Seattle School Board Votes to Observe ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ on Columbus Holiday

Fox 13 (Seattle), October 1, 2014

The Seattle School Board unanimously voted Wednesday to have public schools observe “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” on the second Monday of October–the same day as the Columbus Day federal holiday.

The resolution, in part, said the board “recognizes the fact that Seattle is built upon the homelands and villages of the Indigenous Peoples of this region, without whom the building of the City would not have been possible.”

The resolution also says the board “has a responsibility to oppose the systematic racism towards Indigenous people in the United States, which perpetuates high rates of poverty and income inequality, exacerbating disproportionate health, education and social crises.”

It urges district staff to “include the teaching of the history, culture and government of the indigenous peoples of our state.”

Click here to read the full resolution adopted by the school board.

The Seattle City Council will vote next Monday, Oct. 6, whether to celebrate   “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” on the same day as the Columbus Day holiday.


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  • And here I thought all these years that white people built Seattle.

    • DaveMed

      We must ask ourselves whether we really want to take “credit” for that, at this point. 🙂

      • LHathaway

        Seattle is a disgrace. The entire King county area seems flooded with young white men and their asian girlfriends. Seattle is completely the opposite of the rest of the country in this regard, but it is still a disgrace. There is not one location in this country, it would seem, that should not fall the look of shame.

        • Bossman

          East Asians seem to be targeting the northwest coast of North America.

          • Leon NJ

            So much for whites all moving to the pacific north west. lol. Half of us would end up with a Korean.

          • Ella

            Here, it is a Mexican wife. It would be a “lot of woman” for a white guy.

          • baldridge999

            No, the scumbag and traitorous white elites are targeting the northwest coast. Those are the ones responsible. The Asians are merely taking advantage. The problem isn’t non-whites. The problem is with the white people running white countries.

          • freddy_hills

            Indeed they are. They’re trying to colonize the US and Canada from the West instead of the East.

    • anew

      And it retains a pleasant societal environment because it remains the whitest large city in the US; Seattle city proper is actually whiter than the Seattle metro area overall.

    • Rhialto

      It was, then it was conquered by Liberal conquistadores from California.

    • Bossman

      Isn’t Seattle the name of an Indian chief? The indigenous people helped to make America what it is today.

      • propagandaoftruth

        I have an old friend who’s nickname is “shot-in-the-head”. Military type, crazy long before his multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He actually likes it you know? Probly why the regular army-o has always hesitated to, well, great fella.

        Shot-in-the-head, however, did not earn his nickname in the Middle East, no. He got shot in the head by a drunk injun at Fort Sill during artillery officer training. God knows what he said to that redskin to merit getting shot in the head, but…shot-in-the-head has a way with words.

        Regardless, he recovered quickly and has since served honorably and insanely bravely – because he’s insane – and I should probably look him up and say hi I guess.

        But sure. Lots of cool Indians. I got one in my woodpile way back so there must be something OK about them, eh?

        • J.D.

          Speaking of Indian names:

          Indian boy: Father, how did I get my name?
          Father: why do you keep asking me same question all time? OK. Me tell you again. In our tribe, after mother give birth to papoos, Father leave teepee. First thing he see, he name new child. When sister born, I see mountain and moon. She name Moon-Over-Mountain. When brother born, I see bear running through woods. Name brother Running Bear. I do not understand why you always me that, Two-Dogs-Fucking

        • baldridge999

          The “Indian ancestor” claim among white people is a running joke among genealogists.

          • Mary

            Yes, I do a lot of genealogy and I see this all the time. It is funny.

          • baldridge999

            I was told of a mysterious “Indian Princess” in my great-grandmother’s side of the family. In researching this person, I met a third cousin who had done extensive genealogy on that side of the family. He laughed when I told him of this mysterious woman and produced an old photo of the only possible candidate and a photocopy of a census page which showed she was as white as they come and was born in Germany.

            I’ll mention that a couple other family legends I researched turned out to be total bunk also. But this works both ways. During my research I found out about two Revolutionary War veterans that I had never heard about.

