The first Ebola patient in the U.S. has been named as Thomas Eric Duncan, his sister confirmed today.

Mai Wureh said that her brother told officials the first time he went to the hospital that he was visiting from Liberia.

There were fears for an unknown number of schoolchildren in Dallas, Texas today after it was revealed that a number of students were in school this week after possibly being in contact with Mr Duncan over the weekend when he had become contagious.

Authorities said on Wednesday that members of Mr Duncan’s family are among up to 18 people being monitored after exposure to the man along with the ambulance crew who transported him to hospital.

Texas Governor Rick Perry said at a hospital press conference on Wednesday that several children in Dallas came in contact with the Ebola patient, believed to be a man in his fifties, and were being kept out of school to be closely monitored.

As health officials scrambled to contain the infection, Perry said he had ‘full confidence’ in Texas medical teams when it came to the safety and welfare of citizens, adding that only those who came in close contact with the patient when he was contagious were at risk.

The man arrived in Texas from Liberia, one of the West African countries in the Ebola ‘hot zone’, on September 20.

The man is in a ‘serious but stable condition’ and has been quarantined since Sunday–although he was in the U.S. for almost a week before being isolated.

He is ‘awake, talking and asking for food’, doctors said today.

The patient showed no symptoms of the disease during his journey–which also included a stop en route in Brussels, Belgium–but began to develop signs on September 24.

He sought medical care two days later at Texas Presbyterian Hospital–where he was dismissed with antibiotics amid reports that he had not been closely questioned about his recent travel.

On September 28, the man, who believed to be married and have children, was rushed to hospital in an ambulance while vomiting and was quarantined.

It raised the frightening prospect that he was mixing freely with others for a full four days while showing symptoms of the virus–the time when Ebola is most contagious.

A team of CDC ‘disease detectives’ arrived in Dallas on Wednesday and were going door-to-door to find out who may have come in contact with the man while he was contagious with Ebola.

Dallas County Health Department was forced to deny that a second male patient was being closely monitored today after media reports.

The ambulance crew who transported the patient all tested negative for Ebola on Wednesday but have been placed in ‘reverse isolation’ at their homes for the next 21 days as a precaution.

Ambulance 37 which transported him to the hospital has been cordoned off. There are concerns after it was used to move patients for two days after the Ebola patient but hospital officials have reassured citizens that it was properly sterilized.

The man arrived in the U.S. on September 20 from the West African region, where the disease has been rapidly spreading since its outbreak last December.

While en route to the U.S., he also traveled through Brussels in Belgium, the Liberian Ministry of Information confirmed today.

There is believed to be no risk to anyone who traveled on the same flight from Liberia because he did not have any symptoms at the time. The virus is not contagious until symptoms develop and is then transmitted via bodily fluids.

Health officials are investigating the misdiagnosis and why the patient’s isolation was delayed despite his symptoms and his travel history.

A source told CNN that no one had asked the man if he had recently traveled.

The CDC recommends that all medical facilities ask patients who present with Ebola symptoms about countries they have visited.

Community leaders are also assisting medical professionals in the hunt for those who need to be tested while trying to quell panic in the local Dallas community.

Stanley Gaye, president of the Liberian Community Association of Dallas-Fort Worth,
told MailOnline on Wednesday that he believed the patient was a man in his 50s.

He understood that the man had been visiting his wife or fiancée and the house he had been staying had a lot of children living there.

His identity has not been officially confirmed.

Mr Gaye said at a community meeting on Tuesday: ‘We’ve been telling people to try to stay away from social gatherings.

‘We need to know who it is so that they (family members) can all go get tested. If they are aware, they should let us know. We are very concerned about it’.

Alben Tarty, spokesman for the association, said he was keen to avoid a panic but that he wanted anyone infected to come forward. He said that the patient was a ‘family man’ and was thought to have children.

Mr Tarty said: ‘It’s scary for them’.

The patient was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and isolated on September 28. according to Centers for Disease Control Director Tom Frieden.

The patient is reportedly not being treated with the experimental serum ZMapp–because there is none left.

Dr Frieden said there was no risk to anyone on the airplane because the patient had no symptoms at the time of the flight.

It is not clear how the patient became infected.

‘From the information that we have now, it does not appear the individual was involved in the response to Ebola, but that’s something we’ll investigate more,’ he said on Tuesday.

The man’s name or nationality have not yet been released but it is understood that he was visiting relatives in the U.S.

Asked how many people the patient may have had close contact with, the CDC Director said: ‘I think a handful is the right characterization.’

The man is not believed to have gone to any other hospitals in the area.

President Obama is aware of the patient’s Ebola diagnosis and the public health investigation, the White House said.

Dr Frieden said he believed the case also marked the first time this strain of Ebola has been diagnosed outside of West Africa.

The unidentified patient is being kept in isolation and the hospital is following Centers for Disease Control recommendations to keep doctors, staff and patients safe.

Dr Edward Goodman, epidemiologist for Texas Health Presbyterian, said the hospital had a plan for handling Ebola should a suspected case emerge and was ‘well prepared’ to provide care.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told CBS DFW: ‘We have quarantined both [the ambulance crew that took the patient to the hospital] and the unit itself to make sure that nothing was there that can be spread.’

