!” respect for blacks ‘perspective’ regardless. And so it must be that, to win the war is to take the next step to crisis management by which whites SEE FOR THEMSELVES who the cops defend. And can make the loyalty association with what is good for them as the ethnies turn feral.
      This is the only way you beat the Frankfurt hard psyops techniques: by preemption which takes away the black’s options while giving our people a strong and yet deatched, professional, hero-image with which to associate police roles in the defense of our interests.
      It will drive blacks mad to realize that they have, once again, been abandoned to their own, animalistic behavior patterns, with no hope or help of intervention or sympathy as they trash their areas and nobody comes to say there-there.
      Nothing drives a black more psychotic than total abandonment as disengagement. For those who are old enough, think back to ‘The Paper Chase’ and Hart vs. Kingsfield in the Ghosting scenes.
      Ghost-towning Ferguson would be certain proof that we do not believe that they deserve the benefits of being a part of human community.
      And that would be the end of niceties by which blacks can attempt their standard intimidation trick by opening with ‘disappointment and disapproval’ as points of critical review of white existence rather than their own dysfunctional behaviors.
      As soon as blacks have no audience. We have begun winning.

      • Nancy

        Hello, friend. You’ll be getting a request from Amren on my behalf in the next couple of days, I’d expect. I hope you accept.

  • Luca

    Analogy: Giving a speech to the cowboys at the rodeo to take it easy on the bulls.

  • dd121

    The police don’t need restraint, they only need to follow police protocol. If a rioter is trying to kill them, kill the rioter first.

    • evilsandmich

      And rocks are lethal objects; have someone beam you in the head with one if you doubt it.

      • dd121

        Get beaned in the head? Prepare to fire.

    • Petronius

      Unfortunately Tigellinus-Holder sent 100 FBI agents to keep the police in check.

      • dd121

        Who would have thought 50 years ago that the FBI would morph into the negro secret police?

        • Max

          Any organization started and run by a transvestite could morph into unimaginable things.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            J.E. Hoover? He was not a tranny. Just more jewish communist bashing of white people.

          • J.E. Hoover was also paid off by the Mafia on a regular basis. They gave him tips on fixed horse races, in order that these payments would appear to be track winnings. Hoover had an absolute fit when Bobby Kennedy was Attorney General, as Bobby was going full-bore after the Mafia, which was the last thing Hoover wanted to see.

      • I am not so sure. The FBI just arrested two members of the New Black Panther Party in the St. Louis area for purchasing explosives for making pipe bombs. The two also apparently earlier provided false information when purchasing a pair of handguns, according to a federal indictment unsealed on November 19. The perps are Brandon Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis. Evidently – in this case at least – the FBI is doing its real job there. (Reuters, via Yahoo News).

        • Max

          I doubt that the prime motive for the FIB is protecting middle-class whites. I suspect that that is only a happy incidental feature of the action. Besides this, weren’t these guys arrested on some existing warrant for some other hobbies they were engaged in?

          It appears to me from some past incidents that like other gummint operations there are some good and diligent employees but that the oganization overall is an organ of political oppression against groups unfavorable to the real owners of this plantation. I do not trust them especially in the era of A.A.

        • Tarczan

          There have to be a lot of good guys still working at the FBI. Just because the NIC is a crook, the honest guys aren’t going to immediately change.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        WAY more than that were sent if you count DHS.

        “A Navy veteran in Missouri said he was fired from his job and called a terrorist for posting pictures to Facebook of Homeland Security vehicles massing near Ferguson.”

        cnn DOT com/2014/11/18/us/ferguson-hotel-employee/

        • me

          Hopefully those “Homeland Security” vehicles are for the terrorists–Negroes and Socialist Whites.

  • OyVey00

    “And in most cases, these demonstrations […] have brought vital issues to the attention of the public
    at large.”

    Indeed, such as the tendency of blacks to associate with and defend their worst criminals.

  • Holder just can’t help himself. The only thing he knows how to do is lie. His hatred of America and whites is so deep that at some point I’m afraid he’ll go on a shooting spree or just kill himself. The latter would be the best outcome.

    The other thing that needs to be said is the cops and National Guardsmen must ignore Holder and do their duty as they were trained to do. Otherwise, the are going to be dead bodies littering the ground, many of them white officers and military guys.

    • evilsandmich

      First take care of the rioters, then take care of the Feds who have an issue with that. Some time with the local general prison population should help clear a few misconceptions.

    • Max

      How many of those black reservists are really going to put the hammer to their cousins? If the composition of the N.G. Is anything like the military in general I wouldn’t have high expectations.

  • Holder just can’t help himself. The only thing he knows how to do is lie. His hatred of America and whites is so deep that at some point I’m afraid he’ll go on a shooting spree or just kill himself. The latter would be the best outcome.

    The other thing that needs to be said is the cops and National Guardsmen must ignore Holder and do their duty as they were trained to do. Otherwise, the are going to be dead bodies littering the ground, many of them white officers and military guys.

  • none of your business

    Control the police, let the rioters run amuck

  • Doomispixulated

    I bet that sack has never eaten a neck bone in his life.

  • ;mklvw[ivw[miovw[mio

    If any harm comes to Wilson, or any other Ferguson official, Holder should be held responsible.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Like every negro and official in the Obama administration–no one will be held accountable whatsoever if anything happens to Wilson.

      Moreover, the negroes, liberals and media will celebrate and justify it as ‘Justice’ for his racism.

      • After the Waco massacre, Janet Reno said “I take full responsibility”, and then did not resign, which is normally what a public official is supposed to do after such a debacle. This lack of accountability directly caused the Oklahoma City bombing two years later.

        • 1G25

          Yep – Timothy himself said so.

