Police ‘Put Cap on Arrests’ in Rochdale Sex Abuse Inquiry

Jaya Narain, Daily Mail, October 30, 2014

Dozens of child sex offenders are still walking the streets because police refused to arrest them, according to a whistleblower.

Sara Rowbotham has accused police of putting a cap on the number of child sex offenders they arrested for raping and abusing young girls.

The veteran social worker, who was responsible for gathering the main evidence in the 2012 Rochdale child sex abuse case, said that as a result dozens of sex offenders were still walking the streets preying on children.

Miss Rowbotham said limited resources and manpower during the investigation meant police had let sex offenders slip through the net.

She said because police bosses became obsessed with convicting just nine perpetrators they left dozens free to continue raping and abusing young girls.

‘It’s very shocking but there are dozens of child sex offenders still on the streets because they put a cap on the number of people they would arrest,’ she said.

‘In the end this was just a tiny proportion of the number of offenders raping and abusing children and they were allowed to escape.

‘But not only did they cap the number of offenders but they also put a ceiling on the number of victims they would interview and proceed with.’

Her explosive comments will stun Greater Manchester Police whose Police and Crime Commissioner yesterday launched a report highlighting the massive problem of child sexual exploitation.

The report highlighted 13,000 cases of child sex abuse in the last six years but revealed that only 1,078 offenders were convicted.

Commissioner Tony Lloyd has vowed to go back and review cases where victims have made sex abuse allegations.

But Miss Rowbotham, a social worker in Rochdale for more than 13 years, said the police were still doing far too little to combat on-street grooming.

She said: ‘It’s still going on. The same perpetrators are still out there because police put a ceiling on the number of arrests. The actual number of suspects is huge but the number of victims is equally large.

‘They are still having to deal with the trauma of that on a day-to-day basis knowing no-one has ever been brought to justice for abusing them.’

In 2012 nine Asian men were jailed for a total of 77 years for rape and trafficking after they preyed on girls as young as 13, plying them with drugs, alcohol and money before passing them round the group for sex.

A subsequent report said the girls were allowed to fall into the hands of Pakistani grooming gangs because police and social workers may have been scared of seeming racist.

The whistleblower said she was still disappointed that no one has been held to account for their failings and she was disappointed with the results of a report led by MP Ann Coffey.

The MP said the child sex abuse cases in Rochdale, Rotherham, Derby, Oldham, Oxford, and Peterborough were a ‘deafening wake-up call’.

She has proposed measures aimed at improving arrest and conviction rates of child sex offenders in Greater Manchester.

These included a review of cases marked ‘no further action’, new initiatives led by children themselves and more training for public sector workers to recognise grooming.

But the whistleblower said she was still disappointed no one has been held to account for their failings and was disappointed with the results of the Coffey report.

She said: ‘The victims deserve their evidence to be taken seriously. I referred dozens of cases to the police that I know were never acted upon.’

Miss Rowbotham, who fought for a Serious Case Review and was commended for her work by the Home Affairs Select Committee, was made redundant in February.

Ian Hanson, chairman of Greater Manchester Police Federation, said: ‘It is grossly unfair that both the organisation and our police officer members collectively are singled out and blamed by some for what is a failure of the whole system.

‘We expect officers to build relationships with victims in the most difficult circumstances imaginable in a fraction of the time where often the education and social care system has failed to do so. Only when we understand the whole problem and the challenges involved will society start to deal with those issues.’

Detective Superintendent Jonathan Chadwick said: ‘Operation Doublet was launched in the aftermath of Operation Span in 2012 to investigate all outstanding historic allegations of child sexual exploitation in Rochdale from the same era.

‘This investigation has examined massive amounts of material held by all agencies and provided support to a large number of victims as well as arresting a significant number of offenders.

‘Doublet remains an on-going investigation with a large number of investigative staff deployed in building relationships of trust with victims and dealing with those responsible through the criminal justice system wherever possible.’

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  • Truthseeker

    I’m all but certain that the UK hates its own people. I’ve never been there, but everything I’ve read gives me the impression that the politicians and law enforcement have nothing but contempt for the British people, and even a good portion of the people themselves are wracked with self-loathing. What a horrible state for America’s cultural ancestor to be in. I hope to God they get their minds right as a nation.

    • LHathaway

      You care about the white British a lot more than I do.

    • I’m afraid that appears to be quite an accurate state of affairs.

      On the face of it, none of the main parties care about who comprises this nation. None of the institutions care about the interests of white people as a group. There is, to my knowledge, only one charity that manages to somehow keep its status as being for the English people.