            I’ve learned to be wary of any family legend.

          • Mary

            Yes, that ubiquitous “Indian Princess”. My mom thought we had one of those as well. I never found any evidence. Although the family in question did name a daughter “Pocahontas”. But, they were listed as White on the Census, and in the portrait I saw they certainly all looked White. Maybe they just liked the name.
            I’ve also made some exciting discoveries in genealogy, including several semi-famous individuals (well, famous enough for a Wiki page.) It’s been my favorite hobby since childhood. But, you always have to be careful to go with primary sources. There’s an awful lot of misinformation out there.

          • baldridge999

            Yea, its always an “Indian Princess” and never a common squaw who probably was booted by her tribe for being a slut and a traitor.

            I see these Indian ancestor legends as just another manifestation of white guilt.

          • Mary

            The Indian Princess vs. squaw–hilarious, but true.
            I think you’re correct about the White guilt thing. A lot of Whites are absurdly ashamed of being wholly White, and they desire that sliver of “other” ancestry to validate themselves. Pathetic.

          • LHathaway

            I’ve heard that in my family too, some indian ancestry but 0 proof. My hair is wavy, it curls up some if I let it grow long enough. Maybe I’m part black.

          • mobilebay

            I learned an interesting fact from my son who was researching our family. He found that his father and I are 10th cousins. I now call him “Cousin Bob.”

          • propagandaoftruth

            Yeah, with me there actually is way way way back…I’m 99% sure. But I suspect the main reason I found it was that I know how to research well and I uncovered something I’d not have otherwise.

          • freddy_hills

            Since you mentioned genealogy, I’ve got baldridge in my family tree. Would yours happen to have moved into what’s now the Nashville area some time around 1810?

      • italian guy

        What do you mean? I thought European settlers built the U.S.A out of the wilderness, back then it was the territory of the natives, but they were an hunter-gather society right? the laws, the technology, the culture and everything in between that makes “America” what it is, comes from white people… or are you implying that the base of your society was built on the natives ideas and innovations?
        I am serious, i would like to hear another point of view, considering I am an outsider and all.

        • LHathaway

          I believe Bossman is partially right. Even he is due to be right once a week.

          • Bossman

            Hey girl, (I’m assuming that you’re female). I’m always right.

        • Bossman

          American Indians helped to create the modern world. It is true that they were simple savages but the modern world really began after Columbus discovered the Americas. If you’re really interested in those kinds of ideas, I recommend that you read a book called: Indian Givers: How Native Americans Transformed the World by Jack Weatherford. You’ll be surprised by what this award-winning anthropologist has to say about that.

          • baldridge999

            So you’re claiming that since a few Indians contributed, that means white people should accept the genocide of our race? Quit trying to rationalize white genocide. That’s what you’re doing.

          • italian guy

            Thanks i will look into it.
            Just take a sec and look at the image I’m going to share, it’s a Japanese study about human accomplishments.
            You just can’t compare the achievements of Europeans with those of anyone else, i don’t know what’s so hard to admit that the modern world is a European creation.
            Past mistakes don’t justify forced integration, assimilation and dispossession.

          • Bossman

            The Europeans learned from everybody. A lot of what they learned came from Egypt. Egypt and the Middle East had just the right conditions to create what we now call civilization.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Hey, just because I’m pro me and mine doesn’t mean I can’t give credit where due.

            1. According to the most recent genetic studies, as featured here on Amren, the earliest Injuns were about 1/3 Caucasian descended from Caucasians residing in what is now Bavaria.

            2. Some went far into the tropics and became squat little swarthy tuquitos, while others found a more temperate and Europe-like happy hunting grounds in Eastern North America. Some folk claim there was an early European colonization, but other than an unfortunate mariner here and there, I don’t think so. I think many of the “white tribes” reported in eastern N. America were those whose Caucasian third may have been enhanced or selected for by their environment long before the Europeans really arrived. As such, crossbreeds represented a fair influx of old retro-white genetics.

            Not the worst.

            3. Actually the structures and architecture of the more bloodthirsty red men are solid testament to capacity beyond bush Bantus.
            Especially considering no viable beasts of burden other than man.

