Posted on October 20, 2014

Ferguson Protesters and Football Fans Brawl in Street After St. Louis Rams Game

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze, October 20, 2014

Ferguson protesters and football fans fought in the street after the St. Louis Rams game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The protesters were outside the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis yelling and chanting about the killing of Michael Brown, the black 18-year-old who was fatally shot by a white police officer from Ferguson, Missouri, in August.


There was a spitting incident caught on video–but this one involved a female protester spitting in a man’s face.

The black female was heard on the video yelling a string of racially charged expletives at police and fans.

“F*** all you white motherf***ers!” she was heard yelling at one point.

A white man was seen arguing with the woman as they stood almost toe-to-toe at one point.

She then backed out of frame–but the sound of spitting was heard and a visible clump of spit came at the man’s face.


The female was then surrounded by several police officers who placed her in handcuffs.


Police reported that two women, one of whom was a juvenile, were arrested after the street fight, the Post-Dispatch reported.

More from the Post-Dispatch concerning the brawl:

At one point during the scuffle, a protester carrying an upside-down American flag used the pole as a weapon, attempting to jab a fan with the pole. A short time later, after the initial confrontation, a different fan grabbed the flag and ran with it for a brief period; protesters then wrestled the flag back.

Two people were injured including one woman who was punched in the face after chanting “Let’s go Rams” to protesters. She was later treated and released by paramedics. Police did not provide details on the second victim’s injuries.

Police said two groups of about 20 to 25 people each had argued and fought.


[Editor’s Note: There is video of white fans being attacked by black protesters at the original article link below.]