      There are no TV programs celebrating the great achievements of white people. There are no new works of art that show any greatness or aspiration. In fact we have entirely the opposite of all of this.

      We are seen as insignificant, worthless, something to be wiped over with colour, illegitimate as a historic people, illegitimate as an ethnic group, that we have no identity, no history to be proud of.

      Again, far from it. We are subjected to nothing other than jibes, smears, ridicule, disorientation, guilt-mongering, shame, embarrassment of all we have ever done in the world.

      A lot of people are ignorant of what is coming, oblivious to what is coming, embracing of what is coming, brainwashed into supporting to what is coming.

      Schools are churning out drones and dolts incapable of basic argumentation and critical thinking skills at one end and people who cannot read, cannot spell, cannot think at the other.

      Rap music, drug culture, drinking hedonism, ‘gay rights’, destruction of community bonds, national heroes, churches and religiosity (hijacked by liberalism at one end and made irrelevant at the other).

      The police are generally drones to the state mechanisms, hand picked for obedience and slavery to the system. Judges are generally liberals who see nothing wrong with sending people to prison for a YEAR for verbal racial harassment of others.

      The border agencies are purposefully starved and run ragged so they cannot cope, same with deportations and other such things. They are staffed with foreigners who probably couldn’t care less and corrupt staff that have been subject to bribery.

      Girls in people’s communities are being gang raped by Pakistanis, burnt, abused with baseball bats, threatened with death – and people switch over the TV news of this to watch Dancing On Ice.

      There is a vast population of people who do grumble, who do object, who do know what is going on – but every avenue they seem to take, scattered, random, is either scuppered by the state and opposition or otherwise useless.

      Three cities are majority non-white, with another to head that way by 2010. White people are aborting themselves from their jobs, their businesses in pressure for “diversity” and asking what more can be done to even further discriminate against themselves.

      I am very cynical, but the ingredients of the situation in all sorts of ways are hard to ignore as being a disaster zone.

      It is only the vague sparks from time to time and the bubbling, rumbling disquiet going on in general that keeps me even bothered myself, and I live here! It is not over yet, there are some interesting rebellious streaks going on out there, albeit not my cup of tea.

      But unless something rather large happens, I think it is a case of salvaging something from the wreckage rather than rebuilding our boat to pristine condition.

    • falskog

      Unfortunately I am afraid it has gone so far and so deep, that Britain will not rise from her deathbed

  • They’re not capping and dragging their heels for limited resources.

    They’re doing it to try to stuff the story down the rabbit hole.

    Especially since the elections are next May. Must not keep on reminding people that if you want your daughter to be raped by your Pakistani neighbor then vote for Labour.

    • Singingbird1

      Well if people have so short a memory as to need to be reminded of the problems that England faces due to 3rd World and East European foreigners then I give up and do not care about them.So I will concentrate on looking out for No 1,which will of course meaning voting for UKIP.But I wouldn’t risk my neck for any of them.

    • propagandaoftruth

      ‘It is grossly unfair that both the organisation and our police officer members collectively are singled out and blamed by some for what is a failure of the whole system.
      Members collectively are singled out? What?

      He went that a way!

  • MekongDelta69

    “Look! Look over there! A mooz-lim is raping a White girl.”

    “Shhhhhhh. Don’t say anything. You’ll be fired.”

    “Oh… Ok… Uhh… Look! Look over there! Shiny, sparkly things! Nothing to see here folks. Now move along…”

  • IstvanIN

    The Anglo-Sphere is dead.

  • guest

    “Whistleblower says police arrested nine Muslim rapists, but ignored dozens more.”

    Everytime this sort of news comes out, all it does is justify islamophobia. It is not a bad or immoral thing to distrust or hate muslims, it’s a smart thing. Could any muslim-loving bleeding-heart apologist actually name anything that muslims do for our society besides attack and rape women and commit acts of terrorism?

    • Anna Tree

      It’s not islamophobia: phobias are irrational, our fear of islam is completely rational. So indeed it is a smart, common sense and self preservation thing to be islamocritic.

      • guest

        I suppose we could also just call it being anti-islam. With phobias being irrational fears, the muslim-loving apologists who call us “islamophobic” make it seem like we’re irrational and ignorant when the fact is we know too well what muslims are like. We’ve learned everything we needed to know about muslims through 9/11, the beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, the Boston marathon bombing, and all other acts of terrorism committed by muslims that we hear in the news.

        But whatever people call it (islamocritic, anti-islam, or a smart, rational and realistic person with common sense who will not be fooled into believing the lies that islam is a peaceful religion), the point remains that muslims are a threat to our society and are not to be trusted.