            But even other Indians found the Aztecs to be psychopathic and evil.

      • baldridge999

        That’s baloney. They were fighting against America.

        • Bossman

          You mean the USA. They were and are the First Americans.

          • baldridge999

            Oh, the “first Americans”? Then why did the first US citizenship law exclude them? It only allowed “free white persons”.

            Quit trying to rationalize white genocide.

          • me

            There once was a troll they call Bossman
            Who would write so much tripe from his ass can.
            He would spew his White hate
            At a copious rate–
            You just know he’s an Obama ‘Murikan.

          • Chris R

            Europeans were and are the first Americans. Before us, there was no America. America is the legacy of Europe, not Siberia. Everything else is revisionist bs.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I’m from down South. What is all this Columbus Day…junk…anyway?

      Italian thing in NYC, right? Big parade or something. What does this have to do with libtards in Seattle?

      I hate Seattle libtards.

      • Who Me?

        Seattle libtards are a special kind of stupid–to the max!

      • me

        Hey, I’m all for a traditional Tribal celebration. I always look for an excuse to get liquored up, go on the warpath, rape, scalp, and destroy. After, I like sitting in my freezing bark dwelling, while eating cold, ground acorn and rotten fish. Good times!

        • Acorn is actually fairly good. I shelled them and boiled them in salt water when I was in prison in Texas. The facility at Ft. Worth was originally built as a VA hospital in the 1930s, so the oak trees were quite large when I was there in 2001 to 2003.

      • Chris R

        I like celebrating Columbus Day. It’s a celebration of the discovery of America. It’s a celebration of the man made it so our ancestors could come to this continent and make our lives possible. It exists as a testament to the European influence and heritage in America which is why liberals hate it and why we should embrace it.

    • 48224

      I always tell these anti white nut cases that they are RIGHT. They should totally reject white culture and go back to living in tents, stop using electricity, modern medicine. Go back to chasing after a jack rabbit with a stone ax.

      • baldridge999

        The anti-whites should do more than that if they really believe the garbage they continuously spew. They should immediately give everything they own to the nearest Indians and then go back to wherever their ancestors came from. They won’t do it, of course, since they’re all just degenerate self-hating phonies.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Don’t school boards have real things like the quality of education to worry about?

    • Quality? Never heard of it!

    • guest

      Real education no longer exists in today’s schools. It’s all about far-left indoctrination, this “responsibility to oppose the systematic racism towards Indigenous people in the United States, which perpetuates high rates of poverty and income inequality, exacerbating disproportionate health, education and social crises.” being an example.

      • Augustus3709


        White persons of European Origin are being ethnically cleansed off the face of the planet and have not the luxury to spend what little time they have left trying to take care of other ethnic groups and races.

      • baldridge999

        The “education” system is all about brainwashing white children into accepting the genocide of their race.

    • Greg Thomas

      They gave up on that a long time ago. Now, it’s the promotion of multiculturalism and diversity at all costs. Education be damned.

  • WR_the_realist

    I’m old enough to remember when Columbus Day was when everybody proudly celebrated the discovery of the New World by Europeans. But for the past 10 years it has become Hate-White-People-Day, and now the Seattle Board of Education is making that official.

    • Leon NJ

      I think around this time every year, the lesbians on MSNBC all do a segment of the evil white man in the new world.

      • WR_the_realist

        MSNBC is more anti-white than the Nation of Islam.

  • One of my Cherokee great, great grandmothers was bought by a white guy when she was 11. He was a Confederate army veteran, and he had her pregnant when she was 12. He was run over and dismembered by a train when he was drunk. Amerinds need to get over it.

