The ostensible takeaway from this Pew mega-poll is that left- and right-wing partisans are alarmingly self-segregating in their media consumption, leading to bitterness, suspicion, and political paralysis.

The actual takeaway? Liberals are jerks. Jerks, I say:


Consistent liberals are also the most likely faction to drop someone as a friend over politics, although their lead over consistent conservatives is more modest on that point (24 percent to 16 percent). Consider all of this corroboration for the old saw that conservatives think most liberals are naive whereas liberals think most conservatives are evil. If you’re the kind of lefty who finds this pitch persuasive, why wouldn’t you dump your righty friends?

You know what’s most interesting about this result, though? It’s not liberals who are the most cloistered when it comes to digesting opposing political views. I would have guessed that contempt for one’s opponents goes hand-in-hand with avoiding exposure to their viewpoint; if your neighbor Bob is to be shunned because he votes Republican, naturally all Republicans and the media they patronize are to be shunned. And yet:



Consistent conservatives lead consistent liberals by double digits when asked if most of their close friends share their political views. “Mostly” conservatives lead “mostly” liberals by double digits too. Fully 94 percent of consistent conservatives name at least one fellow conservative when asked about the three people with whom they most like to talk politics; that number is just 76 percent for consistent liberals vis-a-vis other liberals. The numbers for “mostly” conservatives are dramatic here too, with 82 percent naming at least one conservative friend (a higher percentage than the percentage of consistent liberals who talk with at least one liberal friend). That’s far more lopsided than mostly liberals, who are spread evenly among conservative, moderate, and liberal friends.



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  • AmericanCitizen

    Liberals are amazed when people have viewpoints other than Liberal ones. They very quickly get angry and nasty when asked to defend their viewpoints. It’s almost like they’re so smug and self-assured of their ideology that when questioned they get very defensive and use every type of fallacious argument to browbeat the opposition.

    • Truthseeker

      They can’t intellectually defend their positions, so they shout down their opponents and stifle any debate. I see it all the time.

      It reminds me of Jared Taylor’s quote that “these ideas are so stupid that only intelligent people could convince themselves of them.” That’s why liberals don’t like arguments. They’ve spent so much time building up their utopian mindset that they don’t appreciate people coming along and kicking it down with reality.

      • Bantu_Education

        Its a George Orwell quote –

        “Some ideas are so stupid only intellectuals believe them.”

    • Samuel Hathaway

      A few weeks ago my Sunday School teacher brought up the concepts of biases and prejudices for the Sunday a.m. discussion. I told her quite frankly, that what you may call bias and prejudice are simply like-minded individuals who develop kinships and relations based on common value systems, and common sense standards of community that defines who belongs and who doesn’t… and they aren’t wrong because they feel this way.

      Her reaction? Oh, that’s an interesting point… I’d never thought of it that way….

    • Reverend Bacon

      In my experience, liberals won’t even question the fundamental postulates of liberalism, which include: (1) there are no inherent differences between races, except perhaps in basketball; (2) within and between races, it’s equality of outcome that we strive for, not equality of opportunity. (a corollary to this is BHO’s famous “you didn’t build that.”

      Having a debate with libs who won’t debate their fundamental postulates is doomed to fail. That’s why John Derbyshire’s “the talk: non-black version” got him so much blowback from the libs. If the fundamental postulate #1 is assumed, the only explanation for Derbyshire’s rules is racism.

      • Alexandra1973

        I’d love to throw that quote back in Obama’s smirking face.

        Blacks built America? Yeah right–you didn’t build that, homeys!

    • CallahanAuto

      They like to say, “Wow, just wow,” if you say something they consider “ignorant.”

  • propagandaoftruth

    Libs are naively evil. Cons are realistically evil.

    Beyond liberalism and conservatism…

    Conservatives are merely wicked – liberals are mean!

    • Using the powers of inference and implication, if “liberals” and “conservatives” are increasingly self-segregating, then it must be the case that “liberalism” and “conservatism” in this case and in our times is much more than pure abstract ideology. “Liberalism” and “conservatism” in essence must have some sort of tribal-social connotations.

      • Kenner

        With some genetic basis, as well.

