Posted on October 16, 2014

Debate over ‘White Privilege’ Between Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly Descends into Shouting Match

Oliver Darcy, The Blaze, October 16, 2014

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly clashed with Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart Wednesday night in an intense debate over the existence of “white privilege.”

O’Reilly appeared on “The Daily Show” to promote his new book “Killing Patton,” but Stewart steered the conversation in another direction.

“Listen to me,” Stewart told O’Reilly. “Here’s all I want from you today–this is it, this is all we got to do in this conversation. I have one simple goal. I want you to admit that there is such a thing as white privilege. That’s all I want.”

O’Reilly didn’t oblige.

“OK look,” the Fox News host told Stewart. “If there is white privilege, then there has to be Asian privilege because Asians make more money than whites.”

“What?” Stewart asked, seemingly stunned.

“Oh, you didn’t know any of this, huh?” O’Reilly countered, adding that Asians on average “make more money” and have a “higher education.”

“You’re missing the point,” Stewart said.

“Sorry to confuse you with the facts,” O’Reilly quipped.

The two continued to debate each other over the topic, going back and forth over the topic.


[Editor’s Note: Mr. O’Reilly should have prepped with our video on the subject.]