He added: ‘First and foremost, we gotta have our thoughts and prayers for this man, who is very sick and hopefully he’ll get well. But we’re gonna sure everybody else is safe at the same time.’

The patient’s symptoms and recent travel indicated a case of Ebola.

Specimens from the patient were tested by a state lab and confirmed by a separate test by the Centers for Disease Control, said Carrie Williams, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The hospital is reviewing why the patient was initially sent home with antibiotics.

Zachary Thompson, director of Dallas County Health & Human Services, said health officials in North Texas are well equipped to care for the patient.

‘This is not Africa,’ he told Dallas station WFAA. ‘We have a great infrastructure to deal with an outbreak.’

Twelve other people in the U.S. have been tested for Ebola since July 27, according to the CDC. All of those tests were negative.

Four U.S. aid workers who became infected while volunteering in West Africa have been treated in special isolation facilities in hospitals in Atlanta and Nebraska.

A U.S. doctor exposed to the virus in Sierra Leone is under observation in a similar facility at the National Institutes of Health.

The U.S. has only four such isolation units. But asked whether the male patient from Liberia would be moved to one of those specialty facilities, Dr Frieden said there was no need and virtually any hospital can provide the proper care and infection control.

One of the health workers who contracted Ebola, Samaritan’s Purse Dr Kent Brantly, testified to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee about prevention methods earlier this month, The National Journal reported.

‘Many have used the analogy of a fire burning out of control to describe this unprecedented Ebola outbreak,’ Brantly said.

‘Indeed it is a fire–it is a fire straight from the pit of hell. We cannot fool ourselves into thinking that the vast moat of the Atlantic Ocean will protect us from the flames of this fire.

‘Instead, we must mobilize the resources . . . to keep entire nations from being reduced to ashes.’

Just one day before the Dallas Ebola case was publicly confirmed, Bill Gates said at a breakfast meeting that countries should get ready to handle a possible outbreak of the deadly  virus as people from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea move across borders.

‘Because of that uncertainty, I am not going to hazard a guess,’ Gates said when asked whether he thinks the massive ramping up of international aid over the past few weeks is enough.

‘We are sorry to learn of the confirmed case of Ebola in Dallas,’ Samaritan’s Purse president Bruce Johnson said in a statement on Tuesday.

‘This person did exactly the right thing – report to a hospital.’

He added: ‘I am grateful for what we have available in the U.S. We have seen the success and survival rate of Americans cared for in a well-equipped medical center. We need to help share this with the people of West Africa.

‘We will be praying for the survival of this patient and that doctors will continue to learn at a quickened pace what will help fight this epidemic across West Africa.’

Ebola symptoms can include fever, muscle pain, vomiting and bleeding, and can appear as long as 21 days after exposure to the virus.

Ebola is not contagious until symptoms begin, and it takes close contact with bodily fluids to spread.

The New York Times reported traveling medical workers are treated with suspicion, and that they must also deal with ‘a belief that simply saying “Ebola” aloud makes the disease appear.’

Health officials use two primary guidelines when deciding whether to test a person for the virus–whether that person has traveled to West Africa and whether he or she has been near friends or relatives or other people who have been exposed to the virus, said CDC spokesman Jason McDonald.

Since the summer months, U.S. health officials have been preparing for the possibility that an individual traveler could unknowingly arrive with the infection. Health authorities have advised hospitals on how to prevent the virus from spreading within their facilities.

People boarding planes in the outbreak zone are checked for fever, but that does not guarantee that an infected person won’t get through. Liberia is one of the three hardest-hit countries in the epidemic, along with Sierra Leone and Guinea.

The epidemic has killed more than 3,000 people in West Africa.

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  • DaveMed

    This man knowingly spent time with Ebola-infected patients and then flew to a “clean” country, putting countless people at risk in the process. He is either too stupid or too selfish for a sane country to allow him to remain.

    The operative term being “sane country.”

    • Boris McGuffin

      Yes, and what are the odds that, even if he is cured, he’ll be evicted from the USA?

      • Ella

        What is the price tag for American tax payers to treat this noncitizen? I think Dallas spends about 80 million p/y for unpaid healthcare bills from illegals.

        • mobilebay

          Check out Parkland Hospital. They get all the illegal babies born in Dallas County. All new citizens at the expense of the taxpayers as are the goodies they’ll accumulate the rest of their lives.

      • Ed

        None deportations to Liberia have ended.

      • Lionel Hutz

        how much ya wanna bet he gets an invite to the White House?

        • Invite? With today’s Secret Service, he won’t need one. Just go on in and make himself at home. The DMV employee demographic quality Secret Service will be no bother at all.

          • Lionel Hutz

            If his treatment is successful, he WILL be invited (or at least be given extensive media coverage and a shout-out from Obama), and he will be held up as a shining example as to why we needn’t worry about such things as medieval pandemics or open borders with the current administration in charge.

            For bonus points, it will also serve as validation of the left’s assertion that we on the right are paranoid, fear mongering racists.

          • Max

            Yes. You can be sure they have PR preparations to brag and take credit that “the system worked” if there are no sequelae or deny any knowledge or culpability if problems ensue.

          • Conservative

            When will Obama’s PR people going to tell you how much this is going to cost U.S. taxpayers?