      • propagandaoftruth

        As Kenner quipped below, there is something genetic to it. Eloi and Overmen, lol…

        I cannot tolerate long conversations with lefties anymore.

        They are just passive aggressive bullies. It’s amazing how quickly one can get called a racist or fascist or generic horrible person by simply asking them questions.

        • You used to be one of them.

          Do you ever remember being like that, or do you think the internet has created a conga line of raging fanatics on that side of the aisle?

          • propagandaoftruth


            There was a time when I was slip sliding down into some bad places psychologically, but I was still insulated enough from the reality I advocated.

            I’m not saying I wasn’t obnoxious – more online than in person – but…

            1. I could never join in wholeheartedly on the “bash whitey” thing. I could not forget my experiences, nor could I ever feel completely comfortable around those who too heartily engaged in such. I always argued that AA was a necessary evil which we should look to eventually dismantle. I realize now what that really meant – I was willing to throw a certain percentage of my own under the bus, as long as it wasn’t me. Man that’s rough to admit, but true.

            2. I tried to see the good side of Islam, to excuse, but only briefly. I always argued that Islam is an utter abnegation of all the libtard holds dear beyond intolerance and will to forcibly propagandize and convert all.

            Look – the true believer libtard is Godless no matter what libtardy denomination he/she/it may attend. He/she/it sees all traditional, organized religion as so much silliness at best, the root of all oppression and evil at worst. Since all of it is contemptible ignorance, and since the true believer libtard is a solipsist…

            He/she/it cannot but help to believe that all ignorant religionists just need to be enlightened by educated liberals. If still resistant to libtard secular gospel, they are to be ridiculed. If they threaten to get too much power, they must be destroyed. This is the true goal of libtard dominated education. Destruction of enemies.

            I think the webbytubey has enabled millions of messianic types of all sorts to screech out their screeds and over-impute self worth (lol), but…no. Raging libtard fanatics were at least as bad before the internet. They’re just lazier now.

          • One of the left’s problems is that it’s so chronically over the top with its hate whitey mentality and project that it inevitably runs off its young white troops once they get a little bit older, all but the most hard core true believers.

          • propagandaoftruth

            All but the most hard core masochists and those whose hardcore libtardism is a direct result of their insulation from the reality they advocate/create.

            There’s part of the root of the illness – willful blindness and willingness to throw fellows under the bus. This is pounded even harder into otherwise reasonable heads by our brainwashing educational system, of course, the prime tool for destroying enemies. White children are indoctrinated to hate self and love other, and institutionally abused when forced to go to school with too many darky pets.

  • Easyrhino

    These are the same type of people/fascists who attempt to shut down an AMREN conference

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Considering the way the libs are cynically and traitorously working to reshape the population of the US so as to subvert the democratic process and give themselves monopoly power to decide all issues, I think it’s high time that conservatives did start thinking of them as pure evil.

  • TruthBeTold

    It confirms my experience.

    My comments are likely to be removed on a liberal site and my profile banned.

    Liberal comments are likely to remain standing on conservative venues.

    Liberals are also using robot programs to flood conservative websites.

    • connorhus

      Even so called conservative sites will ban you quickly on certain issues like race or heaven forbid mention gender differences. Still I agree the way leftist sites will delete and ban quickly.

    • CLB11267

      I’ve discussed message board drama with a number of people who moderate sites which have various levels of political discourse. They all tell me essentially the same thing:

      1. When getting into a heated discussion, conservative leaning participants tend to toss out facts and links to sites most will accept as valid. Some will go off the handle when provoked by liberals.

      2. Liberals tend to screech a lot. If they try to back up their arguments with loony tune sites. They are also VERY prone to firing off complaints to moderators.

      3. Left leaning moderators are very prone to letting their ideology influence how they deal with complaints.

      4. Moderate to conservative moderators are less prone to having ideological blinders but often dispense justice in a similar manner as their liberal counterparts due to experience with liberal board members disrupting the board.

      5. Conservative leaning board members who get banned are much more prone to sneaking back on boards to continue participating.

