US Gov’t Seeks Supplies for Immigration Documents

Alicia A. Caldwell, Yahoo! News, October 22, 2014

The Homeland Security Department appears to be preparing for an increase in the number of immigrants living illegally in the country to apply for work permits after President Barack Obama announces his long-promised plans for executive actions on immigration reform later this year.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services confirmed to The Associated Press that it has published a draft contract proposal to buy the card stock needed to make work permits and Permanent Resident Cards, more commonly known as green cards. The proposal calls for providing material for at least 5 million cards a year, with as many as 9 million “during the initial period . . . to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.” The contract calls for as many 34 million cards over five years.

USCIS, the Homeland Security agency that oversees immigration benefits, produces about 3 million work permits and Green Cards annually, so the new contract would at least provide the Obama administration with the flexibility to issue far more work permits or green cards even if it chose not to exercise that option.


Obama said earlier this year that he would act on his own if Congress failed to pass immigration legislation. He has twice delayed making any changes, saying as recently as last month that he would hold off on executive actions until after November’s midterm elections.


The president does not have the legal authority to unilaterally offer immigrants in the country illegally green cards or any other permanent immigration status. But administration officials have said the president can authorize protection from deportation for immigrants on a case-by-case basis, such as with the DACA program, and issue work permits.



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  • DaveMed

    This is the amnesty.

    There will be no splashing headlines employing the term “amnesty.” There will be no obvious triggers or sudden moves. It will be done through these kinds of innocuous “adjustments” and “fixes” of the immigration and visa systems.

  • AmericanCitizen

    I’m hoping the amnesty issue ends up toppling Obama. He may very well bite off more than he can chew here, and he really doesn’t have a lot of political capital to call on if impeachment proceedings are convened. Dems are sick of him too, and a GOP win in 2 weeks followed by an amnesty (essentially that’s Obama flouting the rule of law with an in-your-face attitude) might just tip the scales and open enough eyes to start the legal process of throwing this guy out on his ass.

    • Julius Caesar

      This is all that comes to mind when I think of Obongo anymore. I mean, really…the AUDACITY of this half-breed.

      • Lionel Hutz

        This will make the casual googler sympathetic to the white cause…

    • RealisticGuy

      The dems will absolutely not impeach Obama. If they did that, they’d be throwing away years of minority pandering.

      I reckon they’ll accept a few electoral defeats, waiting for Obama’s open gates to let in as many greasy people as it takes to keep them in power until the inevitable complete collapse of America.

  • Luca

    How soon before they go looking for vendors to provide voting material for illegals lest their civil rights be violated and a UN investigation started?

    • AmericanCitizen

      Read this and remember that you heard it here first. I predict that in a great example of irony, the newly amnestied will rally around our founding fathers cry of “No taxation without representation”. Their logic will be simple, we have work permits, pay taxes, and thus deserve representation (which is the right to vote). Anyone against this will be portrayed as the biggest un-Americans ever who even repudiate the founders in the name of xenophobia, or racism, or bigotry, or whatever label is in vogue to describe patriotic Americans.

      That’s right, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Adams, and those who took the biggest risks to create this great nation will be quoted to justify dismantling the nation they built.

      • They may not need to ask for the vote.

        Sure, non-citizens can’t vote, in theory.

        But remember, our fraud protection and prosecution mechanisms are so insanely weak, (hint: A certain political party wants it that way), that illegal aliens, the ones with tee totally zero documentation, are able to register to vote, and actually do vote. So what makes anyone think that quasi-legalized illegal aliens won’t be able to do the same?

        Then there’s motor-voter. Its biggest proponent and advocate just immediately before it was passed was Sen. Alan “The Cadaver” Cranston, a Democrat from Mexifornia. Its biggest advocates were Democrats from immigrant heavy state. So it was obvious to see that M-V was a thinly disguised mechanism to be able to get illegal aliens on the voter rolls. And also convicted felons in the few states where they are permanently not allowed to vote.

  • RealisticGuy

    34 is much greater than 11. Strange.

    And lets face it, it will be far more than 34 million. Expect 5 million a year in perpetuity. This is it; the left wing’s attempt to destroy America once and for all.

  • IstvanIN

    It is over. The US is over and the evil left has won. 34 million Hispanics. Another 100,000 Haitians. No election can save White America because we have a president who is above the law, and have since at least Clinton. The entire nation will soon be one giant cesspool. The only thing that could possibly save us is something that, if I mentioned it, would get me banned from here permanently. They have piled one small victory on top of another and now they can go for the coup d’é·tat, with the Republican’s full blessing. We are as dead as the Roman Empire and about as likely to rise from the ashes as Pharaonic Egypt is.

    • mobilebay