            There is no way this epidemic will not spread with Obama in charge. Drastic steps need to be taken. I believe our Military are at great risk being among so many in Africa infected and dying.

        • Conservative

          While there I hope he gives a big, sloppy kiss to Barack and Michelle!

          Isn’t great we now have Obamacare to pay for all the illegals arrive here to infect more U.S. citizens.

          How many health care workers are going to be infected. No matter how many precautions are taken there is no guarantee this killer disease is going to spread.

          BARACK: Close the border now! If you and your family return to Africa we will wish you well and say ‘good riddance’, you have already done enough damage to the U.S. and it’s citizens.

      • Fathercoughlin

        Whether he lives or dies one thing is certain:He will never work again.

    • deep_enough

      I would like to know exactly when he bought his airline ticket …. Before he was exposed or after (as in knew) he had been exposed…

      And he told the hospital (on his first trip) he was visiting from Liberia. According to his sister. Uh huh — she heard him tell them. I’m supposed to believe the hospital was told “just got here 4 days ago from Liberia where I was exposed to Ebola a few weeks ago” … Oh, and when he “happened to mention that he was visiting from Liberia” …. did he happen to mention just how long ago he left Liberia? As in 4 days as opposed to 4 weeks or 4 months maybe??? I mean it does makes all the difference in the world (as to whether or not he might have Ebola)…

      So I just don’t believe the sister’s story. I mean, its possible the hospital was totally stupid. But its about a 1000x more likely they DID NOT tell hospital the relevant information that the patient certainly knew.

      Story doesn’t work for me. There’s something rotten here…

      • gemjunior

        Exactly. I work in a hospital and if I see a black person with a foreign accent I immediately think about Ebola. So I agree, the hospital was most unlikely to have “forgotten” to ask this doofus about his recent travel history. How many employees did he pass through? And every one of them was remiss? Yes, there is something odd about this case entirely.

        • Who Me?

          How many of those employees were black? Did they bother to ask a fellow black? How many of them were Hispanic and had accents so thick that between the accents of the Hispanics and the African’s probably less-than-perfect grasp of English, did they even understand the question (if it was asked)?
          Oh, and is this the same Dallas-area hospital that allowed a nurse with active TB to work for several weeks, (on the maternity floor, no less) exposing over 700 newborns and their mothers to TB, before finding out and putting her on leave? We can tell THEY’VE sure got a handle on infectious disease control, don’t they?

          • gemjunior

            Wow, it’s a lot worse than I even thought…

          • katzkiner

            Mark Levine reported that Duncan’s landlord’s daughter died from Ebola, the landlord died from Ebola, and Duncan hightailed it to the USA for western medical care. Time to impose an air blockade on the Dark Continent. But, that be “wacist”. So they will put all of Europe and the USA at risk.

          • Charlie

            This disease was created by the elites…and let me explain the reasons why…for starters, miscegenation is at an all time high, with thousands of brain dead European and White American women, flocking to the locales of the Caribbean, as “sex tourists”…many of these traitorous females will have sex with dozens of Haitians, Jamaicans, and Black Virgin Islanders, before returning to Europe and America, only to infect their European and White American, “husbands”…with the lascivious morals of Westerners, seemingly out of control these days, diseases such as these, can easily break into a massive pandemic of Biblical proportions…you have to realize that, the influenza epidemic of 1918-20, all started with a single soldier, in a military hospital in Kansas, and before long, some 20 million people died, with over half a million dead, in the U.S., alone…

          • Max

            Strictly speaking, Ebola is already officially a pandemic.

          • Charlie

            And the current Marxist government, is already making preparatory steps, to exploit this crisis…if things escalate, in terms of the numbers of infected peoples, and deaths begin to mount, they will quarantine entire metropolitan areas…that’s why the DHS, has all but taken over virtually every major police force in the urban areas of this country, and they’re probably working on the rural areas, as well…ever since the 1950’s, the government has built an underground “lower 48”, a virtual underground continent, which in the event of a civilizational catastrophe, all government officials, can move underground, and travel about the country, literally from coast to coast, while the people above ground, will starve to death, and fight and wantonly murder for the few miniscule remaining resources that remain…the propaganda machine is exploiting this to the hilt…

          • Olorin

            > This disease was created by the elites..

            Good heavens.

            “Phylogenetic and sequencing evidence from gene boundaries was consistent with integration of filoviruses in mammalian genomes. We detected integrated filovirus-like elements in the genomes of bats, rodents, shrews, tenrecs and marsupials. Moreover, some filovirus-like elements were transcribed and the detected mammalian elements were homologous to a fragment of the filovirus genome whose expression is known to interfere with the assembly of Ebolavirus. The phylogenetic evidence strongly indicated that the direction of transfer was from virus to mammal. Eutherians other than bats, rodents, and insectivores (i.e., the candidate reservoir taxa for filoviruses) were significantly underrepresented in the taxa with detected integrated filovirus-like elements. The existence of orthologous filovirus-like elements shared among mammalian genera whose divergence dates have been estimated suggests that filoviruses are at least tens of millions of years old.

            “Our findings indicate that filovirus infections have been recorded as paleoviral elements in the genomes of small mammals despite extranuclear replication and a requirement for cooption of reverse transcriptase. Our results show that the mammal-filovirus association is ancient and has resulted in candidates for functional gene products (RNA or protein).”


