Clyburn Likens Obama Amnesty to Emancipation Proclamation

Breitbart, November 14, 2014

Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) compared President Barack Obama’s threatened Executive Amnesty that would effect upwards of 5 million illegal immigrant living in the United States to President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves in ten states that were in rebellion from the union at that time.

Clyburn said, “I have been urging the president with the executive orders to do this. I think it would put him in big company. Lincoln use the executive order to do Emancipation Proclamation. Truman used it on the armed services. I can go down and see where the presidents have used executive authority to do mighty big things that have very positive impacts on the country. I am calling upon the president to take his place among that group that I just enunciated. I think it’s very, very important for him to do so.”

[Editor’s Note: Video of the interview is available at the original article link below.]

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  • JackKrak

    I doubt very much that Rep. Clyburn or anyone on his staff can spell “Emancipation Proclamation” or say, within 20 years, when it was made.

    • Oil Can Harry

      This clueless dork hasn’t figured out yet that the Hispanics invading the US will vote out black and white pols and replace them with La Raza Racists.

      • me

        Well, Obongola and Lincoln were both ghey, were married to insane women, were incompetent warmongers, both divided the country, ruined the economy, caused internal strife, spilled innocent White blood for more Federal power, favored Negroes over Whites, and failed as a president and a man–so I guess that Clyburn is right. He be an ‘affirmative action’ magic Negro genius! Here’s a picture of the ‘genius’ with the Negro Lincoln….

      • Pathfinder75

        That’s exactly the kind of ethnic cleansing that has been going on out here in L.A. for a few decades now.

  • Equating awarding illegals to emancipation is very Gruberesque.
    Ironically, only a dummy would buy the argument.

    • A dummy made the argument.

    • IKUredux

      Holy Cow! You sound like Greg Gutfeld. If you’re not, that would be so hurtful. Wait, are you really Eric Bolling?

  • Illegal aliens are enslaved?

    This is how you know we’re at least winning the argument, when the other side pulls the slavery and Holocaust cards from the bottom of the deck. And yes, they played the Holocaust card in the summer over the Guatemalan’s Children’s Crusade.

    One reason why the military was integrated, that people don’t want to admit, was because of the “stellar” performance of all black units, like the Bug Out Deuce Four in Korea. The politicians figured that it would be better if black failure was spread out over a wide swath.

    • Bossman

      If by “illegal aliens” you mean migrant workers from Mexico and Central America, then I would say yes. These people are allowed to enter legally to work and many times hired even when they entered the country without inspection but there is no easy way for them to gain permanent residency. Hence, they are essentially an underclass with no pathways to citizenship in a country where they may toil for many years. When slaves were brought to the USA, it was with the intention that they would never be citizens even if they were born in the USA.

      • You don’t grok the difference between lifetime indentured servant and permanent resident alien. SMDH.

      • kjh64

        These aliens CHOSE to come here and work and they can leave any time. They are not slaves or indentured servants. They are not entitled to permanent residency or citizenship, immigration is not a right in any country.

      • 2eRep

        We have no need of your importation of poverty. Why don’t you and your brother work to improve mexico? We already know the answer.

      • me

        Bossman, you really have an Obamaesque take on the country’s problems. Your posts always give me a laugh!

      • adplatt126

        You’re horribly confused regarding the real reasons they are a permanent underclass.

  • dd121

    If I get to be president, I’m going to issue a proclamation to send all blacks back to Africa. Yep, mighty big things.

    • Pathfinder75

      If I were ever to become President,I would likewise issue the same proclamation that you wisely suggest,in addition to using the full weight of my presidency to adopt–and strictly enforce– the following policy initiatives:

      1.) “Operation Wetback 2.0”
      2.) A ban on ALL immigration from the Third World.
      3.) A ban on ALL Muslim immigration;and speedy deportations of those who are already here.
      4.) Elimination of the H1b and related visa categories as part of an overall policy of Economic Nationalism.
      5.) Elimination of “birthright citizenship”.
      6.) End all attempts at “nation building” overseas,and bring our troops home and redeploy them along our southern and northern borders.
      7.) Abolish all destructive “free trade agreements” like NAFTA & GATT.
      8.) Abolish the United Nations.
      9.) Abolish “Common Core”
      10.) Propose a robust “Parental Rights Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution.

      … among other things.

      • Alexandra1973

        You’d have my vote, no question.

      • dd121

        Don’t forget the EPA.

  • IstvanIN

    Lets separate from blacks and Latinos and then watch them slug it out. My money is on Latinos.

    • Bossman

      Yes, I too would bet on Latinos but for different reasons. So-called Latinos are genetically strong; they are very good at assimilating Blacks out of existence. They are not just Spanish-speaking Indians. They can in many cases combine the best of Europe, Africa and Native America.

      • 2eRep

        Need don’t need you , your brothers or blacks. They only combine , crime, disease and poverty.

      • UncleSham

        In North America we never assimilate the Blacks. We keep them separate. That’s our secret to success.

      • me

        LOL! You are sooo crayzee! Hee hee!