      • LHathaway

        I remember when MSN had MSN chat. The very few presumably conservative moderators bent over backwards trying to be ‘fair’. The other moderators made not effort at all being ‘fair’ just assuming MSN supported their insane world view. The site stated that moderators were there to prevent people from being bullied. The reality was moderators usually kicked out the person everyone else was picking on. At what point does moderator behavior become ‘cyber bullying’?

  • superlloyd

    Liberals are self righteous, smug idiots living in a fluffy, fantasy world of make believe. People in denial are much more resistant to reality than normal, well adjusted people. Hence, most liberals refuse to even listen to a contrary point of view and take offence when one is proffered blocking their ears or throwing tantrums like petulant children. They truly are pitiable excuses for human beings.

    • TruthBeTold

      They fervently believe in a world that doesn’t exist but believe can if we only eliminate ‘hate’.

      ‘Haters’ are anyone who doesn’t share in their fantasy.

  • dd121

    My personal experience with liberals is they can’t just have a principled disagreement with you. If you disagree with them, they hate you.

    • My experiences with Libtards have taught me that discussing anything at all with them is a complete waste of time. In a recent Yahoo news discussion, I described – in completely dispassionate terms – the difficulty of hunting diesel-electric submarines in the Baltic Sea. Down votes, as if the way active sonar pings bounce off the Baltic’s halocline layers is somehow a political issue.

      • For as much as you do, I just can’t imagine you wasting your time in the dead epicenter of the low information undertow, that is, the Yahoo News comment sections.

      • Luca

        Never try to argue with a Liberal. It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the Liberal. (Apologies to Mark Twain)

  • MekongDelta69

    Another useless Pew Pew ‘poll.’

    All of us on AmRen are in the wrong business. We should become ‘professional’ pollsters, subsidized by tax dollars, to conduct meaningless polls, whose outcome is obvious to anybody who’s even half-sentient.

    • MannyR

      Ha! Half-sentient! Hilarious, classic post!

  • connorhus

    Well of course Conservatives talk to Liberals less than the other way around. Liberals never get fired when Conservatives complain about them but yet I have witnesses plenty of legal, employment and other backlash when a Liberal complains about being offended.

    Conservatives have to play a much different game to get their opinion across.

  • Luca

    If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.
    If a liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

    If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.
    If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

    If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to
    defeat his enemy.
    A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.

    If a minority is conservative, they see themselves as independently successful.
    Their liberal counterparts see themselves as victims in need of
    government protection.

    If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
    A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.

    If a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.
    Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.

    If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.
    A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion
    silenced. (Unless it’s Muslims, of course!)

    If a conservative decides he needs healthcare, he goes about shopping
    for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
    A liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.

    If a conservative disagrees with someone, he debates and explains.
    A liberal wants anyone disagreeing with them shut-down, ostracized and ridiculed.

    • M.

      I came across a similar one recently posted by libertarians: http://i(dot)imgur(dot)com/BriIaF7(dot)jpg

      Conservatives have also been known to try and stop shows or books they don’t like. Remember Terry Rakolta?

      But along the years, I’ve come to figure that rare are the people who are 100% conservative or 100% liberal. It depends on issues. Although most people I know would be around 80% this or that.

      Here’s the test if you want to take it. First answer, right-wing; second, left-wing. And you count the points.

      1) Traditional institutions & monarchy v. Republicanism

      2) Traditional American history v. Unbiased view of our colonial past

      3) Pro-family policies v. Neutral view about different types of family

      4) Patriotism v. Internationalism

      5) Personal responsibility v. Needs-based welfare, universal and unconditional

      6) Opposition to immigration v. Anti-Racism, freedom to migrate

      7) Restriction of gay rights, anti-gay marriage v. Pro-

      8) Anti-Abortion/Pro-life v. Pro-choice

      9) Anti-stem cell research v. Pro-

      10) Anti-Drugs v. Pro-liberalisation

      11) Anti-Prostitution v. Pro-liberalisation

      12) Anti-Prostitution mainly because it is sexually immoral v. Anti-prostitution mainly because of risks for prostitutes, or seen as anti-feminist

      13) Anti-Premarital sex v. Pro-choice

      14) Anti-Euthanasia v. Pro-choice

      15) Coarsening of the culture & swearing, violence and sex on TV v. anti-censorship, free expression

      16) Fear of “political correctness” v. Anti-racism, anti-homophobia, etc.