        • GeneticsareDestiny

          According to this Yahoo news article, a nurse did ask him if he’d been to Africa, and he told her that he had. Unfortunately, she didn’t think it was relevant and didn’t pass that information on to the rest of his care team.

          Also, are we entirely sure this man is black? I assumed from his pretty white-sounding name and the fact that he has family in the U.S. that he was a white guy who’d gone to Africa for some reason (business, perhaps?).

          He could, of course, be black. If anyone knows of a source with information about his race, please comment with it.


          • propagandaoftruth

            Africa is going to burn. And by burn, I mean rot, fester, postulate, starve, descend into an ever downward spiral of violence and misery…
            Wait. Is going to?
            There it is right there. The cauldron of the Apocalypse. Because we won’t adopt a sensible, “prime directive” approach to the place and its amazing peoples, won’t let Dr. Malthus work his miracles for a couple or three generations…
            There it is. Hell on Earth and ready to blow. Blowing.
            The dystopic future is now.

          • Adolf Verloc

            Black settlers from the US ruled Liberia with an iron hand until they were overthrown in a coup with great slaughter in 1980. Lots of them have Anglo-Saxon names.

          • DaveMed

            Are there Whites in Liberia?

          • bilderbuster

            I think there were some, but they got their throats slit a couple of weeks ago by the natives they were foolishly trying to help.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            There may be some, but not many. I wasn’t able to find much information on them. But Liberia’s constitution prohibits non-blacks from being citizens, so anyone who holds their citizenship must be black.

            Also, here is a picture of the man with ebola, from the Daily Mail:

        • kikz2

          yeah, right, sure, they’ d had extensive training in how to deal w/this… from back in Aug.. eyeroll…

        • Ella

          Maybe the hospital was informed not to profile or they’ll be threatened with law suits?

        • Max

          My first thought would be HIV. Second, TB; third, parasites; fourth, Ebola; fifth, welfare benefits; fifth, White House.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Well ultimately it comes to something like…

        Are we letting ebola infested people in the country from Africa because we’re afraid to look racist?

        Sounds like a set up to some plague zombie apocalypse film.

        Anti-ebola is anti-black?

        • cherrie greenbaum123

          “Anti-ebola is anti-black”
          Just an FYI: I’m stealing that. 😉

          • rightrightright

            There’s Ebonics and now there’s Ebolics.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          This sounds like a joke, but it’s actually already happening, only with tuberculosis instead of ebola. There are liberals who will tell you that being against Hispanic immigrants (legal or illegal) coming into the U.S. with tuberculosis is racist. And since blacks enjoy the highest position in the progressive stack, I expect this illogical reasoning will spread to them and ebola quickly.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        As it often is with negroes telling tales.

    • Paws

      We are becoming more like Africa everyday.

    • Periapsis

      Someone who knowingly does this might well be a terrorist. To Muslim jihadis, this would be the perfect below the RADAR way to kill thousands, even millions. Their own deaths mean nothing to them, why would our lives matter? He endangered everyone who was in the same room or vehicle with him. Ebola is spread through the air, inanimate objects as well as physical contact and body fluids. He should be investigated as a possible terrorist, and if he is one, jailed then deported. If not, he should be deported as soon as he’s no longer infectious. which could take three months IF he survives. I think he will likely favor us by dying, cursing us by having to dispose of his lethally infectious remains. He should be cremated or thrown into a tissue digester to destroy all traces of Ebola virus.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Two things. Ebola, as far as we’ve been told, is not presently spread through the air – at least not yet. That certainly is not to say that it might not evolve into being airborne. Second, do you really think our rulers have every taken this “terrorist” threat seriously? Open borders should be everyone’s first clue that the government has one concern – to control and terrorize – us citizens. It’s never been about outsiders. To our government, we, especially whites, are the ones to be exterminated. Useless eaters, I believe the phrase is.

        • propagandaoftruth

          You have to be somehow sloshed or snotted on to get it. Body fluid.

          A-choo! Snot can remain airborne for a good vector.

          • Jo

            Yes, think of grocery store cashiers sneezing into their hands, have seen it, then handling our food. We carry it home.

        • bilderbuster

          Useless eaters do exist and they aren’t Whites.

        • Periapsis

          It has been proven to be able to do that in Reston Va. and infect humans too back in 1989. We were lucky those workers at a monkey facility did not get ill, all of the monkeys that caught it died or were dying. The virus spread through the ventilation and air-conditioning system. It’s only a matter of time before a strain that is both lethal to man and airborne appears. In other words, it will sooner or later do what bubonic plague can. And when that happens, our luck will run out.

      • Who Me?

        Jihadi terrorist? Possibly, but I would prefer to go out with a huge blast, rather than have my innards turn to mush and bleeding from every orifice…

    • Jim

      Yes, everything points to that. He lied on his travel info, which asks if he had contact with any ebola victims. He had. He almost certainly came to the US so he could get treatment.

  • MekongDelta69

    I’ve been around here (AmRen) a very long time, and I’ve been around (in general), a much longer time.

    Can anybody name me anything GOOD which has happened since November 4, 2008? – whether it be racial, or ANYTHING else?