    • me

      Ha! Ha! You sure do tell interesting tales of your ‘family’ tree. Now I’ll tell you mine.
      I’ve been around Native Americans my entire life. My family tree is full of Chippewa, and I know first hand about their ‘culture’. My siblings are part Chippewa. “Noble Savages” my patootie!
      I worked at a place that was tribally owned and run. A few of the tribal girls gave me crap because I was White. I just asked them a few questions…..
      You like this place, right? Making a lot of money? Do you think you could have built and run this place without White man’s inventions, like electricity, computers, plumbing, indoor heat, comfortable furniture, stoves, refrigerators, etc?
      And your homes–you like your indoor plumbing, indoor heat, furniture, carpeting, appliances, computers, internet, ipads, mp3’s, cell phones, automobiles, etc?
      They agreed that, indeed, they loved all of these things. I concluded the conversation with….
      “Well, the evil White man is responsible for 90% of the things you claim to love. If I hear you making one more stupid, racist remark about ‘Whitey this…’ and ‘Whitey that…’, I’m going to report you for racial harassment. By the way, 50% of my family is Native American.” After the verbal ass-kicking, we were all friends.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Well thank the kind Lord he was drunk when he got run over by the train.

      Small victories, eh? The best ones.

    • freddy_hills

      I’ve read an unconfirmed report that my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother was disowned by her father for marrying someone that was either indian or part indian. I’m trying to confirm whether that’s actually my family line and whether it’s true or not. As of yet it’s unproven. But if it was then I don’t blame her father one damn bit!

      PS: According to the story, her indian/part indian husband was murdered by Cherokee on the Trail of Tears.


    City must oppose “systematic racism towards Indigenous people.” – By engaging in systemic racism towards Indigenous White people! – Can’t you just feel the love?

  • Mary

    “Systematic racism” toward Native Americans–who’d have thought it? But Americans are so proud of that 1/64 Cherokee ancestry that almost everyone claims to have. These people just need to accept that different outcomes for different groups are not the result of “systematic racism”, especially not in hyper-P.C. 21st century America.

  • MekongDelta69

    “The Seattle School Board unanimously voted Wednesday to have public schools observe ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day‘ on the second Monday of October–the same day as the Columbus Day federal holiday.”
    Well then. On Columbus Day, I’m going to travel to Seattle and pay homage to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. After all – he was here first.

    What? Are you crazy? You’re equating a dinosaur with a human?

    Sure. Why not. After all – Aren’t we all the same?!? I don’t want to come across as specie-ist (or whatever word mentally deranged leftists use).

    • Whitetrashgang

      Yes the T REX did as much as the natives to build North America so why not?

  • Alexandra1973

    Columbus was a pirate who stole John Cabot’s maps.

    So I’m against Columbus day not because of some wrongs, real or alleged, against Amerinds, but because of what he stood for.


    All this about converting the Amerinds to “Christianity”–it would have been Catholicism. Catholicism, like its daughter Islam, is a “submit or die” religion. True Christians present the Gospel and allow the person to make the choice themselves.

    • I hate to get off subject, but I am curious about your quote, “Catholicism, like its daughter Islam.” What is the connection between the two?

      For the record, I am not Catholic.

    • Bossman

      Do you need to type the link this way? Does this site not accept hot links? As for Columbus he was an opportunist. What is wrong with that? At least, he was a very brave man who set out on a journey to the unknown.

      • phillyguy

        That’s what made Europeans more successful than every other race, they were very opportunistic they had to go out and get it and they sure did.

    • Mason Gull

      You don’t like Columbus because he was a Southern European Catholic? That’s the vibe I’m getting from this article. I also missed the part where it said that he stole John Cabot’s maps.

      His religion aside, today he stands for the European discovery of America and the spirit of exploration, and that is why we celebrate his accomplishments.

      • phillyguy

        Giovanni Caboto was from Pisa I believe, he was employed by the English and held in high esteem as the father of the English discovers.

        • Europeans got around quite a bit. There is a German surname, “Schott”, and the inventor of an Italian aircraft machinegun was a Mr. Scotti. You can probably guess where these family names originated.

          Scottish traders in medieval Germany were rated as more rapacious than Jews, but as fellow Christians, they assimilated.

      • ViktorNN

        You’re exactly right.

        For some people Columbus Day is an Italian ethnic celebration (which is fine with me), but for the rest of us, Columbus Day is about celebrating the European discovery of America and how it profoundly changed the world.