  • LHathaway

    If you’re white, you can’t talk to a female co-worker without the ‘sensitivity’ police becoming alarmed. If you’re white, 17 years old, and have sex with a girl 14 years of age, even if she’s told you she’s 18, you could be branded a sexual predator for life. If you’re a male of color, white females desperately need to sit next to you at university so they can become sensitive to diversity. The need doesn’t end there. Affirmative action females need to work closely with diversity on the job, as well.

  • Extropico

    Limited resources weren’t the dispositive factor; an unduly circumscribed respect for the British people was.

  • JackKrak

    “Police ‘Put Cap on Arrests’ in Rochdale Sex Abuse Inquiry”

    The UK finally puts some kind of limit on something involving Muslims and this is what they choose…..

    • Kenner

      Do they have ‘a cap on arrests’ for Whites accused of ‘hate speech’?

  • Adolf Verloc

    The British police system used to be the envy of the world – incorruptible, determined, hard-working. It is sickening to read this sort of stuff. I suppose that a fish rots from the head, and that the police are only taking their cues from their political overlords.

    • rightrightright


      The elected (Labour) Police Commissioner for South Yorkshire was found to be complicit in the sweeping under the carpet of what happened in Rotherham. He grudgingly resigned under pressure. A new Commissioner has now been elected. In spite of an unprecedented surge of support for the UK Independence Party, another Labour man was elected, predominantly on the back of the corrrupt, manipulable postal vote system and the strong Pakistani presence. Yet even so, Labour’s English voter base has obviously learnt nothing. They voted for more Pakistanis, more oppression and more rape. They turn-out was tiny. Shame on those who chose to blank the election.

  • They “lack resources to arrest perpetrators” and yet Britain is pouring millions of dollars into schools, and other infrastructure, to support hordes of new immigrants. When will the insanity end?

    • Sick of it

      When the benefits end.

    • rightrightright

      They don’t lack the resources to arrest an English person for giving a Pakistani a ‘funny’ look or for quoting Churchill in public.

      • Sick of it

        Or reading the Bible in public.

        • Juggernaut3000

          Or for publishing a private telephone coversation:

          I was arrested on the 30th of October, 2014. A Thursday, at approximately 16:30 hrs.

          6 detectives from State Security came through the door – no warrant.

          I am charged with “threat to kill” and publishing a private telephone conversation. That charge is from when I rang Julie Bishops office and spoke with “Tess” the secretary.

          http //www dailyslave com/jews-have-brendon-oconnell-arrested-charged-again/

          • none of your business

            Remember the 12 or 11 year old English girl who was arrested for requesting being placed with a science group that spoke English instead of Urdu. It was her White English teacher and head who called police. Story was on amren.

    • M&S

      They “lack resources to arrest perpetrators” and yet Britain is pouring millions of dollars into schools, and other infrastructure, to support hordes of new immigrants.

      In Pakistan…

      First things first. Aid is good. It helps children go to school, provides medicine to the sick and shelter to the homeless. It protects the weak and destitute from the worst brutalities of this world. This government is likely to meet its promise to spend 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income on international aid this year – a long standing commitment made by many countries and delivered by few. This is something that should make us all proud.

      But there’s a problem with aid and with the promises that are made on its behalf. In particular, there is a problem with the hundreds of millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money that is being poured into Pakistan. I hope some of these will be laid bare when the Select Committee on International Development publishes its report on Pakistan on Thursday.

      The decision to re-organise the way Britain’s Department for International (DfID) spends its £10 billion was made two years ago when Andrew Mitchell was in charge. His review of spending was in many ways sensible, switching cash away from countries such as China and Russia which are wealthy enough to run their own foreign aid projects (and space programmes). The big winner was Pakistan which is now on course to become the biggest recipient of British foreign aid – some £450 million per year by 2015.



      The sum of 450 million pounds, /per year/, is close to a billion dollars folks.

      British ‘aid’ to that benighted region is nothing more or less than a protection money, aimed at controlling the ISI run Taliban in trade for blackmail payoffs.

      Since nothing responds to demands for improvement like _competition_, I say, for every case on the books, dedicate half a million pounds for the judicial process and take it out of the Pakistani foreign aid fund.
      Se who runs out of slimeballs or money first.

      Let them wax their mustaches with someone else’ funds.

  • When the government, police, and judicial system fails the people they are to serve vigilantes become heroes.

    • baldridge999

      Probably the only thing that could reverse this situation is making the politically-correct government functionaries more fearful of white vengeance than being called “racist.” If these government bureaucrats and police officials who suppressed this investigation and prosecution had been dragged out of their offices and publicly tarred and feathered, we would see far fewer of these atrocities.