    I can’t…

    • anony

      Yes. Time has proceeded apace; we have only two more years to go.

    • I’d push it a step further. Today, everything touched by government turns to excrement. But what do you expect from a third world mind like Obama’s and a surrounding cast of mystery meat boneheads.

      • Tarczan

        I beg your pardon, O is Harvard educated, was a law professor, and editor of the Harvard law review. Clearly a top-notch mind.

        • Yancy Derringer

          He was NOT a law professor. He was a part-time lecturer, an adjunct. Huge difference. What kind of lawyers were Obama and Michelle? Practically worthless:

          http://hillbuzz DOT org/why-the-obamas-really-lost-their-law-licenses-answer-may-surprise-you-63641

          • Tarczan

            Yes, I know. He is very average at best.

          • Max

            You KNOW the fix was in however in that they actually did *offer* him a professorship with IMMEDIATE tenure which is of course, unusual to say the least and particularly in view of his age and absolute non-accomplishments. He rejected the position on advice from others that there was much greater things awaiting him in politics and that they could make it happen, presumably.
            The rest is the second blackest chapter in America’s history.

    • Christorchaos

      I cannot either. But of course I cannot name anything good that has happened since the 15th century.

      • Anglokraut

        Indoor plumbing and the scientific method aren’t bad.

        • Christorchaos

          No, but non sufficit.

        • phillyguy

          how about air conditioning , unless the revisionist are spreading lies that it was invented by a negro.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          According to liberal historians, Muslim arabs invented the scientific method before the 15th century. So I am not sure if we can count that (sarcasm).

      • Wow, and I thought I was old-fashioned. For me, the JFK administration was the watershed. (And I wasn’t even alive then.)

    • 1stworlder

      Well I would say that leftists have been having their narrative collapse more. The last skittles the liquor store robbery tape showed people what the game is about.

    • Boris McGuffin

      I had an excellent steak at Ruth Chris.

      • MekongDelta69

        That only counts as HALF-good. Why only HALF-good you ‘axe’?

        Because you didn’t invite me!

      • Louisville?

      • IstvanIN

        Wow, pricey. Out of my league.

    • Mack0

      For me is was the beginning of my burgeoning white identity.

    • phillyguy

      yes, I retired !!!! and I’m only 53!!!!

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      A lot of Nationalist or anti-EU parties have been gaining traction in Europe. UKIP, Front National, Golden Dawn, etc. This is a sign whites are beginning to wake up. It’s one of the only good, large scale things I can think of that’s happened post-2008.

    • Periapsis

      Nothing good at all racially, economically, politically or militarily that I can see.

    • bilderbuster

      Jessie Jackson Jr. was tossed into solitary confinement in the prison he’s at back in April.
      Wait! That’s one of those feel good things you were referring too isn’t it?

    • Max

      His Messianic Hopefulness accidentally signed a law rescinding prohibition of carrying of concealed weapons in all National Parks which law ironically, was originally signed by Ronald Reagan.
      What do I win?

  • Adolf Verloc

    Some African countries have started the sensible precaution of doing an infrared thermometer scan on airline passengers. It they are running a fever, they are isolated and examined. We should be doing this with international arrivals.

    • phillyguy

      we should be greeting them with army regulation flamethrowers.

      • Anglo


      • Periapsis

        Fuel-air bombs would be far more effective.

        • Adolf Verloc

          Not if I’m in the baggage claim, please!

        • Nice pic. That was USS McNulty, DE-581.

          • Periapsis

            Which is probably a big, collapsed pile of scrap metal on the ocean floor right now.

  • Easyrhino

    Media outlets, taking their cue from the CDC, are using the term, “1st US Ebola patient,” when that is obviously false.

    Several other Ebola patients have been treated in the US, most notably Dr. Keith Brantly.

    It turns out the CDC technically means: first Ebola patient diagnosed here in the US. The others were apparently diagnosed in West Africa.

    The difference is hardly significant. It certainly doesn’t rate banner headlines. So why is the CDC, and therefore the US government making such a big deal out of this patient?

    The CDC wants every American to know the agency is hunting down—and will quarantine—every person they find who had recent contact with the Dallas patient—beginning a new phase in the Ebola scare-campaign.

    Not only that, any of those contacts who turn out to be positive for Ebola will, in turn, trigger a yet-wider search for his/her contacts…and so on.

    This hunt-and-search dragnet sets the stage for quarantines in designated sectors across the US.—and travel bans.

    • DaveMed

      There is a difference. This guy did not take any precautions. The others, who were diagnosed prior to arriving in America, presumably did.

      Quarantines are entirely appropriate.

      • phillyguy

        of course he didn’t take any precautions he was a ignorant, dumb negro

      • kikz2

        yet they’re not being instituted…….. the officials bent over backwards to say today that they would do everything to secure our safety, but didnt’ mention quarrantines, nor stopping African travelers from entry into the US……..(seethe)……

  • D.B. Cooper

    It’s alright. You don’t have to worry about getting this disease if you…

    • OS-Q

      Unfortunately this means no more bat-meat pepperoni on our pizzas.