        This meaning is worth defending and the day is worth celebrating. At the very least it recalls an era when white people were unashamed, proud, and openly celebrated their accomplishments.

        If enough people want to create an Indigenous People’s Day then more power to them – but to paste their Indigenous People’s Day over Columbus Day is an obnoxious, juvenile provocation.

      • HE2

        Mason, you are right. Not a trustworthy, scholarly article to be taken seriously.
        I know the website guy, Niall Kilkenny.
        He is an Irishman who posts anti-Catholic invective for whatever reason. It seems to be an obsession.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Columbus was no saint to be sure, but without him none of us would be here (“us” meaning US citizens, of course). Therefore, to hate or regret Columbus’ arrival must, by extension, be a form of self hatred. That’s a form of mental derangement in my book.

    • phillyguy

      Giovanni Caboto, already had sailed the northern part of of this continent so did a lot of other Mariners,, everyone wanted to keep it a secret because of the cod fishing . remember dry cod was a staple of the European diet for thousands of years, nobody wanted to lose the monopoly.

      • Basques from northeastern Spain had also been fishing off Canada’s Grand Banks for centuries before Columbus. The Vikings once rowed all the way around Greenland probably just looking to kill folks and take their stuff.

    • Hey, mod, why was my comment removed?

  • LHathaway

    If even Seattle in the year 2014 (the most liberal city in the nation) is a hotbed of racism the only way to oppose this systemic degradation is to prevent people of color from being exposed to it. It also would deny whites the fruits of their white supremacy. Isolating whites is the only solution. In the words of our own Mr. Taylor, it’s a ‘punishment’ they so richly deserve.

  • I remember when Sasheen Littlefeather (not her real name) took the Oscar for Brando and lectured America about its evil heart while wearing a ridiculous Indian costume on stage. That was about 40 years ago.

    It took the Indians 40 years with no blood spilled to get the white man to kowtow to him. Our ancestors are spinning in their graves.

    I know there’s a massive propaganda machine called the public schools that explains the bloodless coup that the Indians pulled off. But they didn’t do it alone. It was their benefactors the cultural Marxists such as Marcuse, Bill Ayers, and a host of other nameless ones of less fame.

    Our job is to undo the effects of the brainwashing on the populace that are not completely nuts like the woman pastor Renita Marie featured on Amren yesterday.

  • Chip Carver

    Mexicans aren’t indigenous to most of what used to be the US. Especially someplace as far North as Seattle. And truth be told, Mexicans are the main reason this was done. Well, you know who agitated for it, but it was done for the Mexicans. You know, the people elected by the “US government” to replace whites and fight with blacks.

    • Bossman

      What do you mean by that? Most of the west coast used to be Mexican territory. Some of those tribes learned Spanish and converted to Christianity and became “Mexican.”

      • 1G25

        The northern West Coast, north o San Francisco, was full of Russians and Englishmen.

        Engage brain before operating mouth.

        • Bossman

          Those Russians and Englishmen got there long after Lewis and Clark arrive there because they didn’t see any Europeans in 1804.

    • ViktorNN

      You’re right of course.

      It always amuses me when Mexicans talk about how they’re “indigenous Americans” and thus deserve to live wherever they want in the Americas.

      It makes about as much sense as Dutch people saying that, since they’re Europeans, they have just as much right to live in Russia as Russians do.

  • Luca

    Meanwhile in the real world: Back in 1804 President Jefferson sent Lewis & Clark west laden with gifts for the indigenous people. Their mission was to find a water trade route to the Pacific Ocean and to promote trade and friendly relations with the local inhabitants.

    What resulted was a culture clash whereby many of the Indian tribes thought nothing of attacking the Expeditionary party and stealing whatever they could get their hands on. Many tribes were simply warlike and had no use for trade and friendly relations. Long before the White man showed up the tribes were killing each other, stealing from each other and enslaving each other on a routine basis.

    The two greatest downfalls for these indigenous people was their inability to fight diseases or alcohol addiction.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Well, and just being so feral that fighting and fornicating was everything .