  • Being charged with racism in Britain can land you in jail. In the US, you might not go to jail YET, but you will be featured in the national media and you will be fired and financially ruined. That Catholic school principle featured on amren last year is a good example. Even after he changed his name, the elites found him, exposed him, and got him fired again.

    Thus, we are left with the momentum in the US moving toward massive cover ups of the crimes of diversity. In San Antonio, there is a massive pedophila and incest problem centered 100 percent on Mexicans, but no one dare take action, including the Republican woman DA, who turned loose thousands arrested for child sex offenses according to her opponent. 5,000 mexican male sexual predators were turned loose–that’s the claim.

    • LHathaway

      You remind me of the more liberal comments I’ve read recently regarding a free speech issue in the news. Liberals seem to say you have free speech but you must beware the consequences of this awesome power. Jailing someone for what they say is not an example of free speech in action.

  • rightrightright

    The impact of 40-50 or more Pakistani mugshots in the newspapers would be unhelpful to the Left’s multicultural, nation-wrecking cause which has by now reached the stage of keeping the lid on things, often heavy handedly. As it is, we just see the same 9 paedo rapists’ alien faces over and over again.

    Further, by limiting prosecutions to so few, the rest of the Pakistani “community” (invaders) can protest they didn’t know it was going on. If 50 or so were prosecuted, it becomes self evident that the entire Pakistani ghetto was complicit. After all, for each pimp there were about 100 johns. Each pimp made about £200,000 per annum from his English sex slave (tax free, while he still claimed all his state handouts, naturally)

    • LHathaway

      “40-50 or more Pakistani mugshots in the newspapers would be unhelpful to the Left’s multicultural”

      This would just make them victims. Not the victims of their crimes, mind you, but those put in jail, if they are people of color, are victims. This is a thorny case. Race always trumps sex, in the US, but it actually Would Not be good publicity for people of color, seeing people of color in the news for sex crimes against children. So, keep their faces out of the news now, certainly the white racists. . i mean. . the white ‘victims’ of their crimes, certainly their faces will not be in the news. Then later, underscore how them being in jail makes men of color victims. There’s no end to the display of white women and men of color been seen as blameless victims of society.

  • Guest

    No, the Liberal /Labour progressive Council would rather distract via bead and circuses the locals with new town hall library bus station, wind farms and tram connection you know when money is being spent on material infrastructure, things can only get better…….

  • kikz2

    whatever happened to the soccer hooligans? and the skin heads?.. can’t even count on them for support? maybe i’m naive..

    • newscomments70

      The BNP website lists some interesting youtube videos of working class patriots protesting and fighting back. I wouldn’t call them hooligans, but they look pretty rough. Real hooligans, that get drunk and brawl over football games…they are actually pretty stupid. You cannot count on them.

    • none of your business

      Like the neo Nazi parties in the US, they are largely media/tribe creations. Soccer hooligans have no racial ethnic consciousness whatsoever. I think skin heads disappeared around 1980.

      • LHathaway

        I remember reading about two ‘Nazis’, dressed in full WW2 uniform, attending a speech by anti-immigration congressman Tom Tancredo. They attended in order to ‘support’ his spech. They were actually removed from the speech, I believe. They say some Nazi type gangs of some kind are in our prisons. If so, I suspect that too is a creatoion. What exactly is going on in our prisons that the powers-that-be believe we need Nazi’s in prison?

        • falskog

          they were sent to Tancredo rally by the feds

          • LHathaway

            The ‘feds’ removed them, I think. But you’re right, most of those watching the speech, even many reading that news story, might not have considered: the two Nazi’s in full WW2 uniform in ‘support’ of Tancredo may have in fact been attempting to embarrass him in some way.

  • baldridge999

    This just another aspect of the white genocide mindset of the ruling regimes in virtually every white country. The effort is always to suppress and minimize the street-level genocidal politics, i.e. anti-white crimes, and do whatever is necessary to prevent alarming the white dupes to keep them passively walking towards their collective grave.

  • none of your business

    Now we know why muslim women must be chaperoned by a male relative and covered in a shroud when they go out in public. Muslim men are such sex maniacs that they will pull an 11 year old waiting for the school bus into an alley and gang rape her. There must be a reason why muslim women are kept at home behind locked doors. It is that they are just not safe from muslim men who are sex obsessed to the point of derangement.

  • falskog

    Enough of this story, they could end it in a split second, but they don’t want to. British government, for humanely incomprehensible reason, wants this to go on.