      • phillyguy

        No, they only serve bat, Rat and cat in cheap Chinese takeouts

        • Adolf Verloc

          One of the news sources said that a favorite is a “spicy bat stew.” When you put it that way, it sounds kind of tasty 🙂

    • proud white

      I love it, in other words be a racist until proven otherwise because it will protect you from being killed, having something screwed up, getting an std,or abt a million other things blacks are light years above everyone else in

    • Who Me?

      This African idjit has 4 kids, one in high school, one in middle school and 2 in 2 different elementary schools. These kids spent the weekend with him–the weekend when he was most contagious. They’ll pass it on to other kids at their schools. Kids will throw up and others will inevitably be in the line of fire…err…vomit. Kids sneeze and cough and wipe their noses on their sleeves, get mucus on their hands…. once kids get it, it will spread like wildfire and there will be NO stopping it.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Who woulda thought! Kids are so careful about things like keeping their runny noses clean and their hands immaculate. Only someone who is rayciss would say that about little black chillens.

        • Ella

          How many times Mom says, ” please cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough so others don’t get sick?” Now, we have to educate our children about not contracting Ebola in public schools.

    • Max

      It is no longer that simple when they are allowed to cavort all over a large city exposing thousands of unsuspecting passers-by and sending their exposed children to mandatory gummint schools.
      The days of avoidance are coming to an end.

  • 1stworlder

    Ok so its a black guy does anyone know if he is one of the Liberians that the O-Hole gave amnesty to in 2011?

    • DaveMed

      Seems like he lives in Monrovia, Liberia.

    • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

      An updated version I read on Daily Mail referenced NY Times and stated the man had been living in Liberia, worked at a warehouse job there but had recently quit his job, and had been in contact with his neighbors sick daughter who later died. Article said landlord had other children who had just died as well but did not specify whether Ebola the cause, but likely was.

      • kikz2

        i’d love to know how TF he was able to get here? how can a warehouse worker (quit) save enough to fly to the US?

        • Adolf Verloc

          If he worked in a customs warehouse, he is probably richer than anyone on this forum.

          • kikz2

            absolutely, hadn’t thought about it frm that angle….. (nodding)…..

  • Christorchaos

    –where he was dismissed with antibiotics amid reports that he had not been closely questioned about his recent travel.

    those would be place-ist questions that would only be asked by a doctor who is guilty of place-ism. Because, of course, a swamp in Africa is the same as Munich. You could catch Ebola in Munich. “Dont you know? It can happen anywhere?!!”.

    • DaveMed

      Many ER nurses are Black.

      • phillyguy

        she was a non English speaking Mexican

  • They’re trotting out everyone to say, “Don’t worry.” What a joke.

    First, the reality is with so many incompetent brown skins in responsible positions today, it’s not like the old days when up and down the line whites were in charge. Lazy brown skins will screw it up. They’re in charge everywhere in Texas.

    Second, PC trumps all. We wouldn’t want some African dictator calling us “racists” for restricting travel from Africa. That would be the WORST thing in the world. Even Piers Morgan would jump in from England and scream racist and we know what a powerhouse mind that creep has.

    Third, if you believe in conspiracies, then big pharma can make a lot of money as we demand they ramp up production of the drug treatment or roll out a vaccine. If you’re really “paranoid like me” (ha), then there’s always martial law waiting in the wings.

    • DaveMed

      Texas is about the worst state for this development to affect. Virtually all of the Hispanic patients I’ve encountered have had minimal understanding of hygiene, contagion, etc.

      • SentryattheGate

        Isn’t that where most of our ecoli came from? Fecal matter on vegetables, picked by Messicans?

        • Ella

          I think it comes from many restaurants when Mexicans use the can and don’t wash their hands.

    • Who Me?

      When the government tells you “Don’t worry” it’s time to run like hell.

    • kikz2

      bigone… i’m less than 30miles frm prestby…. up 75 in collin co….. i hope ta hell he didn’t have his ass up here shopping or visiting other Africans…. how far away are you from patient zero? did you see today, ch11 was actively muting questions from the media/press/attendees….?

  • [Guest]

    >>>The first Ebola patient in the U.S….

    Ah, yes, another historic first.

    Anyway, this entire country is suffering from the cultural equivalent of Ebola.

    • MekongDelta69

      It’s like the ‘Patient Zero’ for AIDS. (Who was either gay or a monkey – or maybe both.)

      • IstvanIN

        The major difference is you can not catch AIDS causally. Actually tough to catch. Ebola can get you with one good sneeze. Big difference.

  • dd121

    Sure, don’t quarantine Africa, there’s no danger to the US. Liberal logic at its finest.

  • Ograf

    This disease will not be contained. Already we have danger of it being spread here in the U.S. Just wait till it gets in the poorer countries in central America, they will flood our borders to get help. Isn’t diversity wonderful ?

  • proud white

    Hey Verloc. I have a question for you. Have you ever worked with blacks in the scientific field? I am wondering how they performed? I am guessing you will say something like they weren’t terrible but not anywhere near the best. maybe like a low average. It would make sense to me considering they are the intelligent blacks but always less intelligent than their competition. If you get a chance let me know, thanks

    • Adolf Verloc

      Sure, proud white. Every capable black scientist or engineer I ever met was an African immigrant. They send their elite students to the US for their advanced degrees, and they join the international oil and service companies. Some of them were very bright. I did not work with a single black American scientist in my own field (geophysics) in my career. Jared Taylor pointed out in “Paved With Good Intentions” that the number of black Americans getting advanced degrees in the sciences and engineering is miniscule, with many fields having no black representation. All white privilege, no doubt.