    • Dr. Bazzi

      How dare you reveal the truth! Are you a deranged white man?
      You must stop this truth telling, it will ruin the delusionary white left wing fairy tales..

    • baldridge999

      True. White people simply played by the same rules that the Indians applied to each other. Indian tribes attacked each other, took land from each other. White people won and the Indians lost. Every acre of this country was paid for with the blood of countless white people killed in battle, captured and savagely tortured to death by the Indians. Their standard practice was to kill every white man, kill or rape to death every white woman and bash every white baby’s skull against the nearest rock. The Indians carried out this campaign of terror with virtual impunity on the eastern frontier for decades. One of my ancestors was murdered in one such raid in what’s now West Virginia. Two of his sons were taken captive. One died in captivity. The other was returned six years later in a prisoner swap. It would have been worse except the Indian raiding party decided against attacking the house which they mistakenly thought had several armed white men inside. In reality there were only women and children. If they had know that fact, they would have all been killed.

      • Luca

        My wife’s ancestor is from W. Virginia and he was known as an Indian fighter. One day he saw two Indians sneaking up on his kids as they were working the fields and he ran out to defend them. He killed both Indians but one bit his thumb off.

  • Fed Up

    Could it just possibly be the crazy liberals are putting some kind of chemical in Seattle’s drinking water? I mean what else could fuel this perpetual liberal insanity?

    • dmxinc

      It’s called “fluoride” and the effect seems to be working nation wide.

  • IstvanIN

    without whom the building of the City would not have been possible.
    How so? The American Indians didn’t build cities. Lies and balderdash.

    • Bossman

      Most cities in North America are built on Indian settlements and trading posts. So you could say that the natives did contribute to the building of North America.

      • IstvanIN

        We didn’t need their settlements to build our cities.

      • 1G25

        Most Indian settlements were built on natural trade routes, like other ancient cities all over the world throughout history.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Screw that…for NOW Whites are the indigenous people in this country…..obviously, not for long…

  • TruthBeTold

    Seattle, the city that gave us the Mardi Gras mayhem and the murder of Kris Kime.

    Has Pioneer Square ever fully recovered?

  • Dale Gribble

    On Columbus Day I will pray to North America’s indigenous people and pray for forgiveness for bringing Negroes and Latinos to this continent

  • Caucasoid88

    White people suffer from a disease far worse than the most aggressive case of small pox.

  • NYB

    Back around 1840, a Scottish explorer named Paul Kane documented the savage lives of the Northwest Indians. He found slavery, gambling, suicide, blood feuds, superstition, and early mortality from harsh living.
    No sane aboriginal would want to return to the pre-white man ways.

    • Whitetrashgang

      When you are as feral as a Indian, yes you would.

  • B.E.L.

    In planning to leave California in a few years (retirement), the Seattle area is one of the places we are considering, but more and more I am hearing about stuff like this and it is quickly turning me off to it.

    On one of our visits there, we stayed in a small town by the name of Tukwila. While visiting the mall there we noticed dozens of funny looking black people. They turned out to be Somalis. Some of the women were in Burkas, sporting the muslim look and many of the young males were dressed like typical black street thugs.

    While there we talked to a store owner in the mall and because he was friendly, I decided to ask him about the Somalis. He said a few years back, the city council decided the city was not diverse enough and so they invited several thousand Somalis to move there. Fast forward ten years and the city now has a large population of Somalis and they have basically turned it into a hole. Crime rate is way up, property values down and the cops spend lots of time at the mall breaking up large groups of young Somalians that are causing problems.

    Seems like Washington is begging to be like California, if they are not careful, they will get their wish and much more.

    • Kenner

      Portland is smaller, prettier, and sillier — but whiter, for now.

    • Ragnarök

      Tukwila is one of the ghettos of the Puget Sound area. It’s also full of Mexicans.
      The Seattle area is full of Indians (dot), Hispanics, Somalians and homosexual hipsters. Seattle is already California.

      • B.E.L.

        Boise Idaho is starting to look like where we are going to land.