      17) Pro-faith schools, large role of Christianity in public life v. Secularism

      18) Tough punishment, longer prison sentences v. tackling the social causes of crime (poverty, racism)

      19) Strong armed forces v. de-militarisation, disarmament

      20) National security, control orders, DNA database v. Civil liberties, liberal judicial activism

      21) Fox hunting v. Hunt ban

      22) Opposition to the smoking ban, anti-drink and cigarette taxes v. Public health

      23) Opposition to quotas, equalities legislation, v. Equality, positive discrimination, anti-racism

      • LHathaway

        No wonder you’re mostly liberal.

        • M.

          Still having trouble shooting straight, don’t you?

          I know some of my views and stances irritate the majority here, but we can’t agree on everything.

      • JBP

        That is an incredibly skewed “questionnaire”. It leans so far left on the presentation of choices that I just end up saying no answer to most of the questions because of the presumptions.

        • M.

          Could you give me one or two examples of the biases presumptions?

          • JBP

            “Traditional” gov vs monarchy or republicanism
            since when do you liberals get to define what type of gov is traditional. Answer: you don’t. Same goes for all of your questions with such descriptors.

            anti-LGBT rights? Bullcrap. They are no more special than old white men, hence no need for their own set of “rights”.

            Etc etc. Your questions are based on a bunch of false choices, straw men diversions and pc garbage. Liberal la la land

          • M.

            Traditional usually means the old one. If you’ve got a term that you deem more neutral then suggest it.

            And it didn’t say “anti-LGBT” rights. It said, “Restriction of LGBT rights”.


          • JBP

            Very good. Traditional means old. Republics monarchies democracies are all old. You are biased. I am talking to a rock.

            Restriction of lgbt rights? Listen again: they are no more special than an old white guy.

            “Affirmative action to achieve equal outcomes”….That. is. Just. A. Liberal. Lie.

            rewrite your questions without adjectives or adverbs. Or assumptions. Good luck.

          • M.

            If you ask anyone which is more traditional, republicanism or monarchism, they’ll tell you it’s the latter. Although the concepts of democracy and republicanism were around for hundreds of years, they only gained traction relatively recently in history. Historically, monarchism has been the traditional way of governing.

            I don’t care if you think LGBT folks are special or not. On the ground, people on the Left tend to advocate for more rights for them, and people on the Right tend to oppose that.

            And yes, liberals do favor the use of affirmative action so that ethnic/gender groups are equally represented in the workforce/politics. Whether you agree with that or not is what sets on either Right or Left on that issue.

          • JBP

            Okay I’ll fix your ugly skewed questionnaire myself. You claim to be some kind of libertarian, but it does not show:

            1) Institutions:

            -demotist (ask moldbug)


            -a mixture of the above

            2) style of written histories:
            -history with more emphasis on positive aspects

            -Unbiased view of past
            -I don’t care I can read what I want and think for myself

            3) family policies :
            -Mom and Dad
            – Dad and Dad
            – Mom
            – Dad….etc
            – let’s hope the parents are good ones AND prosecute them if they commit a crime

            – WAIT…..let’s let the kid decide a age 6

            4) Individual’s stance on countries
            -Patriotic (does not rhyme with stupid)

            – lowest tax haven theory

            5) Personal responsibility
            – yes there is such a thing
            – community supported

            – Needs-based welfare, universal and unconditional
            (editor’s notes:
            1. for 2nd choice, western civilization values are the foundation, without progressives interfering and

            2. liberal belief in unicorns helps to select the third choice without hesitation)

            6) Country identity:
            -some mixture of the above

            -why? who makes this rule anyway?