      • proud white

        thanks for the response. so we can assume that here in the U.S. most blacks cant even meet the affirmative action requirement to make it as a scientist. I know mostly all black doctors receive heavy affirmative action to carry them through and being a scientist is a brainier profession than medicine

        • Adolf Verloc

          Med school is also better-paying and, alas, more prestigious.

  • Tarczan

    “President Obama is aware of the patient’s Ebola diagnosis and the public health investigation, the White House said.”

    What a relief, I’m not worried now.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Why am I suspicious that we are not being told the truth about ebola—doctors and nurses that wear the equivalent of space suits are afflicted…..

    Where are the so-called Republicans, who seem to be silent about quarantining all flights out of Africa to insure our safety……silent as usual.

    Given the hidden truths and outright lies from Obama and our government, I put little faith into the fact that they are telling us the truth about Ebola transmission.

    If this becomes a pandemic in the United States, Obama encouraged it because he doesn’t give a damned about anyone but himself and his power.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Because you don’t need a space suit unless the pathogen can be transmitted in the air.

      • Who Me?

        Kids coughing and barfing on each other….

      • Periapsis

        You need a space suit whether or not it is spread through the air, anything an infected person touches will kill you. And people have caught Ebola while wearing spacesuits.

        • Ike Eichenberg

          My point was that we are being told Ebola does not and cannot be spread in the air.

          When the truth is researchers have documented airborne transmission in other primates.

          • Periapsis

            And that is all the evidence needed to prove it could spread among humans that way. In fact, it did at that monkey facility, but none of the workers fell ill that time. The next time we won’t be so lucky.

  • phillyguy

    everyone should call their congressmen and senators ,demanding that this country do something about letting in African nationals , or anyone coming into contact with the Africans to be banned from entering this country..

    • Anglo

      Yes, exactly what I was typing — no entry to this country. We’re on the same page.

    • Bobbala

      … but that would be racisss! Never happen.

    • phorning

      I emailed my Republican senator, who is not up for reelection today. I’m not expecting a reply.

      • phillyguy

        I did the same thing, but we have a general election in the state of Pennsylvania, someone better listen to me.

  • Anglo

    I’d like to know who is paying Mr. Duncan’s medical care? I bet it’s not him. It will be the US taxpayers. Entry to this country from Africa should be denied. I’ll also say that Whites stupid enough to waste their time in Africa trying to save Negroes need to die there.

  • Bobbala

    … so you’ve changed your mind about buying that ebola treatment … Hmmm.

  • FloridaGal2005

    I do have pity on this poor soul. And, I sure as h*ll hope he hasn’t infected anyone else. But if he did, I also hope the loved ones of those infected have the strength to seek swift justice for those responsible even if they end up having to deliver it themselves:-) After all, who would blame them?

    • Periapsis

      He certainly DID condemn others to death, and we are going to see that in less than a week.

      • FloridaGal2005

        Our leaders don’t protect us, they apparently want to infect us. Until this is figured out by the majority of Americans, we will never be free and will always be in danger.

  • Malgus

    Remember the words of that anonymous Greek politician: “The job of
    Government is not to tell you the truth. The job of Government is to
    instill confidence.”

    Anyone who falls for all the cooing and soothing noises being made about how “safe” everything is, is simply beyond my help…

    Not saying I have any information about this Ebola cluster-eff… I’m
    saying I don’t believe them. And the first child that dies because our
    own government wouldn’t close off air travel to these “hot spots”…
    their blood will be on their hands.

  • The Ebola virus is just coming here to take a better life.

  • IstvanIN

    The destroyer of worlds and his sister:

    • DaveMed

      Because of this moron, Dallas could quite conceivably be turned upside down for weeks to months.

  • IstvanIN

    I wonder if we will revolt even if we get dozens or even thousands of Ebola deaths? Who knows could this be the straw that breaks the camels back? (Probably not)

  • Thomas Eric Duncan:

  • Paleoconn

    I predict boats of Africans will make it across the Atlantic. Camp of the saints moves west.

  • Ella

    US medical community feared possible health epidemics for years with the open borders.

  • bilderbuster

    A Liberian Community Association of Dallas-Ft.Worth?
    Our once great cities all resemble Africa!

  • Ed

    A ticket out of Liberia costs about $3k minimum. I bet his family not only chipped in for ticket but knew he could have Ebola. He came purposely for treatment in USA. He most likely will live as a result thus spurring more Africans from affected countries to come here.

    In a rational country not guided by stupid notions of political correctness, visas for people in Liberia would be cancelled immediately.

  • Jo

    For those wanting something less intellectual, just wanting to escape, relax their brains, interested in old valuable junk, American culture, or anything from the early 1900’s, look into “American Pickers” marathons on the History Channel. Another good one on that channel is “American Restoration.” “Salvage Dogs” on DIY.

  • TonyWestfield

    “While en route to the U.S., he also traveled through Brussels in Belgium.”