        • Ragnarök

          I live in Northern Idaho so I have never visited Boise, ID. I know that west of Boise there are a lot of Mexicans. Nampa, ID is approximately 23% Mexican and Caldwell, ID is approximately 36%. I wouldn’t move to either of those cities unless you don’t mind drive by gang shootings.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    SO HOW IS indigenous people’s day celebrated? By piling up dirt mounds, raiding each other’s neighborhoods, scalping the residents and eating any survivors?

    recognizes the fact that Seattle is built upon the homelands and villages of the Indigenous Peoples of this region, without whom the building of the City would not have been possible.

    Yes, without the pinnacle of technology “stolen” from Indians – the bow and drill – Seattle would not have been possible.

    And, to ward off any comments about Europeans introducing “scalping” to Indians:

    Although the origin of scalping in the New World is unknown, it was a widespread practice among Native American groups during the historic period…This assumption was based primarily on the observations of early explorers who witnessed the practice firsthand

    http //www dickshovel com/scalp html

    Or those who think Indians were the first people on the North American continent:

    America was first discovered by Stone Age hunters from Europe, according to new archaeological evidence.

    Across six locations on the U.S. east coast, several dozen stone tools have been found.

    After close analysis it was discovered that they were between 19,000 and 26,000 years old and were a European-style of tool.

    The discovery suggests that the owners of the tools arrived 10,000 years before the ancestors of the American Indians set foot in the New World, reported The Independent.

    Read more: http //www dailymail co uk/sciencetech/article-2107418/Could-tools-belonging-Stone-Age-hunters-U-S-east-coast-finally-answer-really-discovered-America.html#ixzz2iGmjTdxB

    http //www telegraph co uk/new…

    • Douglas Quaid

      Great pic! Sums it up well, I recently had a discussion where someone was horrified that I would call the native Americans “savages”. They kept blathering on about how just because people dress and different have different cultural customs doesn’t mean that one culture is better than the other…you know the usual postmodern drivel. To which I said, “Nonsense on stilts! If you really think there is no qualitative difference between a culture that produces Chartres cathedral, Shakespears, Miltons, Michelangelo, etc as opposed to a culture that lives in tents, often strutted around nude, and had no form of literacy, then fine. But I for one think it is good that the Whites came to places like India, China, and Africa and imposed their superior culture, leading to the ending of widow burnings, foot bindings, and female castration. Those are good things that came through imposing a Western European Christian culture on pagan savages.”

      • phillyguy

        you got that right my friend

      • saxonsun

        Tell them to raise their kids with these people–that makes them think.

    • Jo

      Skeletons with European shaped skulls were found, as well. A few in Indian reservations, which leads me to believe they were murdered and buried by Indians.

  • ejXinMI

    ‘… the board “recognizes the fact that Seattle is built upon the homelands and villages of the Indigenous Peoples of this region, without whom the building of the City would not have been possible.”’
    I call BullS#!^. Seattle would have been built regardless. What a bunch of retards… and I apologize to the Down’s Syndrome community.. they are better than that.

  • phillyguy

    another example of the liberal left trying to erase the accomplishments of the white man!! Yeah right, there would be no city of Seattle if not for the Indians….. remember the fact the Indians were living in the stone age when we arrived on this continent

  • tobytylersf

    Do they mean Injuns? Like me (well, partly)? Are all us Redbones supposed to be impressed and see some kind of improvement in our lives because a bunch of leftists in Seattle claim they no longer systematically hate us?

    Gee, what great medicine the Wasichus must have, to have such power over everyone just by changing their opinions!

    Just gets sillier and sillier, doesn’t it?

  • Paleoconn

    Indians were here for centuries and have no accomplishments to show for it, besides ethnically cleansing each other. Whites built this country. Whites didn’t immigrate here. Everybody came her at one point. Whites are the only ones who created civilization here. Which is why everybody wants to come here and Indians would never leave for other shores. It’s the ultimate state of affairs to be around Whites.

    • Jo

      All of it boils down to jealousy. The top dog is always subject to target practice.