            7) Special interests’ ‘rights’
            -if I do not want to invite soccer fans to my house, that is my RIGHT
            – If I do not want to serve sell or otherwise open my privately owned business to someone because of who or what they are, that is my RIGHT
            – the government should not be in the marriage business in the first place-unless they want to look at it as a business association, and even then the gov’t should keep out
            -gays and asian poker players are ‘special’ and deserve extra laws. These extra laws must be written just to protect them from the same thing that can happen to old white guys

            8) The beginning of life:

            – Anti-abortion; but it is still the parents choice, just don’t make me pay for it

            – anti abortion, and if you do it we’ll kill you, too
            – we hate little baby fetuses – Pro-choice

            9) Stem cell research:
            -Anti-stem cell research, pro adult stem cell research; we like little baby fetuses
            -pro ALL stem cell research – oh, and we hate little baby fetuses

            10) drugs

            – unfortunately it looks like we need some drug laws; i guess its because we don’t like anarchy; however, lighten up on ‘soft’ drugs. I smack you now.
            -no laws; its our body. but i’ll need some of your money to get it because i’ll never work again
            -no drugs, it is immoral

            11) Hookers
            – Anti-prostitution: debases women
            -anti prostitution: immoral

            -hey its their business, they’re adults

            13) premarital sex

            -Bible says no
            – mine is my business, yours is your business

            14) euthanasia

            -umm lets just stick it to granny; she doesn’t do anything anymore
            -this doesn’t feel right
            – hey, they asked for it
            -I don’t like, so I don’t want to pay for it

            15) Cultural degradation

            -censor swearing, violence and sex on TV

            -Anti-censorship; you can choose not to watch
            -but there wont be any more good movies

            16) PC mania
            -I can say my opinion and let the chips fall
            -Anti-racism, anti-homophobia
            -anti Eastern-Belgians, because that’s just ‘bad’
            – the Jews are behind this (Mel told me so)

            17) Education
            -Pro-faith schools, large role of Christianity in public life

            -Secularism – immersed in liberal groupthink
            – schools that can beat a kids ass for misbehaving
            -madrassa’s everywhere, After all it got the USA a freaking genius in the white house

            18) Crime and punishment and rehabilitation:
            -Tough punishment, longer prison sentences

            -Tackling the social causes of crime (poverty, racism)
            – oh, maybe both without the pile of feely good stupid crap that has already been shown to fail

            19) National military position
            -Strong armed forces

            -Downsize, disarmament…you say Vlad who is knocking?
            -maybe the first two if other countries (that would allies) pick up the slack

            20) 2nd amendment USA:
            -Right to own and carry arms – yes

            -Ban/restriction thereof
            -establish a gun pool so citizens can always get one when necessary; oh, have the gubmint control it…….

            21) Vice control:
            -against drink, and smoking bans and taxes

            -Pro control and taxes;
            – you said i can’t smoke/drink in your house/private business? oaky your call but i’ll leave

            22) SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR ALL
            -Opposition to quotas and equality legislation. If a private business does not want to hire tuba playing Latinos, or lip-syncing chess masters from central Luxemborg (burg? who cares I don’t like them anyway!), that IS THEIR RIGHT.

            -Affirmative action to achieve equal outcomes/representation in workforce and politics because we know nobody will game the system. and who cares about safety, quality or other peoples more basic rights? GOTTA BE EQUAL. Where’s my reparations Mr. PigFord!!!!

            There. I passed. I’m mostly a cranky Old Whigg with some neoreactionary and right wingnut sauce thrown in. The bottom line is that the USA has gone in the crapper since Coolidge left 1600 penn ave. The States have abdicated OUR rights, and abrogated (I still don’t like the Luxes) their RESPONSIBILITY.

      • baldridge999

        The only argument that really matters in the present situation is whether someone is pro-white or anti-white. And the anti-whites have got to go. It doesn’t matter whether they call themselves liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist or whatever.

  • propagandaoftruth

    She should be sent to an ISIS brothel.

  • Another one saved for printing a T-shirt iron-on.

  • Lord Sandwich

    I used to comment frequently on Hot Air many years ago. The posters are mostly conservative like me. I don’t visit liberal sites like Huffpo. What would be the point? I enjoy Facebook, but generally avoid political posts. My liberal friends who spend too much time on their soapboxes get un-followed rather than unfriended. That way I can still visit their page or re-follow them if circumstances require that. I have little interest in trying to convince liberals of their folly via argument, especially when it is a public debate broadcast to others who are not involved. I enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Debate is fine with me, but only with people I give a crap about, and in private.