      • ElComadreja

        “Latinos” aren’t a race. They’re a cultural/language group. If you mean mestizos, the product of miscegenating Spanish conquistadors and bloodthirsty cannibalistic Indian jungle trash you may have a point. They’re a bit smarter than blacks and just as savage.

        • LexiconD1

          Smarter? I don’t think so. Name another group of people who come to this nation, live here for 20+ years and can’t, not wont, CANT, learn the English language?

          I live in CA. It happens a lot here, a LOT. Their welfare, HS drop out rates, gang membership, teen pregnancy, and other appalling social issues are on par with blacks. Want to see what’s wrong with ‘mestizos’, see who comprises the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.

          • ElComadreja

            I didn’t say they were smart, just smarter than blacks which sure isn’t saying much but point taken. They’re pretty damn stupid on their own. The list of brilliant mestizos is about as long as the list of brilliant blacks. Nobody on either one. I agree with you about the Cambodians too. I had the misfortune of living next door to a pack of those animals and they were as bad as any blacks or Mexicans I’ve ever seen.

    • George Costanza

      My money is on whites.

  • Yves Vannes

    This is a riot. They are so out to stick it to whitey that they are going to screw poor blacks in the process.

    • ElComadreja

      Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

  • superlloyd

    A ludicrous analogy comparing criminals to slaves. The key distinction is freedom of choice. For this dimwit, the slaves didn’t opt to be saves whilst the illegals are just ‘welfare tourists’ or, in the best of cases, illegal, economic migrants.

  • kjh64

    This Black politician is an idiot. Does he really think Hispanics care one whit about Blacks? I have a news flash for him and other Blacks like him, having more and more Hispanics and other non-Black non-Whites such as Asians will be the worst thing for Blacks. Only Whites care about helping Blacks or racial equality. Non-Whites who aren’t Black don’t like Blacks, don’t care about Blacks, will take welfare and government funds away from Blacks and use is for their own group. Blacks will be pushed aside and marginalized by non-Whites.

  • Jeff Traube

    The guy has a point. Both Emancipation and Amnesty bestow citizenship on non-citizens, diluting the value of citizenship.

  • Pathfinder75

    Amnesty and the “Emancipation Proclamation”: Two ideas predicated on a fraud.

  • Alexandra1973

    Wasn’t the purpose of the Emancipation Proclamation to eventually ship ’em back to Africa? Little bit different there.

  • Malgus

    Heh… The “Emancipation Proclamation” was the dictator of “The” United States trying to make policy for a separate, sovereign nation – The Confederate States of America.

    Lincoln had no authority to do so. The Executive Action argument was a non-starter for Lincoln back then, for the same reasons it’s a non-starter with Obongo today – the President cannot rewrite existing law on his own. The only method allowable is for Congress to amend the law by vote, then have the President sign it into law. That’s it.

    The only reason the US Congress did not oppose Lincoln back then is because the North needed to be perceived as “holding the moral high ground” during a time when there were not doing so well with their invasion of the Confederate States.

    The second reason is that the “leader” of one nation cannot arbitrarily tell the people of another sovereign nation what to do or what their laws are.

    You would think a Congresscritter from South Carolina would know these things…

    Our Congress – a Conga Line of idiots…

    • The Confederacy was also a separate nation with which the US was at war at the time, so the Emancipation Proclamation must be viewed in that light: a wartime policy measure. It expressly did NOT free any slaves in states which had remained in the Union: Maryland, Missouri and Kentucky.

      With this historical perspective in mind, Clyburn is accidentally admitting that the White House views itself in a state of war against the the entire United States and our existing laws, and that he completely approves of this.

      • Malgus

        I agree with your interpretation of Clyburn’s remarks and about the Emancipation Proclamation… except for the Kentucky remark.

        As a Kentuckian, I know that our Commonwealth did not “remain” with the Union. In point of fact, there were two separate Commonwealth governments (the Confederates convened in Danville, not far from where we live. The Yankee sympathizers had Frankfort), two separate Governors and two separate armies. The Confederacy recognized the rebel Kentucky commonwealth government, and the Union recognized theirs. Both had equal legitimacy.

        On the Confederate battle flag, the center star is Kentucky’s star.

        The whole Commonwealth was hotly contested for the first two years of the war, and afterwards, guerrilla activities continued in the mountains up till the end of Mr. Lincoln’s War… we were “occupied territory” after 1862.

        In fact, much is made over “Bleeding Kansas”, but the fighting, assassinations, bushwhackings and arson that went on in the mountains here were worse than in Kansas.. it didn’t get any play in the press for various reasons..

        This might be small potatoes or arguing esoterica, but it’s important to those of us who live here… there’s a reason why it’s called “A Dark and Bloody Ground”…

  • Who Me?

    “I have been urging the president with the executive orders to do this. I think it would put him in big company.”
    Yeah, I can think of a long list of “Big” names of totalitarian dictators.

  • adplatt126

    He’s exactly right. Much like in the first proclamation, another teeming underclass of poor, dark, near-imbeciles will be freed by presidential fiat, and rendered citizens instantly, to wreak havoc on an already deeply wounded and demoralized white civilization.