  • ViktorNN

    It’s as if we feel bad because Indians were so helpless and incompetent in the face of white superiority. Why should we feel bad about it? We fought for this land and won it. Is it our fault that our enemy couldn’t defend themselves and that it wasn’t much of a fight?

    At any rate, if any white person seriously wants to make amends for what their ancestors did, I’m sure there isn’t an Indian alive who would refuse you turning over your property and money. Walk the walk and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Jo

      I find it interesting we hear few complaints from Indians, except one or two tribes against the word “redskins.” It’s mostly coming from non-Indian minorities and White liberals who were brainwashed in school.

  • Leon NJ

    “recognizes the fact that Seattle is built upon the homelands and villages of the Indigenous Peoples of this region, without whom the building of the City would not have been possible.”

    I call their bluff.

  • Augustus3709

    Celebrating the Voyage of Columbus to the New World.

    • LHathaway

      Nice picture but at this point America is so screwed up it might be a good idea Not to celebrate Columbus, just not for the reasons they are telling us.

  • Moenn

    This is asinine. And if, say, someone decided to celebrate it on the same day as MLK Jr’s ‘holiday,’ we’d never hear the end of it.

  • What made the Amerind unique? Probably nothing. I made two friends among them in federal prison: one Navajo and one Jicarilla Apache. They were just ordinary guys, in for murder. Joe, the Apache could do amazing card tricks – he shaved the deck. He paid me (in postage stamps) to sew his bathrobe back together – this was a discontinued commissary item – but his back was so broad that the cloth would always split somewhere else. He said I had a curious stitch. It made very strong seams, but I don’t know where I learned it. The running joke was that I learned it in Mordor. Joe is out. He was sentenced before 1986, so he eventually got parole a few years after I went home. His 000 suffix on his prison ID number meant he was military at the time of conviction. I wish him well, and I miss him.

  • Bossman

    Thanks for this little bit of German and high culture but apes became human when they started to name things. Names are so important that according to the Bible, you should not take the name of the lord in vain. God is supposed to have created the world by just uttering sounds and speaking it into existence.

  • Bandmoo

    A bit off topic but do you know that if General Custer would have had a newer horse at Littlebig horn in 1876 he whouldn’t have have his problem, know why?….It would have had a “Check Injun” light.

  • ghettovalley

    Sometimes I wonder why white liberals so willingly allow our holidays, cultural symbols, and even our very history to be changed or permanently erased. It doesn’t make sense, considering our rapidly dwindling population share. Do they honestly think that blacks and hispanics will display this same level of altruism and respect? Do they honestly think that we will get these things back once we are a minority? Do they honestly think if the tables were turned and whites were ten or fifteen percent of the population, that we would get the same treatment that we show minorities today? Do they honestly think we would benefit from affirmative action, racial quotas in schools or the workplace? It will never happen.

    • Bandmoo

      After some deep thought a bit of research and a few phone calls about your questions, I came up with this response….Nope

      • ghettovalley

        We will never benefit from these programs which we have created when we are a minority here in America. At that point it won’t matter anyway because the real America will be no more.

  • OS-Q

    There are many Europeans that would love a “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” in each of their countries…

  • Harry

    Celebrate “indigenous people’s day” in Seattle. Share a can of Sterno with your favorite native underneath the viaduct.

  • Malgus

    A more craven, sniveling group of spineless cowards you cannot find…

  • Chris R

    “The resolution, in part, said the board ‘recognizes the fact that Seattle is built upon the homelands and villages of the Indigenous Peoples of this region, without whom the building of the City would not have been possible.'”

    More like without whom the building of the city would’ve gone much more smoothly.

    These people are so intellectually dishonest it’s baffling.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    In the maritime world, the Engine Order Telegraph on the Bridge signals the Engine Room for propeller direction and speed. There is “Standby”, where the United Socialist Marxist States of America was for the last 50 years. But today it is “FWE”, that is, “Finished With Engines”. Going nowhere, adrift, and soon to be shipwrecked and torn asunder.

    She’s already taking on water in the lower compartments, and the water is rising.

  • Chris R

    Apples and oranges. One is a celebration of our heritage that instills pride. The other is an unhealthy habit.