    • TruthBeTold

      Many liberal sites have switched from disqus to accounts linked to facebook.

      I suspect they’re doing this so they can keep track of people and target you later if they really really hate you.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        I think it is more for the public shaming aspect.

  • TruthBeTold

    It’s frustrating that you follow the rules; no personal attacks, no ‘racist’ comments but you get smacked down for stating an obvious fact.

    It happens to me all the time.

    And when they really don’t like hearing the truth, they delete all the comments.

    A few years back, the Buffalo News completely redid their online disqus comments but not before they deleted every page of comments.

    Thousands of comments on hundreds of articles disappeared overnight without warning because liberals can’t handle the truth.

  • M.

    What left-wingers hate more than unequal outcomes is the idea that these differences may be due, at least in part, to inherent differences (in people, religions, etc.)

  • phillyguy

    like I always say, the white liberals and the leftist media are the biggest threat to the white race,, we have to stop them first before anything else.

    • JohnEngelman

      How do you intend to stop us?

      • M.

        The “us” part made me smile.

        You are for tougher prison sentences, you take race and immigration seriously, you regularly mention illegitimacy and obscenity in negative terms, and you’d take Israel’s side over the Palestinian’s in the Mideast conflict any day.

        Apart from wanting a larger safety net economically, you’re not a liberal. You’re a moderate.

        • JohnEngelman

          Try “moderate liberal.” I am also in favor of environmental protection.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I’ve come to hate the American dichotomy. I don’t know what to call myself.

            I was once a proud liberal, but although I still share most of your opinions, I cannot call myself that word.

            Much hostility toward government stems from government’s ideologized abuse of it’s powers, particularly by hurting Whites to help others.

            I support a merit based civil service where all applicants become a race-less, usually gender-less, number. They take a test and then are hired/promoted based on test results and other reasonable criteria.

          • WR_the_realist

            I am in favor of environmental protection and believe that working people should get decent wages. When I saw how adamant the Democrats are in favor of an immigration policy that over populates our country and keeps wages low, I gave up on them.

          • JohnEngelman

            The liberal policy toward immigration conflicts with nearly everything else liberals want to achieve.

            Republican politicians will exploit anti immigrant sentiment. I doubt they will do anything substantial to reduce immigration.

          • WR_the_realist

            I think Jeff Sessions will, although there certainly aren’t enough Republicans like him.

          • JohnEngelman

            The Republican Party exists in order to advance the economic interests of the richest ten percent of the American population. Keep that in mind and you will never be surprised by what Republican politicians do when most registered Republicans are not looking.

          • WR_the_realist

            Today the Democratic Party exists in order to advance the interests of blacks and illegal immigrants. They wrote off the white working class 40 years ago.

          • JohnEngelman

            Heads they win. Tails we lose.

          • Alexandra1973

            I believe in stewardship of the earth. God gave it to us, we should take care of it–not worship it. I don’t care to see litter all over the place.

            That having been said…I don’t believe in man-made climate change/global warming.

            I do, however, believe there’s a bit of an issue with pharmaceuticals in our water.

      • Rifle fire used to work.

        • JBP

          Darwin might offer a hand

  • JohnEngelman

    Consistent liberals are also the most likely faction to drop someone as a friend over politics.

    – Hot Air, October 21, 2014

    By the criteria of the Pew Research article I am a moderate liberal. Over the years my friends have ranged from Ayn Rand Objectivists to Trotskyites. I would never break a friendship because of political differences. A reason I suppose is because I enjoy political arguments. For me it like playing chess or tennis.

    • You’re an obstinate one for sure.

      I’m one of the rare regulars here who has gotten you to back down on something as a matter of fact.

      But you do not strike me as an ideological cultist. And that’s a good thing, because we’re fixed for ideological cults and their practitioners well enough, TYVM.

      • JohnEngelman

        I take facts seriously. Most people allow their likes and dislikes to influence their judgement of what is true and false. I try not to. Nevertheless, I do from time to time.

        When did you get me “to back down on something as a matter of fact?”

        I am not saying you did not do that. I am saying I would like to be reminded, so I do not make that mistake again.