          • It was entirely preventable, which is the most sickening aspect of it. I knew guys like Timothy McVeigh, and in fact knew the fellow who wrote the book McVeigh read: Ron Cole, back in 1992-1993. I told Ron that I wanted to win this one and not go off half-cocked. I tried to talk him out of his hot-headed nature, whereupon he sought out more hot-heads like himself. I was in grad school at UNSW Sydney when Ron was arrested in Denver in 1998 – my mother sent me the newspaper article – and was crestfallen. He had not listened to anything I had said.

  • evilsandmich

    I’m well and truly friggin sick and tired of this ‘unrmed’ bilge. How huge does someone have to be before they’re no longer considered unarmed?

  • RacialRay

    “We gon’ riot now, nomesayin’?”

    “Don’t none o’ yo’ cracka-azz po-lice be hurtin’ a brother, yo.”

    Sparing the rod spoils the children.

  • Max

    “…particularly in times of heightened community tension.”

    Translation: “…during another predictable chimp-out.”

  • MannyR

    Holder is out in January right? Does anyone know if he receives special assignment protection after he’s out of the AG position and is back to being a civilian, because if not…. Just saying.

  • Would those “real and significant underlying issues” stem from the fact that they are totally unsuited to life in a developed nation, which left to their own devices they could never have created?

  • A Grand Jury release on Sunday would be unfortunate, as my wife has already driven to my mother’s house. I was stuck here as I needed to finish up the last of some community service (eight hours cleaning out a homeless camp, but at least I’m off the hook), so I will take Greyhound to Denver and then the local bus to Boulder on Monday. Needless to say, I will not be wearing my nice “North Face” coat, but an 18 year-old “Wear Guard” parka instead. Nobody is going to try robbing me for that, and if I have to get someone’s blood all over it, it’ll matter a bit less.

  • Alucard_the_last

    The reason why this crap keeps happening is because the police use restraint. The police need to go in and use all the force needed to break up this lawless mob.

    • John R

      THANK YOU! The police restraint is what CAUSES this unrest. This is happening because this administration and the media are encouraging it.

      • Alucard_the_last

        These savages have nothing to fear. They are going to do what they want and then sue the police for doing their jobs. I would make the 50’s look like child’s play. I would set the dogs lose and use acid instead of water on the water guns (carefully avoiding the dogs).

    • bilderbuster

      And that’s why Holder wan’t the police to use restraint.

  • Max

    “…heightened community tensions…”

    Translation: “chimp-out alert level orange”.

  • I don’t have anything solid to base this on, but my spidey sense is telling me that the GJ decision announcement will not happen Sunday (tomorrow).

    • Nancy

      At the risk that this stupid computer gets stuck while trying to post: (if you get two of these, I apologize)…

      I had the same sense yesterday, but I know Gateway Pundit is feeling like it’ll go down Sunday after all. How are things over there right now?

      • Everyone is on edge, uncertain and mentally fatigued.

        One very quiet worry that some people I know have, and I’m happy that they think it because I’ve been thinking the same thing, meaning they came to the conclusion on their own, is that even if it turns out to be a big bust on the Fergaza Strip itself, it’ll manifest itself in a more widespread sense of smaller mahogany mobs and individual attacks on white people over a period of months or years.

        • bilderbuster

          Well that’s been going on as long as I can remember and the small mobs have been pretty brazen about posting on the internet for almost a decade.

        • That’s why I so love concealed firearms carry. I can’t do that, but the perps don’t know who carries and who doesn’t, which is part of the deterrent effect.

          • 1G25

            Can you carry a knife ? I have a CCL, but seldom exercise it in rural South Texas, but ever since the POS was elected to the White House I’ve carried a 4.5″ springblade razor sharp knife in my pocket… don’t even know it’s there.

          • The legal limit for a concealed knife here in Colorado is 90mm, or 3 and-a-half inches. I carry a box-cutter with a hooked roofing blade in it that some nice southern person who posted here once recommended. He said he used those to unzip alligators.

            A one-inch box-cutting blade is completely legal here, even though anyone in his right mind knows exactly what it is for.

          • Max

            Be careful. There are *many* places which you can be charged with a serious misdemeanor for carrying a knife where a firearm would not be an issue. It is ridiculous, but the 2nd Am. based laws protecting edged weapons have not caught up to firearms as there are no equivalent organizations of the GOA/NRA/SAF litigating for blade rights. Know your knife laws as best you can though they are often very vague.

    • John R

      I know. They have been saying the decision will happen “any day now” for the last three months. The problem is the media encouraged this and now the blacks are taking advantage of it. The issue? Black misbehavior is waking up White fence sitters as to how blacks really are. So, the more intelligent among the libs realize that they have created a Frankenstein’s monster, and don’t know what to do. As the old McDonald’s slogan says: “I’m Love in It!”

  • John R

    So, America’s “top cop” is urging police restraint? How about urging protestors to be restrained? I know, too much sense!

  • IstvanIN

    I wonder what Holder has to say about black gang members threatening to kill White citizens?

    • The same thing he had to say about black thugs threatening white voters outside polling precincts: nada.

  • Young Werther

    Holder could be caught in a trap…the one he made for himself.

  • meanqueen

    I thought Holder resigned. WTH?

    • 1G25

      Not effective yet.

  • Ed

    I’m beginning to worry the grand jury may indict him. They might be too fearful to do the right thing in this climate.

    • Nancy

      You read my mind.

  • And the people of the U.S urges Holder to finally resigned and turn your self in, as a traitor to the U.S people as well as for ignoring laws that your were suppose to enforce.

  • Scott Rosen

    Someone on yahoo news asked what it would be like if whites acted like blacks.
    My response: If whites acted the same way as blacks, Europe would look like Africa, America would be full of native Americans, and the Chinese would rule the world. But, we are all equal, as every diversicrat will tell you.