    And the countdown for a blonde hooker in Brussels who turns symptomatic in…16 days…15 days…14 days…

    Now that will be one heck of an exposure “trail” to be traced and investigated by agents of the health department. But not to worry, everybody involved will tell the truth and nothing but the truth about their “contacts” and whereabouts, etc.

  • Jo

    Yes, these are great websites.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Thomas Eric Duncan will be the “Patient Zero” for the latest African monkey-born disease. Just as Gaëtan Dugas was dubbed “Patient Zero” for the AIDS epidemic. Thanks, Africa. Pree–she–ate–it.

  • brior

    “Asked how many people the patient may have had close contact with, the
    CDC Director said: ‘I think a handful is the right characterization.” WTF ?? This a$$hat doesn’t have a clue. So now 18 to 80 people is a handful.

  • Robbie Cheney

    I don’t have a lot of faith in our medical system because its a ‘social promotion’, ‘quota hire’ dumping ground in ‘urban’ areas.

  • jayvbellis

    Just spread the meme that all lower class Black Africans and Black Haitians are suspected to carry Ebola, also Black homeless people.

  • jayvbellis

    Waiting for Ron Paul and Rand Paul to put some free market spin on this, how mass immigration from Liberia is really good for our economy provided some free market, hard money monetary reforms are made.

  • mobilebay

    Saw a group on CNN last night that made fun of anyone wanting to stop people from Ebola-prone areas from coming here. Disclaimer – only dropped in on CNN because I saw a familiar face. It was Alysin Camarota recently from Fox New. Wondered where she went. Left her post as sidekick to Bill Hemmer with very little fanfare. Anyway, those who want our doors open to the world may regret it very soon when Ebola takes hold and spreads.

  • Aaron997

    When are we going to start following the Star Trek prime directive?

  • archer

    Just another reason we don’t have a country anymore, all flights from west Africa should have been cancelled over a month ago, there is no way to track everyone this fool came into contact with. Ebola can spread by way of coughing or sneezing if the patient is infected, to say you have to be in contact with bodily fluids is a LIE.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Did Obama remember to blame George Bush for this outbreak? It did happen in Texas.

    • Epiminondas

      Good point. Dubya was too busy peddling LNCB to notice the back door had been left open.

  • nukethedems

    So this is how Chairman ObaMao and first lady Sasquach are going to battle childhood obesity. If you can’t force third world dietary practices on American school children then bring the third world to them.
    I knew Moochelle was upset about how anyone with half a brain blew off her stupid school lunch program but this is a little over the top, even for a fascist, moon bat democrat.

  • crockadoodle6

    One deadly parasite spreading a different deadly parasite.
    Kind of like an HIV riding on the back of a MRSA. Invitation to double disaster. Welcome to America.

  • Max

    “He understood that the man had been visiting his wife or fiancée and the house he had been staying had a lot of children living there.”
    There’s a real third-world surprise.

  • Jim

    So meanwhile, back in the alternate universe known as the realm of logical and rational thought, people in the media are asking, “why is someone who lives in a country that’s experiencing a rapidly growing and, as of yet, uncontrolled outbreak of maybe the world’s most deadly disease allowed by the US government to visit the United States?”

    Thankfully, we don’t ask questions like that in this universe. They make your brain hurt. And if you’ve ever had a hurting brain, well…it hurt’s.

  • crockadoodle6

    When the next black contact of this patient dies will that be considered ‘black on black violence’? A hate crime? Surely, not workplace violence. Or maybe the expected result of the suspension of logic and common sense in the name of political correctness.
    This is what happens when politicians, lawyers and judges try to practice medicine. Then they need 4 more arms each to point the blame at someone else.

  • Nancy

    “…they must also deal with ‘a belief that simply saying “Ebola” aloud makes the disease appear.’”

    So in a country of magical-thinking Bantus, who believe that Ebola is a hoax and doctors spraying disinfectant is tantamount to biological warfare, WE’RE the ones being lectured on our superstitious fear of contracting a deadly disease.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    • TXCriollo

      Well this might be Gods wrath on the usa, knew it was commin

      • Nancy

        You speak the truth, TXC. Best-case scenario: the Rapture happens, and me and mine are spared, taken up to watch the horrors of the tribulation from our box seats in the sky. However, that didn’t stop me from purchasing some Pandemic Quick Kits for our family, just to be safe.

    • phillyguy

      hi Nancy, I told everyone yesterday that this guy, who practically snuck into this country spreading this terrible disease upon our citizens, knew full well that he was in contact with people dying of Ebola.. all my post were deleted yesterday, now that we know what this ignorant animal did ,and everyone reading the post on this site agree with me ,let’s see if they delete my post

  • Adolf Verloc

    Exactly. If you don’t eat bush meat or smear yourself with body fluids from an infected person, it is no real threat. This isn’t just feelgood government propaganda – virologists who have studied filoviruses are in almost universal agreement with this. If you want to worry about foreigners bringing in something nasty, worry about flu variants.

    • phillyguy

      I will cancel my order from the golden Panda, no more cheap Chinese food for me!

  • Conservative

    How many people have died from AIDS which was also brought here from Africa? We now have it under control but it remains a fatal disease which must be treated on a daily basis and these people are often very ill for a long time.