        • The 1965 immigration legislation. Your point was that everyone knew what was in it and what it was going to do and accepted it eyes wide open, mine was that its sponsors had to lie and deceive and claim that it wouldn’t change American racial demographics at all in order to garner support.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am fascinated by different opinions, just as I am fascinated by different cultures. All that I ask of someone who disagrees with me is that he or she is willing to discuss the disagreements without getting angry.

  • JohnEngelman

    One of my favorite political topics is the nature, extent, importance, and likely biological reasons for racial differences. Even conservatives frequently get upset when I start talking about that.

    • Luca

      Such a topic should not political at all. It should be strictly scientific.

      • JohnEngelman

        Those who try to silence me on that topic try to turn it into a moral issue. In other words, I am a bad person for telling the truth about innate racial differences.

        • They think you are a bad person even when you don’t discuss those. They do me as well. I mentioned today the advantages of keeping important family paperwork like passports, Social Security cards, university diplomas and car titles in a bank safe-deposit box, so these can not be lost in a natural disaster or misused by identity thieves after a home burglary. No matter: down-votes.

  • Lionel Hutz

    My blocking of liberals on my FB feed is positively correlated to however many drinks I’ve had that night.

    My blocking of “conservatives” on my FB feed is positively correlated to however many couching, anti-racist qualifiers they use before posting “conservative” content.

  • LHathaway

    “I merely stated that he was a hypocrite because female Whitehouse staffers made less than male ones”.

    And they assumed you just made that up, or they blocked you because they could not stomach that much resistance, or you think no criticism of Obama is allowed?

    On that discussion of feminism or equal pay, I might have said something about garbage collectors. But, that doesn’t even ruffle one hair on their head. I bet it would if they were garbage collectors. .

    • Alexandra1973

      This whole thing about women getting paid less for doing the same job is a bunch of baloney. One has to take into account maternity leave, hours worked, and the like. You can have a woman make $20K at a job and a man $30K at the exact same job…and you find out the man was working overtime, and the woman might have been on maternity leave. When you break it down and show an hourly rate, feminists have nothing to holler about.

      I also heard that these moonbats want equal pay all around–a guy holding the stop/slow sign at a construction project should get paid the same as someone at a high-risk job. More redistribution of wealth.

      • Luca

        Larry Elder makes the logical argument. If you can get a woman to do what a man does for less money, all the men would be unemployed. Why pay more for the same results.

      • LHathaway

        How do they explain the pay gap for those who get paid by the hour? Most employees get paid by the hour, or get paid a set salary, do they not?

        • Alexandra1973

          Probably merit, I’d imagine.

          But if you’re in a union shop–forget a raise based on merit. Been there, done that.

          • LHathaway

            lol, merit? Those who get paid by the hour earn the same wage. If they didn’t, they would have grounds to sue, especially if they were from some ‘protected’ group.

  • LHathaway

    I didn’t know you could block someone on facebook. I did know, or rather infer, that you can complain about someone on facebook.

  • MannyR

    Shocking…absolutely shocking. Who would ever think.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    True. They block or unfriend me after first calling me a racist and a bigot without providing any valid support for their allegations.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Like this schlep?

    • M.

      Haha, I got a better one:

  • JBP

    That’s the last straw! I unfriend you all.

  • Luca

    People create religions in their image. Religions in turn, influence the masses of those same types of like-minded people. The Arabs who have about 15% sub-Saharan DNA, are a low IQ, somewhat violent society who historically had to to fight tribal wars over limited resources.

    They created Islam to dovetail into their culture and society.

    • a multiracial individual

      If there was an Islamic majority white nation what would that look like to you?

  • Luca

    Repeat after me: “Liberalism is a Cult.” Most liberal viewpoints I have heard are repetitive talking points that simply fit an agenda. They abandon all logic and common sense when they hear an opposing point of view. They chant, repeat slogans and/or name call when they can’t prove their point.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Reading the comments section of this and a few other stories lately, I’d like to issue a public service announcement encouraging people to actually read the story and not just the headline before posting.

  • SpiritSplice

    Better yet, the GOP needs to go extinct. You don’t purge cancer, you kill it.